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To my wonderful parents,
Mary and Errol McCutcheon

Marc McCutcheon is a writer and lexicographer who lives in South Portland, Maine,
with his wife, Deanna, and two children, Kara and Matthew.
His most recent books include Damn, Why Didn’t I Write That; The Girl Named Pluto;
Descriptionary; Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800s; and The Compass in Your
Nose & Other Astonishing Facts About Humans.

Roget’s Superthesaurus. Copyright 姝 2003 by Marc McCutcheon. Manufactured in the United States of
America. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or
mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the
publisher, except by a reviewer, who may quote brief passages in a review. Published by Writer’s Digest Books,
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Third edition.

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McCutcheon, Mark
Roget’s superthesaurus / by Marc McCutcheon—3d ed.
p. cm.
ISBN 1-58297-253-2 (alk. paper) ISBN 1-58297-254-0 (pbk.: alk. paper)
ISBN-13: 978-1-58297-652-5 (EPUB)
1. English language—Synonyms and antonyms. 2. English language—Terms and phrases. I. Title.
PE1591.M416 2003
423⬘.12—dc22 2003057647

Edited by Kelly Nickell and Michelle Ruberg
Designed by Angela Wilcox
Cover by Brian Roeth
Production coordinated by Robin Richie


Welcome to the updated and expanded edition of
Roget’s Superthesaurus.
You now hold in your hands what we feel is the most
innovative and useful thesaurus on the market. It has
been carefully crafted to provide:
. . . a comprehensive bank of synonyms to help you avoid repeti-
tiveness and improve word accuracy. For example, did the
man walk, squelch, or slog through the mud? As every profes-
sional writer knows, the right synonym choice is crucial in
adding power, depth, and pizzaz to compositions.
. . . a reverse dictionary component (WORD FIND) to show
you the exact word when you know what a thing is but not
what the thing is called.
Beyond the need to locate synonyms for, say, CAT (kitty,
feline, tabby, etc.) you’ll sometimes need to know words used
to accurately describe a cat. For instance, what do you call
that white patch under a cat’s neck? (Locket.) The white
patches on the feet? (Mittens, gloves.) The reflective eye
layer that glows in the dark? (Tapetum.) A mating cry? (Cat-
erwaul.) One who loves cats? (Ailurophile.) This exclusive
reverse dictionary component will, once and for all, stop you
from calling something a ‘‘doohickey’’ or a ‘‘thingamajig.’’
Astonishingly, it’s the one extremely useful component that
other thesauri have overlooked over the years, and only Su-
perthesaurus has it. Just look under a main subject word
(CAT) to find listed underneath in WORD FIND all related
or descriptive terms (caterwaul, mittens, queen, ruff, etc.)
. . . a built-in vocabulary book. Throughout the thesaurus, vo-
cabulary words are CAPITALIZED, given a pronunciation
key, and sampled in a sentence. No need to buy a separate
vocabulary builder. Superthesaurus highlights hundreds of
sharp words to help you bushwack your way out of the wilder-
ness of Tarzan-like communication and into the vernacular
of the world’s greatest wordsmiths. Once again, no other the-
saurus has this component. It’s a Superthesaurus exclusive.

. . . quotations that double as synonyms. Many entries through-
out Superthesaurus have them. For example, you may want
to call MOUNTAINS hills or peaks, but if you really want to
impress, why not quote Lord Byron and call them the ‘‘Palaces
of Nature’’? You’ll find such quotes immediately following the
normal list of synonyms.
. . . antonyms. For when you need the opposite of a synonym.
For example, an antonym of ATTRACTIVE would be Repulsive.
Antonyms are always listed at the very end of an entry.
Superthesaurus is arranged alphabetically. It has no space-wast-
ing index to make itself look bigger than it really is. To find the
word you want, simply turn to its order in the alphabet. Typi-
cally, you’ll make just one reference stop instead of two or three,
as is necessary in indexed formats.
Unlike most other thesauri, Superthesaurus includes many ‘‘mi-
nor’’ words as head entries. That way annoying cross references
are greatly reduced. When you encounter a ‘‘minor’’ word, at
least two or three synonyms are given in the hope that one of
those words will be the one you need. That way you again side-
step the need for a time-consuming cross-reference.
Usages are divided by separate entries for adjective [a.], adverb
[adv.], noun [n.], pronoun [pron.], verb [v.], and preposition
[prep.] Separate senses within each part of speech are clearly
delineated by number, by brief definition or definitive word, or,
occasionally, when meanings are closely-related, by a simple
semi-colon between word lists. Slang or informal words are de-
lineated by a simple [*] asterisk.
Use Superthesaurus to sharpen your writing in letters, reports,
articles, novels, and poetry. Use it to beef up your vocabulary,
locate a quotation, or help you fill out that challenging cross-
word puzzle. The longer you use Superthesaurus the more you’ll
appreciate its extra features.
If you need synonyms, any old thesaurus will do. If you want to
become a word master, turn to the one source that puts it all
together: Superthesaurus.


aback (taken) adv. startled, taken unawares, abbreviation n. shortening, condensation,
surprised, confused, *thrown off guard. abridgement, contraction, reduction, sum-
abaft a. aft, astern, rearward, behind, back. mary, synopsis, brief, abstract, short version,
abandon n. unrestraint, carelessness, free-spirit- short form.
edness, spontaneity, wildness, wantonness, WORD FIND
intemperance, impulsiveness, devil-may- ABCs: fundamentals, rudiments, basics,
care attitude. ANT. restraint, reserve, restric- simple elements
tion, self-consciousness. AC: alternating current; air conditioning
abandon v. leave, desert, discard, forsake, quit, A.D.: anno Domini; in the year of the Lord
dump, *turn one’s back on, cast off, reject, a.k.a: also known as
relinquish, discontinue, renounce, lay aside, anon: anonymous
*leave in the lurch, *cut one’s losses, *throw ASAP: as soon as possible
in the towel, strand, drop, give up, *wash aux.: auxiliary
one’s hands of, *deep six, ditch. ANT. stick AWOL: absent without leave
with, take up, continue, adopt. B.A.: Bachelor of Arts
abandoned a. 1. DESERTED given up, forgotten, B.C.: before Christ
left behind, rejected, stranded, forsaken, blvd.: boulevard
cast off, cast aside, discarded, destitute, for- B.S.: Bachelor of Science
gotten, scorned, desolate, friendless. 2. UN- BTU: British thermal unit
RESTRAINED unreserved, uncontrolled, disso- BYOB: bring your own booze
lute, wild, loose, immoral, wicked, CB: Citizens Band
shameless, licentious, lewd, wanton. ANT. 1. C: Celsius, centigrade
used, adopted, taken up, befriended. 2. re- c: copyright
strained, reserved, moral, seemly. Cdr.: Commander
abase v. humble, humiliate, degrade, *prostrate CEO: chief executive officer
oneself, deflate, *put down, debase, vitiate, chm.: chairman
devalue. ANT. honor, *puff up. cl.: centiliter
ABASHED a. [uh BASHED] embarrassed, ill cm.: centimeter
at ease. Mary spoke unabashedly about contra- c/o: care of
ceptives. SYN. embarrassed, ashamed, humili- co.: company
ated, red-faced, disconcerted, discomfitted, COD: cash on delivery
mortified, chagrined, disgraced. ANT. reas- Col.: Colonel
sured, relaxed, cool. corp.: corporation
ABATE v. [uh BATE] to subside, lessen, re- CPA: certified public accountant
duce. The pain from a stubbed toe will gradu- CPR: cardiopulmonary resuscitation
ally abate. SYN. subside, lessen, reduce, cu.: cubic
weaken, slacken, diminish, decrease, wane, DA: district attorney
dwindle, decline, let up, taper off. ANT. grow, DC: direct current
expand, intensify, surge. D.D.: Doctor of Divinity
abattoir n. slaughterhouse, butchery. D.D.S.: Doctor of Dental Science
abbey n. monastery, cloister, friary, convent, DOA: dead on arrival
nunnery, ministry. Dr.: Doctor
WORD FIND DST: daylight-saving time
area restricted to members: cloister d.t.’s: delirium tremens
governed by prior or prioress: priory EEG: electroencephalogram
orders: Benedictine, Dominican, Francis- e.g.: exempli gratia; for example
can, Jesuit, Paulist, Trappist EKG: electrocardiogram
resident: monk, friar, nun ERA: earned run average
superior or head: abbot, abbess ESP: extrasensory perception
abbreviate v. shorten, abridge, condense, cut, Esq.: Esquire
reduce, contract, curtail, clip, compress, et al: et alia; and others
synopsize. ANT. expand, broaden, enlarge. etc.: etcetera; and so forth

Roget’s Superthesaurus 1


F: Fahrenheit TKO: technical knockout
FM: frequency modulation UFO: unidentified flying object
f.o.b.: freight on board VIP: very important person
FYI: for your information viz.: videlicet, that is to say, namely
g: gram VP: vice president
GIGO: garbage in, garbage out ABDICATE v. [AB duh KATE] to relinquish,
GOP: Grand Old Party surrender or give up one’s power, office or
HMS: His/Her Majesty’s Ship responsibilities. The king abdicated in 1452.
Hon.: Honorable SYN. relinquish, step down, retire, resign, re-
hq.: headquarters nounce, yield, surrender, quit, abandon, re-
ibid: ibidem; in the same place pudiate, give up, withdraw. ANT. usurp, as-
i.e.: id est; that is sume power, take charge.
IQ: intelligence quotient abdomen n. stomach, belly, gut, midsection,
ISBN: International Standard Book Num- paunch, tummy, *breadbasket, *spare tire,
ber *middle-aged spread.
kg: kilogram abdominal a. intestinal, visceral, duodenal.
km: kilometer abduct v. kidnap, steal away, make off with,
l: liter seize, grab, spirit away, snatch, *shanghai.
lb.: pound aberrant a. abnormal, deviant, deviating, un-
L.P.N.: licensed practical nurse usual, anomolous, irregular, atypical, uncon-
Ltd.: limited ventional, odd, freakish, weird, errant, pecu-
M.A.: Master of Arts liar, *off the beaten track. ANT. normal,
MC: master of ceremonies usual, typical, *par for the course.
M.D.: Doctor of Medicine ABERRATION n. [AB uh RAY shun] some-
mg: milligram thing atypical, unusual or unexpected; a de-
ml: milliliter viation from the norm. A blizzard in Texas
mm: millimeter is an aberration of local weather patterns. SYN.
MO: modus operandi; method of operation deviation, abnormality, irregularity, quirk,
MP: Military Police freak, nonconformity, departure, oddity,
mph: miles per hour anomaly, peculiarity, eccentricity, *oddball.
ms.: manuscript ANT. norm, average, mean.
M.S.: Master of Science ABET v. [uh BET] to incite, encourage or sup-
M.S.W.: Master of Social Work port, especially in the performance of a
N/A: not applicable wrongdoing. She was arrested for aiding and
oz.: ounce abetting a drug smuggler. SYN. incite, encour-
PA: public address (system) age, support, sanction, conspire, goad, spur,
PC: personal computer egg on, endorse, promote, help, inflame.
Ph.D.: Doctor of Philosophy ANT. discourage, prevent, prohibit, undermine.
p.m.: post meridiem; afternoon abettor n. assistant, co-conspirator, inciter, in-
pp.: pages stigator, confederate, accomplice, accessory,
pro tem: pro tempore, for the time being *partner in crime.
P.S.: postscript abeyance n. suspension, cessation, inaction, in-
PX: post exchange termission, pause, latency, remission, dor-
RBI: runs batted in mancy, quiescence. ANT. continuance, contin-
RFD: Rural Free Delivery uation, prolongation.
RIP: rest in peace ABHOR v. [ab HOR] to hate, detest or be dis-
R.N.: registered nurse gusted by. We abhor bigots. SYN. hate, detest,
rpm: revolutions per minute loathe, despise, view with horror, scorn,
RSVP: respondez s’il vous plait, please an- shrink from, be sickened by, feel disgust for.
swer ANT. love, cherish, embrace.
Rx: pharmaceutical prescription abhorrent a. loathsome, detestable, despicable,
SASE: self-addressed stamped envelope disgusting, abominable, horrible, sickening,
SOS: save our ship/souls nauseating, hateful, repulsive, offensive, re-
TBA: to be announced pugnant, heinous. ANT. nice, attractive, good,
TGIF: thank God it’s Friday commendable, admirable.

