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Untouchability is a sin Untouchability is a crime Untouchability is inhuman


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FULL VERSION Jana-gana-mana-adhinayaka jaya he Bharata-bhagya-vidhata. Punjaba-Sindhu-Gujarata-MarathaDravida-Utkala-Banga Vindhya-Himachala-Yamuna-Ganga Uchchhala-jaladhi-taranga Tava Subha name jage, Tava Subha asisa mage, Gahe tava jaya-gatha. Jana-gana-mangala-dayaka jaya he Bharata-bhagya-vidhata. Jaya he, jaya he, jaya he Jaya jaya, jaya, jaya he. SHORT VERSION Jana-gana-mana-adhinayaka jaya he Bharata-bhagya-vidhata. Jaya he, jaya he, jaya he Jaya jaya, jaya, jaya he.

Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people, Thou dispenser of India’s destiny. Thy name rouses the hearts of the Punjab, Sind, Gujarat and Maratha, of Dravid, Orissa and Bengal. It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas, mingles in the music of the Yamuna and Ganges and is chanted by the waves of the Indian Sea. They pray for Thy blessings and sing Thy praise The saving of all people waits in Thy hand, Thou dispenser of India’s destiny. Victory, Victory, Victory to Thee.

“I solemnly pledge to work with dedication to preserve and strengthen the freedom and integrity of the nation.” “I further affirm that I shall never resort to violence and that all differences and disputes relating to religion, language, region or other political or economic grievances should be settled by peaceful and constitutional means.”

Bharat is like the face beauteous of Earth clad in wavy seas; Deccan is her brow crescent-like on which the fragrant ‘Tilak’ is the blessed Dravidian land. Like the fragrance of that ‘Tilak’ plunging the world in joy supreme reigns Goddess Tamil with renown spread far and wide. Praise unto ‘You, Goddess Tamil, whose majestic youthfulness, inspires awe and ecstasy.


interesting and appealing to the imagination of young learners. Learners are provided with text and not sentences even while dealing with grammer and writing. are open ended and they are intended to encourage learners to express their opinion and points of view leading to opportunities for communication. discussion and emphasis on strategic. It is hoped that this book. joyful and interesting experience resulting in the capacity to communicate in the English language well. its limitations inherent or otherwise not withstanding. The supplementary reader contains six stories drawn from themes most interesting and appealing to the imagination of learners. will be received well. As developing communication skills in English remains the focus of attention of current trends in language teaching. v . activities in this book have been prepared to include contextual cues. The topics for the text have mostly been drawn from themes most relevant. occupational and creative competencies. In order to achieve this laudable objective this book has endeavoured to include within it features such as dialogues.PREFACE The Government of Tamil Nadu has revised the syllabus to make the learning of English a pleasant. Some of the questions in them and in the main course book as well.

strategic and creative skills. The book offers plenty of opportunities through a variety of tasks based on real life situations. They live in an acquisition . reading and writing skills. A special note: Please refer to the Appendix for the listening tasks for all units and for Reading tasks in Unit V and Study skills in Unit VI. speacking. classrooms and course books to provide them with such exposure in English.NOTE TO THE TEACHER The basic assumption on which this course book is prepared is that language is best learnt through a rich exposure. It also gives scope for improving their listening. Another feature of this course book is that the skills which have hitherto not been touched upon such as study skills. Hope the teachers will encourage the children to shed their inhibitions and make learning a pleasurable exercise.poor environment in which there are few real life opportunities for using English. occupational. vi . have been dealt with effectively. The children look up to the teachers. We are aware that the vast majority of our children are in villages and rural areas where there is a total black out of exposure.

bg‰nwh®fˋ ftd¤â‰F c§fŸ FHªijfˋ bkhÊ cÇikia¥ ghJfh¡fî«. bkhÊƚ mt®fˋ âwid ts«gL¤jî« fÅîl‹ m‹òl‹ ï¥ò¤jf« tH§f¥gL»wJ. enjoyable and informative by including a number of tasks and activities. Through the book. ï¥ò¤jf¤ij c§fŸ FHªijfŸ ešy Kiwƚ ga‹gL¤J»wh®fŸ v‹gjid cWâ brŒJbfhŸS§fŸ. The topics have been chosen with a sense of purpose. for protecting their language rights and enriching their communicative ability. We have made this book interesting. apart from attaining the basic skills. Please ensure that the book is made the best use of by your children. we have shown in a modest way that the language could be used for inculcating some basic human values in the young minds. this book will give them confidence in using the language and in improving their communicative skills. gy íf¤âfis c£gL¤â ï¥ò¤jf¤ij gaDŸsjhfî« M®t¤ij¤J©L« tifÆY« cUth¡»íŸnsh«. jFªj Kiwƚ ga‹gL¤Jtj‹ _y« mt®fŸ j‹d«ã¡ifíl‹ ï«bkhÊia¥ ga‹gL¤j ï¥ò¤jf« cjî«.NOTE TO THE PARENT This book is offered with warmth and friendliness to your children. bkhÊia¥ga‹gL¤â âw‹fis k£Lšyhkš áykÅj¥ g©òfisí« gâait¡fKoí« v‹gij ï¥ò¤jf¤â‹ _ykhf cz®¤âíŸnsh«. Properly used. ghl§fis xU F¿¡nfhSl‹ nj®ªbjL¤JŸnsh«. vii .




PART -I UNIT -I COMPETENCIES: A B C D LISTENING: Discriminating and articulating the vowel sound / @ / SPEAKING: Apologising READING: Identifying the topic sentence.teacher 1 . main and supporting ideas in a paragraph VOCABULARY: Referring to the dictionary to find the meanings of words Using words relating to sports/games E F STUDY SKILLS: Referring to the dictionary to find the pronunciation of words GRAMMAR: Identifying sentence patterns Using the definite article -’the’ G H I J WRITING: Writing parallel paragraphs OCCUPATIONAL COMPETENCY: Reading graphical representations STRATEGIC COMPETENCY: Comparing mother tongue and English CREATIVE COMPETENCY: Writing a paragraph describing a person .

.. 1. answer above dog baby alone aunty railway camera banana colour ago police Task 3: The teacher will read the following letter..A. Listen carefully and underline the words that have the sound / ( /. (The teacher reads) Now.. father apologise mother other shopkeeper /’fo:D@/ /@’pQl@dZaIz/ /’mVD@/ /’VD@/ /’SQpki:p@/ Task 2: The teacher will read each of the following words twice... answer the following questions orally. Complete: . Why does Rajan’s father take him to a shop? 2. How are you? How are your parents and your sister? I have joined a new school.. The teacher will read a dialogue.... 5. Listening I.. 2. 3.. My dear friend. My teacher is very good. 1. 4.. Listen carefully and repeat. What does Rajan want? 3.. The colour of my uniform is white. Circle the words that take the sound / ?? /. We have a lot of activities in 2 .appreciated Rajan Task 1: The teacher will read the following words... Listen carefully.. Who broke the aeroplane? 4. Did he apologise to the shopkeeper? 5.

‘I’m terribly sorry’. 2. he hit a lady. You step on somebody’s feet in a crowded bus. ‘please forgive me. (a) Speaking Take turns and read the following dialogue. 3 . son. She fell down. Father : Rajan. Yours lovingly. Lady : It’s alright. Madam! I hope you’re not hurt. I have joined the Junior Red Cross. How about you? Do you continue playing volley ball? Write to me soon. You spill ink on your friend’s white shirt. ‘I’m so sorry’.our school. You come late to class (even after repeated warnings by the teacher). Gayathri) B. (B. Sir. Rajan : I’m sorry. You have broken the aeroplane. ‘I’m sorry’ is the phrase used here to express apology. Here are a few other expressions . Now say. to the shopkeeper. The vegetables in her bag were scattered. I will collect the vegetables for you. “sorry”.’ (b) (While Kumaran was riding on his bicycle along the road. Task 2: How would you apologise in the following situations? 1. 3. Task 1: Take turns playing the role of Kumaran and the lady.) Kumaran : I’m terribly sorry. I told you to wait. ‘I’m very sorry’.

the youngest. the oldest longed for pretty things. Jo wanted a book. “She needs a new pair”. Jo held out mother’s shoes over the fire in order to warm them. Reading THY NEED IS GREATER THAN MINE (This is an extract adapted from “Little Women” by Louisa M Alcott. Immediately an argument began among them. But the sisters Meg. Finally Beth had an idea. Beth thought that she would get her mother a pair with her dollar. as to who should buy mother the shoes. for she played the piano and Amy. She 4 . Jo. Meg. Their mother had given them a dollar each to spend for Christmas. wanted to buy some coloured pencils. The shoes were worn out and Jo murmured. It is the story of four sisters as they grew up from young girls into women.C.) It was Christmas time. Beth wanted to buy some sheets of music. Beth and Amy were at home feeling very unhappy because it just didn’t feel like Christmas. They were dreaming of what they would get for themselves. There was a war in America and their father was a soldier in the army.

Hearing this. The morning passed quickly as all of them hugged and kissed and laughed and talked at once. She was surprised and touched and was very proud of her daughters. “Let’s each get her something for Christmas. even though they did not get any of it. They had planned to put up a play for their friends. sweets of all sorts. The cook arrived and announced that dinner was ready. four girls and one woman. Mother came into the room as Amy threw open the door and Beth played her happiest tune. The audience was delighted with the play. Jo a sturdy pair of shoes.said. a small bottle of cologne which would leave enough money for the coloured pencils. the girls went silent for a minute. They began to prepare for the evening’s festivities. and put on the gloves. They were all hungry and eager to begin eating. Once they had made up their minds they felt much happier. So they trooped out. and not get anything for ourselves”. then they heroically offered to take them their own breakfast. But mother came in just then and told them of a family that stayed nearby that had nothing to eat and no warm clothes. put a hanky scented with Amy’s cologne into her pocket. The sisters were amazed when they saw the dinner laid out on the table. It was a very happy breakfast for the sisters. Everything went off well. It was even better when they went home. The other girls were surprised and happy to see that Amy had got a large bottle of cologne after all. There were cakes. cold and hungry family in a bare miserable room that they called home. spending her full dollar on mother’s present. and lots of ice-cream. Christmas morning arrived. Meg escorted her to the table and all of them watched as she opened her gifts. They decided that Meg would get her a pair of gloves. fruits. bringing goodwill and comfort to a sad. The girls stared 5 . She wore the new shoes. Beth a set of handkerchiefs and Amy.

The more you share. “Did the fairies bring this?” Amy asked in a hushed voice.) Glossary: thy long murmured argument cologne heroically trooped goodwill / ‘glQs@rI / / DaI/ / lQN/ / ‘m@:m@d/ / ‘a:gjUm@nt/ / k@‘l@Un/ / hI‘r@Uk@lI / / tru:pt / / gUd‘wIl/ your to wish for something complained disagreement. quarrel a mild perfume showing the qualities of a hero . So now you have a feast to make up for what you gave up. thought the four sisters. It made them happy. He was so pleased when he heard that you had sacrificed your breakfast. Mother smiled at them as she said. It was the happiest Christmas ever. Beth clapped and said. “Our neighbour Mr. Such a wonderful treat was a thing of the past.” “And also to make up for the Christmas gifts that we gave up”. Our cook told one of his servants about your breakfast party. Laurence sent it. when they had plenty of money. Nothing gives more happiness than sharing. (Thus the four sisters gave up little pleasures to make others happy. “It’s Santa Claus!” But they were both wrong.moved together in a group . the more blessed you are.kind feelings towards people - 6 .first in shock and then in delight.

.......to go with someone .looked steadily at somebody or something . Jo) II....merry-making .. 1.. is the oldest of the four sisters....... sheets of music) 3. What do you think gives more happiness? Choose the correct answer.. / be@/ / ‘mIz@r@bl / / ‘eskO:t / / fe‘stIv@tIz / / @‘meIzd / /tri:t/ / ste@d/ / ‘fe@rIz / / hVSt / .. .bare miserable escort festivities amazed treat stared fairies hushed I.... Describe the mother’s feelings when she saw the gifts.... Describe the rich dinner......silent Comprehension Answer each of the following questions in one or two sentences.... bought a set of handkerchiefs for their mother.. (Beth......... Amy........ What does the title of the lesson signify? 2. 7 . (Jo. Did they have a feast on Christmas morning? 5.... 6. What did the sisters decide to buy for their mother? 4.... Amy wanted to buy .......empty .....something that gives great pleasure .small imaginary creatures with magical powers .very surprised ... Meg) 2.very unhappy ........ 7.. coloured pencils.... 1.. (a book. .. What did the mother give the sisters for Christmas? 3.... Beth....

. (fairy.quiet miserable .....4..g.... 1....... warm x cold comfort x .. humble.... weak) eager ........ for a family that stayed nearby..... (tired.. Antonym is a word that is opposite in meaning to another word... treat. Santa Claus) III... (noble . Jo............ 5.. angry...... youngest x oldest. easy.. Choose the correct Synonyms.. 5. e. The cook had prepared the Christmas dinner.. Beth and Amy’s father was a soldier. (polite...... pretty . The sisters had planned to sing for their friends. ice-cream) . (smile. 4. amazed) Choose the correct Antonyms.. shocked.... which means the same as another word or expression. joy) 8 ...... 2.... brightness) surprised . Laurence.. sent them the Christmas dinner. (pleasure......... Say whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE...... (keen.... IV.... Amy had got a small bottle of cologne for her mother. They gave up their ....beautiful silent ... Synonym is a word or expression.............. satisfied) proud x ..... pain. shoes. (afraid. great) laugh x .. (discomfort........... Meg... The mother was proud of her daughters.. displeased. cry) pleased x . Mr..... (breakfast..... worried) delight .. unhappy.. V. 3.. e.g...

for ourselves.. you may 9 .. Read the first three paragraphs of your lesson carefully.... pleasing and attractive hug scent offer spend - VII.. The main idea in this passage is to realise that others’ needs are greater than our own. In this passage... The supporting ideas are four sisters feeling of unhappiness what to buy for Christmas buying gifts for mother self denial and sharing Task: Read the following paragraph carefully... e.) The topic sentence in this passage is ‘It was Christmas time’. The noise and excitement makes it easy to talk and laugh with someone you have never met before. Everyone present there has the same interest in mind . Gifts signify sharing..VI.. A topic sentence is that which introduces the theme of the passage to the reader...the season for buying gifts. As you are watching the game.. (It was . A school football ground is a good place to make new friends.. it is Christmas time .g... refer to a dictionary and find the meaning of the following words. With the help of your teacher.to watch the game and to share with others the pleasure of supporting the home team.. pretty adj. This breaks down barriers between strangers.

List the supporting ideas in the paragraph. It is used with musical instruments. try the following: 1. Now. In the third sentence ‘play’ is used as a verb. In the first sentence ‘play’ is used as a verb. It refers to a drama. They put up a play for their friends.prefer the tall guy who blocks the other team every time from scoring a goal. In the second sentence ‘play’ is used as a noun. What is the main idea in this paragraph? 3. They are playing hockey. ‘He played the guitar’ and ‘She played the Veena’. to know each other and finally become friends. 10 .long enough. The person seated to your left may prefer the player who passes the ball with bullet-like speed. 2. A disagreement like that might take a long time to argue . in fact. Underline the topic sentence in the paragraph. We can also say. It is used with games. Vocabulary Beth played the piano. D.

Task 1: cireket Task 2: Note: e.g.

Now, shall we play ‘hide and seek’? The names of a few games are hidden below. Find them. kocyeh oabloltf bidaak ohkohk

Match the terms with the corresponding games. More than one term may correspond to one game. wicket-Cricket hat-trick Bully- off penalty referee umpire wicket goal

hockey cricket football

Task 3 Classify the following games into three groups : Indoor games, outdoor games and track and field events. carrom, hockey, long jump, football, table-tennis, relay, tennis, chess, javelin, kabadi, hop-scotch, skipping, shotput Indoor Outdoor Track and field

One of the games mentioned above is generally played by girls on large squares drawn on the ground. Find it. Task 4: The following are used in different games. Find out the game in which each of these is used. stick, basket, ring, bat, racket, gloves, net


Study skills

Here are a few words with their phonetic symbols.On the left column you have the words and on the right column the corresponding phonetic symbols. (You can also refer to the glossary for other examples.) army eat / A:mI/ / i:t /

With the help of your teacher, refer to an advanced learner’s dictionary and find the phonetic symbols for the following words. The consonant sounds are already given. Book hug /b...k/ / h ... g /

Find the phonetic symbols for the following words. The vowel sounds are already given, Pen Had /...e.../ /...{.../

Find the phonetic symbols for the following words.The first and last sounds are already given. sweet / s ........... t / gift / g............. t / Grammar Read the following sentences. 1. Janani met her uncle yesterday. 2. He is a doctor in America. 3. He gave her a gift. 4. It made her happy. Janani S met V

F. L

Look at the pattern in sentence (1) : her uncle O yesterday. A

Now look at the sentence in your lesson : Jo held out mother’s shoes S V O In sentence (2) : He is a doctor S V C Look at the sentence in your lesson: He was a soldier S V C Sentence (3) : He gave her S V IO Look at the sentence in your lesson: Their mother had given them S V IO Sentence (4) : It made her S V O Look at the sentence in your lesson: Sharing made them S V O Here are some more sentences: 1. 2. 3. Geetha S wrote V a test O her IO the best student C

over the fire. A in America. A in the army. A a gift. DO a dollar. DO happy. C happy. C

yesterday. A full marks. DO in the class. A

The teacher granted S V Geetha S was V

4. 5.

The principal S It S

nominated V made V

her O Geetha O

the leader. C happy C

Note: In some of the above sentences ‘A’ can be optional. Task 1: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Task 2: Divya gave her friend a pen. Let us make a new sentence substituting the underlined word/ phrase. Divya gave her brother a pen. Now let’s try this, Divya gave her brother a pen. Divya gave her brother a ball. Now this, Divya gave her brother a ball. Ramya gave her brother a ball. Finally, Ramya gave her brother a ball. Ramya bought her brother a ball. Similarly, try substituting any of the elements in the sentences given below and form new sentences.

Identify the sentence patterns in the following: Anand gave me a book. The students elected Kanmani their president. Antony painted the car green. My father named the baby Sukanya. The World Bank gave India a big loan.

Amy. e. The Amazon is the longest river in the world.Meena / is / a teacher / in Vellore. The boy was blind. Nathan / President. the oldest longed for pretty things. When a person or thing has already been mentioned. ‘the happiest’ The definite article ‘the’ is used before an adjective in the superlative degree. Now let us see how the definite article ‘the’ is used.’the shoes were worn out’. It was the happiest Christmas ever. I saw a boy near the bus stop. You have already learnt in your previous class. ‘the audience was delighted with the play’. in the second sentence.g. (iii) The shoes were worn out. ‘the youngest’.g.‘they had planned to put up a play for their friends’. Sam / saw / his grandmother / last week.‘Jo held out mother’s shoes over the fire’. the youngest wanted to buy some coloured pencils. there is a reference to the shoes in the previous sentence . 15 . (iv) Mother came into the room. there is an earlier reference to the play. Look at the following sentences taken from the lesson: (i) Meg.g. I like to play the guitar. e. the definite article is used in later references to that particular person or thing. ‘the oldest’. Similarly. Here ‘the’ is used before a musical instrument. In the first sentence. e. The audience was delighted with the play. II. They / elected / Mr. the indefinite articles ‘a’ and ‘an’. (ii) She played the piano.

e. Now read the following passage: Galileo was an astronomer. the sky and the earth. refers to a particular table where the gifts are placed.Meg escorted her to the table. the moon. ‘The Ramayana’.g. Galileo heard about the invention and set to work on making a telescope for himself. etc. I asked my son not to play in the street. We can also use ‘the’ with means of transport. e. When it is clear from the context that a particular person or thing is meant. Galileo studied the stars with his telescope. ‘The Koran’.g. Vidhya went to the goldsmith to buy a ring.we say ‘The Bible’. But my brother goes to work on the train. Kumar goes to work on the motor bike. Lippershey invented the first telescope. the moon. e. 16 (vii) . Our reference to them is definite. (vi) I usually go to work on the bus. the planets. the planets and the stars. An astronomer is a person who studies the sun. In the first sentence.g. His ideas about the sun and the earth were different from what the Bible had said. the stars. Therefore the definite article ’the’ is used. These are the only ones of their kind. In 1608. ‘the room’. ‘The’ is used after ‘on’. Note: I go by bus. refers to a particular room and ‘the table’. the definite article is used. (v) We say the sun. ‘The Bible’ . (viii) I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. The definite article is used before the names of certain well-known books. We use ‘the’ with the names of some occupations. I go on the bus.

........... . 5. ... television...................................... at a restaurant last night.. Red fort) 1..... etc............................ veena................... e............. Books Mountains The Mahabharatha The Himalayas ....... ...........................g........... etc...... (sun.........g............... ............. We use ‘the’ before geographical features ............................... is very clear tonight...... e. ..................... .............. Task 2: Complete the sentences using the words given in brackets.............mountain ranges................. Task 1: Find more words for each of the following categories. Rivers Oceans The Ganges The Pacific ...... 2 3... rivers.. 17 (ix) ... Good night! I’m going to........ It gives us light and warmth.............. (x) Mt..... Can you play.. We are trained at the Regional Institute of English.................................. .. You can see all the stars........................ oceans. . We use ‘the’ before the names of institutions........... 4 We had ............. sugar. dinner..He went to the Indian Institute of Technology......................... bed. sky...... ....... Shahjahan built the Taj Mahal................ The plane flew across the Pacific Ocean.... ...................... Bible...... Use ‘the’ if necessary...... monuments...... .. Everest is in the Himalayas.................... bus............................ is a star. ? .......

.... is bad for teeth.................................. Among .... Jo describes her mother............................ too much........ one who 18 .. She is always kind to us........ Task 1: Given below is another paragraph..... is...... She works from dawn to dusk......... She helps the poor and the needy................. He works in a hospital........6................ She helps us in our homework. .............. My mother is the best person in the whole world....... is........best student in my class... A .. is. 10. longest river in the world. largest land animal. He also practises in a clinic... G........... is most ........ The Independence Day parade was held at ........... 8 9...... everyday............ Raj goes to school on . is one who treats people who are ill........... I love her very much and I am proud of her.......... Task 3: 1 2 3 4 Paul reads . She takes good care of us........ Find the profession and fill in the blanks.... there are specialists........ She is the most important person of our home........ He diagnoses one’s illness and prescribes medicines.................... She is affectionate and selfless...... She always guides us............. most interesting book I have ever read................................... ... One who operates is a surgeon.. Fill in the blanks.............................. 7.... Writing Read the following passage............. For example.... Don’t watch ........................

