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Harry Moore. Special Sc:rvica Satah D. Mays. Juvenile SerW:es

To: Judge Anderson"~'-"'--

Fro: Harry Moore
Re: Dombrowski vs Richardson (960217) _ Dtd: 17 Augq.st 2000

I met with Mr. Richardson and Ms. Dombrowski yesterday and a parenting agreement was
reached between the parents. Before getting into that agreement, however, I would wish to list for the Court, SQme factual information which I elicited from these two.

1. Ms. Rebec&a King will no longer be retained by Ms. Dombrowski She claims to have

Topeka, Kansas. She showed me a lease signed August 16th fortbis ~t.


2. Ms. Dombrowski claims that her permanent residence is 712 SW Western, Apartment 11 in
3..Ms. Dombrowski clainiS that she tennlnated her employment with Larned State Hospital

effective two weeks ago. 4. Ms. Dombrowski claims that she bas vacated the house in Pawnee ROCK.

Wrth all ()ftbatsai~,thefonowing parenting agreement was reached:

1.) Effective August 25th, 2000. Ms. Dombrowski will have parenting time with Rikki from approximately 6:00 pm Friday through 6:00 pm Sunday. The week ends will rotate.


parents strongly indicated that they might adjust the week diySChedUle bY 'agreement as they have apparently been doing on their own for the past two weeks. ~ uAP.> ~~~ 3. The parents agreed that the child would not be removed from Shaw:nee County for any length

of time unless it was by agreement.

4. On the week end parenting time, Ms. Dombrowski will pick-up the child on the front end of the week end and lYfr. Richardson will pick up the child on the back end of the week end. cc: Donald Hoffinan Garden Suite
112 SW7thSt

Claudine Dombrowski 712 SWWestem, Apt 11
Topeka, Ks 66612
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Topeka, Ks 66603

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