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Drawing a Watermelon in Illustrator Tutorial

Drawing a Watermelon in Illustrator Tutorial

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Published by joana pinheiro

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Published by: joana pinheiro on Mar 07, 2011
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Drawing a Watermelon in Illustrator Tutorial

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Steps : 1. At first, draw a circle and color it with green gradient fill and stroke of green "Thick Pencil".

2. Draw a comparatively smaller circle (almost oval shaped) within it and color it as before; then choose Effect>Distort & Transform > Zigzag. A window will appear.

3. Set the options as the in the figure.

4. Draw two other smaller oval shapes and do the same process again. Add a stalk and color it with green gradient.

5. Add a new layer from "Layer" palette and draw the next drawings in it.

6. Draw a curve with Pencil tool (N) and color it with green fill and stroke.

7. Draw a smaller curve on the green curve and color with white stroke of 2pt and gradient fill (radial)of white and red.

8. Draw some seeds and color them with shade of brown gradient fill.

9. Make a bite sign with Pencil and fill it with white.

10. Your water Melon is ready to eat !!!

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