2 Roget’s Superthesaurus


abide v. 1. TO WAIT FOR await, stand fast, stay, matters of thought and conduct, to be inde-
remain, bide. 2. TOLERATE put up with, with- pendent is to be abnormal.’’—Ambrose
stand, *hang in there, bear, accept, submit Bierce. ANT. normal, usual, standard. SEE EC-
to, stomach. 3. RESIDE dwell, stay, live, CENTRIC, NEUROTIC, PSYCHOTIC
lodge. abnormality n. aberration, anomaly, deviation,
abide by v. comply, obey, observe, respect, con- peculiarity, oddity, freak, deformity, malfor-
form to, adhere to. mation, irregularity, eccentricity, mutant,
abiding a. enduring, lasting, everlasting, eter- singularity.
nal, unchanging, permanent, indestructible, aboard a. on board, on deck, topside, in,
durable. ANT. short-lived, impermanent, tran- boarded, consigned.
sient. abode n. residence, home, living quarters, habi-
ability n. capability, faculty, facility, power, tation, habitat, dwelling, domicile, lodging,
skill, talent, prowess, flair, competence, ap- roof over one’s head, *pad, *digs, nest.
titude, capacity, knack, know-how, exper- WORD FIND
tise, dexterity, proficiency, finesse, mind for, animal: den, lair, hutch, warren, sty, burrow,
eye for, native ability, eye-hand coordina- diggings.
tion. ANT. inability, incompetence, ineptitude, bird: nest, roost, aerie, aviary, cote.
inadequacy. abolish v. end, destroy, eliminate, eradicate,
ABJECT a. [AB ject] the absolute worst or stop, annul, quash, extinguish, defeat, ter-
most miserable. They live in abject poverty. minate, repeal, stamp out, uproot, do away
SYN. miserable, wretched, stark, hopeless, with, abrogate. ANT. institute, establish,
pitiful, pathetic, degrading, squalid, hum- adopt.
bling, destitute. abolition n. ending, annulment, moratorium,
abjure v. give up, renounce, forswear, recant, abrogation, repeal, elimination, eradication,
retract, disclaim, take back, renege, dis- termination, dissolution.
avow, withdraw. ANT. uphold, swear by, abolitionist n. opponent, subversive, activist,
maintain. advocate, propagator.
ablate v. erode, wear away, melt, vaporize, A-bomb n. atomic bomb, thermonuclear bomb,
evaporate, remove. *physics package. SEE NUCLEAR BOMB
ablaze a. blazing, flaming, on fire, aflame, burn- ABOMINABLE a. [uh BOM un uh bul] loath-
ing, *going up in smoke, consumed by some, nasty. The crossbow was an abominable
flames, roaring, crackling. ANT. extinguished. invention. SYN. nasty, vile, loathsome, ab-
horrent, heinous, despicable, atrocious,
able a. capable, habile, skillful, talented, com-
hateful, execrable, awful, horrible, deplor-
petent, qualified, practiced, expert, deft,
able, repulsive, disgusting. ANT. admirable,
adroit, masterful. ANT. incompetent, ineffec-
nice, commendable.
tual, weak, unskilled, unable.
Abominable Snowman n. yeti, beast, creature.
able-bodied a. healthy, fit, strong, robust, capa-
ble, sound, in fine fettle, strapping. ANT. in- abominate v. loathe, despise, hate.
firm. abomination n. 1. SOURCE OF LOATHING anath-
abloom a. flowering, in flower, blooming. ema, bête noir. 2. LOATHING aversion, ab-
ablution n. washing, cleansing, bath, scrubbing, horrence, hatred, disgust, repugnance, de-
purification, decontamination, showering. testation.
ably adv. capably, competently, deftly, expertly, aboriginal a. indigenous, native, endemic, first,
adroitly. original, primitive.
abnegate v. give up, forgo, abstain, renounce, aborigine n. native, first inhabitant, indigene,
abdicate, refrain, forbear. ANT. indulge, binge, primitive, settler, original, *bushman.
imbibe. WORD FIND
abnegation n. self-denial, renunciation, absti- AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINE
nence, abdication, relinquishment. weapon: boomerang, waddy, nulla, woo-
abnormal a. atypical, irregular, odd, unusual, mera, blowpipe
aberrant, deviant, unnatural, unexpected, wilderness: outback
unconventional, weird, eccentric, queer, abort v. 1. MISCARRY expel. 2. FAIL fall short,
offbeat, extraordinary, anomalous, strange, miss, go awry. 3. CANCEL cut short, termi-
mutant. ‘‘Not conforming to standard. In nate, *scrub, *axe, *ditch, *can, *deep-six.

Roget’s Superthesaurus 3


abortion n. 1. MISCARRIAGE feticide, termina- abrasive n. abradent, scourer, scraper, polisher,
tion, aborticide, dilation and evacuation, burnisher, buffer.
expulsion, infanticide. ‘‘The direct murder WORD FIND
of the innocent.’’—Pope Pius XI. ‘‘If men course corundum: emery
could get pregnant, abortion would be a sac- dark, granular mineral used in grinding, pol-
rament.’’—Florynce R. Kennedy. 2. FAILURE ishing: aluminum oxide, corundum
incompletion, defeat, disaster, blunder, jewelry and metal polisher made of ferric ox-
monstrosity. ide: rouge
abortive a. unsuccessful, fruitless, futile, useless, knife-sharpening stone: whetstone
vain, unproductive, ineffectual, failing. ANT. manicuring stick: emery board
successful, fruitful, effective. metal-polishing limestone: rottenstone
abound v. teem, overflow, flood, *be knee-deep polishing powder made of chert or lime-
in, jam with, pack with, be abundant with, stone: tripoli
proliferate, swell, swarm. rough carpenter’s paper: sandpaper
about prep. 1. ENCIRCLING on every side, all rough file used on wood: rasp
around, enveloping, encompassing, sur- volcanic rock used for scouring, smoothing:
rounding. 2. APPROXIMATELY almost, nearly, pumice
close to, more or less, roughly. 3. REFERRING abreast a./adv. beside, side by side, aside,
TO concerning, in reference to, regarding, *cheek to jowel. ANT. single file.
relative to, as respects, dealing with, touch- ABRIDGE v. [uh BRIJ] to shorten, reduce or
ing on. lessen. To bring down costs, the new dictionary
about adv. 1. IN THE REVERSE DIRECTION back- will be abridged and printed in paperback. SYN.
wards, around, opposite direction. 2. HERE contract, shorten, condense, decrease, re-
AND THERE hither and thither, helter-skelter, duce, cut, abbreviate, diminish, *boil down,
far and wide. curtail. ANT. expand, broaden, enlarge.
about-face n. reversal, turnaround, volte-face, abridgement n. condensation, reduction, sum-
change of heart, *flip-flop, *backpedaling, mary, digest, abstract, brief, synopsis, out-
*a 180, recantation. line. ANT. enlargement, expansion.
above adv. 1. OVERHEAD up, skyward, higher up, abroach a. opened, broached, let out.
over, atop, heavenward. 2. GREATER more, abroad a./adv. overseas, out of the country,
larger, over and above. 3. SUPERIOR higher, away, traveling, touring. ANT. at home.
greater, outranking, surpassing. ABROGATE v. [AB roh gayt] to abolish or
aboveboard a. open, forthright, honest, in plain annul. The board decided to abrogate the old
view, *on the table, straightforward, frank, rule. SYN. abolish, cancel, repeal, annul, re-
candid, plain, direct, square, *on the up and voke, rescind, terminate, eliminate, quash,
up. ANT. underhand, under the table, dishonest, do away with, *scrub.
sneaky. abrupt a. 1. SUDDEN unexpected, surprising, un-
above suspicion a. irreproachable, inculpable, foreseen, swift, precipitate, unanticipated.
scrupulous, chaste, *having clean hands, in- 2. CURT gruff, brusque, brisk, discourteous,
nocent, pure. rude. 3. STEEP sheer, precipitous. ANT. 1. an-
abracadabra n. hocus-pocus, spell, incantation, ticipated, expected. 2. courteous, polite, gra-
charm, chant, invocation, mumbo jumbo, cious.
gibberish. abscess n. swelling, fester, boil, pimple, carbun-
abrade v. scrape, chafe, grate, rub, erode, scuff, cle, ulcer, pustule.
grind, scour, wear. abscission n. cutting, separation, removal. SEE
abrasion n. 1. SCRATCH scrape, chafe, excoria- OPERATION, SURGERY
tion. 2. FRICTION scratching, scraping, wear- ABSCOND v. [ab SKOND] to flee secretly
ing away, erosion, chafing. and go into hiding. His plan was to abscond
abrasive a. 1. ANNOYING irritating, cutting, with the smuggled goods as quickly as possible.
nasty, saber-tongued, acid-tongued, galling, SYN. flee, take flight, depart, withdraw, de-
hurtful, biting, sarcastic. 2. SCRAPING camp, retreat, escape, go into hiding, *va-
scratching, chafing, grating, eroding, grind- moose, *skedaddle, clear out, skip town,
ing, grating, scouring, wearing, rough, *make tracks, *scram, *fly the coop, *cut
coarse, rasping. ANT. 1. conciliatory, soothing. and run, *split, *beat feet, *duck out, *make
2. smooth. oneself scarce, *give the slip.

