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woRvon Pui HosPrTA. ~- Bip a CLEARWATER, FLORIDA 7 Date of Visit: 11/18/98 MCPHERSON, LISA Time Dictated: 20:33 PRIVATE PHYSICIAN: No physician on staff. 4 CHIEF COMPLAINT: Psychiatric consult. HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: ‘The patient is a 36-year-old female who was involved in a very minor motor vehicle accident. She was a ** restrained driver with very minimal damage. Per EMS, they arrived to see her. She did not want to be seen. She did not injure herself. When they were leaving, the patient was seen walking down’ the road naked. They guided the patient to the Unit. She stated she needed to talk. She took her clothes off to make people think she was crazy. She kept switching topics back and forth. She denied to me any suicidal or homicidal ideations. She was speaking in a monotone, but voiced no complaints of any suicidal or homicidal ideation. The scientologicsts arrived and told me that they did not want her to see a psychiatrist and that they would be able to handle her themselves. I told them I needed to have one speak to the patient for evaluation and then would make a decision. SOCIAL HISTORY: The patient is divorced. She does not smoke. She drinks very occasionally. PAST MEDICAL HISTORY: She denies any major medical problems. PAST SURGICAL HISTORY: She denies any abdominal surgeries. ALLERGIES: She has no allergies. CURRENT MEDICATIONS: She takes no medications regularly. FAMILY HISTORY: The family history is positive for diabetes, The patient's father committed suicide, and her brother committed suicide also. REVIEW OF SYSTEMS: The patient denied any injury from the accident. ‘The psychiatric liaison, Joe, evaluated the patient and feels that she is not a danger to herself or others. We feel that she does have a peychiatric problem. The patient does not want to stay in the ' hospital. Her friends at scientology will watch her twenty-four hours a day and be sure that she gets the care that they want her to CONTINUED... EMERGENCY CARE CENTER MCPHERSON, LISA 718248 Page 1. Medical Record Copy ie Cc MORTON ebee uospzma. ? 0 ‘ , CLEARWATER, FLORIDA 4 have and the patient wants to have. I told them that I felt this was okay. The patient does not want to stay in the hospital, and we will not Baker Act her to-do this. ‘ I spoke to Dr. Dajani on the phone. He feels the patient is not a harm to herself or to others. Shq Baker Acted. I will have the patient eign out against medical advice. I told her I could not be responsible for actions, and I felt that she was able to thake -. a rationale decision at this time. Again, the scientology group will Observe her very closely and will give her whatever care that they “* want to do_for this problem she is having. DIAGNOSES: . 1. No evidence of acute medical problem or injury. 2. Behavioral dysfunction. Flynn Lovett, M.D. 4209 FL:H49 MTL D: 11/18/95 T:12/18/95 2 EMERGENCY CARE CENTER MCPHERSON, LISA 716248 PAGE -2 Medical Record Copy