The comprehensive study of Askari bank helps to suggest the organizational wide plans that determine the long run success of the organization, finding new ways to add value, flexibility, and developing unique skills and ideas to manage people. After analyzing one can explain that how a bank can provide diversified products & services to the customers in order to provide them maximum utility. The purpose of Askari bank is to provide professional integrity, customer satisfaction and teamwork. To achieve sustained growth and profitability in all areas of business.

This report is a comprehensive study to know the potential of Askari bank. Askari Commercial Bank is one of the leading banks in Pakistan, which is growing rapidly. Economy of Pakistan specially banking sector is developing very fast, so there are opportunities in banking sector. Askari bank was incorporated in Pakistan on October 9, 1991, as a public limited company. It commenced its operations on April 1, 1992, and is principally engaged in the business of banking, as defined in the banking companies¶ ordinance, 1962. The bank is listed on the KARACHI, LAHORE AND ISLAMABAD Stock Exchanges and its share is currently the highest quoted from among the new private sector banks in Pakistan.

Askari Bank has expanded into a nationwide presence of 98 Branches, and an Offshore Banking Unit in Bahrain. A shared network of over 1,100 online ATMs covering all major cities in Pakistan supports the delivery channels for customer service. As on December 31, 2005, the Bank had equity of Rs. 8.6 billion and total assets of Rs. 145.1 billion, with over 600,000 banking customers, serviced by our 2,754 employees. Askari Bank is committed to develop and enhance each employee¶s skills and capabilities through extensive in-house and external training programs and job rotation. Productivity of service firm is providing the best service to their customer


at low cost. ACBL (Present name: Askari Bank Limited) tend to attain the maximum share of the market. This report includes the brief details about the bank. The major purpose of this report is to find out the performance, details of all the departments, functions of the Askari bank, role of Askari bank in the economy of Pakistan and to prepare a comprehensive report which covers all the aspects of the bank. In this report, I did the same thing which is required to study the organization on the whole.

It was a great experience to work at the Askari bank; the things happening were totally different from what we read in the books. In the period of 6 weeks internship at Askari Bank Township Branch, Lahore (0056), I had a chance to have the exposure of how a bank undergoes its functions. I tried my best to gain a practical exposure and an experience to plan, develop, present and report and to seek a challenging career oriented position in the field of general banking by using the potential of hard work and professional skills. It was a large size branch consists of 1 branch manager, 1 operation manager, 1 in charge general banking, 3 OGIII officers, 8 OGII officers, 5 OGI and some other clerical staff. As internee I have to help the different employee in the Branch in their daily work. I was asked to work on the entire general banking except cash dealings.

First I found out the brief history of the Askari bank to know about the past of the bank then I found the details about the present functions, its professional out look to attract the customers and to increase the business. During my internship I was sent to different departments including Accounts, Credits, customer dealing Account opening, Clearing, Remittances and Foreign exchange/Trade.

Account opening department gave a chance to know about the account opening process and requirements. In customer dealing, I learnt how to satisfy the customers. Remittance department explains the different kind of services provided by the Askari bank. I tried to explain the (D.D, Pay Order, M.T, T.T) opening, clearing and encashment process. Accounts department shows all the working of the bank during the whole period. This department prepares the


balance sheet, income statement, salary slip of the employees and disburses the salary to the employees.

The foreign exchange department provides the detail about the trade of the country the foreign exchange covers imports, exports and foreign currencies. I learnt about LC opening, lodgment and retirement and other ways of making an import. The foreign currency department shows the currency come in and goes out of the country. Credit department covers all the schemes which the bank offers to benefit the people of the country.

At the very end I performed the financial ratio & SWOT analysis of Askari bank to show the actual position of the bank and to find out the strength, weakness and advantages of the bank. By analyzing the overall performance I can say that the bank has improved its working. And it links to be getting better in profit earning sector and it is expected that the Profitability of the bank will be improved in the future year.

After the analysis I give suggestions to bank which I feel during my internship program the bank can make rapid progress and can increase its business and performance. So at the end we can say in the modern era it has achieved a destination where other competitive modern banks can simply reach. For the year 2006, Askari bank has won the Best Consumer Banking Award 2006 from the consumer Association of Pakistan, the Best Retail Banking Award 2008 from Pakistan Guarantee Export Corporation Ltd. and The Best Corporate Report Award for the year 2008 from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Pakistan (ICAP), and the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants in Pakistan (ICAMP). That is why people have more trust in askari bank and they are willingly depositing their money in it without any threat. All in all, it was a very good learning; which will be helpful in my career.


farmers. A shared network of over 4. respectively.95 billion and total assets of Rs. 25433 billion.159 employees.173 online ATMs covering all major cities in Pakistan supports the delivery channels for customer service. SMEs. extending and developing the core competencies and moving out of weak and non± core segments. At the same time. Askari Investment Management Limited and Askari Securities Limited are subsidiaries of Askari Bank engaged in managing mutual funds and shares brokerage. 1992. and is principally engaged in the business of banking. 14. The VISION to be the bank of first choice in the region demands continuous strive for creation of business opportunities with innovation while maintaining the core values to meet the commitment to all bank¶s stakeholders. It commenced its operations on April 1. the people are constantly engaged in assessing customer needs and market dynamics to realign the products and the priorities to attain brand recognition and competitive edge. serviced by our 6. the Bank had equity of Rs. Askari Bank has expanded into network of 226 Branches/ subsidiary branches including 31 dedicated Islamic banking and a wholesale bank branch in Bahrain. households and. as defined in the banking companies¶ ordinance. As on December 31. 4|Page . ACBL are reshaping its portfolio of businesses by investing in higher growth areas. LAHORE and ISLAMABAD Stock Exchanges and its share is currently the highest quoted from among the new private sector banks in Pakistan. 2009.485 banking customers. The range of the products aims to serve the diverse customer base that comprises of corporate. with over 984.INTERODUCTION 18 YEARS OF BANKING HISTORY Askari bank was incorporated in Pakistan on October 9. 1962. 1991. as a public limited company. individual savers. The bank is listed on the KARACHI.

To manage the Bank's portfolio of businesses to achieve strong and sustainable shareholder returns and to continuously build shareholder value. delivering quality service through innovative technology and effective human resource management in a modern and progressive organizational culture of meritocracy. where employees are motivated to contribute to their full potential. To deliver timely solutions those best meet the customers¶ financial needs. efficient management information system. To maximize use of technology to ensure cost-effective operations. 5|Page . To build and sustain a high performance culture. To effectively manage and mitigate all kinds of risks inherent in the banking business.VISION STATEMENT To be the bank of first choice in the region MISSION STATEMENT To be the leading private sector bank in Pakistan with an international presence. To explore new avenues for growth and profitability. To develop a customer-service oriented culture with special emphasis on customer care and convenience. with a continuous improvement focus. while providing enhanced value to all our stakeholders. maintaining high ethical and professional standards. and contributing to society. To build an enabling environment. enhanced delivery capability and high service standards. OBJECTIVES To achieve sustained growth and profitability in all areas of business.

STRATEGIC PLANNING To comprehensively plan for the future to ensure sustained growth and profitability. To facilitate alignment of the Vision. Employees must safeguard confidential information which may come to their possession during the discharge of their responsibilities. Fairness. with the Business Goals and Objectives. the following are the salient features of the Bank¶s code of ethics and conduct. To identify strategic initiatives and opportunities for profit. To provide strategic initiatives and solutions for projects. the Bank or its customers. conditions. They must act in a prudent manner and must avoid situations that could reflect unfavorably on themselves. Mission. rights and obligations. policies and procedures. Presence of a corporate culture that seeks to create an environment where all persons are treated equitably and with respect. To create and leverage strategic assets and capabilities for competitive advantage. Corporate Objectives and Corporate Philosophy. To provide strategic solutions to mitigate weak areas and to counter threats to profits. BUSINESS ETHICS AND CONDUCT Askari Bank seeks to maintain high standards of service and ethics enabling it to be perceived as impartial. Employees must carry out their responsibilities in a professional manner at all times. ethical and independent. In addition to the general guidelines. products. Employees must commit to the continued development of the service culture in which the Bank consistently seeks to exceed customers¶ expectations. Truthfulness and Transparency govern our customer relationships in determining the transactional terms. Respect for 6|Page .

which may adversely affect the Bank's business. understanding or arrangement with any competitor with respect to pricing of services. REGULATORS OF ASKARI BANK The bank firmly believes in regulatory discipline and harmony of the corporate objectives with regulatory framework. merits the same care as does the protection of the Bank's own affairs or other interests. thefts or illegal activities committed within the Bank premises. with the interest of the Bank or its customers. Employees must remain alert and vigilant with respect to frauds. standing and the nature of their business activities. Employees must not enter into an agreement. which appear or may appear to compromise commercial or business relationship. profit rates and / or marketing policies. The business methodologies are designed to ensure compliance with the directives of all the bank¶s regulators. Employees must avoid circumstances in which their personal interest conflicts. COMMITMENT TO SOCIAL REPONSIBILTY The bank fully recognizes the corporate social responsibility and contributions to different areas of the social sector are aimed to help improve the quality of life in the Country.customers' confidential matters. business entertainment or other benefits from a customer or a supplier / vendor. Employees must ensure that know your customer principals are adhered by obtaining sufficient information about the customers to reasonably satisfy ourselves as to their reputation. or may appear to conflict. Employees must never use their position in the Bank to obtain an advantage or gain. Employees must not accept gifts. 7|Page .

