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Experimental Methods in Structural Engineering (CE 623N)

Semester I: 2010 – 2011

NAME: ____________________________________________ ROLL NO.: ____________ ________

EXPERIMENT TITLE: _____ _________________________ __________

Sl. Report Max. Credit

No. Element Credit Obtained

The essence of the report should be summarized in this section. It

should provide brief information about importance of the
1 Abstract 100
experiment, experimental setup and procedure, major results and
conclusions. This section should be short and intact.

This section should contain the main concept behind the

2 Introduction experiment. Any theory or hypothesis related to the experiment 100
may be described.

In this section brief description of the experimental setup along

with a properly labeled schematic diagram should be provided. It
should also contain information regarding dimensions and 75
properties of test specimens, brief description of the instruments
used and their specifications.

This section should comprise a brief description of important

4 Procedure steps followed to conduct the experiment. Specific reasons, if 50
any, related to these steps should be mentioned.

Raw data should be analyzed and presented in this section in a

5 Results proper manner. It should contain meaningful graphs and sample 250

This is the most vital part of the report containing interpretation

6 Discussion of experimental results along with author’s comments. Also the 300
questions in the instruction sheet should be addressed properly.

This section should contain two/three broad conclusions that are

7 Conclusions
drawn on the basis of interpretation of experimental results.

Any reading material used while preparing the report should be

Bibliography/ referred here. Credit for this section is implicitly considered in
References those sections where any reading material is consulted partly or

This is not a part of the report. It reflects sincerity and patience

of Report
of an author in preparing a report. It includes correct grammar, 50
coherency between different sections, proper formatting etc.

Total 1000