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International School on iological ¢rystallization* The Laboratorio de Estudios Cristalogrficos announces the third International School on Biological Crystallization to be held in Granada from May 22 to 27, 2011 The aim of the school is to introduce participants, postgraduate/postdoctoral students and research scientists from industry and Academy, to fundamental knowledge on the behaviour ‘of crystallizing solutions and its applications in the fields of biomacromolecule aencation. biominerals and biomimetic materials. As in the previous edition one day will be fully devoted to case a ie on the erystalization of membrane proteins, viruses an cromolecular com / http. International School on Siological crystallization ) Ol Invited Speakers (This ise prosonl check the pdeted ist nour web page) Bemhard Rupp, University of Calfomia, USA (te) ‘Janet Newman, CSIRO, Austra (be) Monica Budayova, UJ-EMBL-CNRS, Franco Martin Caffrey, University of Limerick, Ireland Juan Manuel Garcia-Rulz, IACT, CSIC-UGRA, Spain ‘eroen Mestors, Unversity of Lisbeck, Germany Joe Ng, Unversity of Alabama, Huis Husdol Luecke, Unversiy of Galfoma, USA toc) Pavlina Rezacova, Unversty of Prague, Czech Republic Howard Einspahr, IUCr Journal Comission, USA ‘Yes Nys, Insure National de a Recherche Avicol Giuseppe Falini, Unverstyof Solon, Hala ‘José A. Gavia, 1ACT, CSIC-UGRA, Spain ‘Alex Malkin, Unversity of Cafomsa, USA tbe) Song Tang, Pern Sito Unversity, USA (tb) Estola Pineda, [ACT, CSIC-UGRA, Spain wana Kuta Smatanova, Universty of South Bahama, Czech Republic Carlos Tornero, CIB, CSIC, Spain Claude Sauter, IBMC, CNRS, France ‘Alexander Van Driessche, IACT, CSIC-UGRA, Spain ‘Carola Hunte, Unverstyof Leeds, UK Christian Betzel, University of Hamburg, Germany OO Practical Training Practical training wil be organised in our innovative and ively format “Demonstration Fai. Anumbor a stands wil smutaneouslyofer the opportunity of attending short practial sessions carried by ‘Specialists at scheduled times, [Arrange your Practical Training by yourself! France ‘More information on sgrants, accommodation, exhibitors, posters in our web page http:/ School Topics(] Nucleation: Classical and non-classical approaches Crystal growth kinetics and mechanisms Properties of macromolecular solutions relevant to erystalization sere ing: The search for crystalization conditions Crystallization techniques: Batch, Vapour Diflusion and ‘Counter-Difusion techniques, How do they work? Crystallization and diffusion transport: gels, microfuidies and microgravity Polymorphism in protein crystals Robotics and crystallization Case studies in Membrane Prot Ccrystaization Lipid cubic phase, bicelles and detergents Case studies in crystallization of Large Macromolecular Complexes In vito and in vivo studies of Biomineralisation processes Case studies of important biomaterials and Biomineralisation processes, 1SBC is supported by the International Union of Crystallography Director of the School: Prof. Juan Manuel Garcia-Rulz 3 > & http.