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\VeCanWorklt0ut You The Are Sunshine Life 0f My
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(Stevie Wonder)


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. Yv.r-r- \,^..c



broke tookins the Ilit":.tT_ontl:td.baby Seven,yu.v of badluck,urE goodtnings stass. . years v€r\r rLrv^,thegtJoq Inlngs v, ; your past. In tnlt oo-n't understand, vousuffer then Y1":::!1j::::l therhinos vou Superstition ain't way. Hey, hey hey, qly[
verysuperstitious, yourfaceandhands. wash 99.n, Ridme of theproblem, alltFrat ""n-do you Keep in a daydream, megoin,strong. me keep 'Youdon't wanna saveme,sadis riy ronj.when youbelie.ye_ in things youdon'iunderstand, yousuffer. that then Superstition theway. ain,t

Verysuperstitious, writing's the wall. on 'bout ladde/s to fall. Y"w superstitious,

ain'tthe way. Hey,hey,hey. Verysuperstitious.

Vefysuperstitious, nothing more say. to superstitious, devil,s hisway. the on Y"w Thirteen-month-olci broke looking baby the glass. Seven years badlu9k, goodthings of the iniou, past. when youbelie.ye.things yo, doir't in tnlt un'derstand, ' yousuffer. 'v' thenv\i'' ur\'' Superstition

""hllrun"'*ow.t *

0nReggaeWoman Boogte
Elcctronic Orgaos Uppcn Flutes 16' E' 4'* Guitar (or 4' pcrcussion) L6ivcr: Flutcs 8', String 8' Pedal Bass Guitar 8' Vibrato: Off. Lcslic: Chorale

DrawbarOrgans * Uoocn t0 8806-000 3rd Harmonic 333(0) L6wcr:(00)7653 Pcdat 5{3) Vibrato:OIL trslic: Choralc

Rhythm Unit: Rock


I like to se€ you boogie I'd like to see both of us

right a -crossfall deep-ly-

thefloor in love.

I I'd

like like

to to

to You do it see you and me

, til you hol - ler for more. un -der the stars a-bove.

F(on G) C(onG)

F(on G) C(onG)


F(onG) C(onG)

I like to ['d like to

Reg - &e, seeboth of us

g Copright 1971Jobe!e Mu3ic Co. loc. & Black Bull Musici USA Jobclc Music (UK) Ltd/Bbck Bull Mu6ic,2312{ Rrthbonc Placc' lrndoa Wl for thc UK rnd Eirc' All right6 re6cdcd. Intcrottion.l Copyright S.cu.cd.

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.gae wo . wo .lY fdl- F(onG) t I I l I'd like to makelove to You I'd like to see you in the raw so you can make un .gie on Boo gie on Reg.der the stars mescrgan a .man. what is what is wrong with me? wrong with you? Boo . wo -man.bove.gae Reg. I I I I I I I I I I wo -man.man.\a I I I I I I F(onG) g(onG) C but you dance too fast deeP.

in' to do? .by can't.You see? what you try-in' to do? G) C(onG) G G) C(on G) G Boo-gre on Reg-gae what is wrong-with (Repeat and Fade) Boo -gie on Reg-gae what you try .G)C(onG) G onG)C(onG) | ba .

Page 7 .Duft'{ouWorry'BoutAIhW Words & Music StevieWonder REGISTRATIONS SUGGESTED Organs Electronic UppcnFlutes16'8'4'* 4'pcrcussion (Strinp 8'+ 4) Strings Lowcn Orchcstral Pcdah8' Vibrato: On (or Lcsliq Trcmolo) Nova ova t{hythmUnit: Bossa Em(maj Em(maj 7) Em DrawbarOrgans 000 Uppcr:80 8606 * 2nd Harmonic Lower:(00) 55t4 4340) Pcdal 5{3) Vibrato: On (or Lcslic:Tremolo) E Em(maj7) \ Al .ry I OCo9risht l9?3Jobctc Music Co.ck Bull Mutic. ltrtcrnrtiootl Copyright S. UK end Eirc. Pl. All righr. & Bhcl Eull Muric" USA Jobcte Mueic (UK) Ltd/Bl. lrndon Wl for th.23121 Rrthbon. tc. lnc.cstcd.cflcd.cc.ways reach - in' I \ hav <> 'bout a But don't you wor.