H... has to work round the clock..organised and coherent. write a parallel paragraph on any one of the following... ‘Service to mankind’ is the motto of this profession.. Bus conductor (polite-patient-helpful) 2. Postman (regular-friendly-prompt) 3...takes care of the teeth is a dentist. Given below is a graphical representation of the findings.. A .is to be very patient.. 1. He has no rest. One of the qualities of a .. It should have a good beginning and end.....320 60 students chose hockey as their favourite game 56 chose football 70 opted for cricket 65 said kabadi was their favourite game 25 chose volley ball 44 stated that basket ball was their favourite game 19 ...... Nurse (patient-polite-dedicated) Remember.. a good paragraph has to be well . of students interviewed ... Occupational competency A sports committee visited a school to interview students about their favourite games. Task 2: Using the above paragraphs as models... (i) (ii) (Hi) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) The total no. Make use of the clues given in brackets.

Task : Padma and Malar are sisters.1000/. 1. I. He has given them Rs.each. 4. 2. The following graph shows the amount spent by each on various items. A gilåuuhŒ ïUªjh® S A 20 C V . What is it? On which item have they spent more? On which item have both spent the same amount? Which of the two do you think has spent the money wisely? Strategic competency Her father S mtsJ jªij was V ïuhQt¤âš a soldier C in the army. 5. Look at the following graph and answer the questions. Items Who has spent more on a new dress? Malar has spent twice the amount as Padma on one item. 1. Their uncle has come down from Singapore for Deepavali. 3.


Their mother S

had given V

them IO

a dollar. DO

mt®fSila jhŒ¯ mt®fS¡F xU lhy®ÐmˤâUªjh®


Jo S

S V IO DO held out mother’s shoes over the fire. V O A
jhƋ fhyÂfis ÔƋnkš fh£odhŸ.

4. S Sharing S

O made V

A them O

V happy. C







In all the above sentences you can notice the change in word order in the Tamil translation. This has to be kept in mind when translating from one language to the other. Task: Translate the following story into your mother tongue, with the help of a bilingual dictionary. Keep in mind the change in word order. A family of tortoises went into a cafe for some ice -cream. They sat down and were about to start when father tortoise said, “I think it’s going to rain. Junior, will you run home and fetch my umbrella?” So off went junior tortoise for his father’s umbrella, but three days later he still hadn’t returned. “I think, we’d better eat junior’s ice-cream before it melts,” said mother tortoise to father tortoise. And a voice from the door said, “If you do that I won’t go!” It was junior tortoise.

I. Creative competency Read the following passage. Amy describes her sister Meg. My sister is tall, fair and beautiful. She is loving and caring. She is intelligent but a little lazy. She is also kind and helpful. She is a good girl. I like her very much. Task; Write a passage describing your teacher. You can choose from the following adjectives.

honest - strict - kind - punctual - friendly - cheerful - caring - lenient - smart - lively.



A mouse found a beautiful piece of plum cake, The richest and sweetest that mortal could make; ‘There’s a noise,1 cried the mouse, ‘ ’tis my brothers at play; So I’ll hide with the cake, lest they wander this way.’ He nibbled, and nibbled, and panted, but still He kept gulping it down till he made himself ill; Yet he swallowed it all, and ’tis easy to guess, He was soon so unwell that he groaned with distress. His family heard him, and as he grew worse, They sent for the doctor, who made him rehearse How he’d eaten the cake to the very last crumb, Without giving his playmates and relatives some. ‘Ah me!’ cried the doctor, ‘advice is too late; You must die before long, so prepare for your fate. If you had but divided the cake with your brothers, ’Twould have done you no harm, and been good for the others. - Eliza Cook Eliza Cook (1818 - 1889), an English poet contributed to magazines from an early age and brought out volumes of poetry.

Glossary: mortal panted gulping groaned distress rehearse crumb fate I. /‘mO:t@l / - one who cannot live forever; a human being - took short, quick breaths - swallowing quickly - (here) cried in pain - great pain - to practise a play, piece of music, etc. - a very small piece of food - destiny; the power that controls all events

/‘p{ntId / / ‘gVlpIN / / gr@Und / /dI‘stres / / rI‘h@:s / / krVm /feIt / /

Answer each ofthefoliowing questions in a sentence or two. 1. What kind of cake did the mouse find? 2. Why did the mouse want to hide with the cake? 3. How did the mouse eat the cake? 4. Why did the mouse become unwell? 5. What did the doctor tell the mouse? 6. What is the lesson you learn from the poem?

II. 1. Pick out the pairs of rhyming words in the poem. e.g. cake - make 2. The ‘b’ in crumb is silent. Can you think of some other words? III. Fill in the blanks appropriately, (slice, grain, bar, piece) A............................. of cake. A............................. of bread. A............................. of chocolate. A ............................. of rice.

Imagine you are the mouse’s brother.IV. Can you think of any other animal or bird which shares its food? 4. What will be your feeling on seeing your brother in pain? 2. 1. Do you usually share what you have with others? 3. who would you share it with? 25 . If you have a laddu.

complaining OCCUPATIONAL COMPETENCY: Reading graphics STRATEGIC COMPETENCY: Comparing mother tongue and English CREATIVE COMPETENCY: Writing about one’s pet 26 H I J .congratulating.UNIT-II COMPETENCIES : A B C LISTENING: Articulating and discriminating the vowel sound / @: / SPEAKING: Complainingincommon situations (using apt expressions) READING: Understanding the relation between connected sentences in a paragraph Understanding the organisation of a paragraph D E F VOCABULARY : Using words relating to animals and birds / cries of animals / adjectives derived from animals STUDY SKILLS: Referring to the dictionary for pronunciation GRAMMAR : Using the present perfect and continuous tenses Using Direct and Indirect Speech G WRITING: Writing informal letters to friends and relatives .

above egg heard early ant waiter apple table girl bird elephant pencil Task 3: Listen to the teacher read the following proverbs. What did Sudhan see on his way to school? 2. 1. 3. The early bird catches the worm. A penny saved is a penny earned. Listening L The teacher wilt read a dialogue. Underline the words that have the sound / @: / 1. What happened to the dog? 3. 2. Where did he take the dog to? 4. answer the following questions orally. Listen carefully and circle the words which have the sound /@:/. (The teacher reads) Now. Listen carefully. 4.A. 27 . wealthy and wise. Early to bed and early to rise is the way to be healthy. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush./s@:/ /h@:t/ service -/‘s@:vIs/ /n@:s/ shirt hurt nurse - Task 2: The teacher will read the following words. What did the doctor offer to do? Task 1: Listen to the teacher and repeat /S@:t/ sir .

Daughter : Really! Thank you.) Daughter : Papa. sure! Here I’ve got chappatis for you. dad. Have you got anything to eat? Father : Oh. but these dogs are stoned and ill-treated by some children of our neighbourhood. I’m sorry to say this. I can’t eat them anymore. darling. Speaking L Your teacher will read the following dialogue. Father : Please. : Thank you! 28 Voice Naveen Voice Naveen Voice Naveen . The father and daughter are at the dining table. I’m so hungry. : Could you tell me where you live? : I live in Bharathi Street. Your mom comes home this evening. We’ll come in an hour. I am Naveen calling from Tirunagar. Daughter : Yes. Listen to your teacher read the telephone conversation. (The mother is away on a pilgrimage. Daughter : No. Naveen Voice Naveen : Hello. Could you please come and take them away immediately? : Definitely. Listen carefully. bear with me dear. Madurai.B. Is it the SPCA? : Yes. but you’ve been giving me bread and chappatis for the past two days. Tirunagar. I don’t feel like eating now. what can I do for you? : I’ve already informed you about the stray dogs in my neighbourhood. Father : But why? You said you were hungry. : What’s it? : I’m sorry to say this. We’ll have a grand dinner tonight. I’m afraid I’ve got a complaint to make. Dad. I’m hungry.

... “ “ / really must object to ...“ “ I’m not at all satisfied with .... “ These expressions are used to complain about somebody or something.. but . Task 2: Sit in pairs.. and the other.. You want to make a complaint to the Corporation Officer about the water tanker not coming to your locality regularly.. but. the person who makes the complaint..Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Look at the expressions..“ “ I’m sorry to bring this up. Task 1: Take turns and practise the dialogue..(Note: SPCA .........“ “ Can you do anything about ... One of you can play the role of the Corporation Officer.... sir . Here are some expressions which you can use to complain about somebody or something — “ I have a problem.. “ 29 .. “ I’m sorry to say this. “ I’m afraid I’ve got a complaint to make”.

. You must grow up gentle and good”. It is the process of teaching a horse how to wear a saddle.. I was made ready to be ‘broken in’. as she was a wise old horse. a bridle and a collar so that 30 .C.Reading BLACK BEAUTY -Anna Sewell “I ‘ve been waiting all these years. Sometimes we indulged in rough play .kicking and biting each other.“You are wellborn and well-bred.. bright alert eyes and strong feet. I’m Black Beauty. You may not know what breaking in means. I used to gallop around with the other colts merrily. Her name was Duchess. a smooth shiny coat.. my mother whinnied and gave me a piece of advice .” I could still remember those happy days when I was living with my mother in a large pleasant meadow. I was beginning to grow handsome with a star on my forehead. I had a lot of love and admiration for my mother. narrating . It was during one such play. The fateful day came. but my master endearingly called her “Pet”. You should possess a sweet temper like your father.

I felt proud to carry my master. Gordon called me ‘Black Beauty’. He got on to me and rode around the meadow. The worst of all was to have a ‘bit’. When the harness was put on my neck. 31 . Putting on the iron shoes was yet another unpleasant experience. I was not used to a halter but now I had to wear it. a tall mare. nor kick. no joy could make me jump or weariness could lie me down. but I had no option. My feet were feeling very stiff and heavy. Next came the saddle. nor have a will of my own. I could neither bite. A ‘bit’ was a piece of cold hard steel which was pushed into my mouth with the ends held fast by strap. Forgetting all my pains. I was feeling happy when people called me Black Beauty. Mrs. I was sold to a man called Squire Gordon. She was treated so roughly by her old master that she turned out to be rude. I was feeling depressed to leave my mother and my birth place. Ginger was an ill-tempered one but I still managed to get on well with her. Admiring my beauty. My master was putting it on my back gently besides patting and talking to me. I could not move as I wished. John was the coachman who gave me a good grooming and Little Joe Green was the stable man. At Squire Gordon’s stable I met Merrylegs. My master said. Also there was Ginger.a cart could be fixed behind. It was another piece of advice which I carried all along. but in course of time I got used to it. “Goodbye! Be a good horse and always do your best”. a fat grey pony with a thick mane and a tail. When I was about five.

It was getting dark when we returned. Just then.One day in autumn. Beauty. I neighed but I did not stir. “You. God gave men reason but He gave animals intuition which was much more prompt and perfect in its own way. they were shortening the reins and the strain fell on to my back and legs. 32 . My new mistress wanted my reins to be tightly held which really hurt and took the spirit out of me. Nicholas. Of course I could not tell him. So I was sold to an Earl. but I knew very well that the bridge was not safe. From time to time my mistress took ill and the doctor asked my master to take her to a warmer place.” said my master. As my master did not want to nurse a sick horse. a man came running and shouted. Day by day. “Stop! The bridge is broken in the middle”. “Go on. We were going along at a good pace. I was again sold. I carried my master and John to the nearby town. But I was helpless. I felt sure there was something wrong. I dared not go forward and made a dead stop. I thanked God who helped me to save two lives. My life was becoming so miserable. Beauty!” said John and took the bridle gently and turned me around. that I wished I would drop down dead. was always hard on men and his men in turn were hard on the horses. But the moment I touched a bridge. my new master.

“It must be Black Beauty!”. my life has become a full circle.in saddle bridle halter harness /‘wInId/ /swi:t‘temp@/ /‘breIkIrNIn/ /‘s{dl / /‘braIdl / /‘hO:lt@/ /‘hA:nIs/ . Generations of children will be reading my story and love me. But I am satisfied that I have followed my mother’s advice throughout my life.a set of straps and metal pieces worn around the body and the head of a horse 33 . He was sure that I was Squire Gordon’s Black Beauty.a set of leather bands attached to the reins .strap . I was feeling happy that I would never be sold again.Thoroughgood.grasslands . He further said that he would inform the Gordons that their Black Beauty was with him.pleasant attitude . he identified the white star on my forehead and exclaimed. The next day when my new groom was cleaning my face. dotted with memories .the movement of a horse when all the four feet are off the ground .neighed softly .good and bad. He was no other than Little Joe Green. who gave me hay and oats. Glossary: meadow gallop /‘med@U/ /‘g{l@p / whinnied sweet temper breaking . I am happy that I maintain my quality and dignity amidst all hardships.a leather seat for a rider on the horse .Very soon I was sold to one Mr. He began patting me and was overjoyed. Now then.the act of training and disciplining a horse .

.. Complete the following Black Beauty was happy in the end because ..stable pony mare mane intuition reins /’steIbl/ / ‘p@Um / /me@ / / mem / / mtju:‘ISn/ /remz/ . 1.........the long hair on the neck of a horse -the ability to know something by your feelings -two leather straps that are fastened around a horse and held by the rider Compreh ension I.. (a) coachman (b)stableman (c) master (d) ostler 34 ... II... Choose the appropriate answer and fill in the blanks.... Why? 7.. Who is the narrator of the story? What does he look like? 2. Black Beauty had a sense of satisfaction.. Little Joe Green was the ....... How did Black Beauty save Squire Gordon? 5. What advice did Duchess give Black Beauty? 3.... b) Little Joe Green and Black Beauty could recognise each other.... Was Black Beauty happy at the Earl’s place? How do you know that? 6.. 8...... What is ‘breaking-in’? What are the feelings of Black Beauty at the time of ‘breaking-in’? 4..... Answer the following questions....a female horse ..a type of small horse .place where horses are kept .. 1.. Say true or false a) Black Beauty was happy with Nicholas...

........... 35 ... (a) kind (b) soft (c) considerate (d) hard..... It keeps them warm and protects them from being injured......... 5.......... Little Joe Green recognised Black Beauty by seeing its .. (a) lengthened (b) loosened (c) tightened (d) shortened 4... Animals have a hairy coat. making it difficult for the animals to notice them... Synonyms: wearied alert strain brave save tired watchful stress bold rescue x x x x x rough imperfect sweet-tempered dull unpleasant IV.........2....... Nicholas was ... on men and animals...... (a) shiny coat (b) alert eyes (c) white star (d) strong feet III... Merrylegs was a fat grey.... For example.. Some animals have coats which blend with their surroundings...... The new mistress wanted the reins to be. Their coats help them to escape from the hungry animals..... Read the following passage.... when zebras move in a group.. (a) mare (b) filly (c) pony (d) colt 3. This makes it difficult for the lions and the hunters when they try to single out a zebra for attack... Antonyms: smooth perfect ill-tempered bright pleasant V...... their stripes merge together and get blurred... This is Nature’s way of protecting the weak from the strong...

.. ..coat” .. ‘their’.. a tiger . squeals... ‘for example’ ..... caws.... a cock crows 6 . Another set of cards having the cries of animals will be given to the other group. iv) ‘it’... bleats 7.. chatters 2.. ii) “It keeps them warm.. a crow .... A set of cards having the names of animals will be given to one group........These sentences elaborate the topic and support the topic sentence.. brays Task 3: The class will be divided into two. a goat. an ox....... ‘this’.. starting from ‘I was made ready to be broken-in’.... ‘some’. 8............. a frog... a donkey) 1...... roars.. Task 2: The animals and their cries are given below.....In the given passage: i) “Animals.... Task: Read the passage in your lesson. 5... croaks 9. a rabbit ......................... . Match the animals with their cries....The first sentence suggests the topic.....g....... iii) “This is Nature’s way of . ..........’in course of time I got used to it.. (crows.zebra for attack” . a monkey...... The student 36 . strong. Vocabulary Task 1: List out all that Black Beauty wears............. to.... 10.... a sparrow... 3... e. chirps 4...’ Point out: i) The topic sentence ii) the supporting sentences iii) the concluding sentence and iv) the linkers D....” . .... saddle.These linkers connect the sentences.. bellows........The last sentence concludes the topic..

(bee.. Match them with the words given within brackets.......... mosquito. 3.. cat .. A pigeon ...like.. An owl ......... the student who has the card ‘barks’...... 1.. cricket.like... The minister proved his canine loyalty to the king.. Soman has an equine face and an aquiline nose.... should respond by barking. lion . 2....known for his leonine valour...... The underlined words are adjectives derived from animals... vulture.... screeches/chirps Task 6: Read the following sentences..... for example ‘dog’ must call out ‘dog’. nightingale..like. Put them in the proper boxes..... fly.who has the card. eagle ....... peacock) Birds wren Insects fly Task 5: Tick the correct answer. eagle. 1.... dog ..like... 5. Rajaraja Chozhan is well . The traitor has a vulpine look...hums/hoots A bee ......like) 37 .. coos/caws 2... 4............like....... 4... 3.... wren. (fox ... Malar has feline eyes.......... say....buzzes/crows A sparrow .. lark............... horse . Task 4: Given below are some birds and insects........ grasshopper...

...... It is in the ‘present continuous tense. girl firm curl fur sir pearl world worse F......tS/ n...m/ /k..v/ 38 .E....’ Remember: Present Continuous=’be’ verbs (am / is / are) + Present Participle /g.... s/ heard turn church nurse journey courtesy serve / / / / / h...s/ dZ.ld/ /w..d/ t..(a) ‘I ‘m Black beauty narrating………’ The above sentence is taken from the lesson...nI/ / k. Grammar I..n/ tS................/ /p.1/ /f. refer to a dictionary and fill in the missing symbol.l / /w. Their transcription is incomplete.....1/ /f../ /s..... Study skills Task: Read the following words.. With the help of your teacher....t@sI/ / s.

. The Present Continuous Tense is used to denote an action that is going on at the time of speaking. This is the home work..Task: Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks using the verbs given in brackets.. The fist one has been done for you. You’re submitting it on Monday....... Read the following dialogue. 2..... ma’am.. 39 . He .. Teacher : Then write a few sentences about your visit.. It is also used to refer to a lanned future action... ma’am. Student : Yes.. He . (arrange) the vegetables in the push cart 3... 1. (push) the vegetable cart. They are selling sell) vegetables in he market. (A conversation in the class room) Teacher : Where are vou going this Saturday? Student : I am visiting the zoo..

He was sleeping in the afternoon. 40 . The past continuous tense is used for an action that was going on at a certain point of time in the past. I was feeling happy. Monday visiting her relatives Tuesday going to a movie Wednesday attending a wedding Thursday meeting her friends Friday going to the library Saturday taking her grandma to the dentist Sunday getting ready for the hostel Write sentences about Ezhil’s plan. b) I was living with my mother. indicating future. Remember:Past Continuous = ‘be’ verbs (was/were) + Present Participle Here are some more examples : The children were playing till 8’o clock last night.. My grandmother was telling stories to my daughter. She has planned to spend the week as per the following schedule.. The above sentences are taken from your lesson. ‘She is . Remember: Future time Present Continuous = ‘be’ verbs (am / is / are) + Present Participle Task: Ezhil has come home on a week ‘s holiday. the verbs that are underlined are in the present continuous tense.. They are in the past continuous tense. Begin with.In the above dialogue.

The above sentence is taken from the lesson. : Who was teaching you last hour? : Mrs. Rani/teach/poem 3. (c) 41 . Sir. Remember:Future Continuous = will / shall + be + Present Participle Here are some examples : He will be meeting us next week. We’ll be staying here till Sunday. Future Continuous Tense is used to express future actions that are planned and are fairly certain to happen. students/learn/English/last hour 2. students/read/poem ‘Generations of children will be reading my story and love me’. Can you read the poem aloud? : Yes. 1. Rani. : That’s good. Headmaster Student Headmaster Student Headmaster Student Headmaster Student : What were you doing this morning? : We were learning English. It is in the future continuous tense. Task: Make sentences using the clues. : What was she teaching you? : A poem.Read the following conversation. I’ll be seeing the dentist this afternoon.

.. It is a mixture of the Present and the Past...Here is Appu’s diary for 3 days showing his engagements from Monday to Wednesday: Mon6 9 a m to 11am English 11 a m to lpm Cricket 3 p m to 4pm Science Tuition Task: Tues7 10 am to 11 am Maths 3 p m to 4 p m Science Tuition 5 p m to 6 p m Karate Class Wed 8 9 amto 11 am Science 12 noon to lpm Social Science 7pm to 9 p m Anil’s Birthday Party Complete the sentences using ‘ Will be + Verb + ing Use words like ‘study’............. on Tuesday at 5 p m... so I’m free now...... He ...... The rain has stopped.’ The above sentence is taken from the lesson.... It is in the present perfect tense......... Remember:Present Perfect = Has / Have + Past Participle Read the examples: 1.. so we can go for a walk... on Monday at 10 am............................ 2.. etc............ ‘watch’.. He .. at 8 p m on Wednesday....... at 12 noon on Monday....... (d) ‘I’m satisfied that I have followed my mother’s advice.. In all the above sentences we see that the action is complete. Appu . 42 .... He ....... The present perfect tense is used to refer to the present result of a past activity............ I have finished my work... ‘attend’.............

30 am.00 a m. “He has gone to market.Task 1: George Gopal Veena I We They Task 2: Write as many sentences as possible from the following table. 1. Then I said “He has returned from market. 43 . You can see him now”. The action may contiune in the future.Shiva came again after an hour. Mr. has have Underline the sentences which are in the Present Perfect Tense. She is waiting for the bus. done the homework. Shiva visited my house this morning. passed the test. It is 10. 2. in the following passage. seen the film. It has been raining since this morning. bought a new watch. gone to the town. We have been waiting for the bus since 4 o’ clock. Remember:Present Perfect Continuous = has / have been + present Particle Read the examples: They have been playing chess all afternoon.” Mr. The present perfect continuous tense is used for an action over a period of time up to now. (e) ‘I have been waiting all these years’. She came to the bus stop at 10. 3. The above sentence is taken from the lesson. stopped buying magazines. He said “Is your brother in?” “No. It is in the present perfect continuous tense.” I said.

