Things to Say After You Say Hello

Using Palmistry to Learn Seduction.

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Things to Say After You Say Hello:
Using Palmistry to Learn Seduction.
Introduction ___________________________________________________________ 4 Palmistry______________________________________________________________ 7 Should I learn to really read palms like it is taught in a palmistry book?__________ 10 Your first palm reading: four lines and a mound. Five readings. ________________ 13 Timing your Transitions ________________________________________________ 28 Troubleshooting your delivery. ___________________________________________ 33 Confidence ___________________________________________________________ 35 When her Personal Questions Come. ______________________________________ 40 Getting her phone number. ______________________________________________ 47 Her Strategies. ________________________________________________________ 50 The Advanced Palm Reading ____________________________________________ 56 Selling-it routines. _____________________________________________________ 67 Girls you have already kissed. ____________________________________________ 70 Changing the direction of a conversation and use of comedy. __________________ 75 Using Language Effectively. _____________________________________________ 81 Female Obstacles (Chaperones) __________________________________________ 84 Male Obstacles without girl listening (a.k.a Befriending Male Obstacles) _________ 90 Male Obstacles with girl listening. (a.k.a Going Head to Head with Competition) __ 96 Your Male Friends. ___________________________________________________ 100 To go depressing or to stay positive. ______________________________________ 102 Closing words ________________________________________________________ 104 Appendix Ia: Filling out the “Selling-It” Routine ___________________________ 105 Appendix 1b: The Simian Line __________________________________________ 110 Appendix Ic: When former child abuse victims blow up in fury mid palm-reading and other tips for dealing with girls who have dark pasts that you uncover. __________ 111 Appendix II: On other methods of fortune telling.___________________________ 113 Appendix IIa: Runes for Romantic Encounters. ____________________________ 115 Appendix IIb: The Cube for Romantic Encounters. _________________________ 120


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Introduction My heart has become capable of every form: A monastery for Christian monks, The pilgrim’s Ka’ba, The tablets of the Torah, And the book of the Qur’an. I follow the religion of Love: Whatever way Love’s camel takes, That is my religion and faith. Ibn ‘Arbani, 1215. Becoming more attractive for a man is a path of self-improvement. For attractiveness in a man rests not in physical appearance so much as in the disposition of the soul and the way he moves and interacts with the world. This book is about winning girls, especially girls you do not know. Thus it is about the first, opening stages of the relationship, not the later ones when trust and mutual responsibilities play dominant roles. The book will take you through a process of change, tweaking the way you interact with women and the world in order to have you take power in social interactions, find a rhythm and peace in the way you act, and put beautiful women into your life. The path to growth you will take is that of Casanova: the action of thoughtful relations with the world, rather than the inaction and isolated meditation of a Buddhist monk. For we all interact with women we have many inner turmoils that manifest themselves in our actions. Your fears, insecurities, vanity, pride, sexual identity, and lust are all exposed by your desire to have her and your interaction with her. This book is really about becoming an attractive man. You are going to go out into the world with a curriculum, some things to say, to build confidence and learn charisma and how to be attractive. When you go out there you will be dealing with women during the early stages of a relationship; that is before the trust, mutual respect and friendship that are the hallmarks of an ongoing relationship are established. The skillset in initiating relationships is quite unrelated to maintaining relationships, meaning that the well meaning advice of people within relationships is often quite misguided. Part of winning girls is empathising and understanding them, part of it is about understanding yourself, part of it believing in yourself as a worthwhile person, and part of it being confident in yourself. These come together in the opening stages of meeting someone new of the opposite sex as it does in few other fields of life. To win girls whom you have only just met requires controlling the interaction, working it to achieve two goals: getting to know her well enough to decide whether you want to further the relationship, and interesting her enough in you to the point where the decision to proceed is mostly yours. A large part of what I am going to teach here is that you are going to learn to read palms. I am also going to ask you to tell some of my stories, and respond in some ways that I


respond. These are examples, and I encourage you to replace the material with your own stories and routines that reflect who you are once you have mine working correctly. Palm reading here is simply a vehicle to something deeper. It will never be the only thing you say to a girl, but I will get you doing it properly so that correct action and intent can flow into all your conversations with women relations and your life once you stop reading palms and return to your own topics of conversations. Palm reading has been chosen as the teaching vehicle because it encapsulates many of the important lessons in transforming yourself to a man in control of his love life. While palm reading is a skill unto itself that is worthwhile for itself and will take some learning, the ability to read palms is not the outcome objective of this curriculum. I will use palm reading to teach the following: • • • Controlling the frame of the interaction so that you are driving the direction of the conversation as a strong man rather than following the conversation to wherever it goes. The appearance of confidence that, with success will drive a change to real sexual confidence and the ability to show yourself for the attractive individual that you are. Understanding what a girl is thinking at any time within an interaction by taking feedback from the structures of the conversation. Understanding what she thinks is a skill that is useless if you do not understand what to do with this information, and this calibration to her internal thoughts and dilemmas will be moderated with building an intuition for what actions you need to take given this information. The use of lyrical language and imagery to fire passion. The tailoring of messages to your audience, and the proper choice of relevant detail to include within your conversations. Changing the tone of the conversation from just-met-you banter to the comfort and intimacy of exploring each other and sharing and understanding how a fledgling relationship moves in its dynamics. Confidently escalating physical intimacy and touch to get the relationship on physical level that involves human touch and sharing. Transitioning relationships towards the sexual. Dealing with her friends as well as your own including her male friends, and negotiating the rocky path of jealousy and possessiveness. Taking her from within her peer group within a social situation so that she can be one-on-one with you in an interaction that is simply about you and her.

• • • • • • •

Palm reading is a tool that will teach all these things, and the lessons are designed with the larger objectives in mind. That said palm reading is a valuable skill that I am going to have you invest in learning. Once you have the skill, using it to learn the larger lessons, you will see its value for what it is, and may well decide to keep the skill in your life and continue to read palms even after the larger lessons have been learned. Palm reading as described here is actually very scientific. But instead of drawing on the details of the creases in her palm, it draws on universal experiences of childhood, 5

adolescence and early adulthood – especially the needs to be loved, to be seen as desirable, and to believe in yourself, as well as the joys and fears, achievements and pain that are part of ‘growing up’. These universals are well documented in psychology, philosophy, sociology and religion. In thinking about them systematically, in experiencing them and knowing others, we learn about ourselves as well as the others. Change does not come without hard work and practice. You will never become a good tennis player without the practice of hitting many balls and you will not magically become good with women without going out and flirting with girls. To that end, a large part of what you will learn will happen in the real world. Whilst I can explain the lessons you are to learn, true understanding only comes when you see it working, make your own mistakes and have your own epiphanies that feedback from the real world will reinforce. To that end, I am going to ask you to go out into your world to practice. Into the anonymous social situations around you. When I say anonymous social situations, I mean the places in public where you do not already know the people, and they are anonymous to you. You should go out to the bars and nightclubs, or to the coffee shops, the shopping malls, you should practice on the waitresses that serve you in your restaurants, bars and cafes, and perhaps on the attendants of booths at trade shows or even other attendees of houses that are for sale and are open for inspection. Anywhere that there is a social interaction to be had where what the people think of you is unimportant compared to what your co-workers think of you. Although you will invariably also practice within your social and professional circles, anonymous situations reduce the risks you take to nothing more than an experiment.


With the girls in your life whom you know well and are comfortable.Palmistry Girls love getting their palms read. we were explicitly together. In fact most of our conversations that we have when meeting new people are conversations that we have had before. Nearly every conversation that you have is routine. Palm reading is a vehicle to talk about your philosophies on life and draw her into your worldview and how you see the world. or other guys surround her. She is smiling and blushing. Girls whose religious beliefs are impinged. She is riveted. I was once at a bar in Nashville. however it was after reading her palm that she told her friends that she would make her own way home at closing time. When you sit down with a girl and read her palm. For example. I had also introduced myself well and interacted well with her group. It does not matter if they are scientists or religious fundamentalists they love it. When you are asked “What do you do?” it is a conversation that you have had often before. A Southern Baptist fundamentalist who gets in the river for full body baptisms. Palm reading dives you straight to this level of intimacy when you have only known a girl for a few minutes. After the palm reading. and you can use it to jump to the sort of intimacy that she reserves for her boyfriends and closest female friends. and talking about her innermost thoughts and beliefs. you spend your time talking about all sorts of things including your ambitions. Communicating at this level of comfort and intimacy is important in your interactions with women and this book will not just introduce palm reading as a conversation piece. her blue eyes completely fixed on me. but she loved the experience. You are touching her. Even girls who you would not expect to like having their palms read love it. she blocks the rest of the world out and concentrates on what you are saying. Her eyes are as big as saucers. It is you and her together in a warm intimate bubble. With that information you are in a good position to handle correctly a question like “do you just want to sleep with me” 7 . searching for understanding. The interaction that occurs within a well-done palm reading is indicative of a larger interpersonal dynamic that occurs at the beginning of every relationship that is initiated. she kisses you shyly on the cheek. dreams and philosophies. while you are following this course. It does not matter that her best friends. and the fact that you and her are together and on the way to intimacy is explicit. Palm reading is totally against her religious beliefs. palm reading will become one of those conversations that you will have all the time just like “what do you do?” When you run a conversational thread often and get it polished you become highly familiar with the texture of the conversation and reading where any given girl might be in her mental space at any point in the conversation. This learning to read palms will be a good exercise in understanding where you can go with general conversation with a girl to increase levels of intimacy. The rest of the world has faded away. At the end. and you know where the conversation goes. Tennessee and started chatting to a beautiful Southern Belle who was there with her Church group of people. We were in a deep dance of intimacy together. looking deeply into your eyes.

throughout the conversation. The advantage of an established vocabulary of symbols is that once we are aware of the symbolic meaning we no longer need to use our analytic mind to work it out. and enabling you to understand other ways of doing it. 4) Get her thinking about you sexually. 5) Escalate the physical intimacy to get you and her comfortable touching each other. An inner balance that needs to be achieved where you are relaxed in your world and the world is easy for you. and build your intuitions for the best ways forward. Part of what you will start to recognise with the book is the symbols that the girl is giving you within the interaction. Palm reading will also encourage you to develop a vocabulary of the rich inner workings of the mind. This palm reading routine has the correct power relationship with the world as part of it. Hopefully. The veil of separation between outer appearance and inner state has been removed. When we look at a symbol (from which we get the word ‘symbolise’) we perceive its inner meaning at the same time its outer reality. the inner reality of the symbol can speak directly to us. A well-done palm reading should achieve the following: 1) Peel away her pretences and talk about her as a real person 2) Entertain her and get her enraptured and drawn into the conversation. The outer form is simply a veil that separates us from its inner reality. If you see this. These things are no different from what you want to do in any interaction with a possible love interest. They are all somewhat generic and contain what I call symbols. I will give you ways to handle such situations. Thus freed from reliance upon outer form. right on the cusp of the change. It will guide you in word choice and you will develop a skill to access past and future thoughts and feelings in your audience that you will be able to take into your general conversations that you have all the time. common outer patterns with larger underlying meanings. 8 . A discussion of palm reading starts in the middle of an interaction with a girl. then it is good. There is an art to being a single man. the world changes for your presence and finds a new equilibrium with your relationship to it. and their underlying meanings so that you know how to deal with situations that are thrown at you. When that happens. Palm reading is a routine that changes the energy of the encounter from the high energy of interaction that comes with first meeting someone to the personal interrelation that you have with someone that you are becoming more intimate with. that you will notice that all the readings start to sound a bit the same. by the time you have finished reading this book. illustrating how the mood moves. 3) Have her attracted to you. It will allow you to come up with similar material on your own.

If you are nervous or would prefer to not be in this situation. and I hope reading this book and using this routine gives you a lot of pleasure and brings rich relationships to your life. When you have the inner relationship with yourself correct you can enjoy the experience of being single and find a way of living that gives you joy and inner peace. So. you are able to have meaningful relationships with women that do not come from any sense of neediness or compromise that effects your happiness. I do. Where you get into a certain rhythm of living where you have both a certain disregard for societal norms. it will be telegraphed. you will be attractive to the opposite sex. When you are there. Once there. Important to any interaction with women is that you are enjoying yourself. If you keep the equilibrium at the right point. the women come easily to your life.and I give you the surrounding routines to allow you to maintain your power even when she is testing it. and your life can develop a rhythm of women moving through it. That is the only way that she will enjoy it. and this in turn enriches your experience of life as well as any girl who is lucky enough to be a part of it. enjoy it. 9 . when you go out there and read palms. and exert your presence in the world so that the world modifies itself to accommodate you in the room. You must be relaxed and be enjoying your conversation with the girl.

NY: Prometheus Books. That is not a test of whether it actually works. and count them off as you complete each. While if you want to learn to truly read palms. Encyclopedia of the Paranormal. I give you here just the bare bones of palm reading to get you doing it while discussing interacting with females at length and in that way I am not teaching you to really read palms like a gypsy might. Plato I am going to dive you in head first to get you started on the palm reading. I have been reading palms constantly since then. 1 Dean. I cannot even identify the minor lines or remember the planetary names of the fingers.). So the first thing I want to do is address some of your objections about actually going out there and reading palms. Therefore. Mather A. I once had the skill set to do a genuine reading. Dean and colleagues the reliability of different fortune telling was tested1. Many men do not have a good feel for what to say after they say “hello”.. This represents a minimum and you will learn much more than twice as much by doubling those numbers. Learning the entire system that those selling books on palmistry would have you learn does not drive towards this goal. relying on my content.Should I learn to really read palms like it is taught in a palmistry book? Whatever deceives men seems to produce a magical enchantment. I have forgotten how to because I never use that information. Amhurst. Palm reading is not real. so your mind can be freed to concentrate on the dynamics of the situation rather than what to say next. I want you to commit to doing a minimum of 5 beginners readings. and Kelly I. but rather a test of whether different practitioners confronted with the same palm agree. This is premature before I have discussed the concepts. despite reading mountains of palm reading material years ago when I first started to read palms. 2 obstacle readings and 1 reading that goes into sexual themes. Here I am going to present you with material to say. have completely forgotten all of it. I would encourage you.W. While if you want to discard the palm reading once you have learned the lessons in this book and have mastered the skill set. (1996) Astrology. I. and in order to learn. I present here the palm reading as a teaching aid. Some of you reading may be doing so for the understandings about interacting with women while feeling you need not do my exercises and and have no intention of actually reading a palm. 47 – 99. myself. You could easily go out to a bar or shopping mall and complete 3 beginners readings tonight. I very strongly encourage you to go out and read them. 10 . A minimal test that any reputable method of diagnosis or divining ought to pass is that of reliability.. G. By the time you are doing advanced readings it will come more slowly because the readings will be yielding success that leaves you speaking to each girl whose palm you read for several hours. 5 advanced readings. Commit to at least that now. I understand however that you may have some objections and feel awkward about the fact that you cannot really read palms like a new-age palmistry book might teach. In a study by G. but learning-by-doing is the best way. Stein (ed. In G. That is not a large task.

only the fact that they are not “truly reading palms”. That you would never believe in such ‘superstitions’. and how other people see you in the world. You may feel that you are a rational thinker. But if the question were asked of the subjects: which did you enjoy more and which describes you better. What the study tells me is that palmists are saying different things. If you want to believe it. (and interestingly for astrology was 0. It is not a hobby for me.1 … you would think at least they would be able to be consistent). options and an understanding of the mechanics of an interaction. Skill in palmistry is about entertainment and engendering understanding. The readings are measured against only one criterion: the reaction they get. 0. In that way. when the test judged psychologists on their assessments in structured psychological interviews. Further.0 would mean perfect agreement. 11 . There is nothing there to actually read.11. and you can be assured you are one of those palm readers giving the fantastic readings. learning does not come from memorising what I have said and repeating the words. and indicated near total randomness. in the same study. I only read palms in a situation where I am initiating a relationship. For comparison. Just throw away your belief while you are learning this course. 0. it comes from understanding the underlying ideas.8 (a correlation coefficient of 1.) Against this. This course may seem like there is memory work involved where I am offering readings to memorise. I do not read the palms of men (unless I have to get to their women) and I am not interested in what the palm really says. People love palmistry and can see their own lives in it. They each have their own truisms that are different from each other. making decisions as you go and driving the interaction from within. the reliability looks at if the method is systematic enough to produce the same wrong verdicts.0 would represent perfect disagreement. In the ‘selling it’ routine chapter.0 would represent complete randomness or lack of association. -1. Palm reading does not do well in such a test. fine. the reliability coefficient for palmistry was only 0. That each palmist says different things does not attest to the skill of the palmist. we would have a very different result. The beauty is that none of the readings is ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’. the correlation coefficient was greater than 0. the palmistry or the astrology. The etchings in her hands are not the important things. and it is those reactions that you should be concentrating on. I am going to hook you into this world. and you should not end up with a memorised routine at all but rather a unique mind-space where you are driving the interaction by the seat of your pants.8 is pretty good.Even if their verdicts are wrong. I do not believe there is any fortune to be read in a palm that contains any “truth”. That is me as a sceptic. I believe that the study does not test the right things however. the psychological profile. I want to give you ideas. and that reading a palm is completely incongruous to how you see yourself as a person. I will walk you through the philosophy whereby you can come to a position that you are able to read palms and still present yourself as a rational thinker who believes in science and is sceptical of the supernatural.

and you can get yourself together your own that can only be an improvement on mine since my readings are those that you can fall back on should that change not be an improvement. Similarly in a seduction there can be a sweet spot. you can practice moving towards the sort of language that I have presented while making it your own. and the readings are always good. One that you run all the time. Neither taking the other seriously. Once you are getting success from reading palms. and be yourself in the interaction. my palm reading is a springboard from which to jump. A palm reading is part of the interaction. You will find. you will. It is when you can be yourself and the girl can be herself and you can vibe off each other and really enjoy each other. once you have that first very small reading together. 12 . in your own world and completely into each other. In order to get to this sweet spot you need to find the right mental space complimentary to hers. After you have done a couple on your own. All you need to remember at the beginning is the small cheat sheet on page 15. One that you never forget no matter how long since you last used it. but I will make that reading as small as possible whilst still making it a foundation for the larger readings. or a pool player you will know that there is a sweet spot on the club or cue or pool ball or tennis racket where if you hit it in the right place it makes a beautiful sound and the ball just carries beautifully. You ramp up each other’s feelings and it just feels good and right. as part of this course. if you decide you want to retain the ability to read fortunes socially in your life. If you are a golfer. But enjoying each other enormously and getting to know each other better. filling in the language yourself with your own words to begin with. Where the two of you are really enjoying each other. have to memorise a couple of things to get out there and do your first reading.However. The memory load is very small compared with learning to actually read palms. One that is adapted to your style of reading palms. and you want the palm reading to drive you towards a sweet spot seduction so you know what it feels like and can find it with all your interactions. it will grow organically as you test new things and you will find yourself with a standard palmreading routine of your own probably quite different to mine (that I include in ‘The Advanced Reading’ chapter). substituting lines for things you feel work better. you can run it over and over again as is. Something changes within you also when you hit it in the sweet spot and it is a very pleasant sensation for the player.

this is called a Simian Palm. however. or what line crosses what when. 1900 This is the only drawing that is important in this book. Carl Jung. who can unhesitatingly receive the projection of his soul. and is an exception to the rule. Traditionally if you count these lines they will tell you how many children you are going to have. and this one is just to get you started. I put this routine together through trial and error of starting in different places and inserting different modules. Five readings. The Mound of Venus is the fleshy “mound” between your life line and your thumb. (Note: if your heart and head lines are joined. is strongly tempted to the woman who best corresponds to his own unconscious femininity – a woman. I give you the drawing so that you know which line you are pointing at as you are talking about the reading and philosophies that you want to talk about. Relations between the Ego and the Unconscious. I have intentionally made it reasonably 13 . I am suggesting a place to start and a place to end. A palm reading routine is a modular routine. The children lines are the lines on the side of your hand between the bottom of the little finger and where the heart line curls around your palm. you will not need to take any note of which shape these lines are. but you can start where you want with whatever routine you want once you get confident. You read the palm towards your goals regardless of what the lines say. The advanced routine I present a little later is longer than this.Your first palm reading: four lines and a mound. because this is all you need to know. The picture is self-explanatory. in short. A man. See Appendix I for details). The actual lines are not important. Examine your own palm and you should be able to identify the lines easily. or how deep they are. in his love choice. This is not the reading I give to them. When you are reading her palm.

but it does not need to be. you are actually reading deeply into your own soul. here is the beginners’ routine: A summary of the five readings plus the introduction is below. It is easy. Use your own language to describe this. It wont be the best palm reading ever. There is an introduction and five readings to remember. It is a fact. Just remember the theme. Head line: tells her that she is intuitive and knows when something good is in front of her. The readings are just guides in themselves about how to talk about these issues. It will get the job done. It does not contain any overt sexual material. Your first palm reading ever will make you nervous. I will include some comments in parentheses and discussions. and even your initial attempts should yield new relationship opportunities into your life. Without any risks you can run the routine and understand the structure of the exchange and use it to learn before going onto the other palm reading material in this book. and then at the end I have removed all the comments for easy comprehension of the text of the readings. So don’t over-think it. It also forms the basis of the advanced reading and the first few minutes are identical. Read through it. The introduction just explains to her the basic lines on her palm. you were not “caught” and the reaction from the girl was positive. Go out and run this routine live on a girl you just met or a girl you already know presenting yourself as someone who knows what he is doing tonight! When you are reading a girl’s palm. So without further ado. Children lines: tell her she is fertile. The five readings do not need to be remembered word for word. Life line: tells her that it is a time of separating paths and the time is here in her life where she has to take action.innocuous with very few risks. and fill it out yourself in a way that is natural to you. Summary (cheat sheet) Intro: explains the major lines Fate line: tells her that she had an experience where she had to grow up before she was ready. The comments include the back-story for you to enrich the routine by delving further into each issue with the girl if it really strikes her fancy. and ascribing common human conditions to her. Mound of Venus: tells her that she has a caged heart and she needs to open herself up. It will get you out there speaking to women to practice flirting in a thoughtful and constructive way. Heart line: tells her that she always had dreams of a perfect-man. What it will do is teach you that even though you completely messed it up. 14 .

and can be assured that she is relaxing internally also. Yeah . This is your head line (run your finger along her head line. The other thing that is important to your palm is this (run your finger over her Mound of Venus) . let it sink in). This line here is called your fate line.. You are more able to feel deeply and live as an adult because of it. this showing of your palm is extremely optional.. everything that has happened to you makes you who you are today.... your Mound of Venus it represents your heart also. Yeah. Do not be scared to touch her). There is absolutely nothing special in the way I deliver this part of the routine except for telling her to relax her palm. And given you like who you are today. Since everyone was once a child but is now an adult everyone has a defining experience where they were a child asked to act in adult ways.. that was very difficult for you. that is right. First.. it sets the tone for the palm reading. just examine her palm then look at her and say) Now. so let’s start with your fate line because it is a distinguishing feature in that it (does whatever it does . (Pause. Yours is strange because it (does whatever it does . this is your life line. It achieves a number of objectives. When ordering her to do this. important to your palm are some minor lines that I am going to introduce you to also. I know. you will need to use your judgment as to whether she even cares what it is supposed to look like). Fate line reading Where will I start? OK. I have inserted it so that you understand that you just explain the lines on the palm in much the same way that I did in the diagram of the palm. (Empathy on that line) However. this is your heart line. RELAX .. Just understand the basic palm and point out the lines. Second. Time to change your voice tone and make sure you are in a serious voice here as if you could cry because it is likely that you are talking about a death in the family or divorce of her parents or something).. Your palm all combines to a single story. Don’t say anything. as much as that was very hard (pause). Discussion of the above: There is nothing to memorise at all in what I have written above.. it sells her that this is real and that it will have some meat in the reading and not just be 15 . you can therefore thank that event for making you who you are. It is just an introduction. relaaax.. That means that as a child or adolescent you had some experience where you were asked to become an adult before you were ready. Discussion of above reading: This reading is important. and continue to do that every time you point out a feature on her hand. (Twist over the palm to look at the "children lines". you will see her relax her shoulders. if it is different to yours or she does not have one … in which case the lack of one is the reason for the reading … you can briefly show her yours to show what "normal" is . Before doing this you examine her hand closely by stretching it out to have a good look at the lines and roll it over to look at the children lines.. comes up to the head line for example. I'll come back to it.The fully detailed text is below: Introduction Do you know your basic palm? Relax your fingers.

Fourth. In this reading. Now. You let her wallow in that hurt. or the time she first went unaccompanied to kindergarten and was left away from the bosom of her mother to fend for herself on the Jungle-Jim. This is part of being comfortable with yourself as a man so you can claim your power in this world. You should tell her that you couldn’t see it exactly. it shocks her deeply. Now that is done you can go onto the light and fluffy reading of her heart line and her Mound of Venus and she will not be judging whether you can actually read palms the same. She is not judging the palm reading. You are who you are today. You don’t gloss over it. You should not expect to see an expression on her face at this time. It knocks her into herself. A person with a unique set of circumstances making you who you are. In doing so you need to go there in your own mind so that she can understand what you mean. Third. I tell you that there was some time in your childhood or adolescence when you were forced to grow up before you were ready. that is what you are asking the girl to do. A younger sibling may have been born. she is in her own head. and her attention from her parents diluted. So then. All the girls in your past have made you who you are today also. and you can dwell on the pain harder by describing your own sensations (as opposed to the actual events) to deepen her into it if it feels right. Perhaps she is wondering if it is universal. You want the girl to deepen into the pain of that time. You need to be comfortable with your past. She is impressed even if she doesn’t show it. Now what I have done is asked you to recall the most traumatic thing that ever happened to you in your childhood. she is doing her best to keep her composure and remain unfazed. However. Yep. that is the time. Think of that time for you. 16 . you dwell on it.fluff. My readings are guides to the themes of the reading. We are all a product of all the things that have happened to us in our lives. and you are sorry to hear that. She is not out here with us any more. it gets her age regressing (going back in her mind to when she was a child). so they know the feeling. some people may say that they can not come up with such an experience when asked. and just because she says she cannot come up with such an experience does not mean that she cannot empathise with the feeling. You should be at ease with who you are. she is now thinking hard and listening to her own internal dialogue. Perhaps she is marvelling that you could see that. It could be as simple as finding out that Santa Claus is not real and that the mystical world of children does not exist. Do the exercise yourself. These things are universal. Wallow in that sadness. They have enriched your life even if they have burdened it. All our difficult experiences both make us spiritually richer and make us spiritually poorer. it is absolutely universal in its nature. Nevertheless. in a reading. and that was difficult. sometimes a girl will want to tell you what that time was. and not dwell on the past except in a positive way. You should allow yourself to come to rest internally.

then links that ideal man to you. caught up in their idea of their ‘one true love’ this Animus is out there and she is searching for him. We had invented a whole persona that felt real to us that was in fact not related to the actual person. it means that as a little girl you always had dreams of a perfect-man. look her in the eye and smile. and men with the ‘perfect 10’ and childhood icons. Jung thought differently to his predecessors and added a dimension to the philosophy of psychology by admitting inner experience and dreams as valid data from which to understand the way that humans think.. You can not appreciate the real world or real people if they never meet your ideals. The ability to love is apparent to a woman. Discussion of above reading: The reading asks her to recall her ideas of her ideal man and reminds her of it. You should work hard not to allow yourself to fall into this trap. as much as your perfect-man could be right in front of you (be careful with the self point here) you may have trouble even recognising him and more trouble meeting him and seizing the opportunity that is right in front of you because if we look over here to your Mound of Venus . Men tend to do the same thing. and they find it enormously attractive. we might have desired a certain little girl. You should be a connoisseur of the real world and enjoy its beauty for what it is. having an ideal woman in his mind to which the real flesh and blood women around him do not measure up. as I said. Men do the same. Girls grew up with Prince Charmings of fairy tales. For man the Animus becomes the 17 . We all have dreams of an ideal partner in our minds. innocent of sexual desire to that stage. She was a mental construct and conformed to fit your inner ideal. before we were sexually aware. (Pause. For some girls. This can leave them in a perpetual cycle of shallow relationships with shallow men. believe and experience the world. Be sure that in your quest for quality women you do not enslave yourself by valuing your freedom so much that it prevents you getting close. the reading just took a change of pace and she will be thankful for it) However. at some stage. Jung wrote that we were all psychologically androgynous to a certain extent in that no man is so entirely masculine that he has nothing feminine in him. and had dreams of being married and holding hands and being together. The perfect mate.. And you always thought that a perfect-man would walk into your life. When we were little. this represents your heart also. In that case the desire to be free becomes shackles that inhabits your choices and movements in fact reducing the things that you allow yourself to do and effectively removing your freedom. and you are missing the spice of life. Carl Jung has a whole set of ideas revolving around this natural human tendency to form a living breathing ideal mate in our minds. Similarly the fear of losing love and being hurt can prevent many girls from entering into a relationship where they are prepared to allow themselves to love. as it can make for an unhappy life. Swiss psychologist. despite the fact that we hardly knew the little girl. Because it curves up to between your index and middle fingers. The inner woman in a man is called the “Anima” and the inner man in a woman is called the “Animus”.Heart line reading Now your heart line. This can prevent her from forming real relationships with real men.

