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Class Name Instructions

Class Name Instructions

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Published by: polmidas on Mar 07, 2011
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Custom Class Name Graphics With eSmart-Mail

The Images\Class Names folder contains image files which define what gets printed in the class name area of the indicia. To create a customized version of a class name image, simply edit the existing image file. You can edit the class name image files with a bitmap editor, such as Microsoft Paint ®. (TIP: In Paint, use Image / Rotate to rotate the image as needed while working on it, then rotate it again as needed before saving.) When you edit a class name image file, do not change the dimensions, color depth, or file format: • • • Dimensions: Color Depth: File Format: Width = 160 pixels, Height = 330 pixels 1-bit (monochrome) Bitmap (.bmp)

Backups of the original class name image files are provided in the Images\Class Names\Original folder. Please do not edit or delete these backup files. Many options are available, per postal specification, for the class name area of the IBI indicia. The ability to customize the class name images is provided so that eSmart-Mail can support desired customizations.

Disclaimer: The original class name images provided with eSmart-Mail have been authorized by the United States Postal Service. If you choose to customize your class name images, you assume the responsibility for remaining within the postal guidelines.

Tips For Staying Within Postal Guidelines: • Use only capital letters. • Font should be Arial and bold. • Letters should print at a minimum height of 3/32”. (Minimum point size in Paint (102x102 dpi) is 22.) • Abbreviation for STANDARD is STD. • Abbreviation for PRESORTED is PRSRT.
The tips above are provided by Data-Pac Mailing Systems and are not explicitly endorsed by the USPS. Refer to the Domestic Mail Manual published on the USPS website for official postal guidelines.

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