The above sentences are taken from the lesson. 2. In sentence (b) the same idea is reported without quoting the actual words of the speaker. b) Ravi said that he was very busy.All the three sentences can be combined and expressed thus She has been waiting for the bus since 10. b) Hema says that her daughter does not like sweets. He further said that he would inform the Gordons that their Black Beauty was with him. for a long time. The second one is in the indirect or reported form. In sentence (a) the exact words of the speaker are given within inverted commas. has been learning music has been wearing glasses have been waiting have been watering the garden since last June. 1. Compare the following sentences: a) Ravi said. for an hour. since 4 o’ clock. “I am very busy”. This way of quoting the actual words of the speaker is called Direct Speech. 44 . “Goodbye! Be a good horse and always do your best”. Read the examples: a) “My daughter does not like sweets. This is said to be in the reported form or indirect speech. Task : He She I We They II. Write as many sentences as you can from the given table.” says Hema.00 a m. The first one is in the direct form.

She asks me where I live.When the reporting verb is in the present tense the tense does not change in the reported form. He says that the trees are big and shady. Remember :In statements. When the reporting verb is in the past. The reported forms are given in jumbled order in section B. the conjunction that is used after the reporting verb. In ‘wh’ questions the ‘wh’ words themselves serve as linkers. He said that he was unwell. a) “What do you have in your box?” asks my friend. He said.a) “Do you like cakes?” the father asked the boy. 1. 4. Task 1: Here are some direct forms given under section A.” 2.” “Is your father in?” my uncle asked. Note:. 45 . In ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions ‘if’ or ‘whether’ is used as a connective. Section A He says “Trees are big and shady. the tense of the verb changes into past in the reported form. Section B My uncle asked me whether my father was in. b) The father asked the boy whether he liked cakes. Match them suitably. “I am unwell. b) My friend asks me what I have in my box. “Where do you live?” she asks me. 3.

Here is an example of a letter of complaint. D. D. Coimbatore Aug l9. Writing Here is an example of a letter of congratulation.Nagar. (b) Change the following into direct speech : Little Joe Green said that he would inform the Gordons that their Black Beauty was with him. I am much delighted to hear that you have won the “Young World . With love. Dear Amutha. Madurai .) 46 .625 101.” Congratulations! I know how happy you are. (Vennila and Chandra are friends. Ratnnapuri. Priya To Miss Amutha. Plot.Road. Two years ago.Wild Life Painting Contest.Task 2: (a) Report the advice given by Duchess to Black Beauty. G. Chandra’s family moved to Madurai from Coimbatore.5. 17.B.2003.R. You must know how proud I am of you. Yours.

65. Coimbatore . Letters are of two types: i) Formal Letters ii) Informal letters Informal letters are those which we write to our friends and relatives. I am not at all satisfied with the way you keep postponing your visit. Madurai. I have been inviting you to Madurai for the past two years. you have never paid a visit so far.books and fix the parts of the letter in their proper places. The different parts of Informal Letters are:1. 2003 DearVennila.Puram.S. Yours. Each group has to draw a rectangle in their note . Nov 1. Address on the envelope or superscription Task 1: (Patch work) You will be divided into groups. Greeting or salutation 3. Leave-taking or subscription 5.641 007. The Heading 2. 47 . Chandra To Miss.72. Body of the letter 4. Hoping to meet you during the quarterly holidays. R. Such letters are written in an easy. conversational style. but. Anna Nagar. I am sorry to say this. Each group will be given the 5 parts of the letter in separate slips. Vennila.

....... Sep 1... but...... Trichy...... Naren To K......2003........... Please. Naren sends a letter of complaint) 19... borrowed.. Raja Street.......... you several times..... book..... I have already .. lovingly. ‘Animal Kingdom Book H’ from me last month...Task 2: Complete the following letter by using the words given at the end... library...... Karur........... to say this... Yours lovingly. Occupational competency 48 .. (Naren has lent a book to Keshav.. sorry.. it without fail. I ............... Mettu Street....... This Saturday is the due date to return the ... I am . Keshav) H........ reminded... the book ... 21...... need.............. Dear . to my school . (immediately.. . Keshav has forgotten to return the book........... Lakshmi Illam.. Keshav... send........... You have...........

1. How do you look after your pet? 4. pony . Strategic Competency With your teacher’s help. Are there goats in the farm? 3. Diagram 1 shows the number of animals in the year 2000 and diagram 2 shows the number in 2003. 2. Name some domestic animals. Which is the most popular pet? 2. Creative Competency Answer the following questions orally. How many buffaloes are there in the farm in the year 2003? 4. find out the equivalents in your mother tongue for all the terms related to horses. in what ways? 5. 6. Has the number of cows increased in the year 2003? 5.k£l¡ Fâiu harness saddle bridle mare reins colt J. In which year is the number of sheep less? I. 1. e. Compare the two diagrams and answer the questions below. Do you have any pet at home? What is it? 3. Which animal looks like a stuffed toy? Write a few lines about your pet Task: 49 . Which animal keeps hopping from one tree to another? 7.g. Do you think animals are useful? If so.In Old Mac Donald’s farm there are so many animals as depicted in the bar diagram. Mention the animals that Old Mac Donald has.

And I cannot find the place! And I cannot find the place Where his paw is in the snare! Little One! Oh. Making everything afraid! Making everything afraid! Wrinkling up his little face! As he cries again for aid. But I cannot tell from where. He was employed in an office and he wrote poems in his spare time. Now I hear the cry again.James Stephens James Stephens (1882 . Little One! I am searching everywhere! . Ireland.POEM THE SNARE * I hear a sudden cry of pain! There is a rabbit in a snare. But I cannot tell from where He is calling out for aid! Crying on the frightened air.1950) was born in Dublin. 50 .

coat. Is the poet able to locate the snare? 6.being afraid of / wmNklIN/. What do you understand by the expression. Answer the following questions. furry. “the frightened air’? II.the lines or folds in the face caused by pain /pO:/ . cleft . carrot 51 . white. Describe a rabbit using the following hints. What makes the rabbit wrinkle its face? 5. 1. Who do you think is the speaker in the poem? 2.Glossary snare aid frightened wrinkling paw /sne@ / . In the word “wrinkle”. whiskers. think of other words beginning with silent ‘w\ IV. timid.animal’s foot that has nails or claws Comprehension I. ‘w’ is silent.help / frartnd / . What is the rabbit crying for? 4.trap /eId/ . What does he /she hear? 3. Pick out the words that rhyme with : i) snare ii) aid iii) face iv) pain III.lip. soft .

LISTENING: Discriminating and articulating the vowel sounds/Q/and/O:/ SPEAKING: Inviting READING: Guessing the meaning of unfamiliar words VOCABULARY: Using words denoting/relating to trees and flowers Identifying words in extensive reading STUDY SKILLS: Abstracting information GRAMMAR: Expressing request and willingness. asking for permission and inviting .UNIT .III COMPETENCIES: A.using the modals ‘will’ and’ would’ Using clauses in right contexts G H. WRITING: Developing hints OCCUPATIONAL COMPETENCY: Understanding the working of a household appliance STRATEGIC COMPETENCY: Listening to and reading news bulletins CREATIVE COMPETENCY: Describing a composite picture 52 B C D E F I J .

Listen carefully. b. John bought this cot near the court. Listen and repeat /O:/ port nought court cord Task 3: Your teacher will read sets of three words. Task 2. d. In each set one word will be heard differently. 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 53 . The first one has been done for you. /Q/ pot not cot cod Your teacher will read the following pairs of words. Circle the corresponding number. c. a. 2. He caught a cod in his cord. 1. 3.A. Listening The teacher will read a dialogue. Paul saw a strange pot at the port. (The teacher reads) Task 1: Listen to the teacher saying the following sentences and repeat.

(To his friends) Hey.the wide part of a river where it goes into the sea . lazy fellows! I’d like you to come in and swim with us.B. They are afraid of the crocodiles here. Sam : (To a fisherman) Hey.huge fish with very sharp teeth . Would you like to come with me? : Sure! That’s a good idea.) : Sam! How about your friends joining us? : Yes. Sam! I’m going to the beach. (His friends get into the water). Glossary: estuary shark crocodiles /‘estU@rI/ /‘SA:k/ /‘krQk@daIlz/ . Sam and Ram are swimming. (At the estuary. (But Sam is still doubtful and comes out of the water. brother! Are you sure that there are no sharks here? Fisherman: Sure.) Sam : (To the fisherman) Hello. they can’t be here. The teacher will read the following dialogue Listen carefully. Ram Sam Ram Sam Speaking: : Hello. brother! Are there any sharks here? Fisherman: No.big reptiles with a long mouth and sharp teeth that live in rivers and lakes 54 .

How many friends went swimming? 2. Sam and the fisherman. 3 : Sure. Why don’t sharks come to the estuary? 4. They are used to invite someone. making use of the cues given. Radha 1 visit join take part 55 . Task 2: Now practise the following dialogue in pairs. Look at the words /phrases in italics in the dialogue.in the sea or river? 3. What do you think of the fisherman? Task 1: Take turns playing the roles of Ram.afraid /@‘freId/ -full of fear Answer the following questions. 4 2 3 4 our home family members With pleasure! our excursion brothers and sisters OK in the quiz classmates I’m sorry. 1. Where did they swim . Then practise the dialogue. Rahim : I’d like you to attend our School Sports Day 1 2 with your friends. We can’t.

C. his friends Arumugam and Malick were on the podium along with the District Collector. everywhere! Why is it so scarce here? It was the 5th of June . 56 . Students and people. John : Now.World Environment Day. I’d like to invite our District Collector to preside over the meeting. dear friends. Malick was invited to speak first.) Malick : Respected President. The rally was approaching the Beach football ground after passing through the main streets of the city. holding placards and shouting slogans. the president of the District Ecology Club. ladies and gentlemen. were entering the ground when loudspeakers continued thundering the slogans. I would like to speak on the prevalence of water. Water is everywhere. Water. They sat on the lawn. (The gathering cheered. Reading SAVE WATER! SAVE THE WORLD! Water. After the invocation to Goddess Tamil and the address of welcome. John.

. Our human body has about two . But most of it -about 70% of the fresh water . flowers. (he pauses) Will any one of you tell me where it is? A boy in the front row : It is confined to the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam. We can live without food for a month.is frozen in glaciers and ice-caps..) Arumugam : . An old lady : In that case.fourths of water in a chicken and four . About half a percent of fresh water is in .. as ground water. About 97 percent of water is in the oceans. Only about 3 percent of water is fresh... But we cannot live without water for more than 5 to 6 days. It is the most common thing on earth.fifths in a pineapple... trees. (Again the crowd enjoyed the boy’s wit.. Malick : That’s correct.have water in themselves.. we people at the Varuna street are almost half dead. It covers 70 percent of the earth’s surface. The human body requires about 3 litres of water a day. We are without water for the past three days! (Meanwhile Arumugam has started addressing the gathering. animals and humans . But it is salty and cannot be used for drinking and farming.) A girl in school uniform : It is under the ground.Why is water scarce nowadays? This is because our need for water is becoming greater 57 . (The whole crowd plunged into laughter. All living things ..A lady from the crowd : But it is not in our street tap....thirds of water.) Malick : Water is the life-line of Mother Earth.plants. There is three .

neem and tamarind and the ever smiling daisy.. Let us save water. (The audience were clapping their hands... Mother Earth looks sad and dry.. Trees are being cut mercilessly.. rainwater harvesting has become the ‘people’s movement’. We have to stop cutting down trees. especially rain water in a bank. avoid wastage of water and save rain water... fields and factories.and greater. Rainwater harvesting is the only means that will serve the purpose.. banyan. Ground water is our Water Bank... She loses her dear ones like the palmyra. Will you all save every drop of rain water? The people : We will. Water is used in large quantities in our homes.. The population increases every year. at this hour of great need..under the earth as ground water. 58 . Every house is to have a structure for storing rainwater before the 31st of August 2003. Rainfall has become scanty. Rainwater harvesting is nothing but storing rainwater in a sump or well or flowing it into the earth and saving it as ground water. We should have water bank at our doorsteps.. lotus and lily..) The District Collector : Ladies and gentlemen! Rain water is the only water resource for us. Thanks to our Government’s efforts.. Ground water has drained too much. at our door steps . All our open wells and bore wells have become dry. when the district collector came up to the microphone.

Who were on the podium? 2. 1. when the National Anthem was being sung. land a small raised platform large existence masses of ice which move slowly down a valley not enough in quantity a palm tree commonly seen in southern parts of Tamilnadu means of help gathering or storing a hollow area where water is collected Compreh ens ion I. Answer each of the following questions in one or two sentences. Do you accept that our Mother Earth is sad and dry? If yes. environment podium prevalence glaciers scanty palmyra /m‘vaI@r@nm@nt/ . why? 59 . Where do we find fresh water? 3. water. How much drinking water does our human body need a day? 4. Why is water becoming scarce nowadays? 5.Now.the natural surroundings /‘p@UdI@m/ /‘prev@l@ns/ / ‘gl{sj@z/ / ‘sk{ntI/ /p{l‘maI@r@/ - resource harvesting sump /rI ‘sO:s/ / ‘hQ:vIstIN/ /sVmp/ - such as air. Nature was lustily cheering her sons and daughters with rain.

Choose the correct answer : Our human body requires ....... flowed out 3. Water is becoming scarce nowadays... Ground water is drained too much.... dried 2......... 1.. not available in enough quantities 3. 1.. 2. used III........ The population is increasing in number.. The whole crowd plunged into laughter. especially land or water IV.. daisy the top of something. But costly metals like platinum are. hard to find 2. What is rainwater harvesting? 7. 1.....6.. broke 2. But water resources are . Circle your answers.. Match the following words with their meanings.... rare 3... 1.. Water is the most common thing. it. litres of water a day...... opened one’s mouth 2. 1... Guess the meaning of the underlined words in the following sentences taken from your lesson. (i) 1 (ii) 2 (iii) 3 II. surface a flower plant 5. But the players already there were . 1........ slogan people’s gathering on the move 4... The context should help you. The rally was entering the ground... 60 .. rally the study of the relationship of living things with their environment 2...... moved suddenly 3.. Read the following sentences and fill in the blanks with antonyms for the underlined words........ ecology a catchy phrase 3. 3...

Although it is not visible to us. Air is useful to us in many ways. Water vapour in the air gets cooled and results in rain.can live without it. Oxygen helps in burning. Find out how these words are used in this context Air covers the whole surface of the earth. Read the following passage and identify the words which you are not familiar with. It also gives plants good manure... It contains 78 % Nitrogen. Fish get the air from water. It helps plants prepare their food. Here are some common trees found in India. air will also become scarce on this earth! D. we can always feel it.. APPYAA 61 ANNBAY . Vocabulary Task 1: Are we alone in welcoming the rain? Trees too join us. It also keeps the earth cool and fresh. The letters of the names are jumbled.plant or animal .. If proper measures are not taken to stop this. It is very essential for life.. It saves us from harmful radiation. It gives us energy.. Rearrange and find their names.V. Nowadays air is getting polluted. No living thing . 21 % Oxygen and 1 % other gases. All living things breathe oxygen-filled air.. Nitrogen helps in stopping fire from spreading.

5. list the uses of each tree by filling the table : fire-wood.MEEN PAINANTL GOMAN TINDRAMA Task 2: Using the words given below. Leaves Serving Food construction. 6. Fruit Food Tree Plantain Root Trunk Food Food / Fibre . 2. fencing. Others 62 oil. food.No. curtain SI. 4. 3. 1. medicine. shade.

Task 3: Here are the names of some trees. Refer to an encyclopaedia to know about the trees. oak, fir, cedar, elm, willow, palm, pine, pipal Task 4: Butterflies and bees, birds and flowers are Nature’s gifts. Don’t you love flowers? Here are some flowers. The letters in their names are jumbled. Rearrange, to find the flower. Which of these flowers have you seen in a garden? Put a tick mark.








Study skills Read the following passage and understand the main theme. Write the gist in three or four sentences. (Do it in groups and read out the summary.) Trees

Forests shield the soil from the sun’s rays. Without trees, even the richest soil may soon turn unproductive. Once the mountain slopes of India were covered with magnificent forests; they were cut down to provide land for mankind. From trees we may get coal, building materials, valuable drugs, gums, dyes and items of food. But above all these, it is important to remember that trees purify the air and enrich the soil. They protect us from extremes of heat and cold. We should cultivate in ourselves a love for trees, and look upon them with more than mere admiration. F. Grammar I. Read the following dialogue: The Clever Cop It was a windy day. The clouds had gathered. It was about to rain. A policeman was escorting a prisoner to jail when his hat was blown off by the wind. Prisoner : Will you allow me to run after it and get it for you, sir? Policeman: No. Don’t think I can be cheated. You stay here. I will go and get it myself. (The policeman runs after the hat. Taking advantage, the prisoner runs in the opposite direction.) Prisoner: (to a man coming on a bike ) Will you please take the policeman running over there to his home? He’s in a hurry.

The man : Sure, I will ................................ on the (To the policeman still running after the flying bike hat) Will you come with me? I will help you reach home .You seem to be in a hurry. I’ll give you a lift. Policeman : (Turning back) Reach home? ! Task 1: 1. 2. 3. 4. Task 2: Your teacher will read the following sentences. Repeat. Will you allow me to run after it and get it for you? (asking for permission) I will go and get it myself, (willingness / determination) Will you please take the man to his home? (making a request) Will you come with me? (invitation) Your teacher will give a model sentence and some prompts. Sit in groups and make sentences using the prompts given.


Model: Will you allow me to get it for you? 1 2 (e.g.) Prompt: Response: allow, read yourbook Will you allow me to read your book? 1 2 permit ride your bicycle allow take your car permit use your pen B. Model: Will you please open that window? 1 (e.g) Prompt : Response : close the door Will you please close the door? 1

arrange the books give me your pen clean the black board bring me a glass of water C. Model: Will you come for my birthday? Response: Will you attend my sister’s wedding ?

(e.g.) Prompt: attend my sister’s wedding

1 join me in celebrating Deepavali visit my house today come for the cricket match tomorrow D. Model : Don’t worry, I’ll help you in your home work. Response : Don’t worry, I’ll lend you my pen. (e.g.) Prompt: lend my pen 1 come along with you help you in your work help you pay the fees help you cross the road II. Read the following passage. Arul celebrated his birthday with his friends. The party started at 7.00 a m. Kumar came at 7.30 a m. When he entered the house, Arul was playing the guitar, Jane and Rahim were singing and John and Ramya were dancing . 1. What was Arul doing when Kumar entered his house? Arul was playing the guitar. 2. What were the other friends doing when Kumar came in? His friends were singing and dancing.

.. Note :In the above sentence... what were you doing in the class? I explained the grammatical item for half an hour. What were you doing last night? After all............. 67 Neighbour : Mala : Policeman : Man Teacher : : 2..... two actions that took place at the same time are described.... Complete the following dialogues using ‘When ‘........... .g: When 1 came out at night.g: Son Mother 1. .. Frame sentences using When + a sentence from box A + a sentence from box B... the stars were twinkling.. I was praying when you knocked at the door. : : Mother! What were you doing? I kept knocking at the door...When Kumar entered the house Arul and his friends were singing and dancing....... my mother was cooking e.... bathing.......... watching TV .. the thief came in through the front door .. When one action happened.... Make the right choice...... what were you doing? The phone rang 3 or 4 times.. ... Task 2: e....... Ravi. A I came out at night the teacher came into the class I went home I visited my friend she reached the railway station Task 1: B he was watching TV the stars were twinkling When + + the train was leaving they were making some noise .... 3... Mala. the other action was going on..

Then it began to rain.. Murugan walked up and down on the platform. They guide them and when necessary discipline them too.Ravi Teacher Task 3: : Sorry... approach when lights go out at night .. though huge in size and living in forests. Elephants with human traits Elephants. If the fence is electrified.... G. 3.take care of their calves .. show many human traits.discipline them . They never forget acts of kindness and are always aware of the danger ahead. They are very clever.. they come at night when lights go out.never forget . : ?! Study the following situation and frame sentences using ‘When1. 2.trample the fence .learn ..g. They save their mates from danger. A title has also been provided. They trample the fence in groups. Then the police arrived. e.. They do things by themselves. The people shouted slogans for hours.remember kindness and danger. Sir! . Then his friend came by in a car. They know their tusks are non-conductors. Elephants take care of their young ones..have human traits .their tusks nonconductors .: Robert waited for the bus. Then the train came.save mates from danger work for themselves . The above hints have been developed into a paragraph.very clever . Kannan worked in the garden for several hours..if electrified. 68 .. They have a good memory. Robert was waiting for the bus when his friend came by in a car. 1. Writing Elephants . doing my homework .... Read it.

Giraffe .but unable to make sounds . In this pump. Suggest a suitable title.tongue 45 cm long . Occupational competency HAND PUMP All of us have seen a hand pump.has long neck . It is used to draw up water from under the ground. It has a handle.colour .Task: Now read the following hints and develop them into a paragraph.mouth reaches tall trees . an iron pipe is put into the ground upto the level of water. It has two valves. H. When the handle is pushed down. one is the inlet valve and the other the outlet valve. The pressure of the air outside 69 . Both these valves open only in the upward direction.head strong like hammer .voice box not developed. the piston is pulled up and the pressure inside the iron pipe falls.runs 45 kms per hour .has keen sense of smell and sight . It works on the principle that air pressure can lift water to about 9 metres or 28 feet. another pipe of bigger diameter is fitted. which is connected to a piston.resembles shadow of trees has sensitive ears . On top of this.tallest animal .hind legs powerful lions afraid of attacking .

