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'lake My Journey Beyond •..

APJ Abdul Kalam, with Arun K Tiwar:i

Tmlls(ated fmlll ElIgHsh to Telttgu Vadrevu China Veerabhadrudu

First Edition, 2009

rsBN : 978~81-8351-022-6

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@~crly> lilot:io<6:loa ~6e5@<>en" ;1>a,g ro~~rJ"~ ~o6:J!fur5J_ 6!lolflrJ"ql eJ<>fVo5 (1861-1941) GS~~C c6J;:S t:D~ a<6J. ~~$S ;;Y>B"~6~;& jo;:66J~'@& ~·;:SGS i6orooQ"'v @o6~<6 ®~S. 't:iJ'tJ&:o £oO~ rUE?l&e:lctOeJ!fu fi;fu§)Q')5J @COrSo. C:SO;:6k)~ ~<6 i;Y'~~~~~ ;.3Vf\ol) O"'~ :fuo66 .s~ 6JaiJoeJJ1'l" ie:JeiS;J!;:l!il ,fi;fu!iJeS~oe. 6::S ~eJJorood':o @l~~, ilg)~~~~ ~OfJk)®~ rJo;;S~ei~ 6~o~~ 6;6 ;;)~6;:So<6Joa .ei::S&s ~osoi:D~r\l)rI"l5l. ®<S~OI1"~ @o»;:$oJJti§, 6;S~;;J~l9&, 1131&~o~ t::l:cogsriVl'l"~. iO"'N.iS~ (!l~jo~CJ~6~~~, g)~<SOeDCJo ~r1D!i"'l5l.. aef\ s r5~i\j"5 ~oO:o~~5e: ~;;:):~~o~ t:;'>::J§ @d5:l~.,lo~~. ~;;:) Kl~~ ~o;::S6:.;)~S v!fl<':l'>v<6:l Kle;o~~o~~, ~~~ ~o;::S~~e.:J ';fu;So~~ ~e.:J:6:l K,.9.oi:S~Kls ~<6J~v1&J ;:6~eo:a ~l;S;6011D 6!>olfSJe:P g)6~~ lYl.9,Ot3"e:P. e:9d'XJ<5 ~eJ"@~6:

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.fu5"¢~~ ~6-~o6!&J ~05t:S ~ 6iSo:Da Q"cfu~ soge5 (1795-1881)

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oo~oS @~dSJo r;JO;u l~~ !!!l;6.)tl[pg) X:l~6tiJ05. O"~ @/SoS .;)~.;£ @S@~ (1537-1553) eJo~~ tM60dl a.~ ®N"4l ~/Sei"e.lcfuofl" ~60tloi:l"'6.:>. ~~e!; !3JoW" @El ID6~~e.l§ i:S6J~ :;3;;)JeJoD~ e.l~~ rS;.:ogOSoe.ion" ~6-S6)~~oQ.~tfu.a!!~SJo, t,.siSJA .fuOS ell .iJv~"O'>e.l is'S&'D rJcfu8"~~ ~~oDoe. N" ei&o:l"ei cfe?Pf!, ~ ~~J&. r\~eiod' ~ iStU~exJ t5o,~~o~~ .fu5"~S6- ~6 ~Q.s &:F~e.D ~&.Jg&r)[)fI";fu. {)Leia~~~ l@~db:6o l,j'5":6J.~~eiOfl" tDo~t)~;::So ~'5";fu.

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40. ~ ;;S.;S5 @I~ e.J"el5J : ~:SFeJ.Or; ~e5.J.' ~~eB @laC ~ocfl~s ;;Jo~a, g)eJo:bo eo eJ'>6r0g, ~e!;;S~;;J_:JJ 1991.