Dontyouwor- rY 'bout a thing.it.- Ma ' ma stand .in' on- the- side when You check. .

tyou wor.Em Em(maj?) tsm/ Ooi't Youwor.ry 'bout a (Repeat and fade) EE 'bout a Don't You wor ry .ry 'bout a Don.

& Btrck Bull M usic' USA Job€t€ Music (UK) Ltd/Bl.side- Glt your.nd Eire All righls rc.'cause we love.bra . and I'm O Copright 1980Jobcte Mu3ic Co.fensewe can set a . day in just how much cel -e .lnlcrnrtioo.ck Bull Mu3ic.nt make much senseall know in our minds- There ought .tion.2312{ Rrthbone Plrcc.cncd.a that there Eb(on Bb Bb) be a law aought to be a gainsttime- onFho takes of . lrndon Wl lor the UK .l CopyriSht Sccurcd. Inc.IlappyBirthday Words & Music StevieWonder SUGGESTED REGISTRATIONS Elcctronic Organs Uppcn Flutcs 16' 8' 4'* Piano Lower: Flutes 8'4' Pcdal 16'* 8' Vibrato: On (or Lcslic: Trcmolo) DrawbarOrgans Uppcn 80 8606006 * 2nd Harmonic Lower:(00)8800 000(0) Pcdal 5{3) Vibrato:On (or Leslie:Trcmolo) Rhythm Unit: Rock F(onC) C does.you. Page 10 .

py birth - day- to ya. hap - py birth - day. hap - py birth - daY- D yz. hap - py day- hap - py .ty- on the ' ory you came to be. - . F(onC) C hap - py birth - day- to ya.gree- Al - | - what fit more per-fect-ly- than to a world par .day- to Y8.G Srre you would a . Hap .

b r a t .nev .e .e d all throughout Page L2 .er been- a hol - where peace is c e l .

HigherGround Words & Music StevieWonder REGISTRATIONS SUGGESTED Electronic Organs horn or trumpet Uooen Flutcs t6 S' Z'* synthesizcd L6ivcr: Guitar (or Flutes 8' 4') Pedal: Bass Guitar 8' Vibrato: Off.in'! ET Gb Ab Eb Gb Ab Sol .& BleckEull Music'' USA !obetcMusic(UK)Ltd/Bl.in! ly .thbonePlact.l Copytight Securcd. Lcslic: Tremolo Eb Peo . Peo-ple.plePow-ers keep keep on on learn .diers.in! O Copright1973Jobete MusicCo lnc.23l24R. Leslic Tremolo Rhythm Unit Rock t Drawbar Organs Uppcr: 88 8805 000 Lowcr: (00)8800000(0) Pcdal 5{3) Vibrato: OlT. lntcrnatioo. Page 13 .liev . Eb Gb Ab Eb Bb T ti w:u .t odonWlfottheUl(andEire All riShts restrved.ckUullMusic.rin! .

in' 'cause it 'cause it won'tbe won'Lbe too too ll2Br CTIORUS A'7 darn glad he let me 6ftengc rock rhythm to swing try it a .gain- 'Causem last time on earth I lived wholeworld of sii- .turn .in' sleep .

j I t I I I so glad that I know- I know tn"--n.est gon .the high -est chrngc swing rhythm to rock (with lcft hand) Till INo .one's- reach.the high .na bring me A' Eb Ab Eb (Repeat and Fade) Page 15 .- I- reach.

tion. All rights re8efrcd.23l21 Rathbonc Pl.I Just Tb LoveYou CalledSayI Words& Music StevieWonder SUGGESTEDREGISTRATIONS Electronic Organs Uppen Orchcstral Strings Lower: Flutes 8'4' Peda} 8' Vibrato: On DrawbarOrgans Uoocn 83 5666333 000(0) Lirwcr:(00)8706 Pcdat 6{3) Vibrato: On Rhythm Unit: BossaNova No New Year's Dm(maj7) hearts to grve a ' -a ' O Copright l98a Jobctc Music Co.ck B!ll Music USA fobcte Music (UK) LtdlBhck Bull Mutic.l Copyrighi S. London Wl forthe UK end Eire. & Bl.cured. Page 16 .cc. Int. lnc.rn.

