Concepts of Personality (asked the students to work in group and choose their favorite Indian Personality and write about their ASK i.e. Attributes, Skills and Knowledge). Personality- Combination of Heredity and Environment. Need of Personality Development Holistic Approach to Personality. Techniques of Personality Development. Concept testing – Dharma, Swadharma and Detachment. Importance of Character in building Personality.

Introduction to Management and its styles in respect to Bhagwad Gita and Vedanta. Ways to reach Excellence in Management of self and organization

Meaning of Ethics Values and Ethos. Meaning of Self. Principles of Indian Ethos. Difference between Indian and Western culture. Comparative study of values Systems in America, Japan, China and India. Corruption and its impact on India.

Krishna Source of Motivation to Arjuna. Techniques to be self motivated Learning’s from Bhagwad Gita. Mind and Intellect (soul). LEARNING Benefits of learning’s. Role of Karta. Comparative study of Family managed Business and MNC’s in India. Learning Organisations. Leadership Styles and Skills.Body. Types of Learning’s. Japanese and Indian style of Motivation. Difference between American.MOTIVATION Self motivation. Knowledge and You (attributes) of Leader. Control on Inner instincts and emotion. ORGANISATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS Meaning of being effective. Managerial Grid Theory. LEADERSHIP SKY i.e. Distinction between Ancient method and Modern method of Learning. Leadership challenges in the era of Globalisation. Skills. . Difference between Transformational and Transnational Leaders.

citizenship and responsibility. NATURE AND NATURE SYNTHESIS . Intrapersonal and Interpersonal conflict. Quality of a creative personality. Social responsibility towards various segments of the society. CREATIVITY Meaning of Creativity. Process of Creativity. Importance of Organisational effectiveness. Role of communication in rising as well as managing conflict. Balancing the Personal and Professional goals in order to manage conflict. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Reasons of Conflict. Role of Leader to improve productivity. Importance of Yoga and Meditation to enhance productivity level. Methods to improve Productivity level. PRODUCTIVITY Meaning of Productivity. Factors influencing Productivity. Methods of being creative in personal and professional life. Corporate values.Methods to be effective. culture.

Remedial measures regarding saving the nature. How do they arise? How to solve them? • Organisational Culture • Narmada Bachao Andolan • Important to ensure Ecological Balance in Nature while setting up a new factory .EXPLAIN the statement with a comparative study if west and east Value System. • Values and Skills • Corporate Accountability • For achieving behavioural change the core values of individuals have to be addressed ---. --. Japan and China • Correlation between Nature and Human Society • Professional Manager should have PACE of WEST and GRACE of EAST. QUESTION BANK • Relevance of Ethics in Business • Value System in India Visa vis USA • Organisational Productivity can be increased by value driven Indian Management • Values in Indian Ethos • Values in Indian Ethos are evolved from deepest truth of men.EXPLAIN • Comparative study of Value Systems practised in USA. Global warning. life and nature.Natural resources in India Contribution of nature in building human wealth. • Concept of Learning Organisation • Traditional and Modern methods of Learning • Strengths and Weaknesses of Gurukul and Modern Systems of Learning • Concept of Motivation in Indian v/s Western Context • Different styles of Leadership • Is Leadership Situational • Leadership style of Family Managed Indian Business • Concept of Transformational Leadership in Indian perspective • Theories of Leadership • Different types of Conflicts.

heart and mind Mind Management by practice of Yoga Sustainable Development through Indian Management Thoughts and Practices (IMTP) Self – Actualisation v/s De – Personification Concept of Detached Involvement De – Igoisation v/s De – Personification Indian Management Thoughts harmonise the Environment and Human Society. Organisation. Society and Nature are living entities having consciousness. so the People – EXPLAIN Concept of Indian Management Thought Concept of Indian Cultural Heritage Indian concept of Learning Concept of Self Control Concept of Mind Stilling Doctrine of Nishakama Karma Concept of Swadharama Concept of SRT Gunas Concept of Meditation – Dhyana How inner peace contributes to performance of a Indian Manager in stressful Corporate life. Concept of Yoga Concept of Divinity Concept of Moksha or Bliss Concept of Spirituality Five critical aspects of the Indian Ethos that needs to be imbibed by an International Company. Suggest strategies for Self – Management Principle of Trusteeship Qualities of a King as a CEO Concept of Ethical Dilemma Concept of Four Varnas .• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Is Whistle Blowing morally permitted Social Audit Concept of Karma As the King. One who cannot Manage Self cannot Manage Anything – EXPLAIN.

• Concept of Self Motivation • Concept of Creativity and Service Attitude • Concept of Inner Conflicts. .

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