4 Roget’s Superthesaurus


absence n. 1. NONATTENDANCE AWOL, nonap- absorbent a. bibulous, pervious, permeable, po-
pearance, truancy. 2. LACKING dearth, need, rous, spongelike, retentive, *thirsty.
want, privation, void, vacuum. ANT. 1. at- absorbing a. engrossing, arresting, enthralling,
tendance, presence. 2. fulfillment, abundance. riveting, spellbinding, fascinating, interest-
absent a. 1. AWAY elsewhere, gone, out, truant, ing, mesmerizing. ANT. tedious, dull.
AWOL, on leave, *playing hooky. 2. PREOC- absorption n. 1. ASSIMILATION consumption, os-
CUPIED absent-minded, *out to lunch, ab- mosis, retention, digestion, soaking up. 2.
stracted, daydreaming, *off in space, *out of ENGROSSMENT fascination, interest, captiva-
it. ANT. 1. present, here, attending. 2. atten- tion, riveting, enthrallment, spellbinding.
tive, alert, on one’s toes. ABSTAIN v. [ub STANE] to voluntarily hold
absentee n. *no-show, truant, malingerer. back, to refrain from or go without. Everyone
absenteeism n. absence, truancy, desertion, is trying to abstain from smoking. SYN. refrain,
malingering, shirking, *skipping, *calling in desist, eschew, go without, forebear, *swear
sick. off, shun, spurn, *stay on the wagon, deny
absently adv. inattentively, absent-mindedly. oneself. ANT. indulge, imbibe.
absent without leave a. AWOL, truant. abstainer n. teetotaler, *health nut, ascetic. ‘‘A
absent-minded a. inattentive, scatterbrained, weak person who yields to the temptation
*out to lunch, dreamy, oblivious, daydream- of denying himself a pleasure.’’—Ambrose
ing, lost, forgetful, abstracted, preoccupied, Bierce.
absorbed, remote, *spacey, *head in the ABSTEMIOUS a. [ab STEEM ee us] eating
clouds, distrait. ANT. attentive, alert, sharp, and drinking in moderation, abstaining
focused. from drink, practicing restraint. Sylvester
absolute a. 1. TOTAL utter, complete, perfect, Graham of graham cracker fame was noted for
pure, unadulterated, consummate, outright, his clean-living, abstemious lifestyle. SYN. tem-
entire, undiluted, unmitigated. 2. DEFINITE perate, moderate, self-restraining, teetota-
positive, unquestionable, certain, actual, ex- ling, sober, abstinent, ascetic, self-denying.
act, undeniable, unequivocal, indisputable. abstention n. abstaining, abstinence, refrain-
3. AUTHORITARIAN dictatorial, tyrannical, ing.
despotic, autocratic, totalitarian, iron- ABSTINENCE n. [AB stuh nunce] abstain-
handed. ANT. 1. incomplete, imperfect. 2. in- ing, voluntary self-denial, the swearing off
definite, questionable, uncertain. 3. demo- of unhealthy food and drink. Longevity and
cratic. abstinence often go hand in hand. SYN. abstain-
absolutely adv. 1. TOTALLY utterly, completely, ing, self-restraint, teetotalism, sobriety,
perfectly, entirely. 2. DEFINITELY positively, chastity, temperance, forbearing, self-de-
unquestionably, certainly, undeniably, *no nial, self-abnegation, asceticism, celibacy,
ifs, ands or buts, *no two ways about it, moderation. ‘‘The beginning of saintli-
surely, precisely, conclusively. ness.’’—Moses Luzzato. ANT. indulgence, ex-
absolution n. forgiveness, remission, pardon, travagance, *pigging out.
clearance, acquittal, amnesty. ABSTRACT a. [AB STRACT] not easily
ABSOLVE v. [ab ZOLV] to free from blame, identified or defined, not based on the con-
guilt or responsibility. They have been ab- crete, abstruse, theoretical, nonrepresenta-
solved of their sins. SYN. acquit, exonerate, tional. His notions of the universe were wildly
forgive, pardon, vindicate, remit, free, clear, abstract and difficult to envision. SYN. nonrep-
exculpate, excuse. ANT. charge, accuse, resentational, theoretical, conceptual, abs-
blame, condemn. truse, indefinite, incomprehensible, general,
absorb v. 1. DRINK UP suck, assimilate, blot, sop nonspecific, amorphous, symbolic, recon-
up, sponge, osmose, consume. 2. ENGROSS dite. ANT. specific, clear, concrete.
fascinate, interest, mesmerize, grip, rivet, abstract n. 1. CONDENSATION brief, abridge-
enthrall, spellbind, comprehend, assimilate, ment, synopsis, summary. 2. ART nonrepre-
understand. ANT. 1. spit out, spew, discharge, sentational art form, amorphous art form,
repel. 2. bore, confuse, tire. geometrical art form. ‘‘A product of the un-
absorbed a. 1. ASSIMILATED blotted, consumed, talented, sold by the unprincipled to the ut-
taken in, *sucked up. 2. ENGROSSED inter- terly bewildered.’’—Al Capp. SEE ART
ested, fascinated, riveted, mesmerized, cap- abstract v. 1. TAKE AWAY remove, extract, de-
tivated, spellbound, immersed, involved, fo- tach, separate. 2. SUMMARIZE synopsize, ab-
cused, rapt. ANT. bored, restless, unfocused. breviate, condense, abridge.

Roget’s Superthesaurus 5


abstracted a. lost in thought, lost in reverie, abusive a. 1. HARMFUL injurious, cruel, brutal,
preoccupied, daydreaming, brooding, ab- hurtful, exploitive, dominating, ruthless,
sent-minded, withdrawn, in a trance, *off in rough, disrespectful. 2. VERBALLY ABUSIVE of-
space, remote, inattentive, *out to lunch. fensive, insulting, vile, nasty, denigrating,
ANT. alert, attentive, sharp. gross, obscene, disparaging, critical, ridicul-
abstraction n. absent-mindedness, preoccupa- ing, maligning, upbraiding, cutting. ANT. 1.
tion, reverie, daydreaming, withdrawal, helpful, kind, nurturing. 2. sweet, *honey-
brooding, reflecting, mulling. tongued, flattering.
ABSTRUSE a. [ab STROOS] difficult to un- abut v. border on, lean on, adjoin, end on, con-
derstand. Einstein’s abstruse theories confound join, juxtapose.
all but the brightest scholars. SYN. recondite, abutment n. junction, juxtaposition, connec-
deep, incomprehensible, complex, inscruta- tion, conjunction.
ble, undecipherable, profound, unfathom- abutter n. neighbor.
able, *clear as mud, arcane, esoteric, cere- abuzz a. buzzing, chattering, babbling, busy,
bral. ANT. clear, simple, obvious, *child’s play. jumping, hopping, active, animated, spir-
absurd a. ridiculous, ludicrous, laughable, silly, ited, astir, kinetic, restless, bustling. ANT. si-
preposterous, foolish, outrageous, asinine, lent, lifeless.
idiotic, loony, stupid, crazy, nonsense. ANT. abysmal a. 1. UNFATHOMABLE immeasurable,
serious, weighty. deep, bottomless, vast, abyssal, immense. 2.
absurdity n. joke, foolishness, nonsense, idiocy, DESPAIRINGLY BAD wretched, awful, pitiful,
*bullshit, *bunk, *fiddle faddle, *hogwash, the lowest, depressing, miserable. ANT. 1. fi-
piffle, *rubbish, *tripe, drivel, twiddle-twad- nite, measurable. 2. impressive, commendable,
dle. favorable.
abundance n. lots, plenty, loads, piles, slew, abyss n. depth, chasm, void, fissure, the deep,
hoard, *scads, *tons, *oodles, plethora, sur- gulf, hole, bottomless pit.
plus, bounty, *miser’s hoard, profusion, abyssal a. unfathomable, abysmal, deep, im-
enough, bountiful, overflowing, wealth. measurable, bottomless. ANT. shallow.
ANT. scarcity, dearth, paucity. AC n. 1. AIR CONDITIONING. 2. ALTERNATING
abundant a. plentiful, bountiful, copious, pro- CURRENT.
fuse, abounding, more than enough, immea- academia n. academe, scholarly world, school,
surable, inexaustible, teeming, overflowing. college, groves of academe, ivy halls, aca-
ANT. scarce, scant, rare, sparse. demic community. SEE COLLEGE, EDUCATION,
abuse n. 1. MISTREATMENT maltreatment, ill- UNIVERSITY
treatment, injury, harm, assault, cruelty, tor- academic a. 1. SCHOLARLY scholastic, collegiate,
ment, brutality, molestation, exploitation, university, professorial, studious, bookish,
terrorizing, *stepping on, torturing, beating, erudite, learned, cultured. 2. THEORETICAL
thrashing, battery. 2. INSULTING OR HARSH hypothetical, conjectural, speculative, sup-
LANGUAGE belittlement, degradation, deni- positional, immaterial, moot. ANT. 1. real
gration, deprecation, tongue-lashing, defa- world, rough-and-tumble, practical. 2. accessi-
mation, maligning, invective, criticism, up- ble, understandable, meaningful. SEE COLLEGE,
braiding, dressing-down, ridicule, SCHOOL, TEACHER
vilification, put-downs, verbal abuse. ANT. academic n. scholar, student, teacher, professor,
1. care, kindness. 2. sweet talk, compliments, pupil, educator, tutor, doctor.
flattery. academics n. studies, courses, school work.
abuse v. 1. MISTREAT maltreat, ill-treat, injure, academy n. 1. SCHOOL private school, institute,
exploit, harm, assault, disrespect, terrorize, institution, secondary school, prep school,
molest, brutalize, manhandle, *step on, finishing school. 2. ASSOCIATION fellowship,
strong-arm, torture, beat, thrash, rape. 2. institution, atheneum, club.
little, degrade, denigrate, deprecate, tongue- a capella a./adv. choral, voices only, without
lash, defame, malign, criticize, upbraid, dress instruments.
down, ridicule, vilify, put down, insult, *dis, ACCEDE v. [ak SEED] to agree or consent to.
*dig, *dump on, *bad-mouth, *trash. ANT. Peer pressure forced the last holdout to accede.
1. coddle, respect, nurture, pamper, dote on. SYN. 1. CONSENT agree, concede, submit to,
2. sweet talk, flatter, compliment. give in, give assent, yield, acquiesce, *cave

6 Roget’s Superthesaurus


in. 2. ATTAIN assume, enter upon, inherit. ANT. 1. unobtainable, out of reach, unavail-
accelerant n. catalyst. able. 2. closed, unfriendly, unapproachable. 3.
accelerate v. speed up, race, hasten, step up, abstruse, cerebral, complex, difficult.
*put the pedal to the metal, *floor it, *gun accession n. succession, assumption, inaugura-
it, *squeal out, *burn rubber, *red line, tion, attaining, assuming office, ascending
*peel out. ANT. decelerate, slow down, wind the throne, coming to power.
down, brake, stop. accessorize v. supplement, add on, ornament,
acceleration n. speeding up, increasing veloc- adorn, attach, equip, trim, accent.
ity, *stepping on it, quickening. ANT. decel- accessory n. 1. EXTRA add-on, attachment,
erating, slowing, braking. adornment, peripheral, accent, supplement,
accelerator n. throttle, gas pedal. trimming, equipment, gear, appendage,
accent n. 1. EMPHASIS stress, significance. 2. EM- trapping. 2. ACCOMPLICE confederate, confi-
PHASIS OF PRONUNCIATION stress, accentua- dante, cohort, associate, *partner in crime,
tion, delivery, attack, inflection, articula- co-conspirator, helper, assistant.
tion, enunciation, rhythm, tone. 3. accident n. 1. CHANCE fluke, serendipity, luck,
REGIONAL SPEAKING MANNER brogue, burr, fortuity, circumstance, happenstance, twist
drawl, twang, dialect. 4. EMBELLISHMENT or- of fate. ‘‘An inevitable occurrence due to
nament, dressing, touch. the action of immutable natural laws.’’—
accent v. accentuate, highlight, underscore, Ambrose Bierce. 2. MISHAP mistake, blun-
underline, spotlight, emphasize, point up, der, misfortune, calamity, casualty, misad-
punctuate. ANT. downplay, ignore, hide. venture, disaster, catastrophe, wreck,
accentuate v. SEE ACCENT *crack-up, *pile-up, *fender-bender, colli-
accept v. 1. TAKE receive, get, welcome, ac- sion, *rear-ender, *T-bone, *sideswiping,
quire, obtain. 2. SUBMIT TO allow, tolerate, crash, rollover. ‘‘A condition in which pres-
take in stride, endure, capitulate, stand for. ence of mind is good, but absence of body
3. BELIEVE IN adopt, acknowledge, agree, better.’’—Foolish Dictionary.
concur, confirm, *swallow, *buy, recognize, accidental a. chance, fortuitous, serendipitous,
affirm, *take as gospel. ANT. 1. reject, give, random, freak, unforeseen, unintentional,
refuse. 2. reject, refuse, oppose. 3. disbelieve, haphazard, unwitting, *flukey, inadvertent,
reject. unpremeditated. ANT. planned, intended, pre-
acceptable a. adequate, good enough, worthy, meditated.
satisfactory, suitable, respectable, fair, pass- accidentally a. fortuitously, randomly, unwit-
able, tolerable, okay, *up to snuff, *passes tingly, haphazardly, by chance, uninten-
muster. ANT. unacceptable, subpar, objection- tionally, by some fluke. ANT. intentionally,
able, poor. planned, by design.
acceptance n. acknowledgement, approval, accident-prone a. clumsy, *klutzy, inept, *two
adoption, assent, recognition, agreement, left feet, bungling, bumbling, attention-
*the okay, *the green light, *the go-ahead. seeking, neurotic, having a death wish, *all
ANT. rejection, refusal, disagreement. thumbs. ANT. coordinated, nimble.
accepted a. 1. RECEIVED taken, acquired, wel- acclaim n. applause, acclamation, ovation,
comed. 2. AGREED UPON acknowledged, ap- cheers, praise, bravos, kudos, approval, adu-
proved, recognized, endorsed, believed in, lation, honor, plaudits. ANT. boos, hisses,
affirmed, sanctioned, upheld, authorized, jeers, heckles, catcalls, *razzing, *Bronx
accredited, conventional, normal, standard. cheers.
ANT. 2. rejected, refused, unconventional. acclaim v. applaud, cheer, approve, *give
access n. entry, entree, admission, passage, thumbs up to, extol, praise, *sing the praises
pathway, approach, ingress, admittance, of, laud, hail, shout, bravo. ANT. *razz, *give
doorway. SEE ENTRANCE a Bronx cheer, boo, hiss, reject, disapprove.
accessible a. 1. OBTAINABLE reachable, attain- acclaimed a. applauded, cheered, praised, ap-
able, available, at hand, handy, approach- proved, extolled, hailed, lauded. ANT. re-
able. 2. FRIENDLY AND OPEN approachable, jected, jeered, booed, *razzed.
available, obliging, familiar, sociable, genial, acclamation n. applause, ovation, cheers, whis-
gracious, *having an open door policy. 3. tles, plaudits, bravos. SEE ACCLAIM
EASY TO UNDERSTAND comprehensible, sim- ACCLIMATE v. [ACK luh mate] to adapt,
ple, lucid, uncomplicated, unsophisticated. adjust or accustom (oneself) to a different

