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Beta Test RPG
Beta Test RPG

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Published by: legacyboss on Mar 07, 2011
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It is possible that through combat or other unfortunate events your character will perish.
Hearthe is brutal. There is no mercy or compassion in its dry sands. If any character gets to zero
hits, he or she falls unconscious. If any character goes below zero hits or is caught up in some
catastrophic event such as a massive explosion or avalanche, the character dies. If it’s a player-
character, you will need a new one. Look back over the Relationships mentioned in the Character
Generation chapter. Create a new character that has one of those Relationships to your old character
(this may be “bought off” immediately if he player so desires). This new Character will follow all the
same rules as creating a new character with several additions.

! First, your new character may inherit all the equipment of your old character

! Second your new character gains a number of APs equal to 10 plus the combined Trade and
Species Levels of your old character.


! The new character gains the Passion: Honoring (Your Old Character’s) Memory for free.

! Your new character may, at your choosing, inherit all or some of the old Relationships your
old character established at no AP cost.

! Your new character may, at your choosing, gain all the skills you had purchased for your old
character. If not, the new character begins with 15 skills of your choice.

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