Askari Tele Care. all over Pakistan. INSPIRING EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP The bank strongly believes that the interest of the Bank and the employees are inseparable. anytime in the world. In order to ensure meritocracy. Its mobile ATMs are the first in Pakistan. the Bank is in the process of replacing the existing technology with comprehensive state. INSPIRING TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION Technology has played a pivotal role in meeting customer expectations. The bank has fully automated transaction± processing systems for back±office support. ACBL try to create a µwe¶ culture where there is mutual trust and respect for each other. To further strengthen and enhance the technology platform. The branch network is connected on±line real±time and its customers have access to off±site as well as on±site ATMs. particularly with respect to speed and quality of service. Bank¶s client relationship with the managers are well equipped and well trained to provide the most efficient and personalized service to the customers. Askari Bank is proud of its pioneering role in providing the most modern and technologically advanced services to its 984.of-the-art solutions. The bank encourages ownership behavior so that everyone feels responsible for the performance and reputation of the Bank. and internet banking facility allows customers to enjoy routine banking service from anywhere.INSPIRING RELATIONSHIPS INSPIRING CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP Knowing the customers and their needs is the key to the business success. 8|Page . The bank is committed to develop and enhance each employee¶s skills and capabilities through extensive in±house and external training programs and job rotations. Askari bank¶s products and services are as diverse as the market segments. the appraisal system is purely performance based. The bank also pioneered an e±commerce venture in Pakistan. This initiative will greatly improve bank¶s product delivery and service abilities. The bank¶s phone banking service.485 relationships.

financial situation. it believes in providing the investors timely. are: Commitment Integrity Fairness Teamwork Service INSPIRING THE INVESTOR¶S CONFIDENCE ACBL believes that the bottom line of any business is creating shareholder value. 2003 & 2004 9|Page . ACBL understands that the commitment to satisfy customer¶s needs that must be fulfilled within a professional and ethical framework. regular and reliable information on the activities. which are the corner stones of the corporate behavior. ACBL subscribes to a culture of high ethical standards. ACBL has received several awards for the quality of its banking service to individuals and corporate. Over the years. and performance. 2001. structure. The intrinsic values.INSPIRING ETHICAL VALUES Integrity is the most valued standard in whatever one do. based on the development of right attitudes. To gain their trust and confidence. AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Askari Bank continues its success in competition. These include: Best Commercial Bank Consumer Choice award 2005 By The Consumers Association of Pakistan Best Retail Bank in Pakistan Award 2004 & 2005 By The Asian Banker Best Corporate Report 1st prize awarded for 2000.

The Best Corporate Report Award For the year 2008 By ICAP & ICMAP 10 | P a g e .By Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) and institute of Cost & Management of Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP) Corporate Excellence Awards for 2002 & 2003 The Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) Best Corporate / Institutional Internet Bank in Pakistan Award for 2004 By Global Finance magazine Best Consumer Internet Bank in Pakistan Award for 2002. 2003 & 2004 By Global Finance magazine The Best Bank in Pakistan Award for 2001 & 2002 By Global Finance Magazine Best Presented Accounts Ranking prizes awarded from 1997 to 2002 By South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA) Best Presented Annual Accounts Award for 2000. and the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants in Pakistan (ICAMP) Commercial Bank of the Year Award for 1994 & 96 By Asia money magazine The Best Consumer Banking Award 2006 Award for 2006 By the consumer Association of Pakistan The Best Retail Banking Award 2008 Award for 2008 By Pakistan Guarantee Export Corporation Ltd. 2001and 2002 By the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Pakistan (ICAP).

COMPETITORS Banking industry is growing much fast.Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan award for 1995by Euro money Over the years. First Bank with a nation-wide ATM network. There are following competitors: ABN Amro Bank al Falah (Pvt) Ltd Union Bank Ltd Soneri Bank Ltd Prime Commercial bank The bank of Punjab Bank Al-Habib Ltd My bank Ltd Silk Bank Ltd NIB Ltd ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Board of Directors 11 | P a g e . AA ratings denote a very low expectation of credit risk. Also show very strong position of timely payments A1+ shows obligations supported by the highest capacity for timely payments. Askari Bank has proved its strength as a leading banking sector entity. So Askari bank is facing a lot of competition in the market. by achieving the following firsts in Pakistani Banking: First Bank to offer on-line real-time banking on a country-wide basis. First Bank to offer Internet Banking Services First Bank to offer e-commerce solution CREDIT RATING Askari bank has following credit rating by Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) Long term: Short term: AA A1+ AA represents very high credit quality.

Kashif Mateen Ansari Chairman Member Member Legal Advisors j Rizvi.F. Waseem Ahmed Ashraf Lt. Muhammad Najam Ali Mr. Shaharyar Ahmad Brig (R) Muhammad Shiraz Baig Brig (R) Asmat Ullah Khan Niazi Mr.Ferguson & Co.j j j j j j j j Lt. Muhammad Afzal Munif Mr. (R) Zarrar Azim Mr. Afridi & Angell Shariah advisor j Dr. Chartered Accountants Brig (R) Asmat Ullah Khan Niazi Brig (R) Muhammad Shiraz Baig Mr. Saleem Anwar Audit Committee j j j Auditors j A. Tariq lqbal Khan Chairman Chairman Executive Committee President & Chief Executive Director Director Director Director Director (NIT Nominee) Company Secretary j Mr. Gen. Gen. Muhammad Tahir Mansoori MANAGEMENT MAIN OFFICES 12 | P a g e . Isa.

BOX. the MALL P.com. NO: 1080 Rawalpindi: 46000 Pakistan.pk Registrar\share transfer office THK Associate (PVT) Limited Ground Floor. Karachi. Karachi 75530 P. Tel: 92-51-9063000 Fax: 92-51-9272455 E-mail:Webmaster@Askaribank.Ziauddin Ahmad Road.Registered \Head Office AWT Plaza.O. State Life Building 3 Dr. Wholesale Bank Branch.O. box 8533. Bahrain 13 | P a g e .

ORGANOGRAM BOARD OF DIRECTORS Executive Committee Internal Audit President and Chief Executive Corp. Banking & Fin. Group Operating and credit group Regions Retail Banking Group Credit Cards International Credit Rawalpind i/Islamaba d North Asset Products Planning and Corporate affairs Human Resource Treasury Electronic Technology Systems and Operations Investment products Corporate and Merchant Banking Lahore Finance Data Reporting East Legal Affairs South I South II West 14 | P a g e . Inst.


ACBL offers the following financial services to its customers. Mahana Bachat Account Roshan Mustaqbil Deposit Deposit Multiplier Account Personal Finance Islamic banking services Agricultural finance solution Corporate & investment banking Mortgage Finance Debit/Visa Card International banking services 16 | P a g e .FUNCTIONS OF ACBL There are following functions that Askari Bank performs: Acceptance of deposits Advancing of loans Agency services General utility services Investment Overdraft facility Transfer of money Creation of credit Facilitates foreign trade Executor of the standing orders Acting as a trust PRODUCTS &SERVICES OF ACBL A product ACBL includes all those services which customer normally required for effectively managing his business.

000/.000/. 265. Invest now in the form of monthly deposits for five years and get paid back the same amount for the next five years while receiving your principal amount in full at the end of the tenure. you can double your investment in a time period of ten years. With Askari Roshan Mustaqbil Deposit.  Earn Mark up of 11. Askari Bank¶s Personal Finance makes sure that you get the most out of your loan. Askari Mahana Bachat Account is a Term Deposit facility available to individual customer with the option of 1 and 3 Years tenure.000 should be deposited.  Earn mark up of 12% p. a saving plan specially designed for individual investors who wish to invest now for a regular return at a later stage while keeping their principal amount. Islamic Banking services 17 | P a g e .ASKARI MAHANA BACHAT ACCOUNT: (1 + 3 YEAR TENURE )  Multiples of 25. With a tenure of 10 Years and a competitive rate of return on maturity this account is ideal for investors who wish to start saving for their future today.000/.a on investment of Rs.1% p.will increase to Rs. The deposits are ROSHAN MUSTAQBIL ACCOUNT Askari Bank has launched the Askari Roshan Mustaqbil Deposit. With unmatched financing features in terms of loan amount. 000 for every month.for every month. 100. payback period and most affordable monthly installments. DEPOSIT MULTIPLIER ACCOUNT  Value of initial investment of Rs. Personal Finance One can avail unlimited opportunities through Askari Bank¶s Personal Finance. 100.at maturity´ This account is for individual investors whose purpose is long term savings with high returns.100.a on investment of every Rs.

by opening 6 dedicated Islamic Banking branches in major cities of the country. Corporate & investment Banking  Corporate Banking Division  Term Loans  Fund transfers/Remittances  Project Finance 18 | P a g e . There are following Islamic banking services:  Islamic Corporate Banking  Islamic Investment Banking  Islamic Trade Finance  Islamic General Banking  Islamic Consumer Banking Agricultural Finance Solutions  Kissan Ever Green Finance  Kissan Tractor Finance  Kissan Transport Finance  Kissan Aabpashi Finance Kissan ever green Finance Askari Bank has launched this program with the sole motive to provide dignity.Islamic Banking was launched under the brand 'Askari Islamic Banking'. prosperity and freedom to the tiller of the land. Further expansion is planned with improved capabilities for offering products conforming to the Shariah principles.

