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TPM-General Guideline(Indonesia Version)

TPM-General Guideline(Indonesia Version)

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Published by: Rogatianus Caesar Bimantoro on Mar 08, 2011
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(Total Productive Maintenance)

Sekilas tentang TPM 2. Bagaimana cara melakukannya? . Mengapa melakukan TPM? 3.Materi 1.


‡ Merupakan sebuah sistem yang berfokus pada perawatan mesin produksi.orang yang ada di bagian Produksi dan bagian Maintenance Menjamin semua mesin produksi dapat berjalan optimal ‡ ‡ . Melibatkan orang.

Unsur TPM 1.Maintenance Prevention .Preventive Maintenance 2.Planning Maintenance 4.Breakdown Maintenance 3.

Mengapa melakukan TPM ? Dimulai dari: 6 Big Losses 1. 2. 4. Breakdown Setup and Adjustment Idling and minor stopage Reduce Speed Defect and rework Startup and yield loss . 6. 5. 3.

Daily inspection Lubrication Part replacement Simple repairs Abnormality Detection Precision checks . 5. 2. 6. 3. 4.Makes TPM different Autonomous Maintenance 1.

GOAL of TPM Stronger Machine Stronger Worker Stronger Factory + = .

TARGET Increase OEE min. 30% .

‡ Production with proper machine and worker ‡ Extend machine lifetime ‡ Making more money for the company .TPM Benefit ‡ Increase and sustain quality product.

TPM Control / Indicator Overall Equipment Effective (OEE) OEE = Availability x performance x Quality .

TPM activity Guideline .

.TPM activity ‡ Collect downtime data ‡ Conduct initial cleaning of equipment ‡ Gather machine specifications.Pre . OEM manuals.

Implement solution to eliminate source of contamination 5.TPM activity 1. Implement OEE performance board 8.Prioritize according to implementation case 4. Clean and blue Tag source of dirt and contamination 3. 6. Brainstorm ideas. Check sheets and One-point lesson 7. Implement equipment maintenance feedback loop . Standarize and develop Operator Autonomous Maintenance Routes. 2 hour observation 2.

mechanic) .Important Thing ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Make inspection point visible Make inspection point simple One point lesson 5-5 Schedule (operator.

Always remember« .

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