A self-point means that you point to yourself. There are many girls out there. let the perfect-man be ambiguous. analytical thought. If she is really sceptical you may even want to point away to relax her that you are not talking about you and she can lose herself in the reading. I look to within myself and understand that I am capable of falling in love as much with the notion of being in love as any particular girl that happens to be in my life. A man who may not necessarily be anything like the Animus. The pauses should just be heart beats … just allowing the previous phrase to sink in. when not. You can play with the lengths of the pauses to get a good feel for how long you should leave them. The self point should be down low so your right hand does not move very much to do it. If you are not standing directly in front of her but reading it from the side so that you can speak in her ear with loud music you can do it blatantly. courage. relatedness. specifically. Encouraging her to remember her Animus. but she wants to believe he is. similarly who are in unfulfilling relationships who continue a relationship with a man in order to externalise the Animus onto someone else and project his personality onto her lovers face. watching her for when they are helpful. and when they leave her an opportunity to break into your conversation that you do not want. gentleness. love and compassion. decisiveness. If you watch yourself or others communicate you will find we all do self-points and away-points unconsciously. and a desire for achievement. The Animus on the other hand was more about assertiveness. tenderness. even though she does not notice it with her conscious mind. This is the cocky flirting of a confident man. Once he had separated out these two inner personalities. although we can allow our Anima to become more dominant and communicate using her. you will allow yourself to love and have conversations with your Anima. romance. The reason that you do this is that.. 18 . gauge her to see if she is sold that you can read palms or if she is still sceptical that it is a trick . The anima has the following traits: she brings the attributes of feelings. Especially in your dreams and fantasies. This is the mechanism of the reading above. she associates the general thing you are talking about (in this case perfect-man) with you. emotions. strength. There is however no problem if she sees you are talking about yourself. Here I am getting you tracking it to take control of this realm of non-verbal communication in all your interactions. You do this subtly with your right hand while your left cups her hand. if she is a little naive you can do it blatantly. and a sense of aesthetics. creativity. imagination. you. friendship. then project him onto someone. vitality. You smile at her with the reading in case she is pulling out what you are talking about. commitment and fidelity.dominant personality and the Anima is externalised in our search for a mate. If it is quiet and she is sitting in front of you and she has been being difficult with you to test your confidence and trying to keep control of the situation by putting you on the back foot. a focused attentiveness.. intuition. Jung felt that the inner male is capable of falling in love with the inner female. When doing the self point.

And it means that you have a caged heart. and this especially needs to be watched when you meet your perfect-man (run finger along heart line or else self point). And you hold people out of your life (bring your hand up . Similarly you can lay on what ever cheesy complement you like in regular conversation. The “but” gets her chasing you.. you might say “You know. right? I mean you should treat yourself to this thing that is going to make you feel good. and just insert a “but” to the end and it will get her chasing you. I mean you are the sort of person who likes to be happy. (Here you reach across with a semi-cupped hand. But you know that. And you’d be a lot happier if you could not lock yourself up. For example. push on with the reading). You don’t need to hold yourself back and watch your manners and what is "the right thing to say". If you have a close look. Mound of Venus reading Your Mound of Venus is this fleshy area here. palm out like a policeman might say stop. She goes internally “however what?” and listens closely to your Mound of Venus reading. You can negate any thing you say in regular conversation by using the word “but” or “however”. but it comes off as a reading about her. or act lady-line and you don’t just be yourself and just relax even with your best friends.. and touch her chest above the breast. however…” It is the however that gets her. she almost always misses it. You know that sometimes you are shy. And you have trouble taking the new opportunities right in front of you.” It is okay if it is explicit that is what you are doing. your fingers representing the bars around her heart). It means that you hold yourself back and don't give yourself completely to all the people in your life (wave your hand out at the rest of the world). or say the right thing. right? And you have certain deep needs that can be satisfied.. 19 . Here you are saying. and stop people from really getting to know you (gesture back and forth) and relax in a non-judgmental way. but rather let everyone else in. and give yourself to the people around you. If she pulls you up on it tell her if she gets better light and has a close look she will see them and that you are practiced . You are selling yourself as if you are a product that she needs to buy. you are a very attractive girl … but …” and she will reply: “But what?” and just be sitting there in silence waiting. And in that way your heart is caged (touch her again on her heart). As in “Isn't it nice what you can buy? And all those feelings that you can get from those things. Discussion of above reading: This reading is smooth. but relaxed with your elbow bent in a subtle motion). “You always had dreams of a perfect-man.The reading gives her the perfect-man she has been looking for and then immediately takes him away from her by telling her she is not ready. you will see these small lines that run up and down and side to side (you say this even if she does not have any.. or try to act cool. right? And you are not the sort of person that would stand in the way of your own happiness. And in that way you are giving up opportunities to love the people around you and be loved. Now these lines represent bars like in a jail over your heart. or scared or lack some confidence. This makes her both chase and be drawn into the reading to see what it holds. And then you can just relax and be comfortable with yourself and everyone in your world.

It means not censoring yourself and allowing yourself to connect with people. In doing the reading. For girls their relationships are all important. You should go there in your own head as you do it to remove any of your own barriers just as you are asking her to remove hers. simply by not being ready to embrace your opportunities. Because there you are not self conscious and not dogged by society. even if we cannot see them. you need to think about the way you censor yourself at the beginning of the reading so she understands the sentiment. You are the person you truly are with your best friends. Part of growing both to be the sort of person you want to be. That opportunity is you. and being more attractive to women in the process. Going there in your own head first will allow her to follow. you can just be yourself. You tell her that she needs to open up more and stop pushing people away. to have it understood. Allowing other people in can be difficult. You don’t have to worry about what your parents think. and become the person you always wanted to be. and because of that. This is a good mood to have her in with you. Then you tell her that she needs to take the new opportunity in front of her. imagine that you had a job where you had no boss. 20 . That is not being yourself. you might leave beautiful women to whom you are attracted to pass you by. To understand this. so you are telling her that her happiness is directly linked to how she treats you right now. The reading is to overcome these problems. or even what society expects. You need to think of your own awkwardness as you search for the right thing to say. When you are delivering this reading. you should go to that need within yourself. You could arrive as you please and leave as you please and work or not work as you please. Women have the same problems. This comes from your insecurities such as fear of a rebuff or fear of falling in love and getting hurt when she leaves. The surface reading is true of human nature. For these reasons. not allowing them into your life. or your teachers think. You are someone in front of her too. The one where you are completely yourself. the barrier to forming meaningful relationships can be in your own tendency to block people out. This means a lot of things. but especially that you are so confident that you can be yourself and move through the world with ease having removed your insecurities and inner turmoil. or feeling insecure that you will not know the way forward should you step into it. The first step is working on reducing the inner turmoils within. is being at ease with yourself in the world. telling her to change the way she feels right now so that she is more in the mood where she is not being guarded and she has removed her interpersonal barriers. or the desire to look cool. All these things are leaving you in inner turmoil and paralysing you into inaction. Then as the reading goes on you need to go into a different head space to allow her to follow. and this is exactly what you are asking the girl to do in the reading.You are in the reading telling her that she does not let herself enjoy herself and that her relationships suffer as a result. You are also telling her to relax and be herself. We all have opportunities to form new relationships in our lives around us.

The 21 . You wave your hand in a sweeping motion to everyone in the place. You are holding her hand with your left hand and touching gently her chest above her breast where her heart might be with your right fingertips just for a moment. The journey from scattered ineffectiveness as a person to one who can have satisfying relationships with partners that you choose. but never before allowed yourself to enjoy as completely as what you are about to enjoy. All these physical movements. You can return to do it again every time you tell her that she is locked up. but rather a path to inner peace and selfsatisfaction where you have relationships in your life with the women you desire and can enjoy them unreservedly. As you continue you move back to facing her so you are speaking directly to her again. From this position . or ideas in your life that are outmoded (point at in direction of her friends or boyfriend). and it is to those feelings that you need to go in your own mind as you explain this reading. managing personal space and gesturing towards and away from yourself will get you forming intuitions so you start doing it naturally in all your interactions. You reach out and at the same time curl your fingers out like an open cup with the fingers relaxed but spaced. you twist around slightly so that you are looking from her perspective out at the world from the same angle she is. It talks about your course of action for a decision that is in your life at the moment. you are talking as if you are beside her and with her and the rest of the world is "out there". Because technically. it is a journey of self-improvement. and express yourself as you choose to whomever you choose. It is a path to being ready to accept yourself and your relationships.Living without censor and with all your power in your world intact. You remove your hand again back to her hand. Regarding touching her chest. That is the person that you need to be around women. Old skins need to be shed in order for you to embrace the new things. depending on the girl as to how long to leave it there and how heavy to make the touch. The outer practice of interacting with society conquerors the inner practice of being in the world absolutely without apology and being completely comfortable in your skin. right now.” The journey of learning to interact well with women is more than just some tricks. There are certain things. You will like me and accept me for who I am.. Again. you are closer to the end of your life than you have ever been. and these things are stopping you from doing all those things that you really want to do. Where you can keep the rebellion of independent thought alive. This is not to make the path one of wanton lust and gluttony in your sex life. you can use your judgment. Life line reading This is your life line. Your hand is rotated to a position so that the backs of the fingers are at the top. Like it is you and her against the world and you and her are in a bubble together as you point to everyone else. The feeling of “I am who I am. When you are pointing to the rest of the crowd as in “all the people out there”. I never have a girl reject this physical advance.. This shows a time of separating paths. this is the first escalation of physical intimacy beyond simply holding her hand. I can let you in. people.

the advice to just “do it” is not necessarily good if it hurts her big picture. It is the beauty of ambiguous language. So all those things that are holding you back. [big picture]”. You have just come off telling her to remember her Animus. To jump and “do it” is definitely something that she will be able to relate to. and being the person they would really like to be. and talk about philosophies during your interactions with women that value instant gratification highly to get her off the fence of fear about doing something new. Similarly. All your worries fade away and in place are the pleasures of new experiences that you are about to experience. She may in her mind be thinking about her boyfriend. The message is obvious. So you tell her to do it. but have never been. This is a time for you. you will be not be hungry later for dinner time [big picture]”. when actively doing it. and new relationships that you are about to cultivate. or leaving your boyfriend. From within this context. and go with the flow of the of your death is closer today than it was yesterday. As you realise that you are about to move forward to places you always wanted to go. We are used to the formula of delayed gratification. and you will look to everyone like a slut. given you have gone out with the objective of forming new relationships. you always look great in it and you love it to bits. It continues more and more as you go on with life. You about to drink the wine you always wanted to drink. “You should not stay home from work today [immediate gratification]. You can and allow yourself to enjoy this moment. It is quite likely that her logic line looks like this “Go home with him and sleep with him [immediate gratification]. And remember when you were looking at it. People will externalise those fears into other reasons. Head line reading Your head line tells me that you are highly intuitive and that you follow your intuition when making decisions. or perhaps about her feeling that she is being watched and needs to guard her reputation or any other thing that might be holding her back like her internal hang-ups. projecting him onto your face. And as you think of that you should think back to when you were in the shop buying it. Discussion of the above reading: This reading is to do an objection strike on anything that might be holding her back from hooking up with you and a call for action. You should encourage her to follow the immediate gratification. and that feeling of just being sure that this is right for you. You are told as a child “Do not eat that now [immediate gratification]. Most people out there are in the need of some bold changes in their worlds. Now you are telling her do just “do it”. you can now just take and throw away. Quitting your job. you will be fired and you need the job [big picture]”. And no matter how many times you wear it. and experience the things you want to. But you know that deep inside there is a person in there that wants to make the change. or disappointing your parents expectations as to how you should act are difficult things for girls to do. I mean if you can think of a piece of clothing that you have worn lots and lots that you completely love. then you have told her not to hold herself back. value instant gratification for yourself rather than holding off on your passions. and to hell with the rest. you should. Fear holds people back from doing all the things that they want to do. And you remember looking at 22 .

it and deciding to buy it. Discussion of the above reading: this reading is to get her sure that you are the one. drop the palm and move on to some other topic of conversation. You can use this to finish the palm reading at any time. And as you do that you should remember the feeling that you felt in your body. and you forget what to say next. Where you are sure that this is the right thing to do. “Really. They can on occasion. It is amazing how they believe you! People believe what they want to believe. I thought I was infertile!” She will then definitely ask how you see that. You tell her he is wrong. we cannot read the future). You are asking her to remember a time when she was sure. it is written in her palm. She might tell you that her doctor told her she was infertile. Discussion of the above reading: this terminates the palm reading and completely changes the pace. I discuss how this last “sureness” reading is constructed in the “On using language effectively” chapter Children lines (Now you twist over her palm to look at her "children lines") You are fertile! (Now you drop the palm signalling you are finished. It is also a good way to terminate a palm reading mid-way if you feel like it. Then you tell her to trust the feeling. Infertile girls might then run around and tell all her friends she is fertile. It is how she defines herself in many ways. You can if you like tell her that this is the thing that all girls are most interested in. The joy is contagious. Sometimes you will read the palm of a girl and upon this reading she will say. you can just twist over the palm. Because that is your intuition. But obviously in my palm reading tradition. She will jump out of the lull of the trance by saying:) HER: What? YOU: You are fertile. Now some palm readers who come from a different tradition to me will tell you that these lines represent the number of children you will have. You might be half way through what you want to do. then bring that feeling into the present so that she feels sure now. then she should not hesitate. She asks questions because she has been snapped out of the inner lull. And when you feel like this you need to trust your instincts and follow your intuition always. You explain. You are able to have children. or you realise that she is not interested in a continued palm reading. and if she feels sure. read that she is fertile. This feeling of sureness. if there is alcohol involved all start hugging her and congratulating her as if she had just 23 . and then you have asked her to unlock herself and ready herself for new relationships and then you have motivated her telling her that she should act on her desires and now you are telling her to trust that decision. (HER sometimes: How can you see that? YOU: It is here in these little lines. A girl’s fertility is very important to her. You need to trust it above and beyond everything else (point at her friends) and do the thing that you are sure about. So in the entire palm reading you have now asked her to recall her ideal love. because the guy over there who reads palms said so.

I mean that she has to make her beliefs line up with her actions. It almost seems like an innocuous friendly hug where you pat each other on the back but rather it is where you ask her to kiss you on the cheek. You: Must be because you like me. you are doing well and can relax into an intimate evening. tell her it must be her caged heart and continue to go with higher energy conversations. Once out of the way you can also give her a cheek kiss as a reward for something. I encourage you to do it and build an intuition for when she will accept it in regular conversation. Say: “Why did you do that?” and let her mind go searching just long enough to have her think “Because he asked me to. the routine goes like this: You: Here. and kind of blush because after a reading like that. right” It is a confident cocky line. 24 . like after you make her laugh. Tell her that you forgot to mention something in her palm and pull her aside again to give her another mini-reading alone. The Cheek Kiss. After the palm reading is an excellent time to do this. She has to now become congruent with that fact. “Must be because you like me. no? No! It changes everything. A cheek kiss is very good at changing the dynamic between you and her. If she kisses you on the cheek. it is true. right? The cheek kiss is an excellent litmus test also of whether you can phase shift to comfortable and deeply intimate conversation or need to continue more high energy conversations to continue to attract her to you. Get her mind searching. tell her she is wrapped too tight. The beauty of it is that it seems so innocuous. This is escalating intimacy in a non-threatening manner leading towards a full passionate embrace. When this happens. You can ask for a second or third at opportune moments. She just kissed you. You say. bringing her inner beliefs in line with her actions and she has explicitly made you the man who is her ‘perfect-man’. Also you need not only get one cheek kiss. If she rejects the cheek kiss you need to laugh at her. The next thing to do is to force her to come up with reasons why she did that. The cheek kiss is not just to be used with the palm reading.conceived. give me a kiss! (pointing at your cheek) Her: (comes in a gives you a tender peck on the cheek) You: Good girl … why did you do that? (pause … then answering your own question with a cheeky smile). You just put her in a position where she has to make fast decisions without sufficient time to think about the implications of what she is doing. but why did I?” and then you put the reason into her mouth. having just spent 5 minutes reading her palm for free. “Give me a kiss!” and you point to your cheek. Her actions therefore change her beliefs. she is somewhat obligated to give “payment” in the form of a sweet little innocuous kiss if you ask. By congruent. you have to find a way to get the girl back from her group and pull her away again. It is because. What is she to do? A cheek kiss is harmless. She will drop her eyes.

that is right. Intro Do you know your basic palm? Relax your fingers. as much as that was very hard (pause). at some stage.However. Yeah. Because it curves up to between your index and middle fingers. I know. once you are good at reading palms. Your first palm reading ever you should let the victory of having read her palm stand without the need to get the validation in this cheek kiss. Mound of Venus: tells her that she has a caged heart and she needs to open herself up.. Again. However. Yeah . that was very difficult for you. I do not want to link in your mind success at reading palms and the cheek kiss that you may or may not get. I'll come back to it.. The kiss is optional and you will find. so let’s start with your fate line because it is a distinguishing feature in that it (does whatever it does). Summary (cheat sheet) Intro: explains the major lines Fate line: tells her that she had an experience where she had to grow up before she was ready. The other thing that is important to your palm is this (run your finger over her Mound of Venus) . a summary of the five readings plus the introduction is below. You are more able to feel deeply and live as an adult because of it. Yours is strange because it (does whatever it does). your Mound of Venus it represents your heart also. Your palm all combines to a single story. Heart Line Now your heart line.. The five readings without comments for easy reading. you can therefore thank that event for making you who you are. Life line: tells her that it is a time of separating paths and the time is here in her life where she has to take action. However. This line here is called your fate line. Heart line: tells her that she always had dreams of a perfect-man. RELAX .. this is your heart line. This is your head line.. it means that as a little girl you always had dreams of a perfect-man. Use your own language to describe this. relaaax. And given you like who you are today. that this is a routine that will almost always follow a palm reading in a case that is so closely linked that you consider it part of the routine as well as a stand-alone thing. important to your palm are some minor lines that I am going to introduce you to also. Now.. Fate Line Where will I start? OK. this is your life line. as much as 25 . And you always thought that a perfect-man would walk into your life. everything that has happened to you makes you who you are today. you should not do the cheek kiss line after your first palm-reading ever. That means that as a child or adolescent you had some experience where you were asked to become an adult before you were ready. Head line: tells her that she is intuitive and knows when something good is in front of her.

or try to act cool. Like you threw away an old piece of clothing that you never wear. And no matter how many times you wear it. or ideas in your life that are outmoded (point at in direction of Obstacle or boyfriend). All your worries fade away and in place are the pleasures of new experiences that you are about to experience. And remember the feeling that you felt in your body. There are certain things. and that feeling of just being sure that this is right for you.your perfect-man could be right in front of you. You don’t need to hold yourself back and watch your manners and what is "the right thing to say". And in that way your heart is caged. you always look great in it and you love it to bits.. Head Line reading Your head line tells me that you are highly intuitive and that you follow your intuition when making decisions.. you will see these small lines that run up and down and side to side. I mean if you can think of a piece of clothing that you have worn lots and lots and that you completely love. and this especially needs to be watched when you meet your perfect-man. people. As you realise that you are about to move forward to places you always wanted to go. You can put those things that are stopping you in the same place. And you have trouble taking the new opportunities right in front of you. This is a time for you. Life line reading This is your life line. and new relationships that you are about to cultivate. but rather let everyone else in. You want to drink the wine that those things holding you back won’t let you drink. It means that you hold yourself back and don't give yourself completely to all the people in your life. or say the right thing. And you’d be a lot happier if you could not lock yourself up. and go with the flow of the times. And as you think of that you should think back to when you were in the shop buying it. but have never been. but never before allowed yourself to enjoy as completely as what you are about to enjoy. this represents your heart also. Because that is your 26 . or act lady-line and you don’t just be yourself and just relax even with your best friends. It talks about your course of action for a decision that is in your life at the moment. and stop people from really getting to know you and relax in a non-judgmental way. and allow yourself to enjoy this moment. and to hell with the rest. you can now just take and throw away. Now these lines represent bars like in a jail over your heart. But you know that. And then you can just relax and be comfortable with yourself and everyone in your world. and give yourself to the people around you. you may have trouble even recognising him and more trouble meeting him and seizing the opportunity that is right in front of you because if we look over here to your Mound of Venus . and these things are stopping you from doing all those things that you really want to do. And you hold people out of your life. If you have a close look. And it means that you have a caged heart. So all those things that are holding you back. and experience the things you want to. Old skins need to be shed in order for you to embrace the new things. This shows a time of separating paths. This feeling of sureness. or scared or lack some confidence. You know that sometimes you are shy. Mound of Venus Your Mound of Venus is this fleshy area here. as I said. And remember when you were looking at it.

My second palm reading ever I do not remember. There is much less memory load and for your first reading you do not want to overburden yourself by trying to do the complete reading including the 3 shells of your inner love. You wont remember your second either. it will be all down hill. I did not have a manual like this. and do it more than once. And when you feel like this you need to trust your instincts and follow your intuition always. Just run the above to learn.intuition. There is no need to practice and get it perfect. It is not controversial and it is low risk. you will build confidence. After you have done the first reading. 27 . There is no reason that you can not do this reading tonight. not about being a complete palm reading purist. I want you to run these five readings first. but had rather read a regular book on palm-reading and said to myself mid-way through my interaction with a particular girl “what the heck … here goes nothing!” and jumped in and did it. As much as I am about to introduce a little later the complete advanced palm reading. I remember my first palm reading ever. You need to trust it above and beyond everything else and do the thing that you are sure about. It went well enough in retrospect. You are fertile! This reading is enough to get you started and have you understand how good the routine is. It will move you inside her personal space and get you talking much more intimately with her. I want to emphasise again that you should run this beginners reading to start. Keep it short. I want you to get comfortable with the thing. You will have to do the same thing. don’t overcomplicate things and just do this to begin with. because having run one and seen that nothing bad happened. Remember that this is about becoming good at interacting with women.

I am not talking about so attracted that the decision that she wants you is already made. Deciding when to use a palm reading in an interaction and testing via trial and error will get you able to calibrate to a girls headspace at any given time in the interaction which is an important skill in all your interactions and the objective of this lesson. There is. It is after she is aware that you are there as a man. Kahlil Gibran. is very easy to do and is hugely overestimated. When she is there she is attracted by my definition. As you reduce your inner turmoil and build your confidence it will be very easy for you too. you might want to approach a girl on a park bench or something. telling her that you are taking a palm reading class and ask if you can practice on her. to reduce the investment in your first ever palm reading. She should want to talk to you because you are a desirable man and a worthwhile person. I do not want you to get into the habit of this and before you move onto the advanced readings. The Prophet. Palm reading should be used at the time when you want to transition from the section of the interaction where you are meeting her to the part of the relationship where you are getting to know her better. not the other way around. But it is easy to achieve. If anything is exchanging hands for the benefit of this interaction. Offering her something for free is similar to buying a girl a drink at the bar at the very beginning of the conversation. in fact. She has inwardly raised an eyebrow while regarding you as a possible interest. waiting too long for a sing and allowing her to get too comfortable in their presence thereby relegating themselves to ‘just friends’. it should be her that is accommodating you.Timing your Transitions And to the open-handed the search for one who shall receive is joy greater than the giving. most men out there have raised the bar too high on what they expect as a signal of this. In my opinion. 28 . You should not be offering her something for free to get her to talk back to you but rather be in a conversation where the two of you are talking because she wants to speak to you and introduce the palm reading in order to transition the mood. That is all that attraction is. a practice you should avoid at all costs. This means that they are waiting for some explicit signal before making their move and thus loosing opportunities. You need to have her inwardly thrilled by your presence. This. It is a boogy man that guys chase and chase. she is aware she is attracted to you. When that has happened. but rather that she is prepared to get to know you in a one-on-one in a palm reading with a possible romantic encounter on the horizon as opposed to free entertainment. and once achieved needs to be acted on. I want you to do many beginners readings where you are not using the palm reading as the entire pretext for the conversation. Palm reading is not the first thing you should say to a girl. Perhaps. for me at least. a correct time to use it. For offering her something for free sends a message that you value yourself so little that you need to bribe her with free stuff in exchange for her talking back to you. However.

Perhaps you are there socialising with friends. It is a paradox that if you look like you are trying hard to meet women. You should always assume that she wants it done. If you assume she wants it done and act like she wants it done.. so let’s start with the fate line because it is interesting. Getting it accepted using your confidence is an important skill. now relax (as she relaxes her fingers) . You will often not need 15 minutes to get to a point where she is ready for a palm reading. Or that you are shopping at a shopping centre and have a larger agenda like buying your sister a birthday present. and meeting her is just something that happened. It is the look of trying that kills you. they will smell it. You should not feel in the least bit guilty about having your own. and you are asking her opinion as to what you can buy because you value the opinion... and be less attracted to you. Because it comes up to the head line (or whatever it does) it means that at some stage as a child or an adolescent you had some experience . and you should use your judgment as to when this time is.When you enter any establishment. If she refuses your palm reading it is because she smelt your hesitation and you did not come in sure enough that she wants it. etc. All people who are good at socialising have their own standard stories and favourite topics of conversation. A set of things that you can always fall back on should you not be able to hold together the conversation just by the seat of your pants. making them harder to meet. she will want it done. Or you are in a park to walk your dog. and can walk away from her interaction at any time to go back to their table. With practice you will get a good feeling for it. you had your palm read before? OK. Girls can. My introduction to palm reading goes like this: The Primary palmistry introduction Me: Which hand do you write with? HER: Right. this is your head line. Me: Here give me your right hand . yours is interesting. take a book to read that you can be pulled out of for the conversation rather than looking like you are there specifically for the conversation. and then the women will be attracted to you. you should not scope the room or look like you are being sexually aggressive. well this is your heart line. this is your life line and wow! Look at this! This minor line is called your fate line . You are then into the palm reading before she even realises what is going on. What that means is that the best way to meet women is to go out and not look like you are trying to pick her up.. You need to be having fun in your environment first.. I believe that you should get together about 15 minutes of conversational material to use before palm reading. An alternative introduction is simply “Show me your palm” 29 . rather than meet women. You come in strongly on it and it will be accepted. If you are going alone to a café to talk to the waitresses. This is not a time to umm and ahh and be bashful and nervous in choosing your words. and I will also point out your Mound of Venus because it is important to your palm... You should create the illusion that you have something better to do than hit on random girls. however smell hesitation. OK..

Me: which hand do you write with? Her: Right Me: (taking hand and examining it including rolling it over to see her “children lines” then giving it back to her. They may not believe you can read palms. Don’t forget that women can be shy in the presence of an attractive man. the more likely it is that you will get the last enthusiastic response. If it is OK with her” or something along those lines. You ask if they mind if you borrow their friend. What else can they say? Even if a guy in the group does not want her to go. It is just the nature of the beast. Until you get a 100% response rate on the primary palm reading introduction do not move over to this. there is no reason that he can come up with that would prevent it if it is OK with her. the whole group will be looking at you at this stage. once you have read one palm. Part of the problem with the 80% or so that do not beg is that they either think you are joking or they are nervous. be careful with this second introduction. Within a group when you ask a girl what hand she writes with and you look at it and drop it. then tell her that you need more light and lead her to the place that is most conducive to you and her spending time together. Do not start doing it until you are very confident in your palm reading.” Alternatively you can start reading the palm with the which hand do you write with introduction above. and her nonchalantness may be a manifestation of her own inner turmoil. however my most common introduction goes like this: Group Isolation Intro. you will often get her friends begging and begging to have you do theirs. “I guess. Me to group: “Mind if I borrow your friend for a second?” Take her by the hand and lead her away. He has been conversationally check-mated. They have no real choice even if they do not want her to go. In that way it is a good litmus test of how well you are doing to this stage. Now. The more attracted she is to you from the things you have said before the palm reading. The above introduction is the one that you should use.Other introductions can just simply assume the sale such as “Have you ever had your palm read? No? OK. Because about 10% of the time she just shrugs her shoulders when you go “Now I know everything about you”. They say. With a cocky grin:) Now I know everything about you. etc. The reason you should hold off on it is you need to breed out any smell of fear in your delivery. Her: Like what? (If in a group to group before taking her away somewhere private. lets go. About 70% of them go “why what do you see” of varying degrees of enthusiasm and about 20% go “You can read palms! Please read my palm” or something similar. You are unproven when you tell her you can read 30 .) Me: here give me your palm. However. Do you know your basic palm? This is your head line.