PRODUCTS OF ACBL There are following features of this account: DEMAND DEPOSIT  Current Account  Call Deposit Receipt TIME DEPOSIT     PLS saving Deposit Askari special Deposit account Askari FISDA Account Askari FAIDA Account Finance EXPORT RELATED FINANCE Pre-shipment Finance Post shipment Finance Against Packing Credit MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS Demand draft Telegraphic transfer Pay order LOCKERS    Small Size Lockers Medium Size Lockers Large size lockers Online banking Internet banking Travelers cheque Foreign TT Askari master credit card Fund Based Loan         Running Finance Cash Finance Term Finance Staff Finance Askari Personal Finance Trade Finance Askari debit card IMPORT RELATED FINANCE Payment Against document Finance Against imported Merchandise Finance against Trust receipt  Value Plus Saving Deposit  Notice Deposit  Askari Advantage  Term Deposit Non-Fund Based Loan Letter of Credit (LC) Letter of Guarantee (LG) 19 | P a g e .

GENERAL BANKING DEPARTMENT Account opening Remittance Department Cash Department Clearing Department PRIVILEGE BANKING DEPARTMENT Online banking Lockers FOREIGN EXCHANGE DEPARTMENT Import Department Export Department Foreign Currency Department CREDIT DEPARTMENT ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT IT DEPARTMENT 20 | P a g e .

 Guide the customer about the requirements of the account opening and form filling  Check the forms whether they are correctly completed or not  Preparing checklist  Stamping on the form  Maintaining account opening register  Pasting of forms in register after release from general banking in charge  Issuance of cheque books  Issuance of accounts maintenance certificate  Closure of account  Verification of signature in case of cheque presented before releasing of account opening from SS card is not yet scanned TYPES OF ACCOUNTS The customer can open his bank account in order to deposit or withdraw amount. The bank offers different types of accounts which are as follow: Current account Saving account Askari special deposit account (ASDA) Basic banking account (BBA) ACCOUNT OF GENERAL CUSTOMERS Minor account Illiterate person account Individual account Joint Account ACCOUNTS OF SPECIAL CUSTOMER Sole Proprietorship Account 21 | P a g e .ACCOUNT OPENING DEPARTMENT FUNCTIONS  Providing account opening form according to the customer's requirements.

22 | P a g e . There are three options which are given to customer like Any one: Any one of the account holder can made transaction Jointly: All the account holders need to be there for making transaction Either or survivor: If one person died than the other can made transaction In case of company partnership account. than the account was operate as per court order and for this new resolution was passed by the court. and also by the company. 000. The saving account can also be opened individually. and by company but mostly this account was opened by individual and jointly. SAVING ACCOUNT The saving account is also called ³PLS´ account. Profit was given on this account is semiannually and the profit rate is 5%. if one partner died than the partnership is dissolved. The initial deposit in order to open this account is Rs.The account holder does not bear any loss and no profit is given on this account. This account can be opened with the minimum deposit of Rs.10. The code which is used for this account is ³0110´. Societies /Association Accounts Trusts Local Bodies Etc.5000. The profit was automatically adjusted by the electronic data division (EDD) on the amount of deposit. jointly. Executor¶s & Administrator¶s Account CURRENT ACCOUNT (CD) The current account is also called ³CD´ account and the Code used for this account is ³0101´. jointly.Current account can be opened by an individual.Partnership Account Limited Company¶s Account Agent¶s Account Joint Stock Company Account Agency Account Clubs.

jointly.1000. and by the company. This account was mostly opened by the Pensioner Lower income people House wife Students Salaried person Maximum two deposits and two withdraw can be made by the account holder in a month. This account can be opened with the minimum deposit of Rs.5000. This account can be opened individually or jointly. The code which is used 23 | P a g e .The things which are required in order to open this account are  Computerized national identity card (CNIC)  Letter from the company where the person is currently working  In case of thumb sign also require passport size photographs  Source of income  Number of dependents  National tax number (NTN) And other general information. No profit was given on this account. The bank does not deduct any extra charges even if the amount is less than Rs.25 for every transaction. but if the transaction exceeds its limit than the bank charge Rs. ASKARI SPECIAL DEPOSIT ACCOUNT (ASDA) The askari special deposit account is also called ³ASDA´. This account can also be opened individually. BASIC BANKING ACCOUNT (BBA) The basic banking account is also called ³BBA´ account and the code which is used for this account is ³01021´. effect all these information is required in all the accounts The state bank of Pakistan gives facility to different people by giving different feature in current account like introduce BASIC BANKING ACCOUNT ³BBA´.

10.  There is no limit on the transactions  The profit was given at the rate of 5% on monthly basis.50. ACCOUNT OPENING REQUIREMENTS FOR PROPRETORY COMPANY  copy of CNIC  original letter head and rubber stamp of proprietor  NTN no FOR PARTNERSHIP COMPANY  copy of CNIC of all partners  Resolution on original letter head of company & rubber stamp of partner on which operation of account clearly mention. 000 but profit was given on the amount exceeding Rs.  Memorandum & Articles Of Association attested by SECP  FORM 29 attested by SECP  certificate of incorporation/ commencement of business attested by SECP  List of directors on company¶s letter head  Company embossed common seal on AOF 24 | P a g e .The account was offered specially by the bank by its name and the features¶ that it maintains which are:  The account holder can only share the profit not the loss. 000.  Partnership deed dully attested by company registrar/notary public  Registration certificate if required  Introduction PUBLIC & PRIVATE COMPANY  Copy of CNIC of all directors & authorized signatories attested by company Sectary  Resolution of board of directors on original letter head of company with rubber stamp & embossed common seal of company in which operation of account clearly mentioned.  It can be opened with minimum deposit of Rs.account is for this account is ³01165´.

Introduction of Accounts It is a most important column of AOF. Without the proper introduction. line and place of business.  Also the bank officer must take proper information from the customer about his means.  If the introducer does not come then bank officer must take extreme care about his signature verification.  Current account holders can be introducer of both types of deposits but saving bank account holder cannot be the introducer of current 25 | P a g e .  Introducer having doubtful dealing with the bank should be discreetly declined. Account Opening Form (AOF) The bank officer must assure that the customer fills each and every column of account opening form correctly with all necessary details.  The customer must be of sound mind.ACCOUNT OPENING PROCEDURE The general procedure of account opening is same but the document required to open the account is different according to type of account. The bank officer consider following precaution in this respect. The specific information about the business or occupation of the customer is recorded in the form. the new account cannot be opened.  The customer must not be debarred under any law from entering into any contract. Information at the time of opening of account.  The introducer should come with the prospective customer to the bank so there will be no doubt about the identity of customer. it means he must be the age of 18 according to law. the bank officer must assure that customer has the following characteristics:  The customer must have the age of majority.  The customer must not be insolvent and bankrupt.

mean there is slightly difference every time in signature. if the client used the thumb impression in order to operate account and also in case if the initials was shaky. 26 | P a g e . UNDERTAKING FORMS There is different type of undertaking which are taken by the bank at the time of opening the account.account holder. This is also the sort of undertaking which was taken by the bank in order to protect itself. SPECIMEN SIGNATURE CARD (SS CARD) The bank officer takes signature of customer on AOF and specimen signature card. two of them are: y y Sign differ form Vernacular form SIGN DIFFER FORM This form was filled by the client at the time of opening the account. this card is scanned in the computer and whenever customer makes any transaction in this account then his signature is verified by it. NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD The bank officer check that number of national identity card is correctly recorded in the AOF and a copy of national identity card is kept in record by the bank. But in exceptional cases they can introduce when saving account holder maintain substantial balance and they are old and operative accounts.  The staff member can become introducer if they personally known to the prospective customer. if the initial which was made on the computerized identity card is different from the one which is made on the account opening form. This is actually the declaration which is given by the client that the client used different signature for operating account from the one that was made on CNIC. Latterly. It was clearly mentioned on this that in such cases if any fraud occurs than banker is not responsible for this. VERNACULAR FORM This form was filled by the customer.

There are different purpose of this letter. The requisition slip is duly signed then bank officer enters cheque book series on it. Bank Charges Rs.LETTER OF THANKS After the opening of account.100 for resonance. 27 | P a g e . the bank sends this letter to the account holder address. the bank send this letter to the account holder address and if the result was not accurate the letter was again received by the bank and then again verify the address from the account holder and again send till that the account holder not receive that letter. mean in this account there are more chances of fraud etc. These accounts are needed to be monitored very closely. High risk account includes: Lawyers account Real estate account Politicians Staff of askari bank Staff of money exchanger Beaurocates ISSUANCE OF CHEQUE BOOK The customer fills the ³Form A´ for issuance of cheque books along with the AOF. HIGH RISK ACCOUNT There are some accounts which are declared by the bank as high risk account. Bank Charge Rs. The bank is not issued the cheque book till the address was not verified. ACBL issue 25 t0 100 leaves cheque books. The officer enters the issuance of cheque book in register. To minimize the misappropriation bank stamps the account number on each leaf of cheque book. If cheque book is lost then customer fill the ³From B´ for resonance of cheque book. some of them are  To create goodwill  To make sure that all the problems are solved efficiently and effectively the most basic purpose is to verify the account holder address.2 per leaf.