I Just Tb L.tion.oveYou CalledSayI Words& Music StevieWonder SUGGESTEDREGISTRATIONS Elcctronic Organs Uppcn Orchcstral Strings Liwer: Flutcs 8'4' Pcdah 8' Vibrato: On DrawbarOrgans Uopcn 83 5666333 000(0) L6wcr: (00)8706 Pcdal 6(3) Vibrato: On Rhythm Unit: Bossa Nova to cel - e- no choc' - late cov - ered can ' dY Dm(maj7) hearts to grve a - " O Copri8ht l9t1 Jobctc Music Co. lntcrn.cc.caerucd. Page 16 .l Copyright Secured. Londoo Wl tor thc UK rnd Eire' All rights . Inc. & Bl.23l24 Rathbonc Pt.ck B!ll Mulic USA Jobete Music (UK) Ltd/Bhck Bull Music.

oth - er t called to say o.T * Dm(maj7) t l l Il Dm(maj7) d t just an . .

bot -o .tom of my .say how much I say r(l love- you.

thboncPha. LrndooWl tot thc UK rod Eirc. Ltd/Bhck Eull Mu3ic.lntenrtional CopyriSttSccurcd.IWish Words& Music StevieWonder SUGGESTED REGISTRATIONS Electronic Organs Uppcr: Vibraphonc (or Flute 8' * Sustain) Lowcr: Orchestral Strings Pcdal: 8' Vibraphone: Olf.2312{ All righrs rcscry.& Blrck Bull Muric' USA c copright 19?6robcre R.ed T t t t t then my on .lnc.py head . Page 19 . Leslic:Choralc RhythmUnic Rock Dm7 G7 Look-ing back on when I was a lit .mas what would t t t I I I I G7 A7 Ev .tle nap . JobcteMusic(UK.times Muric Co.ly wor - ry for Christ .d.en though we some . Leslie: Choralc DrawbarOrgans Uppcn 00 8600000* Sustain Lowcr:(00)5444 221(0) Pedal 4{2) Vibrato: Off.

would not get a thing.ed at the back door-with. F Dm7 Sneak-in' outthe backdoor to hangout with those hoodJum friendsof mine. we were haP ."Boy I loldyounot to go out- J Tryin' Your best . Ooh thought I Greet .PY with the joy the daY wouldbring.

-why did those (Repeat and Fade) G7 . I wishthose @me back once J more..er have to go?- I wish those come back once more.ter to Your eyes.why did those .wa .- I loved them Page 2l . think -in' it might stop her from in'your be-hind. days er have to go. t-.

Leslic:Choralc RhythmUnir Swing Dm7 cn l12 is .ob.& Bhck 8uil Mulic.2312{ Rrthboa.t.IsdtShelnvely? 'Words & Music Stevie!{onder SUGGESTED REGISTRATIONS Elcctronic Organs Uppcn Vibraphonc (or Flute 8'* Sustain) Lowcr: Flutcs E'4' Pedal: t' Vibrato: Off.n't she OCogriSht 1976rob. Inc.ic (UK) Ltd/Bl. t.ic Co. All rights rcrcrucd.ndon W! for the UK rnd Eire. Lcslic: Choralc DrawbarOrgans Uppcr:00 8600000* Sustain 000(0) Lowcn (00)76O4 Pcdal 4{2) Vibrato:Off.cl Bull Mutic. USA .tc Mu. Mr. Itrtcrtrrtioo.l Copyright Scc!rcd. Page 22 . Phcc.

---8va bassa f 7 (loco) [s .G7 thoughtrA throughlovc we'd be mak - ing :> (FINE) \-r f I fro m =.n't she Page 23 .

