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Mean, Median,
Mode Due date: Friday August 29th
Log onto our Room21 wikis-
pace and click the homework table down the side. From here
complete the mean, median and mode interactive activity and Nouns and Verbs
note down the answers in your homework book. Define what a noun is
and give an example.
Web address What is a proper noun?
Username : breensroom21 Give an example.
Password : room21
Define a verb and give
P.s. the password information is only for Room21 students
and example.
and family
How many medals did the NZ team win in What is an adverb? Give
total at the Beijing Olympics? an example.

Who was the flag bearer at the ending of the


The book I am reading at the moment is ….

Where will the next Olympic games be
Spelling pre- Remember to held and what year will they be?
test score keep reading
/ your books :o)

Find out the high and low temperatures for Christchurch this
week (forecasted or actual) and graph your results using a
line graph
Choose 5 words from your spelling list and put them into a sentence
Choose 5 different words from your spelling list and give a definition New Zealands population
in your own words. Visit
Divide the population by the number of gold medals NZ won at
the games.
Read your novel for at least 15minutes each night and get your check Do the same for China, the USA and Australia.
list signed off by your parents or caregivers. How did we compare? Show your calculations.

(if you go to and type in “population

of a country” this will help your search