Now the account will be active only by crediting some amount. ACBL provides these services to both customers & non-customers Functions  Managing issuance of demand drafts  Pay orders  Travelers cheque  Mail transfer  Managing Call deposit receipts CDR  Intercity clearing  Outward bills for collection (OBC)  Credit card advance  Cancellation of pay order & demand draft 28 | P a g e . With this form the client also need to give back his cheque book that he holds due to his account. This department deals with the local currency transfer only.100 for closure and remaining balance in the applicant¶s account will be paid to account holder. After collecting the cheque book and verifying all the things. REMITTANCE DEPARTMENT The remittance department deals with the transfer of money from one place to another. the bank cancel the cheque numbers and close the customer account on his request. the account holder needs to fulfill the form by the name of ³closure of account´. The bank will charge Rs. CLOSURE OF ACCOUNT In order to close the account.ACCOUNTS NOT IN USE INOPERATIVE ACCOUNTS Accounts which are not in use for 1 year are considered as inoperative accounts DORMANT ACCOUNTS Accounts which are not in use for 6 months are considered as dormant accounts INACTIVE ACCOUNT If there is no transaction in any account within 6 months then account will become inactive.

O««««««««««««««««.INSTRUMENTS OF THE REMITTANCES DEPARTMENTS  DEMAND DRAFT A demand draft is an instrument.  All pay order shall be crossed" payees account only".  Do necessary vouchering.65 (for admission fee Rs. If two banks are involved. It is made by the bank and given to the purchaser against cash or cheque.Cr  PAY ORDER Pay order issued from one branch only be payable from the same branch. which is drawn by one bank upon another bank for a specific sum of money payable on demand.  Make entry in PO issue register.. AMOUNT Up to 1million Above 1million PO ISSUE Entries in the uni system: Customer¶s a/c«««««««««Dr PO during day««««««««««Cr At day end: 29 | P a g e CHARGES Rs.Dr DD during day««««««««««««.25) Nil .  Issue pay order after recovering cheques.  Fill the application form. But in customer .Bank case the customer sends his DD to the receiver. then one bank sends a DD to another bank. It is normally issued for payment in the same city. Customer¶s a/c«««««««««..Cr DD during day««««««««««Dr M. Charges of DD are taken from the system according to the amount.

Rs. deposit Rs.Cr On approval of contractor¶ request CDR««««««««««««««. Askari branch doesn¶t exist...Dr M. 5. clearing between cities are done.O««««««««««««««.. taking part in the bidding.O««««««««««««««««.. ASKARI branch Lahore sends the cheque through NIFT to main branch which will further sends to Askari bank Karachi branch for clearing and at the same process they send back the advice. for getting Govt. In this process. If it returns..  OUTWARD BILLS FOR COLLECTION If in any city.000 and the following entries will be passed: Customer¶s A/c««««««««««Dr CDR«««««««««««««««.Dr B/P««««««««««««««. zakat deduction..Cr  INTERCITY CLEARING In intercity clearing.Cr 30 | P a g e .  CALL DEPOST RECEIPT CDRs are used for the purpose of tendor notice. For participating in the bidding process.Cr After presentation: B/P««««««««««««««. payment is secured and if approved then lodged in clearing.Cr On rejection of CDR CDR«««««««««««««««Dr Customer¶s A/c«««««««««««.PO during day«««««««««. For example in Karachi.Dr M. then we stamp µOBC¶ and directly send it to that bank¶s branch for clearing. branch of Askari bank exists. tendor in favor of customer µname.65 will be charged...

They are issued to settle all your business transaction and customer can travel without any pocket load. Any branch of ACBL can make payment of Askari traveler cheque. Normally cash department performs following functions:  Receipt  Payments  Act according to any standing instructions  Transfer of funds from one account to another  Handling of ATM  Verification of signatures  Posting  Handling of prize bonds. It is issued on purchase agreement form and 3 copies are prepared.2% commission. Askari traveler cheques are issued against cash cheque or debit to customer account. It can be drawn by another bank through collection.TRAVELERS CHEQUES Askari traveler¶s cheques are a valuable financial service of ACBL. easily refundable in case of theft and loss. It is safest substitute for cash. It can be encased form the issuing branch but not on issuing date. 10. Askari bank issues the traveler cheques denomination of Rs.000. One is sent to head office. CASH DEPARTMENT All physical movement of cash in the bank is made through the cash department. 31 | P a g e . the second one for record of bank and third one for the custom. No service charges are taken on it. If these cheques are enchased within seven days then customer will receive 0.

dividend warrants etc.. FUNCTIONS  Accepting transfer delivery and clearing cheques. «««.. lhr. the following entries will be passed in the system: Customer account««««.CLEARING DEPARTMENT Bank collects payment of cheques on behalf of its customer within city.. Other points to remember in inward clearing:  We are paying amount of cheque  Customer¶s Account will be debited  In case of return charges will be Rs.O««««««««««««««««. Cr 32 | P a g e .  Posting of clearing cheques in the system  Maintaining register for inward and outward clearing cheques  Prepare the return summary  Charges for returns  Amount collections on drawn checks for members and sub-members of local clearing house INWARD CLEARING Cheques and other negotiable instruments (PO. CDR. constitute the inward clearing of ACBL.  Arranging receipt of cheques payment.) drawn on Askari Bank township branch. sent by other banks. 250 After having all the stamps and dates of Cheques confirmed.Cr At day end when returns are received: Suspense clearing a/c«««.Dr M.Dr Suspense clearing a/c «««««««.

Cr At day end: M. If the funds are transfer with in a city no extra charges are made but in case of out of city some charges are applied like Case Cash deposit Cash withdraw Funds transfer Charges (Rs. which includes the information of that person and the account to which the transaction is made. Other points to remember in outward clearing:  We receive payment of cheque  Customer¶ account will be credited  In case of return charges will be Rs. The following entries will be passed in the system for outward clearing: Suspense clearing A/c«««««« Dr Customer A/c«««««««««««..O A/c««««««««««. For this purpose the person needs to complete the online funds transfer slip. these instruments are lodged in outward clearing of Askari Bank.OUTWARD CLEARING When Cheques are drawn upon other banks of the same city (as Lahore) are presented in Askari Bank to deposit them in the respective payee¶s accounts. 50. Dr Suspense clearing A/c«««««««« Cr PREVILDGE BANKING DEPARTMENT ONLINE BANKING Online banking means that if a person is sitting in one city like Lahore can easily transfer/deposit and withdraw his fund from any other branch of Askari Bank in any city or location.) 320 120 185 33 | P a g e . Return memo will be attached with cheque.

Key deposit«««««««««««««««Cr. Customer account key deposit«««««««Dr.) 1300 1800 3200 On rent the entry which is passed by the bank is: Customer¶s A/c for rent««««««««««Dr.000 30.LOCKERS Askari bank offers locker facility to its customers.000 34 | P a g e .1175 which is refundable. While fulfilling the form. The application form was filled by the customer as well as specimen signature card (S. these are  Anyone can operate  Jointly  Either or survivor In order to get a locker the bank gives two options On Rent Purchase Rent If the person wants to get an account on rent the security fees which need to be deposited is Rs.) 25. Rent««««««««««««««««««Cr.S) need to be filled.000 45. there are three options regarding the operating of locker. PURCHASE If the person want to purchase the locker than the annual charges for different lockers are mentioned below Size Small Medium Large charges (Rs. The monthly charges for different lockers are mentioned below Size Small Medium Large charges (Rs.

FOREIGN REMITTANCE The procedure of foreign remittance is same as in local remittance. Most of the times. no wealth tax deduction will be there. pond... FUNCTIONS Foreign remittances.. Japanese Yen and Euro with nominated branches.On purchase the entry passed by the bank is: Customer¶s A/c«««««««««««... Procedure of opening foreign currency accounts is same as other accounts.Dr. The only difference is that it deals in foreign currency.. Key deposit«««««««««««««.. FOREIGN EXCHANGE/FOREIGN TRADE DEPARTMENT Foreign Exchange Department works like the general bank departments with the difference that it deals in foreign currency. no income tax deductions. Foreign Demand Draft (FDD) Foreign Telegraph Transfer (FTT) FOREIGN DEMAND DRAFT 35 | P a g e .Cr. For opening of account a form is provided to the person/party.. introduction of the new account holder or by the officer of the bank. Foreign currency accounts Non-resident accounts maintenance Foreign bills for collection(FBC) Foreign telegraphic transfer(FDD) FOREIGN CURRENCY ACCOUNT A depositor can open account in US dollar.. following modes are used in foreign remittance.. No zakat is deducted on these accounts.

36 | P a g e .When bank receive foreign demand draft then bank will debit to unsupervised account of the customer and credit to treasury bank because all the foreign currency accounts are maintained in treasury. FOREIGN TELEGRAPH TRANSFER When a customer wants to transfer funds to foreign country through telegraph transfer then he will deposit the amount. treasury will send the credit advice and branch officer will debit the treasury and credit to customer account. The importer bank will make payment at defined days after the shipment. PARTIES INVOLVED Importer/buyer/opener Exporter/seller/beneficiary Importer bank/ issuing banks Exporter bank/advising bank/negotiating bank TYPES OF L/C  IRREVOCABLE L/C Under this L/C. The shipment period may be 60.  CONFIRMED L/C A letter which is confirmed by the exporter bank. In return. time period is involved. LETTER OF CREDIT (L/C) Letter of credit is a commitment by the buyer bank to make the payment to the exporter bank that it assumes the responsibility of payment if the goods are according to terms & conditions. where it takes the liability of making the payment without consulting the importer bank.  SIGHT L/C In this type of L/C.  USANCE L/C In this L/C. the bank will send debit advice to treasury. 90 or 120 days. amendments or cancellation of lc can be done with the mutual consent of all the parties involved. on spot payment is made as the importer bank receives the bill of lading from the exporter.