Roget’s Superthesaurus 7

adjust. quently. learned. be one’s sidekick. OBLIGE aid. back. the highest authority. acclimatize v. exal. cordance. lent. consen- ing. conformation. debacle. failed. completion. tribute. defeat. harmony. *pulled off. *rough around the edges. as an attorney who de. serve. brought to fru- tion. achieve. concurrence. hospitable. ADAPTATION adjustment. Machine Gun Willy the ultimate authority. kudos. usher. applause. fail. *shadow. according to Hoyle. 2. lend a hand. change. accompanied a. *tag along. fitting. unseasoned. favor. ally. reconcile. suite. ASSISTANCE aid. flat. SYN. concur. coup. join. *windbox. CRIMINAL Steinway. kindness. ful- ACCOLADE n. furnish a room. accede. ACHIEVED completed. line with. as reported by. tended. *by the book. ANT. tend. 1. deft. unsympathetic. right-hand SYN. guarded. consummate. *crack. CONCEDE grant. agreement. give. polished. 1. [uh COM pliss] one who authority of. tal- tation. 2. disobliging. realize. fit in. boarding. in agreement. accompanies or assists another in a wrongful ACCORDING TO HOYLE Sl. fait accompli. pair. We confederate. *blow. sus. *cut the mustard. accompaniment n. praise. 1. brought honor. mutual ungracious.’’— deon. protected. according to act. credit. condi. housing. habitua. execution. understanding. hindrance. do a favor. according to the guy and two accomplices robbed the bank. concertina. mal. dissidence. ous. gospel. service. happen. protect. attained. [AK uh LADE] an award or filled. unskilled. help. pro- custom. feat. 3. thus. as a result. who wrote the rule book. edge and complicity. *hang out with. ANT. disagreement. according to with another in crime. arrange. ADAPT accustom. pleasing. 1. 2. erone.Acclimatize–Accordion environment or situation. abettor. bring ner air supply found at high altitudes. bend. uncom- grant. nicety. *nailed. rhythm player. pleted. fulfillment. cold-hearted. ANT. match up. rigidity. fit. They ended their hostilities and accommodation n. 2. accessory. unfulfilled. charitable. shelter. *pull it off. reconciliation. tor. furnish. bed and breakfast. engineer. chap. amateur. real- from critics nationwide. produced. acclimate. quarters. FITTINGLY properly. eye. paired. consort. acquiesce. consort. as stated by. con- *digs. correct. having guilty knowl. rapport. enced. indisputable. get used to. pondingly. realization. put up. fulfill. a partner in crime. 3. 2. achievement. unison. *washout. per. shel. acclaim. knowing him guilty. *by the man. The dance troupe is winning accolades about. according to rule. accor- help. melo- fends a criminal. honor. award. considerate. mutual understanding. 8 Roget’s Superthesaurus . attainment. co-conspira. perform. discord. *gun moll. entertain. 1. backup. unity. modify. *crackerjack. rejection. recogni. 2. *nail it. performance. from card game expert Edmond Hoyle. berth. jibe. ANT. HARMONIZE agree. expert. accordant a. go with. indulge. tailor. whereupon. experi- form a kindness. according to prep. *side. performed. friction. helpful. *choke. accordingly adv. ented. ter. ‘‘One associated numbers. about. accord v. adjust. SYN. tion. THEREFORE hence. matching. take in. benevo. corres- kick. divergent. are proceeding correctly. as. *see eye to adjustment. obliging. SEE CRIME. henchman. chap. accordion n. courtesy. show around. deed. SYN. success. fall short. effectuate. perfected. accommodating a. correspond. dance. bring to fruition. LODGING room. *groanbox. HOUSE lodge. make inure. 2. assist. fallen short. conform. 1. IN ACCORDANCE WITH in keep company. execute. effort. consummation. *stomach Ambrose Bierce. *a meeting of the minds. prize. accommodate v. ac. [uh CORD] harmony. quarter. ground. concert. ANT. attain. SKILLED proficient. 1. ANT. cooperative. masterly. furnish. failure. *squeezebox. congru- eroned. conse- accompany v. bestow. practiced. *flop. harmony. score. *blown. board. PER à la. instrument. escort. tion. complete. Lowlanders have a accomplish v. acclimatization. modification. turning away. agreeing. on the ACCOMPLICE n. accomplishment n. consummated. an idiom derived sociate. allow. partner in crime. ized. opposing. adept. 3. *sing from the same hymnal. gracious. ition. *green. so. naturalize. 1. escorted. SYN. familiarize. SEE ACCLIMATE accomplished a. guide. collaborator. colleague. reached accord. habituate. effect. cohort. difficult time acclimating themselves to the thin. ments. subsequently. ACCORD n. bed. executed. harmonious. adapt. sympathetic. ANT. duce. finished. shown around. grant. harden.

Sally was accosted by an ambitious ation salesman. state-licensed accountant: CPA. books. cheating on records to hide profits: cooking accretion n. sanction. clothes. allow for. daybook. license. version. decreasing value of asset over time: depreci- gressively. equipment. assail. SYN. charge. warrant. *blow-by-blow. calcu. significance. penses not yet paid: accrual down. SEE ACCOUNT. greet. obligated. enter a transaction: log story. computer program organizing financial data accrual n. habiliment. description. bookkeeper. held to blame. collection of assets after business closes: liq. shrinkage. fis. actuary. invoice. by virtue of. liable. ANSWER FOR explain. employee pay: payroll account n. controller. calculate. 2. ANT. month by month budget: rolling budget accountability n. AT- cal year TRIBUTE credit. withdrawal of funds by business owner: draw cording. money owed to creditors: accounts payable. solicit. FINANCIAL RECORD bal. excused. outfit. growth. profit and expenses greater than income: negative cash loss statement. exempt. ease of converting assets to cash: liquidity address. 3. believe. weight. *play-by-play. give a rea. annual accounting period: calendar year. comp. accrual. net profit or loss: bottom line ABLE payout: disbursement accountable a. rationalize. for the making money or realizing net profit: in the sake of. ledger. rate. consider. approve. invoice. flow merit. reckoning. ANT. assign. balanc. balance controller. public accountant BANK. on no prep. judge. *number revenues before costs are deducted: gross cruncher. money to be received: accounts receivable think about. assault. under no circumstances. dress. narrative. examination of accounts: audit ance. dress. run. amassing. 2. flow lation. *pencil pusher. RECORDING AND INTERPRETING uncollectable debt: write-off FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS bookkeeping. head accountant of business or government: account v. comptroller the books. since. responsible. Accost–Accrual ACCOST v. 1. consequence. RECKON add up. growth. profit and loss statement: P & L project income and expenses for the year: answerable. certified *desk jockey. value of assets beyond what is owed on ing the books. duty-bound. liabilities. take into prep. increasing value of asset over time: apprecia- son for. CHRONICLE explanation. WORTH importance. accumulation. because of. records: books troller. [uh COST] approach or greet ag. outfit. rec- account book: ledger. record-keeping method having equal credit accountant n. in- into rows and columns: spreadsheet crease. call. accoutrement n. de. buttonhole. enlargement. CONSIDER hold. entry of earnings not yet received or of ex- tailing. bank examiner. ascribe. 1. SEE BANK 3. estimate. certi- for each debit: double-entry accounting fied public accountant. expansion. *hit discrepancy corrections: reconciling on. report. responsibility. scat- uidation tering. gear up. 2. *let pure profit: net off the hook. intrude. outstanding accounts account. equip. expenses less than income: positive cash value. gear. *bean counter. accoutre v. items and property of value: assets view. them: equity iting. attire. never. black account. 2. augmen- the books tation. confront. register. culpa- annualize ble. qualify. re. auditor. endorse. budget. for no reason. ledger. calculating. WORD FIND accredit v. deem. vouch for. FINANCIAL STATEMENT account. annoy. spreadsheet. SEE ACCOUNTING. 1. Roget’s Superthesaurus 9 . statement. clerk. justify. CPA. increase. journal ognize. auditing. addition. 1. tab. credits and debits. dispersement. crediting and deb. trappings. reckoning. legitimize. tion regard. accumulation. computing. approach. accrual. hail. examiner of accounts: auditor computation. validate. on prep. balance sheet. beholden. MONEY total assets minus liabilities: net worth accounting n. AUTHORIZE certify. losing money: in the red account of.

ANT. inaccurately. harshness. LEADERLESS. prosecute. accomplishment. scattering. ANT. impre. habituate. soreness. defendant. acquirement. *pis- acculturation n. gather. *pull off. production. disturb. acri- fectly. *on target. stockpile. *blow it. stricken. hurt. NASTINESS irritability. EXASPERATE aggravate. disbursement. *blow it. great. dreadful. *choke. achieve v. glomeration. mation. master. ACHILLES’ HEEL n. veracity. ill humor. agonize. accusatory a. allegation. ac. 2. ANT. feasible. 2. sharp. poison. inculpate. adversary. persal. plaint. sour. acidity. top-notch. *finger for. tion. ful- tic. rancor. HURT throb. consummate. star. accumulation n. success. heap. exactness. actual. per. hexed. reachable. masterpiece. conquest. established. flawlessly. mass. bitter or sharp. inaccuracy. an- flawed. mony. truth. in the habit of. tart. *smoke the competi- crue. *feather in acclimated. impute. annoy. accursed a. indict. assembly. twinge. perturb. characteris. do. green. perfection. adapted. coup. accustomed a. growth. factual. correctly. shedding. tongued witch. fated. accused n. acrid. actualize. accustom v. nail it. accuracy n. USUAL customary. pounding. expert. quit. realization. score. citation. attainable. YEARN FOR long for. ace v. loser. pine for. carry off. *done for. unthink- *pin on. disperse. ANT. astringent. smear. pain. 2. wrongly. naturalization. excellent. from the myth of with. friendliness. ing. *hotshot. indictment. ACERBIC a. *rap. recriminatory. exact. exactly. flawless. hoard. conventional. metaphor used to illustrate a vulnerability conventional. bedeviled. scatter. plaintiff. sharpness. *on sweet. blame. *crackerjack. ache v. effect. suspect. hero. venom. shuck. engineer. lousness. USED TO habituated. twinge. com. *master stroke. *choke. meticu. insinuation. fillment. 1. one’s cap. horrible. prosecutor. finger-point. benchwar- nationalization. veracious. stack up. sourness. ag. undone. com- tor. fabulous. nation. swelling. accumulate. acrid- ticulous. acquainted with. amass. score. charge. toughened. pang. secret weapon. throw off. nectarous. LAW plete. consum- fixed. aggregation. hold out. impossible. attain. pile. slackness. wonderful. Achilles. despair. discomfort. accurate a. stitch. champion. follow *stool pigeon. swell. *swing. fail. ANT. good humor. incorrect. collection. charge. actually. everyday. hit it. ace in the hole n. execute. bring about. stabbing. 3. throb. unaccustomed to. in. inaccurate. 1. damned. expand. right. ANT. wrong. realize. uncharacteristic. achievement n. gall. HEADLESS. ANT. tional. factually. acephalous a. accusation n. shed. acerbate v. unerring. acerbic- cision. sarcasm. SYMPATHIZE pity. defeat. impeach. 2. ANT. *rattle one’s cage. caustic. pinching. ity. *on acerbity a. 1. *whiz kid. ANT. hit crete. tradi. acedia n. bitterness. amass. exploit. saccharine. sear. doable. tartness. doomed. error-free. recrimi. inferior. card up one’s sleeve. accrual. through. creation. correctness. heap. sweet- meticulously. expand. compound. feat. naturalized. culture shock. accusing. the bullseye. informer. get used to. crave. set. lose. incorrectly. ANT. ace n. adapt. assimilation. correct. cite. pain. me. *whiz. gather. ANT. accuser n. alleged perpetra. ache n. brusqueness. apathy. win one. *crack hand. ruffle. She was an insulting. dis. spasm. acidic. SEE COURT. familiarized. reserve. pound. ob- recriminate. need. ANT. mer. whose body was immunized from 10 Roget’s Superthesaurus . accretion. EMBITTER sour. blame. inculpation. 1. pungency. ANT. blam. accomplish. provoke. accuse v. ing. precision. *on the money. [uh SUR bick] anything sour. 1. 1. second-stringer. rightly. imperfect. indifference. grouchiness. grow. [uh KILL eez HEEL] a soned. triumph. astringency. add up. perfect. noyance. aggregate. unfamiliar or a mortal weakness. blessed. faultless. smarting. pile up. 1. assemble. collect. *rat. CRIME. the button. ANT. 2. 2. precise. factualness. pang. sea. attainment. ruined. un. succeed. nectarous. general. finger-pointing. able. the mark. familiar. accumulate v. implicate. suffer. incriminator. tainable. ness. unseasoned. grow. succeed. faithful. condemned. produce. unusual. precisely. tol. collect. cursed. score. 2. familiarize.Accrue–Achilles’ Heel accrue v. *tattletale. spasm. ac. *hang on. ANT. burning. smart. honeyed. SOURNESS bitterness. crease. bitter. implication. stab. *fink. sharpness. routine. acquaint. harsh. ennui. SYN. achievable a. accurately adv. pile up. fidelity. ill- aces a. sweetness. conglomeration. fall short. hunger.

