Jefferson Era Diorama

Project Guidelines: -Create a shoebox diorama of an assigned important event from Jefferson and/or Madison’s Presidency. -Each diorama should be a realistic representation or an abstract design to represent the event you are assigned. Use multiple, creative materials to construct your diorama. -Each diorama should include a brief (1-2 pages, double spaced, typed) paper that gives your audience a summary of your event and its importance to the Jefferson Era. -Each diorama must be a effort of both group members to complete. Project Schedule: Tuesday 10/13: Intro Project/Choose Groups/Choose Topics Wednesday 10/14: Computer Lab Research Day Thursday 10/15: Computer Lab Research/Writing Day Friday 10/16: Classroom Workday Monday 10/19: Computer Lab Writing Day Tuesday 10/20: Computer Lab/Classroom Workday Wednesday 10/21: Classroom Workday Thursday 10/22: Dioramas/Papers due by end of the hour.

Student Names: ___________________________________________________________ Group Topic: _______________________________________________________________

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