PROCEDURE FOR OPENING OF L/C Customer request for opening L/C Request letter + insurance + Performa invoice+IB8+certificate of import of goods Bank-risk analysis & credit history of importer Approval by the bank/area/region/H. commission and mark up on L/C. L/C LODGEMENT L/C is registered in the PAD.O (Within their limits) RCAD + CFTU RCAD (Regional credit administration department) It feeds the limit. 37 | P a g e . Customer¶s liability«««««««««Dr.Cr. Calculate margin. PERFORMA INVOICE It is the document which is sent by the exporter to the importer about the description of the goods like quality. quantity and price of goods. CFTU (centralized foreign trade unit) It controls the transmission of L/C. To bank¶s liability«««««««««««.

SWIFT (society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication) Its software that generates messages which is send to the exporter. I-FORM/IMPORT FORM It¶s the statistical form which will be submitted to SBP by the bank about the imported goods. It tells about in which country goods are ready for sale. date of initiation. It¶s a network that exchanges messages in a more secure way and not hold accounts for its customers nor facilitate fund transfer but sends payment orders between banks and other financial institution. date of expiry and the name of the insurance company. COUTRY OF ORIGIN It contains the information about who has manufactured the goods.INDENT FORM The agent (for e. HS CODE (Harmonized system code) Different codes for every requirement of L/C which is worldwide used and accepted. country of manufacture.5m or above transaction.. CREDIT LIMIT The limit which is set by the 38 | P a g e .g. Amount. it¶s the legal document which contains terms & conditions of the opening of L/C. USA parent company and its agent in PAKISTAN) authorizes on behalf of its parent company that the goods have been received. Bath parties signed on it. CREDIT REPORT The report required by the importer from the exporter for 1. IB8 It¶s the application of irrevocable l/c. It contains the details of country of origin.

Performa invoice/ indent form) Documents required Commercial invoice Certifying country of origin   Mode of transmission by sea/air Marine insurance company Cover note. Bill of lading Airway bill Truck receipt Rail receipt FORMAT OF L/C Instruction Mode of transmission Name & address of applicant and beneficiary Total amount with destination Advising bank Partial shipment allowed/ not allowed Transshipment allowed/ not allowed  Latest shipment date and expiry date Place of shipment Destination Tenor Description of goods (ref. date of expiry Packing list required Any additional condition HS code  Time allowed for preparation of documents 39 | P a g e . TRANSPORTATION DOCUMENT There are four types of documents.bank¶s policy Restriction by the SBP on foreign currency.

. Bank¶s liability«««««««««««. of customer/ phone no. To customer liability«««««««««.. CREDIT DEPARTMENT Credit department performs two basic functions: Credit Administration Credit Appraisal CREDIT ADMINISTRATION The credit department takes the decision about credit sanction after the risk analysis and collects the extended loans at the maturity of loan. Signature of witnesses Reimbursing bank/ negotiating bank/advising bank Details of charges Signature at the start and at the end ENTERIES IN LODGEMENT After the completion of L/C.Dr. The following entries will be passed. Also credit officer report all the data of his activities to credit division Karachi. CREDIT APPRAISAL The credit department reviews their credit policies and all credit proposals.Cr.Instructions regarding bank charges by opener/beneficiary Signature of customer % margin Approval of manager Account no. Credit division reviews their policies after every six month in the light of this data and also sends the data to State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to review its policies. Askari Commercial Bank provides two types of loan that are: Funded Facility Non Funded Facility 40 | P a g e .

CASH FINANCE Cash finance is like a running finance but it is extended against the pledged security like inventory or stock and 25% cash margin is also charged. FUNDED FACILITY In this type of finance. Markup is charged only on the amount withdrawn not on the whole amount of loan. It¶s a long term finance normally used for a period of 35yrs. III.  CATEGORIES OF TERM FINANCE 41 | P a g e . bank actually deploys its funds and mark up is charged on it.Personal guarantee is required in it. Installment basis pay back. utility bills payable. Maintenance.F is used for the purpose of A/R. RUNNING FINANCE It is used to meet the running requirement of the capital.000 or above salary. Mark up is charged over the full loan amount and for whole time period of maturity. It¶s the short term finance normally used for a period 1 year in which payment is made at the end of the period. Running finance Cash finance Term finance Staff finance Trade finance Finance against packing credit Post Shipment Finances I. Loan will be issued to the person having 25. Bank transfers a particular amount of loan in customer¶s account from where he withdraws the amount as needed. Administration expenses. ACBL provide the following types of fund-based loan. purchase of raw material.A.R. TERM FINANCE The finance in which Mark up is charged on the overall amount of loan whether utilized or not. In running finance. The pledged stock is also insured from any insurance company and the customer also pays all the insurance and any other security expenses. II. Packaging etc. Salaries payable.

Trade finance is provided for short time period so it is most suitable for bank. These generate more income for the bank due to greater revolution of money. The purpose is welfare of the employees.  Bank-customer account no. SBP specify the credit limit for the staff of bank. STAFF FINANCE This facility is provided for the staff of ACBL. V. Financing  Leasing FINANCING  Title/ownership with the customer  Bank will pay the amount to customer and customer will purchase the machinery LEASING  Ownership/ title with the bank. TRADE FINANCE Import related finance Export related finance Trade finance is of money. The mark up rate is less than commercial rate.  Bank will purchase the car  20% markup charged on the principle amount. required. Trade finances are of two types:  IMPORT RELATED FINANCE There are three types of import related finance Payment against document Finance against imported merchandize Finance against trust receipt 42 | P a g e .  Tax benefit to customer IV.

When this finance is extended then bank will debit the SBP account and credit to customer account. It is of two types:  Pre Shipment Finance Part I Pre shipment finance part I is extended for one year. If the customer will not receive the document within 7 days then bank issue a letter to the importer and now letter of credit (LC) is converted into absolute liability. PAYMENT AGAINST DOCUMENT (PAD) When the bank receives bill of lading and other commercial document from the exporter then bank will pay to reimbursing bank of exporter.  Pre Shipment Finance Part 2 43 | P a g e .  FINANCE AGAINST IMPORTED MERCHANDIZE (FIM) When the importer has no funds to import merchandize then he request the bank letter of credit along with the finance. The bank gives the credit period to the importer to make the payment which is 90 or 120 days. The reimbursing bank will send all the documents to ACBL and not directly to the importer. All the value-added expenses like excise duty. In PDA the bank is only responsible to make payment but in FIM bank makes payment from its own funds these types of finances have specified rate of mark up and time period. And now bank will charge the mark up and import service charges from the importer. Funds of SBP are involved in this finance. Rate of mark up is 2% from which 1 are for SBP and the bank charges 1%. SBP introduce special export finance schemes to the exporter at cheaper mark up rate and also offer export rebates. To improve the economy of Pakistan and to improve the export. port charges etc are charged by the customer as cash security margin.  Finance Against Packing Credit Finance against packing credit is extended for the preparation of goods when the exporter has confirmed letter of credit from the importer.

This facility is provided against the cash margin and mortgage of property because bank has risk in this type of finances. So they are classified as off balance sheet items. It is only a commitment. The bank charges commission in these finances in respect of markup. 25% cash margin is charged and also some collateral is taken. Letter Of Guarantee (LG) Letter Of Credit (LC)  LETTER OF GUARANTEE (LG) Letter of guarantee is contingency liabilities of bank because the funds are not actually involved in it. NON-FUNDED FACILITY In this finance. B. If the credit history of exporter is satisfactory then this credit limit can be increased. no cash is involved.  Post Shipment Finances This loan facility is provided to exporter after the shipment. Post shipment finance is for different purposes like when the exporter does not have finance to the payment of credit raw material. Letter of guaranty is mostly given in case of contract. Three beneficiaries of this non-fund based finance are:    j Bid Bound Government Financial Institutions Others 44 | P a g e . In this way exporter can avail half of the limit of total export business transacted last year. It is an obligation of bank and if the customer declares default then bank is liable to make payment.This facility is for existing exporter.

j Other Guarantee If the bank issue any guarantee other than above likes to cove the credit sale. This type of guarantee is called bid bounds guarantee and now contractor will quote the rate in tender against this guarantee. so it is called maintenance bound guarantee. j Shipping Guarantee This type of guarantee is very rare and issued against 100% cash margin. j Performance Bound When the bid is accepted then bank will give guarantee that contractor will perform the task assigned within the specific period of time. j Maintenance Bound Guarantee This guarantee is issued for the maintenance of work performed by the contractor. When the shipment is at port but has not any document then bank issue guarantee in favor of Shipment Company only for 2 days. The contractor is adjusted this liability by the running bill. ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT ACCOUNTS OFFICER: MR. BARAK ULLAH FUNCTIONS Daily activity checking 45 | P a g e . If bank gives the guarantee of contractor for advance payment then it is called advance payment guarantee. then it is classified as other guarantee.When the contractor has no funds for the bid of contract then he requests the bank to issue the guarantee letter. j Advance Payment Guarantee If the bid is accepted and beneficiary want to make the advance payment to the contractor because the contractor is away the contract and beneficiary requires guarantee of bank from the contractor.