The TamilNadu CM hails people’s co-operation in RainWater Harvesting. When the handle is pushed up. Practise reading it 70 . The water comes into the wider pipe through the inlet valve. Can we get a continuous flow of water through hand pump? If you don’t know the answer. Strategic competency Your teacher will read the following headlines. Four Americans killed in a car bomb attack in Iraq. Rain lashes coastal Kerala.being greater. Southwest monsoon is active over Tamilnadu and Kerala. Write it down. the water rises up. India and Israel call for global action against terrorism. Task: Listen to the headlines of English news bulletins on TV/Radio. consult your science teacher or a plumber. opens the outlet valve and comes out through the spout. Answer the following questions: 1. I. The water is forced up. the piston goes down and this valve closes. Listen and repeat. India Defeated Srilanka by an innings and 90 runs. Note: Refer to a dictionary for the meanings of technical terms used in this passage. Can you draw water using the hand pump if the ground water level goes below 28 feet? 2.

1.g: Bird Butterfly Stream Grass Neem 71 : If I were a bird. 2. Give a title. 3. . Name the other things you want to be in the picture. Creative competency Look at the picture.J. I would sing and make children happy. Write down your impressions and feelings e. 4. Name the things you find in the picture.

In the narrow lane.“Hymn to the night”. And swift and wide. How beautiful is the rain! How it clatters along the roofs. He has written a number of poems .H W Longfellow Longfellow (1807-1882) was a famous poet.pane It pours and pours. Like the tramp of hoofs! How it gushes and struggles out From the throat of the overflowing spout! Across the window . 72 . the welcome rain! .POEM RAIN IN SUMMER How beautiful is the rain! After the dust and heat. Like a river down the gutter roars The rain. With a muddy tide. “A psalm of life” are some of them. In the broad and fiery street.

1. It is a simile. What are the other rhyming pairs you find in the poem? 2.the sound made by the feet of running horses /gVSIz/ . “It clatters along the roofs like the tramp of hoofs”.Glossary: fiery Clatters tramp of hoofs gushes spout pane gutter I.channel for water Answer the following questions in a sentence or two. (b) the sound made by the feet of running horses (c) the marching of soldiers 3. How does the poet describe the rain? 2. What is the sound of the rain falling on the roofs like? (a) the bleat of the sheep. Which words or phrases help you understand that it is a heavy rain? Read the poem once more and answer the following. 1.flows out suddenly /spaUt/ . that you have learnt as a child? How is this poem different from that? 73 II .an opening of a pipe or vessel from which liquid comes out /peIn/ .sheet of glass in a window /’gVt@/ . Can you recall a nursery rhyme about rain.like fire (hot and bright) /’kl{t@z/ . ‘Heat’ rhymes with ‘street’. Can you find another simile in the poem? 3. /’faI@rI/ . How does the rain water come out of the spout of the pipe? 4.makes a loud noise /tr{mp @v hu:fs/ .

UNIT-IV COMPETENCIES: A B C D LISTENING: Carrying out instructions SPEAKING: Expressing gratitude READING: Skimming and scanning VOCABULARY: Syllabifying polysyllabic words for reading / spelling purposes Giving the difference between spelling and pronunciation E F G H STUDY SKILLS: Reading / drawing diagrams GRAMMAR: Using question tags Using the infinitive and gerund WRITING: Using correct punctuation OCCUPATIONAL COMPETENCY: Understanding the working of household appliances I STRATEGIC COMPETENCY : Listening to language models J CREATIVE COMPETENCY : Describing a picture 74 .

Name Class Age Height Games interested in Date of BirthWeight - Reasons for joining the NCC - Date (Signature) Parent’s Signature 75 . Listen carefully and fill in the form.A Listening Task 1: Your teacher will read out the instructions to fill in the NCC application form.

Oh. Speaking Kannan : At The Library Excuse me.00 a m Visit the snake park 01.30 pm 08. Listen to your teacher read out the schedule and fill in the form. please? I want to read the news about the Kargil war.... 76 Gentleman : Kannan : Gentleman : Kannan : Kannan : Gentleman : Kannan : Gentleman : . (He drops him in his school) Thank you very much. Don’t worry. Sir. 06.. yes. It’s alright.. Have you finished reading the newspaper? Mmmm. what do you want? Could I have the paper.00 p m Marina Beach 05. Outside The Library Oh. Thanks.30 pm B. my! It’s late for school. Sure! Here it is.. Here is the schedule of the trip.. Sir. I’ll drop you in my two-wheeler.Task 2: Next week you are going on a field-trip to Chennai.. I’m very grateful to you.

.” 2. During lunch. C Reading ‘HOME THEY BROUGHT THE WARRIOR DEAD’ . What will you say in the following situations ? Use the phrases / words given in brackets. ‘There is a seat near the door. 3.he still lives! There is an inscription in the Kohima cemetery. for their tomorrow we gave our today’. ‘Thanks a lot’. 77 . Your friend lends his. (‘’thank you’. You can sit there. The bus-conductor says. your class-mate offers you pickles. thanks’.Major Saravanan. ‘No. who gave his best for our better tomorrow . ‘thankyou very much’.Task 1: Task 2: Practise speaking the above dialogue taking turns. It is a touching reminder of the great sacrifice made by brave men to make life safe for us “When you go home tell them of us. maintained by the Imperial War Graves Commission. You have forgotten to bring your pen. You don’t like pickles.) 1.” Here is one such hero. and say.

in 1994. A. I am fine.2004 My dear Mani. Amirthavalli Mariappan. According to the Principal he was an ever-smiling. Col. and your father being a journalist. His first posting was in Tamalpur. Mani Trichy 15. Yours.Bharath. I want to write an article on the Kargil hero. He passed out in 1995. Therefore. I thought I could write to you for more information. How are you? I am happy to note that you are interested to know about Major Saravanan who sacrificed his life for our country in the Kargil War.Mariappan and Mrs. writing is my hobby.4. Major Saravanan.Bangalore 28. Saravanan had to shoulder the family responsibility at a very young age. 78 . He studied in St. Joining the army was his ambition.2004 Dear Ravi. Saravanan was bom on 10th August 1972. who covered the Kargil war. he joined the Officer’s Training Academy (OTA). Joseph’s college and was the Chairman of the college union. How are you? You know. to an army officer Lt. Assam. You will be moved to tears to learn about his supreme sacrifice for our nation . helpful and energetic Chairman.3. for my school magazine. As Saravanan’s family hails from Trichy. His father died in a road accident and the family settled in Trichy.

thanks to the snow and ice! His soul watched the victory of Bharath.” But Saravanan refused to heed. The fighting started at 4. Aren’t you? Major Saravanan’s bravery and sacrifice signalled a memorable victory for India in the Kargil war. His body was kept in good shape. 79 . and Saravanan became immortal. and successfully fired a rocket launcher. There were many hurdles like insufficient oxygen. Seeing his serious injury the Commanding Officer said to Saravanan. sir! Permit me. which proved fatal. The war reached a crucial stage. he killed two more soldiers.00 a m on the 29th of May. Only on July 7th. It was on the 29th of May 1999 at 6. Alas! Yet another bullet hit him. By leading from the front he proved to be a true soldier. ‘ To Do or Die ‘ was Saravanan’s only motto. this time on his head.” Fighting for the country was his passion. But.When the war broke out between India and Pakistan at Kargil. Unmindful of the injury he charged against the enemies and killed two of them. He said. Jubar Hills was a major trouble-spot. In this fierce battle. He charged at the enemy bunker without caring for his personal safety. It was the 27th of May. Nothing will happen to Genghis. He launched a fresh attack from at an altitude of 14229 feet. we have to live to fight yet another day. was his body recovered from Jubar Hills. in May 1999. Major Saravanan moved with his unit to the Kashmir valley. dangerous terrain and a severe cold climate. You are moved.30 hours that Saravanan gave his best for our better tomorrow. 1999. “Genghis Khan (that was Saravanan’s code name for the day) retreat. Saravanan was hit by bullets in his hand and abdomen. many days after his death. You just watch the fun. Saravanan volunteered to fight there. “No.

Didn’t he? Saravanan was proud of his country. The Army honoured him with the title of. In April 2000.Ravi Glossary shoulder /’S@Uld@/ . on the banks of the Cauvery where his body was laid to rest with full military honours.a place where there is danger volunteer /vQl@n’tI@/ .strong desire trouble spot /’trVblspQt/ . Thousands of people thronged to pay tribute to the soldier. Saravanan did his country proud. “ Hero of Batalik”.school or college for special training career /k@’rI@/ .to do something of one’s own will 80 . Saravanan displayed grit. isn’t it? His body covered with our tricolour and flowers. determination.very important sacrifice /’s{krIfaIs/ . It was a heart-rending scene. Major Saravanan was awarded “Vir Chakra”. the nation is proud of him! Yours sincerely. today. accept academy /@’k{demI/ . His mother received it on his behalf.India’s victory at Kargil is a memorable one.the act of giving up something for a noble cause ambition /{m’bISn/ .strongly built shelter for soldiers or guns altitude /’{ltItju:d/ . bravery and courage of the highest order.job in a particular area of wor bunker /’bVrjk@/ . K.height above the sea-level crucial /’kru:Sl/ . was brought to Trichy.bear. posthumously.

What did the College principal say about Saravanan? 6. 1.(here) sent a weapon into the sky . What were the hurdles faced by Major Saravanan and his unit? 9.severe moveback not taking into account wound that will live forever causing death strong will courage after death causing deep sorrow Comprehension I. When was Saravanan born? 2.launched hurdle terrain fierce retreat unmindful injury immortal fatal determination grit posthumously heart-rending /lO:ntSt/ /’h@:dl/ /te’rem/ /fi@s/ /rI’tri:t/ /Vn’maIndfUl/ /IndZ@rI/ /I’mO:tl/ /’fertl/ /dIt@:mI’neiSn/ /grIt/ /’pQstjUm@slI/ /’hQ:trendIN/ . How did the Army and the Government honour Saravanan? 81 . When did the Kargil war break out? 3. What was his supreme sacrifice? 5. What was the motto of Saravanan? 4. Which was the trouble spot? 8. How did the people of Trichy pay tribute to the soldier? 10.rough land . Why did Saravanan join the Officers’ Training Academy? 7. Answer the following questions.difficulty .

e. e. 82 . B greatest severe battle new obstacle glad offer bold Find the antonyms for the following words from your lesson. defend minor untrue die advance friend worst unsuccessful mortal hot IV.g.g.II. Match the words in column A with their synonyms in column B.You only need to have an idea of its content. war . answer the questions that follow. X X X X X X X X X X attack Do not read the following passage in detail.Keeping this in mind.battle A war brave supreme volunteer fierce happy fresh hurdle III.

6. he rowed his boat to the site. What award did he receive? 83 . a newspaper report or a diary-entry? 2. How many children were there in the bus? 3.. How did you arrive at the answers.. There were 100 children in the crowded bus. plunged into the river and saved 7 children. Underline the numbers in the passage. His selfless bravery inspired other fishermen to follow his example. Whose name is mentioned through-out the passage? 5.. but for the courage and presence of mind of a fisherman . When did the incident occur? 3... No doubt they too are brave but Abdul Sattar’s efforts stood out. How many children were drowned? 4. Is the passage a letter. and saved many other lives. 26 children were drowned. Abdul Sattar is the first recipient of the award.Abdul Sattar. 6... It was a terrible tragedy. 1997 On November 18. What kind of incident is narrated? 4. Who is Abdul Sattar? 5.. Underline the adjectives in the passage. 1. ‘THE TIMES HERO AWARD’ was given to Abdul Sattar in recognition of his selfless service. Into which river did the bus plunge? 2. As soon as he saw what happened. without reading in detail? This is by the process of ‘skimming’. children were saved by him. More children could have died. Answer the following questions. .. 1. Now look for some specific information from the passage.NOV 21. The rescue team arrived and joined them. a school bus plunged into the Yamuna river...

.. ‘k’ and in column 4. Read the following words aloud.recipient of the award.. In column 1. A syllable contains either a vowel sound alone or a vowel sound and one or more consonant sounds... climb chalk. Cross the words with silent ‘p’...... Circle the words with silent ‘b’..) Task 1: Task 2: comb hymn knee debt calm walk psalm knife dumb doubt II. In column 2. Abdul Sattar is the .. talk know receipt All these words have one mute letter.. involves the process of ’scanning. (In one word there are two letters silent..’ That is how you arrived at the answers to these questions. Words consist of one or more syllables. ‘b’ is silent. Your teacher will read them. Looking for specific information.. 84 . In column 3. ‘I’ is silent...7. I. Listen and repeat. ’p’ is silent. D... Find it.. Your teacher will read the words again. Underline the words with silent ‘l’. A syllable is a unit of pronunciation usually longer than a sound and smaller than a word.. 1 2 3 4 tomb. What inspired the other fishermen? 8. Vocabulary Listen to the following words. Tick the words with silent ‘k’...

OTA 29. injury E. lives .g. Your teacher will read the following words.05. of fi cer. they. academy.1999 1995 85 1972 . successful. It shows various stages in Saravanan ‘s life.two syllables ac ci dent. Study Skills Look at the following pictures carefully. Repeat them. fa ther . unmindful. reading. Syllabification helps in spelling.e. Listen carefully and repeat. to day. home.three syllables Your teacher will now say these words aloud. listening and speaking.these words contain one syllable he ro. sacrifice. am bi tion .

Task 2: 1. Teacher Vani Teacher . Finally join the two dots with a curved line. 2. 4. Grammar : : : What are you going to do during the summer holidays? I want to learn karate. 3. 3. Draw a vertical line connecting C and D. curving towards ‘B. 2. 6. Draw two small circles in the places of 1 and 2.Task 1: 1. 5. Answer the following questions. A Why do you want to learn karate? 86 I. When was Major Saravanan born? When did he join the Officer’s Training Academy? When was he posted to Assam? When did the Kargil war break out? Where did the Kargil war take place? When did Major Saravanan lay down his life for the country? Read the instructions carefully and draw a diagram Connect AandB following the directions of the arrows. 4. on seeing the father back home from war? F.’ A 1 C D B 2 Look at the picture. Isn’t this the expression of a child.

B I want to watch television. Devi Teacher Kani Teacher : : : : The underlined A’s are ‘to infinitives’ and the B’s are ’gerunds’. A Fighting for the country was his passion.Vani : Learning karate gives me selfB confidence and teaches me self-defence. B Saravanan volunteered to fight. A 87 . Other examples are : Joining the army was his ambition. A Writing is my hobby. Read the following sentences from your lesson : I want to write an article. B Saravanan refused to heed. reading maketh a full man. A Yes. ‘Gerunds’ and ‘to infinitives’ are known as non-finite verbs. I want to read books. ‘To infinitive’ is the base of the verb followed by ‘to’. ’Gerund’ is a form of the verb which ends in -ing and has the force of a noun and a verb. A Watching television all the time is not B good for your eyes and mind. B In the above sentences ‘A’ is an infinitive and ‘B’ is a gerund.

5. don’t you? (to Shiva) You will lend it to us. Two of them have planned to go to a film . 3. can we? Bharathi : Oh! You have an umbrella. Her hobby is collecting stamps. aren’t you? India’s victory at Kargil is a memorable one. 2. Rani’s aim is becoming a doctor There are three friends in a room. Children like to eat chocolates. 2. Task 2: 1. 3. 4. II. didn’t he? 88 . You are moved. Change the following infinitives into gerunds. My mother loves to cook. Finding fault is easy.‘Kappalotiya Thamizhan’. isn’t it? Saravanan did his country proud. To respect teachers is our duty. His nature is to pray for others. His ambition is serving the nation. for confirmation. won’t you? Shiva : Yes. isn’t it? Kumaran : In that case we can’t move out. The underlined words are question tags. Read the following sentences with question tags taken from your lesson. A question tag is a question asked by the speaker at the end of a statement. Change the following gerunds into infinitives. 5. Geetha loves to sing. I will.Task 1: 1. Ravi likes swimming. Bharathi : It’s raining. 4.

. did she? I haven’t done anything wrong...... ? The weather is fine..................... the question tag will be in the positive form....... ? We know the route.............. ? She finished her homework..... Add suitable tags to the following sentences.... 5........................... 7...? Ramya’s uncle works in a bank...... aren’t they? If the sentence is a negative one..................... ? 89 .. .. 2..... .. ? I didn’t spill the milk.... the question tag will usually have the ‘do’ form.... 10....... Ramani reads a story book......... have I? Note: The negative tags are in contracted forms. 3..g...............Here are a few more details about question tags : If the sentence is an affirmative one.. ............... e.. ................ whether positive or negative..... e...? I think... have personal pronouns as their subjects......... 8.... The question tags. ... the question tag will be in the negative form.? Your father has a car.g.......... TaskI: 1.. ..... ............... Mary didn’t sit for the exam........ When ‘have’ form is used as a main verb in the sentence.. doesn’t he? Balu and Velu are players....... 9........ You can drive a car............. 6........... ? Latha will come to school tomorrow......... Occasionally the ‘have’ form can also be used in the question tag..... ? They won’t wait for us...... 4................. Rajan doesn’t like this movie.....................

biscuits.. These are called punctuation marks.. G..A.. This isn’t your book. Joseph’s College. ... I am fine.Task 2: Match the sentences with their tags. rice.g. If you don’t speak.to separate words in a list e.. It was a thrilling match. Each of these phrases / sentences contain a distinct mark (. How are you? “Genghis Khan . Your father will come tomorrow. . I shall go away. Punctuation means putting in points and stops in writing. ).. Our headmaster is strict. full stop is placed at the end of a sentence.. 90 .g. Alas! He studied in St. 6.g. and in abbreviations e. 2.. Writing Look at the following phrases /sentences taken from your lesson: My dear Mani. comma It is used . another day”. etc. .to separate phrases or clauses e. My toys are pretty. aren’t they? isn’t he? have you? is it? wasn’t it? won’t he? 1. He got his B. coffee. . Saravanan was proud of his country. You haven’t done the home work. 5.. today... ?“ “ ! ‘ . 4. 3.. degree. the nation is proud of him.. milk.

she would act on it.g. . e. she said. he said. What are you waiting for 91 . ? ! “ ” quotation marks are used to enclose words in direct speech Task 1: Supply the missing punctuation marks in the following sentences.. That’s great! Oh.g. She was firm in her stand. etc. semi colon is used to separate parts of a sentence that already contains commas.g. “Why were you absent?” he asked. e. to indicate that letters or figures have been omitted.g.to separate a question from the rest of the sentence e. I’m (I am ) They’d (they had. It’s very nice. question mark is used at the end of a direct question. e. my sister’s car students’ corner It is also used in short forms. e.g. anger. e. 1. e. they would ) The winter of’03. shock. Where is the bag? Is he going? exclamation mark occurs at the end of a sentence expressing surprise. whenever she wanted to.g. God! ’ apostrophe is used to show that a thing or person belongs to somebody. joy. isn’t it? before or after ‘he said’ in a conversation.g. e. “Nothing will happen to me”.g. Be careful said the officer 2. ”I had gone to Chennai”.

Repeat it. The spring in it holds batteries together and makes contact. 3. 2. Woman militant held. India. 5. 6. Occupational Competency How does the torch-light work? Take apart the torch-light to see the different parts. 2. Switch it off. Close the metal casting with the cover. Karim said your big bag is full of books let me carry it no said balu and lifted the bag H. Now switch on the torch.3. Put two dry cells into the metal casting one after the other. 5. 92 .especially to soldiers. He said I shall keep your bag Its wonderful . Israel call for action against terrorism. The bulb glows. 1. The torch-light is an invention which is a boon to one and all . The light goes off. Your teacher will read it. 7. Read the manual of your pocket calculator with the help of your teacher and find how it works. Now assemble the torch light. Note: Refer to the dictionary for the meanings of technical terms. My lunch is ready Some of the inventions such as the wheel are simple others are complex Task 2: Supply the missing punctuation marks in the following lines. Strategic Competency Listen to the headlines from a news bulletin of a television channel. 4. in the dark. Task: I. 1. 4. 6.

Creative Competency Look at the following picture for a while. academic toppers of the week. tours /field trips. 4. 93 . NSS programme. etc. Task: Prepare the headlines of a news bulletin for your school. co-curricular activities. Share your feelings with the class. (Hints : Sports activities. India wins crucial match. PTA meetings. President gives away Vir Chakra awards.) J.3. Test / Examination schedule. US team for better trade ties. 5. Read it aloud in your school assembly.

Eaters”. -Alfred Lord Tennyson Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) published a collection of poems even at the young age of 15. Lightly to the warrior stept. watching. said. and “The Lady of Shalott”. Yet she neither spoke nor moved. I live for thee’. Stole a maiden from her place. soft and low. He won the admiration of many scholars. Set his child upon her knee Like summer tempest came her tears ‘Sweet my child. Called him worthy to be loved. 94 . Rose a nurse of ninety years. Some of his famous poems are “Lotus . Took the face-cloth from the face. nor uttered a cry: All her maidens. “A Dream of a Fair woman”. Yet she neither moved nor wept.POEM HOME THEY BROUGHT HER WARRIOR DEAD * Home they brought her warrior dead She nor swooned. ’She must weep or she will die’. Truest friend and noblest foe. Then they praised him.

What did they do next? 4.Glossary warrior swooned uttered stole worthy foe tempest I. Courage and sacrifice 2.What is the figure of speech here? “Like summer tempest came her tears” 2. 1. /’wQn@/ /swu:nd / /’vt@d/ /st@Ul/ /’w@:DI/ /f@U/ /’tempIst/ soldier good at fighting became unconscious said moved silently deserving enemy storm. 95 V. 1. VI. at first. Mother’s love and duty 3. do to make her cry? 3. What did the maidens. Look at the word order in the title and find another line with a similar order. in the ocean Comprehension Answer the following questions in one or two sentences. . Which of the following themes is given in the poem? 1. How did the woman react when she saw the dead warrior? 2. IV. Mourning the death of a soldier What feelings does the poet evoke in you ? Compare the feelings of the maid with the mother of Major Saravanan in the lesson. Find the words that rhyme with : read cry go race kept fears key III. Who succeeded in making the woman cry? II.

I G H WRITING: Writing articles for school magazine OCCUPATIONAL COMPETENCY: Understanding the working of household appliances I J STRATEGIC COMPETENCY: Memorising poems CREATIVE COMPETENCY: Describing a picture 96 .4 If clause’ Type. E F STUDY SKILLS: Reading a library catalogue GRAMMAR: Using conditional clauses.Cloze dictation SPEAKING : Offering and accepting help Making suggestions C D READING : Understanding cohesion VOCABULARY: Giving the spelling of polysyllabic words in their base forms and with prefixes and suffixes Forming words using different prefixes and suffixes.UNIT -V COMPETENCIES: A B LISTENING : Listening and doing .