It makes it seem like some of the talk is about you. and you will then get a line up of girls wanting their palms read. Palm reading is a way to extract information about her without her volunteering. You should not use palm reading as an introduction. Once speaking to her group. because my palm readings are all a bit the 31 . and it will be visible. and I am so confident in it that I can sell it. Often. some of it about her. it can be used very early in an interaction. As much as I cannot prevent you from doing this. If she bounces the reading with a shrug of the shoulders or something similar. you should relegate the palm reading to the correct place in the interaction.palms. but I think I probably also do it also because I want to only read the palm after she has asked me to do so. I personally. you will read your girl’s palm. Her friends will all wish it were them that were getting their palm read by this attractive stranger. despite its flaws. I always use the second introduction these days perhaps out of habit because I mostly do palm readings as an excuse to isolate her out of her group of friends. especially at a party where everyone knows each other or that sort of thing. like the beauty seated at a table with a bottle of champagne and two other people. palm reading is the ultimate excuse to pull a girl away from her friends. Nevertheless. and as your proficiency with women grows and the lessons from reading palms seep into your persona and the rest of your conversations. That means I have to deal with varying degrees of warmness and coldness in getting that happening. In fact when she does ask you your name it means that she is now interested enough in you that she cares for your name. When you meet a girl. This is so that I am not some cheap entertainment. She owes you no conversation and she is not interested in asking you about yourself. and some of it about the surroundings. Although it is not the best time to use the routine. this is not what the palm reading is for. and the girls will sense this. Choosing to have the girls in your life that can bring you happiness. Before that she will not necessarily volunteer information about herself. In fact. will never do seven or eight readings in a row. not the other way around. you should order her to see her palm and start reading it like in the original introduction. and part of that is that you are doing the choosing of the women you want. fulfilment and love is the goal of what you are learning here. with increasing proficiency at interacting with women. and even had I not mentioned it you would have seen it for yourself. I want her to look back and remember that she asked me to do it. She is passive in the situation and will not just volunteer stuff about herself. Using the palm reading at the wrong time is a manifestation of your inner turmoil and lack of ease in the situation. Girls with a lot going for them are seldom alone in social environments and this means that you are going to have to learn to interact with her peer group. often you are required to take on the conversational burden. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. You should not be scared of speaking to groups of people that include a girl in whom you are interested. You should start the conversation with something else. you should be increasingly walking past the women you can have … the lesser beauty alone at the bar … to the girls you want. You are a stranger like any other stranger she has met.

That way her eyes can move around within the space easily without refocussing and working hard and she does not have to look past a well lit area into a poorly lit area that are your eyes. If forced to use candles. Regarding seating situations: I will read a palm in almost any situation. this might be a good strategy for you. I will pull the candle in a glass that they put in the centre of the table over to the side so that we can see and that is plenty of light. I will read a waitresses palm over the bar with the bar between us.same. we will need light. If she wants proof. I will read them sitting down. Now the only reading that requires a close look is the bars on her heart in the Mound of Venus reading. I will read them standing up. Nevertheless it is a good way to meet many girls in the situation if you want to get together enough material (like perhaps genuine readings) to do the lot. If the light is too low for you to actually see them. Regarding lighting levels: Since you are barely even looking at what her palm looks like. you do not really need good light. Remember you have already read her fate line with the hard reading so she is not sceptical of your abilities at this point. The candle should not be between you. if I am in a place with wooden chairs that have arm rests. but if you do not. forcing your eyes to continually have to re-adjust to levels. shining the light on her palm to show her that they are there. I will pull our chairs around so that my knees are touching hers and read the palm facing her directly. Tell her to trust you that they are and continue the reading. tell her that your eyes are accustomed and you can see. In a lounge bar. 32 . In some venues they do not have sofa’s to sit in where you can sit next to her. so I will pull my seat around so that we are side by side with her hand on the table in front of us next to the candle in the centre of the table. and I will read it in what ever seating situation I have available. Other times. You should always put the candle on the far side of her palm even though it does not illuminate as well there. never put the candle between you and her. Similarly. I have better ways of meeting girls than that. you can light a cigarette lighter.

She will not comment on it. You are therefore looking at her all the time to make sure that it is correct. one must use the same words from the same genus of inward experience. You want her to say “Oh my God! You are right! How can you see that?” Stop it. we can continue to play with it to get you building the interpersonal skills that are the reason you are doing this.Troubleshooting your delivery. Make long pauses. c) You are concentrating too hard on whether she believes you or not and whether you are accurate. d) You need to go there in your mind as you deliver it. but then you look up and look her in the eye with your left hand cupping her hand from underneath and your right index finger on the line you are talking about. 33 . You are reading her palm. To use the same words is not a sufficient guarantee of understanding. Do it in a way that is relaxed and does not feel slimy or as if you are trying to stimulate her. Slow down and explain how she feels. She will take the emotional cue and the seriousness and the need to cry from you. but rather using the opportunity to tell her how to feel and act. But it is important to be looking her straight in the eye. Friedrich Nietzsche. I mean you look down at the palm as you point out a feature “This is your head line” for example. etc. just get through it. She can then think deeply and allow herself to loose herself in the experience because you are not asking her to answer any questions. Remember your own experiences of a similar vein. If you are struggling for words just stay silent as you think about it even if you are mid sentence. But the immediate things you need to concentrate on are: a) Looking her in the eye throughout the reading. and you should not be fishing for the reinforcement. ultimately one must have one's experiences in common. and you have all the answers as to what it means to be her. Do not um and ahh. Beyond Good and Evil. Be confident that every single reading is spot on. Go to your own dreams of a perfect woman. You are nervous and rabbiting through it. Go to your own sense of shyness that holds you back in social situations. b) Slow down the delivery. It should be a monologue flowing from your lips. she expects you to be right. You are asking her to confirm that she did in fact have a time in her childhood or adolescence where she was asked to become an adult before she was ready. Don’t worry too much for your first reading ever. This is because you lack confidence in your readings and your inner turmoil is manifesting itself. and do not let it turn into a dialogue. 1886 Now you are doing the palm reading. The nature of the reading should not be something where you are looking for validation about being “correct”. Your looking for her feedback that you are correct is coming across as lacking in confidence. Go to your own hurt and remember it.

e) Get it fluid with your own words rather than memorizing mine word for word. Important to a palm reading is that you become an authority figure. You have to be very strong, but gentle at the same time. When you read her palm, you are telling her what to think and what to remember. It will only be effective if she does what you tell her to do inside her mind like her recalling the things you want her to recall, etc. You need to deliver it so that she knows that if she does all the recalling of experiences and feelings there will be a point to the activity and she will understand something or learn something about herself. Confident. This is important and should flow into your demeanour in all your conversations. Implicit is that it is the truth, and if she does not understand, she is not doing as you say. She is not behaving. This is an opportunity to display the strength of your character and personality. Be strong. All this is communicated as sub-text to the conversation and is not out in the open. Women find a strong man sexy, so this is a mechanism built into palm readings that will assist in attracting her to you, and find out what the sweet spot feels like. Remember that part of what a palm reading does is change the dynamic of the interaction. To that end, it is important that you are moving inside her personal emotional space and changing the relationship into the sort where you are getting to know each other better. What that means is that you really want to slow down your speech and drop your voice tone from the excitable high-pitched “rabbiting around” that can come with up-beat conversation to the tone of deep relaxation. You have to become interested in the girl and interact with her in a way where you are completely comfortable. This is an experience of getting to know each other and you should soften and feel empathy for this beautiful individual in front of you. She will follow you to where you are in your mental space. The only way that she is going to become comfortable with you is if you are comfortable with yourself and with her.


Confidence The outer law (shari’ah) is my word, the spiritual path (tariquah) is my actions, and the inner reality (haqiqah) my inner states. Whoever has the outer law without the inner reality has left the right way; Whoever has the inner reality without the outer law is a heretic; Whoever unites the two of them has realization. Sufi proverb. Confidence is not only important for selling the palm reading. It is important in the delivery, and in all your dealings with women. In fact it is important in all your dealings with the world. Confidence is built by undertaking things you are not sure you are capable of and finding you get success. Just going out and interacting with women and getting success with them will therefore build your confidence. It is notoriously hard to fake, and often can be fleeting but a reduction of your inner turmoils assists greatly. When you were just hitting puberty and your body was changing shape and you started interacting with girls, in all likelihood you were not very good at it. You were awkward in your body, and awkward in your interactions. There was this vibrating nervousness in your persona that left you acting in strange ways. Perhaps you used to speak too loudly, become too excitable, or brag outrageously and make a spectacle of yourself. Or alternatively, you might have been shy to speak to them, acting as if you were not attracted to girls, and tried to act cool by ignoring them or making fun of them or treating them like boys. All this is just your nervousness and lack of confidence. But as you have gotten older, you have become more balanced internally, you are now are able to interact around women without all your inner turmoils manifesting themselves as strange behaviour. As you go forward in learning this, you need to concentrate on removing any further inner turmoil … your internal mental chatter, your stresses, your nervousness and things that betray your insecurities excess baggage and ideas that tax your thinking. In going out and practicing this, you will be working towards becoming unflappable in any situation with women, a man who is at peace with himself, and no matter what situation is thrown at you in the conversation. A man that retains your composure with good humour, and understands the lightness of the situation for the triviality that it is. You will then no longer take yourself or the situations too seriously and can relax and enjoy the interaction and your world. The first step is in reducing your inner turmoil. There are two kinds of confidence. The first kind of confidence is the one that most people think about. At a shallow level of understanding it is kind of confidence where you have your shoulders back and are relaxed in the situation. It is one where you mask your inner turmoil and act as if they are not there. That is one sort of confidence. But there is another confidence that is a different thing. It is true deep down, "I am a prince of a man" type confidence. It is the first type of confidence that comes from proficiency at


meeting new people and understanding how to come at social situations. The second kind comes from your life and your development as a balanced and happy person who is comfortable with himself and the world. This second kind of confidence is true sexual confidence. I am not just talking about just knowing you are good in bed. Or knowing you will impress her with your body when you are naked. I mean it is knowing you are good in bed and knowing your body is in fantastic shape and knowing you are as smart or smarter than everyone else and knowing you are stimulating as a conversationalist and knowing you will be a success in your career because you know you are talented. That is because the inner turmoil that these things produce in you have been completely eradicated by being at one with yourself and who you are. I mean the sort of confidence you have when even though you are in a place with the most elite girls in town, you still know that not a single one of them is above you. They are all equals or at a lower level of self understanding, their own inner turmoils causing them to trip over their own feet and be unhappy. This sort of confidence can yield a natural real womaniser. The sort of guy who can go out with a stunning beauty but still not value her so much that he is afraid of loosing her or the relationship become inwards focussed and possessive. She is just one of any number of girls that he can relate to and love deeply. The sort of guy who doesn't care because this ‘perfect 10’ who all the other guys desire, this near perfect girl, this 4 language speaking, intelligent, creative, exciting, fluid moving, pleasurable girl who leaves a track of men running into lamp-posts as she walks down the street ... this angel of a woman created in heaven is still just a person. He can have a relationship with her, but not have her on a pedestal. Girls are not attracted to guys who act as if she is better than him. She wants a guy at least at her level, and wants to even feel she is out of her depth, like she is punching above her weight with this guy. You need that sort of confidence to have fulfilling relationships with beautiful women, and it makes you very hard for a beautiful woman to replace because most men put her on a pedestal and confess their undying love. And the two types of confidence are not really related. The second kind of confidence is the one that is lacking when you excuse yourself from a conversation with the girl too early with a “nice meeting you”. It is the one that is lacking when you do not just sit down with the beautiful girl you have spoken to before and done well with because you are kind of shy and not really in the mood to introduce yourself to all her friends since it is 3pm on a Tuesday and you are not shaven and dressed up. The one that is lacking when you say "my bedroom is untidy ... I cant take this girl home tonight". It is the one that is lacking when you say, "I wont ask for her phone number, because I will see her here again". It is the one that wonders what she will think once she sees the bad shape your body is in or the pimples on your ass. It is actually this second kind of confidence that prevents you from having the really desirable girls and leaves you with the lesser beauties. Particularly stunning girls are not well hit on often ... there are not many men with the courage to actually take her by the hand and lead her away because they are worried


did you struggle for what you wanted to say? Or did you just say the first thing that came to mind? The thing that was on your tongue? Like you are with your friends and family. There are very few men with enough of that second kind of confidence to be up to the challenge. At a deeper level of understanding. It is a pity that it is the way of the world that you will be judged by a potential mate with the interaction (and relationship) continued based on the impression you give in the first 30 minutes especially. You need to be able to approach the situation well with the first type of confidence and have the second type behind it.. They try to say the right thing all the time. And conversely. When you were with your ex-girlfriend and she loved you. you don’t just hang in there and take it because you don’t have the second kind of confidence. When you are trying to say the right thing or searching for something to say. Many men will flatter her. Or perhaps you can act in a confident way and do very well on a first meeting. The true skill is to be able to be yourself when you are with other people who like you are in your own lounge room. You are being yourself and just hanging out. but then find that the desirable women are not interested in getting to know you better beyond that first meeting because they sensed your inner turmoil. intelligent and all that. but walk up to whatever girl you like (since you are so sure that they are beneath you) and say “Hi. generous. you can have plenty of the second type of confidence. 37 . You are able to talk and just be yourself..about their sexual experience and prowess or their apartments or whatever. my name is Bob and I work in Advertising”. selfassured. ambitions and dreams with each other. you can be confident enough to say all those things that come to your mind when you were on the pillow with your ex-girlfriend with people you just met. you will never demonstrate these things to any potential mate. but she is not really approached properly with a proposition she is likely to take seriously. You may have phenomenal social skills. honest. and be able to get her away from her friends and in a one-on-one conversation with you. You can be the ultimate in people: Interesting. on the pillow in the bedroom. thinking to yourself "if only she knew who she just blew off . you are not confident like you are when you are around people you know already like you. But if you are not good at managing that first half hour of a meeting. be able to get them all laughing and into you. But when it starts going not exactly to plan and she deviates from the response you would like to get. That is because you are confident with people that you know well. When you have true confidence. she has no idea who I am". and having been rejected. That is where you need to be. great hobbies. not the first. In a space where you can share your ideas. the first type of confidence is being able to be the same person with people that you don’t know as people that you know well. I see people that get nervous and censor themselves. although you can act as if you are confident in the first type of way. It is possible that this second type of confidence is the thing holding you up. Given that we need to work on the first 30 minutes as a priority.

you should not do what she says just because she said it. It is your perhaps confidence that may be lacking. You can immediately laugh and have a good time like you are with your best friend. They understand your sense of confidence and charm and power in relation to the world around you. We should get together". and your mother asked you to tidy your room. and you are a cute chick. Relax Mom. You know with such a sense of sureness inside that you are good as you are that you don’t need to change yourself for anyone. You are so confident that she will like you that you can treat her like she is already your best friend. you are fine. I mean you watch your swearing like you might with your grandmother if it is in a formal setting. That is where you want to be in all your dealings with the world.The palm reading gives you a structure of things to say so that you can relax and be that person. Then. When you were at home as a kid. I guess. mostly. The last thing that means is that you bend over and give her whatever she wants. of course you would approach and start talking. The challenge is to be that same "you" from the moment you start speaking to a girl. you should continue to be yourself. The last thing I want to give you here is a greater feeling of needing to "say the right thing" or "say it the way Steve Celeste said". before you run the routine. This needs to be done within a healthy diet of approaching many women. Would you be shy to speak to your best friend at a party? Whenever you 38 . If this does not feel like you are being yourself. It is then that girl’s eyebrows are raised. If you can be yourself like you are with your friends around strangers." And when you are with a girl. When you are speaking to your friends and speaking to your family. the message wants to be "I am who I am. but you do not censor your opinions or try to say the right thing. that you are being yourself. As if you are so confident in the world that you live in that you can be yourself wherever you go. Doing what she says because she said it is trying to impress her by modifying your personality to someone that censors yourself in order to accommodate her. You can stop trying to say the right thing. and find that inner balance that both makes you at peace with the world and makes the girls like you. What is more. because it is my routine. you did not say to her "of course. After all. Your friends and your family like you. it is out in the open that is what you are doing. And the world becomes easy for you. The world is your oyster. And they like that. There is nothing wrong with you. Similarly. and you may be censoring the real underlying you and not understanding ability to influence the world you live in. Part of that is that you don’t censor your opinions. and after you run the routine. you are so confident that you can be exactly the person you are deep inside when you are around people who you know like you when you meet someone new. I want you to be yourself with women. similarly. then you need to change it so that you are. Remember. Then you are starting to live in the correct way. I want you to be in the frame of mind when you are running the routine. You know I am the sort of person who will do what ever you want!" You said. I do not feel like that when I run the routine. You should speak to her as if this that is coming out of your mouth is the first thing that is on the top of your head even if it is a standard story you always tell. "Wait until I finish this level in the video game. That is the person that I want you to be. You can give her a light ribbing like you would your best friend. and everything is easy for you.

She can sense the hesitation. that you don't need to change who you are in any type of radical way such as presenting yourself as an astronaut. Bottom line is. then decide that you can do far better. But make them who you are. you need to make the changes so that you are fine for who you are. and go back to being you. Go to the gym. Take back your respect. improve your comedy skills. Get good interests. and the conversation goes nowhere. I mean change your wardrobe. The best of the skills will stay. when you strike up a conversation that she wants to speak back. You have to be sure. each and every one of us. Reform your relationships. Learn socialisation skills. If your approaches are not really working at the moment and you are bouncing off girls when you try to speak to them it is because you do not truly believe in your mind that she wants to speak back to you. 39 . The way to do that is to use my palm reading and material for a period. the lack of confidence. all that. If you are not fine for who you are.approach a girl. I am not talking about maintaining a status quo. fine for who we are. We are. It is the confidence that drives your success with women. you have to be absolutely sure in your mind that this is going to work. Make the career change. You are not treating the world like you are comfortable in it. or start a palm reading or any other thing of that sort.

and my grandmother did it. Girls find your family important. spending Christmas alone. Or at least that is as far back as I am aware since our family history gets foggy further back than that. but can hold my own. etc). and my mother did it. and I am not as good as them.and ships . However. the initial part of attraction is done and you can fall into becoming comfortable with her. and sharing who you are with each other. (Here is an opportunity to talk about your roots and descent if she is interested including gold-rush stories. When she asks me why I read palms. At the beginning of a conversation it is reasonably high energy. hardy men. She might simply ask you your name. ‘The time has come’ the Walrus said. At some stage however. but rather just talking to one another. migration to the new world. you will find men eating alone. and natural. I am going to make you work a little here to come up with your own since mine is distinctly for me: I am a fifth generation palm-reader.When her Personal Questions Come. I tell her that it has been in my family for generations. and not relating personally. She is close to hers. If you go out to eat on Christmas day.and kings – Of why the sea is boiling hot – And whether pigs have wings. the palm reading illustrates it beautifully.’ Lewis Carroll. but rather relaxed things were you are happy to just talk and she is an audience and someone to share with. You know all about her deep things on the inside from the palm reading. never falling back on tired conversations like the weather or the sorts of conversations that she might have with her dentist (“What do you do for a living?” for example). You should learn to recognise these questions as a desire to change gears in your interrelation when you are speaking to someone new even when not using a palm reading. Now talking about this stuff.and sealing-wax – Of cabbages . proud histories. 1871 The immediate questions that follow the palm reading signal that she is now ready to move to a different phase of your relationship. she will take an interest in who you are. ‘To talk of many things: Of shoes . The mechanism behind the above is to redress the dissymmetry of information that you have about each other. and start to fill in the details in her mind of who this man in front of her is. The “How did you learn this?” conversation that is usually the first question after a palm reading falls into this category. That is not because there are more men than 40 . but not women. When this happens. During the beginning you should work to make your conversations not strained. you are sharing with her something of yourself so she feels that she knows something about you also. Through the Looking Glass. with both of you working at the interaction.

but also tealeaves. You can use it alone as an answer to “why can you read palms”. Islands are good including river islands. and deepens her into your world and your family increasing her idea of her knowing something about you. She is barefoot and she comes in and sits on the edge of my bed. So she comes to me and puts me in this boat and takes me to this populated island just off the mainland in the Gulf of Mexico. So my grandmother lived in southern Alabama on the Gulf of Mexico coast in a little town about 60 miles east of Mobile. It displays you as sexual and sensual even as a little child. I got this blood nose. but I remember standing next to a wall with my head against the wall and watching the blood dripping off the end of my nose. It is nice for coming out of the post palm-reading glow.women in the world. Grandmother routine My grandmother used to not only read palms. but that was not it … that is the one with a road to it. So I am lying in bed. And in a dream this beautiful girl of about 15 comes into my room. Families look after their girls and girls value their families enough that they will travel long distances so that they don’t have to spend Christmas alone. (I have inserted that geography just as an example. Talk about it in a positive way. like about 7 or 8. And I am just lying there wallowing in her 41 . So I watch the old woman and my grandmother have this conversation that was obviously about me. I want to say the island is called Dauphin Island. It just bled and bled. And this woman is sitting on a rickety bed with a cat in her arms stroking it. she feels like she is getting to know you. So anyway. as are far away exotic locales. Mountains are good too. It illustrates the sort of story that is very seductive for a girl you just met and the level of personal sharing that is good to increase intimacy. I could hear outside laughter. I cant remember how I got it now. Then I am taken out of the trunk. and like five or six more cats purring around her. puts me back on the boat and takes me home to bed. and keeping the conversation intimate. and she would do readings based on spiders and cats and all sorts of things. and you should change it around to better reflect the real location of your extended family. My nose is still bleeding and I am holding a handkerchief to it. and my nose had stopped bleeding. she takes me to this old women house. My grandmother pays the old lady. Tell this story often as if it is your own. and a thin nightshirt on that you can see the silhouette of her body through. keeps you on the topic. Babies are born at about a 50/50 ratio. I remember when I was down at my grandmothers place as little boy. So the old woman takes me and puts me in this chest and locks me in it. sharing something about your family. It was a different one. I remember it being dark and me being very frightened. Polygamy is illegal and largely socially frowned upon. singing and knocking on the box. And she is just breathtakingly beautiful. screams. Like she has a crown on her head. You may think of some other location where such an old woman might live in an urban location if you are from a long line of city dwellers and cannot talk about real memories of the location you are talking about). I am now going to give you the Grandmother routine. It is not because there are more single men. the name will come to me in a minute.

What that means is that you are sure that she is attracted to you and you now need to spend some time getting emotionally intimate with her before physical intimacy. You improve these things with the re-telling as you get feedback from your first audience as to what was good. and move onto the sort of conversation you have with people that you are intimate with in 42 . Now. And in the morning my grandmother came into my room and before I could say anything. we are concentrating on form over substance. what was redundant and what was valuable. you should refrain from doing any more high-energy routines and conversations that you used earlier in the interaction when you were just meeting each other. including the cheek kiss. It slows the energy down. so if you develop your own rather than going with the tried and true one above. do not throw it away after a single bad reception. that to say that my nose stopped bleeding because of the spells and incantations would be wrong. The repeated retelling will build your intuitions for the storytelling skill-set. After a palm reading has been done and accepted. So I continue to sleep. I was genuinely scared and never told anyone until after she died. If you want to do your own story instead you can try your own entertaining little piece that is true of a similar vein if you are confident you know why the above is good. at this stage of my life. and telling a story that is not yours is not going to hurt you. saying something that I don’t understand. She sprinkles some gold coloured dust over me. and using human interactions in social environments as laboratories and testing grounds to learn a new skill set. What do you think? Do you believe in superstitions? Truth is better than fiction and my story is an illustration. All the same. When trying a new story for the first time. Consider the game and she is speaking. but nothing happened. Delivery and confidence also improves with repeated retelling. However. The first time I told it. I was sure my nose would open and I would bleed to death. The repeated retelling will build your intuitions for the story-telling skill set that will flow into all the stories you tell. You should therefore feel free to run the above to understand why it is an entertaining piece and develop good intuitions before creating your own. I think. You do not need to take yourself too seriously in this period of learning. and you can continue after a palm reading in the sort of intimate mode as if you have already slept with her and you are having a discussion on the pillow. where the laughs came. told me not to ever tell anyone about what I saw last night. for teaching purposes. a major mechanism of the palm reading routine is to change the style of the interaction from just-met-each-other-banter to we-like-each-other-and-are-becomingcomfortable-in-each-others-presence. But I think to say that the spells and incantations had nothing to do with it would be wrong also. testing it once is not enough. and kisses me on the forehead and then she leaves.

your life. It is a good time to talk about your worldviews and philosophies. These should be congruent with the sort of person you were portraying yourself as when you first met her. Once you stop having conversations that is built around attracting her and move more into personal stuff, you may want talk about old relationships so that you can get inside your philosophies about relationships and sex. When you do this you should tell her that you are still friends with all your old girlfriends. Tell her that you are still in love with them. You should espouse philosophies that let her know that you are a non-judgmental lover and respect women, never having had acrimony in your past. Even if you are divorced and in a bitter custody battle, when meeting someone new, your love life should be presented as rosy and you should never show any misogyny towards any of your ex’s. When you tell a girl that you are still friends with an ex girlfriend, it is a message straight from the ex-girlfriend to the girl that says, “This is a good man. He is so good, that even though we are not dating anymore, I am still friends with him”. That is the sort of message you want to send. You might want to escalate the sexual end of it. You can lay off the jokes and comedy now. Do not run any high-energy conversations where you might for example bang your fist on the table in the middle of it to indicate that you were surprised or someone surprised you. That will make her jump and throw off your energy. You want to slow down, and get intimate. Attract is over. It is time to get relaxed and comfortable. Touch her often. There are times where a girl will ask you to read your own palm to her to "get to know you like you know her". While this might seem a good chance to "sell yourself" in a subtle way, there is no good way to do that because you have too much information about yourself. It will sound like you are qualifying yourself to her and trying to get her to like you. This is something you should never do with a girl. Interacting with her is based on illusions. You want the illusion to be that she is the one trying to measure up to you, her hitting on you, even though it is you who initiated the interaction. She should like you without you trying. Or at least it should seem like you are not trying. Always come off like you are who you are, and are confident that she will like you. So if she asks, run the “Exchange life stories” routine. No, it is too hard for me to read my own palm because I know too much about myself and thus focus on certain features that I know to be good or bad about my personality. Instead, to get to know each other, I’ll tell you about my childhood. An alternative version goes like this: You: Tell me about yourself Her: What do you want to know. You: Where did you grow up. Give me a quick run-down on your life. At the end you then give her yours. Note that often to get the ball rolling you will need to offer yours first.


Alternatively again you can go into a more formal game: Tell me your entire life story in 5 minutes. C’mon, I grew up here and went to school there. Then I’ll tell you mine. Again, you will often have to tell yours first. Her run-down is extremely valuable information about the girl, her insecurities and her hot buttons and you should listen very closely and well so that you know how to deal with her in the future. Now, when you tell her about your childhood, you need to tell the truth and still do it in a way that presents you attractively and demonstrates the sort of person that you are. You want to tell the stories that you always tell and it should be fresh and interesting. But keep in mind that you are now in comfort building mode and you want to let her inside your world. while you want to tell the truth, you also want to make it clear in a subtle way that you were always cool and continue to be. You were not the geek at school, you never had pimples and you were always popular, and from within that context you can talk about events that were difficult in your life or rites of passage. A display of vulnerability is genuine sharing and will bring her closer. You want to talk about your first girlfriends as part of this. Never mention any heartbreak, however. Make out that you are still friends with them all, allowing the love to come out in your voice. This demonstrates you in a real way and she will increase her trust levels and the amount she is willing to share. I will leave what specifically to say to your good judgment. If you follow the philosophy that truth somehow sits outside the girls mind, and she has to construct the world inside her mind, we need to concentrate on this when we represent ourselves. When you tell your story you are presenting to the girl in front of you data that will have her constructing theories in her mind as to who you are. You have control of the theories that she will come up with in her own mental construction only to the extent that you can control the data going to her five senses as to who you are. There is in fact no true “Steve Celeste”. She will never know the “true me”, only construct theories about me based on what she has seen of me before, and what she has seen of men before, and what she has seen of the world before, and what she has seen of men that look like me before. This serves to allow her to predict in some way what I am thinking, who I believe myself to be, and how I will act in the future. These constructs, however are just models and in no way are related to who I actually am, what I am thinking now or how I might act in the future. This is not the truth, just a construction based on her experience. I can split myself into 4 parts as shown in the below chart.

Fig: On the left shows the entire self split four ways equally according to who can see each section. She can see the upper half of the circle. You can see the left half of the circle. The one on the right shows someone


with better self-understanding (and thus a smaller blind self) who has chosen to communicate more of himself (and moved items from the hidden self into the Shared Self). The challenge is to put the right things into the shared self and keep the right things in the hidden self.

• • • •

The shared self is all the things I know about myself and all the things the person I am communicating with knows about me too. These are the things about me that I talk about and consciously communicate with her. The hidden self is all the secrets I have about myself that I do not share. The blind self are the things my listener knows about me, that I am blind to myself. Certain habits I have or the way I come across that I am not aware of. The unknown self are things that I do not know about myself and the girl does not know either. There is no way of knowing what this is, but you can probably assume that it is there to make a complete model.