I learn much which make me confident to work in any other place as a professional. BURHAN AHMED FUNCTIONS Managing day to day cash transaction in computer Maintaining customers¶ accounts in computer Receiving all mails from Head Office Fax Keeping ATM in working condition Printing daily reports Receiving IBCA DETAIL DESCRIPTION OF THE SKILLS ACQUIRED DURING INTERNSHIP In Askari Bank. I started with the accounts department. He guided me about the functions performed in accounts.Physical checking of cheques and deposit slips Reconciliation of cheques with ledger Preparation of statement of affairs Weekly schedule program Budget IT DEPARTMENT INCHARGE OFFICER: MR. Barak Ullah was the in charge officer. I made separate head of 46 | P a g e . Mr. working as an internee. He assigned me the duty of sorting out of all types of cheques in descending order. DEPARTMENT NAME: ACCOUNTS I learnt about how to differentiate among cheques.

All amounts in a specific ledger of specific account should be known to accounts in charge. He gave me an M.current deposits (CDR).O sheet.O (Main Office) sheet that includes all entries related to head office or inter branch transfer (IBT). Value Plus and Foreign Currency (FCY) according to their account codes and then arranged them in descending order. Askari Special account (ASDA). saving account (PLS). basic banking account (BBA). Some amounts in transfer section relates to IBT so they are checked in M. Account codes are as follows: Current A/c Saving A/c BBA A/c ASDA Value Plus FCY 01010 01100 01021 01165 01032 0213 Example ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0056-01-165-0001-3 0056 01 165 0001 = = = = Branch Code Currency Code Asda Account Account Number of the Asda Account Holder There are three modes of posting in ledger balance MODES OF POSTING    Cash Clearing Transfer 47 | P a g e .

MR. I have opened accounts of so many people myself.  To get the Verification of signature in case of cheque presented before releasing of account opening from SS card is not yet scanned. I have gone through different types of the accounts and the operation of different accounts. Nearly six to ten draft issued daily from this department.  Maintaining account opening register.  Preparing checklist and Stamping on the form. There are different requirements for different account. Clearing includes cheques that branch received from NIFT.  I was also shown the online transfer of credit from one account to another account 48 | P a g e . partnership etc)  Guide the customer about the requirements of the account opening and form filling. REMITTANCE SECTION This section deals with the transfer of money from one branch to another. Firstly. I perform following activities:  Providing account opening form according to the customer¶s requirements (single. Here I knew how the amount transfers and what the procedure is.  Check the forms whether they are correctly completed or not. joint.Cash includes ATM entries and cheques in cash payments. Transfer includes transfer of amount from one branch to another or inters branch transfer.  I was not allowed to do the signatures for final clearance of the instruments. I helped the supervisor in following activities:  Collection of remittances forms  Guiding the customers  Filling the forms. ACCCOUNT OPENING DEPARTMENT In the Account Opening Department. ZAFEER KAZMI was the in charge.

 The bank officer verifies the signature of applicant. Cancellation of DD is recorded in DD issue register. It is issued outside the local city. The bank as cancellation charges Rs.REMITTANCE FORM CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION  Date  Amount of PO/DD both in words and figures  Name of beneficiary  Name of city where this PO/DD will be issued and payable  Signature and address of applicant In the remittance section I learn how to issue Demand draft and Pay orders. duly completed and signed by two authorized officers.  Cheque the DD in by drawee branch either unpaid or duplicate has been issued. then it is handed over the applicant and credit order is dispatched to drawee branch. DEMAND DRAFT DD is a written order given by the branch of the bank on behalf of the customer to other branch of the same bank to pay the certain amount to the customer. PROCEDURE OF ISSUANCE OF DD A printed application form is provided for filling in completely and signing by the applicant.  only principle amount will be refunded  If DD is through cash then cash debit voucher is prepared. 100. PAY ORDER 49 | P a g e . After depositing an amount of draft and commission of the bank. CANCELLATION OF DD  The customer gives the written application for cancellation along with original demand draft.

PROCEDURE FOR ISSUANCE The party who requires a pay order will get a printed application from the bank. Burhan Niaz was in charge of that section. 6) Drawer¶s signature differs. When cheque or other instrument is drawn on Askari Bank which is of the other bank. 4) Payee¶s endorsement irregular. Points to remember while checking a cheque for clearing:  Date  Amount in words & Figure  Clearing stamp with today¶s date  Payee¶s account credited stamp  Within city cheque REASONS FOR REJECTING A CHEQUE The following can be the reasons for returning a cheque: 1) Effects not yet clear: please present again. 2) Not arrange for. 3) Payee¶s endorsement required. Pay order are more liquid as compared to cheques because cheques may be dishonored while PO can¶t be dishonored. 7) Payee¶s endorsement requires bank¶s guarantee. 8) Alternation requires full signature 9) Cheque is post-dated/stale/ mutilate. He will fill it and deposits the amount and commission CLEARING SECTION In Askari bank Mr.For this kind of remittance the payer must have the account in the issuing bank. 5) Refer to drawer. 50 | P a g e .(wear and tear) 10) Amount in words and figure differs. I learn following activities while working in that section. It is issued within the city. it comes in the clearing department.

11) Cross cheque must be presented through a bank. 12) Payment stops by the drawer. my duty was to help in issuing cheque book. I entered the amount. ATM cards. bank statements and TDR to the customer. 16) Account close. This process almost takes 3 to 4 working days. 17) Insufficient balance CLEARING STAMPS y Clearing stamp It has two parts one is crossing part and other is clearing part Crossing part shows that cheque is the ownership of bank. account no. 15) Not drawn on us. and Drawer¶s bank in Outward return register and to get the signatures of the customer at the time he collects his cheque from the bank. 13) Payees separate discharge to the bank required. lockers. CUSTOMER DEALING SECTION In customer dealing section. 14) Payees discharge on revenue stamps requires. CHEQUE BOOK PROCEDURE The cheque book was issued after the opening of account on the request of customer. The request for the cheque book was uploaded online by the bank on NATIONAL INSTITUTIONAL FACILITATION TECHNOLOGIES (NIFT). Clearing part shows that everything is clear and bank has collected payment on behalf of customer y Payee¶s A/c Credited This stamp will be stamped on individuals and companies accounts only but if cheque is in the favor of some bank like Askari bank then stamp will be of ³cash received´. Procedure of issuing check book is as follows:  Form A required 51 | P a g e . The request for cheque book goes to Karachi office after that they issue that book by the name and account number of the account holder.

If the third party want to receive a bank statement on account of a person who actually hold the account than the third party need to come along with the authority letter issued by the account holder. The annual charges the bank deducts for CLASSIC card is Rs. FORM B In the case when old cheque book or requisition slip is lost then form B is used to issue new cheque book.25000. if the person requires the ATM/Debit card then again he needs to fulfill the application for ATM card. The amount limit which a person can withdraw each day through debit card is not more than Rs. in some cases the bank also accommodate their client on urgent basis and print their statement at the same time. The application for statement should be submitted at least 1 day before. The bank statement contains all the details of the account holder which shows the amount and all the details when and where transaction is made.750. in which the account holder mention 52 | P a g e . This procedure almost takes from 10 to 15 working days.500 and for GOLD card is Rs. After the completion of that form that application was send by bank to Islamabad for approval and for the issuance of debit card. ATM CARD PROCEDURE After the opening of the bank account. for those who already used the cheque book now it is lost or finished. It is treated as security stationary. BANK STATEMENT If a person needs to get the bank statement of his account again for this purpose he needs to complete the request form.  Form A Requisition slip required Form B required This form is used when first time new check book is issued REQUISITION SLIP This slip is required for issuing check book.

and 6 month and so on. This receipt is demanded by the bank at the time of closing the AMBA. the rate was decided on basis of number of days. It is given for 1 month.10. in order to receive the bank statement. In this the account holder can deposit their amount for the fixed period of time. Two computerized generated receipt is printed. the profit is given on monthly basis on the basis of amount deposited. ASKARI MAHANA BACHAT ACCOUNT (AMBA) It is also called ASKARI MAHANA BACHAT ACCOUNT (AMBA). the profit rate is negotiated that is decided between the manager of the branch and the valued customer. one is given to account holder and the second one is maintained by the bank.000. In AMBA. the very next day after opening the AMBA. it means if the person tick the option of rollover while opening the AMBA than after the completion of one year the same process will carry on instead of closing that account. In AMBA the bank give two options to the account holder y y Deposit their amount for 1 year Deposit their amount for 3 years The amount through which this account can be opened is y y Minimum Maximum Rs. TDR In TDRs.000 Rs.the name of third party with his CNIC number.000 In this one term is used which is called Rollover. 3 month. 53 | P a g e . For AMBA you must need to have an account with the Askari bank.50.

S). these are y y y Anyone can operate Jointly Either or survivor Any one In this option if there are more than one person who hold the locker. overcoming the weaknesses. opportunities and threat is termed as SWOT Analysis.LOCKERS First of all the application form is filled by the customer as well as specimen signature card (S. Such an analysis is very important for the management in retaining the strength. no individual person can operate the locker. not all the members are need to be there for the operating of locker. and any one of them died than the others have the authority to operate the locker. Either or survivor In this option if there is more than one person who holds the locker. than all the members need to come to operate the locker. weaknesses. SWOT ANALYSIS An analysis indicating towards the organizations strengths. Jointly In this option if there is more than one person who holds the locker. and carving 54 | P a g e . than any one of them can operate the locker. there are three options regarding the operating of locker. While fulfilling the form. capitalizing over the emerging market opportunities.

