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Arizona August 2009 John Doe

Arizona August 2009 John Doe

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Published by: canyouidentifyme on Mar 06, 2011
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JOHN DOE / CASE # 09-4964

On August 27, 2009 the victim was found deceased in a desert area near Gila Bend, Maricopa County, Arizona. It is estimated he died approximately eight months to five years.

DESCRIPTION OF REMAINS: Sex: Male Race: Caucasian/Asian Age: 23 to 57 Eyes: unknown Hair: Black Height: 5’3 Weight: unknown Clothing: Red San-Francisco 49er’s hat and black belt w/ WEI LIN engraved into distinctive pintype belt buckle were found near him.

If you have information regarding the identification of this person, please contact:

Maricopa County Medical Examiner Telephone:602-506-3322

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