......... upon them. (9) ..............(4). (3) ..... as the ‘boy wonder’ of ............ Speaking (i) (Two friends meet at a fruit market....... He is ..... One is Sachin Tendulkar...... Now..... the child ... (2) ... Listening Your teacher will read the following passage with the key words (10) to be filled in the blanks..) Hi! Ram! Yes.......... He made his ..... Listen carefully... (1) ..... greatness..... (10)....... (Teacher reads) Some are born ... Some achieve greatness. We can think of at least two .. (5) ... B... (8)... from Chennai who created ........... Write down the missing words as your teacher reads....... as a swimmer... The other is Kutraleeswaran....A.... Some have greatness .. He was born in the year 1981...... for India in Test Cricket when he was .... Check whether you have filled in the words correctly.... I... your teacher will read the passage again. Can J buy you 97 . (6) ....... (7)... .. who have .........

I think you are finding it difficult to carry both the bags. Shall I carry one? 98 .

a) Offering help b) Accepting help Read the following sentences and put them under A and B. a) Thank you very much! b) Can I help you? c) I’m really grateful to you. 99 . pick out the phrases that express. d) Shall I help you lift the table? e) Let me pay for you. Practise the dialogues. From the dialogues.(iii) Task 1: Task 2: Task 3: Sit in pairs.

Offering help A

Accepting help B

II. Anu

Read the following dialogue. : : : : : Today is a holiday. How shall we spend the day? Shall we go to the cinema this evening? Let’s go shopping. What about playing a game of chess? I suggest that you all sit and study for your test.

Bala Kala Anu Anu’s mother

Look at the phrases in italics, ‘shall we’, ‘let’s go’, ‘what about’ and ‘I suggest’. These phrases are used to indicate ‘suggestion.’ Task 1: Task 2: Practise the dialogue, taking turns. Your school has been selected as the best school by the Lions Club. A cash award of Rs. 10,000 is given. The School Committee invites suggestions from the students, as they are the direct beneficiaries, on how to spend the money wisely.

Make use of the phrases : Shallwe ........... ?, What about ....... ?, Let’s .........., I suggest.......


Reading Beforewe open the diary ...........

During the Second World War, the Nazis tortured the Jews. The Jews had to run for their lives. At that time, while the Nazis were occupying Holland, a thirteen year old Jewish girl, Anne and her family fled their home in Amsterdam and went into hiding. Otto, Anne’s father had secretly prepared an annexe in his office. Anne’s family lived in the annexe with a few of their friends. Anne’s parents presented her a diary on her thirteenth birthday. Anne recorded her feelings and thoughts in the diary. In the following two years she continued recording in her school notebook. In 1944 Anne’s family was arrested. Anne died in a Concentration Camp in 1945. She was only 15 then. Anne’s father who had managed to escape from the Nazis, recovered her diary. Nazi: a member of the National Socialist Party of Adolf Hitler which controlled Germany from 1933 - 1945. Jew: a follower of Judaism. Concentration Camp: a prison where people are forced to work hard under inhuman conditions. ANNE FRANK’S DIARY

Saturday, 20 June 1942 I wanted first of all to think about my diary. I want to bring out all kinds of things that lie buried deep in my heart. I want this diary itself to be my friend and I shall call my friend, Kitty.

Sunday, 5 July 1942 Dear Kitty, When we walked across our little square together a few days ago, daddy began to say, “Yes, Anne, we don’t want our belongings to be seized by the Germans and we certainly don’t want to fall into their clutches ourselves. So we should leave before they come and catch us.” “But, daddy, when would it be?” I asked. He spoke so seriously that I grew very anxious. “You don’t worry about it. We shall arrange everything and make comfortable for you.” Oh! I hope these words come true. Yours, Anne Monday, 21 September 1942 Dear Kitty, I am busy with daddy drawing his family tree. As we do this, he tells me a little about everyone in the family - it’s terribly interesting. Yours, Anne Tuesday, 29 September 1942 Dear Kitty, When we are in hiding, we encounter extraordinary things. Just imagine, there is no bathroom in our annexe. There is hot water available only in the tower floor. So all seven of us take turns to use this huge bath-tub. Yours, Anne


Sunday,13 June 1943 Dear Kitty, I have to recite to you my birthday poem from daddy. Your only moan is this: “What can I wear? I have no knickers, all my clothes are small, To put on shoes would mean to cut off toes, Oh dear, I’m worried by so many woes!” I know that I should not complain because my parents are doing everything to keep me happy even in these difficult times. Yours, Anne Sunday, 11 July 1943 Dear Kitty, Ordinary people don’t know what books mean to us. Reading, learning and the radio are our only amusements. Yours, Anne Friday, 23 July 1943 Dear Kitty, Just for fun I am going to tell you each person’s first wish, when we are allowed to go outside again. Margot and Mr. Van want to stay in an overflowing bath-tub for half an hour. Mrs. Van says, “If I go out, I will eat cream cakes.” Dussel says, “If I am let free I will run to see my wife, Lotje.” Mummy says, “I will have a cup of coffee,” Daddy says, “I will visit Mr. Vossen first” Peter says, “I will go to a cinema.” I long for so many things. But most of all I long for a home of our own. Yours, Anne

The spirit of the man is great.get back . Anne Wednesday.Sunday.to cause great pain . The only way to take one’s mind off the difficulties is to study and I do a lot of that. I have a thought.enjoyments .ran away from danger . How puny are his deeds! Yours.extension of a building . As long as you can look fearlessly up into the heavens. Yours.very small .misfortunes .very severe . you will find happiness. but that happiness in your own heart is what matters.worried . Riches can all be lost. 17 October 1943 Dear Kitty. 23 February 1944 Dear Kitty. Anne Glossary torture fled annexe recover seized clutches anxious woes amusements terrible puny /’tO:tS@/ /fled/ /’{neks/ /rI’kVv@/ /si:zd/ /klVtSIz/ /’{NS@s/ /w@Uz/ /@’mju:zm@nts/ /’ter@bl/ /’pju:nI/ 104 . Why do I always dream and think of the most terrible things? Let us pray that God will perform a miracle.captured . as long as you know that you are pure within.tight grip .

5. What emotions are conveyed in the birthday poem written by Anne’s father? 8. III. The synonyms of these words are given in brackets. 1. How did she keep herself happy? 9. Who is Anne Frank? 2. Who did she consider as her friend? 6. accomplish. 3. How did she use the diary? 4. peculiar. wash in a bath-tub for half an hour go out and eat cream cakes see Lotje have a cup of coffee visit Mr Vossen go to a cinema have a home of our own Anne daddy mummy Peter Margot and Mr. Who gave her the ‘diary’ as a birthday present? 3. 6. 2. In which year did Anne’s family go into hiding? 5. Van Dann Dussel II. lament) perform serious encounter extraordinary moan 105 . What was Anne’s last thought? Match the wishes listed to the person concerned. Answer the following questions. 1. Here are a few words. thoughtful. 4. Choose the appropriate synonym of each word and write against it (confront. Van Dann Mrs.Comprehension I. What did she call her diary? 7. 7. What did she do to get away from fear? 10.

3. he was a greedy man. Suddenly.one stories : Here are two stories jumbled up. 106 V. a tiny mouse entered his den and ran up the lion’s nose. boring. some day I will help you”. fortune. Give suitable titles. 7. and ‘therefore’. ‘and’. 6. And the man sold the eggs and bought a farm. Though the mouse was scared. it was brave. so as to get two stories A and B. he cut the goose open to get all the golden eggs. So he said. The antonyms of these words are given in brackets. ‘though’. “Oh king! Please spare me I’m too small to be a meal for you. the lion woke up and caught the mouse. A long time ago there was a lion in a jungle. 1. Here are a few words. ‘so’. 4. 9. . Learn the use of these linkers with the help of your teacher. 2. shallow. ‘suddenly’. 10. Once. Slowly he became very rich. Therefore. Choose the appropriate antonym of each word and write against it (wonderful. You see. 8. The goose laid a golden egg everyday. These words are used to link sentences and ideas. composed) woe anxious terrible interesting deep Two . Read the stories A and B and underline the words ‘once’.IV. May be. Read the sentences and arrange them meaningfully. 5.in . A man had a magic goose. 11.

Look at the words carefully. b) Kim’s game Your teacher will write words taken from your lesson on the black-board. I. Make as many words as possible by joining the affixes with the ‘base’ forms of the words in column B. serious 2. fear -ness 5. Read out the words from your cards to your partner. immediate -ment -less 4. happy b) The prefixes are given in column A. II.D. fulfil -ly 3. Sit in pairs. The suffixes are given in column C. you write the words with correct spelling. check the spelling. A MisInIrReExB fortune port form regular care quick employ cycle 107 C -er -less -ment -ly -er -ful . a) Form words using the appropriate suffixes. a) Vocabulary Shall we play some spelling games? Dictation game Your teacher will give you word cards containing words from your lesson. Exchange the cards and check the spellings. As she rubs off the words at random. Once all the words have been erased. Ask him / her to write down the words. 1.

ability active known popular polite modest - Task: Go to the library and find out from the catalogue. With the help of the catalogue number. The librarian tells you : You may get the information either under ‘Philosophy’ or ‘Religion’. You will find books on ‘Vivekananda’.c) The opposite of happy is ‘unhappy’.‘Title catalogue’ and ‘Author catalogue’. You go to the library to collect books for reference. If the information is not sufficient. Go to the title catalogue and open the boxes with the letters ‘P’ and ‘R’. Enjoy reading these books. you will be able to locate the books. im-. Study Skills You are asked to write an essay on ‘Vivekananda’s Principles’. honour regular able E. You seek the librarian’s help. You can also find out if her book.The Diary of a Young Girl’ is available. Sometimes un-.are added to form the opposites. ir-y dis-. Note down the title of the books that you select along with the name of the author and the catalogue number. in. There are two catalogues . ‘Anne Frank . You will find books on ‘Philosophy’ and ‘Religion’. You can search for books on ‘Vivekananda’s Principles’ . if there are any books on Anne Frank. 108 . Now go to the shelf where books on Philosophy and Religion are stacked. Give the opposites of the words below. open the box ‘V’.

. 109 . I will run to see my wife.. In the above sentences the subordinate clause is in the present tense and the main clause in the future.. Dussell says...... (tell) him about the party.. Lotje”... Write the questions and answers. Task 3: Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs given in the brackets. it is also known as ‘If clause’. Note: The above sentences have two parts. (grow) quickly.5 A: If I add 3 to 5 I will get 8. “If I am let free... If I see him tomorrow.... 2.. Grammar Anne Frank wrote in her diary . 5 x 5 25 ¸ 5 Task 2: What will happen if you ..... If you water the plants. Task 1: Read the following table... Van says. The first one has been done for you. 1..F......... 3 + 5 Q: What will you get if you add 3 to 5? 10 .... “If I go out I will eat cream cakes”... The first part has a condition while the second has the result...Mrs.. ? miss the school bus eat chocolates too much listen carefully practise handwriting wake up early Read the above grid and write the answers........ the main clause and the subordinate clause..... Since the clause begins with ‘if. they . I.

. What will happen if you get up late tomorrow? 2..board.. we will play foot-ball.... I will take a taxi.. The teacher will write the sentences on the black ..... If I miss the bus I will attend. What will you do if your cycle tyre is punctured? 4.... If you cool water to zero degree Celsius 3... it will sink. (throw) a stone up.... (fall) down. it . you will get a shock.. we will go for a walk. What will you do if you have a headache? 3. Task 4: Match the clauses. If the weather is fine 5...... The topic is .. If you .3..... 4. 5........ 110 . you will succeed..2003’..... If you work hard 2.‘World Cup ... 1. 1. If you ... (touch) that wire...... it will become ice.... Task 5: Work in pairs and ask each other the questions and write down the answers........ If she invites me to the party 4. Finally put the sentences together and complete the article... If you throw a stone in water 6... If the weather . (be) fine.... What will you do if it rains heavily? G.. Task: Writing An article is to be written for the school magazine.. Give a sentence each.

Excess steam goes out through the control valve. Pressure builds up in our kitchens too . The food is cooked well. The boiling point of water reaches 130°. Heatproof handles help easy handling. Occupational Competency Anne Frank gave vent to her pent up emotions and pressure in her diary. The food prepared is not spoiled. It can cook any type of food in no time. The vessel is heated.H. The pressure of water vapour increases. Write it down. the pressure cooker! Pressure Cooker The pressure cooker is a widely used kitchen appliance. It saves a lot of fuel.yes. The food to be cooked is put in the vessel along with water and the lid is closed. A rubber ring fixed between the lid and the vessel prevents steam from leaking. making a whistling sound. Task: Find out from your mother about the functioning of the thermos flask. The pressure cooker is a vessel of stainless steel or aluminium alloy. It has a lid fitted with a safety valve. Note : Refer to the dictionary for the meanings of technical terms used in the passage. 111 .

Your teacher will divide the class into four groups. using the steps mentioned above. Therefore the class could be divided into two groups. ‘A Nation’s strength’. Now read silently. How will you do it? Here are some tips : First. Then each of you will recite the poem. All the groups will read aloud all the four lines in turns. Listen to it. How does a family tree look? Anju’s family tree is given here. Strategic Competency Memorise Anne Frank’s birthday poem from her diary. Each group will read aloud one stanza at a time. Task: Memorise the poem.I. read the whole poem together. Thus the two groups will read both the stanzas in turns. Using the picture write a paragraph on your family. J. Note: There are two stanzas in the poem. your teacher will read the poem aloud rhythmically. Finally. Creative Competency Anne Frank’s father drew their family tree. You areAnju. Each group will read aloud one line. 112 .

Grand father (Venkat-65 years) Grand mother (Saro-58 years) Mother (Bharathi 30 years) Fathers (Girish 35 years) Aunt (Malini 28 years) Uncle (Mohan 38 years) Siter (Shruthi 10 years) (Anju 8 years) Cousin (Naren 8 years) Cousin (Harini 5 years) 113 .

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection. my father. Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls.POEM HEAVEN OF FREEDOM Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high. Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit. . let my country awake. Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action – Into that heaven of freedom. Where words come out from the depth of truth. Where knowledge is free.Rabindranath Tagore 114 .

Who does ‘thee’ refer to? 2. dramatist. critic and philosopher. What does the poet expect a man to possess? 3. Bharathiar? 7. What is ‘dead habit’? 5. What are ‘narrow domestic walls’? 6. Glossary: Held fragments domestic tireless striving stretches perfection dreary /held/ /’fr{agm@nts/ /d@U’mestIk/ /’taI@lIs/ /’stretSIz/ /stretSIz /p@’fekSn/ /’dr@nrI/ kept pieces internal determined trying hard extends excellence dull Comprehension Answer the following.Tagore (1861-1941) was an outstanding poet. essayist. Why? 115 . How can one achieve perfection? 4. Does this poem remind you of any poem of the Tamil poet. He was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 1913. 1. He was a novelist. The word ‘Where’ is frequently used in this poem.

a scene 116 I J .UNIT-VI COMPETENCIES: A B LISTENING: Listening to railway announcements SPEAKING: Complimenting and congratulating Describing a person C D READING: Understanding the coherence of a text VOCABULARY: Giving the correct spelling of plural forms Giving the expansions of abbreviations E F G H STUDY SKILLS: Note-taking GRAMMAR: Using prepositional phrases WRITING: Writing a brief summary of a story OCCUPATIONAL COMPETENCY: Sequencing steps in the production of rural crafts STRATEGIC COMPETENCY: Substituting a word which approximates another CREATIVE COMPETENCY: Describing a picture .

When will Pandian Express leave for Madurai? 2.. Now.. Complete the sentences : i) Pandian Express . from Platform 3... 1...... 3. Listening Nancy meets Rosy at the Egmore Railway Station. The teacher will read a dialogue between Nancy and Rosy... (The teacher reads) Answer the following questions...... your teacher will read the railway announcements. Which train is running late? 3............. (The teacher reads) I... Now.. 1. 4.... 117 . Rosy is waiting for Howrah Express. Why did Nancy congratulate Rosy? Who got the chocolates for Rosy? Where was Nancy going? How did Nancy describe Rosy’s cheeks? II... answer the following questions orally...... Listen carefully.. by 20 minutes.. ii) Howrah Express is .A... Nancy is waiting for Pandian Express. 2.. Can you name the train which goes to Howrah? 4.

. As you listen. I read in the papers that you have been selected for the State Best Teacher Award..... Teacher : Did you win the 100 metres race as usual? Rahul : Yes.. See you later.. Speaking Nancy greeted Rosy by saying ‘Congratulations’... Rahul. Madam.. I am going to the library now.. fill in the details in the following table. The teacher will read the announcements once again.! Teacher : Thank you....... Rahul : Good Morning.......... Madam. I won the first prize this time too Teacher : . Madam. 118 . Madam! How are you? Teacher : Fine! Oh! When did you come back from the inter-school sports tournament? Rahul : I came this morning.Task: Train No..... We use the words/phrases ‘congratulations’ or ‘well done ‘for greeting / complimenting persons who have achieved something. Name of Train Time of Arrival Time of Destination Departure Plat form No. B.!Keep it up! Rahul : Thank you.. Task 1: Complete the following dialogue using these phrases and practise it by taking turns.

large eyes. long hands. He sports a beard. with a dark complexion. pointed chin) 119 . You can make use of these words : (Grey hair. curly hair. I have spoken to my uncle. I have already described you to him. bespectacled. There will not be any problem. She has thick.) Rosy : Hello. sharp nose. Will you be able to receive her at the station? : Yes. broad shoulders. Rosy? : Don’t worry. how will I identify him? : My uncle is very tall and thin. : But. (Nancy is leaving for Gujarat) : Nancy. black. you give a description of someone you know. how will he identify me. Rosy. I will do that. She has blue eyes and dimpled cheeks.Task 2: (Rosy is talking to her uncle in Gujarat over the phone. : But. Uncle Rosy Rosy Nancy Rosy Nancy Rosy Nancy Rosy Nancy Task 1: Underline the words which are used to describe Nancy and Uncle. She is very fair and pretty. rosy lips. What does she look like? : She is short and plump. I shall leave now. : Does he wear spectacles? : No. : Thank you. he doesn’t. He has brown eyes and he is totally bald. Rosy. uncle! My friend Nancy is coming by Navjivan Express in coach S 2 on the 15th of this month. He always carries a walking stick. straight hair. sparkling eyes. Task 2: Now. to Anand. He will receive you at the station.

In spite of their hard work.Reading CO-OPERATIVE AND PROSPER The friendly cow all red and white 1 love with all my heart She gives me cream with all her might To eat with apple-tart These lines of R L Stevenson may bring to your mind. So. The people of Gujarat were mostly farmers. Let us read the story of the milk from Gujarat and the author of it. they remained poor and were always in want. “It is because of the creamy milk from Gujarat. energetic. When you had asked about the baby’s plump cheeks your mom had said. intelligent and ambitious Indian Engineer.C. At this point of time it was kind providence that brought a g. The poor plight of these farmers moved the heart of the iron man of India. This task was assigned to Mr. This system of co-operative effort eliminated the middle-men who harassed and exploited the ignorant farmers. be decided to organise them into a co-operative force and thus provide them with a steady source of income. He was determined to bring prosperity into their lives. But Tribuvandas Patel found it difficult to compete with a British dairy in Mumbai. Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Tribuvandas Patel. trained 120 . They reared cattle but remained poor. He united the disorganised farmers and started a co-operative dairy unit.” You may be curious to know about the milk from Gujarat. the picture of your mother feeding your baby sister a bottle of frothy milk.

It also tells us about how through his relentless efforts. Dr. Dr. This young man was none other than Verghese Kurien.E Mechanical Engineering at the University of Madras. Tribuvandas Patel in setting up a milk processing plant. Dr. tennis and boxing. This marked the birth of Amul and the rest is history. The farmers came to appreciate the spirit of cooperation in addition to acquiring marketing skills. This was how the Amul Dairy came into existence in Gujarat. When he returned to India. in Gujarat. As a result of Dr. He introduced various reforms in the administration of Amul Dairy. Dr. But he felt it was not a challenging job for him. the dream of Vallabai Patel was fulfilled. Kurien’s reforms improved the rural economy considerably. Anand. Verghese Kurien developed the Amul Dairy Unit into the largest co-operative dairy in India.” Dr. He was also very good at cricket. Tribuvandas sought this clever young man’s assistance.S. the poor milk producers were protected from being exploited. Verghese Kurien was born in Calicut on 26th November 1921. Kurien’s relentless efforts.in America. He went on a scholarship to the USA and passed the M. He helped Tribuvandas Patel to set up a processing plant. So he agreed to help Mr. he joined the Government Dairy at Anand. Shall we trace the history and the man who made tills history? It tells how he strove incessantly in order to expand Amul milk unit. He got his first degree in physics and he studied B.Kurien made India the largest milk producer of the world. This proves the saying. Kurien may rightly be called the “architect of India’s modern dairy 121 . as a dairy Engineer. He proposed to distribute half of its profit to the milk producers as dividend. to work at the dairy research institute. “The woman who owns a buffalo celebrates Diwali everyday. Kurien established the National Dairy Development Board (“NDDB) and designed the “Operation Flood Programme. degree with distinction.” Dr.

full of strong desire tried hard tireless.Kurien has succeeded in keeping the wolf from the doors of our farmers. His efforts have made the Indian farmers healthy. Dr.” He has been honoured with very high civilian awards such as Padmashri and Padmabhushan. not to forget the chocolates and ice cream.industry” and the “father of the White Revolution. wealthy. His achievements were recognised internationally and he was awarded the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for community leadership. unyielding one who plans and designs having enough money to avoid starvation keeping the wolf from the doors 122 . Glossary frothy Reared prosperity Assigned harassed compete providence energetic ambitious strove relentless architect /’frO:OTI/ /rI@d/ /prQ’sper@tI/ /@’saInd/ /’h{r@st/ /k@m’pi:t/ /’prQvId@ns/ /en@’dZetIk/ /{m’bi:S@s/ /str@Uv/ /rI’lentlIs/ /’A:kItekt/ giving foam bred good fortune allotted tortured. Thanks to Dr.Kurien our children are blessed with quality milk. butter and cheese. full of force challenging. cheerful and wise. troubled try to do better than others God’s care for human beings dynamic.

