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Questions about Lease

Questions about Lease

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Published by: NorthwesternOffCampu on Mar 07, 2011
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Important Questions to Ask Your Landlord Before You Sign Your Lease

Application □ Must you submit one? □ Is there a fee? □ Is the fee refundable? □ Do you need a reference? □ Does your guardian need to be involved? Security Deposit □ Amount □ Date due □ Conditions for return □ Date for return Rent □ Amount □ Monthly due-date □ 1st payment due-date □ Penalty for late rent □ Amount of 1st payment prorated Additional Costs □ Utilities □ Pets (deposit, additional rent) □ Parking □ Other fees □ Laundry Roommates/Sublease □ Maximum # roommates □ Do they sign separate lease? □ Can you sublet? □ Must landlord approve sublease? □ Is there a fee to sublet? Repairs □ Have you completed a move-in check-list? □ Are needed repairs promised in writing? Laundry □ Machines provided? □ May tenants install?

Time of Occupancy □ Move-in date □ Move-out date □ Time required to renew lease □ Time required for notice of moving out

Right of Entry/Inspections □ How much notice will be given? □ Who else may enter?

Parking □ Where? □ How many spaces are available? □ Decal/permits required? □ Limitations □ Where do guests park?

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