Askari bank has the wide range of ATM Network across the country. Askari Bank has opened all its branches at commercial areas so that the customers or clients face no problems in reaching to the bank. saving the precious time of the customers. I have come across the following SWOT analysis of the bank. They can easily get the information. STRENGTHS ACBL was organized by Army Welfare Trust (AWT) so it has strong army background. computer based teller equipment and electronic funds transfers among the others. Every information regarding the transactions in customers¶ deposits has been computerized. Askari commercial bank is the leading private sector bank in the banking network in Pakistan with many of them online branches in major cities of the country. 55 | P a g e . During six weeks of my stay at Askari Commercial Bank. ACBL management is quite prepared to adopt the latest advancements in technology resulting in revolution in the banking operations such as check clearing process. The customers can withdraw their funds any time at all the ATM Sites. Askari Bank provide the good Phone banking service that is very attractive for those customers who don¶t have time to personally come to the bank i. All the branches of Askari Bank are online and automated. Thus.ways to successfully tackle with the threats and ultimately converting them in the strengths for the organization. The annual financial statement are prepared by the bank in accordance with the international accounting standard and are also published quarterly and half yearly accounts to provide information to their stakeholders for taking well informed decisions. Askari bank has got a reliable and easy to use internal computer system.e.

The employees are constantly rotated from one job to another job. and environment enjoy good public reputation and are able to reap the benefits in the long run. Only few decisions are taken at the lower level. still the bankers use to make their entries in the accounting register also. The employee has know-how of the working in all the departments but not master in on work. These are positive external environmental factors effecting the organization. There are great opportunities for ACBL for the expansion of its business. Askari bank growing business requires an extensive branch network. Advertising done by the bank is less than the requirement. But I think this is not a very good tactics used by the management. WEAKNESSES In my opinions these are the points that might be detrimental to the efficiency and profitability of the bank. They have to learn based on their observations and also their mistakes. Askari Bank can extend its network in other countries.The organizations showing concern for the people. Bank¶s marketing department is not very strong. There is no specific training program arranged for the new recruiters. It can enhance its profitability by making use of new technology. The bank has still some of the traditional ways of operations in this advanced technological environment. OPPORTUNITIES The bank is facing the following threats and opportunities currently. Foreign investors in the banking industry are welcomed in Pakistan as they bring not only the precious foreign exchange investment but also 56 | P a g e . ACBL management is quite sensitive to this issue. ethics. Askari Bank has use computerized accounting system but. Almost all the decision-making is in the hands of the upper management. Centralization is effective only certain levels but it is also times costly.

skills and techniques of modern banking system. innovative products and services. Business of these banks is also growing with very high pace. My Bank and Bank Alfalah. Frauds are also a great threat. It has only few branches¶ of Askari. Askari Bank has Branches in Remote Areas. Meezan Bank. But it is not fully Islamic banking. So Askari Commercial Bank has been performing very well in the presence of unstable political and economic situation but this uncertainty is a continuous threat for the bank. Union Bank. As the banking procedures are complicated that is why general public takes interest into other options of investments like in shares of companies and in Term Finance Certificates In the Bank there are the employees who are not satisfy with their job and there is high rate of turnover. like recently a great fraud happened with The Bank of Punjab FINANCIAL RATIOS profitability ratios Market ratios liquidity ratios portfolio management capital gearing ratios 57 | P a g e . So the process of recruitment is time consuming and costly. It has become an ideal bank for the importers and exporters. Faysal Bank. THREATS Askari Commercial Bank is facing a strong competition by its major competitors. Foreign Trade is the focus of bank. Askari Bank has an Islamic Banking system also. The charges of the services that the bank receives from the customers are higher than their competitors. So it loses many customers for this reason.

5 2 1.EPS is closely watched by the investing public and is considered an important indicator of corporate success.P.S RATIOS 2.18 0.5 1 0.S ! Weighted average no.P. Profit after taxation E.5 0 2008 2009 RATIOS Interpretation 58 | P a g e . of share Profit after Years 2009 2008 taxation 1107793000 386225000 Weighted average number of share 507346635 507346635 Earnings per share 2.PROFITABILTY RATIOS EARNING PER SHARE EPS shows what shareholders earned by way of profit for a period.76 E.

Return on equity of Askari Bank is showing a changing situation on all given years Net profit return on equity ! Share holder¶s equity × 100 Return On Equity in Years 2009 2008 Net Profit 1107793 386225 Shareholder's Equity 13142688 12034895 % 8. 59 | P a g e .18.209% and in 2009 it increases to 8. 2009 was Rs.429% but not too much so the net profit decreases but the shareholders equity is also decreased. Return on Equity Return on equity revels how much profit a company earned in comparison to the shareholder equity found in balance sheet.76. The improvements primarily due to reduction in provision / write-off against NPLs during the year 2009.2.The earnings per share for the year ended December 31. against the previous year¶s Rs.429 3.209 ROE RATIOS 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 2008 2009 RATIOS Interpretation In year 2008 it goes to 3.0.

This year bank has to face additional costs as well as less income due to economic slowdown which is a bad sign for the bank Return on Investment Net profit return on investment ! Total assets ×100 Years 2009 2008 Net Profit 1107793 386225 Total Assets 254327446 206191138 ROI 0.3 0.15 0.2 0.5 0.1 0.4 0. It is decreased it means that the company decline and its financial position is week in 2008.But this ratio is same here as return on equity because long term debt is zero.187 ROI Ratios 0.05 0 2008 2009 Ratios Interpretation In 2008.45 0.436 0. 60 | P a g e .35 0.25 0.

099% which is low.Net profit Margin It measure the percentage of profit earned after all taxes.89% which is a positive. It is increased in 2009 to 4. Operating Income Margin Operating income operating income margin ! ×100 61 | P a g e .099 NET PROFIT MARGIN 6 5 4 3 Ratios 2 1 0 2008 2009 Interpretation In 2008. The higher the firm¶s profit. the percentage is 2. the better will be the margin. Net profit earned net prfit margin ! Interest earned × 100 Interest Years 2009 2008 Net Profit 1107793 386225 Earned 22661754 18393313 Net Profit Margin (%) 4.889 2.

717 operating income margin ratios 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 2008 2009 ratios Interpretation It indicates that Operating income is decreasing from 2008 to 2009. PRICE EARNINGS RATIO Market price 62 | P a g e . MARKET RATIOS Market price is the price at which people are willing to buy or sell the shares.Interest earned Operating Income Margin (%) Years 2009 2008 Operating Income 2554701 2707000 Interest Earned 22661754 18393313 11.27 14. It provides information about how investors view the potential return and risk connected with owning the company¶s shares.

PRICE EARNING RATIO ! EPS P/E Ratio Years 2009 2008 Market price 27.52 19.17. of shares 63 | P a g e .1. the greater investor confidence.S ! Weighted average no.52. The higher the P/E ratio.30 14. but in 2009 it reduced to 12.00 of earnings.P. 12.17 P/E RATIOS 25 20 15 10 5 0 2008 2009 RATIOS INTERPRETATION The P/E ratio is commonly used to assess the owner¶s appraisal of share value. DIVIDEND PER SHARE DPS shows how much the shareholders were actually paid by way of dividends.This figure indicates that investors were paying Rs. Dividend D.57 EPS 2.18 0.52 for each Rs. Investors had greater confidence in the bank¶s future performance in 2008 as reflected in the P/E ratio of 19.76 12.

More mature companies tend to have a higher payout ratio.S Ratios 1 0. DIVIDEND PAYOUT RATIO The payout ratio provides an idea of how well earnings support the dividend payments.2 0.5 0.1 0 2008 2009 Ratios Interpretation The Dividend per Share figure is used by investors and analysts as an indicator of a company's financial health and profitability.7 0.876 D.875 in 2008.9 0. DPS rose to Rs. 0.0.016 that reflects shareholder have or will receive Rs.4 0.P.3 0. The DPS in 2009 is Rs.8 0. DPS DIVIDEND PAYOUT RATIO ! EPS Dividend Years DPS EPS Payout 64 | P a g e . 0.016 for each share they own.6 0.Dividend Years 2009 2008 Dividend 825000 444404000 No of Shares 507346635 507346635 per Share 0.016 0.

76 0.513 to 0.Ratio 2009 2008 0.876 2. High growth firms in early life generally have low or zero payout ratios.8 0.153 D.18 0.6 0.4 1. they tend to return more of the earnings back to investors Dividend payout decrease in 2009 from 1.P RATIOS 1. DPS DIVIDEND YIELD RATIO ! SHARE PRICE 65 | P a g e . However investors seeking capital growth may prefer lower payout ratio because capital gains are taxed at a lower rate. Dividend Yield Ratio This measurement tells you what percentage return a company pays out to shareholders in the form of dividends.0073 1.0073 Companies that pay higher dividends may be in mature industries where there is little room for growth and paying higher dividends is the best use of profits. well-established companies tend to payout a higher percentage than do younger companies and their dividend history can be more consistent. As they mature.2 1 0.016 0. Older.2 0 2008 2009 RATIOS Interpretation Investors seeking high current income and limited capital growth prefer companies with high Dividend payout ratio.4 0.

