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Beta Test RPG
Beta Test RPG

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Published by: legacyboss on Mar 07, 2011
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Once your character has accumulated 15 Destiny Points, he or she may embark on a Moment
of Truth at a time of your choosing. A moment of truth is your one shot to reach your Destiny or fail
trying. When a player declares a Moment of Truth, the game is reaching one of its apexes. Your goals
and your character’s goals are on the line. At this point, anything else going on in the Campaign
comes to a halt. It is your time to shine.

The GM now will consult with you concerning what you have in mind for your character to
do. You must communicate your intentions clearly and in as much detail as you can. It will then be up
to the GM to help you get the opportunity. There is no guarantee of success. That is up to you and
your fellow players.

At this point several ideas may be thrown out. Your Destiny might have been to gain control
of Haaarduune. Everything from usurping the powers that be in combat to the GM having the
current Lich-Queen die and you taking her place is possible. Perhaps you wanted to become the
greatest Gladiator in Haarduune. The GM should then embark on creating a tournament to see who
is most worthy. All these scenarios and more are fair game. You may already be thinking of others,
and it may take several sessions to complete a Moment of Truth. The GM is given great liberty to
change the Setting to help fit the Moment of Truth. Players are encouraged to ask for whatever they
need to give themselves the chance of meeting their character’s Destiny. It is their job to decide what
the Moment of Truth will be, not the GMs. However, this is a collaborative effort, and everyone at
the table should be interested in every player’s success.

If the player fails, he must choose a new Destiny. If he succeeds, then his character is retired.

The story is over. Unless…


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