.... It is Babu’s birthday. easy x .. a) Holi b) Diwali c) Pongal d) Christmas 7........... . bad x ................... 6.......Kurien? 5....... What are the sports that Dr.......... Who were protected from being exploited? 3......... Seenu politely refuses saying that it might harm the 123 II. List out various milk products...... public x ........ Who made India the largest milk producer of the world? 4..................Kurien may rightly be called ....... everyday.Comprehension I........ What is the international award given to Dr... 1...... smallest x .. Choose the correct answer : The woman who owns a buffalo celebrates......... rich x ..... He gives a dairy milk chocolate to Seenu.. A B reared work profit scanty task livestock cattle bred meagre gain Find out the correct antonyms from the lesson for the words given below.......Kurien was good at? 2......... Complete the sentence: Dr...... Match the words in column A with the synonyms given in column B.... Answer the following questions in one or two sentences.. IV... III...........

Babu argues that chocolates will not harm the teeth. : Whatever it is. Please have some chocolates. in the very first hour. they will. : However. Write down the argument using the linkers mentioned in the model argument. ‘Still’. It won’t harm your teeth. let’s go to a dentist and consult. Seenu Babu Seenu Babu Seenu Babu Seenu Babu Seenu Babu Seenu Babu Seenu : Wish you a happy birthday. These are linkers which make a text coherent. Read it out to the class 124 . I’m still not convinced. and ’However’. Argue your case for and against watching television. I don’t want. : But this is dairy milk chocolate. : Still. The teacher asked the reason and pulled her up. Babu! : Thank you. : Why? Do you think that chocolates will harm your teeth? : Yes.teeth. Selvi said that she had gone to bed late that night after watching television. : No. Task: Selvi was caught sleeping in the class by the teacher. Sit in groups. I don’t agree with you. : That’s a good idea! Look at the words in italics : ‘But’. thank you. Seenu. : At least try one. : Alright. Their argument is given below. It’s Amul chocolate. Whatever’. : If you brush your teeth after eating chocolates nothing will happen.

. They threatened the inmates with knives and asked for the jewel boxes.. man . This woman is very talkative but generally. 125 . The inmates pleaded that they had no jewels but only two oxen. The thieves lost their teeth and ran away.are calm.....D.. All leaves are green but this ..... The children who were sleeping woke up and started crying....lives. The thieves went near the oxen to take them away but they kicked them... (b) The thieves stealthily entered a house. The thief lost a tooth and ran away....g..oxen... 1.. but it kicked him...g. foot . The child who was sleeping woke up and started crying.ox . child . wolf . He threatened the inmates with a knife and asked for the jewel box.wolves b) The following nouns are changed as follows . life .. 2... The thief went near the ox to take it away..men. Now compare these two passages and note the changes in the underlined words.. (a) A thief stealthily entered a house.feet Task 1: Find the singular or plural form of the underlined words in each of the following sentences and using them fill in the blanks... They pleaded that they had no jewels but only an ox.. is brown. Vocabulary I. a) The nouns that end in ‘fe’ or ‘f’ are changed into ‘ves’ for their plural forms e.children c) Some nouns get plural forms by changing the inside vowel of the singulare..

S degree with distinction.. All the geese are in the pond but this lame... It is formed by using the first letter of each word.E Mechanical Engineering at the University of Madras. 4... are at school. Note: Dr.E stands for Bachelor of Engineering USA stands for the United States of America M. B..... Task 2: Find out as many nouns as possible. Can you expand the underlined abbreviations in the following sentences taken from the lesson? Dr.S stands for Master of Science An abbreviation is a short form of a word or a phrase.... 126 .. is the shortened form of Doctor.. It is a contraction.. is on the land.. My second child is at home but all my other. He went on a scholarship to the USA and passed the M... which end in’f’ and ‘fe’ and give the plurals.. Kurien got his first degree in Physics and then studied B. These letters are in capitals and each letter is pronounced independently in the abbreviation. Nouns Plurals II.3.. It is not an abbreviation..

Task: Expand the following abbreviations.A B Sc M. The class teacher Mrs. The teacher will read the following passage.Chennai to Ahmedabad (Night) Reach Ahmedabad Local sight .) 14th January 15th January 16 th January 17th January 18th January 19th January 20th January 21st January : : : : : : : : Travel by train from Central station . As you listen. Grace was in charge of the tour. She read out the tour programme to the students. Study Skills MBBS BVSc BDS MCA UNO Class 7 students were going on an educational tour to Gujarat. 127 . taken down by the students. B. This skill is called note . follow the notes. Listen and take notes using the model given above.seeing and visit Sabarmathi Ashram (Morning) Leave for Rajkot Somnath temple (Morning) Visit Amul Dairy (Morning) Leave Ahmedabad (Evening) Reach Chennai Now. Noting down important points while listening will help such reference.taking. why do we take notes? We take notes for future reference. Your teacher will read it to you now. (The teacher reads.A PTA PTO E.

sets have been erected by the farmers for irrigation. These new strains need more water and more fertilisers than the old ones. Tractors. food production went on decreasing steadily. F. Fertilisers are produced in factories in large quantities. harvesters. Since these phrases are used with the force of a single preposition. It is popularly known as the ‘Green Revolution’. ‘ as a result of and ‘in addition to’ are phrases. The underlined words in the above sentences ‘in spite of. A great improvement was made in agriculture in 1967 . in addition to acquiring marketing skills.GREEN REVOLUTION For many years after we got our independence. and threshers are also used. large irrigation facilities have been made. In spite of their hard work. 2. and neglect of agriculture during the first three Five . Population also increased at a high rate.yielding varieties of rice.Kurien’ s relentless efforts.68. He strove incessantly in order to expand Amul Milk Unit. New high .’ l 128 . 3. We no longer need to import food grain from foreign countries. New dams have been built and canals dug. wheat and other grains have been developed in our Research Institutes. All this has greatly increased food production in our country. they are called ‘prepositional phrases. The farmers now follow new methods of farming. One such is the Japanese method of cultivation. they remained poor. 1. Grammar Read the following sentences taken from the lesson. Pump . So. This was mainly because of drought and floods. As a result of Dr. 4.Year plan periods. The farmers came to appreciate co-operation. the poor milk producers were protected from being exploited. in order to’.

............. In spite of being hurt he managed to reach home before dusk... Did they bring only water? c. G.......... Complete the sentence “ .... He was very proud. The ant was very much worried......... Why did John and Jane go up the hill? b....... being hurt he managed to reach home.. He wanted to have a bath..... her carelessness she lost her watch. He never mingled with his fellow elephants.. Anju George received several cash awards. 2 .. Task 2: Using the prepositional phrases answer the following...... 4 .. his illness...Read the following passage............” Task 3: Use appropriate prepositional phrases and complete the following sentences.. Why did John fall down? d..... John and Jane went up the hill in order to fetch a pail of water...... In spite of his best efforts. One day the elephant felt very hot... Strangely he had a good friend in an ant..... The ant was sitting on the elephant...... Task 1: Underline the prepositional phrases in the passage.. 1.... 3 ...... The ant was polite and co-operative by nature.... avoid punishment he applied for leave....... he could not come out....... a......... He did not do his home work .... he played well and won the match.. the bronze medal.. John fell down on account of the load........ They brought back a basket full of fruits in addition to water.. On the way to a pond the elephant fell into a ditch......... Suddenly she had 129 ... Writing There was an elephant in a jungle........

the other elephants in the forest came to his rescue. Guidelines for summarising: 1. Moral: All should co-operate and live in peace. 2. He learnt the lesson that all should co-operate with each other and live in peace. a ditch in a jungle ii. The ant bit the eardrum of the elephant. his friend. The elephant fell into a ditch and he could not come out.an idea. Read the story carefully once or twice. the ant iii. The elephant cried in pain.ant bit the eardrum and drew the attention of the other animals v. The fellow elephants came and rescued the elephant. They went for a bath. The elephant was not co-operative but the ant was co-operative. all should co-operate and live in peace Title: Unity is strength A proud elephant and a polite ant were friends in a jungle. elephant. The elephant realised the value of being together. She entered into the ear of the elephant and bit his ear drum with all her might. Give a suitable title. the elephant is to come out of the ditch iv. Hearing his deafening cry. 130 . Make notes on the following (i) the setting (ii) the characters (iii) the problem (iv) the solution (v) the moral 3. The elephant cried loudly. How do we summarise this story? A summary is a shortened account of a passage. Notes i.

. Once Queen Sheba brought two identical garlands to King Solomon... Occupational Competency Task 1: (Rohit goes on an NSS field trip............... He is fascinated by the potter’s wheel.. He sees a potter at work.... “O... Summarise it using the steps mentioned above.. some bees entered the room and sat on the garland made of real flowers.. “ O........” The king thought for a while. : What will you do with the clay? 131 : : .... She said............ Rohit Potter Rohit Potter Rohit : What are the materials and tools needed for pottery? : . Complete the conversation by fitting in the potter’s responses appropriately............ Then he asked his servants to open the windows. After a couple of minutes. queen! The bees have answered your question........” Wasn’t King Solomon very wise? H. king! Please look at these garlands and say which one is made of real flowers.. : How do you get the clay? : .Task: Read the following story.) The following is the conversation between Rohit and the potter.... King Solomon said.. The responses of the potter are given below......

................ Dr... Complete the following flow . 2..................... 5..... By sieving soil.. we design the pot... (1) > (2) > (3) > (4) > (5) > (6) I..... : Is it the last stage? : .. Task 2: The stages in making pottery can be shown in a flow -chart...... One needs patience....... Kurien was a boon to the Indian cattle breeders............... Adding water to the silt we get clay. 4..... 3.. We bake the wet pot in the kiln..... No.......... a) offer b) gift c) gain d) purse 132 .... hard work and craftsmanship. Strategic Competency Choose the word similar in meaning to the underlined word. 6............. : Will you get the pot by just rotating the wheel? : .......Potter Rohit Potter Rohit Potter Rohit Potter Rohit Potter 1...... 7....... it is the final step........ We need clay........ water. Yes...... : What else does one need to make pots? : …………………………. : .............g.. Note: Refer to the dictionary for the meanings of technical terms used in this dialogue.. we get fine silt... potter’s wheel and kiln.................chart with the stages in their correct order... e. We put the clay on the axis of the wheel and rotate it. : What do you do with the wet pot? : .......

Creative Competency Look at this picture.. Tribuvandas Patel.. ball.. a) burden b) work c) risk d) urge Vallabhai Patel was determined to bring prosperity into their lives...... He assigned this task to Mr. a) constructed b) built J....... c) founded d) evolved Task 1: Name the objects /persons..1... 2... He established the institute of Rural Management in Anand..... man. a) happiness b) health c) plenty d) peace 3. 133 ......

....Task 2: Classify them into living and non . sand . the children are happy.. the …………………… girl is shouting in fear... the man is sleeping. Task 3: Describe their actions.... Living things man boy .... the boy is building a …………………. .living. Non living things hat ball ... 134 ..... ....castle... Task 4: Describe their feelings...

Emerson is a nineteenth century American poet. but only man can make A people great and strong – Men who for truth and honour’s sake Stand fast and suffer long. Brave men who work while others sleep.POEM A NATION’S STRENGTH* Not gold.Ralph Waldo Emerson R. Emerson loved nature.be brave /stæ{nd fA:st/ . Glossary honour’s sake stand fast dare /Qn@s seIk /de@ / 135 .W.be firm . His inspiration was Wordsworth. Who dare while others fly – They build a nation’s pillars deep And lift them to the sky. He believed in the idea of self .for the purpose of respect .reliance. .

Mention a few persons from Indian History who built India strong. Give examples of great Indians who (i) stood for truth (ii) suffered long (iii) worked while others slept (iv) dared while others fled (v) lifted India to the sky e. What makes a man finally great? 4. The qualities that make great people are Health/wealth/character? 3.. 1. ………………… ………………… ………………… II. 2. 136 . Answer each of the following questions in one or two lines. Write a proverb using each of these words (a) health (b) wealth (c) character 1.g. III. According to the poet what makes a nation strong People/Money/God? 2. make strong sleep fly ………………… . Complete the table by selecting suitable rhyming words from the poem.Comprehension I. Kalpana Chawla. Rakesh Sharma.

TV SPEAKING: Requesting Describing an event C D READING: Understanding instructions VOCABULARY: Giving the correct spelling of comparatives and superlatives Using compound words in speech / writing E F G H I STUDY SKILLS: Note-making GRAMMAR: Using degrees of comparison WRITING: Using cohesive devices OCCUPATIONAL COMPETENCY: Sequencing steps in the production of rural crafts STRATEGIC COMPETENCY: Substituting a word which approximates another J CREATIVE COMPETENCY: Describing a scene 137 .UNIT .VII COMPETENCIES : A B LISTENING: Listening to advertisements on Radio.

Your teacher will read again from the appendix. Listening I. 1. 1. B. Now. Which are the words that are repeated in the advertisement? III. Speaking I. Could you please lend us some money? Oh.A. 2. or else . Antonio was a rich merchant and Bassanio was a happy-go-lucky young man. the money-lender. What is the product advertised? 2. What is the name of the card? 2. Listen to another advertisement.. answer the following questions orally. Can you help me? I’m afraid I’m not in a position to help you now. Your teacher will read from the appendix. 138 Antonio Shylock : : .. sure! But you must repay the money with the interest within three months. Antonio and Bassanio were friends living in Venice. Your teacher will readfrom the appendix.. Listen to an advertisement. Let’s go to Shylock.) My friend is in need of money. Antonio had invested all his money on a business venture when Bassanio was in need. Bassanio Antonio : : I need some money. Listen to one more advertisement. 1. II. Pick out the rhyming words.book. What is it a symbol of? Task: Listen to a few advertisements on the Radio / TV and write them in your note . Complete the phrase ‘friendship____________ ‘. (Antonio and Bassanio go to Shylock.

There was excitement all around. I could have sat on it.‘Can you’. Kannan describes his participation in Pongal sports held in the school I won the 100m dash. Our friends were cheering us. I won the long jump. we had equal points. the phrases in italics . why? Friendship mattered to me more than the championship. I was nearer the chair. He asks for a lift. I won the shotput. When the music stopped. Task 1: Task 2: Practise the dialogue taking roles. Raju has returned from the karate class. ’Could you’ are used for requesting help from others. but I delayed a bit. ‘Could you’ and practise it. Task: You have watched an exciting match on TV which your friend has missed. II. so that Mathi could sit. he. This event would decide the individual championship trophy. the ‘musical chair’ to go. the discus. With just one event. It is getting late for him to go to school. Mathi won the 200m. He sees his friend going by on a bicycle. Prepare a dialogue for the situation given above making use of the expressions ‘Can you’. Both of us entered the final round. He won the high jump. Do you know. 139 .In the above dialogue. Describe it to him.

He had blessed her with a child. they would appear before her and bless her with sons equal to themselves in glory. With Karna gone. There will be much blood-shed”. Duryodhana would be weakened .or be killed himself.’ (Sage Durvasa had taught Kunti a mantra. She invoked Surya. Kunti wondered. This was the right time for Karna to learn the secret of his birth. the Sun-God. Kunti made up her mind to tell Kama the truth. The young Kunti was at that time waiting for her swayamvara. “How would I explain the child? Who would believe me?” With a heavy heart.a child who would prove to be the greatest. we choose our friends. With the baby in her arms. Krishna said. When invoked.) “War is near”.Reading FRIEND IN NEED ‘Fate chooses our relatives. The Pandavas would fight against the Kauravas and Karna was on Duryodhana’s side! Karna would fight against his brothers. never fondled with a mother’s love. The Pandavas would be able to vanquish him with ease. It was a secret verse to invoke the Gods. she placed the baby in a basket and set it afloat on the river. Tears of despair came to her eyes.C. Kunti was deeply disturbed. perhaps kill them . “Your sons will fight against their cousins. He was her precious first-born whom she had never acknowledged.in forces and in spirit. 140 . That was the only way to persuade him to leave Duryodhana to fight on the side of the Pandavas.

Radha is my mother. ”It was Duryodhana then who befriended me and stood by me. But Adiratha rai sed me. Kama embraced his mother gently and wiped away her tears. “Oh. Arjuna was his brother. not Duryodhana’ s armies. He rebuked Bhima when he flung hot words at me. gentle words. Karna opened his eyes. Kama said. Bhima. where the sun had just risen. my son!” she wept. power. a kingdom. Come now! Join your brothers. He was facing east. He was her first child. She shared my infant joys and sorrows and proudly watched me grow into young manhood. He was surprised to see Kunti. you could have saved me. “Indeed I am a prince. She lavished love and affection on me. He was a child of Surya. He was her son. amid tears. he gave me 141 .Kunti hurried to the banks of the river Ganges where she knew Karna would be at his morning prayers.bank as Kunti had expected. To Duryodhana it did not matter that I was a mere charioteer’s son. Kunti protested. she said. “It is the Pandavas you should lead. Sahadeva. He bowed to her respectfully and greeted her. mother! If only you had revealed the truth then. a prince of noble blood of the house of Pandu. Nakula.” “Son. whom he had even now worshipped. with his eyes closed. He spoke to her . perhaps things would have been different now. born to Surya. armies . Kunti could not speak clearly at first. Karna was at the river . son of Kunti. defend them against the Kauravas. all were his brothers. the eldest of the Pandavas. Overwhelmed with emotion. as she related the story of his birth.more than that. He gave me wealth. Kunti waited. He was her son. Kama! My son. My heart has been heavy within me all these years. Yudhishthira. Son!” with tear-filled eyes. When Kripa challenged me to reveal my parentage at the tournament. Leave them. bring me peace now”. Adiratha gave me a father’s care and gave me his name.sad. the Sun-God.

“Would I not be a traitor. Mother. duty and friendship above everything else. if I deserted him now?” Kunti had no answer.friendship. etc. defeat in the middle of filled with emotion hug (here) showed being descended from particular parents told the truth (here) disagreed made friends scolded mildly threw one who drives a chariot left one who betrays vanquish amid overwhelmed embrace lavished parentage revealed protested befriended rebuked flung charioteer deserted traitor /’v{rjkwIS/ /@’mid / / @Uv@’welmd / /Im’breIs / /’l{vISt / / ’pe@r@ntiZ / / rI’vi:ld / / pr@’testId / /bI’trendId / /rI’bju:kt / /flVN / / tS{rI@’ti@ / / dI’z@:trd / / ’trert@ / - 142 . She bent her head in sorrow. a cut-throat. She was heart-broken. would I be an honourable man if I deserted htm now? Would I be worthy to be a warrior if I fled from the Kauravas to join the Pandavas? Would it be right? Would it be just? Would it become Kama?” Kama’s smile was sad. His was a difficult choice but he did not hesitate to make it. a cheat. reasoning. arguing. Glossary: blood-shed acknowledged fondled despair persuade /’blVdSed/ / @k’nAlIdZd / /’fQndld/ / dI’spe@ / / p@’sweId / killing of people accepted the existence of caressed lovingly lack of hope to make someone do something by repeatedly asking. He held honour. a lifelong friendship.

.. 4.. 1.. Find the synonyms for the following from your lesson.... Krishna. 2.... Arjuna) 4....... Shiva) III. charioteer) 3.. .. Surya... Karna was on the side of Duryodhana till the end... Adiratha and Kunti raised Karna.... (Duryodhana.. third child) 2.... Why was Kunti disturbed? 2.. What did he value most? Choose the correct answer.. Karna was born to Kunti and . Kripa challenged Karna to reveal his parentage...... 1... Did Karna become a traitor? 8. Karna was Kunti’s ... 1......... (Vayu. Where did Kunti meet Karna to reveal the truth? 4... What was the truth? 5. ... Who were the rivals? 3. (warrior........ archer. (first child. What did she plead with Karna? 6.. broke the news of war to Kunti. second child.......... 3. IV.. Adiratha was a.. Why did Karna refuse to leave Duryodhana? 7.Comprehension 1. Answer each of the following questions in one or two sentences. Karna agreed to fulfil Kunti’s request.. .. battle murder baby hastened gentle 143 II....... Say whether the following are TRUE or FALSE.

Mother’s Day. Cut it into two. Vocabulary I. Your friend’s voice is an echo of your own.cubes and serve. sugar. Stir the solution. same strengthened lower conceal light It’s the second Sunday of May . Put some ice . Find the antonyms for the following from your lesson. You and your sisters want to surprise your mother with a cool drink on her return from work. Perhaps that’s the coolest drink your mother has ever had! D. Add sugar. Pour water. Collect the juice in a glass. ice . friend echo yourself friends echoes yourselves 144 The plurals of the underlined words are - .V. Filter it. water. Read the instructions carefully and prepare lemonade.cubes Procedure: Take a lemon. Your friend’s face is an image of yourself. Squeeze the halves in a crusher. RECIPE FOR LEMONADE VI. Ingredients :lemon.

saddest Further examples: Comparative and superlative by adding ‘er’ and ‘est’tall clever young taller cleverer younger tallest cleverest youngest Adjectives ending in ‘e’ forming their comparative and superlative by adding ‘r’ and ‘st’ brave white noble braver whiter nobler bravest whitest noblest Adjctives ending in ‘y’ forming their comparative and suFperlative by adding ‘ier’ and ‘iest’145 . sad .g.sweetest) But there are exceptions to this rule .sweeter . ‘r’ and ‘st’ are added to form the comparative and superlative degrees (paler.g. (e. the common rule is to add ‘er’ for comparative and ‘est’ for superlative degrees. palest). tidy.g. this consonant is doubled before adding ‘er’ and ‘est’. e. ‘s’ is added to the noun to form the plural. For adjectives ending in ‘y’ e.sadder . In the second case. pale. ‘es’ is added.In the first case. tidiest). ‘f’ is replaced with ‘ves.’ Similarly in adjectives. In the third case.for adjectives ending in ‘e’ e. For some adjectives which end in a single consonant. sweet . ‘y’ is removed and ’ier’ and ‘iest’ are added (tidier.g.

