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REGARDING THR DAUGHTERS OF JORY BRIGHT A novel by BRUCE BENNETT "the play is the thing Wherein T'11 catch the conscious of the king." William Shakespeare Bennet ~ | Chapter 1 The night was so cold that moisture crystallized in the air. A dog was heard barking, a menacing, gutteral, “Bark! Bark. Bark!" Dack circles could be seen in a man's eyes aa he van beneath the streetlights, ripping hair from his head and screaming, "it's all madness! Madness, and nothing more!" An irrepressible sadness was heard in a little girl's voice, "Daddy? Darkness is what followed, and it is thie writer's heartbroken misfortune to tell the tale. * * * Through blurred vision, Joey Bright saw his two daughters ages fifteen and eighteen, staring down at him, trying desperately to wake him. His entire body was saturated with pain. He was lying on his back, moving through a brightly lit corridor. He didn't know what was happening, nor how he had gotten to where he was, but these girls overlooking him, these apparitions of children he had carried in his arms when they were babies, they seemed to be moving with a sense of urgency. Then his vision began to clear and the images of his daughters morphed into other people, multiplied into three, four, even seven persons as they