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Game Planning Checklist

Game Planning Checklist

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Published by: JohnAllen Snyder on Mar 07, 2011
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Game Planning Checklist

Offense 1. Game Planning Checklist a. Goals for the week b. Strengths/Weaknesses c. Things to work on in practice d. CONCEPT SCRIPT-What do we want to run in certain situations e. Down and Distance- Plays to run in those certain situations. Plays are pulled from the concepts script only. Points of Emphasis for each position group: Position coaches complete 3-5 things they want to focus on this week and get better at. They describe how they will get better at them and what the result of getting better will be. i. Critical Situations (see Critical Situation Pages) ii. 1st and 10 iii. 2nd and L iv. 2nd and M v. 2nd and S vi. 3rd and L vii. 3rd and S viii. 3rd and M ix. 2 Minute x. Red Zone xi. Goal Line xii. Yellow Zone xiii. Trick/new Stuff- 2-3 week (KISS) - Remember to focus on Bread and Butter. f. Defenses i. Their defenses to our formations ii. Coverage¶s iii. Adjustments to Motion iv. Blitzes/Stunts g. Personnel i. Mismatches that develop h. Audible and Checks Scouting Reports- Responsibilities and Materials a. Personnel- COORDINATOR b. Fronts- OL COACH c. Coverage¶s- WR COACH d. Pressures- OL/RB COACH e. Run Game Suggestions- OL/RB COACH f. Pass Game Suggestions- WR/RB/QB COACH g. Defensive tendencies h. Defensive keys- What they do that we can exploit i. Game/School Color keys- What we need to do j. Cover Sheet k. Script (Concept LIST) - Things we can do to hurt them, based on alignment. Things we want to be able to do. l. Roster


Defense 1. Game Planning Checklist a. Opponent Formations and our Defensive alignment

Plays i. Hang Time (P/K) d. Red Zone R/P. 4. Tricks Scouting Reports a. Special Teams Goals Strengths/Weaknesses Personnel Where we can hurt them most Their Kickoff. Strengths/Weaknesses Things we can capitalize on Good Blitzes/Stunts for us Favorite Runs/Passes based on tendencies i. Practice Adjustments 1. Run ii. 5. Goal Line.2. Breakdown of Film i. Get off Time(P) 11. PAT/FG Block. Pass Protections f. Favorite Runs/Passes based on tendencies i. Punt Return. PAT/FG. . c. Pass Protections b. Personnel d. Kick Return. 7. Returner Breakdown 10. Goal Line. Hands Tricks they do Blocking ability Kicker Breakdown a. Screens. Pass iii. e. Formation Tendency iii. Punt. Red Zone R/P. 3. Down and Distance ii. 2. 6. Field h. Ability 9. a. Avg. Punt b. Goals b. Offensive Formations e. 8. Hash Mark. Roster c. d. Screens. Run/Pass Cards g. Kickoff c.

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