From the 4 areas I am only aware of my shared self and my hidden self. From the 4 areas, I am only presenting to my listener 2 parts: the shared self and the hidden self. It is from these two things that she constructs her theories about who I am, and many of these theories will be wrong. All you are able to control is what you communicate from the shared self. When you select things to communicate you are bringing things from the hidden self to the shared self to allow her to form opinions of who you are. When we select these things we both want to intrigue the listener and present things that she finds attractive. The blind self you can control on a larger scale by finding an inner calm and presenting yourself in a confident way. If you get to the right equilibrium in your life and body, the blind self will sort itself out to present an attractive picture even if you are unaware of it. Those two things are the point of what you are trying to do here. Further, you will be continually interesting to her if her theories about who you are prove to be wrong. In that way, women like guys who are “spontaneous” or “unpredictable”. The reason they like this is because it continually challenges their theories in their mind as to who you are, and she has to continually work to refine her mental model of who you are. This causes intellectual stimulation and keeps you on her mind in a positive way. It leaves her constantly constructing new views of your character in her mind. If you have ever read a women’s romance novel, you will have seen that there is a very brief description of the romantic leads physical appearance, but then hundreds of pages describing his character. Romance novels are women’s sexual fantasies. It is written by women for women and gives us a good idea of what is important to them. Keeping them analysing your character keeps their interest. Now, a large part of what shows up in your blind self can be controlled to the extent that you grow as a person. The insecurities that you throw out into the world in your deliveries, and how you betray your underlying beliefs and inner turmoils. Perhaps it is simply in your self-serving belief system where you betray that you believe that the men that are rich or good-looking are those that get all the girls. If you are neither rich nor good-looking, this simply betrays insecurity and an inner turmoil, that you wish you were one of those things. The insecurity is unattractive for itself, and although it will be 45

invisible to you. your inner turmoil will be moving into your blind self. for she will be able to see it. 46 .

so give me your number and we will organise to catch up. Above I have oversold it. etc. People prefer to do things for a reason. and her grandmother taught her. and not mentioned The Cube. It is however a good routine to run. I will oversell the Cube or oversell what I have in my house to convince her it is worth seeing or doing. This is a very good way to get her phone number without ending the interaction.. This changes how the rest of the interaction is on that night. It takes 15 minutes of concentration on your part and requires silence. it is not that good. They were just pretences to get her in a position where you want her anyway. even if the pretence is not the important motivator. Here is a segue to get her number for her first question after the palm reading. First it solidifies in her mind that you do in fact plan on seeing her again. It'll have to wait for another occasion. I have this other thing . you can get her number and can continue the interaction. Generation’s excuse & Cube number close It has been in the family for generations. that of how you learned it. But I can't do it here. It is much better. There is a discussion of the book in the Appendix.Getting her phone number. there are constraints on the situation either in terms of time or social constraints that require that you will have to retire and continue the interaction on another day. it does not seem like too much fortune telling. When you do that. okay? “The Cube” is a visualization personality test in a book by Annie Gottleib. the Cube. With all those things accomplished that you would like so your life is perfect. This is a good thing for a number of reasons. Overselling is something I do all the time to get her to make a decision by overselling what you have in your apartment.. If I do the cube on you. Make life easier on yourself and give people excuses to do the things that they want to do. So then when you continue building comfort it is within the framework of an ongoing relationship. My mother taught me. Cannot divine the future from it. and I will usually run it during the Day 2 (first date). We are not fortune-tellers. Even when you have already read her palm. The disappointment she may feel for the oversold object is not important. That is the obvious time to do it. it will tell you all the things that you need to do in order to achieve that picture in 5 years. you are going to need her number. Specifically her friend may come 47 . and this is not just a chance encounter with a guy she will never see again. I mean if you can imagine yourself in 5 years in exactly the situation that you would love. but it tells us who you are today. OK? All right. However with the opportunity to get her number here. The other reason that it is good is because some unforeseen circumstance may occur that prevents you getting a good opportunity to get her number later. Usually you get her phone number at the end of the interaction as you and her go your separate ways. Most of the places that you meet girls.

You should call her and open the conversation with something that reminds her of the conversation you had together … perhaps something you accused her of being.. when you call her. Just because you used it as the pretence to get the number does not mean that you need to stick with it. Once you are where ever you are going you can use the cube where you are in a by-the-way style thing if you want.. if you used the above. You are saying it as if you could have had her number at any time and you have only just decided that you are going to see 48 . The routine does not have to be that strong>" Let her get comfortable with the fact that you are on the phone without her having to talk much. or a pet name you gave her or something that takes her straight back to the interaction in her mind. I am going to see you again. now you have that banter of sexual electricity going. preferably as low-key as possible rather than a formal date.) Have her responding to your stimulus so she is the female and you are the male in the conversation. check this out: <immediately into funny story or routine about what apparently happened this morning or yesterday and the story can be re-used on multiple girls even if it is months since it happened. all the better . just keep control of the agenda and the conversation. You do not have to … just because you used it as an excuse to get her number does not mean you have to use it. The Cube and the runes are discussed in Appendix 1. They are better because you leave them at your place. In fact changing pretences for getting together solidifies what this is really about. so if she wants them done she has to come to your place and inside with you. Better than the Cube is the Runes. like “Hi Jody! Steve here! How’s it going? Cool. or a boyfriend or someone may arrive ruling out the chance to exchange numbers discretely. Hey. You will notice that this is worded as if you choose her. You should pitch the get-together that you come up with. or some other joke that you made up together. This is a good pretext for getting her home alone with you. If you choose immediately after the palm reading not to use the above routine and go onto other routines (such as the Grandmother routine). touch her on the shoulder. do not get her number there and then. a solid number close is to pull out a pen and paper. She just sits there and listens for a minute or 2 while she gets her brain around the fact that you called and she is speaking to you and let her get over the trembles involved with that coming out of the blue. Now. you should not do so with the Cube as a pretext on the actual call. you should then go into a story of sorts to let her mind get comfortable with the fact that you are on the phone and this conversation is going to be easy.up and drag her away. Give me your number. If she wants to step up and be more insolent than you... So you should come onto the phone upbeat. still presenting it as if it happened yesterday. and say confidently: I like you. If you have nothing like that. and just continue with regular string along based conversation. Take out the fluff and keep the call tight (tight does not necessarily mean short . Take control on the phone.

She goes onto autopilot and fills out her number without thinking. understand that you should not put pressure on yourself to be successful. looking at it. the continuing interaction is not based on getting the phone number and following up over the telephone. "I like you. and their details. It is strong and forceful. 49 . it is time to give her your phone rules or discuss the exact circumstances of when you call so that she can imagine picking up the phone and having you on the other end. Give me your number" and at the same time with your other hand slap lightly the pen and paper on the table. You will not follow up on your phone numbers that you get properly. It is all a social experiment. you will loose many of the lessons in being relaxed that you have been building by practicing on the women around you. Even with a girl who you really like and value highly. It is flattering to remember someone. If this is a good way forward in a situation such as this. but rather have these conversations so normal to you that you are accustomed to it and not trying hard. It works. As she is filling it out. You must. This is because you will trivialise your interactions as "just practice". removing the pressure you put on yourself and the interaction. and coming back for a second conversation with her. With girls that you will see again. it is a good rule for all continued interactions with girls. The way I do this is you pull out pen and paper. look her in the face and say. Her eyes will move to it too. In that case you can just speak to her again. by remembering the first you create intimacy and the illusion that you know each other well. every girl will seem almost disposable to you. but keep in mind that you need to look as if you are entering into this relationship with good intentions. reach out and put your hand into the middle of her back behind her shoulder blades. I am going to see you again. It is hard for her to play coy games. This is in fact a good thing. you don’t necessarily need her phone number. You need to not change the way you are acting. You should treat it all as a fun experiment. Slap the pen and paper down in front of her gently. If she is a girl that works somewhere you will see her again. with practice that you do not attach any real outcome to whether you get the phone number or not. and you will allow otherwise perfectly good interactions die midway just because you are distracted by something else.her again as if that is what she was trying to achieve all along and her charms have got her what she wanted. Your having your hand on her back means you and her are both looking at the paper side by side and it is filling her vision up close. Once you are starting to get good and have many women. If you put too much pressure on yourself because you value the girl. and can drop immediately into comfort building type conversation. You will find. when you see a girl you really like. In such circumstances it is especially important that you remember her name and the details of your last conversation.

if you like with a smile “I am not that easy. or a womaniser. If her accusation of you being a player is strident and a put down.” W. because it was all she was looking for. supremely confident that you are having an effect on her or you can let it be known that you are hitting on her. Once she has been validated. cute … you thought I wanted to be your boyfriend”. the Colonel. I will therefore spend some time talking about remaining centred and at one with yourself while understanding this agenda. It means that she is looking for you to tell her that she is beautiful and extremely sexually attractive. but rather as a symbol of the underlying need for validation. “The Hairless Mexican” from Collected Short Stories Vol. you can move between the two modes. so you want to keep the interaction positive and a thing of growth for both of you. and gives a clear course of action to correct the relationship to one of openness and sharing. III. Somerset Maugham. and then her pursuing you. Understanding the situation allows you to flow within it. Remember that this is fun. If you never fear a rebuff you will never have one. It is fine to proposition a girl. and does not degrade you at all. and puts the fact that this in fact is a romantic encounter back on the table so that you have not rebuffed her. This means that you are immovable in the centre and are not thrown off your balance as she fishes for her validation. Confidence. so long as you do not fall down into nastiness or a tit-for-tat conversational structure.Her Strategies. “Our good friend. “maybe” or “not yet”. When you are in a flirty conversation. The follow up line about you not being that easy then breaks the tension of the put down and gets her chasing. 1951 Within a flirtation situation. or it can be all left ambiguous. and you are a big person. after a palm reading will sometimes accuse you of being a player. you pursuing her. To address the scenario where you want it to be ambiguous as to whether she is capable of having you or not: putting agendas on the table can in certain situations kill the flirtation and turn it into a proposition. girls will have their own agenda: she wants you to validate that she is desirable. reinforcing in her mind all the options that she has in men. envies my successes with the fair sex. she need not continue with the interaction. You can accuse her of liking you. You can follow up. 50 . There is no reason that you have to stick with one or the other throughout the conversation. but that should only happen once you are sure she will say either “yes”. you should laugh and come back with a strong line like (delivered with a smile as if you are mocking a four year old): “Oh. that is all you need. she was thinking you want to sleep with her. The roles can change. attempting to claim the validation before you have given it by assuming the victory and giving you a rebuff.” The second phrase moderates the first. It is not difficult. you still have some work to do yet. there is a dance of the pursued and the pursuer. It means that you take nothing as a rebuff. A girl. The reason the first phrase is good is that she was not thinking that you want to be her boyfriend. You should be the big one within the interaction: the sun around which she is a planet orbiting. I tell him he can have just as many as I if he will only listen to me. Stay above it.

When I say that. Further. Remember that she used this line as a strident put down. or "Back off there Charlie". You don’t want to be that mere mortal nor feed her vanity. I am this beautiful creature that all the guys want. and not reward the behaviour you want to discourage. Do not take these things as rebuffs. and that is her loss of face. Because you are the cool one. She is the one in inner turmoil within herself. You should not reward that.A good principal in life is that you should reward the behaviour of other people that you want to encourage. The centred guy who is at one with himself. By not making the chase explicit. because she understands that I can always laugh at her and say "Look who has tickets on herself . I am above it. step back for a second taking away any warm feeling she might have had so that she almost feels as if the room got a couple of degrees colder. my charms won the day. it is always an option. You should. I mean that I can escalate the flirtation and act and speak as I want. sometimes a validation gambit will come in the form of "I am not sleeping with you". and there is no way she can take her validation at my expense and say: "Sorry. I can stand close to her. I have 3 rules that a girl has to meet before she gets access to my 51 . nevertheless. a couple of seconds sends the message. that inner turmoil manifesting itself as gambits to feed her vanity at your expense. Given that is her gambit you need to continue for some time having her guessing as to whether she can have you.. and watch carefully the messages you are sending as to whether she can have you or not. but neither become wounded by it or vindictive. Look at this guy. but she understands that I might. when I can smile and say "Who ever said anything about sleeping together. or anything like that. her insecurities have manifested themselves and she has played a gambit so she can say to herself “see. but rather that she is not at the same level of personal development as you.. or something like that. I find there is a mechanism that I use to bring me closer to girls. This is punishment for her behaviour. I just hold the threat by not giving her the validation that she wants. attempting in one blow to gain her validation at your expense and kill the fun of the interaction. And those guys had so little control of themselves they could not even control their own bodies. This is not to say she has a deep character flaw. I am such a fantastically beautiful creature that I turn mere mortal men to jelly as soon as they lay eyes on me”. You are the big one in the relationship. at least in her mind. as long as I make no blatant statement of my intentions. Do not draw it out. I hardly even had to open my mouth and he was fawning all over me like the boys at high school with pimples on their faces and semen stains on their pants. I would never say that. and never actually act on the threat it in a cruel way. and she is just another. You are the prize that all the women want. I can talk in roundabout ways about sex. what makes you think that I have any interest in you?" or something along those lines. I am doing it for her own good. Women are not scarce in your life. I am not interested in you". In fact. I can touch her. She still needs to perform well to win your heart. Part of growth is being confident in who you are and enjoying such situations. I can escalate the relationship. When you reengage. you are then going to have to have more high energy conversations such as comedy. and therefore changes the dynamics of the interaction.

Now the thing is reframed. blah. A good thing to say at this stage is. So she thinks she almost has you admitting that you are really into her. and you don't meet them. to which she answered "good". And that is very cool …” let it breathe for a second. Some girls who guys might label a "tease" string guys along. I need to get to know you first. There is nothing wrong with it. I was watching a sitcom once where a woman looked at her male co-worker and said "Do you want to sleep with me?" phrased in a way where it looked like an invitation. The conversation will continue as if it never happened. you can withhold that validation so that she is not sure if her charms have won the day yet. In order to keep the girl coming. kind of dumbfounded in the way where she does not know what to say. blah…”. Second because learning to handle the validation gambits is part of what you need to learn here. with a smile.” You can also run a reverse validation gambit by realising that she is aroused from her non-verbal communication like when she is flicking her hair and giggling at you. blah. This is part of the fun game of flirting. she will not answer. Expect it. I would like it if you could push the envelope more until you get it. don’t you?” and you can reply “Ha! Look at you! Thinking about sex already! Slow down a bit. no? She wants to know the 3 rules. This is bringing out into the open the subtle communication often behind flirting that drives the behaviour and she has just elevated herself at his expense and killed any fun in the interaction. If you are not getting it. continuing the conversation and just letting that sit out there. Girls are attuned to the energy of who is chasing whom and will try to turn it around so that you tell her that you want her. and the “you are a player” objection is a good one that is very different from (and needs 52 . ignored. For example she might say “You want to sleep with me. and leading her along like the pied piper.bedroom. I don’t want to overemphasise this validation grab gambit or demonise it. not out of cruelty. aren’t you? I can tell. you are doing it wrong and she was not powerfully moved by it. turned on her heels and walked away. yet we have the flirtation on the table rather than an unspoken sub-text. alright". Whilst you should not be actively courting this objection. But I don't tell her until we are in a place where we are alone because “I don’t know her well enough yet”. like driving a car. but as a method to get him to tell her she is desirable. Girls are very much into the whole flirting thing in order to get the validation that she is attractive and desirable. and may blush. In order to turn the tables and get the pursuer and pursued reversed for a time. to which he stepped forward and said "yeah. but you don't give it to her. The palm reading routine is so good. so intimate and such a call to action that often you will be accused of being a player. you do not know where the cornering limit is before you spin it around if you never actually take it to that limit (and is why in advanced driving courses the instructor will get you to go until you spin in a controlled environment so you know what the slippage in the seat of your pants feels like). you can misinterpret one of her validation gambits and tell her to "slow down" or make another statement that makes out that she is the one chasing. A girl that chases the validation can be stringed along by withholding the validation just out of her grasp. and it is part of the beauty of women and the reason I love them. Sorry to let you down like that". then you continue with what ever you were saying “… so anyway. “You are attracted to me. First because.

She says for example “You are making that up. yours will be too. and it is game over. aren’t you?” And turning to her friends. girls like me” and just continue with whatever you were saying anyway. Now during the palm reading. Instead you laugh and move out of the frame. just naturally from having got into the same headspace as her) and you say quietly and modestly. I hope my reality can meet up with your expectations”. Other times it is of the style. aren’t you?” Now there is no need to dignify that with a serious response that plays into her frame. “That was incredible. you need to reject the entire frame as a triviality and pull her back into your conversational threads. When rejecting her frame entirely. “Yes. her attraction to you at that moment increases dramatically. You go quiet. You have talked about all her inner beliefs and desires and now she is exposed. She is all yours. You are like the distrustful little sceptic. In that case then a thoughtful. I want you to get this objection on at least one occasion while doing this course and relish it. and thus she is looking for your approval now on a much deeper level than the superficial level of flirting centred around physical beauty. don’t even dignify it with a response and run the Grandmother routine or any other “where did you learn it routine”. Sometimes immediately after a palm reading she may make the pseudo-rebuff in the form of a “the girls must really like that” at which time you agree. You need not buy into her frames. Many of these validation gambits present you with a bad multiple choice. It will start giving you skills that will serve you deep into your relationships. Another thing that I get sometimes is “do you just do that to pick-up women?” or variation at which point I just laugh. a standard formula you can use while learning the skill is by laughing at her objection and talking about her behaviour in putting it out there. You look her in the eyes (hers should be big like saucers … trust be handled better than) “I would go out with you tonight. honest approach is the best comeback. Like “Ha. this may be counter-intuitive. but I need to wash my hair”. you are reading her much more deeply. look at you. like when someone poses a bad multiple-choice question where none of the answers are what you want to choose such as “if you believe that you are either a) an idiot or b) a nazi” to which you want to scream that you reject his false framing of the question. “Yes” is a bad answer. “Is she always like this?” Now you have not even accepted her frame or treated what she has said as anything more than a triviality. “Thank-you … you just said I am like James Bond. Here use your judgment. If she was powerfully moved and is now completely in love with you she will be kind of smiling and in awe. Although to some of you. Such a player!” You will need to judge from where this objection is coming. but if you lean in and gently kiss her on the cheek it is excellent if it will not be rejected. You are the biggest player I have ever met. The person posing the question has framed it in a way that you need not accept. and “no” is playing onto the back foot in a defensive mode that is uncomfortable for you and degrading to your inner self. and a brutal rejection of her would not be to reject the 53 . This is rejecting the frame that she has put on the conversation. and rather than try to answer “correctly”. drop your eyes (as if you are searching inwards and thinking) and let a smile crawl across your face.

I will often tell her that I like her. But as a general rule. Important to realise is that many of these things are tests. Here give me a kiss (point to cheek). You have to be cooler than a girl you are picking up. this is keeping the pursuer-and-pursued roles ambiguous is not a hard and fast rule. and kiss her on the cheek. rather than tell her that her charms have not yet won the day. She is bouncing it off you to see whether you are for real or not. In this case you can. if she is trying to put you on the back foot with a rejection. It means that you avoid banal conversations. Never go onto the back foot. let her try to impress you. you are there because you are bringing her into your world. If she says “You just worked all that out by speaking to me before you started”. Always smile. You met me in your first hot dream.outer girl on her beauty or superficiality. move onto aggressive footing. I am going to give you an example at the extreme end of continuing with her frame and at the same time directly telling her that you and her are getting together. remember? You know the good-looking joker in your little girl dreams that always faded when you woke up wet between the legs. However. you need to be firm with her and let her know that the game is not over yet. Ever. That style of response is for a girl who already has a high level of attraction for you. you are not scared to change the subject. or rather perhaps a bigger person than her. That gets the validation flowing in both directions. Now come here and give me a kiss on the cheek. and in running something so arrogant and cocky. You should not look as if you are trying hard to impress anyone. I wish I could. and you have kissed her. I am flattered that you think that I am so observant that I could see that without looking at your palm. you will increase that attraction dramatically even if she refuses the kiss to try to knock you off your high horse to tell you that you 54 . This should be delivered as cocky humour. You waited and wished. When you are with a girl. but rather to reject the inner girl who thinks and feels deeply. to give you an example of how far you can go this style of thing without with-holding validation. you misinterpret the test and go honest with: Thank-you. You lucky girl. You: C’mon. but there are certain hurdles that need to be jumped before I am comfortable with this”. I’m alive and real and right in front of you. Her: But I hardly know you. Being courted. not the other way around. Some girls react very well to being chased. and if you find a conversation banal. I’ve stepped out of your dreams. When you don’t go onto the back foot you are maintaining your power and acting in a cool way. who are you trying to kid? I’m no stranger to you. She has kissed you on the cheek after the reading. The subtext in her objection is “I am attracted to you. That does not mean that you are less talkative. That we are getting together is now on the table. Part of being cool and maintaining your pride and power in the situation is that you always should have your own thing going on.

They might try to see if they can get a response by acting angry about something. and that the fact we are getting together as a possible boyfriend-girlfriend and go after rapport and comfort in a getting to know you style exchange. 55 .). Once you go direct like this. or she might try a crying act to persuade you (no problem there. and you will use them down the line in a relationship. Because within a relationship your partner will try gambits to feel out the boundaries of the relationship.haven’t won yet. you will want to either take back the validation to get her chasing again. or perhaps she might throw a tantrum because you went out without her last night. We are not going to stay in this hotel because you are crying. she cried when she wanted the bottle as a baby. it is not her fault. setting a new precedent that all your movements need to be tracked by her. Perhaps she might try to impose an exclusive relationship upon you by pretending that she thinks that you are seeing some-one else. falling back to your autopilot that you will be learning here “Ha. and the gambit has worked ever since. These skills are important. look at you! You are all angry”. Now. and you can reply. On that sort of thing you need to understand why they are crying first. and you can do the same “Ha! Look at the spoilt little girl. specifically for palm reading. but be warned it can get old quickly if she is not ready to hook up with you immediately. you might get to the end of your bit and she will say “Those things are applicable for anyone”. It is important here. I have a discount coupon for a place here in this book …”. and got it. In that case you laugh and run the selling it routine and include the retard line reading. Now is not the time for the waterworks. baby. Her parents taught her that one. or assume the sale. and having you defend yourself that you were not with another girl. You can persist with this style of chasing game.

relax. change orders and add any additional material that you might see fit. This is your head line (run your finger along her head line.. and get you taking some more risks. leaving him just sitting there and staring into his beer. this is your heart line. that his spirit on picking up this girl is broken. rather than the more disjointed reading that you have been doing. just examine her palm then say) Now. I make the reading long enough that it serves its purpose in that it gets me in with her on a different level. The three shells reading is sufficient to get her completely. (twist over the palm to look at the "children lines". this is your life line. let’s say we are at the bar on bar stools with me beside her and some other guy on the other side of her who either knows me or her and wants to break into our world and talk to her. relaaax. There are certain girls that are just hard to talk to. feel free to run this as it is then. Introduction: Do you know your basic palm? Relax your fingers.The Advanced Palm Reading Now you have should been out reading girls palms and having success. You can read any combination of material and she is not even looking at her palm. to equate to a single theme and a complete picture. If you want to lengthen the routine. Alternatively. and we are intimate together … basically agreeing that we are together. Because I have a lot of conversations that I like to have in a comfort building situation. Yeah . and if I identify such a thing (like English is not her native language for example). and continue to do that every time you point out a feature on her hand. Do not be scared to touch her). It is not necessary to read the life line if you don’t want. I am now going to add some complexity to what you have been doing. Don’t say anything. and then move onto other conversations so we can get to know each other.. For that reason what follows is my advanced reading and is long enough to do all the things I want to do. I will just continue with a longer reading to keep the intimate thing going with her.. but not so long that I am continuing after the job is done. The improvement to the routine is to make it more complete. and I do not include a life line reading here both because I will seldom do more than this when I read palms and also because I want you to understand that she cares nothing about what is in the actual palm and whether the reading is “complete” or not. Hopefully he will walk away and find something else to do. she is attracted to me. The major change over the reading you have learned and been using is that you are going to be running the “3 shells over your inner love reading” for the head line. Obvious additions are the two readings from the beginners reading (Head and Life lines) that you have learned but are not in this routine. I don’t usually read her life line. that is right. important to your palm are some minor 56 . I will continue the palm reading for so long.. You should have started to incorporate the previous lessons on handling the situations surrounding the reading and getting your delivery and persona right in the interaction. Only use them if you feel that is what is needed to take the seduction forward.

everything that has happened to you makes you who you are today. And it means that you have a caged heart. Your palm all combines to a single story. so let’s start with your fate line because it is a distinguishing feature in that it (does whatever it does . And you’d be a lot happier if you could not lock yourself up. Yeah. push on with the reading). it means that as a little girl you always had dreams of a perfect-man. and give yourself to the people around you.. You are more able to feel deeply and live as an adult because of it. And you hold people out of your life (bring your hand up .. look her in the eye and smile. let it sink in). (Pause.. but relaxed with your elbow bent in a subtle motion). your Mound of Venus it represents your heart also. you can therefore thank that event for making you who you are.. Mound of Venus reading Your Mound of Venus is this fleshy area here. or try to act cool. or scared or lack some confidence. You don’t need to hold yourself back and watch 57 . as much as that was very hard (pause). you will see these small lines that run up and down and side to side (you say this even if she does not have any. and stop people from really getting to know you (gesture back and forth) and relax in a non-judgmental way. palm out like a policeman might say stop. (Here you reach across with a semi-cupped hand. If you have a close look. If she pulls you up on it tell her if she gets better light and has a close look she will see them and that you are practiced . And given you like who you are today... your fingers representing the bars around her heart). or act lady-line and you don’t just be yourself and just relax even with your best friends. Fate line reading Where will I start? OK. at some stage. this represents your heart also.. That means that as a child or adolescent you had some experience where you were asked to become an adult before you were ready. and touch her chest above the breast. It means that you hold yourself back and don't give yourself completely to all the people in your life (wave your hand out at the rest of the world). as I said.lines that I am going to introduce you to also. Heart line reading Now your heart line. You know that sometimes you are shy.. that was very difficult for you. I know. Yours is strange because it (does whatever it does). comes up to the head line for example. the reading just took a change of pace and she will be thankful for it) However. But you know that. I'll come back to it. but rather let everyone else in. or say the right thing. (Pause. Time to change your voice tone and make sure you are in a serious voice here as if you could cry because it is likely that you are talking about a death in the family or divorce of her parents or something). The other thing that is important to your palm is this (run your finger over her Mound of Venus) .. And then you can just relax and be comfortable with yourself and everyone in your world. Now these lines represent bars like in a jail over your heart. (Empathy on that line) However. And you always thought that a perfect-man would walk into your life. This line here is called your fate line. Because it curves up to between your index and middle fingers.. as much as your perfect-man could be right in front of you (be careful with the self point here) you may have trouble even recognising him and more trouble meeting him and seizing the opportunity that is right in front of you because if we look over here to your Mound of Venus .

however). or for music or for sport or for art or for your popularity. your head line. and she has this experience inside of ‘oh my god. Do not make this an obvious move that is too close to her lap. So now you are hard on the outside like hard candy (and you knock on her shoulder gently like you would knock on a door). And you tried to be recognised for something else. and this especially needs to be watched when you meet your perfect-man (run finger along heart line or else self point). you need to use your judgment as to how close you can get. Being in love for humans is an important motivator. Discussion of the above reading: This reading is about the common experience of loosing the unconditional love of childhood. You want it to be as close as possible without it being consciously noticed. (Here you run your hand along her shoulder representing the shell she has built) Your first shell. her unconscious takes it in. And you said to yourself "Well if they don’t recognise my love. And in that way your heart is caged (touch her again on her heart). but sometimes I add a bit around “the schoolwork or sport or music” part where I say “perhaps your sister was prettier” and get that competitive thing going there too. I don't know if it was for your schoolwork. When a child puts his hands over his eyes and says. But at some stage this inner love was over looked. relaxed and curling upwards and push them forward down low to simulate you putting your fingers into her. This guy sees me for who I really am!’ You can judge what you do. Everyone even if they were spoiled as a child. So you decided to navigate your own way in the world because you this inner love was overlooked and your heart was burned. He has not separated out his experience-of-the-world internally 58 . there was a sense somewhere that they did not get the attention that they needed. (change your voice back to the sad tone of voice) But you just wanted to be this little girl that loves. Some people love the feeling of being in love more than the actual person that they love. And you just wanted to love everybody and be loved for the inner love. You just were this loving little girl who wanted nothing more than to love everyone and be loved. but you have a soft inside like soft fudge (and drop your hand towards her lap take stick out your index and middle fingers. Because you have this capability to love so deeply. Important here is that you dwell on her ability to love. Three Shells over your inner love reading Shell of Childhood Now. So you built a shell around yourself. Or rather the unconditional love of childhood was found to have conditions. And you were hurt. I am hiding” and then takes them off and says “Boo!” he is telling you that he still sees himself as the centre of the world. “You can’t see me. So you dwell here on her ability to love. I'll make my own way in the world". What this means is that as a little girl you were born just this bundle of love. I have never had a girl consciously notice this gesture. And you have trouble taking the new opportunities right in front of you. We are all born believing that we are the centre of the world. You had just this shining light inside of you (clench fist loosely and place with the back of your hand into the centre of her chest).your manners and what is "the right thing to say".

but rather as the truth because when her body changed and her hips got wider from little girl hips to women hips. They may have encouraged her in maths when she regrets now that she never learned a musical instrument for example. and gave us praise when we did what they wanted with positive reinforcement. And you wanted the boys to be interested in you. by definition is not based in reality. don’t you?” Let her laugh and laugh yourself without letting go of her palm. And perhaps you used to look at yourself in the mirror and wonder if your ass was fat. There then comes a day. The world goes on without him or her. The more beautiful the better). the world is not there anymore because he cannot see it. perhaps when the child is about 4 or 5. So they told us we had to tidy our rooms. you still do that to this very day. Put window dressing on your beautiful inner love (fist again to chest. If they do you lean back and laugh too and point at her and say “I can tell. you were still this little ball of love inside (fist on chest again). But your beautiful loving inner radiance was hidden under that first shell. However sometimes they do laugh. allow the laughter to breathe. where perhaps he stays home from school for the day and he suddenly realises that “The Simpson’s” is on television every day at 2pm whether he watches it or not. and makes it an undesirable thing as compared to being appreciated just for her ability to love and love her back unconditionally. but don’t let it break up the reading either.from the external world itself. she definitely used to look at her ass in the mirror and ask herself this question. and you should not deliver it as a joke. The dream is unrealistic. You were still this girl who wanted to love and be loved. But our parents needed to motivate us. Every time you say inner love you suddenly change vocal inflection back to the one where you are almost going to cry). It is a nice break in tension of the reading and you can become warm in the glow of each other. She probably still does even if she has a perfect ass. You can expand the theme into something separate later to the fact that her parents often encouraged her for the wrong things. he might realise that he has to compete for his parent’s affection and respect. seeing with perfect information what she was good at and what she enjoyed and encouraged her to do those things to allow her to become the sort of person she really wanted to be. just back in) But you were still this loving little girl. and withheld their affection until it was done with negative reinforcement. It is unfortunate that we have to lose our innocence of the unconditional love. Encouraged her to be things that the parents valued rather than looking at the child. So you started to look at yourself in the mirror. They needed to prepare us for a world as a freestanding. And you started to try things with your hair and dress yourself up in the clothes that the cool girls were wearing. (they do not laugh at this. And as the child realises that he is not the centre of the world. don’t smother it. but idealism. independent person. And it hurt you again that you had to make yourself look as good as possible. So on top of this first shell (run hand over 59 . and if he closes his eyes. Don’t get caught up in other conversations. And you did yourself up like a Christmas tree with clothes and jewellery (this line is optional depending on how beautiful she is. Don’t rush getting back to the reading. Shell of Superficial Female Expression Then as a teenager. The same was for everything our parents encouraged us to do. The reading taps directly into this mechanism.

