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PP Overview

AOI  and  
Further   Personal    
Reflec2on Project    
Journalling   Report  
and   Product  
Assessment Criteria
Personal Project

Pl an ni ng an d Deve lopm ent

Criterion A: Planning and

!  Write your Personal Project

goal as a statement or as a

!  Why have you chosen this

goal for your Personal
Criterion A: Planning and

!  What is your Area of


!  Why have you chosen to focus

on this Area of Interaction?
Criterion A: Planning and
!  What are the steps required
to achieve the goal of your
Personal Project?

!  Take each step and describe

the process clearly and in

!  Will this process achieve

your goal?
Report Criteria
Personal Project

Co lle ctio n of in fo rm atio n/re so urce s

Criterion B: Collection of
Information / resources
!  What are your relevant and appropriate
Not a good sign!
!  Do your resources come from a wide variety of
sources – experts, internet, publications,

!  Are you constructing your bibliography as you

use your resources, using EasyBib, as shown in
your research session?

!  Have you used clear in text referencing within

the report? (You will learn more about this
before you write your report).
Report Criteria
Personal Project

Ch oi ce an d appl ic atio n of te ch niqu es

Criterion C: Choice and
application of techniques

!  What were the techniques available?

!  Why is your chosen technique the most


!  Have you applied your chosen technique

effectively to achieve your goal?
Choosing your technique
Report Criteria
Personal Project

Pe rs on al En ga ge m ent
Criterion G: Personal

Have  you  used   Have  you   Have  you   Have  you  had   Have  you  
your  journal  for   applied  ATL   demonstrated   posi2ve   responded  to  
record  keeping   skills  when   organisa2onal   interac2ons   feedback  and  
and  reflec2on?     planning  and   skills  and   with  your  PP   advice?      
developing  your   commitment  to   supervisor?  
PP?     your  PP?      
How  can  you  demonstrate  a  high  level  of  personal  engagement?