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Wholesale Chocolate Cakes
    Special Sizes: m Available in 7" mini cake h Available in 12"x18" two layer half-sheet cake f
    Available i 18"x24" two layer full sheet cake Call for pricing of these sizes
Hazelnut Truffle Torte
2 layers of chocolate cake, hazelnut truffle
filling, and ganache coated, garnished $26.00
with hazelnuts and chocolate butter
Checkerboard Cake
Chocolate and yellow sponge cake filled
with chocolate and vanilla whipped cream
arranged in a checkerboard pattern.
Ganache and whipped cream squares on
Chocolate Decadence
4 layers of chocolate sponge cake filled
with whipped ganache, frosted in $45.00
chocolate butter cream. Garnished with
chocolate buttons and drizzled chocolate.
Chocolate Mousse Bomb
A thin chocolate cake dome filled with
chocolate mousse, glazed in ganache and $48.00
finished with chocolate butter cream and
mini chocolate chips.
Double Fudge Torte
(m h) 3 fudge cake layers filled, frosted, $28.00
and glazed with dark ganache
German Sweet Chocolate Cake
(m) 3 layers of German sweet chocolate
cake filled and frosted with coconut pecan

Iced Cappuccino
Cappuccino mousse above a mocha fudge
layer on a chocolate pecan cookie crust, $42.00
whipped cream frosted and garnished with
chocolate wafers, chocolate chips, and 8/24/2008
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Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake
Three layers of chocolate cake filled with
peanut butter mousse; glazed in chocolate $36.00
ganache with peanut butter cups to
Peanut Butter Mousse Bomb
A dome of thin cocolate cake filled with
chocolate mousse and peanut butter $40.00
mousse, ganache glazed and garnished
with wipped cream and chopped peanuts
Sacher Torte
(m h ) Chocolate cake filled with
raspberry puree and cocolate butter cream, $33.00
ganache glazed with raspberry puree on
Toffee Kahlua Madness
A fudge brownie pecan cake base with a
layer of coffee whipped cream finished
with crunchy chocolate toffee candy
Chocolate Mousse Cakes
Three layers of chocolate cake filled with
rich chocolate mousse (flavored
accordingly) then glazed in chocolate $37.00
ganache. Flavors include: Double
Chocolate, Orange, Raspberry, and
Creme de Menthe Mousse Cake
Two layers of chocolate cake filled with
chocolate mint mousse, then topped with
creme de menthe mousse. Frosted in
whipped cream with mint chocolate
wafers to garnish
Triple Chocolate Espresso Ring
Our moist rich chocolate cake ring with a
hint of espresso, ganache glazed and
garnished with chocolate mocha beans
Yellow Cakes

Boston Cream Layer Cake
3 yellow cake layers, custard filled,
ganache frosted with whipped cream
horns and chocolate drizzle
Italian Cassatta Cake
Yellow sponge cake filled with sweetened
ricotta cheese, walnuts, cherries,
chocolate chips and rum flavoring.
Frosted in wipped cream with walnuts and
marascino cherries to garnish
Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake
Yellow cake filled with rich chocolate 8/24/2008
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mousse, frosted in vanilla butter cream

and glazed in chocolate ganache.
Coconut Custard Layer Cake
(m) 3 yellow cake layers filled with
coconut custard. Frosted in whipped $28.00
cream with white coconut on sides and
toasted coconut on top
Lemon Custard Layer Cake
(m h f) Tart lemon custard and whipped
cream between yellow cake layers - lemon
chantilly (cream & custard)piped up the
sides and into decorative horns on top of
the cake
Raspberry Mousse Layer Cake
(m h f ) Raspberry mousse between
yellow cake layers frosted in whipped $30.00
cream with chocolate chip sides (trimmed
with whole raspberries when available)
Strawberry Layer Cake
Fresh strawberries and whipped cream
between yellow cake layers, whipped $41.00
cream frosted with chocolate chips on the
sides and strawberry halves to garnish
White Chocolate Elegance
White chocolate mousse between yellow
cake layers, white chocolate butter cream
frosted. Subtle but elegant.
Fruit & Spice Cakes

Banana Walnut Cake
Banana cake with cream cheese frosting $42.00
and filled, walnuts on the sides
Carrot Cake
Carrot cake with walnuts filled and
frosted in cream cheese - finely chopped
walnut sides
Pumpkin Cake
3 pumpkin cake layers filled with
cinnamon and ginger spice whipped $25.00
cream. Whipped cream horns top the cake
with a cinnamon garnish

Real bananas blended into cheesecake
glazed with ganache, crushed almond
edge, and a chocolate cookie crust

