May 21, 2007

Useful Queries for Oracle Applications 11i     
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responsibility_name FROM apps.fnd_responsibility_tl frt. c.application_id) application. Purpose Description Parameters Query 2. Query useful when user wants to get application wise responsibility list None SELECT (SELECT application_short_name FROM fnd_application fa WHERE fa. Purpose Description Parameters Query Page 2  .responsibility_id.user_menu_name FROM apps.responsibility_name.fnd_responsibility_tl a. 2007   1. Menus Listing To get Menus Associated with responsibility User to check menu attached with a reponsilblity responsibility_id Which user can get from query of section Responsibilities Listing SELECT DISTINCT a.application_id = frt. frt.May 21. frt. Responsibilities Listing To get list of responsibilities.

Submenu And Function Listing To get submenus and Function attached to this Main menu. apps.fnd_application f WHERE a.LANGUAGE = 'US'.prompt. apps.fnd_menus_tl c. c.menu_id AND a.fnd_application_tl e.description FROM apps. 3.menu_id AND e.fnd_menus d.menu_id = c. 2007 apps. fnd_menu_entries_tl c WHERE a.responsibility_id AND a.menu_id = c. apps.May 21. apps.responsibility_id = ‘20538’ AND b.fnd_responsibility b.fnd_menus_tl a. By using this query user can check function and submenus attached to that specific menu User_menu_name Which user can get from query of section Menu Listing SELECT c. Purpose Description Parameters Query Page 3  .application_id = f.user_menu_name = 'F4 UK PAY Navigator'.responsibility_id(+) = b.application_id AND a.application_id = b.application_id AND f.menu_id AND b.menu_id = d.

1. Purpose Description Parameters Query Page 4  .responsibility_id ORDER BY SUBSTR (user_name.May 21. 1.application_name. 1. SUBSTR (a. fnd_user_resp_groups g. fnd_responsibility_tl r WHERE g. 50). 2007 4.application_name.responsibility_id = r. SUBSTR (r. 30) user_name. 30). 50) application FROM fnd_user u. 60). User And Assigned Responsibility Listing To get assigned responsibility to a user.user_id.responsibility_name.responsibility_application_id = a. SUBSTR (a. SUBSTR (u.application_id AND g.application_id = r.user_name. 1. 60) responsiblity.application_id AND a. 1. fnd_application_tl a. 1. User wants to check responsibility attached to a specific user None SELECT UNIQUE u.user_id AND g.responsibility_name. SUBSTR (r.user_id(+) = u.

frg. 2007 5. fnd_responsibility_vl frv WHERE frv. Responsibility And Assigned Request Group Listing To get responsibility and attached request groups.request_group_id ORDER BY responsibility_name Purpose Description Parameters Query Page 5  .description FROM fnd_request_groups frg.May 21. request_group_name.request_group_id = frg. Every responsibility contains a request group(request group is basis of submitting requests) None SELECT responsibility_name responsibility.

SYSDATE) >= SYSDATE AND o. fnd_profile_options_tl t WHERE o.last_updated_by) "Last Update By" FROM fnd_profile_options o.creation_date .profile_option_id = v. profile_option_value. fnd_profile_option_values v.user_profile_option_name.created_by) "Created By".application_id AND start_date_active <= SYSDATE AND NVL (end_date_active.profile_option_id AND o.May 21. v. (SELECT UNIQUE user_name FROM fnd_user WHERE user_id = v. v.LANGUAGE IN (SELECT language_code FROM fnd_languages WHERE installed_flag = 'B' UNION SELECT nls_language FROM fnd_languages WHERE installed_flag = 'B') Purpose Description Parameters Query Page 6  .profile_option_name AND level_id = 10001 AND t.e.v. (SELECT user_name FROM fnd_user WHERE user_id = v. Profile Option With Modification Date and User To get modified profile options. Query used for audit point of view i.profile_option_name = t. v.application_id = v.last_update_date.creation_date.last_update_date "Change Date". 2007 6. when a profile is changed and by whom user None SELECT t.

Page 7  . ffcr.description. ffcr.user_id = ffcr.condition.10. (SELECT user_name FROM fnd_user fu WHERE fu.SEQUENCE.May 21. ffcr.ID = ffft.user_function_name "User Form Name".fire_in_enter_query. For More detail on form Personalization Use Following Tables (Rule_id) is reference key for these tables applsys.trigger_object. ffcr.trigger_event.created_by) "Created By " FROM fnd_form_custom_rules ffcr. 7. ffcr.rule_type.5. applsys. ffcr.fnd_form_custom_scopes Purpose Description Parameters Query None SELECT ffft.function_id ORDER BY 1. Personalization is feature available in 11. ffcr.X. Forms Personalization Listing To get modified profile options.enabled. ffcr. 2007 ORDER BY user_profile_option_name. fnd_form_functions_vl ffft WHERE ffcr.fnd_form_custom_actions.