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45. ~@41" ;;J5&Gl ~~eJr'i" ®~~ @l~es~ i:lJ;S~Ji)~s c1fuoc tll~r!J (1905-1998) ~055oiJ"d:J. E~l§)SJ& jf)@&;P ~~o §:'e.>~N"e.>;fu :OccmoiSC":O§ \ffi056Jo;;S, ~;:ll:llo;;J ~@~e)<5J ~e.>. ~O"q;e.nr'i" r\J~~6J. tltJ:o ;;J6J~f'i" gr go' @~ ;::Jo~Or'i" ~;60:J05~~, It:lGl~;;J riJ;;; ~Q"6&"<l0JT' 05.i<5J~e.Jo~ee;s ®oej:~~Or'i" eoa ;::J6~@GQ, 2>11:1 ~g)~oBo '@tlO1i" Goe:oot:!J, ;(;'o5.i~e)) c;Je~o6JSS;;5t.Jo, etD5so ~t.JJg£iiSG$o. ~~Jg;~~o, g)g)ltj !!5IOSJBSUl r\)~oi:iCo <6o~ ~cio~O) ~ ~GSd'g ;;)~OJ). qD<S~Qj ~~. ';;S6JJ~<6G$o~Q I!,!!l';l"C;;J/! g)~NO~ @@~ .. S"1i". ~;;JtiJa;;:) 1.2S@~ o.'b;:)~. ri~ @;fui!;l'GSoo!? ::l.fuso o~oa" i6:OB~ @@~.


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48. O"ro~ wo:S O"oSl!t~:.J (1895-1985) ,6;;5 ~gJ6~o& ~lK"DJa ~l;S.s0~~1&lr'i" ~~~~. ~eb~~o:;oj ;;ScSJJS"o~ .;)ofJoW"6J. ~d5JrS ~~3".,:P! Z5oroo~0i:'l.so~i66~ L"t16J a.'f.?",e3 :Oae~;6 'a~.;SeJ~o5J~ ~~OiJDCJ. ~i6 s~e§,SOSJoeJ" -t:)16d.D;;5d_ e.>06FteJ"ottl ~~~ ;;J5~~D'DcID>s6, ~ ~5"SfD f!!lctiJiS!&:J,j'e;S ~6 i:3ro' iDoE:. ~<SJ~CJr;"O:;O.


49. a,C}"£,J lfI..J&;, Fd"g B3tld§;Uo, a"~~ 2004. ro~5;Uolfu ~~B"~:og ;:5oa)o~o[) z.ror!J CJ;;Jl>JGSJ@ (1925), ~T'i"j)cli'l5§:J fl8~2,.o ",;;NS:l@ (1938), oocil CJo:N;):)~OJ<' e:l~oe:J<6 @lQ.DCJv05 0"6<50 1'5~gPQ. ~O~C"OD~ g)tJ"',gg)Q"~~ ~ @l§5011" :JOSJ~oW"l:b. 'e:a6'l~ GSJ;S§. ®otiJe.:;<>t.JJ6'cll;;Sd_ ~e-3'>ell!.lJ ~~""cS66';) S'Poo;;S g)~SOVf)j5"~. f$lJo6{jcll.~Q"~cl5:oe.>lil ~a3"~tso e3tiJ. ~fJ.cSo~ex> ~oi:J ~Q~ e§<6J~ g)~f\otSSJOCl'<', i6;:J~~ruoW" tl1o.:&~ogGrJo !:l~GSa~ a 6 -B"eJen rl" ~~ -o"e.> ~, S"GS ~c<'C:lOJ rr' e .;J<.Q"SdXo0.J"' ~:O§"~~6J.' @~C"ctiJ;Q.

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75. w:5 ~J~5, .J~ %Q.l)~oJl ~f{)o : .J N".:i:t6cV~s .J(§.165, ~5S8 ~~05.Oj, 199,6. crc:5 ~~5 @o~.)~ ~o5rS ;Oo<6.J"'!S~ ~~~ '5"~~~. (!!lcI.'SJ;S r5orJ6e)~:::J 'l?'m)4'I~ <:Jo~O;Se;J~ ~QJ~ oSe-SOOt:1 i6"~Orl'" @)~<6~0W"6.

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77. ;fu~e5' aJ"voeS, .6 t:>"~o ~:! i:l~oeJ®oE 6 a.e5~~, .;)~g)dSJo ;0:~;;3 ~ 2000. ;~OaJ"[)oeS U890-1970) oYo"FiM ~oe;6 jj);~:;A~i:iJ. Cl9~;6 1930~ LID~15s, ~I'.)<:)~~~. ~~a.~, effl~ <fu~ ~oc, ;()OIDOOO& !P"<iJ"~ ®O'8"eJrUElol)~ g5);S ®16n'>oJ.>;6 ~o~oBoi:S~o !t;()o @dil;S S,;)&:l. Bil"tiJ. ecJ;5.)~ 6Jo~oBol);6 ~tS®~ l);SJ. t);;SJ. ID~OO"eJ.) ;)oJJe;)~il.Jt'il e...S:OJ,.~b ~~~ b<fu!fu:O a,,§

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