You were still this loving girl with a boundless ability to love and be loved. and that you are not impressed by the effort she puts into making herself look good. It is exactly that emotion that you want to go to in your mind as you deliver this reading. He expects the woman to have some deep intuition that means she will see the sensitive loving guy inside. Further you kind of insult her by both telling her that her ass is fat (although this is a common experience at puberty and takes her mind back to when her body was changing). And you told yourself that you would never be reliant on a man again. Many people who do not do well with women and reject outside help have the objection that she should see him for the deep sensitive person that he really is. you have told her that you see her inner love and you find that very appealing. But still underneath those shells is this loving girl who can love and be loved. The more beautiful you are and the more time you spend on hair. and not judge him on his looks or his job or his friends or his car and she will just accept him and love him for who he is. The subtext is: "the depth at which you were ignored for your true inner beauty (love) as a child is manifested in the amount of time and energy that you spend on dressing up that hardened shell like a Christmas tree now. It is twisting her beauty from a thing that makes her more attractive to a thing that makes her less attractive to a man of integrity who can recognise the true inner beauty of the girl. You were still this loving girl. Discussion of above reading: This again dwells on her ability to love. and you were spurned in love. However this time you downgrade the things that most men find her desirable for (her beauty). and you can see that. Your lack of superficiality is not lost. you built a second shell. This makes her beauty look like a bad thing. you built a shell of superficial female expression and deception with make-up and bracelets and rings and on top of that you built another shell of self reliance as you told yourself you would never be reliant on another man. Who can see the inner love. She feels even more that you see her for what she truly is. The shell of superficial female expression. This she would never have heard before. It is a common experience for us all. And your perfect-man (running your finger along the heart line again but looking her straight in the eyes) is the man who can recognise the inner love inside you (blatant self point). and penetrate all three shells and touch you deeply 60 . This makes you a very different kind of man to what she is used to. Shell of failed love Then you formed a third shell. That any woman who is attracted by these bad-boy players is not the sort of woman that he wants anyway. and having told her that you can see beyond her beauty. and make-up the more you are attempting to deceive and divert attention from the fact that you are unable to have your inner love recognised". and gym. You met a guy. A symptom of a deeper evil. And now your inner loving radiance was covered with two shells. So on top of the shell you built because your inner love was not noticed as a child or your sister was prettier or whatever.shoulder again). The beauty that she values so highly is only window dressing on her soul.

Her childhood. If you look at your hand she will watch it come up also. and the men in her life have valued her for other things. but that was found to have positive and negative reinforcement strings attached to it. her adolescence and her adulthood. and you will be able to give from that deep well of love and receive his love. However. Here you are blaming those lines on the fact that she does not have the right man and are offering a solution to her aging and mortality. you are making your body tense and the tension is putting lines in on your face. as valuable as you are saying in your readings. The entire 3 shells over your inner love reading splits her into the 3 separate periods in her life. This is really a reading about her third period as an adult. then she tried to make herself beautiful to be accepted and get that unconditional love. saying that you are capable of doing so. But she wants that unconditional love. bringing your hand up her body without literally touching her until you get to her chest then you touch her there with your index and middle fingers. And you need to work to seize the opportunity in front of you to allow the inner love to be expressed and to receive love from a man who can see the inner you when he is in front of you. It didn’t work.(here you bring your hand up from her lap to where you were putting your fist for the inner love stuff but this time you have your index and middle fingers outstretched. If she believes the inner love is valuable. You are saying her independence as an adult woman is just a manifestation of having ventured a long way from her original life position of having unconditional love and care during early childhood. She used to have an unconditional love. you are running down both her ex-boyfriends and any current love interests in her life. We have come a long way now from the first reading where she was a little girl at the centre of her world who could put her hands over her eyes to stop the world from seeing her. You need to peel away the three shells and make sure you do not block your heart and hide yourself and your desires and tensions (point again to her Mound of Venus. And then your shells can disappear and you can allow yourself to be reliant and have the unconditional love you have always yearned for but never received. She will loop on that one and contemplate it only half listening to the rest. And with this ideal man. Now you explicitly make yourself her ideal man. Because you are the only man here that sees the inner love that she has. the problem is with these three shells. You lean on the word penetrate). you want her in a kind of stupor. She needs it. Girls as young as 19 will start to notice little lines around her eyes and start buying expensive skin care cream. She is now an independent woman who stands on her own two feet in the world. You are overselling yourself. she has to agree that no man has ever really appreciated her for it. and put your hand over her heart again in the caged gesture with the fingers representing the bars). You are 61 . Discussion of the above reading: This concludes the readings and rounds it out tying the entire palm reading together. The line that really bites is “putting lines on your face”. That is a good thing. She still does not have the unconditional love that you have talked about. Further. By 24 those lines are becoming endemic. and give her criteria by which she should think about these things and measure you. you will be able to relax and understand that your capacity to love is what you are appreciated for.

if you feel the girl will be receptive. You: give me a kiss (pointing at cheek). You are offering something that she has not been able to achieve on her own with years and years of trying new strategies to attain it. And given you like who you are today. you don’t give yourself over to others Head line: You have a deep love with 3 shells: the shell of having your inner love ignored. that is right. Now some palm readers who come from a different tradition to me will tell you that these lines represent the number of children you will have. everything that has happened to you makes you who you are today. shell of superficial female expression. so let’s start with your fate line because it is a distinguishing feature in that it (does whatever it does). You are more able to feel deeply and live as an adult because of it.. as much as that was very hard (pause). This line here is called your fate line. this is your heart line.offering it. Yeah.. Yeah .. Yours is strange because it (does whatever it does). This is your head line. HER: What? YOU: You are fertile. Children lines (Now you twist over her palm to look at her "children lines") You are fertile! (Smile. Your perfect-man will recognise your inner love. your Mound of Venus it represents your heart also. The routine without comments for easy reading: Do you know your basic palm? Relax your fingers. From here. you can. important to your palm are some minor lines that I am going to introduce you to also.. Your palm all combines to a single story. However. I know. The routine in at a glance (cheat sheet) Fate line: grew up before you were ready Heart line: Dreams of perfect-man Mound of Venus: caged heart. this is your life line. Fate Line Where will I start? OK. that was very difficult for you. relaaax. (HER sometimes: How can you see that? YOU: It is here in these little lines. Children lines: you are fertile. The other thing that is important to your palm is this (run your finger over her Mound of Venus) .. Now. you can therefore thank that event for making you who you are. drop palm). move onto the sexual reading that I include in a different chapter and it flows directly.. I'll come back to it. 62 . You are able to have children. shell of spurned love. But obviously in my palm reading tradition we cannot read the future). RELAX . That means that as a child or adolescent you had some experience where you were asked to become an adult before you were ready.

or try to act cool.. You don’t need to hold yourself back and watch your manners and what is "the right thing to say". and give yourself to the people around you. And you have trouble taking the new opportunities right in front of you. Mound of Venus Your Mound of Venus is this fleshy area here. But you know that. it means that as a little girl you always had dreams of a perfect-man. as much as your perfect-man could be right in front of you. as I said. at some stage. And you wanted the boys to be interested in you. I'll make my own way in the world". and stop people from really getting to know you and relax in a non-judgmental way. your head line. you may have trouble even recognising him and more trouble meeting him and seizing the opportunity that is right in front of you because if we look over here to your Mound of Venus . or scared or lack some confidence. And you hold people out of your life. But your beautiful loving inner radiance was hidden under that first shell. So now you are hard on the outside like hard candy. If you have a close look. But at some stage this inner love was over looked. Now these lines represent bars like in a jail over your heart. And you tried to be recognised for something else. You were still this girl who wanted to love and be loved. And you were hurt. you were still this little ball of love inside. Because it curves up to between your index and middle fingers. I don't know if it was for your schoolwork. this represents your heart also. So you started to 63 . So you decided to navigate your own way in the world because you this inner love was overlooked and your heart was burned. and this especially needs to be watched when you meet your perfect-man. Shell of Superficial Female Expression Then as a teenager. And it means that you have a caged heart. And in that way your heart is caged. but rather let everyone else in. You just were this loving little girl who wanted nothing more than to love everyone and be loved. And you’d be a lot happier if you could not lock yourself up. But you just wanted to be this little girl that loves. What this means is that as a little girl you were born just this bundle of love. However. And you always thought that a perfect-man would walk into your life. but you have a soft inside like soft fudge. Three Shells over your inner love reading Shell of Childhood Now. Because you have this capability to love so deeply.. or say the right thing. you will see these small lines that run up and down and side to side. Your first shell. And you said to yourself "Well if they don’t recognise my love. And then you can just relax and be comfortable with yourself and everyone in your world. or for music or for sport or for art or for popularity. And you just wanted to love everybody and be loved for the inner love. You had just this shining light inside of you. So you built a shell around yourself. You know that sometimes you are shy. or act lady-line and you don’t just be yourself and just relax even with your best friends. It means that you hold yourself back and don't give yourself completely to all the people in your life.Heart Line Now your heart line.

Sometimes in a palm reading. Shell of Failed Love Then you formed a third shell. Even if she had a clean childhood. And you need to work to seize the opportunity in front of you to allow the inner love to be expressed and to receive love from a man who can see the inner you. and can push through all three shells and penetrate you deeply. Have supreme confidence in it. So on top of the shell you built because your inner love was not noticed as a child or your sister was prettier or whatever. And it hurt you again that you had to make yourself look as good as possible. asked to act in adult ways when we would prefer to be children and defer to our parents. Every single reading in this advanced palm reading is universally true. the girl will try to tell you that it is not the case for her. Perhaps it is true that she cannot put her finger on it immediately. And you did yourself up like a Christmas tree with clothes and jewellery. So on top of this first shell. A girl might tell you that she does not have such an experience she can put her finger on. But still underneath those shells is this loving girl who can love and be loved. Put window dressing on your beautiful inner love. the problem is with these three shells. You say in response “Shh! The palm never lies”. First it talks about being born a child and turning into an adult. It might have been when she first understood that we are mortal and will all die eventually. you built a second shell. And you started to try things with your hair and dress yourself up in the clothes that the cool girls were wearing. You were still this loving girl with a boundless ability to love and be loved. And now your inner loving radiance was covered with two shells. You are fertile! Give me a kiss. Who can see the inner love. you are making your body tense and the tension is putting lines in on your face. Now. But you were still this loving little girl. you built a shell of superficial female expression and deception with make-up and bracelets and rings and on top of that you built another shell of self reliance as you told yourself you would never be reliant on another man. And perhaps you used to look at yourself in the mirror and wonder if your ass was fat. So stepping you through from the beginning to illustrate. but she understands the sentiment.look at yourself in the mirror. You need to peel away the three shells and make sure you do not block your heart and hide yourself and your desires and tensions. However. You should have absolutely zero fear that any of the readings are off base. Having times in your past when this is the case is absolutely universal. She might have lost a 64 . secure that it will be worked out. We are still. as adults. It might have been the day she was first sent to school and had to leave her mother at home. And your perfect-man is the man who can recognise the inner love inside you. and you were spurned in love. And you told yourself that you would never be reliant on a man again. The shell of superficial female expression. just to summarise so you can see the entire picture. it might be as simple as finding out that Father Christmas does not exist and that her parents had lied to her for example. You met a guy.

She has definitely been in adult situations where either the world has let her down or she has had to deal with a situation she would rather be able to hide from or not have happened. But it is still true that she had dreams of a perfect-man. 65 . she thinks about her presentation and knows well that she is valued for her beauty. The second reading about perfect-man … we all have dreams of a perfect mate. There is no getting around it or claiming it did not happen to you. There were times when her innocence started being lost and there is no denying it. However you always believed that the perfect 10 would walk into your life one day. She was once a child with unconditional love. and is validated instead for her beauty as a woman. The third reading … 3 shells over your inner love. and she got feedback as to what correct behaviour was. and as a baby someone took care of her. you may not be able to either recognise it or act on the opportunities right in front of you. This is universal for all girls that are well groomed. or you are shy and so when that perfect 10 might be right in front of you. There is no denying it. You get the point. Because you lock yourself up. “Shh! The palm does not lie”. She has concepts of a perfect mate in there and no real living breathing man can actually completely live up to that. and that is personified as her perfect-man of childhood fairy tales. If she is a beautiful or even decent looking girl. She was told to tidy her room. In doing that. She might be in a relationship that satisfies her to bits. however you ended up married to some woman named Doris. The reading is absolutely universal regardless of her level of satisfaction with her current relationship. Behaviour is modified via feedback. blah”. This is necessary to turn the dependent organism that is a baby into a functioning adult and is an important part of life. She was born into the world that way. sensitive baby. crying. or else she has told herself. She might have been punished for something that she was innocent of. You try to act cool. “Shh! The palm does not lie”. Imagine you have a fantastic relationship in your life and I tell you “As a child or adolescent you had dreams of a perfect 10. she will get treated differently by the world and the people around her. But even if your perfect 10 were right in front of you. her appearance or how she is perceived by the world. She knows if she were to suddenly loose her beauty or get a round of pimples. but these are surely not the girls whose palms you are reading). and was toilet trained and she found that the love was withheld and had conditions put on it. you are unable to just be yourself and blah. And you love Doris to pieces. She cannot argue with any of it. At some stage someone has told her that she needs to be a “big girl”. Do not accept any objections. “Shhh! The palm doesn’t lie”. Let me turn it into male terms for you. It is not important about her current relationship. Then she found out that the love had conditions. bad hair day.grand-parent. and a mood that makes her want to dress in an unattractive way. It is universally true. she is not being validated for the simple unconditional love she had as a gurgling. This has displaced the unconditional love that she had in the womb onto her appearance. (It may be untrue for an ugly girl who does not look after herself. blah. This has nothing to do with her current relationship. The reading speaks to her inner animus.

The reason is simple. 66 . She understands the feeling. The love and the world are not unconditional. She was born a dependent baby. She has now ventured an enormous distance from the original premise of the unconditional love. If she expected it. Now she is an adult. as she would see him as “beneath her”. but this reading about “never being reliant on a man again” has never got the response of “that never happened to me”. the sentiment is universal and you can honestly look her in the eye and say “Shh! The palm never lies”. However. She needs to get herself up in the morning. no matter how much she might like it. If he did. You have to look after yourself as an adult. she would not be attracted to him in return. It is impossible to do. All her needs were looked after. But she realises that she has to be a woman. She has rent that needs to be paid. Has to be an adult. There is no man out there that loved her unconditionally like she was loved as a baby regardless of how she acted. In a similar way no woman can live your life for you. and bills that need to be paid. Even if I did get that response. I have had girls try to tell me that the other readings are not true. because she is an independent adult in the world and has to accept the responsibility for who she is. and it is not something any man would want to do. No man can do those things for her. That is true. Now what she really wants on a deep down level that is not considered (and would not actually be wanted in reality) is that unconditional love and support of childhood. she had to tell herself that she can not allow herself to be reliant on a man again. She may not have ever had a rejection from a man in her life if she is young. the feeling is common.Now the spurned in love reading. She has definitely told herself that she would “never be reliant on a man again”. dress herself and move around the world as an adult.

aren’t you? (You call her Jill even though her name is not Jill. so instead I say “Dermatography” because it is easier to pronounce. drop her hand. Nevertheless. or if they do manual labour for example. Albert Einstein. It is not. but what does she know anyway. My own justification has a classical philosophical underpinning and the concepts can be quite conceptually difficult. uniquely determined by the external world. the lifeline forms at 7 weeks after conception. How can someone like you. give me your palm. you can tell some things from looking at someone’s hand. bust her on it. There are 4 simple ideas that I will summarise afterwards to get you performing it right. There is a clear mark on the lifeline of every single child with downs syndrome for example. There is a field of science called Dermatoglyphics. and expand the scope of the sorts of places you can go with it. Of course. Calling her Jill is part of the joke). “Dermatography” is not a real word. call her a spoilsport and accuse her of being no fun. and the word Hieroglyphics: carvings. if you say the reading that follows. Just laugh. for fun with a smile: “Here. (to remember this word think of the word Dermatology … the medicine of skin. This is based on the philosophies whereby I justify it to myself philosophically. a rational thinker believe in something as obviously false as palm reading? I will here give you a routine that you can use with girls. the lines on the palm are not random or caused by creasing. Dermatoglyphics is a science that studies the hand and fingerprints and finds correlations with diseases. For me. and are not. 1938 Palmistry is not real. and the heart and head lines at 9 weeks. But the lines mean nothing. Physical concepts are free creations of the human mind. If she is a hard sceptic. however it may seem. and it says you are a dork!”) What is more. If they are a smoker. cease reading her palm because she is listening on a different level and will not enjoy it. treat her like she is a little bit stupid and you are explaining this to a child. The lines on the hand have a 100% correlation with all sorts of diseases and syndromes.Selling-it routines. symbols with meanings. Evolution of Physics. This routine loses all my vocal inflections and seems like a long meditation. for some reason the word is really hard to say. Little Miss Science. I made it up. But the hand doesn’t develop 67 . I thought so: this is the retard line. and move onto another topic of conversation. Selling-it palmistry routine Ha! I have you worked out now: You are Jill the science chick. See. Understanding my philosophical underpinning is not necessary to running the routine properly. OK. (Optional. right? I would struggle with the real word if she were a medical student or something). Also you should not justify yourself in any way. but understanding my ideas on this will enrich your experience of using the routine. On a foetus. it is important when a girl asks that you believe in it.

you may have lost her in the above but you want her to understand now). That does not mean that I believe the world is flat and gravity does not exist. • You compare palm reading with that as a metaphor. the attraction gets stronger by that distance squared. but despite wavelengths and absorption theories the flower seems red in the simplified world). • Then you point out that the lines form before the hand is capable of moving in the womb. This in fact forms my philosophical underpinning of all fortune telling routines. To simplify what you talk about. It is the way that I run it. neutrons and electrons that make up matter being made of energy. I want to take you from your current position as a rational thinker. If two bodies move closer together (step towards her). yet it is easier to think about the bus that is about to run me over being solid. Because gravity says that the force of attraction of 2 bodies (gesture back between you and her) is inversely proportional to the square of the distance they are apart. Belief in one does not mean that the more simple case is not true also. But you could similarly talk about any scientific simplification (the protons. I will summarise the routine: • First you accuse her of being a science chick. In my example I talk about the complex theory of gravity as opposed to the simplification of “unsupported objects fall down”. but it represents my own understandings and the way that I think about the world. and use rational thought to take you to a logical position where palm reading can exist. up is up and down is down. Palm reading is similarly a simplification of the world. Unsupported objects fall down. Or the wave / particle nature of light. Therefore the lines are not from creasing. I can’t see the specifics of your history from it. Now. For example I don’t need a weather man to tell me which way the wind is blowing. The routine is actually the tip of the iceberg of a whole string of ideas I have about this that I will explain here to give you the back-story on the routine in case you feel like exploring it further. I can simplify the world in my everyday life and say: the world is flat. Therefore the lines are there before the hand can even move to form creases. and talk about the real research in this science pointing out the correlation to downs syndrome. • Then you introduce the science of dermatoglyphics.the muscles or tendons needed to move it until 11 weeks. Palm reading has a long tradition going all the way back to the oracles of ancient Greece and continues to this day because it contains the truth. It is just easier to think of the world in that way in every day situations. but I can see general trends. and you can be the sort of person that can do it without having to re-define your concept of 68 . See. • Then you intimidate her with science by talking about how complex science does not impact the simplicity of the world. But it is not an either / or belief. (Slow down here. And I don’t need to think about the laws of gravity when a glass falls off the table. Are you a scientific person completely? I mean do you believe in Ghosts? This routine should not be memorised.

69 . so if you are interested. It is outside the main ideas of what I am presenting (although important to the philosophy). or the sort of person that believes in the supernatural. you can turn to the Appendix 1a on it and read further. I must emphasise again that the following is conceptually complex and understanding it is not necessary to either read palms or lean to interact with women and is only included to enrich what I am teaching and increase your enjoyment of what you are doing.yourself as a person.

It will invariably come out in the form of last minute resistance. And as you do that. If there is even a tinge of that frame playing out palm reading is the absolute worst thing you can do. Because you lock yourself up inside with inhibitions. Especially if it is on the table that you are trying to seduce her. and you want to disarm that frame by not playing into it. Things like the below: Share fantasies. you know that he will accept that world completely. Each girl is different. however. Because no-one understands you truly. She will see straight through it. In that case. looking at him. If it ain’t broke. The interaction you want to avoid is that of you role playing the seducer and her. But he only gets one chance. you cannot do the perfect-man readings because it is obvious what you are doing. you should be having relaxed get-to-know-you conversation. the fact that you and her are together becomes on the surface and out in the open. In that case. and knowing for sure that it is him that can be let in. However. However.Girls you have already kissed. my advice is not to do it. But you need to understand that when you see the person who you are able to let into your secret garden. Anonymous It is not necessary to read the palm of a girl you have kissed. if you must. But there is no need to do that. you will need to use your judgment and work out what moods you want her in and run readings that go towards those moods. there can be no judgementalism or you will shut them up forever. you need to realise that you are able to be the person who you actually are. As you stop and imagine a time in the future having let this person in. for example you called her for a second meeting to follow up on a phone number you got on the night you kissed her and need. There is a secret garden inside your mind where you store all your deepest thoughts and fantasies. on this meeting to segue back to intimacy I offer the following to guide you in your interactions after the kiss so you understand the sort of conversations that are applicable at this stage: Once you have made out a girl. if you must. And 70 . not even your best friends. And you don’t let anyone in there. when you have moved the relationship quickly (where she is saying things like “we really shouldn’t be doing this”). you should use the fact that you are already intimate with her to do more comfort related readings and sexual readings. And you look back on today. the besieged. As a general rule however. and now having company in your own secret garden. and all the feelings of satisfaction at having made the decision and done it. of letting a certain guy in. don’t fix it. When you let him in and talk about your fantasies openly. You are capable.

Fear of Success/ self-saboteur. What that means is that you get in the way of your own opportunities. to stop doing that. and do the things that you want to do. Sometimes you will turn down opportunities to go out with friends and have a good time because you. with a subtext of “it is written in the palm”. Like you might be in the middle of something else when the telephone rings. and you just need to reach out and take it. and you need to step forward and can relax completely and just allow yourself to act however you like and be the person you actually are. Here in your life line it says that sometimes you can be a self-saboteur. But you need. However these conversations can be had without a palm reading and will serve you well in the continuing relationship. in your life. “I am going to do it!” These are good conversations to have. are afraid to just let yourself go. somewhere deep inside. and things to practice. and then the person on the other end wants you to go out and do something. Stop interrupting your own opportunities and being the self-saboteur that you know you can be. And understand that success is within your grasp. 71 . Having them within a palm reading to learn takes the pressure off you and gives you an excuse to say these things the first time. But often you will let that fear get in the way of going out and doing it. And sometimes you let fear get in the way of action. And you need to let any fear holds you back from embracing your life entirely fade away. Happiness is right here in front of you.

understanding that it breaks nothing even if rejected. And it is no longer about the superficial sexual release that you have been used to. If she is not visibly excited by you that is where you are doing your learning. A man that can penetrate you deeply. when she is listening. Right inside you. This is an extension on the thesis that can either feel sexy or it can feel like a clinical diagnosis depending on the delivery. If I am in a non-performing mood and I am just going through the motions with the routine like it is the 100th time I have done it today.Going sexual. and your body can open and you can connect so deeply your hearts merge into one. Through all the shells so that instead of some shallow exercise in sex. You need to see what moods this creates and work out why and how. I want you to try a sexual reading and see the reaction. It makes her cry. not just the shell of superficial female expression. For example. tweaking your understandings of interactions as you do so. and all the world can fade away. You can make her laugh. here is the one that I want you to do at least once since it is extremely low risk and fills out a continuing theme in the palm reading: Sexual result of the 3 shells over your inner love All these shells have you locked inside your body so your orgasms are shallow and your body and face full of tension and lines. It easiest done where you are talking about sexual themes in general. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities. 1972 Transitioning the conversation to sexual is a stage in you and her getting together. And your fears can relax. Getting a good feel for explicit sexual conversation is a good thing to learn. Beginners Mind. Not 72 . she nods her head in agreement as if you are like someone giving her a diagnosis. but a communicating with your deepest heart. the energy between us can be almost dead. Shunru Suzuki. Not expressing your true love. The man you have dreamed of since you were a little girl who could recognise your loving heart. But when you meet that man of integrity (self point) who can see the inner beauty. Here I am going to have you transition the palm reading sexual to let you get a feel for it. Going sexual within a palm reading is a judgement call just as it is with any conversation within a seduction. Like a doctor. There is no risk. I love a palm reading. but more like what I have included in the African Store Routine in the next chapter). you are able to share your inner love. or making jokes that have sexual themes (not smutty jokes. My advanced reading all builds to one thesis. Specifically. Zen Mind. It makes her feel understood. This reading works best when she is extremely attracted to you in which case it is an exciting promise of great sex. Even when you move onto the sexual thing saying "and your orgasms are shallow”. Not sexy. but in the expert's mind there are few. It makes her feel good. There is no spark. A man you can trust.

But there is no problem with them. Not "Shhh! People might see us!" It is the later risk that you want in your interactions. and live them. perhaps simply spanked . Alternatively.. It is a natural expression 73 . perhaps having being "taken" against your will (You watch her very closely for which gets a little reaction. Because you are prepared to go without touch for long periods of time. And you need to understand that you are able to live without hiding who you really are. Your preferences are completely natural. And sexuality is part of that. and you need to embrace them. or you have fantasies about exhibitionism (pause) .. You can embrace them.. Because when people know (self point). the most basic of human communication and warmth. perhaps whipped . Because no-one (point away) understands you. perhaps tied up .risky. you can go straight at a fantasy reading. There is no need for you to feel that there is something wrong with you and you need to hide it. Girls will usually try to wriggle out of the question.) For the kink elicitation you have to keep your ears open. And be at one with them. Another milder reading goes like this: Importance of human touch reading.. Therefore. and you can live it openly without shame and without remorse. You should not judge her kinks at all. If she jumps on the bi-sexual thing you can follow with a reading that goes (semi-crying voice tonality again): Bi-sexual gambit reading And you hold your preferences deep inside. A kink elicitation is an important part of partners exploring each other’s sexuality. I use the heart line as proof. And you can allow your sexuality to blossom. you are embraced and accepted for who you are. and you should use these sexual readings to understand it.. As you understand that deep touch is critical to just being a healthy living breathing person.... I use the opportunity to fish around for what her "kinks" are. and is best left until after you have already had sex and been satisfied. So I tell her about the fantasy of an ex girlfriend to give her an example of the sort of thing that is fine to share with me. or you have all those dreams and fantasies about being punished .. and I'll make it ambiguous as in: Kink elicitation reading You are either bi-sexual (pause) . Your skin texture tells me that you need to understand that human touch is important to you. I will usually do it like a pure cold reading.. And in part there are things holding you back from expressing this. Because it hurts you to lock yourself up like this. What that means is that I asked her what she thinks about when she masturbates.. People really understand and can love you for it.. you are not judged. watching her face to see when I hit the mark.