Vanilla cheesecake blended with 8/24/2008
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enormous fudge nut brownie chunks on a

chocolate cookie crust
Vanilla cheesecake topped with bing $37.00
cherries on a cookie crust
Chocolate cheesecake and a chocolate $38.00
cookie crust
Chocolate Chip
Vanilla cheesecake topped with chocolate $36.00
chips and a chocolate cookie crust
Classic NY
Classic vanilla cheesecake with a sour $30.00
cream topping and a cookie crust
Creamy lemon cheesecake with a sour $34.00
cream topping and a cookie crust
Vanilla cheesecake with a chocolate swirl
topped with vanilla and chocolate swirled
sour cream on a chocolate cookie crust
PB Chocolate Chip
Peanut butter cheesecake with chocolate
chips topped with a chocolate sour cream
topping on a chocolate cookie crust
Creamy pistachio cheesecake with a $36.00
cookie crust and pistachio nut garnish
Creamy pumpkin cheesecake with a
cookie crust, cinnamon to garnish. "Forget
about pumpkin pie!"
Raspberry cheesecake with sour cream
and raspberry swirl topping ona chocolate
cookie crust
Vanilla cheesecake topped with $37.00
strawberry topping on a cookie crust
Tarts & Flans

Lemon Custard Tart
Creamy lemon custard in a short dough $23.00
crust, top decorated in whipped cream
Macadamia Nut Flan
Macadamia caramel base topped with a
layer of fudge whipped cream, macadamia $39.00
nuts and shaved chocolate in a short
dough cookie crust 8/24/2008
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Peanut Butter Fudge Tart

Peanut butter mousse and chocolate fudge
in a short dough crust topped with $30.00
whipped cream, chopped peanuts, and a
chocolate drizzle
Pecan Turtle Flan
Pecan caramel base topped with a layer of
fudge, trimmed with whipped cream, $33.00
pecans, and chocolate - short dough
cookie crust
Raspberry Mousse Tart
Fresh raspberry mousse above a thin layer
of raspberry preserves in a short dough
crust - decorated with wipped cream and
chocolate buttons. (and whole raspberries
when available)
Victoria Mousse Tart
Dense chocolate Victorian fudge layer
topped with whipped cream, walnut and
chocolate shavings in a short dough crust
Banana Cream Tart
A short dough tart shell filled with
chocolate, custard, and real bananas;
topped with whipped cream.
Coconut Custard Tart
A short dough filled with coconut and $23.00
custard; topped with whipped cream.
Party Trays
Bite size pieces of fudge nut brownies, honey glazed pecan squares, raspberry pecan
squares, and lemon bars.
Small - To Serve 20
64 Pieces
Medium - To Serve 30
96 Pieces
Large - To Serve 50
144 Pieces
Mixed Cookies
Serves 40 144 pieces (medium party tray)
plus 24 small chocolate chip and 24 small
peanut butter cookies
Boxed assortments available
Sponge Candy
Priced per pound
Priced per pound
Priced per pound 8/24/2008
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Dessert Truffles
Priced per each
Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
Priced per pound
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Priced per pound
8 Pcs. (15)
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
$10.00 $18.75
Other Desserts

Napoleons $3.50
Eclairs $3.00
Mousse Cups $3.95
Baked Goods

Muffins & Scones $1.75
Pastry Hearts $1.50
Twists $1.00
One 1 Doz.
Chocolate Chip Cookies
$0.90 $10.00
One 1 Doz.
Peanut Butter Cookies
$0.90 $10.00
Smile Faces $1.15
One 1 Doz.
Bear cookies
$1.00 $12.00
One Sheet
$2.25 $37.00
One Sheet
Pecan Squares
$3.25 $51.00
One Sheet
Lemon bars
$1.90 $30.00
Slice Whole
Pumpkin Bread
$1.75 $8.50
Slice Whole
Zucchini Bread
$1.75 $10.00
Slice Whole
Banana Bread
$1.75 $10.00
Slice Whole
Lemon Pound Cake
$2.00 $16.00
Slice Whole
Walnut Sour Cream Coffee Cake
$1.75 $11.50

Ice Cream 8/24/2008
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Per scoop cone or cup

Cone or Cup One Two Triple Four
Priced per scoop $1.84 $2.84 $3.84 $4.84
Pints $4.90
Quarts $9.80
Whipped Cream, nuts, sprinkles, toppings

Medium $3.75
Large $4.75
X-large $5.75
Turtle Sundae $5.75
Brownie Sundae $4.80
Banana Boat $5.20

Smoothies $4.25

Icies $3.25
Shakes & Sodas

Thin $3.75
Regular $4.75
Thick $5.50
Coffee & Espresso
Columbian, decaf, Seattle Roast, and flavor of the day
Medium Large
Flavor of the Day
$1.25 $1.50
Single Double
$1.50 $2.75
Small Double
$2.50 $3.50
Christmas Cookies

Top 8/24/2008
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Cut outs
Star of David $1.00 Bells $1.20 Stockings $0.00
$1.20Trees $1.25

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