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DON’T BE FOOLED—IT’S REALLY ABOUT THE MONEY ‘The Rivercross Board is spending your money on a lawsuit against DHCR. The Board's purpose is to avoid an increase in the maintenance surcharge. The sur charge is paid only by the wealthiest in the building. At the maximum right now, the surcharge is only 20% of the monthly maintenance—the 30% is allowed under state law. DHCR's order—the one the Board is spending your money on attorneys to resist—would simply increase the surcharge on over-income-limit residents from 20% to 30% of the normal monthly carrying charge. Further, the previous court suit by the Board made the DHCR process clear—see the DHCR letter of 11/5/2002. If the surcharge is not increased, the wealthiest in the building will continue to pay a maximum 20% surcharge rather than 30%, and the rest of us in the building will have to continue to make up the difference. Let's be clear here: The Board is spending your money on a lawsuit to force you to continue to subsi- dize the wealthy minority. Help stop this. Complete this form and send it to David Bauer in 728. It should be noted that the Board has couched its notice to shareholders in lan- guage that suggests it is mounting a noble battle on behalf of us all. That is utter nonsense. The Board wants to keep the status quo: for years, the wealthy in the building, favored by the Board (which includes some of those wealthy), have been subsidized by the rest of us in the building. Ignore the propagandistic noble lan- guage. See this for what it is—a money grab. Your individual response to this petition will not be seen by the Rivercross Board. A summary of the responses will go to DHCR for their information. It is important that DHCR know that Rivercross shareholders are not in favor of spending share- holders’ money for the benefit of a minority in the building. Are you in favor of spending Rivercross money to benefit a wealthy minority? Yes No Other thoughts: Name Apt # RETURN To DAVID BAUER APT #728