Of blood and steel and star-shine and silk As they continue always to seek for me The me that

is not me. Believe me when I say that any man Even at his pinnacle Is still imperfection. Imperfection is normal and perfection in intangible: The essence of wish rings, hope smoke and dream dust. For those of my creed fairy tale endings can never be. Far better be it to save and cherish a dream Than to have to dream to remember. Every knight that enters battle ensheathed in mental honor And encased in burnished metal can t expect to win unscathed. A cavalier must never forget the doom of future princesses And that he must be free to save each one. A paladin must always remember The will of God And the commands of king and country, The honor he must seek And wisdom he must defend (&vv) As well as the life long quest That never ends until to God his ghost is given.

Of Eros & Chivalry
When I ride away into the dusk of your memories You will remember me For an everlasting instant. Softly the well of your soul trickles Like the sorrowful summer rains That follow the hot, angry Cloudburst cries of desire. Your destiny will come in the form of another; He will take my place. So savor your dream swept tumbling visions

Written in college, date unknown.

Wayne O¶Conner c. 1989

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