.................. Snow .........................white1 are compound words (i................... merry ...... ... strong .......) two words combining to form one word...... ‘Lifelong’ and ‘snow ........................ II.....................happy easy wealthy happier easier wealthier happiest easiest wealthiest Some adjectives ending in a single consonant form their comparative and superlative by doubling the consonant before adding ‘er’ and ‘est’... hot big hotter bigger hottest biggest fat fatter fattest Task: Give the correct spelling for the comparative and superlative forms of the following.. it is a combination of noun + adjective.................... bold ..... ..................... Here................. ..................................................... ...................................... thin . large .... use our cards ‘sing song’.................... rare .............................................. To have your friendship lifelong........... wise ....... ................. ................ Noun life snow + + Adjective long white 146 .................................................... kind ........................... ... lazy ................................... .........................white and the seven dwarfs were friends............ . . tasty ......e..

‘popcorn’ and ‘watchdog’ are a combination of verb + noun. Verb Noun pop + corn watch + dog His friend needs a haircut.shed. Here. Sundar’s pet is a good watchdog.broken. Sun-God. heart . My friend welcomed me with a handshake. A type sky break trouble 147 B wide fast write blue . cut . ‘haircut’ and ‘handshake’ are a combination of noun + verb. Here.He shared the pop corn with his friend.throat. blood . tear-filled. manhood Noun+ Noun Sun cut God throat Noun + Verb blood shed Noun + Adjective (Participle) tear filled heart broken man hood Task1: Match Section A with Section B and form compound words. Noun Verb hair + cut hand + shake Look at some more compound words taken from your lesson.

......... In 1947....... when Princess Elizabeth. I love my grandmother’s ......... now the Queen of England........ Mahatma Gandhi was faced with a problem..... He mentioned this to Lord Mountbatten who said............... “You have a spinning wheel..... for example.country knee home jet blood free black red high sick Task 2: Combine words from box A with box B to form compound words and fill in the blanks.... Study Skills Read the following passage....... 3....” 148 . pickles... He wanted to send her a present but had no money to buy one...... 2................... A water world home foot pick B pocket made proof ball wide 1... 5... player... My watch is ............... My friend is a ........ don’t you? Why not spin her something? A tablecloth.stole my purse. English is spoken ..... E.......... was to be married..... 4........ The ..........

requesting him to hand it over to the bride-tobe when he went to attend the wedding at London. (Sage Durvasa . we make notes in order to remember the important points. He gave the table ...” What would be the title of the passage? The main idea will generally form the title.gives Gandhi’s present to Princess Elizabeth and says “Lock it up with your crown jewels. Lord Mountbatten did as he was asked.) Make notes and give a suitable title. made by Gandhi himself.. He told the princess. Here ’A present from a friendly foe. to be married no money to buy present asks Gandhi to spin a table .cloth to Lord Mountbatten. I visited the zoo with my friends. F.The following points give an idea about the outline of the passage.cloth asks Lord Mountbatten to hand over table cloth to the bride . Grammar 1947Princess Elizabeth Mahatma Gandhi Lord Mountbatten Mahatma Gandhi - Read the following passage. Now you lock it up with your crown jewels..Mahatma Gandhi did just that. and this is what we came to know 149 . on the river.” While reading. “Here is a present for you.’ Task: Read the passage in italics in your lesson.to -be Lord Mountbatten . But he added a word of his own.

Look at the following tables which are based on the passage given above. ‘Larger’ compares the size of the elephant to that of the rhinoceros. (No other land animal. They are called the three Degrees of Comparison. is the heaviest. long neck. Tall and large. is as large as the elephant). But it is not the largest animal on earth. Its small head sits at the top of its long. Tallest and largest. Similarly. are in the comparative degree. the tallest animal is the giraffe. largest) to show comparison. it is not the heaviest animal on earth. not even the rhinoceros. But. larger. ‘Taller’ compares the height of the elephant to that of the camel. A whale is. large. 150 . The whale is heavier than the elephant. tallest. are in the superlative degree.The camel is tall. the blue whale. It is nearly 5 metres tall. We see that the adjectives change in form (tall. The largest whale. camel elephant giraffe tall taller tallest rhinoceros large elephant larger blue whale largest ‘Tall’ describes the height of the camel. ‘Tallest’ describes the height of the giraffe when compared to all the others. taller. Taller and larger. The elephant is taller than the camel. The giraffe also has the longest neck in the world. ‘Largest’ describes the size of the whale when compared to ail the others. But. The neck is longer than the rest of its body! The elephant may be the largest animal on land. are in the positive degree. The elephant is the heaviest of all land animals. ’large’ describes the size of the rhinoceros.

Generally. 151 . fat mad fatter madder fattest maddest Certain adjectives form the comparative by using the adverb ‘more’. sweet sweeter sweetest rich richer richest When the adjective ends in ‘e’. the ‘y’ is changed into ‘i’ before adding ‘er’ and ‘est’. The comparative degree denotes a higher degree of quality and is used when two things are compared.The positive degree is used to denote the existence of a quality in something. the consonant is doubled before adding ‘er’ and ‘est’. beautiful more beautiful most beautiful difficult more difficult most difficult The following adjectives are compared irregularly. their comparative and superlative are not formed from the positive. and the superlative by adding the adverb ‘most’. heavy lazy heavier lazier heaviest laziest For some adjectives ending in a single consonant. large larger largest brave braver bravest When the adjective ends in ‘y’. e.g. only ‘r’ and ‘st’ are added.g. e. preceded by a consonant. e. the comparative is formed by adding ‘er’ to the adjective and the superlative is formed by adding ‘est’. e.g. The superlative degree denotes the highest degree of quality and is used when more than two things are compared. that is.g.

...... ....................................... elder farther later................Positive Good Bad Little Much............................................. 152 Task 2: Positive Young ........... eldest farthest latest.................. The cheetah runs the fastest..... ......... .. .......... The whale is the heaviest.................................................... sad gentle honourable worthy Superlative .................... latter Superlative best worst least most oldest........ The tortoise is slow........ The snail is .... ..... The turkey’s neck is long............... greatest ........ The crane’s neck is...................... .................................. The rhinoceros is heavy The elephant is ............................. 2....... ...................... ...... The following words have been taken from your lesson........... Comparative ......... ...... much precious noble ..... last Fill in the blanks with the appropriate degree of comparison of the adjective...................................... eldest ................................................ .... ....... Give the other degrees for the adjectives........... ............................................ Comparative better worse less more older........ The tiger runs ............... ..................... 4.............. .................................. many Old Far Late Task 1: 1.... 3.... The deer runs fast................ ..........

Task 4: River Length in Kilometres Nile 6650 Amazon 6437 Mississippi 6020 River Mississippi is 6020 kms long.. Mt....... but younger than all the others? 5. Who are older than Nakula? 6. Everest 8848 K2 (Mt. Arjuna.... the ...... Look at it and answer the questions that follow....... that he is her first-child............ Yudhishthira.... River Nile is the.. Task 5: Mountain Height in metres Mt.... Kunti tells Kama......... Who is the oldest of the five brothers? 2... 1. Everest is the.. than Mississippi... Godwin) 8611 Kanchenjunga 8597 Kanchenjunga is 8597 metres high.. but younger than Yudhishthira? 4..... of the Pandavas. Sahadeva...than Kanchenjunga............. Who is older than Arjuna................ Who is older than Sahadeva...... River Amazon is............Task 3: The names of the five Pandavas are given in the order of their birth.... 153 ...... Nakula. Who is the youngest? 3. Bhima..... K2 is ..

Writing Read the following jumbled sentences – Immediately. The greatest blessing is a true friend. the first man. Give the other degrees of comparison of the underlined words. ran to a tree and climbed up for safety. The bear went to him and sniffed his face. 3. abandoning his friend. “The bear put its mouth near your ears. 5. and asked. 4. What did it say to you?” So it went away. the bear thought he was dead. Since the man held his breath for some time. One day two friends walked along a road which had trees on both sides. All of a sudden.Task 6: 1. 154 . Don’t trust such friends who leave you in the lurch”. they noticed a big bear coming towards them. Therefore he lay down pretending to be dead. After some time the man on the branch came down. did not help you. who is your friend. the other man answered. A good friend is my nearest relation. But the other man did not have time to run. “The man on the branch. G. They were laughing and singing. A courageous foe is better than a cowardly friend. A false friend is worse than an open enemy. 2. A friend is best found in adversity. To this.

Seal the wick hole with the mould sealer putty.. Abirami’s friends have asked her to buy some candles for them. Take the metal mould and pass a wick through the hole. makes candles at home. If you need.. I have told my friends about the beautiful candles you make. Using these devices rearrange the jumbled sentences to form a coherent story. fragrant oil. Then.. metal pillar mould. etc.. Abirami! You have come to visit your grandma! Abirami : Yes. After that.. All of them want me to buy some for them. H. you need wax.. wick. Muthu : Oh. uncle. By the way.. Muthu...185°F). wick rod and mould sealer putty. 155 Ambirami Muthu : : ... Abirami is curious). A neighbour.. With a wick screw. you can add dye. (Muthu is in the process of making candles. add the dye and oil. These are cohesive devices used to link sentences in a paragraph.. Occupational Competency Abirami visits her grandmother’s village.. Once the wax reaches the proper temperature (175° ... Tie one end of the wick to a wick rod. secure the other end of the wick.Look at the words in italics.. wick screw. Abirami : How do you make such beautiful candles? Muthu : For making it. Abirami Muthu Abirami Muthu : : : : So that is the secret of the colour and sweet smell! Melt wax in a double boiler..

handsome. Now we’ll remove the mould sealer putty and wick screw.g. Otherwise there will be air cavities.Mix well. pour the wax into the mould. Allow it to cool completely. best. e.) Task: Read the above dialogue once again. Substitute the underlined words. closest . Sequence the steps in candle-making and tell it to your brother / sister. He lives in our neighbourhood. hardworking) 156 . Strategic Competency Read the following paragraph. Then poke holes on the base. It is ready to be burnt . brilliant. The words given in brackets approximate the underlined words. good . resides. I am really proud of my friend. (Note: Refer to the dictionary for the meanings of technical terms used in this dialogue. See the candle slides out.best My friend Akash is my closest pal. locality. He is intelligent. Priyan talks about his friend. and rewrite the paragraph. Reflection: What is the candle a symbol of? How do you relate this to your lesson? I. Do you have any such friend? (love. friend. I like him very much.looking and studious. while it melts again.to give light to others.

J. 157 . Creative Competency: Look at the picture given below and describe it.

Seeking to find the old familiar faces. 158 .1834) was a great critic and a well-known essayist of his century. I left my friend abruptly. a kinder friend has no man: Like an ingrate. the old familiar faces. Earth seemed desert I was bound to traverse. Let him. the old familiar faces. . I have had companions. thou more than a brother. and some they have left me. to muse on the old familiar faces. In this poem. I have a friend. In my days of childhood.Charles Lamb Charles Lamb (1775 . Why wert not thou born in my father’s dwelling? So might we talk of the old familiar faces How some they have died. And some are taken from me. all are gone. the Romantic poet. all are departed All. all are gone. Ghost-like I paced round the haunts of my childhood. Friend of my bosom. he laments over the loss of old familiar faces which were once near and dear to him. in my joyful school-days All.POEM THE OLD FAMILIAR FACES I have had playmates. He had an enduring admiration for S T Coleridge.

1. 1. What feelings does the poem evoke? 159 . When did the poet have playmates with him? 2.(old use) were . Why did he leave his bosom friend? 3. What does ‘father’s dwelling’ mean? 5. How many times does the phrase ‘oldfamiliarfaces’ occur and why? 2.What was the reason? 4. Answer each of the following questions in one or two sentences.place of living -* left II. Where have all the old familiar faces gone? / m’grert / / t@ mju:z Qn / / peIst / / hO:nts/ / ‘tr{v@s/ / frend @v mai bUz@m / / w@t / / dwelIN / / dI’pA:tId / thankless person to think deeply moved around places often visited pass through close friend . ‘Earth seem’d desert’ . 3.Glossary ingrate to muse on paced haunts traverse friend of my bosom wert dwelling departed Comprehension I. Pick out the compound words from the poem.

“sorry”. (Meanwhile Rajan tries to take the aeroplane. Rajan : Why? Kannan : He can’t afford to buy me one. (He tries to take the aeroplane from the shelf. too. Kannan : Happy Birthday. Listening (Tomorrow is Rajan’s birthday. Father (to the shopkeeper) : Sir. Shopkeeper : Don’t worry. Now say. Rajan’s friend. I can get another one. Rajan : I’m sorry.APPENDIX UNIT . I told you to wait.) Father : Rajan. didn’t I? You have broken the aeroplane. Kannan : Thank you very much! 160 . my friend! Today is my birthday. please get me that aeroplane. He drops it. His father takes him to a shop to buy a gift for him) Rajan : Dad. Rajan : Oh! Is it so? Happy Birthday! Has your father given you any gift? Kannan : No. Sir. You can have mine.) Father : Wait! The shopkeeper will get it for us. today is my birthday. It’s alright. Rajan : Well. You also have a new toy! Rajan : Yes. dear. I want that aeroplane.I A. you are wearing a new dress. It breaks. to the shopkeeper.) Kannan : Rajan. who comes from a poor family enters. (AT HOME) (Kannan.

Do not harm them. how nice of you Rajan! It’s always good to share what you have with others.Rajan’s Mother : Oh. There was nobody around.II A. Sudhan. It must have been hit by a vehicle. sir. Very good. UNIT . Listening Caring for animals (Astudentcome late) Why are you late? Can’t you come on time? Sorry. It was hurt and groaning with pain. What did you do then? I took it to the veterinary doctor. a dog was lying on the road in a pool of blood. Oh. /’blVd stemd/ Teacher Sudhan Teacher Sudhan : : : : Teacher Sudhan Teacher : : : Glossary blood-stained hurt veterinary doctor Blue Cross /h@:t/ /’vetren@rIdQt@/ /’blu:krQs/ smeared with blood injured one who treats animals an international organisation that takes care of animals 161 . be kind to animals. What you’ve done is a good service. He nursed the wounds and offered to take it to the Blue Cross. Children. what happened? Why is your shirt bloodstained? Sir. I saw a tragic sight on my way to school.

the gentleman caught my school bag and jumped out. But we’ve only two. / ’hVrI /pO:t /laIfbOIz / / / / great haste harbour a ring-shaped object filled with air. I wish God would save him. l. a man who always does things in a hurry. Take those life buoys and swim to the shore. Cod 2. Port 2. Cot 3. God 2. : Don’t worry. Hey! I’m leaving. : Son! What to do now? We’ve got only one life buoy. a school boy and his father are in the boat.UNIT-III A Listening HASTE MAKES WASTE (Haste. Guard 162 Haste Father Boy Father Glossary: hurry port life buoy life guard /laIfgA:d Task 3: a. dad. Cord d. l. They are near the pot. l. to keep one afloat swimmer employed to save those who drown 3. In his hurry. Court 2. friends ! There’s a sudden strong current. : Poor man! There’s not even a single life – guard around. God . The boat is out of control. Cod 3. Pot c. : (Snatching one from the boy).Court b. They have come far away from the port. We have two. 1.) Boatman : Hey. Pot 3.

00 a m Visit the Snake Park 11.UNIT . Get your parents’ signature and submit the filled-in forms tomorrow.V Story: A Story: B 4.IV A. waves C...3..1..10... prodigy 10. Then write your age and date of birth.7. great 2.00 a m Starting from school 09.11 163 ...30 pm Reaching school Task 2: UNIT-V A. Mumbai 9. 06. achieved 5. hailed 8.30 pm Leaving Chennai 08. Mention the class you are studying in.. thrust 3. State the reasons for joining the N C C.15 am Break fast 10. Reading .2.00 pm Visit the War Memorial 04...8. debut 6. Finally put your signature and date.. youngsters 4..00 am Reaching Chennai 09. Listening Task 1: Write your name in capital letters. sixteen 7.. Have you written? Mention the games you are interested in. Write your height and weight in figures.00 pm Marina Beach 05. .30am Visit the Planetarium 01..9 6. Listening Cloze Dictation words 1.5..00 pm Lunch 02.

There is an announcement about your train also. Thank you. dear. Bye! 164 . Thank you! How are you? Where are you going? I’m going to Madurai.UNIT-VI A. These chocolates are really delicious! I just love them. He will take you around the dairy. Pandian Express. Rosy! How are you? I’m fine. Nancy. When you go there.” Nancy : I’m sorry. Where did you buy it? My uncle is in Gujarat. Come on! Don’t tease me. Rosy.30 hours from platform 3. (There is an announcement) “Passengers! Your attention please. I’ll see you later. a place worth visiting. next month I am going to Gujarat. Oh! That is the reason for your rosy. My train is about to start. Please have some chocolates. By the way. Train 2637. ( She eats one. He is working in Amul Dairy. He always sends me milk chocolates. I heard that you got the first prize in the painting competition. Rosy. bound for Madurai will leave at 21. Listening Nancy Rosy Nancy Rosy Nancy Rosy Nancy Rosy Nancy Rosy : : : : : : : : : : Hey. you can meet my uncle. chubby cheeks. Congratulations! Thank you.) It’s very tasty.

plump . ’Sunshine’ cream Gives you sweet dream. It is expected to arrive at 22.3 5 a m on 14th January. ‘Softy’ . We reach Ahmedabad at 8.a place where milk products are made We are leaving Chennai Central at 9.00 a m On the 18"1 we visit the Somnath temple and leave for Anand in the evening.15 pm.00 p m on 151'1 January. we go for local sight-seeing and visit the Sabarmathi Ashram. UNIT-VII A.“Passengers! Your attention please. On the 17th we leave for Rajkot at 6.rounded. Study skills .” Glossary: chubby /tSVbI/ dairy / de@rI/ E. III.30 am and reach Chennai on the 21st at 5. We board the Navjivan express at Ahmedabad on the 20"’at 6. To have your friendship lifelong Use our cards ‘sing song’. Train 6804.20 hours. Use our dream cream. 165 . Next day.baby wear A symbol of motherly care. We visit the Amul Dairy at Anand on 19th morning and leave for Ahmedabad in the evening. II. Listening I. The inconvenience is regretted. Howrah Express bound for Howrah is running late by 20 minutes.


When they saw him. He showed them how to make kites. The dog was 167 . Rip and the children were always happy and laughing. He played marbles with them. there lived a man named Rip Van Winkle. They climbed on his back and laughed. Every one outside his house liked Rip. Now and then. He helped other farmers but never did his own work. His wife said that Rip was a lazy and useless fellow. So his family had no money and no food. He had a wife and two children. He was always ready to help others. He never looked after his farm. All the children of the village loved Rip. She said that the dog was as bad as his master. Poor Rip often ran away from the house. They ran to meet him. Rip was a good and simple man. long ago. He was always willing to help other women. Rip never helped his wife. The village was at the foot of a mountain. Rip had a farm but nothing grew on it. RIP VAN WINKLE CHAPTER -1 Long. They liked to hold his hand. He did not like to work. He found peace only outside his home. Rip’s wife hated the dog. She told him to go and do some work. Rip was a good man but he was lazy. This made his wife very angry. It was funny but it was true. He did any work that they gave him. Rip lived in an old and small house. Rip told them stories. She scolded him all the while. All the people in the village said that he was a good man. He lived in a little village. His daughter’s name was Judith. He never did any work in the house.1. He was kind to all. Rip liked to do work for others but not for his own wife. they were happy. Rip had a dog by the name of Wolf. she drove him out of the house. His son’s name was also Rip.

. 2 3.. Rip did not like to ...... Where did Rip live? How many children did Rip have? Give their names...... Answer the following questions. Rip had a .... 1. his dog followed him.. . scolded Rip all the while... Fill in the blanks. 5. When his master went out of the house..... 168 ........... 1... 3.......... Rip found...... The wife scolded both the master and the dog...... only outside his own home......... All the children of the village .afraid of her. 4..... Why was Rip’s wife angry with him? Why did the people in the village like Rip? Why did Rip’s wife hate the dog? spoke angrily the state of being quiet laughable disliked very much II.. Rip.. 2........by the name of Wolf............. Glossary scolded peace funny hated Comprehension I........... 5.... 4.

They told stories. He knew that it was veiy late. “He sits here the whole day. A few friends liked to sit together under a tree. He took another step. One fine day Rip went for a walk. “Rip is lazy because of you. He was afraid of his wife. His dog went with him. He went home late in the evening. he heard the same cry: “Rip Van Winkle! Rip Van Winkle!” The dog went to the edge of the mountain. But even there. ”Rip Van Winkle!” He looked all round but saw no one. Rip was afraid. They reached the top.CHAPTER . He sat there the whole day.II There was a small club in the village. Old Nicholas.” she said to Nicholas. Rip lay down on the ground and rested. Soon it grew dark. Rip used to sit under a tree and talk to his dog. he heard someone saying. He was in a hurry to return home. The tree was in front of an inn. They left the village and went up the mountain. It looked down and barked. the owner of the inn. They were all happy together. When he went down the mountain. All the lazy men of the village gathered under the tree. Where could he go? Often. Why do you allow him to come here?” Poor Rip! He had no peace at all. was the leader. also. It was time for Rip to go home. The dog went with him. Again. She got angry with old Nicholas. What was it? He looked down into 169 . He wanted to escape from his wife and his work. He does no work at all. There they sat from morning to evening. they talked and laughed. he took his gun and went to the woods. Rip’s wife came and scolded him.

But Rip was a kind man. It seemed to come from behind the rocks. He was walking slowly. He was carrying some thing heavy on his back. Rip went down to help him. Who was he? The man was old and short. But he did not speak to Rip. There was a narrow opening between the rocks. Answer the following questions. he was afraid. Suddenly Rip heard the sound of thunder. He helped him to carry the barrel.the dark valley at his feet. There was no sign of rain at all. 1. What did they do there? 170 . When Rip saw the strange man. Glossary inn valley barrel thunder a small hotel an area of low land between hills or mountains a large round container the loud noise that you hear after a flash of lightning Comprehension I. He was surprised to see a man in that place. He had a long beard. On his back was a barrel of wine. The stranger went in and Rip followed him. long ago. Where did all the lazy men of the village go? 2. He wore funny clothes. He made a sign to help him. because he had something on his back. It was heavy. He saw a man walking up the mountain. So he went forward to help him. He wore clothes that were worn by people long. Where did the thunder come from? Rip was filled with wonder. The stranger and Rip climbed along the rocks on the side of the mountain.