You should run the routine the way that will suit your purposes best for achieving your goals with the girl. You can build your palmreading with blocks of readings that fit together like Lego live in the field giving a unique reading to each girl choosing the way forward by looking at the situation in which you find the girl and the her mood. You could read perfect-man from her lifeline if you wanted. And you don’t get enough of it at the moment. 74 . The palm reading routine is a modular routine. Others still will be interested in their own natures. Remember: you are not a palm-reading purist. Some will just have a burning question they want answered and the minute you say you read palms like the destiny of their current relationship. You will find that there are a lot of different “energies” or “vibes” or “chemistries” with the girls you run a palm reading on. You need to be kissed often. Nothing is ever “wrong”. and kissed well. Others will be looking for someone who can truly understand them. Tell her the readings that you need to tell her to get the situation working. You should not fight that energy. All these things call for you to use your judgment and do the palm reading in the delivery and style that is best for the girl. it is just a tool to get you talking on a completely different plane with her. They do not even necessarily need to be attached to the line that I am suggesting. Each of the readings can be chopped and changed. Some girls do not want to get into heavy stuff and want the interaction to be sexually charged.that is unhealthy to go without.

So you are reading her palm and it is not going well. or not come back to it at all. It does not take very long. but continue to hold it for a bit and go at right angles with your conversation and let it go gently. I am going to give you a sidetrack routine to use just so that all the options are covered. You always reserve the right to come back to the palm reading later when she is in a mood to get a little more intimate with you. creating open threads for you to follow up on later if you want. If a palm reading is rejected. However there comes a time where your initial work has been done and she is attracted to you. This is a comedy routine and should be delivered as such. It is written right here in your palm. This chapter is instructional for the larger picture of the interaction. Among the most remarkable features characterizing Zen. At that stage it is time to slow it down and move the topic of conversation onto a deeper level of sentiments and getting to know each other deeply and getting comfortable with each other. You smile at her and go “I know! You are the little sceptical scientist. in part because it is so good at taking you to the next level. Not hyperactive. we find these: spirituality. She might tell you straight up “I don’t believe in that superstitious stuff”. Moving to this level of intimacy is an important stage in you and her getting together. In that case just drop the hand. but you use your judgment as to when a good time is to move to the next level. When you want to abort an attempt at reading her palm you go at right angles as if you got side tracked. You look at her. and the girl will just obviously simply not be into it. After she is attracted and it will be accepted because she is ready. following up on conversational threads that she leaves open. finding opportunities to make jokes and display how comfortable you are in this situation. There is a correct time for a palm reading routine. not like a hot potato. but clearly in ‘meeting new people’ mode. then you look down for a moment and look back smiling as if something just occurred to you. When you start speaking to a girl you need to be reasonably high energy. It is once she is aware that she likes you. and thus you will find yourself wanting to jump to this routine. This is the right time for a palm reading. you can side track the conversation back into the high-energy routines and come back to it if you wish when the situation is better. Listening closely looking for tangents. disregard of conventionalism. This also serves as an example of the sort of high-energy material you can run before a palm reading. and frequently an almost wanton delight in going astray from respectability. The palm reading will transition the mood. She is all crossed up. But check this out: I was out the front earlier and …” and head into another conversational topic. changing directions of the conversation to keep it going. You should 75 .Changing the direction of a conversation and use of comedy. directness of expression. Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki (1870-1966) Sometimes you open a palm reading. Palm reading is low risk.

> yesterday (now is a good time to drop the palm and point in the direction of the shops from where you are) . I . umm … African stores .." (allow laugh) The routine is a good model for the sort of material you are able to run when you are high energy and I use it as an example of the sort of routine you should get together for when 76 . Now I don't know if it's me … probably … but I walked in there and my first reaction was . suuurr?" (allow laugh at how expensive it is) So I am thinking as fast as I can ... She goes "Can I help you. err … big . because you know how sales people can be . other . (delivered with pure amazement opening your eyes wide and pulling your head back slightly as if you just stopped and checked yourself) "Whoa! Africa!" (allow laughter) And it was not the sort of store I wanted to buy furniture or art in because like … I am really white (allow laugh) and it doesn’t go with Ikea. often discounted including beads. I am talking about the sort of store that sells imported African art. suuurr?" So I say (insecurely) "Yeah . (allow laugh) But I can’t just turn and leave. and if yours is the best I’ll come back........... I mean it is an African store and there is the owner behind the counter looking at you want to buy it....look like you are trying to keep a straight face. that . (allow laugh) I say (insecurely): "Ummmm ... So I go in to look around just cursing myself for not looking before I walked in.. You know which ones I am talking about. I was wondering how much is this .... etc. You should look like a relaxed sophisticate when delivering it.. umm…. I was walking around from shop to shop in my own mind thinking about what I might get her .. walked into an …(pause) African store! (allow it to breathe here for a moment).. giant .. I was out shopping for a gift for my little sister on <whatever street with a large amount of these shops in your city.... suuurr ......... no ... African Store Routine So check this out ... and I wasn't even looking when I accidentally . right. think . you walk in "just looking" (do quotes with fingers) and walk out with a giant wooden cock in your hand . I am going to go compare the prices of the penis at . carved wooden penis?" (allow laugh) [optional if telling it in straight style: “or at least that is what the statue looked like to me” (you might get another laugh)] She says: "$1500.. right? The ones that are all dark with all the carved wooden face masks and like beads hanging from the ceiling and voodoo dolls with a big fat Ugandan woman behind the counter. not like you enjoy undergraduate humour.

and it is clear that it is not intended to shock. Something about what the person just saw or heard or thought made them tense on an emotional or psychological level. That is why girls giggle in the presence of an attractive man. but is also. Like the Grandmother routine. that the acrobats were doing far more difficult things than standing in front of a microphone and making people laugh. Jerry is talking about the amazing things he saw at the "Cirque de Soleil" . The sex is a mechanism to laughter. That is why it is important when dealing with a girl. When you make a joke and both of you can laugh. and it keeps my interactions fresh. importantly. It does not sound anything like a proposition. I have hundreds of them. or conveying personality or any other criteria). The routine does not sound at all crass coming out of my mouth because I am someone who is comfortable with my sexuality. Laughter also makes you feel good. I do. Getting together and testing interesting little sexually oriented comedy bits is part of what I really enjoy in going out and meeting women. and think about you’re your early interaction with comedy in mind. a release of tension. In fact. or bragging about my sexual exploits. you should have routines that are purely comedy based with laughter as the objective (as opposed to attraction. then something in her "chose" to release or vent this tension in the form of laughter. If you continue being serious and try to be James Bond. It is a release of tension. the one above chosen simply because it is what I am running right at the moment (time of writing). If you don’t like my comedy routine. have African art hanging on the walls of my apartment in real life. you say things that are actually funny to get the signal happening in her. A man meeting a woman makes her heart rush and increases the tension in both of you. It is her signal to herself. She can take off her kid gloves when dealing with you. the tension will just continue with no release. You can then also make fun of her. I know works and you can use it to learn comedic timing until you want to replace it with something you like better. she knows she is attracted to you when she starts giggling or laughing. and all is forgiven. and get together and test many of these. Laughter is a response to a large range of things.. It shows that you do not take yourself too seriously. Making fun of her is important. it is unimportant. The punch lines give a reason for the sexually graphic language. It is an element of flirting that says. you can use your own.. Jerry and the other guy are having a conversation about why people like comedy so much. and I don’t take you seriously. Instead it talks about sex in the third person and I am only talking about sex in order to get to the punch lines. In other are attracting the girl to you. in fact. it is not important whether you use the one I present. In the commentary track on the DVD of Jerry Seinfield's "Comedian". and that tension can be released and leave permanently. rather than tears or anger or some other form. ‘I don’t take myself seriously. Given that. Comedy is a way to bring up sex without even coming close to proposing sex between you and the girl. so we can play together’. The other guy points out that laughter feels better than the gasp of astonishment from 77 . and she can relax because you are not about to get upset and take something the wrong way if she wants to make a joke. and given that laughter is so easy to generate with a joke. however this one.

In a comedy routine there are set-ups and there are punch lines. Get your delivery really polished. However it is not the sort of routine I would use as a first routine after breaking the ice. Humour can be learned. I strip out all additional information that I could have chosen to recount to keep the punch lines coming reasonably thick and fast. In that way I choose to make the introductory set up longer to move any necessary information from between the punch-lines up to the top when she still thinks it is just a straight story. and in that way the feeling. The quality of the feeling of laughter is hard to beat. you need to be super-confident as if you are not looking for her approval. The “set-up” is the part where you set the stage for the unexpected line that causes a laugh. “this is what interacting with me is like. Then you want to get one punch line flowing after another. She can look at the world out of your eyes and enjoy the experience. What you need to do is get together a proven comedy routine like the one above. So you set the intimate tone of the conversation and send a message that says. The secret to good comedy routines for romantic encounters is that you need to keep the set-ups short. The unexpected and funny line is called the punch line. Single sentences if possible. you can see it is funny and why it is funny. everybody in the place is your friend including her. Once I am into the thick of the punch lines. You are bringing her into your world where you.seeing an acrobatic feat. and it is why there is a much larger market for comedy and much more money in it. the euphoria that laughter gives the audience is qualitatively superior to the gasp. This routine is a few minutes in once the mood has been set to some extent and is why I include it as an example of what I would typically use to break up a palm reading. You can see how short the set-ups are in the African Store Routine. A simple joke. You act as if you don’t care whether she stays or leaves because your friends surround you. not her. And that quality of feeling will release the tension. Keep running it even if you get groans the first time. 78 . but it really glows as a comedy routine. Reading it. Early in the interaction. dictate the levels of social etiquette.” In that way you have dispensed completely with all formalities and invited her for a ride in your world. I am who I am and am and so confident that I am worthwhile that I am prepared to relax completely and have this conversation with you as if we are already best friends. This routine you will need to run quite a bit to get it working properly. It displays my reality and the sort of interaction that she can expect from me in the future. The routine works as a straight story. Routines designed to get a laugh. you just need to play with the delivery to get it right. This is my sense of humour. have you vibe off each other. and how I have stripped out all the additional things that I could have put in there. then you will want to get together your own also of a humorous nature so that you have a plan for ejecting from a palm reading. If you are not the sort of person who can pull off this level of sexual routine. Let’s say that you do not consider yourself a naturally funny person today. and it is extremely accessible to you. I would warm her up for a few minutes first and will have used a good early interaction comedy bit to set the tone. You can use 5 or 6 sentences (or as many as you like if you want to tell a good straight story that displays your personality in a different way) to set up your thick punch lines before she is aware that this is comedy.

You are causing her to have good feelings and she is communicating that with laughter. Not just with your voice. your comedy should look like it is just something coming off the top of your head exactly as in the African Store Routine. You should never strangle a joke. you are exaggerating. or anything that looks like it has that standard joke structure. You are laughing too. do not comment on it except as a tag line. You are empathizing with what she is laughing at and underlining it to make her laugh even more. that you find amusing just for yourself. Delivery is how you say what you say. A comedy routine does not need to be that funny. you can assume that she is attracted to you. The girl might take a second to catch on to a certain joke. A tag line is where you empathise with her emotion and you do that spontaneously as in “Yeah. She is laughing and having a good time. When a girl laughs. You need to almost be trying to keep a straight face to signal to the girl that you are not being serious and she is allowed to laugh. Do not talk over them. And the barman says …”. The two of you are sharing a joke together that the rest of the world is not privy to. It is obvious that you are exaggerating. That is strangling your own joke by commenting on it. I see people strangle their jokes all the time. If you get a laugh. Leave pauses to allow the laughs to breathe. She is not expecting you to be funny. I know. and you should not say. You do not want something that starts with “So this guy walks into a bar with a duck under his arm. In the above routine. What are you to do now she hasn’t laughed? You look like you are trying hard. facial expressions and body. you are just exaggerating it. You are then at her mercy. It is a good thing. Have you ever seen young girls giggle with each other for no reason? It is the same mechanism. Getting her laughing is all you need to do and then you can move onto a palm reading. provided the jokes are not at your expense or are self-depreciating. and you are amusing yourself. Remember that it looks as if it is coming straight off the top of your head. You don’t care if she laughs or not. Her attraction to you is escalating. Those are obviously constructed so that the laugh is desired. You are just a guy who she has started talking to. It was embarrassing”. because if she doesn’t laugh you spent all that time looking for her approval and did not get it. We all know that African Art is extremely phallic. You are setting the whole situation up in order to get the laugh. This is just your natural wit to her. she is actually bouncing her mood off you. They are bouncing vibes off each other and escalating their enjoyment of each other. If you get a girl laughing. So even sick jokes get a good laugh. right. and you should exaggerate the emotions as well. and setting yourself up so that you are looking for her approval in whether she laughs or not. When I say that I mean never tell a knock-knock joke. Do you see the difference between a tag-line and 79 . but also with your hands. “I wondered how long you would take to get it”. It is almost elitist. You are comfortable with her and with yourself. There is no risk in attempting a joke.Never tell a standard joke early in the interaction with a woman. It is a story that you are telling that you see humour in and you don’t really care if she sees it or not. Rather than telling “jokes”.

the other is commenting that you were trying to make a joke and strangling it. If she says “Are you serious?” when you say it was worth $1500. You will start looking for funny angles. and it is not nice. Similarly the use of cutting sarcasm directed at the girl or being insulting is a sign that you are not comfortable in your skin in her presence and trying to judge her harshly before you are judged. Girls do not like to think they have no sense of humour. you will find that those get good laughs too. and does not endear you to anyone. With confidence you will say those jokes that come to your mind more.strangling it? One is empathizing with the emotion and extending the joke. you will see that you can be funny. just joking” and reach out and touch her on the arm in a gesture of acceptance with a smile. taking yourself too seriously is a sign of insecurity. Once you have it down. It is still a good routine for regular conversation. it works well as a straight interesting story. But if it does not get the laughs. You can deliver it like that. When you try. In fact. She will drop her eyes because she did not understand that you were joking and work with you on the rest of the routine. if you do not get the laughs. That builds confidence in your sense of humour. you say “nah. you can deliver jokes properly that come to your mind spontaneously. don’t sweat it. because you learned the comedic delivery from my above routine. You do not want to take yourself too seriously when you first meet a girl. 80 . Once there. Get the African Store Routine as well as other comedy routines together so that they really elicit the laughs. This is protecting your insecurity by going on the offence. Even. on the above routine. People who do that are so nervous in the interaction that they put a lot of pressure on themselves and can not just relax and make fun of themselves and the girl.

The palm reading will teach you to talk to deep themes and be able to control the images within her mind and the things that she is thinking about. unique images that are much different in her mind to my own when I chose each word and constructed each sentence. is the shape of a maple leaf like on the Canadian flag. whereas mine is the shape of a Red-Gum leaf coming from a different place with a different childhood and a different original leaf in my past. 1991 Word choice and being able to deeply communicate with someone is a skill unto itself. We use the imperfect descriptors of our ideas: words. a string of sounds. Imaginary Homelands. say the word “leaf”. by its very nature is a one-size-fits-all process. In fact we are fortunate for the limitations of language in representing the actual world. Take a word. You should allow these language skills to spill out of the palm reading situation into your general interactions. to get the girl to have good feelings and happiness. and we want to motivate her to make a decision. is the point from which fiction begins. Because of the limitations of language. but rather the objective of good communication. We want her to associate those good feelings with us. The acceptance that all that is solid has melted into the air. which is then received in the ear of the listener. or in the case of a palm-reading. This is not some evil trick. and use the word “leaf” to describe it. and the process of even attempting to use language strips out the details and the specifics. Our vocal chords and mouth manipulate the word into a set of air vibrations. we get a one-size-fits-all representation for the infinite differences of each of the veins and shapes of the original leaf described. the a priori leaf (as Immanuel Kant would describe it). In doing so. Salman Rushdie. Then we take the word and change it to the best representation we have of it.Using Language Effectively. We look at a leaf on a tree. we put together one-size-fits-all palm readings to appeal to and trigger those a priori images in a girl’s head. Perhaps her standard-leaf. we have lost all the detail of the original leaf that we were using words to describe. and now she has in her mind an image of her standard-leaf to which all other leaves are imperfectly compared and is unique to her. other leaves and decide to call this unique object ‘a leaf’. You want to remove the barriers between you and her and communicate in a way where she can stand in the same place as you and view things from the same angle that you view things. With that. Language. From within that framework. When we do that we take a unique object that is different from all other leaves in its shape and veins and colour and we categorise it as an object that has certain things in common to other objects of a similar type. and have her attempt to 81 . that reality and morality are not givens but imperfect human constructs. the things which are important to her. to represent it and communicate it. From there the receiver takes the vibrations from the hearing sense and turns it back into an image of a leaf in her head. we can further pull the detail out of the leaf.

Now there are two ways that you can have her access a feeling. One is to ask her to remember how she felt on another occasion and tell her to recall that so that she feels it now. With practice you will be able to do it naturally with any conversation you like. She will be sure that this purchase decision is a good decision. So. Like “Yeaah! This feels great”” What I have done in the above is just take two sentiments that do not go together. And you can let the happiness spread and rejoice as you feel this anger. anger and happiness at the same time … I choose these because they are opposites) I might go: “If you could imagine a time when you are extremely angry. and the second is to ask her to construct a feeling in her imagination and imagine she feels it now. if I want her to feel a new sensation that she has never felt before. life experience. This is a skill you will build by using the palm reading so you can carefully choose works in other conversations. And you just want to yell and scream and break things. the reading is in fact free form rapping. Now as you imagine feeling like that. They are the opposite of each other. You want to work out want her to feel then put together the sentences to make her feel that. I will ask her to go back and remember when she bought that piece of clothing. b) Construct it from her future (imagination). Anger and happiness. Now that I have her with a feeling of sureness. So stating that again to be clear. I will have her recall a piece of clothes that she loves to wear. Hindsight is 20/20 so when she remembers looking at the thing on the rack. Because if she feels sure right now that she is about to make a good decision that will 82 . Similarly. for example. if I want her to feel sure she is making a good decision like in the beginners heart line reading. just to explain. “when is a time when she was really sure of something?” Well it was before she bought something she loves. ideal concepts that make up her as a person and form her world view and philosophies. I construct for her the feeling and sentiment using words. flare your nostrils and breathe deeper and can feel your muscles tense with anger. There are 2 ways to have her access the feeling: a) Remember it from her past. You might squint your eyes. I run it very closely to the advanced reading. I want to tell her to trust that feeling. perhaps you could also imagine that you are extremely happy while you are doing this. I just have in my mind where I want to take her and then put it together. Once she has that in her mind. that item of clothing will still have all the positive associations that she got from wearing it. The words drive themselves. While when I run the routine.reconstruct our experience in her own mind using her a priori concepts. I say to myself. You are enjoying the rage and happy inside with an inward smile really loving the experience as you go out and break things. and therefore need to construct it (randomly.

And as you feel that sense of safety and security. I can take the opportunity to tell her that it is this feeling of sureness that she should trust. For example. So if you look at the way that I talk in these palm readings. and that is how you should think about reading palms. If I have got her to consider hooking up with me. and what feeling you need to give her to take your case forward. and she is sure that is a good decision then I am in a good position as far as the seduction goes.continue to be good into the future that is something she should trust. So you go back in your mind and you think to yourself “When would she have felt extremely safe?” Perhaps you come up with “When she was wrapped in her mothers arms as a child”. And when you feel like this. So while she is there in her mental space. but rather realise the things I am doing and allow yourself to go free form during the reading. and then work on achieving the same things with your own language live with the girl. you need to understand what I am trying to achieve in each of the readings. I mean. It is a skill set. That is where you go with it. A skill in free-form readings. As you do that. You say “And your head line says that you can really trust your judgment. You want her to feel this is safe. not the other complications in her life like the reputation she might get from her friends should she come home with me. or any other judgments. As you come to understand that you are completely secure. So I put the words together to tell her that. you should not memorise the readings as I have written them. you can say to yourself “This is completely safe. with practice. and I can relax into the situation”. you realise that this is a judgment you should trust. 83 . When I run these readings it is never exactly the same twice. In that way. And as you remember that time you should remember all the things you heard and the warmth of the feeling that you had deep on the inside. Reading palms is just a means to and end. And you could completely relax inside because you knew the whole world was good. Once you understand who to access feelings you should find yourself doing it all the time. if you can remember a time when you felt really safe. Not a memorization exercise where you just memorise my lines. With practice you will be able to construct this yourself. you may feel that she is nervous for her safety. That is the process. Perhaps you were in your mothers’ arms sitting on her knee. you will be able to identify where she is emotionally. with these big arms wrapped around you.

They go out together (perhaps even in large groups . She is the obstacle because girls protect each other. and doing a second reading on her friend completely from your head without the crutch of simply repeating the same thing.. sometimes out of jealousy. They are easy to deal with. It means that you will read the palm of the girl you like in the way you have now become used to. sometimes out of a sense of protection. They like to ensure that their friend does not get into any situations that she cannot control or does not want to be in and will actively work as a saboteur. or one is the responsible one. However. Here is how it works: Good-looking girl gets a friend who is less good looking. Nevertheless. People take on roles in their lives and in their relationships. and coming up with readings yourself. invariably there will be a little power relationship that forms where they both realise that either one is better looking than the other.. This is to build your skill in doing it free form. and have you go out and attempt to do a complete fresh reading using the language talked about in the previous chapter. etc. The first is to develop your skills at using ambiguous language. Both these things are beyond learning to read palms and are part of the broader skill base that this course aims to teach. and not rely on the beginners or advanced palm readings. and should be becoming confident with the palm readings that I have presented. It is almost as if one of the friends will take on a quasi-male role in the friendship. Girls do not necessarily form friendships based on sex. When they go out they then fall naturally into desirable girl and obstacle roles. Now what the good-looking girl can do is completely absolve herself from responsibility in this evening. usually less attractive to the girl that is your objective. 84 . Getting a feeling for how to handle obstacles is an important skill. In this section I am going to move you off the standard readings. The role of the obstacle is to reign back in the good-looking girl. The reason you need a new reading for this is that you do not want them comparing notes and understanding that you just say the same thing all the time.Female Obstacles (Chaperones) Now you should have mastered many of the skills. There are two objectives in what you should be learning here. Girls will often have friends with them that act as obstacles (in more polite society called chaperones). In doing so she has played out her dominance over the obstacles in a feminine way. and the other the less responsible.. The desirable girl may in fact have brought her obstacles along especially to be obstacles. just the same as guys. but rather common interests and how well they get along. If you notice. The second is to start to learn to deal with the social situations that you will find girls are often in. Obstacle is one such role. A girl’s friend will generally not want to see you be successful with your girl. The reason for this is that she has displaced the responsibilities for her actions onto the obstacles. there can be more than one obstacle). it is always the best-looking girl that is the most interested in the interaction with you when you are speaking to a group. they know their roles.

The way to deal with obstacles is to talk to them. She complains that this friend is hard to go out with because she is always getting into situations she needs saving from. If the friend is watching. That she had no father in her life and therefore flirts outrageously with everyone. and it is her more homely friends that ensure that she gets home safely. To have them wishing that it was them that were with you. It is easy to beat. This is the obstacles worst nightmare . although it is more prevalent among young girls. What they get from the relationship is they get to go out with the Roxanne whom they really like. Problem solved. Obstacles are not without their vices. They will then not come up and pretend they are lesbians. While this might seem childish. even if he is not your wingman. and the rest obstacles. You have your desirable girl speak to her obstacles. You tell her to tell them that she likes this guy and he is good. listening. People understand their roles. Roxanne who is more irresponsible than her. You know why fish school? It is because the big predatory fish comes in and chases the pack without focussing on any one fish. and they enjoy playing the role. Now it is rich. who represents your obstacle. So understanding that tells you how to deal with obstacles. it is a role that is played with more subtlety by women of all ages. Similarly with women. even if not strictly better looking. They hang in groups and try to tease you along into not committing to which you will chase. As he chases the pack they spread out because he has been focussing on all of them. Call one a your girl. they are playing a role and what they actually want is to get a man themselves. But to understand where the obstacles come from is easy. If you can set up the obstacle with a guy. She will track you down with a vengeance and drag her irresponsible friend away and give her a berating in the car on the way home. They get the additional fun of the free drinks that may come her way. this girl psychoanalysing her friend because she plays the obstacle role in that friendship but not with her larger group of friends. She goes out and drinks and flirts with guys. It is a role. being able to fantasise about the men in the desirable girls life. the big old predator is sitting in the middle of where the centre of the pack would be going "where did all those little slow fish go?" But if he had focussed on one he would have got it easily.. you cannot go into the deep stuff like the 85 . Her friends complain that she never grows up and is irresponsible and acts like she is 16. Yet this same girl has a friend. They will then allow their friend to be isolated with this quality guy within the club. she has been derelict in her duties as obstacle. With her larger group of friends. Sometimes you will do a palm reading where there is her friend. You spend time with them to make them comfortable. they will not drag her away and they will not suggest they go to the bathroom together. At the end.. it is her that is Roxanne. They are not prudes. and give them some attention so that she approves of you as the gatekeeper to her friend. You do not sneak your desirable girl out the back door and give a phone call. Is to acknowledge them as people. Women school like fish. then you will extract to your place easily.I know one girl who is the usually desirable girl in her group. and get to meet guys that are out of their quality range.

You get the idea of some small thing and you go over it and over it in 86 . if we look to your heart line. Girls in groups of two are harder because it is difficult. but underneath you are really sensitive. The three of you in a little triangle. But she needs the validation of her friend to justify how she feels. and she is completely into you now. It is better therefore if you make a semi-solid policy that a palm reading is personal and insist that if she wants it done. However I have a reasonably standard obstacle reading. in fact. In that case. and can see your inner strength. I have now given you a lot of material for readings for the your girl. she will ask you to read her friend’s palm. if not impossible. happens. Now your heart line and your Mound of Venus both represent your heart (if your girl is listening you say: “yours is different from hers because yours <does what it does … mention a minor faint line crossing it or point out the exact curvature>”). and if this man is the man that you choose to spend the rest of your life with. Now. See because your Mound of Venus has this crossed pattern it means that you are faithful. In that case. It just let’s her feel you are quality so she can be comfortable you are a quality man and are good for her friend and she can understand why her friend likes you.three shells over your inner love reading. it should be done in privacy. you cannot do the same reading that you did on your girl. and if there is loud music. your heart will completely belongs to him. he can work the friend while you read the palm. You feel really deeply. Now do you have a boyfriend? Either: (If she says yes) I thought so. and this is your Mound of Venus. It often. This is your life line. Whenever you need a new reading you can simply pull 3 readings from the runes readings in the appendix and read the palm as if it was those runes that you pulled. She wants her friend to understand this interaction that she is having so that she can let herself go and become more attracted to you. that you read your girl’s palm. And you like it when people like you. When people can see you for who you are. However. The important part comes later but I start with this optional reading. there are times when you dwell on small things in your relationship. It is the reading I usually do and goes like this: Quality man Mound of Venus reading. Often. I am going to start with your head line. this is your head line. you will do this with your girl listening. You need an entire new reading. this is your heart line. If you are working with a wingman. You have this capability to love so deeply. to leave the friend there alone while you isolate your girl. When you go out to the world you square your shoulders up and hold your head up and pretend that you have everything under control. it is a reality that you are on occasion going to have to read more than one palm to get your girl. it causes an isolating buffer so it is you and her in a bubble anyway.

He is a man of quality. and just allow the inner beauty that inside you to shine. but when you are healthy you are able to let go. It is your good nature in everything you do. and remember a time when you felt really good. It means that you don’t like the feeling of being out of control. And just let the feeling take over you. your easygoing beauty that will attract this man into your life. and just smile. One is to try to exert your control over more and more things and situations. you need to understand that this person in front of you (self point) is worthy. The important part of the reading is this: Female Obstacle reading This is your head line. “He didn’t ask me how my day was” and then let that make them feel bad. Or: If she does not have a boyfriend: Okay. enjoying it. And if you could stop and remember a time when you 87 . if you had a boyfriend your Mound of Venus would mean that your heart completely belongs to him. And you can allow all those feelings of tension and nervousness to just fade away and allow the world to just be. You see there are some people who have relationships where every time they see each other they feel really bad. when you see the man walk through your door say to yourself “Ohh! There he is! I feel really good!” And if you can stop. and you don’t judge those decisions when you are healthy. Like some people might say. and enjoy yourself. but have no control over what happens. and the other is to relax and reduce the things you are responsible for. And you have control over your own actions. And just let the rest of the world swirl around you. To enjoy what is going on around you. but are rather content to just let the world be. scared of love because you love so deeply and can become scared that you will get hurt if you let yourself fall in love. So there are two ways out of that for you. To recognise that you are responsible for you. Enjoying watching the people around you who are making their own decisions. you need to ensure that you relax. In order to retain this balance in your life. But since you don’t it means that you have been holding yourself back. But you are ready. when you see the man in your life. As you feel that feeling. So you need to allow yourself. And when you are in an unhealthy frame of mind you try to control things. And when you recognise quality in front of you (self point). you can just relax and allow nature to take its course. and be confident. Of having things that you feel that you are responsible for. And you need to embrace that man in your life. to feel really good every time you see him. You have reached a state of health when you are now ready to embrace a man who can fulfil you deeply. Not allowing. But instead. those men that are all around you (point around at all the men in the place.your mind and you allow your relationship to make you feel bad when it should be nothing but a source of pleasure to you. and feel really good. So that you wear it like power. or your wingman if you have one) into your life. So you can be fulfilled deeply by that man of quality that you are on the verge of forming a relationship with. and allow your inner good nature to come to the outside.