Page24 .ce.ing you's been hang .ly € I have had the strang .& Bhck Bull Music! USA Jobct€ Music (UK) Ltd/Blrck Butl Music' 2312{ R.thbonc Pl.id rea . Lcslic: Chorale Rhythm Unit: Bossa Nova c L"ate .l Copytight Sccurcd. lntero.son here to Yet the thought of los . bndon Wl tor thc UK and Eire All rigttt rc3crycd.est Dm(mai7) with no viv .ing 'round my O Copright lgS0Jobetc MusicCo-lnc.tion.Lahly Words&Music StevieWonder SUGGESTED REGISTRATIONS Elcctronic Organs Uppen Piano (or Flutc 8'+ Sustain) Lowcr: Orchestral Strings (Strings 8' + 4') Pcdah t' Vibrato: Off Drawbar Organs Uppcr: 80 8606 002 * 2nd Harmonic L6wcr: (00)5533 221(0) Pcdal 4{2) Vibrato: Off.

es.cial pl"a"'to Dm(maj7) E.is € oore fre .ly feel. I'm a man of man . what I real . you say. But when I ask will you be com.y wish . my .ing back soon.quentJy you're wear-ing with. nev .er know. no spe. you dont z-- J {:l:'r. Well.

€ d I I J I I Page26 .eyes won't let me hide. _ o bye. 'caus€ they cry.

ing the sum .ck Bull Mu5ic. told on . e stroll . All rights resencd. & Bl. Inierortion. Page 27 .ing O Copright 1976JobereMusic Co.from hearts.cc. Lcslic:Chorale Rhythm Unit: Bossa Nova park.mer days- of A J im-ag-in rngs_ ttI rn my I And words.thbonc Pl. lrndon wt for rhe UK rnd Eirc.out- be .Knocla Otr Me MyFbet Words&Music StevieWonder SUGGESTED REGISTRATIONS Elcctronic Organs Uppcr: Piano (or Flutcs 8'* Sustain) Lowcr: Orchestral Strings Pedal:8' Vibrato: Off DrawbarOrcans Uppcn fi) S60{i'00 Susrain + Lowcr: (00)6533 22t(Ol Pedat4{2) Vibrato: Off. lnc.l Copyright Secured.ck Butt M usic " USA Jobete Music (UK) Ltd/Bl.en with . 23l2{ R.ly ev .

thing bout Your makes me weak.ble.and me off rrrJ laat .€ but there's some .bore You with trou .- and FmajT Em7 Dm9 t l l knocks me dff mY feet There's some-thing 'bout Your FmajT : makes me weak.

but I love you. don't want to dim - .and Fqde rEr:. I don. I € 3 love you. I love_ you.l6.. it.I Fmaj7 Em7 Dm9 knocks me feet. O more and ntore. I love_ ttr D7 67sus4 D. I I love you. but love you.t want to bore a n? :=:- FmajT rithr(l it. I don't want to q nP :- c El3-9 :^r Am7 :rcr: withrO.

Trombonc 16') Lou. & Bl.- but is that real .l I Supenuoman Words&Music StevieWonder REGISTRATTONS SUGGESTED Elcctronic Organs Upper: Brass Enscmblc(Trumpct 8'. bDdon Wl lor thc UK end Eirc.4..---.ry e> wants to be an . All rights rcacn.+-_.t Rrthboo.er: Flutes 8'4' Pcdal 16'* 8' Vibrato: On DrawbarOrgans Uoocn 844 44443N 300(0) L6i'c. Music (UK) Lrd/Bhck Bull Music. 23l2.oth . ltrlcm.er O Cogright 1972 Jobcrc Mlsic Co.lnc. Page 30 .ly in her head? Em7 I just want to live each day to . nsce.-r . love her for what- she i DmajT Ma .d.tionil Copyrigitt Sccured.: (00)7606 Pcda} 6{3) Vibrato:On Rhythm Unit Rock DmajT G DmajT Ma -ry wantsto be a e su-per an.ck Eutl Muric ' USA Jobet.

hind.mov .ie star.y \\well.- but is O that real .y well- Wish that knewme too == ver. Page3l .to leave- be.ly in her mind? all the things she wants to needs. I know you ver .

ing thru- your head Page 32 tEc-- - .'ry .148 thru- your I can face. ver - y well.thi deal with ev - go.Y and I think- I can coPe with ev -'ry - go . ver . Wislt t]rat You- - knew me too.