crown. ing. sourness. rec- gility. the oil of vitriol peak. bot- sives. proof. salute. antiseptics: phenol tom. Sl. protein-forming: amino acids acne n. ADMISSION avowal. 1. *D. weakness. ANT. OF TASTE sour. Roget’s Superthesaurus 11 . expression of grati- kali. snub. reward. acid n. corrosive. chink in the armor. [ACK me] the very highest. pass Achilles’ heel. [ASS id test] a test of value. bitter. 2. ADMIT recognize. acid n. fail. vulnerability. ILL- echoic TEMPERED OR SHARP-TONGUED sarcastic. proving ground. grant. apogee. double-hulled tankers prolonged sound caused by vibration or re- has long served as an acid test of the oil indus. *purple haze. prise. acceptance. noise made from blend of all audible fre- mine the authenticity of gold. flection: resonance try’s sincerity concerning environmentalism. snide. 1. less than speed of sound: subsonic ACID TEST n. rosacea. acerbic. corrosive used in explosives: sulfuric acid. hail. SEE DRUG. LSD. *California sunshine. astringency. nasty. bitterness. 1. greeting. remittance. profession. causticity. noise *orange sunshine. inharmonious sound: dissonance ness. The award was the acme of his career. ant irritant: formic acid curtsy. analysis. 2. *wedding bells. tart. pimples. *blotter. al. SEE ACID unit of noise intensity level: decibel acknowledge v. flattering. blemishes. sour. sweet. rebounding sound wave: echo verification. recognize. ignoring. overlook. 3. familiarize. stinging. susceptibility. granting. vitamin C: ascorbic acid helper. echoes. speed of sound: sonic. high frequency sound above human hearing: acidhead n. ap- profess. apex. vitriolic. *flash. trial. odoriferous corrosive poison used in explo. urine-derived: uric acid pockmarks. sound transmission. 3. lowest. scathing. honey. astringent. let know. RESPONSE notice. nod. salute. own up to. lowest sound audible to ear: threshold fre- quality or genuineness. handicap. altar boy. refute. kind. NARCOTIC WORD FIND acid a. acerbity. familiarize. 1. 1. sound qualities. THANK recompense. ognition. 1. 2. strength. *zits. denial. sound. oak nut. *electric Kool Aid. refuta- aspirin: acetylsalicylic acid tion. caus- boom produced by object moving faster tic. frailty. pinnacle. chemical. substantion. hailing. ACME n. ANT. *blue cheer. acoustics n. Sl. lighten. advise. auditory. rec- WORD FIND ognition. pay. omnipotence. biting. SYN. tart. The voluntary quencies: white noise adoption of expensive. clue in. address. peak. vinegar ingredient: acetic acid acolyte n. 741 mph acidulous a. refuse. blackheads. acquaint v. *yellows. acerbic. sharp. hearing tester: audiometer warm. 2. RESPOND TO notice. greet. deficiency. heaven. citric. quencies. Acid–Acquaint harm everywhere but on his heel. bow. venomous. sound fre- agent. cut- than sound: sonic boom ting. reply. repayment. even dictators have at least one deny. *saber-tongued. absorbs all sound. 2. fra. summit. high point. ignore. fruit. ANT. *green dragon. biting. harmonious sound: consonance sugary. a metaphor evolved quency from the jeweler’s nitric acid test to deter. *dot. divulge. pit. audio. requite. astringent. en- accept. fession. tude. *travel properties. ANT. fa- stomach acid: hydrochloric acid cial eruption. 1. attendant. oversight. *blue acoustic a. reward. sound properties. best. declare. aid. MEET introduce. *pizza-face. mild antiseptic: boric acid SYN. MAKE AWARE inform. THANK YOU recompense. greatest. *junkie. harshness. address. pustules. top. 3. vinegary. phonic. concede. sharp. 3. assistant. over. snub. Nobody is nod at. concession. hearing. all-powerful. make conversant. good-humored. valley. supremacy. SEE ADDICT ultrasound acidity n. produces no echoes: an- harsh. acquiescence. declaration. sweet. sar- donic. refusal. acquiesce. quality of sound: timbre SYN. *soft underbelly. notify. ANT. ANT. white poison in insecticides: arsenic acid acorn n. harsh. ze- milk-derived: lactic acid nith. re. skin inflammation. aural. con- immortality. acknowledgement n.

comply. property. make acrimony n. citadel. put-on. ing. gymnastics. sham. resistance. vitriolic. one from a responsibility or charge. grant. feat. understanding. Lizzie task. free. with. condemn. sell. harshness. harsh. acquainted a. SYN. comprehensive. bitterness. turn. flipping. sweet. CREE enactment. obtainment. SYN. partial. securing. 1. familiarized. ruling. servility. WORD FIND acquired immune deficiency syndrome n. cutting. cur. pur. famous Greek temple of: Parthenon AIDS. acquisitive a. line. 1. abso. capa- across prep. PLACE AND SHOW 2. venomous. spiteful. pardon. *false front. buy. yielding. give in.’’—Ambrose Bierce. quirement. convict. gymnast. abide by. 2. STAGE ROUTINE bit. balancing. accep. side. all-inclusive. [AK we ESS] to yield. earn. tumbler. 1. capitu. vitriol. sweet. transversely. ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE famil. nasty. gain. spite. beyond. aware of. chase. *snag. *cave in. peer. mandate. ACQUIESCE v. ability. word puzzle. parcel. 1. real es- zance. procure. get. somersault- acquire v. We opened the jar enough to lend to. *buckling under. ANT. 2. land. *scare up. generous. ‘‘A person whom we know ACRID a. acreage n. sketch. pardon. acquiescence n. civility. consenting. relinquish. resolution. bill. [AK rid] sharp or bitter in taste or well enough to borrow from. measure. performance. caustic. acerbic. fear of heights. acid. rapacious. gift. subservience. *clueless. proceed. *Oscar performance. across a. caustic. complete 1. real estate. ACQUIT v. kind. biting. airs.560 square feet. greedy. aerialist. DEED action. bear. act one. fight. *schtick. walker. but not well smell. causticity. epilogue. WIN. or assent without enthusiasm. snide. experience. exploit. knowledge. tense. come around. plot. wordplay. and immediately smelled something acrid. undertaking. release. MEDICINE crisscross. defer. sharp. edict. *fall in snarling. tumbling. blanket. circus per- deferring. damn. assent. *clued in. parcel. lution. eration. 1. donic. INTO CONTACT acquisition n. rebuff. exonerate. ANT. asperity. sardonic. acre n. accede. challenge. secure. ANT. FALSE BE- solve. law. 2. sexually transmitted disease (STD). take. former. TASTE OR SMELL bitter. 43. venomous. total. sarcastic. abbreviation. SEE PHOBIA ANT. Borden was acquitted of murder charges against accomplishment. ignorance. ANT. ANT. attainment. compliance. assenting. en. posturing. capitulate. BEHAVE conduct. foul-smelling. [AK ri MO nee us] bitter. 1. 1. con. avaricious. familiar SPEECH sarcastic. consent. catch. an acrimonious session in court. acrobat n. concurring. spiteful. ASSOCIATE colleague. exon. obtain. 405 iarity. *get acronym n. lamation. biting. into. 2. cogni. materialistic. act two. com. high city. exculpate. clear. [uh KWIT] to release. trapeze artist. but a cloud of suspi. irritating. sar- der. sharp. contortionist. make-believe. DE- her father and stepmother. unselfish. acid. sweetness. AWARE informed. a stand. to the other bility. forgive. ANT. flattering. procurement. bitter. pungent. nastiness. 5. elevated city. The divorcing couple survived rattled its saber. excuse. PART OF A PLAY scene. ordinance. liberation. saber-tongued. enlightenment. step. discharge. crosswise. mild. stranger. ANT. co-worker. limited. sweeping. tance. measure. ness. feigning. ac. *buckle un. 3. acropolis n. 1. biting. hold of. *get one’s hands on.Acquaintance–Act acquaintance n. pre- off. let HAVIOR affectation. give away. conversance. act. word game. stuntwoman. kindness. lose. ANT. OVER opposite to. grasping. judgment. neighbor. apprised of. proc- RELEASE. ab. across-the-board a. civil. sarcasm. *caving in. give in good-humored. snide. acquittal n. 2. 1. performance. hectare. ANT. *land. grabby. acerbic. sweet. inexperience. agree. expanse. accept. 160 square rods. clearance. 2. acrostic n. complete. execution. HIV. *gold-digging. 4. advised. net. resist. WITH upon. astride. versed in. ALL everything. acreage. submit. tightrope lation. The dictator ACRIMONIOUS a. prologue. hoarding. amendment. submission. acrophobia n. exempt. skill. exculpation. acquirement n. or in one’s speech. acquiesced only after the Bush administration nasty. holding. free or clear act n. endeavor. aware. acrobatics n. relieve. SYN. rebellion. unaware. stinging. stuntman. port. gain. accomplishment. stinking. education. 2. making a stand. SYN. in front of. crossways. caustic. yield. sour. tate. plot. over. reprieve. SEE DISEASE. cion continues to hang over her name. pose. lightened. purchase. 12 Roget’s Superthesaurus . ANT.