.... What did Rip’s wife say to Nicholas? 4. 5.... The old man carried......... was the owner of the inn.... Fill in the blanks.......... 171 171 ......... Describe the man whom Rip saw in the valley... 6....... 4............... 2..... 1 ...... clothes and had a long .. Rip took his. Rip heard the sound of. Where did Rip go for a walk? 5. suddenly....... The old man wore ... 3. on his back........ What was the stranger carrying? II..............3....... and went to the woods often.....

None of them spoke a word. Within a short time Rip fell into a deep sleep. All of them had long beards. The stranger threw the barrel on the ground. He wondered who these men were! He wished to wait and find out. No one had ever seen this place before. He put it to his lips. The wine was excellent! He drank another cup. The men rolled their balls along the ground. And then another. Sometimes they were able to hit the pieces of wood.III Behind the rocks was a small. Rip’s wonder grew greater and greater! A number of strange men were playing a game with a ball. He opened it and poured the wine into large cups. Not one of them spoke a word to Rip! Rip was afraid. He made a sign to Rip to give a cup to each man. He drank. Rip now knew from where the thunder came. He went round and offered each of them a cup. The balls made a noise like thunder.hair that grows on the chin and cheeks of a man 172 . Rip went forward and took the cups of wine. open place where the grass grew green and soft. The men took the wine.CHAPTER . On his head was a hat with a feather in it. The men went on with their game. He was fat and old but he looked very grand.unusual beard . There were nine small pieces of wood on the ground. The men were trying to hit them with their balls. The wine was strong and made him feel sleepy. He seemed to be their leader. They were all dressed in funny old clothes. Glossary strange . When no one was looking. Rip took a cup in his hand. He wore a broad belt. One of the men wore grand clothes. drank it and returned to their game.

.. 3.... One of the men wore a broad ... 173 ....................Comprehension I... . II..... The strange men were trying to hit ....... Answer the following questions. made a noise like thunder. Describe what Rip saw. 1.. Explain why Rip fell asleep....... 2 . Fill in the blanks.... 1. 3.. 5 .... of them spoke a word.. Where did the stranger go? 2. made Rip feel sleepy......... 4 . with their balls. What were the men doing? 4.. and wore .. How was their leader dressed? 5.... clothes......

I drank their wine and fell asleep! When I was sleeping they robbed me of my gun!” He looked for his dog.IV When Rip woke up. It was from there that he had first seen the stranger. “Ah!” said Rip. He searched everywhere but all in vain. Where had that secret place gone? He called for his dog: “Wolf! Wolf!” The only answer he got was from the crows. He reached the place where he had met the man. He remembered the strange man with the barrel of wine. He could not find it.CHAPTER . He had gone with him to that secret place. He was sure those men had taken away his dog and his gun. “have played a trick on me. He saw only an old and broken gun on the ground near him. he found that the sun was shining bright and clear. Rip rose to his feet and walked down to the valley.” thought Rip. Rip rubbed his eyes and looked all round. There was no secret place! Rip stood and looked and looked. He remembered the wine he had drunk. The birds were singing in the trees. Rip decided to go back to the secret place. There was no dog to be seen. “Have I slept here the whole night?” thought Rip to himself. He saw that he was on the slope of the hill. “That wicked wine! Oh. It was a lovely morning. There was no living thing here 174 . He searched for the opening in the rocks. “Wolf! Wolf!” said Rip again and again. he remembered everything. what am I to tell my wife? What will she say!” He looked round for his gun. Then. At last. “Wolf! Wolf!” he called. Where was his own good and clean gun? It was gone! “Those men.

.... 4. He was .. He was hungry. The poor man took up the old gun and went down the mountain. 5.... in the rocks.very bad in vain .of no use Comprehension I.. What was poor Rip to do? The morning was passing.. What did he think? What did Rip decide to do? Did Rip find the secret place? Where did Rip go in the end? Fill in the blanks............ to lose his dog and his gun...... gun on the ground.. Rip saw an ..... 3.... Answer the following questions. 175 . II. He was afraid to meet his wife... He was sorry to lose his dog and his gun.. 1. 2............ What did Rip see when he woke up from his sleep? Rip could not find his dog and his gun. But he had to go home. 2... Glossary wicked . He searched for the .. The crows flew over his head and seemed to laugh at Rip. Rip was hungry.. 1..... 3.. and .except the crows.. Rip decided to go back to the ......... 4....

All had gone. There were new houses everywhere! Everything was strange and new. ran to the inn where his friends always met. A large hotel stood in the place where the inn used to be. So Rip touched his. He found that his beard was a foot long! Great was his surprise! How did his beard grow so long in a single night? He reached the village. All the children came out of their houses and ran after him. There were more people in it. There were no doors. He did not know them. no windows and no roof! There was no one living in his house. He called for his children. next. Was this the village he had left the day before? “That wine last night!” thought Rip. he met a number of people. At last. he remembered where his house was. Everyone raised his hand and touched his own face. Everything was so strange. This was strange. Rip thought he knew everyone in the village. Rip. A great change had come over the village. They made fun of his long beard. But he was afraid to go home. He entered. The house was empty. No one answered. Who were all these new people? Everyone was looking at Rip.CHAPTER . Alas! There was no inn and no friends. They did not know him. He called for his wife. “It has made me mad!” He could not find the way to his house. What was he to say to his wife? She was sure to scold him! He found his house broken down.V While returning to the village. 176 . All of them were strangers.

He asked him for whom he was voting. the owner of the inn?” he asked. sir. “He died eighteen years ago!” “Where’s Brom?” asked Rip. One of the men was looking very important. Rip looked at all the faces in the crowd. 177 . “Why have you come here?” he asked. There was silence for a little while. He did not find a single one! He saw a man in front of the crowd. He wore a hat. an old man in the crowd came forward to answer the question.There was a crowd in front of the hotel. “Please. I was born in this village. He came up to Rip.” said Rip. “I have come to meet my friends. He was telling them for whom to vote.” he said. He was telling people about their rights.” “Why have you come here?” asked the man with the hat. Then. The people in the crowd looked at Rip. Who was this man with a long beard? Rip was. Poor Rip did not know what to say. “Well. “Why have you brought a gun? Do you want to shoot anyone?” Poor Rip was afraid. “I am a poor. quiet man. a funny sight! Many women and children had followed Rip. “Nicholas?” he said. indeed. “Where is Nicholas. He was giving a speech. He searched and searched for his friends. “ who are they? What are their names?” Rip thought for a while. The speaker stopped in the middle of his speech and went up to Rip.” said the man.

He never came back!” “And where’s Van Bummel. “Does nobody here know Rip Van Winkle?” “Oh. Rip Van Winkle!” said two or three men. my good woman?” he asked. At that moment. I fell asleep on the mountain. “Don’t cry. “He joined the army. He asked only one more question. He saw that the man looked exactly like him when he was young. “I really don’t know what I am to say. He became a general. the school . “Who are you?” asked the man in the hat.standing near the tree. They’ve changed my gun. “Sure. Some say he is drowned.master?” asked Rip. “What is your name. too.” replied the old man. Everything is changed!” The people looked at each other and smiled. I’m changed. Rip. She wanted to see who this old man was. last night. That’s Rip Van Winkle there . “Some say he is dead. They thought that Rip was mad. “What is your name?” “God knows!” said Rip.” Rip lost all hope. a young woman came forward. he joined the army. 178 . The child was crying. It was afraid of the old man with the long beard.” Rip looked and saw a young man.” said the woman.“Oh. His friends had all gone! He had no home and no friends. She had a child in her arms.” The name of the child and the face of the mother made Rip to think. She came close to Rip. “The old man won’t hurt you.

do you think. “I am Rip Van Winkle. “It is Rip Van Winkle. What had happened to Rip’s house? 4.” said Judith. at last. Rip went up and put his arms round her.“Judith. poor man! His name was Rip Van Winkle. was the young man standing near the tree? 179 . “It is twenty years since he went away from home. Describe what happened when Rip went to the hotel. “Oh. I was young once -I am old now. a very old woman came forward. Who. Mention at least two of the changes. She looked for a long time. she died a short time ago. He never came back. “And your father’s name?” “Ah. 5.” said Judith. “I am your father!” he cried. Welcome home! Where have you been? It is twenty years since we saw you!” Glossary alas . Answer the following questions. How is it that no one knew Rip? 6. 3.correctly Comprehension I. Does nobody know Rip Van Winkle?” All were surprised. She put her hand over her eyes and looked at the old man.used to show that one is sad or sorry exactly . 1.” she said.” “And where’s your mother?” asked Rip. Can you tell why everyone was looking at Rip? 2. A great change had come over the village. At last. “Sure!” she said.

.......... 4.... stood in the place of the inn..... A... 3....... for him. Everything was . 2............. down................ Rip found that his ..... 1.................. He found his house ... What did the old woman say to Rip? II.......7. Fill in the blanks.... It is .. years since he went away from home. 5. was a foot long. What did Judith say about her father? 8........ 180 ...

He went and came as he liked. Old Peter was the oldest man in the village. He was slowly coming up the road. he thought. too.VI Rip told his story. They were playing with a ball and nine pieces of wood. Her husband was a farmer. Hudson was a great discoverer. He had no work to do. Peter. Rip was glad to see him. He had died many. They asked him if what Rip had told them was true. But the old people used to say that he came back every twenty years. had once heard the sound of the balls. Rip’s daughter took him home. He told them about the strange men. They met on the mountain top. he had slept for twenty long years. He had slept on the mountain. 181 . He recognised him at once. Rip’s son was given a job on the farm. He had no wife to fear. He sat in front of the hotel the whole day long. He was lazy. many years ago. In truth. Rip was now really old. He told his story to everyone in the village. When he was a child. But he was the true son of his father. It was like distant thunder! Everyone now believed Rip. Old Peter told them that his own father had once seen them. He gave a party to all his friends.CHAPTER . Peter said that Rip’s tale was true. All the people waited for him. He was a good man. Old Peter looked at Rip. the secret place and the strong wine. for one night only. It was a strange story but true. he used to climb on Rip’s back. He told them about Henry Hudson. He never did any work. Rip remembered him very well. All the people said it was a wonderful story.

II.. story.. It is a . and 2 ..... Hudson was a great ..... Rip told them about ......... 1... 3.........Glossary recognised tale discoverer wonderful Comprehension I..” Write a note on Rip’s son...... ......... was given a job on the farm. Where was it? “Like father.. 5.. Why? knew somebody or something by recalling a story one who finds out something very good....... recognised Rip at once................. Isn’t it? 182 .... 5............ 4.... pleasant Fill in the blanks.... Rip was now a happy man........ 4 .... For how many years had Rip slept on the mountain? Who was Henry Hudson? Rip went to his new home....... like son.... 2. 3. 1...... Answer the following questions..

It was worth about one rupee. “I am only a poor piper. At last the people went to speak to the Mayor. but at the time of this story (almost five hundred years ago) the people of Hamelin were very unhappy. The strange man walked up to the Mayor and said: “I can play music to take away any harmful creatures which hurt and trouble you.” the stranger went on. People call me the Pied Piper. He was dressed in a long coat which was half yellow and half red. because nobody had ever seen him before. with bright blue eyes and a sunburnt skin.we cannot kill them all. They made their nests in people’s hats. “It’s easy enough to tell me to think of plan. Will you give me a thousand guilders if I take the rats away from Hamelin?” (The guilder was old German money.” he said. and made such a noise all the time. Nobody knew who he was. It is a beautiful place. They fought the dogs and killed the cats. “If you don’t we will send you away and choose a new Mayor. and he himself was tall and thin.” And the Mayor saw that he was carrying a pipe which he was always touching with his fingers. The town was full of rats! And they were such terrible rats.) 183 .2. “You must think of a plan to kill these rats.” The poor fat old Mayor did not know what to do. he heard a knock on the door and he called: “Come in!” The strangest person came into the room. “Yes.” While he was talking.” they said angrily. and the river Weser runs on the south side of the town. “I’ve thought and thought until my head hurt. THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN HAMELIN is a town in Germany. they bit the sleeping babies and stole all the food. But what can we do? There are so many rats .

cousins. and were drowned. my thousand guilders!” “A thousand guilders!” The Mayor looked doubtful. Brothers. my friend. At once there was a noise like a marching army. The Mayor had promised to give him a thousand guilders. Come. Here the Piper stopped. white rats. black rats. “If you don’t pay me my money soon. and he began to play a strange little tune.” he said.place and said: “ First. The people of Hamelin were overjoyed. playing on his pipe. brown rats. and the rats followed him until they came to the river Weser. They were all busy working when the Piper appeared in the market . We were not serious when we spoke of a thousand guilders. fat rats. small rats. uncles. mothers. We saw the rats drown. Great rats.’ He walked through the town. gay coat of red and yellow! “Besides. The Piper stepped into the street. Followed the piper for their lives. sisters.“A thousand guilders? I’ll give you fifty thousand!” cried the surprised Mayor. smiling a little smile. “our business ended on the river bank. if you please. Families by tens and dozens.” 184 . husbands. wives. and the rats came running out of all the houses. “you’ll hear me pipe to another tune.” said the Mayor with a laugh. The Mayor told them to get long sticks and dig out the rats nests. A thousand guilders was a lot of money to pay this unknown piper in his strange. ‘Fathers. take fifty!” The Piper was very angry. and what is dead cannot come to life again. But the rats ran on into the river. grey rats. He knew the wonder which was hidden in his pipe. thin rats.

go on. “He’ll have to let his piping drop. the door was shut again. and all the children came out of the houses. A little lame boy followed the other children.” But the Piper did not need to stop when he came to the mountain. When he came to the mountain. and when people spoke of his sadness he said: “I am all alone now that my friends have gone away. A wonderful door opened in the side of the hill. He returned sadly to Hamelin. and I found myself outside the hill . and. They thought he was taking the children to the river. He said my lame foot would be quickly cured. At once there was the sound of running feet. The Piper stepped into the street again and put his pipe to his mouth. All the little boys and girls ran happily after the wonderful music. but he could not run as fast as they could. and he was left outside. But I could not run fast enough. who ran in a joyous crowd after the Pied Piper. where everything would be strange and new. “He’ll never get over that mountain top!” they cried. “ Blow your pipe until you burst!” But he soon stopped laughing. The music stopped. He began to play a soft sweet tune. Only one child returned to Hamelin. the door in the mountain shut once more.left alone against my will.“All right. The Piper walked through the door and the children followed him.” 185 . and do your worst!” said the Mayor. with talking and laughter. The Piper promised us such a happy life. with a loud laugh. and we shall see our children stop. when they were all inside. The Mayor and the people could not move a step to stop the children. but he turned towards a high hill in the west and people were glad.

... and they were never seen again.... and to offer him as much money as he wanted if he would bring the children back to Hamelin.. and who was left behind? II.... How was the Pied Piper dressed? 3.... The Pied Piper and the children had gone.............guilders.. But the Pied Piper and the children had gone for ever..... ..... Why did the people of Hamelin go to speak to the Mayor? 2.... The Pied Piper asked for .. Did the Piper get a thousand guilders from the Mayor? 5......... 4.....walking with stiff regular steps like a soldier .... Answer the following questions.unable to walk well lame Comprehension I.. him until they came to the river Weser.. The rats made their nests in . east and west to look for the Piper....... south. 2...... Where did the Piper take the rats? 4..used teeth to cut through . The people of Hamelin were .... 1..... Fill in the blanks....... Where did he take the children....of two or more colours . Why did he take the children away from Hamelin? 6.suffering from sunburn ....The Mayor sent men north.the unit of money in the Netherlands . 5..... The rats .... Glossary pied terrible bit sunburnt guilders marching . 1... 3.very unpleasant ..... 186 .

off clothes of her sisters and was never allowed to play. She. there lived a little girl. 187 . they proudly ‘stepped into their coach and were driven to the palace. and little Cinderella grew up to be a beautiful lass of seventeen. When quite young. on the other hand.girl. Her father married a widow who had two daughters by her first husband. Cinderella’s sisters were among those who were invited. long ago.sisters enjoyed themselves. wished to accompany them to the ball. She was forced to work from dawn to dusk every day. He wanted the prince to choose a bride for himself from among the ladies who gathered at the ball. the crown prince. to which all the young ladies of the kingdom were welcome. however. Her sisters had all the good things in the world that girls of her age could wish for. some one in the room called “Cinderella! Cinderella!” Cinderella turned round and found her fairy god mother standing by with her magic wand in her right hand. They only laughed at her desire to go to a party given by the prince of all the land. Poor Cinderella. Years rolled on. she lost her mother. The girl told her tale of sorrow and begged her god-mother to send her also to the ball.sisters began to treat her most unkindly. Cinderella was only made to wait on her sisters while dressing. read. He had an only son. All the young maids of the country were invited. At the time the king of the country proclaimed that a dancing party would be given at the palace.3. She felt very sad and was in tears. She thought of her dead mother and wept. They dressed themselves finely for the occasion. whom she loved very dearly. These two girls were older than Cinderella and were not half as good or beautiful. The fairy kindly inquired of her what made her so sad. or write. Leaving her to look after the house. Soon Cinderella’s troubles started. Poor Cinderella was left at home to do the house work like a slave. A FAIRY TALE Long. She begged her sisters to give her a fine dress for the occasion. Her step . who was to succeed him as king. while all the time her step . She had to wear only the cast . was made to do all the menial work of the house like a servant . Cinderella by name. Just then.mother and step .

At once. the coachman and the footmen are all the work of magic. they will disappear. Accordingly all the young ladies in the country set out for the dancing party. In her new dress she looked like a fairy princess. But all her mind was on the ball that the prince was to give that night. but take care you come home before twelve. So grand and beautiful a dress was never seen or heard of. who appeared in an instant and helped to get her ready for the ball. and your coach and horses.” The first ball ended happily for both . The coach and horses. Cinderella was now all happiness and joy. He rushed downstairs as Cinderella arrived. Enjoy yourself well at the ball. you will be again in rags. lifting her up. At the instance of the prince the king again proclaimed that there would be another ball. he eagerly led her to the dancing hall. said to her. She knelt in gratitude to her fairy god-mother. With one wave of her magic wand everything was ready once more for Cinderella to go to the party. and all will be well. Cinderella had a diamond jewel on her head and a pair of shining glass slippers. The fairy godmother did not fail to warn Cinderella not to stay in the palace hall even a minute after midnight. your coachman and your footmen will all vanish. to which all the young maids of the land were welcome. Remember this. with her magic wand. With the last stroke of twelve tonight. “My dear child. Cinderella felt so happy that she forgot all the sorrows that she had suffered since her mother’s death. A gilded coach drawn by six pretty horses with two footmen and a driver was now ready to take Cinderella to the prince’s ball. She had 188 . In spite of Cinderella’s request. He danced and talked with her all the time. The fairy. straining his ears and eyes to hear and see the gilded carriage. the dress and the jewels. they refused to take her. my child. “What would the fine lady that danced with the prince say. So she thought of her fairy godmother. the fairy mother turned the girl’s rags into the finest dress in all the land.the prince and Cinderella. if she saw us with a dirty girl like you?” they said to her. and taking her by the hand. The prince waited anxiously on the terrace of his palace. Cinderella’s sisters also went to the palace hall to attend the ball. listen to me. Cinderella was left alone to do house -work. for at the last stroke of twelve.

the fine dress. At a single wave of the wand. 189 . One of his trusted servants produced a glass slipper and told the prince that it had slipped off the lady’s foot as she was hurrying down the stairs. so she ran home in her rags very fast. gently pushing her way through the crowd. She would stay no longer to be seen in her rags. The matter soon came to the king’s knowledge. When she reached the stairs. Each of them tried the slipper on in vain. He hurried to the prince who had locked himself in his room. Cinderella once again appeared in her fine dress and began to get ready for the prince’s ball. She was anxious to reach her house before her sisters. it came to an abrupt close. One of the king’s ministers whose advice he sought suggested that the king might cause the glass slipper to be sent round the kingdom to discover the lady whose foot it fitted. Soon the fairy appeared to her with her magic wand. the clock struck twelve. she dashed out of the hall. the gilded coach. He could not account for the lady’s sudden disappearance. It fitted her foot so well that it was thought that the slipper had been made for her. The prince told his father that he had so completely lost his heart to the lady of the gilded coach that he could no more live without her. With the glass slipper in hand. he retired to one of his rooms. So. The prince attended the ball no more. Not until the clock was heard striking twelve. On the stairs one of her slippers slipped off her foot. and tried to comfort him as best he could.lost herself so much in the company of the prince that she clean forgot the fairy’s warning about the hour at which she was to leave the dancing hall. did she remember the fairy’s words of warning. the driver. but she did not stop to pick it up. They came to the house of Cinderella’s sisters. Just then a wonderful event happened. Cinderella thought of her fairy mother. the king’s men went about with the glass slipper to try each young lady in the land. He began to inquire the reason. The king’s servants wondered if ever the prince would agree to marry a girl in rags. and the footmen were there. full of sorrow and wonder. Then they asked Cinderella to try it on. Accordingly. Her sisters fell on their knees and begged her pardon. The prince was now at his wit’s end.

What happened to Cinderella when quite young? 2. What did the king proclaim? 4. What happened to Cinderella when she did not heed the warning? 10. The gilded coach arrived in front of the king’s palace. The prince who had been anxiously waiting for it rushed out to greet Cinderella. You are now my wife and the future queen of the kingdom. Cinderella’s reply was but a smile — the sweetest that she ever smiled. Did they succeed in finding the lady whose foot the slipper fitted? 12. Why was the ball arranged? 5. He helped her out of the coach and took her in. He said to her smilingly. What was the fairy’s warning to Cinderella? 8. He married her the very day. How did the fairy prepare her to attend the ball? 7.” To this. What kind of work was she forced to do? 3. What effect did her sudden disappearance produce upon the prince? 11. How did Cinderella become the queen of the land? 190 . unimportant work dawn to dusk morning to evening rolled on passed magic wand magic stick tale story rags old torn clothes wit’s end worried stage abrupt sudden in vain without success Answer the following questions : 1.They requested Cinderella to forgive them the wrongs they had done to her. Who went to attend the ball? 6. Did Cinderella’s sisters take her to the second ball? 9. Glossary: menial work boring. The king who had grown old and feeble made his son the king of the country and Cinderella became the queen. “You will not run away again as you did the other day.

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