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Xyrus Peralta

Sysanal OOB

Use Case Diagram on how to get a Student’s Permit in LTO Office

Application Form

Get Application

Application Form

Pay Processing

Get Receipt

Input Information

Have your
Picture Taken

Sign on the
signing device

Get Student’s
Use Case Narrative

Identification Summary
Title: Application for Student’s Permit
Summary: This use case allows the applicant to get a student’s permit in the LTO
office manually.
Actors: Applicant; LTO Officer
Creation date: ??? Date of Update: ???
Version: ??? Revision: ???

Field of Event
1. Applicants should be atleast 17 years old.
2. LTO office should be open.
Main Success Scenarios:
1. Applicant gets the application form.
2. He fills the form and submits it to the officer in charge.
3. He pays the processing fees
4. He gets his picture taken and has him sign on the signing device.
5. He gets his student’s permit and leave.
Alternative Sequences:
1. Applicant don’t have enough requirements
1.1 a He don’t have Birth Certificate
1.1 b He returns home, and gets his certificate.
1.1 c Go #3.

1.2 a He don’t have Tin number

1.2 b He presents his Birth Certificate on the BIR beside the LTO
office and receives his Tin Number.
1.3 c Go #3
2. Applicant not wearing the Proper attire in the picture taking Scenario
2.1 He borrows any collared shirt or polo to someone or goes home
and change.
2.2 Go #5
Error Sequences:
1. Go to LTO office on Sundays
1.1 No Government Office on Sundays
1.2 Use Case Fail

Post- Conditions:
1. Applicant gets student’s permit and LTO office gets less papers
2. Office gets service sales from the Processing fees.