fide.’’—Ben Franklin. executor. mover. unreal. performance. doer. ACTIVISM n. effort. move. functioning. bustle. sprightly. 2. DO perform. understudy spark. mime. alternate. acting v. leading man. acting. 1. hobby. act of God n. man of deeds. improvisation: ad lib commotion. agile. spry. pantomime activate v. activity n. certain. BUSY moving. strik- *jump in. initiate. 2. en- action n. ef- action to bring about political or social fectualize. exhaustion. energy. ANT. ANT. diva. involvement. EXCITE. activ- George Burns. main role: lead terprise. semble. fact. ‘‘Well done monologue performer: monologist natural. putting up a facade. carry out. ANT. advocate. 6. *hamming it up. tired. effecting change. enthusiast. method acting. change. comport. be like. feigning.’’—Helen Hayes. static. hustle. engineer. commit- spring into action. artist. 3. ignite. 3. actuate. If event. character. MOVIE. overacting or bad acting: ham. acterize. slam-bang entertainment. typecast: character actor gize. boycotting. ‘‘Deeds are better minor role: bit player. achieve. donna. sloth. natural disaster. playing make-be. Actions mightier carrier. MOVIE. func. ANT. LEGAL ACTION lawsuit. negotiates contracts. commotive. TELEVI- stirring. idol. right thing the first time. char. ENERGETIC SION. ACTION movement. publicizes: press agent. *spark. case. vivacity. advocacy. troupe tioning. agent. recreation. 2. mugger suit. finds work: agent EFFECT influence. *in- deport. produce. 3. inactive. exploit. turn off. bona hearty. TELEVISION. actress n. play a part. 4. PAS- acting n. pro tem. stop. nonexistent. theatrics. working. operative. influ- ceed. tant. faking. *a mover and shaker. player. rendition. logroller. astir. para. THESPIAN performer. start. [AKT uh vizm] taking direct actualize v. 2. star. quick. working. begin. posing. actuality n. mime. ignoring. stationary. militancy. star. mimic.’’—Alan Milne. PRETENDING bluffing. motivate. SYN. characterization. ANT. ‘‘Genius is the ability to act wisely encing. prod. movement. hostilit. fighting. genuine. material- lyzed. set in traveling: barnstormer motion. inertia. activist n. plays on a homemade instrument—him- operating. extinguish. group: cast. animated. leading lady.’’—Longfellow. frisky. substitute: stand-in. you’ve got it made. actress.’’— actor n. operative. 2. kinetic. move. lieve. 3. nimble. DOER perpetrator. concrete. indifference. leading lady. ingenue. motion. functioning. imagi- tional. vigor. per. mimic. function. fictitious. 2. execute. ener. make real. 1. 1. de facto. mili- PERFORM IN AN ENTERTAINMENT portray. game. fluence peddler. WORD FIND permanent. ity. truth. reality. existing. briskness. on the go. taking responsibility. impel. carry oneself. SEE ACTRESS. ‘‘A musician who acting a. deputy. 1. THEATER active a. SEE ACTOR. in. repertory. apathy. matinee idol. begin. sonify. *flip the switch. movie putting up a false front. spear things than words are. Voting is activism in its simplest form. entertainer. prima industrious. action. realistic: method actor is better than well said. 5. Act–Actualize act v. tiredness. goad. actual a. real. pro. ning rod. starlet. PARTICIPATING func. temporary. 1. burlesque. stimulate. prompt. mimicry. Roget’s Superthesaurus 13 . verity. picketing. ANT. adjutant. bustling. portrayal. LIVELINESS energy. depiction. slow. extra. inactive. accomplish. 1. vigorous. cameo. impersonation. walk on than boastings. inactivity. company (stock company). *light- bard. enemy fire. realize. claim. ing. *ham it up. reach. restless. participant. publicist ies. vital. dead. perform. en. ACT deed. acting. without precedent—the power to do the passivity. commotion. 3. false. 2. authentic. secondary role: supporting actor MENT movement. PERFORMANCE IN AN ENTERTAINMENT TIME pursuit. venture. gunfire. veteran: trouper paralyze. true. freak accident. role-play. terim. tangible. silent performer: mime. ACTIVITY motion. ‘‘To seem natural rather than ist. veritable. get involved. impersonator. unforeseen pantomime. exercise. self. alert. affecting. *catalyst for change. 1. factual. ‘‘Acting is honesty. to be natural. you can fake that. enact. impersonate. COMBAT battle. accident. ment. champion. bring about. SUBSTITUTING surrogate. stillness. dramatization. BEHAVE conduct oneself.’’—Elbert Hub. undertake. provisional. alertness. THEATER lively. spirited. nary.

obsessed. add-on. codicil. in actuality. *out to lunch. evolve. ANT. *fiend. trum. sharp. SENSITIVE re. 2. astute. altering. blunt. subtract. rigid.. extension. hearty. disoriented. zealot. nut. obsession. deter. alter. adjust. similation. attachment. act out. stimulate. *dim. insurance rigid. extra. important. de facto. acumen needed to succeed in the stock market. literally. count. buff. *change one’s address n. augmentation. unbend. acquiescing. 2. alter- actuate v. crucial. enslaving. raise. as a matter of fact. retrofit. quick. addict n. cliche. motto. de. alterable. acculturate. addition. intel. aggravate. tempering. transformation. supplement. 1. judgment. flexible. fixed. acuity n. ation. add-on n. annex. heighten. 5. impel. Frank lacks the TOTAL sum up. at. fit. harden. adjoin. ANT. dependent. quickness. dullness. truly. preserva- ing. supplement. raise hell. extin. mild. heighten. 2. meant political handicaps. enslave- tive. adjustment. tion. suit. *beef up. put into motion. accommodate. ible. *kick. ‘‘Charity begins at voke. truth. act up v. talk.F. ANT. *out of it. anno Domini. change. scant. needle-like. 1. critical. clear-headed. acclimation. ANT. 1. *dopehead. lengthen. resolute. 1. additive n. supplement. stop. exacerbate. MAILING ADDRESS R. stubborn. flexi- one’s wild oats. unimportant. activate. bright. more. added. intractable. dependency. SPEECH oration. accurate and quick judgment. tense. insight. conform. calculate. vital. perceptive. shrewd. home’’ and ‘‘Honesty is the best policy’’ are addition n. *head. in the habit. perceptiveness. 14 Roget’s Superthesaurus . append. *add fuel to the fire. calcula- popular adages. maxim. *pothead. LBJ was adamant about additional a. SYN. *sow adaptive a. mixed up. stubborn. ig. misbehave. ANT. insig- ment. modifiable. rism. appendix. 4. fewer. 1. remove. truism. reckon. rouse. nificant. bend. SHARP pointed. *foggy. unyielding. extension. stupidity. boost. 2. salu- spots. addictive a. evolution. ad- ceptive. 4. robust. obtuse. variation. enlarge. wisdom. none. *numb. keenness. KEEN *freak. lecture. *throw a wrench in the works. modification. sub- SYN. computation. *acidhead. tive. decrease. rebel. tack on. [ADD ij] an old saying illustrating worsen. SYN. sagacity. perceptive. herent. 3. naivete. hardening. piercing.D. acuteness. augmentation. adjustable. obdurate. *monkey. shrewdness. craving. stupid. *cokehead. further. uncompromising. unbending. habituation. saying. hound. variable. 3. goad. addicted a. SEVERE se. supplemen- not being typed as a Southerner. *speed freak. smarts. motivate. accountant. precept. *get rolling. confused. over and above. inflexible. suffix. build on. start. agent. sharpness. bass. guish. 3. pro- some universal truth. disposed to. AUGMENTATION addendum. percep. devoted. figure. *nuts about. habit-forming. pliable. ligence. *stuck on. shrewdness. professional. modifying. discernment. dull. ADAGE n. enhancing agent. initiate. counting. *mainliner. invariable. ANT. *junkie. tabulation. ANT. fitting. apho. convert- fully. ANT. proverb. peripheral. 5. adapt v. plug. hooked. temper. ACUMEN n. axiom. imperceptive. astuteness. compute. *meth head. [AK yuh mun] mental sharpness. unrelenting. immovable. slow. accommodation. low. in fact. acuity. tation. adjunct. amplify. acclimate. attachment. ignorance. reinvent. assimilate. in reality. smart. reduce. metamorphosis. reckoning. statistician. adaptable a. discerning. orient. adapter n. carry on. connector. modify. as- nite. user. habit. adaptation n. change. addendum n. termined. grave. add insult to injury v. enthusiast. retrofit. attach. tune. urgent. conformation. INCREASE augment. transformable. ADAMANT a. because that tary. *throw a tan. platitude. letter. bewildered. insensi- *monkey on one’s back. hooking. dangerous. add v. changeable. momentous. attached. increased. reform. 1.Actually–Address actually adv. really. increase. spur. 2. folk wisdom. firm. [AD uh mant] not giving in or supplement. yielding. SEE DRUG rious.D. addled a. habituate. genuinely. accessory. alcoholism. yielding. ADD ON affix. TALLYING summation. enumerate. annex. actuary n. ble. muddled. adv. convert. befuddled. SHRILL high. devotee. adjusting. *put into gear. *space cadet. responsive. tract. adjunct. tally. in. dull. keenness. 2. zealous about. effectuate. A. flexible. sharpness. tive. prompt. in the year of the Lord. addiction n. acute a.

paste. gum. special. recess. The speaker has quire. adapt. respectable. serviceable. with. modify. HANDLE adios interj. fair. capable. con- adequacy n. entreat. mortar. name. perpetually. liever. *fake Roget’s Superthesaurus 15 . *toodleloo. ANT. straighten. 1. suspension. plas. fasten. enemy of. adjoining a. border- competence. cleave. 2. sizing. staff officer. ters. conform. RECESS rest. prove. unite. illustrate. postponement. adduce v. impulse. *toodles. enough. adhesion n. A ‘‘kangaroo court’’ is a equately. follower. continuously. ob. separate. ANT. verging. *fiddle server. bordering. close. approach. respect. proxi- cient. adjustment n. judgment. domicile. adjustable a. [ad HEER ent] a supporter or adjure v. ya. adjective n. un- address v. insufficient. *crackerjack. formable. ation. accept. tractable. apart. tune up. undertake. ANT. arrivederci. goodbye. adherence. aid. sufficiently. tune. arbitrate. critic of. fine-tune. fumbling. be contiguous to. destination. DIRECT speak to. 1. capably. adaptable. fan. at. mediate. amply. vice. auxiliary. relentlessly. modifier. court in which a case is adjudicated dishonestly adhere v. accommodating. pause. administrative sayonara. SYN. try. squaring. binder. adipose n. neighboring. satis. provide. hold or incompetently. 1. calibrate. SETTLEMENT claim. STICK affix. pause. suspend. alter. be adjudication n. farewell. hold. ing. [a DEPT] highly skilled or profi. bend. rectification. deft. connect. tacting. street number. tweak. retrofit. *crack. unskilled. SEE GOOD- consider. subordinate. ified. obligate. adieu. point adjacent a. order. liability. fit. endlessly. *wing it. practice. accustom. dexterous. *doctor. modifiable. ADHERENT n. gency ad hoc committee was formed. SYN. adieu interj. intermission. 2. able. change. adjacent. helper. condemn. accommo- years. hold. sepa. P. suitable. maintain. qualifier. compensation. [add in fuh NITE um] vention. forever. cling. provisional. keep to. assistant. An emer. cement. JOIN affix. ADJUDICATE v. advocate. cohere. out. remote. on and on. glue. *doctoring. associate. extra. Address–Ad Lib route. limitedly. neighbor- ADEPT a. changeable. sit in judgment. judge. backer. cite. velcro. BYE cus on. abutting. referee. ANT. low. juxtaposed. contact. SYN. The Congressman said ad lib v. talented. 1. quar. auf Wiedersehen. tion. [uh JOO di KATE] to judge factorily. adaption. admissible. impromptu. 3. rectify. in- AD INFINITUM adv. ing. rest. SEE GOODBYE ad lib n. adequate a. connect. command. delay. fat. pose. abutting. salute. alter- ter. ignore. acknowledge. link. expert. adjournment n. lacking. adequately adv. and settle a case. contiguous. improvise. addition. adept hands. 2. taxes would continue to rise ad infinitum. rate. okay. sufficient. stickiness. flexible. extemporize. charge. forever. intolerable. change. alterable. sticking. impinge on. attach. adjudge. enough. border. detract. fo. 2. take up. CONFORMATION fitting. deal with. distant. savvy. fast. skilled. reimbursement. SYN. farewell. adroit. tion. holding fast. connecting. opponent. adjutant n. put off. bending. de. adjourn v. not bad. assistant. able. box. been an adherent of conservative politics for adjust v. next to. sharp. decision. near. STAY hear. bumbling. determina- attached. greet. insufficiently. specific. 1. proficient. fol. confront. *offhand remark. devotee. engage in. [ADD HOK] for a specific pur. break. sufficiency. tape. neverending. satisfactory. *see assistant. square. ANT. place. ANT. au revoir. repel. ally. ANT. affirm. unsatisfactory. 1. show. endlessly. accommodation. masterful. ample. touching. inad. adjoining. cement. *stickum. as a committee. spec. inadequate. abide by. The project was finished quickly in her mate. incompetent. adios. settle. modification. come unglued. competent. supporter. stay. beside. close. AD HOC a. tolera. adjunct n. suit. write to. meeting. calibration. capability. date. be. LOCATION residence. process. decide. supplement. 2. balance.O. adhesive n. aid. unite. au revoir. de- WITH OR BE DEVOTED TO support. resin. observe. ble. stray. be faithful. 2. contiguous. pliable. ser- tractor. alongside. re- follower of a cause or belief. remunera- impromptu. verge. cling. extemporization. practiced. SYN. disciple. con- tachment. home. ABUT touch. termine. acceptably. aside. suitably. adjoin v. settlement. MOVE transfer. *card-carrying member. delay. improvisation.