You need to do that more often. And in order to be happy. If she is tattooed and self mutilated (piercing. you can assume she had a harder life and can talk about that in ambiguous ways so as not to cause offence. This is your life line. Just relax into the love and support and knowing that you were looked after. etc). If she is out of university and 25 or so and working.were watching the swirling snow out the window. If you are not from a region where it snows you should change the storm part of the reading to the sorts of storm that the girl can relate to. and let your girl vibe her friend so they are comfortable escalating the intimacy and you have the approval. And sitting inside. what you are wanting to do is sell to her that the palm reading is real so she can go "wow. These piercings and tattoos are signs of bi-sexuality so you can push that. But you would love it if you could have a relationship in your life that could give you that unconditional support and love that you used to have. This means that you will make an excellent mother. in the warmth. that the bills would be paid and that you could just be. When I say that. I am naked with him. he can see 88 . If you can stop and remember back to when you were a child. The routine is to tell her to relax about the girl and think about herself. Obstacles are protective and pull your girl away. One other thing: don’t forget this is a warm reading. The obstacles generally follow this advice and keep out of your hair once you have run this routine. I mean that you have the girl in front of you and can observe some things about her. Because you don’t have that support anymore. But you need to allow people to make their own choices and not interfere in your friend’s lives. And you need to manage your own affairs to keep yourself afloat.. Thunderstorms and rain for example. For the remainder of the readings you can use readings from the runes or any other readings that you did not use on your girl (like the beginners readings). this guy knows everything about me . It means that you can be very protective. and relax. More material: this is just stuff that is universally true that I run although it does not take a seduction forward. just enjoying watching the way the storm dances. You knew your parents would provide your next meal. and is thus good for an obstacle. Finish by telling her that she is fertile too. If she is in hippy garb. Although it is the same theme as the 3 shells reading it sounds sufficiently different and I have never had a girl catch it. you can talk about how she cares for things and blah blah save the whales style topics. you can talk about how she is making her own way in the world but would love to have the unconditional support of her childhood years. And you long for that feeling still even though you are an adult. you need to let it go. Your life line tells me that you long for the unconditional support of childhood. You can be protective of all your friends and family and want the best for them. and understand that the world will actually look after you. And that means that there is something missing in your life. It does that quite forcefully. An unfulfilled yearning. completely secure that you would be looked after. First and foremost..

89 .everything".

this is still using the palm reading to teach you the proper intuitions and get you acting in the right way. I don’t need any better than this”. Into that style of routine you insert the following. living. defending the damsel in distress. And you should do it cleanly. you need to be approaching girls within groups. You can deepen him into talking about his Anima if you like and point out that the girl in his group does not measure up as real. it will crop up even for those not doing groups so learning to deal with other men is an important skill. You need to go out and make the changes to your life that will allow you to achieve what you want. not necessarily in a palm reading but rather in general conversation after a palm reading. you want it to be positive. being that action hero without any underhanded positioning and scheming. wars. Keep in mind. You need to reclaim your dreams. To have this problem often.Male Obstacles without girl listening (a. but you have settled for the job you have. You are lost if you forget that the fruits of the earth belong to everyone and the earth belongs to no one!’ Jean-Jacques Rousseau. but at the same time tell him that he is a highly independent rational thinker who is able to make his own way in the world and readings like that. murders. You should keep those dreams lofty. jealousy and a misplaced belief in chivalry. This reading is to get him to change his focus from this girl that we are with to his ideals of a ‘perfect 10’. The gender can be changed on the above routine and it can be used on a girl. And remember you used to have dreams of what you would be when you grew up. how much misery and horror the human race would have been spared if someone had pulled up the stakes and filled in the ditch and cried out to his fellow man: ‘Beware of listening to this impostor. Give the readings a try and you will learn how the dynamic works. In that case you tweak the reading to say what you want it to say. your dreams of a perfect woman? I mean remember you used to think about pin-up models. having enclosed a piece of land. 90 . Maybe Claudia Schiffer or Elle McPherson or Angelina Jolie. You should not settle for this girl or that girl (point in direction of girl). You are settling. thought of saying ‘This is mine’ and found people simple enough to believe him was the true founder of civil society. How many crimes. Broken Dreams reading Your dreams are broken. A Discourse on Inequality.a Befriending Male Obstacles) The first man who. They work from possessiveness. When you read a male’s palm. But now you will just settle.k. breathing girls without television make-up and flattering lighting and camera angles never can. I mean maybe you thought you would be an action hero and live an exciting life. and you represent what she always dreamed of. You want these guys to be your friends. and you need to re-capture them. You have said “This will do me. Nevertheless. 1755 Male Obstacles have a different agenda to female. I mean remember when you were younger. So you run the generic readings from the Runes appendix. That is that her current relationships are breaking the dream.

And you were able to become friends immediately without holding yourself back or judging the new people harshly. and you tell him that he needs to rekindle his dreams." But as you got older it was clear that you were not a stand out freak of an athlete. Because your passionate nature is endowed with a strong sense of loyalty and fidelity. See rune-casting appendix for rune readings). "Look. On it goes. no more the man who might invent the cure for cancer. and the harvest rune and the blank rune too (or which ever random combination you pull out of your mind. and feel like this you can trust it and relax. you have something that you want to talk about. This reading is then to tell him to accept you as a new person in his group and to get him acting in the right ways.. It is all ambiguous. And when you see that rapport. he is a guy. Because he used to have dreams. You should treat him exactly like that. no more engineer. Like he happens to be there and you want to speak to someone.As you get older your options diminish. He could play NFL. You are not speaking to him because you want anything from him. And you need to feel like this all the time. But then you start failing math’s and oops . You are kind and generous with friends. After that. Just make sure you tell them to relax about the chick. His laughter makes the interaction worthwhile from your end. Perhaps as a toddler and you kicked the cat. Big Man reading You are capable of being extremely likable and having a lot of friends even if you don’t always manifest yourself that way. When you were a little kid you could have been anything. the kid could be a footballer. we all did. You are speaking to him because he is there. And you might realise that was because you accepted them. The confidence you had that you were likable and how everybody accepted you easily. anything. Astronaut. Read their palms as if it is a rune reading and as if they pulled the warrior rune. And as you remember that you should remember how you interacted with the world. 91 . so that you can be in this state of energy all the time. Humour helps greatly with making your conversations with guys worthwhile from his end. and he is as good as anyone to talk about that with. But you could still be a doctor. Because if you can stop and remember a time when you were truly gracious and met a new group of people. so that option went. So you have him think about that. Nobel Prize winner. And take pride in the fact that you are a big man in personality terms that can accept new people easily. your father said. Your options continue to diminish as you go on. you can tell them whatever you want. and respect the new people they meet. or a UN chief or a Hollywood actor. with whom you develop an unspoken rapport. Guys are not difficult to befriend if they are not nervous about their women. You have linked his sense of pride to his ability to make you comfortable and to be hospitable.. You are a guy. Befriending guys is easy because there is no confusion about intentions. President of the USA. And he is settling at the moment. no more Nobel Prize winner. and all good. And that is a function of mood.

By then it is too late and there is nothing he can do about it. champ! I wish I could be as good as you!" The onus is then on him to try to cut you down. I give him directions. When you have a guy who is faking he likes you because he is boxed in by the social etiquette. you want to start speaking to her and decide that you like her during the interaction so that the agenda was not pre-planned but rather spontaneous. it is what you see that impresses you. So instead you use sarcasm on him to make him look stupid. If they are nervous about their women. befriend him like you are now best friends then steal his girls out from under his nose. but I know there is a hidden agenda and a "do you have any spare change?" is coming. I call him "champ" in the most facetious way possible. but you like what you see and want to continue the interaction. Now the intentions are still a bit mixed. It will be obvious to the girl what he is trying to do. because he might genuinely be lost. They may be searching for a hidden agenda. I'll give them. you should bring the true emotion to the surface. That is how it should come across. You do not want to be the beggar at her doorstep. If you are in the middle of a palm reading and he comes up with some comment. He would look insecure to the girls if he gets possessive. so he has to play along. and not just play along. 92 . When you start the conversation with a girl. He might know that you are there for the women. Instead. This will happen also when he suddenly realises that you are stealing his girls." and you isolate her further away. You are a sexual being and should not be ashamed of that. You want to come in. we are in the middle of something here. Now the trick to that is to genuinely seem like you want nothing from them. You speak to them just because they happen to be there like you might speak to a guy you want nothing from. but she just happens to be there and you happen to be speaking to her. you should say. he can become a proactive obstacle in trying to ruin your chances with the girl. that said. That is not the guy you want to be. you should display your sexuality proudly at the same time. let’s just move over here. The minute that he starts trying to interject himself between you and her. As in "Good one. But being a sexual being does not mean that you want to sleep with anyone in particular or that you have an agenda.When he has girls with him. but social etiquette dictates that he has to act around you as if there is no problem with you speaking to him. once you read her palm. I will come over and we can hang after we are finished here. they are next to impossible to truly befriend. I promise! Really! C'mon Lisa. Now. Your decision has not been made that you want her. If the women in his group accept you he will continue to play along through forced smiles. Even if she has been being quiet when you were speaking to her group. but you are expecting the agenda to surface. When the dishevelled guy walks up to me in the street and asks me for directions. Now there is something deeper there. the intentions get a bit more clouded. you should start it as if it as if you have no intentions. Because the interaction between you and him has been forced and fake on some level. So you ask for a kiss. and you see her for the inner girl. Same with the whole group. You are always playing with intentions during a interaction. "Champ.

you will value a lack of possessiveness in the girls with whom you form relationships. be the guy that is able to know that he can hold his women without worry. Don’t be that insecure guy. Similarly a display of possessiveness does the same thing to a girl and lets her know that you feel you have something to fear from this guy or that. Then you can relax into the interaction and relationship without niggling fears and actually enjoy life. The insecurity is part of your inner turmoil and it will manifest itself in your blind self. As soon as you want to possess something that other people want to possess. The picture you caused him to create makes the idea occur to him where it might not have naturally. The minute you are there you are already loosing the battle. you need to have a philosophy that jealousy and possessiveness kill a relationship. and a paradox. You need to be at one with yourself and relaxed and confident to keep the girl that you want. and possessiveness is not an indication of depth of love but rather a depth of insecurity that she will leave you for someone else. Possessiveness betrays an underlying insecurity. and she knows it. Further. Why would you want to set up that sort of game with a girl? Instead. if you allow it to corrupt you in a possessive ego way. then she will realize that the other man is better than him and he will loose her. Love and possessiveness are not linked. A truly secure man is not concerned if his woman is speaking to another man because he is secure in his knowledge that he is the best man that she is likely to meet in her lifetime. negating it. But as you fight the external manifestations of possessiveness. That is a complex idea. it will encourage her to play her side of the game. I understand that possessiveness is a male human trait bred into us … the desire to know that any offspring of your girl is yours. You establish within your interactions early that there is no ownership. When you say to a child “Do not jump in that puddle”. And the only way you can do that is by letting go and not wanting to keep her and possess her. Once she understands the rules of the sub game in your relationship. and when a man enters the interaction you are having with his girl unthreatened by the situation. However the highly possessive are worried that if their woman speaks to any other man. you are punishing her for something she might as well be guilty of. it is quite likely that this girl is not available to you. and makes jumping in the puddle all the more appealing. It is something you should learn by first getting your outward behaviour correct and acting in non-possessive ways. in order for the child to understand that. you are setting up the rules of a game that goes “You flirt with other men in secret. and increase the likelihood of her cheating on you.Never display any possessiveness of women. and accept no possessiveness by her of you. This works in your favour in a number of respects but will truly pay dividends when there truly is no possessiveness on your part and it is not a charade. You should work internally with yourself to practice what you preach to actually kill the 93 . he must put a picture in his mind of him jumping in the puddle. you make yourself the lap dog in the relationship exposing your insecurities. and become better with girls giving yourself more options and making any girl replicable. then cross it out. and I’ll try to catch you” or worse. Ironically possessiveness encourages infidelity. if you are the insanely jealous sort and punish her with a verbal barrage for “speaking to the waiter” or whatever when she is innocent of any mal-intent. Further.

she will be sucked into that. Eventually a relationship falls into an equilibrium where the two of you are together. and it isn't so much that a man wants a girl with a duality to her persona (whore in the bedroom. and you will have reduced some of your insecurities that cause you discomfort. that is. but you bring her into your reality in such a way that she has to re-think what is proper behaviour." he also hates her because she's no longer being "his Madonna” and is actually repulsed by her sexuality. and develop her into a sexual being that can actually fulfil her desires. your possessiveness is active in stifling the sexuality of the women in your life. Girls act in a way where they are trying to "say the right thing" to keep the relationship moving forward. Part of your inner turmoil as a man is wrestling with your own sexual limitations that can manifest themselves in things like the Madonna whore complex. if you want a sexually adventurous girl who is prepared to explore her sexuality into bi-sexuality. If your reality is cooking at home and renovating the house on the weekend. A girl comes in to any relationship with these ideas about what a relationship should be from her previous experience with other guys and her parents relationship or whatever. Once possessiveness is dead. you will let her fall into a comfort zone and she will not go any further. in which a man can want his female partners to be Madonna’s. exhibitionism. and it is all part of the inner turmoil that stops you from finding peace within yourself. your life will be more balanced. You want to allow her sexuality to grow. These two desires can often contradict each other. The girl wants into that 94 . So. To remove the societal restrictions that has her sexuality in a box. A woman will act in a way where she is playing into the preconceived notions of the men in her life. Now if you let it get out of hand and give her too much (meaning that you accommodate what she says and respect what she tries to sell you are her limits). and she will play into it. she will be sucked into that. In that way.possessiveness within you. I know men who sufferer so greatly from this that they are unable to deal with any single human female who he has slept with. Madonna in society for example) as that he wants something that doesn't exist (woman who gives him great sex. However the same man can also want his girl to be a whore: extremely attractive who dresses provocatively and reflects well on him in the world. it may contribute to why women won't be more sexually aggressive and why they think "he won't respect me" if they sleep with you. she will be sucked into that. although he likes her when she is being "his whore. because has the negative response that. sexually aggressive. Females tend to understand this duplicity in the head of a man in front of her. and you can just hang out because this is what the relationship is. but doesn't know anything about sex and never sleeps with anyone). and if it is thrilling excitement and going out all the time and partying. Obviously that is extreme. and sexually reserved. if it is expensive restaurants and weekend trips to Paris. and exciting sex you have to set the expectations of what those right things are. pure. and understand how to give pleasure in the bedroom without reservation. like the Virgin Mary: virginal.

It is common for people to let their own internal issues. She wants to be able to sit down together and just chill on a Tuesday night. Women think differently than men. judgementalism. even at the expense of the sexual growth she can do if she is prepared to hold it off a little longer. then you are betraying yourself as a self serving little insecure man rather than the lover of women who enjoys life and the company of women. When you are inconvenienced by her behaviour. If it is nothing but a chest beating “look at me. possessiveness or jealousy. But if you want her to grow. like you might at a cat for being angry for no reason and say with a laugh “You are all angry. because then she has her "relationship". but rather laugh. and it is no point getting upset because they do so. It is a process of appreciating the nature of women. are you? What are you angry about?” Reducing the gravity of the frames that she sets on the world both establishes you as the steady male that is the rock while she cycles between her feelings. let your bending in your behaviour come from rather than being wounded like an insecure little man. but rather for the relationships with the women themselves. If you can get your inner state correct within the interaction. and not display any prudery. I could have her if I wanted” exercise. It is the second that is attractive. The pursuit of women should not be to serve your own vanity. 95 . not playing to petty insecurities of either. and reduces the turmoil that can hurt your quality of mental well being and enjoyment of life. insecurities and agendas to cloud interactions with subplots that do not take the case forward and subvert friendships and communication to the lesser goals of pettiness. you are in a state of pure extroversion where you and her are out here in the real world together. If she is angry. you cannot fall into that. there is no point lamenting it. and explore aspects of your own sexuality and hers.

They buy into the philosophy of their mothers who told them that they must be nice to women. Girls are unattracted to men that put them on pedestals. The Gospel according to St.Male Obstacles with girl listening. The heirling fleeth. seeth the wolf coming. You are a big man. What you are doing with these readings is ruining his chances with her and making a joke at his expense that he often does not see. (a. or they already have a girlfriend who is in the room. you need to work harder at holding your opinions firm and not changing them to suit the women in your life. they will actively insert themselves into your relationships to attempt to prevent anyone hooking up with each other. or drinks. Girls are sick of weak guys who try to win favour by being nice. and scattereth the sheep. and not the shepherd.k. You should take note of the below as things that you should definitely not do in an interaction with the opposite sex. or it can come from protectiveness and a misguided sense of chivalry. But he that is an heirling. but from wherever it comes. and many men do not understand this. I can see that you have the fundamentals in your palm to provide you with fortune and success in your future. While this is a good thing. You will side with the women around you. You are able to be sensitive to a woman. You should make sure you meet and talk to more people in your surroundings because networking is important. Nice Guy Reading You are a really nice guy. John. 96 .11-13 King James Version. and lavish them with attention. you need to learn to deal with it. when you are being yourself. This can come from competitiveness. and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them. 10. You will make someone a good husband. and even if they do not have a chance with the girl themselves. Because deep down. Men see girls as possessions. and more outgoing and spontaneous. However you need to work on being less lazy. continually feeding her ego. You put your women on a pedestal and treat them as if they are queens. and leaveth the sheep. but you and the girl both know that it is a damning inditement of his sexual behaviour. You are the sort of thoughtful man who will put himself in a woman’s good graces by buying her flowers. This reading thus sounds like it is a positive thing for you to be saying about him in front of a woman. and are attracted to the men who already have women with them and are unattainable to them. because he is a heirling. and you always ask what she wants and never starts something without consulting her. Jesus. put women’s needs first and women will be nice back. you are a straight shooter who does not play games. You do this from within a veneer of cordiality while hiding underneath a power play that puts you above him in the social situation. and careth not for the sheep. whose own sheep they are not. There are certain things that men believe are good readings but will disqualify them in the girls’ eyes.a Going Head to Head with Competition) The good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

I will seldom get all the way through the reading. And you should wink at it. not just approaching women. or from earning more money. but will decide it is at breaking point and I should move on. but dead. You would be doing something different. This is another type of fear that is common in many areas of your life. Then there is the more abrupt fear of approaching an unknown woman. and living in a different way. And if you can do that. Not exciting. Thus in the above reading. but rather embrace it.Before you go onto the next reading which is very harsh. we can understand it by looking within ourselves. If you were absolutely fearless. The essence of cowardice is not acknowledging the reality of fear. and fear is what defines you as a person. you are accusing him of cowardice. You need to embrace your fear. So you pull out of this reading before you break the relationship and have him pull his hand back and follow up with the ‘Big Man Reading” from the previous chapter to finish on a high note. and will also be good for your skills at meeting women as it will make you comfortable speaking to large 97 . we are afraid that we can’t handle the demands of the world. It is the same fear as the fear you feel when you believe that you cannot handle the situation you are in and would prefer to be in a lower pressure situation (the way many feel about public speaking for example). Because at the moment you are living in fear. We know that we are going to die. This fear expresses itself as a feeling of inadequacy. you should fully acknowledge it. It is normal to have fear and it is a part of life. They can see the fear in the way you are acting and they will see your ability or lack of ability to deal with it and make judgements about you. you should insert some other innocuous reading to break it up such as from the previous chapter or from the runes readings in the appendix. You are scared to be the man you truly can be. you can make the bold changes to your life that are required to be the sort of person you really want to be. We experience fear in our lives and specifically when we want to speak to a girl. would you be doing the same job you have now? Imagine if you had no fear. This sort of fear manifests itself in restlessness. or from having fulfilling relationships or from living life the way you truly want to live it. we know that we can’t live forever. Logically. then do those things you are scared of despite your fear. To expand on the reading. Then you can hit him with this one: Wimp reading There are certain fears in your life that stop you from living your dreams: whether it be making a greater contribution to mankind. speaking too loudly or too quickly and fidgeting. We may feel that our own lives are overwhelming. The reading is very harsh and you need to use your judgement as to when to pull out of it and jump to something else. You cannot wish it away. nervous laughter. There are not enough risks. Your life is relatively secure and comfortable. Learning to speak publicly will help you deal with this fear. It can cause panic. Fear can take many forms. so we are afraid. These behaviours are unattractive to the opposite sex. You need not pretend you don’t have any. On another level.

how you sometimes put your hands in your pockets uselessly as you go about your everyday life and as you approach women. and to expose it. but from a place of gentleness. vibrating all the time. Fear has to be acknowledged. concern. Acknowledging your fear allows you to move towards fearlessness. You should look at how you move. but going beyond fear. 98 . nervousness. To experience the fear and act anyway since you are aware that fear is part of your life. Nervousness is cranking up. that you can deliver a line like “Oh. Then you can deal with women in a way that is organic and easy. with gentleness. The girls will sense your centeredness and acceptance of their natures and enjoy it. you can carry that to new encounters. and if you learn to have no anxiety in your new encounters you will be better in relationships. True fearlessness is not the reduction of fear. and that is exactly what I do. how you chew your fingernails. You have to recognise your fear and reconcile yourself with your fear. The first approach of any given night. Your fears and frustrations are not manifested in a hate or judgement of the girls you are with. It is then. the first thing you might find is a calm sadness beneath the nervousness. The ability of acceptance will cause you to have fulfilling relationships and improve your ability to meet new women. I still. You must exercise to recognise this fear. you do not lower yourself to try to win her favour. how you talk. right down to the heart of the matter. because the delivery does not come from a place of insecurity and false bravado. and an open heart and empathy. If you have no anxiety in your relationships. You deal with her situation and her tests with the light-hearted non-seriousness that the situation requires. However. being fearless requires me to act anyway. you thought I wanted to be your boyfriend” correctly. In fact your softness begins to become more passionate. To understand the calmness in the centre. you realise that human beings should be tender and open. is unnerving at first. Going beyond fear begins when you examine your fear: your anxiety. how you conduct yourself. and exercise to overcome it. cute. and restlessness. So you no longer need to feel shy or embarrassed about being gentle. but rather an acceptance of who they are and an appreciation of the experience of interacting with them. That openness is the answer to your fears. You enjoy extending yourself to others and communicating with them. It is what you are going to learn to do also. Then you can truly appreciate the world around you. When you slow down and relax with your fear.groups of people that are her friends and having 8 sets of eyes on you as you become their centre of attention. But then as you experience the empathy of understanding fear more and more. If you look into your fear. in particular can almost paralyse me. You must find that fear lurking in your life in many things you do and identify it. if you look beneath its veneer. You still retain your pride. you find sadness which is calm and gentle. Then you will find out something about how your fear is manifested. having approached thousands of women in my life feel fear.

I often see beautiful girls that. and selfabsorption. and. her behaviour betrays the metaphysical thorns of vanity. greed. you are both exposing his lack of ability to deal with his fear. you no longer become possessive about the women you are speaking to. and no longer have the ugly thorns on your presence that the men around her whose palms you are reading do. she will understand. exposing his need for possessive jealousy of her.From within that. 99 . In reading his palm and identifying his fear. upon closer look of the way she is acting.

even though they are on your side in life. often from their ability to be sexually attractive. Your friends. You might find yourself. You should make it a semi-firm policy that you do not read palms while the girl is amongst her group of friends. once you become better than them with women. Don’t tell them that you do it only to get girls. Because if you read her palm within a group your friends will all chuckle and laugh as you do it whispering to each other about what you are doing. but once you are good with women it can occur anytime you sit next to a girl and are in deep rapport.Your Male Friends. Your male friends love telling the girls this. They will get used to it. I talk about this in the case of palm reading. it will be just about the fact that you are hooking up and what a player you are. 100 . because that would signal to the group that you are hitting on her. If you do break the rule. Your male friends may also think you are a bit of a joke for reading palms. He doesn’t believe that it is real. but men define their value as humans. There is no point discussing it with him anymore. the situation needs to be thought about. He doesn’t have to believe the same things I believe. John is a sceptic. Ignore them. This is the case if she is married. however. Oscar Wilde. This is similarly the case for your friends. in a situation where you absolutely cannot isolate her into the corner for a one-on-one reading. But that is okay. A true friend stabs you in the front. or you are part of a group from work or any other place where you want to be discrete. It is a fact. Should one of your male friends tell a girl whose palm you have read or whose palm you are about to read that you read palms to pick girls up especially to attempt to foil your attempts you say: Yeah. will want to see you fail. Men are petty jealous animals. and further more sexually attractive than those around them in the world. Take my advice and do your learning in an environment where you do not care for the outcomes like an anonymous social environment. I have discussed it with him many times and even tried to read his palm. Try it once and you will learn for yourself. Instead of whispering and making jokes about palm reading. They too can act like obstacles and pretend to enforce the virtue of women. but he was so closed to it that he would not let me do it. You should really hold off on the palm reading and have other conversations. It is an unfortunate fact. Even your best friends can on occasion talk to a girl to try to ruin your chances with her. I advise that you tell them that you could always do it. Probably the worst situation is where you have your own male friends in the social group and guys out number girls. regardless of the conversation.

They will agree. and thus they would not turn down a seduction palm reading from her. you are telling her about your friend’s attempts to sabotage you in a round about way. Laugh at them. That they have trouble with a guy doing it. It is a general discussion that works and the guys will agree.This is obvious to the girl. In fact you should not talk about pick-up techniques at all. You should tell them that it is in your family and you have just not been doing it for years. and they believe that the problem for them is that males should not be able to read palms. You should just do them as if they are not techniques that you can tech your friends what to do and why. 101 .” You should not bow to their pressure to stop even if they claim that you have told them that you use it as a trick to obtain women. Understand this: you are not a teacher. Similarly here. the firm rule that you should never break is that you should not tell your friends that you learned this to meet women. You should look at them straight in the eye and say “Look at you guys lined up like the 3 wise monkeys. Once that is done. They are actually agreeing to piss you off because you would not like your little sister hitting on them in the way that you are hitting on this girl. it builds the defences with in the body to resist a real infection. It is called inoculation because it is similar to the way that inoculation works in medicine. and telling a man that he needs improvement can be an insult directly to his self-image as a male. Remember. If you get into that situation you should not ignore it. you have inoculated your girl against the objection. you can laugh at them and tell them that if your sister were to read their palms (remember that you learned it within your family so she can do it too) they would be lining up. Problem solved. It is easy to judge from over there. you are the fearless male that demands respect. If you want to talk further about the subject and there are guys in your group you can talk about how guys think only women should be able to read palms. The reason that they will agree is because they want to sleep with your sister. If you know you are going to get problems from within your group. and this is just you as a person. you can prepare the girl by telling her that ‘guys don’t like palm-reading’ before you even get close to doing it. As you can see. People need to come to want to learn to be better at women for themselves. and continue the reading for a minute or two and whisper in her ear that you will finish it later. Then should your friends want to tell her that you are trying to pick her up in front of you. But to the girl it seems like the only reason that they would want it from your sister is that your sister is female. and as the body fights off this extremely small amount. What it does is give the patient a very weak dose of a disease (small pox for example). and if you try to be you will loose your friends.

Where events have taken a toll on your life and your body and your face. keeping this inside. Kahlil Gibran. That it is so powerful at attracting her to you is perhaps at first blush. And you are so beautiful on the inside. there is a line that we should walk during a palm reading as well as interactions in general to use fear to keep her motivated. it means she is sharing herself with you in a touching way. Given that. but it is completely not recognised. Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And you really need someone to understand you deeply. Because you have this tendency to live in today only as if the days will continue to be like this forever.To go depressing or to stay positive. Because your opportunity for initiating long-term companionship is in the present tense. 102 . while keeping her feeling good to have her associate that good feeling with you as the palm reader and to be enjoying the experience. cleaning products to protect your babies from disease. counter intuitive. And how else can it be? The deeper that sorrow carves into your being. You can make a girl cry in a palm reading if you stumble upon something that she is sensitive about (or that she is bi-sexual) with a (and you have to almost cry yourself here … she will follow you to the emotion): Because no one understands you. You will notice that the entire palm reading is actually negative and not a “feel good” experience. The Prophet. And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with tears. It increases your depth of personality. and down. Crying in a palm reading is a good thing. You need someone who can reach in and touch you on the inside. We are strongly motivated by our fears. If you can get her to cry you are doing very well in the palm reading. Whether that harvest is bountiful or a black harvest is completely up to you. and you don’t imagine a time in the future where the inevitable effects of aging have taken place. and gives her great joy. And you will be able to reap the harvest of your decisions today into the future. but in fact it illustrates to her that you understand her deeply and can empathise with her struggles as a human being and she does not need to hide herself with you or present herself as a shiny person with all the pretences that come with that. And you need to understand that while you are obviously a very beautiful girl. gives a certain exoticness to you. In sales it is common to use fear to help sell a product. You are sharing yourself more openly if you are fearless to deal with themes that are at the core of existence. And you are so lonely. Your destiny is completely in your hands today. beauty is fleeting. And make it all seem better. And you are lonely looking back on today as a time of missed opportunity. your outer beauty having fled and you have missed this opportunity that you had in your twenties. A call to action for very good-looking girls who are aware of their beauty only: You take yourself for granted. Important to learn here is to take control of the interaction and not shy away from themes that are difficult. And that leaves you feeling alone. the more joy you can contain. If a girl cries in your presence. all sorts of things. Low fat foods.

