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Beta Test RPG
Beta Test RPG

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Published by: legacyboss on Mar 07, 2011
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The economics of Hearthe have suffered greatly over the last few decades. The destruction or
disappearance of the ancient cities founded by the great Sphynx and his Lich-Queens has stopped
almost all trade. So far as anyone knows, Haarduune is the only piece of civilization left in the ever-
expanding desert. However, that does not mean there is no economic activity or trade at all.

The market in Haarduune still exists and traders of all sorts vend their wares at tents or in
shops. Safeer traders return to the city bringing with them food, tools, and trinkets from the Elves.
Settite Hunters and explorers bring back the bounty of the sands and occasionally a small treasure
hoard they uncovered. All residents in the city are required to have a garden. Some citizens are
expert gardeners and can therefore use their surplus to barter for items they need or luxury goods they

Exchange of goods and services in the city is informal. There is a type of currency: Bone
Chits. These are tokens carved from bone. They bear the image of the great Sphynx on one side and
the mark of the Lich- Queen on the other. Bone Chits can be exchanged in the market place at any
government building for food and water. Each day a citizen works in the Queen’s gardens (the Green
Quarter), he earns one Chit. One Chit is enough to purchase a week’s ration of water or a week’s
ration of food for one person. Outside of the government offices, however, trade is done mainly by


barter with Chits thrown in to even seal the deal. One needs to be an expert bargainer in the city.
The merchants have had years of practice.

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