1. The act was performed completely ad admissible a. commend. ADMONISH v. disciple. the point of illness or disgust. regulate. barring. on. combine. 2. ‘‘The daughter of ignorance. CONFESS acknowledge. de. ‘‘That part of the war. passage. 1. too much. revelation. revere. gate. executor. divulge. dynasty. *dressing down. hearsed. re. hide. fabricate. esteem. administrate. admit v. look up to. ANT. upbraiding. keep secret. GIVE OUT dispense. frankly. 1. bureaucrat. 3. admonition n. SYN. permissible. tendent. that immediately decays upon about his accomplishments ad nauseum.Ad Lib–Ado it. LET IN accept. devotee. ideal. 2. give. REMIND apprise. tise. headquarters. enviable. il- temporaneously. executive branch. despise. respectable. CAUTION warning. adoration. apportion. HELP ment. policy-making. blend. cess. follower. lib. GOVERNING overseeing. fan. testify. ENTRANCE entry. *fessing up. lishment. secret. blend. proper. counsel. direct. to the point of queasiness. permission. 2. legal. legislature. *fess up. concede. model after. fond. ac- ad man n. granting. admittance n. advice. to nauseating ex- Addison. repri- SEE NAVAL OFFICER mand. trouble. *foot-kissing. deny. blockage. erable. disrespect. regard. ANT. hearsed. legitimate. tion.’’— tremes. reproach. government. truth- 4. 2. mendation. low. distribute. commanding. *front office. ap. warn. let pass. conduct. bother. *take to task. 2. grant. de- control. governing body. *talking to. forewarn. regulation. overseer. ing. hail. admission n. wonderful. application. block. rebuke. exhort. bu. refuse. close. laudable. intolerable. often scoldingly. ex. divulgence. re- admiration n. sup- AD LIB a. affirma- supervise. tenure. idolizing. admiral n. *off passable. loathing. command. *come clean. tol- the cuff. ANT. worship. applause. 16 Roget’s Superthesaurus . worship. around. board of directors. confusion. *sing. SYN. administration n. REPROVAL head does the thinking. copywriter. mingle. [AD NAWZ e um] to ness. porter. 2. Benjamin Franklin. estab. honorable. berate. manager. com- proval. disclosure. reveal. impulsively. ANT. rotten. advise. giving. apply. compliment. intermix. apprisal. He was admonished leader. esteem. despicable. [ADD LIB] improvised. *bare one’s soul. *slap on the wrist. okay. operate. 3. honestly. excitement. tendence. cabinet. testimony. ‘‘A very short. position. scolding. passage. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OR administer v. bureau. check. supervisor. *spill the reaucracy. ANT. in. vamp. unrehearsed. admittedly adv. forewarn- ship which does the talking while the figure. model. praise. DISPENSATION delivery. admirer n. inform. cover-up. lawful. grant access. *play it by ear. veneration. impedi- liver. pass. ado n. 1. chas- revered. disgust. admix v. He went on lived passion. ANT. *the powers that be. beans. hubbub.’’—Ambrose Bierce. loathe. lend a hand. 1. DOOR CHARGE cover charge. *come down able. rule. unre. 1. rebuke. mixture. board. entrance fee. compliment. exceptional. disrespect. entry. legislation. provide. executive officer). fully. idolize. 2. ANT. for drinking and driving. awe.’’—Joseph to a sickening degree. *owning up. REPROVE cellent. warn. executive. respect. combination. entrance. supervision. inadmissible. ticket. superior. more than one can stomach. honor. look down on. superin. suitable. ex. governor. AD NAUSEAM adv. growing familiar with its object. commander. praiseworthy. 1. superin. running admire v. grant. admeasure v. reward. de. speak impromptu. acceptable. management. ministry. *own up. head. studied. praise. great. monstrance. *to-do. GOVERN manage. confidentiality. reproach. 2. travail. confide. superintend. put on a pedestal. serve. head. 3. SYN. *run. scold. allowed. *brass. reverence. CONFESSION admitting. 3. CEO (chief compound. *BS artist. di. ANT. bar. profession. huckster. ANT. invent. withhold. despising. advise. 1. TERM OF POWER reign. 2. *give the nod execution. chair. *on the spur of the moment. CAUTION admirable a. to. cumbency. 2. melange. dis- MANAGEMENT leadership. application. official. okay. confessedly. glorification. *paper shuffler. speak off the top of one’s head. respect. regard. permit. reward. fuss. mete out. *tell off. administrator n. commend. improvisational. partment. legal. admixture n. oversee. concealment. officiate. [ad MON ish] to caution or rector. *call on the carpet.

anchored. unanchored. back. ANT. terated with spilled oil. front. but only in retrospect. blue. doodad. flatter. junior. glorify. embellish.’’—H. [uh DULL tuh RATE] to fuse. adulation. monstrous. loan. maladroit. The adorable a. dress. sophomore. PROGRESSION progress. sweet. *brown-nosing. 2. *groove on. man. devotion. lovable. prof- ADROIT a. gush. ANT. emblazon. brick. tainer. funny. SYN. slavishness. practiced. *crack. disown. venerate. 2. ual material) PORNOGRAPHIC x-rated. loathe. push. Both are praise. adultery n. charming. 2. respect. facilitate. block. astray. be taken with. reverse. gross. cor- precious. elder. loose. put forward. repulsive. invitation. mote. *cheating. appropriate. love. stress hormone. *beefcake. contaminate. veneration. sharp. mature. come. worship. minor. rate. improvement. rity. 5. teen. [uh DROYT] mentally or physi. garnish. 1. innovation. discovery. idolization. proposal. *fooling around. dore Geisel. deify. mature person. admi. *stepping out. proficient. take on. concentrate. *apple polish. purify. don. assist. 2. puberty. immatu. despise. shun. GROWN-UP. sex. blandishment. *womanizer. stop. taint. way. 1. *sleeping around. VOTE IN select. spoil. frip. *fall all over. Koestler. *dig. go back. expert. fornicator. *Casanova. sycophancy. forge ahead. advance v. opt. 2. cation. ANT. to spoil or contaminate. SYN.’’—Har. 3. *big person. take in. ture. love. afloat. 2. demote. ANT. one’s wing. water adoration n. *move. *huggable. promiscuity. ‘‘A adulate v. blarney. impede. *climb up the corporate lad- wandering. disgusting. *skirt-chaser. re- embellishment. flattery. adorn v. ‘‘The application of democracy to for. BRING FORWARD progress. of legal age. esteem. ADULTERATE v. *hanky- praise. spangle. use. *dim. cute. worship. bedeck. developed. adulate. dressing. 3. son. terful. once pristine waters off Alaska have been adul- captivating. make head- adrenalin n. move pery. old Leslie. grounded. step down. *put on a pedestal. re. take. insult. recommend. forward. fer. adulterer n. promote. adulteress. juvenile. 3. ignore. *sweet sixteen. wages. hero-worship. finery. look up to. *feet-kissing. adoration. trimming. beautify. fumbling. cuddly. choose. 1. deposit. obscene. unfaithfulness. idolize. clever. 1. *God’s gift to women. pubescence. toady- who has reached the age of dissent. *playing around. frills. *teenybopper. prepayment. decoration. disrespect. ratify. *brown-nose. high school age. offer. quicken. move up. kind of emotional seasickness. *lady-killer. 1. exaltation. mother. free-floating. ANT. thority figure. Greek god. orphan. ornament.’’—Theo- approve. Donatello was an adroit sculptor. aimless. infatuation. affection. PREPAY deposit. HELP hasten. praise. ground. au- assume. hero worship. adult a. drifting. depreciate. ration. poi- ANT. debase. adolescent n. PROPOSE suggest. ruin. admire. devalue. aid. progress. ing. pollute. experienced. der. of age. go. lady. ANT. foster. espouse. reverence. minor. stable. trinket. 4.’’—Arthur fawn. seasoned. honor. Roget’s Superthesaurus 17 . 1. irresistible. at the age of consent. TAKE IN ANOTHER’S CHILD take under graphic. retain. at the wind’s will. astute. adornment n. cunning. employ. dexterous. ishing. directionless. down. forni- adore v. *awkward years. FORWARD MOVEMENT progression. reject. support. adulation n. *stud. aged. ‘‘An obsolete child. childlike. gain *fight or flight hormone. teen years. infidelity. SELECT OR TAKE UP adult n. mas- adolescence n. *carry a torch panky. breakthrough. affair. youthful. epinephrine. worship. 3. propel. ANT. *kiss feet. development. philanderer. proceed. cally skilled. lovely. FLIRTATION over- nish. step up. defile. headway. Adonis n. repulsion. revere. adopt v. (Pertaining to explicitly sex- *heartbreaker. ANT. youth. despising. ripe. grown-up. Adobe–Advance adobe n. trapping. darling. raise. back. degrade. surrogate. gentleman. teenager. shun. ornament. cherish. bauble.L. make impure. 4. deft. worshipping. talented. dirty. deco. derelict. ASCEND IN RANK pro- adrift a. PAYMENT loan. junior high years. detract. fawn- *bobbysoxer. *apple-pol- youth. juvenile. *wolf. appealing. ahead. sanction. exaltation. youngster. *dreamboat. love. bumbling. clay. nimble. *hunk. father. *spit on. *cheat. ANT. immature. Mencken. denature. front. revulsion. spruce up. woman. submit. skillful. advance n. trim. ‘‘One ing. admire. disrespect. *swinging. rupt. gar. festoon. continue. further. disgust.