Today they have options in men. as a waitress in a flashy restaurant with large tips and lots of attention. And you should take your opportunities for touch today to ensure you have it into the future.You should evaluate where you sit and the sorts of things that you want and need in your life and do all those things that you need to do today while you have this outer beauty. This is the beauty of palm reading. It is human communication and essential to your organism. She will be an old toothless geriatric that smells of rotting flesh with bladder problems and a colostomy bag in a wheel chair one day. How else could you ever broach such a subject with a girl and how else could you make such prophetic statements that strike the fear of god into her? 103 . Further what the reading does in the ending when talking about human touch is tell her that if she does not get that touch today it will cause a more rapid descent into ugliness because she will atrophy and die. once they hit about 30 their skin is going to start coming apart and they will have to move down-market. Pretty girls have the above fear. Because human touch is important to you. So the reading gives her a call to action and tells her to grab you now while you are available to her because you will not be always. Without human touch you atrophy and die. They understand that if they spend their youths and beauty for example. Touch is like breathing. and make the wrong decisions. but they will not always. At that point she will not be as desirable.

I want to increase your ability to apply your art in the true sense of the word. So you can express your art beautifully. Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki. While this is book uses a palm reading routine to teach interaction and part of that is learning to interact with the world the way I do it. The craftsman is not ever following a single line of instruction. He is not following any set of written instruction because the nature of the object at hand determines his thoughts and motions. say an uncaring 9-5 working watch-maker at a jewellers. the art of the work is just as dependent on your own mind and spirit as upon the material or girl. and you should not consider it such. which simultaneously change the nature of the object. 1976 Managing romantic encounters is an art. film. Sometime look at a novice workman or bad workman. Similarly. music. These lessons that I have shared will enhance your ability to communicate with the women you desire. in order to ply it well you need to be in the right state of mind with an inner equilibrium. should be inwardly proud of your craft. as a Pick-Up Artist. and in that way. there is no one right way to do things or interact with women. That is the mind-state of the artist. You. That is why you need piece of mind. Like all art. the goal is to communicate something beautiful or meaningful. In his mind also are the underlying pictures and flow-charts that represent his philosophy of the way that watches work as he tightens a spring considering how that action relates to the systems in the whole mechanism. Introduction to Zen Buddhism. painting. The object and his thoughts are changing together in a progression of changes until his mind is at rest and at the same time the material is right.Closing words If one really wishes to master an art. the Pick-Up Arts are about communicating. Art is quintessentially a quest for communication. For that reason he will be absorbed and attentive to what he is doing even though he does not deliberately contrive it. 104 . dance or drama. Because the selection from among many choices. One has to transcend technique so that the art becomes "artless art" growing out of the Unconscious. It does not matter if it is sculpture. reading the manufacturers instructions as he fixes the watch and compare his expression on his face as he works with that of a craftsman whose work you know is excellent and you will see the difference. He is making his decisions as he goes along. technical knowledge is not enough.

The question is then asked: Does this eighteen-year-old person have a thought in his head? If so. But we were not always so. This is also good stuff to explore and talk about with the right girl. I’ll start with Scottish Philosopher David Hume. Scientific theories. where does it come from? Hume would have answered that the eighteen-year-old had no thoughts whatsoever. It is easy to judge other forms of knowledge based on dogmatic belief in science that is unjustified. So he searched around for things he actually knew.Appendix Ia: Filling out the “Selling-It” Routine In the selling it routine. Hume and Berkeley’s ideas flowed directly from the arguments of French philosopher René Descartes. he 105 . smell. The line of thinking is impossible to refute. that all the world that you receive is nothing more than an illusion. If I were to tell you.nothing. are modern witchcraft. hearing. There is no way whatsoever for him to receive any sensations from the outside world. there is no way to refute that view with evidence. and other cultures would answer the question differently. I compare science to superstitions. Descartes started with the difference between knowledge and belief. That idea sounds like madness and to understand the idea properly. no smell. In this modern age we are predominantly empiricists. to me. I offered an alternative hypothesis that you are in fact just a brain sitting in a jar with 5 sensors plugged into it attached to a central computer to stimulate your 5 senses of sight. no taste -. not based in reality. Here I want to take some time to fill in the arguments so that you can follow what is contained in the routine. As he did so. taste and physical feeling. and religious people from other cultures would surely answer it differently. pointing out that science is nothing more than theories. We cannot know for sure what the answer is to the question. These were the ideas from where the film "The Matrix" formed its philosophies and are a re-writing of the ideas of Bishop Berkeley. Suppose this child is fed intravenously and otherwise attended to and kept alive for 18 years in this state of existence. that as opposed from the common-sense view that the world is actually out there. because if he had a thought where would it have come from? In giving this answer would have defined himself an empiricist. Hume’s reasoning followed arguments that would result from the answers to this question: Suppose a child is born devoid of all senses. he has no sight. no touch. one who believes that all knowledge is derived exclusively from the senses. we can go back to the post-renaissance philosophy that makes up our view of the world today as modern Westerners. and all science is based on it. however. He felt if he could find a concrete foundation on which the logic of ideas could be built. The answer to this question is a philosophical construct and has no absolute truth. and these words here that you are reading are part of the same program. no hearing. a program feeding you the data and the computer keeps track of it all to keep some sense of continuity in your world-view. they would be irrefutable.

and us being a part of God. we are left with very little. How can you be sure you are not one of them? If we reject everything we can not prove due to lack of evidence. You can not necessarily trust your common-sense. God being a part of all of us. The difference between knowledge and belief is only a feeling of sureness. So as you shoot down all knowledge one piece at a time. but it is just as conceivable as the flat-word with up and down being overthrown with a new theory and a new "truth". That is Descartes famous line that you will have heard of. The table in front of you is just a dream of God manifested onto your consciousness. therefore you know that at least you exist. Internally. being a churchman. and further. So the one thing that you know for sure is that "I think. They must have felt like they knew that the world was flat. and question even the existence of the out-there world then all you can possibly know is that you exist and the only way you know that is because you can think.. Say for example that there was a new theory of light that showed us that the round world in the pictures is an optical illusion. therefore I am". understanding that the world was in fact round so their world views could accommodate that Columbus had gone over the edge to the new world.. and he was trying to put God back into the philosophy of the day. for example that the world is round? People once thought it was flat. They felt the same about their belief then. The new understanding did not change anything in their day-to-day lives. and knowing it at the same time to be thine own consciousness. but the flip in worldview caused a new golden age of thought known as the Renaissance where everything underlying was questioned. and there is some new truth. There is no reason why each and every one of our current beliefs could not be shattered causing a new "Copernican flip" in our worldviews forever altering what we believe. Although he was not aware since the Eastern texts had not been translated or seriously studied in the west at that time it is not so different from that of the Buddhists: “Recognising the voidness of thine own intellect to be Buddhahood. It would be hard to get our minds around. was a spiritual one. This was the world Descartes lived in. and then had to deal with the Copernican flip where Copernicus stated that the earth goes around the sun as opposed to vice versa. If we question everything. even our knowledge about the shape of the earth. 106 .kept writing things off. You are thinking now as you read this. would this belief that the world is flat have felt any different for them than for us now that the world is round? Because I feel like I know the world is round. even if you pinch yourself. you can consider that you may be dreaming now.” (Tibetan Book of the Dead). thou shalt abide in the state of the divine mind of the Buddha. God being "The Matrix" rather than machines) was that the common sense world out here was perhaps the dream of God. Where can you go from there with the edifice of logic? The position of Bishop Berkeley (of which the world of "The Matrix" is just a re-writing . for you can not be sure this is not a dream. That is not a large foundation from which to build the world. there are insane people out there who believe that their head is a pumpkin. within their own heads. and that perhaps your whole life has been a dream. Bishop Berkeley’s position. Do we know.

So from within this empiricist. Force = mass x acceleration. says Newton. though? Mass is not weight. materialistically scientific view. So the third thing in this world is that the following law is followed: F=ma. That is not the world I live in. right? Well in order to have the theory of gravity. If I throw a tennis ball it does not go on forever in a continuous state of motion. you move towards larger metaphysical questions. You will have heard the word before and looked at his ideas in high school mathematics. In that world every body continues in a state of motion or rest unless acted upon by an outside force. not the world I live in. It is measured in “Newton’s” and it is defined by being the product of mass and acceleration. therefore I am” puts our own consciousness at the centre of truth and reality. But if you admit the unconscious (as Carl Jung attempted to do). To say that before Newton the theory of gravity did not exist seems ridiculous. Okay. Now in order to get to this equation. Newton first defined a world that does not exist: The inertial frame of reference. The adjective for “of Descartes” is “Cartesian” (we are now discussing Cartesian Philosophy). All right. This is a nice piece of imagination.Descartes is often called “the father of modern philosophy” and his ideas brought in the modern scientific age. Newton advances a theory to make it make sense that the wall is pushing back with the same force even though we can not see that. We first reduce the world to nothing but our senses. In mathematics that is illegal. we need Newton’s laws where forces are defined. Again. that is straight forward. What is mass. If I punch the wall. Force is a new concept. He is not talking about the acceleration you measure in the real world. Now many people think that Isaac Newton "discovered" the theory of gravity. “But wait”. “Bear with me”. says Newton. and the foundations upon which “truth” can be built. I am with him on it. it is real”. we can measure acceleration. But what about unconsciousness? Eastern Philosophies concentrate on dispensing with the ego. if we are conscious of it. Wait on though! We have just defined 2 variables with one equation. It was always there. Descartes’ position of “I think. For inherent within the modern empiricist philosophy is the idea that in the commonsense world. The second thing that is the characteristic of this inertial world is every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Force = mass x acceleration. F=ma. ego being the very name for our consciousness through which we are aware of the outer world. So what about acceleration? Acceleration is the rate of change in velocity. Of course. “If I can sense it. Weight is a force due to gravity that acts on a mass. Why? Because in the real world there is 107 . I will leave that question open. it is real. it does not punch me back explicitly. he is talking about the acceleration that is only true in the inertial frame of reference. we come to look at scientific thought. enough to say that there are alternative hypotheses that do not support the empiricist scientific philosophical position. and then to be able to go on living in this common-sense world say. So what is mass? Mass is what you get if you divide the force applied to a body by the acceleration it produces.

like in times of old substitute the word ‘matter’ for other words for ‘principal of existence’ such as ‘spirit’ or ‘God’ or ‘Buddha’ like Bishop Berkeley. So we cannot trust the measurement. the common-sense world. So ultimately. Incredible from a new fantasy worldview. the basis of all modern mechanics including the laws of gravity is from an invented world where all three of the variables are defined in a single equation. and men on the moon. It can put aeroplanes in the sky. Yet the world itself is so complex that we gain no understanding by looking at it. puts that commonality back in without pointing to any alternative hypotheses that are unprovable such as higher powers or religious concepts. So acceleration is the thing we can not measure since we can not isolate an inertial frame of reference. Once at that place. we need to remind ourselves that it is a model only. In order for any model to have value it needs to make some simplifying assumptions. etc. The modern-witchcraft of science is truly formidable. we have limited how much we can trust our own internal experience all the way to not trusting anything except that we can know we exist. and nothing can be measured in the real world. For we have an infinitely rich and complex model of the world: the world itself. What Western philosophers have done is to separate strongly the subject and the object. But I do not believe that it contains any absolute truth. we return to the common-sense world to live our lives and say “we only trust it if it has ‘matter’ and we can touch it and feel it”. All of them describe something that is philosophically unknown. So Newton simplifies the world. He creates an inertial frame of reference that does not exist so we can study the dynamics of how the world would work if it did exist. But when we come back to the real world. As part of what we have done with empirical and scientific thought is to become negatively metaphysical. stripping out the commonality of what it means to be lost to heat and friction. which would be far too much for a light palm reading. 108 . In doing so we have limited our worlds’ backwards from our subjective experience and also written off all supernatural phenomena and our own experience of the word. In other words. A fantasy world with fantasy concepts. With Descartes “I think therefore I am”. I will get on an aeroplane and trust the predictive value of it. rather than “discovering” it. removing some of its complexity. ‘Matter’ is just another word for ‘the principal of existence’. one might argue. It is the thing that all things are made of. It contains no real truth that is built on the foundations of anything we can “know” for sure. The model he has built had good predictive value in this real world that we live in. Newton’s laws and gravity are theories created by a genius. You could as easily. The faith we have in this science is formidable. It is a model of the world. Newton definitely “invented” gravity. Palm-reading. stripping out the gods and spirits from explanations of our world – in other words materialistic – with ‘matter’ (from which the word ‘materialistic’ comes) assumed to be a tangible and recognisable reality. by making some “simplifying assumptions”.

You understand the historical significance of it. you understand what the “Selling it routine” does. congruently as a different witchcraft from a different tradition that makes different choices. We value the subjective experience of being human. in the same way that science has a predictive value. You are now. It says that science. and someone that believes in palm reading. both a rational thinker. So having read that. the practice being so old. and the palm reading talks directly to it. Palm reading predates renaissance philosophy and we choose to admit our inner experience. while having good predictive value does not necessarily represent any concrete “truth”. and that believing that one thing has predictive value does not mean that something else can not have predictive value too. and took a philosophical left turn well before Western thought got to Descartes. 109 . It has some predictive value. hey presto.You can sell it.

Tell her that people with Simian palms are special for their unique childhoods. Then do the advanced reading as if the Simian line is proof of all the heart and head line readings. The palm will then look like the below. The theory behind this is that your potential at birth is revealed in the left hand while the right hand represents your adult self. and that they feel just a little bit more deeply than everyone else. but you do get it on occasion. What this means is that the heart and head lines merge into one so that there is a single line across her palm. and point out how your own heart and head lines are separate. that she has a Simian palm. tell her that her palm is very special. When you get a Simian line palm.Appendix 1b: The Simian Line Some girls will have a palm with what is called a Simian line. and their sensitivity and creativity. The other hand (the passive hand) is more about the subconscious. it means she is special. The simian line is a special line. The hand you write with is your dominant or active hand and reflects the conscious you. It is very rare. That they are more sensitive than normal people. This is reversed in left-handed people. and of course therefore. 110 . you should read their left hand. The left and right hands are very different from one another. For left handers.

Now you are going back to a reading)… and remember a time when you felt really self-confident. But that is just me. And perhaps you come to understand who is making you feel so self-confident. And as you remember that time you should remember all those things you saw. I could not see the details of that. then distracting her. All the good things that have happened to you as well as all the bad things make you who you are today. How do you feel? (allow her to answer “good” … if she doesn’t you are going to need to continue the feel good material until she feels better). I will often eject from the interaction because she is “damaged goods” with her sexual self-image tarnished. limitations and dominant concealed prejudices of his audience. I will move on with the reading by telling her to hear me out. You do not want to apologise on the behalf of all men. I am sorry to hear that. it is not delivered like a regular reading. Stop thinking and just listen. But look: Shhh! Shhh! Quiet for just a minute. So you come in strong. And I don’t want a different person. so as you understand what I mean. It is you. I like who you are today. This is the way that I see it: You are attractive. And if you can feel like this just when you talk to me. 111 . And you feel deeply. Without those you would be a different person. A time when you were just the most charming girl ever. And. Part of the thing that makes you who you are is all the things that have happened to you in your past. You do not want to be associated with any man hating that she has associated with her past. you are allowing the world to stop and the silence needs to breathe for a second. If the girl is not so good looking and I have not invested much. Now when I deliver the beginning of this. and telling her to feel good with a positive reading so that I can continue and she has put aside the worst of negative experiences. I would have a different person sitting here in front of me. and all the things you heard and all the things you felt. there is no reason that you should not feel like this always. It is a dialogue between her and me for a moment before going back to the readings. You do not back-pedal or react. And you are attractive for who you are. The Sufi must act and speak in a manner which takes into consideration the understanding. Without all the things that have happened to you. And you should concentrate on that feeling. Ibn ‘Arabi Girls who were molested as children can get extremely agitated after the first reading where you tell her that something happened that caused her to act as an adult before she was ready. The pause is important. Are you okay? Should we continue? So if we look up here to your heart line … What I am doing in the above is reframing the experience as one that is positive in retrospect. Most important is that you need to take control of the situation immediately.Appendix Ic: When former child abuse victims blow up in fury mid palm-reading and other tips for dealing with girls who have dark pasts that you uncover. You are a product of your life. and I understand that it is unfair since it was not her fault. perhaps you can stop (pause. If I am attracted to her. I want you here. I am looking her straight in the eyes honestly and speaking in my regular speaking voice to placate her.

Asking her how she feels and asking for her permission to go on is a nice thing to do. and make sure you call her a “girl” when you refer to her rather than a “woman” or anything else.You are going to need to gauge now how you move forward. Do not rush pushing ahead if it needs some time to breathe. 112 . Leave your sensitive tonality on. Girls are softer on the inside and contain an idea of naïveté. You can run the rest of the reading the same.

old skins need to be shed. Read some other stuff and surprise her with the depth of insight and the "truth" of the oracle. and you need to throw away those things and people holding you back and embrace the opportunity right in front of you. For oracle style readings. and get the suspense of death even more happening. The truth is that all fortune telling techniques are a bit the same. She does not understand what the runes actually mean so you can run the same reading all the time just as you do with palm reading. the 113 .. end of a phase or cycle . Now I would be remiss to not teach you something about how to run these routines for seduction. so it is not actually a bad card at all). I offer just the following as an adjunct to a book on the “real readings” that you should buy to run these routines. If you do a rune spread (or read her horoscope or tarot any other method of fortune telling that you might want to learn) that calls for her maintaining status quo (which is the opposite of the motivational mood I want to create). she has not had her cube read before. Suspense is the gap between anticipation and fulfilment..Appendix II: On other methods of fortune telling. You need to allow your girl to stop and breathe in the suspense.. a good card to read obliquely that she should leave her boyfriend. To allow all her sensations to be standing on end with what the death card holds for her. This is a time of separating paths .... no this can’t be". The anticipation is killing them." In tarot reading (that is related) I love "Death".. remember. To get her body quivering with desire to know. there are ultimately only 2 answers: “Do it” and “Don’t do it”.. Similarly. Since you are doing this from within the framework of seduction.. This is not mysticism. what . And do all the things that you want to do but never before allowed yourself to do. Holding that suspense is what a well run routine is all about. you may realise that there is no reason you need to settle for what you have always had. and say knowingly "Oh. where the girl consults the oracle for an answer to a particular problem facing her in her life at the moment.. I have mentioned in the number close that you should oversell the Cube or the Runes and invite her back to your place with that as a pretext. Comment on it as you pull it when dealing. (Death is actually just the card of re-birth. But those are all those thoughts and people and things that are holding you back from feeling as much pleasure as you can. Make sure you do it! Now with me . I want to learn sleight of hand so that I can always pull death. Now is not a time to turn down the opportunities right in front of you. Say "there are certain things in your life which make a status quo seem like a good option. You are about to drink the wine you have always wanted to drink. This is seduction. Change it. So instead of trying to write a complete explanation of these 2 routines as I have above with palm reading. People freak when you pull death. Go to extremely pleasurable places that you have always wanted to go. Jumping straight at death and telling her what it means is like the guy who spoils a movie for you and tells you what is in the end. So if you let the past and the future just drop away and live in the true present. so you are not constrained by the readings in that book either. etc.

answer should be always to “Do it” regardless of the unseen question. which is fair once you write off the divinity. 114 . Therefore “Do it” for the answer is as fair as “Don’t do it” and therefore there is no moral problem with that as a standard answer. When all truth of fortune telling is written off then either answer is completely arbitrary.

or maybe a beached chicken bone. a coloured lambs knuckle. Runes The Self 115 . the second rune (the challenge) The Self. each with a runic symbol etched onto them. a piece of wood. But if you are making them. It intrigues the people around you. a stone. a rabbits foot. The runes are an oracle. so you can choose your favourite 3 readings and read them. What is more. it is a flashy routine because you are there with runes! You have people coming over to watch. a crystal and a lump of bronze and call it a Haitian voodoo witchdoctors oracle! The point is she chooses 3 out of a bag. For the 3 rune spread. and the third rune (action) Signals.Appendix IIa: Runes for Romantic Encounters. or ask her to pull 3 runes and do a 3 rune spread. Or 10 or the Hindu gods. Runes are a set of 25 stones. the second rune is the challenges of her situation. You could have 15 of Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols if you want and call them the Pheronic oracle. However. the way I run it. A good standard reading is to call the first rune (overview of her situation) Separation. So you ask your girl to consult the runes with a question in her mind that she need not tell you. but also the book that will invariably come with them in a bundle. or if you have more time than money you could make a set by etching each of the runic symbols (that you should be able to find on the internet) onto a bunch of similar stones. you should not feel hemmed in by either the Nordic runic symbols or the number of stones. It is a little bag of stones! That is it. I include my runes readings here because they are good for palm reading. as well as any other oracle reading you can dream up. a smooth piece of glass. They are therefore not as flexible and all purpose as palm reading that requires no props. It is a gimmick. I will give you enough information to get you reading runes but if you really want to get this routine together and tight it might be worth buying not only a set of runes. She does not know what the symbols mean. the first rune is the overview of her situation. Then you just read them with the meanings that I explain below. So you have to have your runes with you to run a rune casting routine. (Like consulting her cat about her future or something). there is a major difference. Now you can ask her to pull 1 rune and read that. and the 3rd rune is the action required. You will be able to buy a set at a new-age store where they sell crystals and tarot and like tantric meditation shawls.

I mean if you could close your eyes. Perhaps a new job. You can put those things that are stopping you in the same place. Old skins need to be shed in order for you to embrace the new opportunity that is right in front of you. Yeah. Separation This is a rune of separating paths. but never before allowed yourself to enjoy as completely as what you are about to enjoy. There are certain things. because this is the signal that this rune is giving you. with me. be it a new love. again and again. and remember a time when you felt really good. You need to repeat these experiences that make YOU FEEL SO GOOD. Now. You should just let the rest of the world fade away and allow yourself to enjoy this moment and the ones that will follow. people. you can remember what you saw. and remember the last time you felt extreme pleasure.A correct relationship with the self is essential in order for relationships to flow. All your worries fade away and in place are the pleasures of new experiences that you are about to experience. As you realise that there is no reason why you can not always feel like this. gifts. that this gift will give you. but you allow all those things to become smaller and smaller in your mind as you realise that there is actually nothing holding you back. or ideas in your life that are outmoded. Nothing else is important for the self other than right now. and you can act NOW. as you realise that accepting this new thing inside you life is what will bring you the greatest pleasure. that’s right. and new relationships that you are about to cultivate. like with lids down. This is not a time to turn down your opportunities. Live in the true present and do all those things that are right for the self. or any other sort of relationship. Happiness is nothing more than feeling good. and these things are stopping you from doing all those things that you really want to do. And I mean YOU FEEL REALLY GOOD. I believe it is an important thing to be able to do. Like you threw away an old piece of clothing that you never wear. that delight. and you are the only one that can make yourself feel good. Signals This is the rune of receiving: People. Ready yourself for a very pleasurable gift. and go with the flow of the times. Partnership This rune gives you notice that a new partnership. Make sure you embrace that person. as you realise where all these feelings are coming from. and all those feelings of just feeling really good. Who is causing you to have these feelings. messages. It may seem that there are certain things holding you back. This moment that you are living in. That you are about to feel that real pleasure. So if you go inside and just work out what it is that is stopping you from feeling really good. and make sure that you are prepared to accept it. You can just feel good just speaking with me. like that. and all those sounds that you can hear. the self. And as you remember this time. As you realise that you 116 . signals. So all those things that are holding you back. And you should just stop for a moment. you need to make sure that you DO all those things that you are able to do. and allow yourself to enjoy this moment. a new and rewarding relationship is just about to begin. But whoever is the new person or opportunity you have just encountered. And make sure you do not hold this person out of your own life. you can now just take and throw away. And you should allow yourself to give yourself completely to this new person.

right now. This opportunity at increased happiness. This is a time for you. Constraint This rune represents the constrains we put on ourselves as well as the constraints put on us by the world around us. and new people have just walked into your life. You want to drink the wine that those things holding you back wont let you drink. but have never been. This delight. the fertile hole in the ground is warm and wet. as for signals. and experience the things you want to. Fertility Fertility represents the birth of new beginnings. and be the person you want to be. You need to terminate the old way of life and begin a new one. As you imagine a time in the future. and you should do those things you need to do in order to enjoy yourself the way that you deserve to be. You need to shed these old skins . Strength This is the rune of personal strength.are about to move forward to places you always wanted to go. and do all those things you want to do etc. You are the sort of person who is capable of making your own decisions. Protection 117 . You need to be strong and defend what you want to do. loosen yourself from these restraints. Perhaps a new relationship that will be extremely rewarding. DO IT. New relationships. I am a self sufficient person who would not let anybody stand in the way of my own happiness. and looking back on today as the time when it all began. and something new and beautiful is about to grow out of this fertile period. Initiation This rune indicates the initiation of a new way of living. and act regardless of the forces in your life that do not have your immediate pleasure at heart. Now with me. You need to make sure you defend yourself from all those forces that do not want you to feel this pleasure you are about to feel. and you do so with your own best interests at heart. You need to allow the harvester to enter that hole to plant the seed of a new beginning.. Like mother earth. You need to be strong to embrace this opportunity right in front of you etc as for separation. when this beautifully fertile period has born its fruit. that is how I live. and I have no respect for those weak people who will not act on their desires. Defence The new beginnings in your life are going to be resisted by forces that do not want you to embrace this new pleasure. Now with me. Keep in mind that new ways of life are always better. You need to seize the moment and act now etc. and to hell with the rest. as for separation. This rune tells me that you are the sort of person who is prepared to do all the things that you need to do in order to gain true happiness..

to new attitudes. As you feel this . Etc (as for joy). You need to throw away the old and embrace the new. If you remember a time when you felt Joy. and always the battle of the spiritual warrior is with the self. it is a fantastic feeling that I savour. (see self) Growth: This is the rune of growth of a new period in your life. The results of a long awaited fulfilment are about to be satisfied in your life. or a new life. If you could just stop and remember the last time that you were completely satisfied. Opening: This is the rune that represents a new opening in your life. Those people who will attempt to hold you back. Possessions This is the rune of fulfilment: ambition satisfied. etc.You are about to embrace a new. (see separation) Flow: As for movement Disruption: Breaking free from the old. achievements gained. You are free to pass through and re-invent who you are. See defence. You need to make sure that you ACT on this opportunity in front of you. In this time of change you need to protect yourself from those people from your old life. etc. Prepare yourself for the receiving of gifts etc.. etc. as for signals. Harvest: This is the rune of beneficial outcomes. Joy This is a fruit bearing rune. As you realise that you are about to feel those feelings again. (see joy or opening or whatever) Movement: This is the rune of transition and movement. You need to ready yourself for something beautiful that is about to occur. With me. The message of this rune is that you need to protect yourself against the old. Perhaps even all of your dreams are about to become true. you are completely capable of doing so. love fulfilled. Warrior: This is the rune of the spiritual warrior. Overwhelming joy and happiness. Journey: As for movement Gateway: As for opening Breakthrough: As for opening 118 . etc. extremely pleasurable opportunity in your life that will take you forward in ways you can only imagine. When the climax of some venture had been reached and you just felt all those feelings of spent satisfaction..

This is the best rune. 119 . You need to separate from the things that are holding you back. See separation. Like the phoenix who rises from the ashes. See also Self. This is the rune of ends and beginnings. It can go anywhere you want it to. It is a rune of completing the self.Standstill: There are some factors in your life that are making you stand still at the moment. Of doing those things to become the person you have always wanted to be. (etc see self) The Unknowable Blank is the end. you need to reduce these factors so you can act (see defence) Wholeness: This is the rune of making yourself whole. you will reinvent yourself. Part of who you used to be will be over. Dead. Blank is the beginning.

You are not a cube-reading purist. etc. There is enough material around on the Internet to get you running this routine. You do not tell her that she is low on confidence and low on self-esteem. you do it like you have the same level of belief that you have about palm reading. as it says in the book. blah. A large cube means that you are self-confident and that you should trust your confidence to handle new situations and do all those things that you want to do. and do a reading about adventures. and like it when people can just embrace you and understand you for who you are. A medium sized cube means you are adventurous. You are not bound by the “true” readings in the book. You say something more along the lines of “Your small cube means that you feel more deeply than other people and can be hurt easily. So for example. and you should do it often. as you work your reading around how nice it is to feel that. So you should read the cube as if it is a palm reading. when you are doing it with girls. blah”. the feeling of being thrilled and standing on a precipice. I know that there are some of you out there that actually believe that there is some truth to the cube. You do not want to be her therapist. You have a need for intimacy in your life. or ego. Now. perhaps a small cube signifies a need for intimacy. As you learn to read it. She makes the size of the cube proportional to your self opinion. there is no more “truth” in the cube than there is in the palm reading. and throwing yourself over and how you should do it. So lets say she has a small cube the size of a dice. again with all the readings pointing towards your goals. Or that her flat ladder means her friends are lazy. However. You are a really sweet girl who blah. which is constructed from a wire frame surrounded by cling-wrap. you use the same philosophy that you use when running palm-reading.Appendix IIb: The Cube for Romantic Encounters. or confidence. 120 . or you should buy the book for a complete account. But there is no need to run it like that. The cube is a personality game written about in the book by Annie Gottleib called “Secrets of the Cube: The Ancient Visualization Games That Reveals Your True Self” or simply “The Cube”. That the cube is real and gives you real readings about the person. When in a seduction all readings should similarly take your path forward.

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