Nakshatra Table – Thanks to Ernst Wilhelm

Name Degrees Meaning Shape/Symbol Guna

- Goal Race Result of Shakti & Basis'
world becomes free from disease moving on to the next world burning or purification creation make the world enjoyable brings about achievement revitalization of plants creation of spiritual energy destruction of





00 - 13:20 Aries 13:20 26:40 Aries 26:40 Aries - 10 Taurus 10 - 23:20 Taurus 23:20 Taurus 6:40 Gemini 6:40 - 20 Gemini 20 Gemini 3:20 Cancer 3:20 16:40 Cancer 16:40 -

the horsemen

horses head




light, swift



Bharani Krittika Rohini Mrigashira

the bearers razor/cutter ruddy cow, red, growing dear or antelope's head

female sexual organ dagger/razor chariot head or a deer

Tamas Sattva Rajas Tamas

artha kama moksha moksha

Manusha Rakshasa Manusha Deva

fierce, severe soft/dreadful fixed soft, tender

F F M? N





Ardra Punurvasu

the moist return of the light and goods, nourisher, flower, the best entwiner,

tear drop, gem quiver/ house, bow

Sattva Rajas

kama artha

Manusha Deva

sharp, dreadful movable





teat of cow, arrow, flower wheel, serpant




light, swift









crouching line Sattva Rajas artha dharma Deva Rakshasa movable soft/dreadful F F 16 17 Anuradha Tamas dharma Deva soft. royal court legs of a cot. sapphire leaf decked triumphal gate.13:20 Leo 13:20 26:40 Leo 26:40 Leo 10 Virgo 10 . umbrella. intimate connection beneficent. stage bed.6:40 Libra 6:40 . tender M 18 Jyesta Moola Sattva Rajas artha kama Rakshasa Rakshasa sharp.20 Libra 20 Libra 3:20 Scorpio 3:20 16:40 Scorpio 16:40 . sword branched. commencement pearl Tamas kama Rakshasa soft. umbrella kundal (ear Ring). tender F 15 Svati Vishaka coral. talisman tail of lion.23:20 Virgo 23:20 Virgo .30 Scorpio 00 . distinguished independent. severe fixed light. dreadful F? N 19 .. following Radha the eldest root. palanquin.13:20 Sagittarius embracer. severe fierce. swift F F F M 11 12 13 14 Chitra brilliant.30:00 Cancer 10 Magha PurvaPhalguni UttaraPhalguni Hasta 00 . potters wheel or bali (heap of rice). forked branches subsequent success. mighty previous red one later red one hand throne. legs of a cot closed hand Rajas Tamas Sattva Rajas artha kama moksha moksha Rakshasa Manusha Manusha Deva the victim dreadful death creation of the fetus accumulation of wealth puts what one wishes to gain in one's hand gain honor in one's work transformation fruit of the harvest honor and abundance one becomes a hero the power to destroy (can fierce. dreadful sharp.

square Tamas moksha Manusha gain of luster fierce. tusk. flower double faced man. elephant tusk. very swift 3 footprints.destroy destruction) 20 Purva Ashada 13:20 26:40 Sagittarius 26:40 Sagittarius .30 Pisces earlier victory hand fan. winnowing basket. hearing very rich. fish Sattva Rajas dharma artha Rakshasa Manusha movable fierce.20 Aquarius 20 Aquarius 3:20 Pisces 3:20 16:40 Pisces 16:40 . machan. stage. severe movable N M 25 26 Tamas artha Manusha M 27 Sattva moksha Deva soft. square machan. legs of a cot last bed. severe fixed F 21 Uttara Ashada later victory Sattva moksha Manusha becomes unchallenged winner connection of all things bringing people together world freed of calamity support the entire world stability of the three worlds nourishment of the entire world F 22 Sravana Dhanishta famous. legs of a cot two joined men mridanga (drum). wealthy circle. arrow mridanga (drum) Rajas Tamas artha dharma Deva Rakshasa movable movable M F 23 24 Shatabishak Purva Bhadra Pada Uttara Bhadra Pada Revati 100 medicines or doctors earlier auspicious one later auspicious one rich. tender F .23:20 Capricorn 23:20 Capricorn 6:40 Aquarius 6:40 .10 Capricorn 10 .

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