lnteroational CopyriSht Sccured.ic is a world with- in it - self- witlt a Ian -guagewe all un der . Trumoct 8'. badon Wl for the UK eod Eirc.por - O Copright !9?6 Jobct. Irc.SirDuke Words Music & Steviel{onder SUGGESTED REGISTRATIONS Electronic Organs Upper: Flutes 16'8' 4'. Music Co.- With an e .stand.ights r6cded. Trombonc Lower: Flutcs:8' 4' + Orchestral Strings Pcdat 16'+ E' Vibrato: On (or Leslic: Tremolo) DrawbarOrgans Upper:88 8844m0 Lowcr: (00)764444321(0) Pedal 6{3) Vibrato: On (or Lcslic:Trcmolo) RhShm Unit: Swing c Mus .ck Bull Mosic 23124 Rathboae Place. Page 33 . All. & Bhck Bull Music! USA Jobetc Music (UK) Ltd/Bl.qual op .

ple start to move. tell right a ..don't t t Eb9 E9 F9 FT9G9 .way at let ' ter A- when the peo . tu . I r .ni - tY- for alt to sing- dancc and clap their -cause a re -cord has a groove. bi hL bi uH I I I I I I I * Theycanfeel it all- a a Page 34 J J .

They can feel it ..They can feel it -^ .G G- FmajT .C.vver r e o peo-pre lT peo . all- tl r I -I l-/l L - a I r ' ' I I lE l-^ Gl I ^'^' c (N.) (N'c') I I f I B{l hl{ o -..a all- FilmL +L.ple f. . I I i s f .lll I E I I Fr c r .

Intcrn.cc. Mu6ic (UK) Ltd/Bl. All riShts rclcncd. Page 36 .o of my Gb(onA7) that's why I'll a l . lnc.tionrl Copyright Scored.w a y s b e a - Gll O Copriaht 19?2Jobetc Muiic Co.23l21 Rrthbooc Pl. & Bhck Bull Music ' USA Jobct. latrdon Wt for thc UK rnd Eirc.Are Sunshine Life You The 0f My Words&Music StevieWonder cll/:/:tcTEn J v JULJ r Lv Dn^tcftr I\LU^J r l\n ^ Tlarle l rvrtr Electronic Organs Uppcn Orchcstral Srings * Piano Lowcr: Flutes t'4' Pedal E' Vibrato: Off Drawbar Organs Uppcc 83 56f6 333* Piano(or 2nd Harmonic) Lowcn (00)8706 000(0) Pcdat 6{3) Vibrato: On (or Lcslic Choralc) RhythmUnit: Rock c Uppet G(onB) sun .cl Bull Mu!ic.shine .

Gb(onA7) ap - ple of my youll stay in my this is the be ' .

thought our love was I l Am(rnaj7) Am? find my .self drown-ing in mY- own I I I I I I I I t I t .I T for a mil . ! I I I .lion Years.

4'String 8' Lowcr: Diapason8' French Horn 8' Pcdal 16'+ 8' Vibrato: Oa Drawbar Organs Upper: 43 8070604 Lower: (00X564331(0) Pcdat 5{3) Vibrato: On Try to Thlnk of see it my way. what yorte sey . London Wl All rights reserved. iri.s go all on? right.lng. love may straigtn or aoon say gone. l9 Upper Brook Street. do you I have caa S€t to keep on tslk .nigtrt. be Spod .ing lt wrong 8rd sdll you till thitrk I that cant lt. WttUp .WeCanWorkltOut l{ords & Music JohnLennonand PaulMcCartnev SUGGESTED REGISTRATIONS Elcctronic Organs Uppen Flute 8'.'o! ThiDk of see what tt ltn your say - wey. Page 39 . O Cop-vright 1965 Northern Songs Limired. International copyright secured.

e can work lt out. lf.We can work it out. IJfe ls ver .y chort I I I I end tltere'o Do I have d-ways thought that it'8 a .

b - e (_3-1 b B .- .lore too long. on - ly titnc wtU t€ll lf I am t i right or I em wrorg. there's a chance that we Eight fslt e - pen be . While ydr 6ce it your w8y. B l-J-. we carr work lt out.l b We can work lt out.Try to 8oe tt mY w{.

we caD work lt out.- . &ere's a chance that we Eigtrt fell a - peft bc .Try b aoe lt mY w{. on .ly tirnc wiU t€ll $ I arr risht or I am wrong. ycnr 6ee it your wal. B b o A b We can work lt out.tore too long.

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