30 14.07 0.Y RATIOS 0.876 Share Price 27.04 0.060 Yield D.02 0.060 to 0. Current assets CURRENT RATIO ! Current liabilities YEAR CURRENT ASSETS CURRENT LIABILITES CURRENT RATIO 66 | P a g e .01 0 2008 2009 RATIOS Interpretation Dividend yield decrease in 2009 from 0.03 0.57 Ratio 0. When the dividend yield decreases it is unfavorable LIQUIDITY RATIO CURRENT RATIO The current ratio is a measure whether or not a firm has enough resources to pay its debts over the next 12 months.00059.00059 0.The AKBL dividend yield has overall declining trend.016 0.05 0.Dividend Years 2009 2008 DPS 0.06 0. Acceptable Current ratios vary from industry to industry.

2009 2008 32409546 24464203 32409546 228158736 0.13 0.138 0. so current liabilities increased much proportion to current assets.126 2008 2009 RATIOS Interpretation For banks in Pakistan 2:1 is ideal one. Because on the deposits they have to pay and on loans they earn and the difference is the profit of the bank. However bank has enough strength to pay off its short run liabilities.132 0.144 0. In 2008 bank has to attract more deposits.56 76.82 67 | P a g e .132 CURRENT RATIOS 0. Askari Bank is facing difficulty in maintaining its ratio.142 0.134 0. the more is relying on borrowed which are generally more costly than most of deposits. Advance loan to deposit(%) ! Deposit ×100 Year Advance Deposits Advance Ratio in % to deposits 2009 2008 135034499 128818242 205970227 167676572 65.128 0. The higher the ratio.142 0.14 0.136 0. Advance to Deposits It is the most important ratio for a bank as all the bank profits are major based on loans and deposits.

396 3.ADVANCE TO DEPOSIT RATIOS 78 76 74 72 70 68 66 64 62 60 2008 2009 RATIOS INTERPRETATION The ratio of askari bank is increased in 2008. But in 2009 the ratio suddenly decreases which is a bad sign for a bank.521 68 | P a g e . Admin Expenses to Total Deposits Admin expenses Admin Expenses to to deposit ! Total Deposit × 100 Expense Years 2009 2008 deposit 6995857 5904169 on Total deposits 205970227 167676572 Admin Expense to Total Deposits 3. it ultimately decrease in the bank income.

Non Interest Income to Total Assets This ratio shows how much you are earning on the total assets through non-mark up income.312 69 | P a g e .5 3.54 3. Bank has to increase Minimum wage rate to meet government regulations.42 3. depreciation and amortization costs also increased. Depression in financial system forced banking system to attract more deposit at higher costs. this ratio must be less than 3%.004 1.46 3.4 3. Non interest income Non Interest Income to Total Assets! Total assets Years 2009 2008 Non Interest Inco 2554701 2707000 Total Assets 254327446 206191138 Noninterest income to total assets in % 1.36 3.32 2008 2009 Ratios Interpretation For banks.34 3.52 3.38 3.48 3. So overall position lead the management to increase these costs.44 3.ADMIN EXP TO TOTAL DEPOSIT 3.

8 0.2 0 2008 2009 Ratios Interpretation This ratio is showing a vital change in the year 2008 and 2009.6 0. This ratio reveals that bank assets has increased but decrease in noninterest income due to Unrealized loss on revaluation of investment classified as held for trading disturb for this year over all non markup income is increasing for the Bank. RISK ASSETS TURNOVER Net interest income RISK ASSETS TURNOVER ! Risk assets (advances) ×100 Net mark-up / Years 2009 2008 interest income 9032658 7742594 Advances 135034499 128818242 Risk Assets Turnover % 6.010 70 | P a g e .4 0.2 1 0.4 1.NON-INTEREST INCOME TO TOTAL ASSETS 1.689 6.

8 5.RISK ASSET TURN OVER 6.4 6. It shows how much you are earning on your risk assets. This causes to increase higher interest income for bank.624 Times Times 71 | P a g e . Due to inflationary trend interest income is also high.8 6.6 2008 2009 Interpretation This ratio is good when it is more.530 0. This ratio for Askari bank is showing a increasing trend in current year.6 6. Advances have increased.2 Ratios 6 5. So this ratio is in favor of bank PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT RATIO Advances to Total Assets Advances Advances to Total Asset ! Total assets Years 2009 2008 Advances 135034499 128818242 Total Assets 254327446 206191138 Advances To Total Assets 0.

3 72 | P a g e .64 0.54 0. Leverage Ratio EBIT leverge ratio ! Interest charged ×100 Time Interest Earned Years 2009 2008 EBIT 15271337 11112101 Interest Charges 13629096 10650719 ( %) 112. It is a positive indicator in the sense that the financing to the banks are the most secure ways of lending.5 0.52 0.6 0.ADVANCES TO TOTAL ASSETS 0. Although it is declining but the situation might not be alarming. The funds allocation to the financial institutions has increased to a great extent despite the fact that still it holds a small proportion relevant to the total resources raised by the bank. Considering the economic conditions of the country. In the current year this ratio has been reduced to the little extent.58 0.48 2008 2009 INTERPRETATION It is an indication of ACBL¶s funds management policies.2 104.62 0.56 Ratios 0. it seems to be the best alternative available to the bank.

115 110 105 100 2008 2009 RATIOS

Interpretation Ratio is decreasing from 2007 to 2008 after that ratio is increasing at 2009 because EBIT is increasing.

GEARING RATIOS Debt Equity Ratio
Total debts debt equity ratio ! Share holder¶s equitY × 100

Shareholder's Years 2009 2008 Total Debts 239378374 193219775 Equity 13142688 12034895

Debt Equity Ratio 18.213 16.054 Times Times

18.5 18 17.5 17 16.5 16 15.5 15 14.5 2008 2009


73 | P a g e

Interpretation Debt equity ratio shows a relationship of shareholder equity and total debts of a company. It is a relationship of internal and external equity of a company. Debt equity ratio of Askari is showing increasing trend. It means that Askari is not trying to rely on its own resources and not increasing its Capital by issuing shares. It is a bad sign for askari bank. TOTAL CAPITALIZATION TOTAL ASSETS total capitalization ! TOTAL LIABILITIES Years 2009 2008 Total Assets 254327446 206191138 Total Liabilities 239378374 193219775 Total Capitalization 1.062 1.067

1.068 1.067 1.066 1.065 1.064 1.063 1.062 1.061 1.06 1.059 2008 2009


It indicates that the total debts remain same in 2009 as compared to 2008

Fixed Asset / Equity Ratio
Fixed assets fixed asssets/equity ratio ! Share holder¶s equity 74 | P a g e ×100

Share Holder¶s Years 2009 2008 Fixed Assets 9846440 8266458 Equity 13142688 12034895

Fixed Asset/Equity % 74.92 68.69

76 74 72 70 Ratios 68 66 64 2008 2009

It indicates that the fixed assets are increasing, for this there is increasing trend.

Operating Assets Turnover
Interest earned opearing assets turnover ! Operating assets

Operating Markup/return/interest Years 2009 2008 earned 22661754 18393313 Operating Assets 9846440 8266458 Asset Turnover 2.302 2.225

75 | P a g e

24 2.225 in 2008 to 2.3 2.operating asset turnover ratios 2.302 in 2009.2 2.28 2.26 2.18 2008 2009 RATIOS Interpretation It indicates the increasing trend in the graph as the ratio increases 2.22 2. 76 | P a g e .32 2.

77 | P a g e . The bank is trying to introduce latest techniques on regular basis because it is backed by AWT that¶s why people have complete confidence on them. It won a certificate from Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) A1 in short run in and AA long term even in these worst conditions of economy the bank is enjoying the huge profits of amount Rs.108 Billion. ACBL has won the confidence of all its customers by providing them the online services within few seconds. It has increased its network from 200 to 226. It has won the rewards like: The Best Retail Banking Award 2008 The Best Corporate Report Award 2008 From the opinion of international organization the overall strong standing of the bank is very clear. The future of bank is progressive and will be a leading bank of Pakistan even competing with foreign banks.CONCLUSIONS After the completion of my overall analysis and studies of Askari Commercial Bank performance and banking system. I come to the conclusion: The ACBL is a leading commercial bank of Pakistan. traveler cheuqe. Total assets of the bank are increased up to 254 billion and Earnings per Share have greatly increased from last year. The bank is fully equipped with the modern technology and it is also providing all the latest banking services like online banking. Internet banking. ATM cards. 1. and credit cards etc.

shares portfolio management. 78 | P a g e . free life insurance equivalent to amount deposited.RECOMMENDATIONS A department should be established that collects feed backs of the customers and as well as general public.g. fund management facility. One way to retain the personal sector customers is to offer a wide range of services such as tax advice.. It is often easier to benefit from adverse changes made by other banks than to attract customers by innovations. The bank should take steps to minimize it through different incentives for the employees. Improvement in the online banking system being currently used especially in the case of the ATM machines to avoid wasting time of customers and frequent breakdown of the machines. Employees have known how about how to work but not master in one work. Marketing department¶s efforts to market and introduce its product should be improved. Employees are not satisfied with their jobs. etc. Charges should be decrease in providing services to the customer that will result into the increase in the customers. Job rotation from one job to another is a big hurdle in the way of getting experience. complimentary to the core services. Banks must have a slightly different mix of services and mean of providing these such that customers can choose the mix that suits them best. The bank may choose to make its existing products distinctive or to introduce new products. Efficiency in services should be improved to serve and prevent customers from waiting for too long e. There should be proper training for the new employees. by increasing the number of qualified workers or increase in computers in the bank.

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