Query used to view the patch level status of all modules None SELECT a.application_id = b.May 21. DECODE (b. creation_date. description FROM applsys.fnd_product_installations b WHERE a.application_name.application_id. patch_level FROM apps. user_function_name. Function Listing To get all Functions Complete forms and functions None SELECT function_id. 2007 8. 'S'.fnd_form_functions_tl y order by user_function_name. 'N/A') status. 'Installed'. Purpose Description Parameters Query 9. 'Shared'.fnd_application_vl a. Purpose Description Parameters Query Page 8  . 'I'.status. apps. Patch Level Listing To get Patch Level.

fcpv.request_group_name. Request Attached To Responsibility Listing Purpose Description Parameters Query To get all Request attached to a responsibility View all request who have attached to a reponsiblity None SELECT responsibility_name .request_unit_type = 'P' AND frgu.request_group_id = frg.request_group_id AND frgu. fcpv. fnd_responsibility_vl frv WHERE frgu.concurrent_program_id AND frv. fnd_concurrent_programs_vl fcpv.May 21. frg. 2007 10.user_concurrent_program_name.request_unit_id = fcpv. fnd_request_group_units frgu.request_group_id = frg.description FROM fnd_request_groups frg.request_group_id ORDER BY responsibility_name. Page 9  .

'S'. program_type. 'B'. fcpv. 'Request Set Stage Function'. DECODE (fcpv. 'P'. 'Immediate'. minimum_width. 'Spawned'.application_id ORDER BY description 12. 2007 11. 'Q'. Count Module Wise Reports Purpose Description Parameters Query To Count Module Wise Report Application wise request counting None SELECT fa. minimum_length. output_file_type. concurrent_program_id FROM fnd_concurrent_programs_vl fcpv.execution_method_code. 'H'.execution_method_code ) exe_method.user_concurrent_program_name. 'I'. 'Oracle Reports'. 'B'. DECODE (fcpv. Page 10  . concurrent_program_name.May 21.application_short_name. fcpv. 'Q'. description. fnd_application fa WHERE fcpv. 'SQL*Plus'. 'Host'.application_id = fa. 'L'. 'SQL*Loader'. printer_name. 'PL/SQL Stored Procedure'.execution_method_code.application_short_name. 'A'. 'Request Set Stage Function'. Request Listing Application Wise Purpose Description Parameters Query To get all request with application View all types of request Application wise None SELECT fa. 'SQL*Plus'.

pt. 13. fnd_application fa WHERE fcpv. 'Host'. 'L'. 'SQL*Loader'.execution_method_code ) exe_method. 'PL/SQL Stored Procedure'.application_id GROUP BY fa. f. 2007 'H'. 'Spawned'.application_id = fa. 'A'. f.May 21. 'Oracle Reports'. fcpv. 'I'.actual_completion_date actual_completion_date. 'S'.user_concurrent_program_name user_concurrent_program_name . COUNT (concurrent_program_id) COUNT FROM fnd_concurrent_programs_vl fcpv. Request Status Listing Purpose Descript ion Paramet ers Query To calculate request time This query will shows report processing time None SELECT f. fcpv.actual_completion_date-f.request_id .actual_start_date)*24*60*60)/3600) Page 11  . 'P'. 'Immediate'.execution_method_code ORDER BY 1. floor(((f.application_short_name.actual_start_date actual_start_date .

actual_completion_date-f. 14.status_code FROM apps.actual_completion_date-f. 30) user_name.concurrent_program_name||'['||f. apps. 50) application FROM fnd_user u.actual_completion_date-f.'Running'.fnd_concurrent_requests f WHERE f.actual_completion_date-f.phase_code) Phase . 1.May 21.fnd_concurrent_programs p .user_id.program_application_id = pt.responsibility_name.actual_start_date desc.fnd_concurrent_programs_tl pt . Page 12  .program_application_id = p.actual_start_date)*24*60*60) floor(((f.'Complete'.actual_completion_date-f. SUBSTR (u. 2007 || ' HOURS ' || floor((((f.user_name.p. 60) responsiblity. 1.concurrent_program_name) concurrent_program_name . User And Responsibility Listing Purpose Description Parameters Query Check responsibility assigned to a specific USER None SELECT UNIQUE u.'R'. f.application_name.language = USERENV('Lang') and f. apps.actual_start_date)*24*60*60)/3600)*3600)/60) || ' MINUTES ' || round((((f.actual_start_date)*24*60*60)/3600)*3600 (floor((((f.actual_completion_date-f.actual_start_date)*24*60*60)/3600)*3600)/60)*60) )) || ' SECS ' time_difference .descriptio n||']'.phase_code.actual_start_date is not null ORDER by f. DECODE(p.actual_completion_date-f. SUBSTR (a.concurrent_program_id and f.concurrent_program_id = p.actual_start_date)*24*60*60) floor(((f.p. SUBSTR (r.'C'.concurrent_program_id and f.f.concurrent_program_name.application_id and f. decode(f. 1.concurrent_program_id = pt.actual_start_date)*24*60*60) floor(((f.'ALECDC'.application_id AND pt.

60) 15. patch_type.application_id AND a. 1. 1.user_id AND g.application_id = r.responsibility_application_id = a. 30).responsibility_id and a. SUBSTR (r.application_id AND g. 2007 fnd_user_resp_groups g.responsibility_id = r.user_id(+) = u. 1. 50). maint_pack_level.responsibility_name.application_name. SUBSTR (a.ad_applied_patches ORDER BY creation_date DESC Page 13  .application_name = 'Purchasing' ORDER BY SUBSTR (user_name. Applied Patch Listing Purpose Description Parameters Query Check Current Applied Patch None SELECT patch_name. creation_date FROM applsys. fnd_application_tl a.May 21. fnd_responsibility_tl r WHERE g.

0 Oracle Applications: 11.6. 2007 Note: .May Page 14  .all queries are executed on RDBMS: 9.0.2 by using Toad for Oracle version  8.0.10.

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