blessing. ADVERSITY n. puffery. behind. boon. ‘‘An outlaw . The game was cancelled due to ad- advance man n.’’—H. trailblazer. ANT. daredevil. advantageous a. advertisement n.’’— CHRIST Second Coming. demise. commercial. ing. market adventuresome a. advertising low-priced item: bait and ANT. assistance. off in the ring. hype. . fool. impose upon. heralding. adventurous. ‘‘The science of arresting the human ing. . setbacks. opportunistic. onset. Nervous Nellie. touting. 1. risk-taker. rival of. daring. claim. tout. *up. forth. handles advertising: account ex- adventurer n. milque. tune. friend. harmful. liability. publicize. detrimental. appearance. per hand. ally. bold. slow. venturesome. favorable conditions. asset. calamity. able. pro. harmful. SYN. adverb n.G. advantage. ADVENT n. 2. unfavor. . 1. bad weakness. ANT. disadvantage. [ADD ver ser ee] an oppo- progressive. unfortunate. publicist. hostile. development. accounts. THRILL-SEEKER explorer.Advanced–Advertising advanced a. George Orwell. cutting edge. RELIGION advertising n. SUPERIOR forward. dare. suffering. nent or enemy. distress. foe. head start. misfortune. pitious. SYN. Incarnation. luck. ANT. press agent. aid. safari. flyer. AHEAD. protagonist. COMING arrival. unpropitious. drumming up. thrill-seeking. rise. ing. 2. profit. use. un- favor. ANT. The two adversaries squared avant-garde. *wide-eyed dreamer. pitching. hazard. plug. risk-taking. the thing you WORD FIND will to occur. 1. promotion. classified ad. promote. ing. help. green. sell. editorial-like newspaper ad: advertorial thrill-seeking. yond. SYN. hard times. placard. bill. prudent. venture. 2. enemy. ‘‘The art of making venture. circu- SYN. lence: Clio entrepreneur. publicity. or even for profit. addresses of potential customers: mailing list buckler. ANT. hunt. rush or invading a country . hard- ANT. ahead of the times. *armchair adven. opportunist. selling. geste. higher. advantage n. hero. leading edge. favorable. opportune. modifier. notice. disaster. Adventure must start ambitious presentation: dog and pony show with running away from home. pro- advection n. backwards. *light years ahead. danger. positive. award for radio and TV advertising excel- tor. leverage. for the best. hand- was met with skepticism. aggressive style of selling: hard sell turer. lar. ANT. 1. SUPERIORITY edge. ship. 1. PROGRESS breakthrough. favorable. stick-in-the-mud. jingle. [ad VUR sit ee] hardship. GETTING ON IN YEARS aged. publish. switch 18 Roget’s Superthesaurus . opponent. injurious. consumer group serving as guinea pigs: test toast. 1. heroine. seasoned. *ace in the hole. puff. broadcast. oppos- ation. soldier ecutive of fortune. peril. SEE CHURCH. it. plug. versity to succeed in his profession. contestant. 2. harmful. transference. inopportune. bad. experienced. ‘‘The coming. venerable. enterprising. partner. unfavorable. ADVERSE a. dishonest touting of high-priced item after hardy. beneficial. rival. romantic. enterprise. ad. THE COMING OF rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket. odds. The advent of television in the 1920s blurb. intelligence long enough to get money from trek. negative. adventure n. quest. 1. push. [ADD vent] the coming or ar. trouble. ad run in selected locale: spot ad Don Quixote. obsolete. pushing.’’—Katherine Anne Porter. *killjoy. difficulty. swash. spot. ballyhoo. SEE OLD competitor. broadside. inno. gradu. *hired ad company: agency gun. *leg up. ballyhoo. take v. exploit. propitious. expedition. SPECULATOR gold-digger. voyager. end.’’—William Bolitho. beneficial. auspicious. ‘‘Legalized lying. Wells. ‘‘Something you seek whole lies out of half truths. proclaim- risk. advancement n. ease. [ad VURS] unfavorable or young. *armchair ad. profit. catchy phrase or lyric: hook. knight. 1. slogan homebody. expedient. death. liberal. undertaking. odyssey. inves. beginning. herald. fortunate. cautious. good for- able. ADVERSARY n. *step on. precocious. pioneer. escapade. . mission. even by its inventor. hyping. fortune hunter. pirate. display ad. voyage. exploration. 2. pitch. wanderer. *cliffhanger. advertise v. out. ANT. gambler. advert. developed. handicap.’’—Edgar for pleasure.’’—Stephen Leacock. 2. ill-fortune. be. antagonist. conflict- vation. verse weather conditions. like a gold Shoaff. He overcame great ad- BENEFIT gain. PROMOTION move up.

give a word dinner. romance. aerial a. skyward. ket: rollout pleader. liaison. affair n. function. [es THET ik] pertaining to royalty paid to performer each time ad runs: beauty and that which is pleasing to the eye. fill in. ugly. gorgeous. SEE RADIO. concern. report. activity. hint. The senator was an advocate for senior turb. AIRBORNE airy. LOVE AFFAIR affaire d’ amour. affaire de coeur. oppose. plead liminal advertising for. puffery. party. kit aeronautics n. opponent. intimacy. connoisseur. 1. nasty. dilettante. caution. abettor. 2. gymnastics. to the wise. illustrated ad in paper or magazine: display AEGIS n. tion. intangible. beauty. ‘‘Always a confes. vocate. back. dis- son. soiree. auspices. product: teaser n. wind exer- print publicity: ink cises. and the deeper it sinks into. easy-going. 2. benign. hint. suggest. beautiful. ad. SYN. detractor. SOCIAL FUNCTION advise v. ANT. She advocates equal rights. 1. [AIR ee] nest. propagator. defend. defender. *dancer- promotional material given to media: press cize. stir. point out. champion. event. uphold. gala. tool. tip. sociable. hinged ad boards worn over shoulders: sand. 2. *workout. NOTIFY inform. admoni. cold. recommendation. approachable. *fling. warning. notice. [EE jis] sponsorship or protection. implement. aircraft navigation. incident. affect v. consideration. 1. *thing. ac- good word in: plug tivist. tip. [AF uh bul] easy going and nice advice n. 2. melt one’s heart. ANTENNA. the mind. heavenward. 1. perch. hyperbole: hype. grounded. change. black-tie affair. amiable. stand up for. perturb. forewarn. 1. ANT. backer. home. 3. ballyhoo adz n. plant in audiences to help sell: shill up and away. tery. warm. dwells upon. [ADD vuh kate] To support hand-distributed ad: handbill a cause or a person. New York cluster of large ad agencies: Madi. by land. lawyer. by air. exhort.’’—Coleridge. ANT. protection. evoke. pleas- trademark design: logo ing to the eye. SYN. endorse. tryst. propagate. ANT. suggestion. lookout. good- ‘‘Like snow. advisory n. TELEVISION AFFABLE a. supporter. critic. good advice. speak for. schooling. rendezvous. SYN. guidance. UNREAL imaginary. ing. recommended. the softer it falls. cardiovascular exercise. rence. cham- free item. patronage. impact upon. fight wich board against. presentation: pitch aerobics n. activist. SYN. business. supernal. atmospheric. adul- advisement n. pre-ad that arouses interest in upcoming ethereal. pluck at the heartstrings. ANT. let know. spon- multimedia sales effort: campaign sorship. aircraft design. artistic. promote. nice. down-to-earth. warm speaks for or supports a cause or another per. graphic design. hidden ‘‘buy’’ messages in advertising: sub. quality by consumer: testimonial AESTHETIC a. art lover. the longer it natured. word to talk to. one’s heart. MATTER happening. operation. criticize. 3. espouser. recommendation. INFLUENCE sway. conditioning. TOUCH ADVOCATE n. art head: art director ADVOCATE v. calisthenics. espouse. citizens’ welfare. sexual relationship. friendly. *chummy. sion. admonish. son Avenue by aircraft. aircraft construc- public relations: PR tion. *cut to the Roget’s Superthesaurus 19 . SYN. stand-offish. proponent. doing. counsel. COUNSEL recommend. forewarn. advisable a. *buddy-buddy. impress. She was an affable woman who fit to the wise. act on. direct. educate. clue in. visionary. ad The new emission regulations were presented mail advertising: direct mail under the aegis of city authorities. congenial. mission: sniping aerie n. in well with any social group. unattrac- writer of ads: copywriter tive. inducement to buy: premium pion. direction. support. 2. stir. get-together. ax. thing. fanciful. up. residual Mark made an aesthetic appraisal of the archi- telephone advertising: telemarketing tecture. Advice–Affect expansion of ad campaign beyond test mar. touch a nerve. posting ads on public structures without per. celebration. guide. wise. occur- good counsel. ally. [ADD vuh ket] one who THE EMOTIONS move.’’—Emile Herzog. affirmation of product’s aesthete n. *to-do. opinion. aloft.

inclination. acted upon. word. affiliate v. posture. warmth. plenty. association. penchant. SEE mannered. show. authentic. prey ship. AFFECTATION n. fake. 3. handicap. *going Hollywood. confirm. assertion. flat- network. ANT. ness.. sincere.S. pique. disband. annoy. torment. abun- sidiary. firm up. ANT. insult. relation. torment. injury. display. affection n. lent. *nut. *poor as Job’s turkey. rile. POLITICS unchanged. *flush. *loaded. astray. luxury. distress. tack on. *hit home. staple. loathing. declaration. so. sister. disgust. gift. tery. aficionado n. ANT. regard. quota system. suf- affectionate a. 1. LIKING. barb. *shot. subdivision. ADD append. plentiful. tenderness. afield adv. Americans. doting. avowal. opened the employment door for many African impressed. SYN. fortune. 1. curse. scourge. peer. dant. close lest. [uh FRUNT] to insult or offend. *sham. ANT. 20 Roget’s Superthesaurus . opportunity. swearing. counterpart. remove. similarity. adopt. associate. *cross to bear. opu- to the media contradicted his affidavit. afflict v. hardship. true. relieve. irritate. devoted. annex. 2. aloof. rich in material belongings. His cultured speech was *swear to. lack. pose. *touchy-feely. part. *swipe. affection. [af uh DAY vit] a written ANT. AFFIDAVIT n. deposition. SYN. ANT. kinship. as in employment. 2. mony. alliance. precious. oath. a close relationship or similarity injure. hatred. ing. please. untouched. unnatural. ANT. destitution. 2. away. well-to-do. offend. fond. treatment. ANT. *filthy rich. Children have a natural affin. bent. connection. join. slur. uphold. attest. only an affectation. ANT. INFLUENCED impressed. norities. provoke. *Oscar AFFIRMATIVE ACTION n. bless- ing. preten. friendly. anti-discrimination program. feigned. Affirmative action has upon. airs. calamity. feeling. incorporate. Also. illness. The affluent residents of Beverly Hills are sworn statement. beset. giving. subtract. fering. fair treatment. testimony. lence. aversion. sworn report. affiliate n. AFFINITY n. put-down. 2. unaf. predilection. licitous. GOVERNMENT. plague. wealthy. unmoved. affluence n. affliction n.Affectation–Afield quick. riches. loving. offense. act. cold. opulent. 2. compli- ity for junk food. ASSUME make a pre. *Hollywood. impoverished. real. relationship. pain. sensuous. ing. SYN. SEE FAN likeness. ally. *B. destitute. pos. ANT. He was sorely affronted. *team up affront n. *soft spot. put on. There was a peculiar affinity ment. down to earth. affirmation n. unde. burden. on. connoisseur. insult. bountiful. declare. swayed. *lovey-dovey. gall. 2. rich. plague. dissimilarity. membership. slight. pester. fake. wealth. harm. dig. counterfeit. 1. tion. bother. devotee. ture. mannerism. attempts to prevent discrimination of mi- affected a. fel. disrespect. fix. declaration. adversity. dis- between things. flatter. moved. cold. confirma- tiousness. fancy. stirred. warmed. heartened. validation. [AFF loo unt] wealthy. vali- or unnatural behavior. pose. leaning. assumed. well-off. assert. branch. His statements AFFLUENT a. SYN. tices. affiliation n. insist. ARTIFICIAL phony. misfortune. incorporation. ANT. slight. demonstrative. weaken. 1. sub. connect. *full of it. moneyed. associate. brother. poverty. AFFRONT v. feign. vouch. warm. mo- tude. 3. [AF ek TAY shun] phony affirm v. impacted quotas or other means. written testi. tender. [uh FIN uh tee] attraction. hurt. break up. band. *crack. distressed. fondness. compliment. performance. trouble. 3. feel. fraud. burden. scatter. godsend. friend. pretense. trouble. ATTRACTION fondness. 1. ANT. hurt. attempt to impress. studied. SYN. *fat. off the beaten track. feelings. injure. par- tense. bind. member. union. TOUCHED perturbed. a policy which performance. fair hiring prac- contrived. fasten. unfasten. unite. partnership. ATTACH stick. profess. equal tious. preten. detach. RELATIONSHIP connection. balanced agitated. tiality. prosperity. opu- monstrative. between Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun. torture. profession. abundance. reverse discrimination. cool. compatibility. low. out of bounds. show-off. through hiring changed. attachment. nect. prosperous. SYN. studied manner. fanatic. often displayed in an date. affix v. enthusiast. resemblance. stirred. 1. con- fected. lik. proclaim. solici. connect. network. repulsion. adulate. statement made under oath. torture. *rolling in dough. love. devotion. with. agitate. denigration. *well-heeled. follower.

glue. ium. adoles- afoot a. startled. Masai. ripen. bug-eyed. tree: cola. quiver. develop. anx. back. 1. calm. green. horrified. baku. means. lessen. slow down. jumble. Swahili. Afloat–Aggravate afloat adv. Kenyan. again adv. son. once more. proctor. fresh. cendiary. vok uh TUR] an agitator or instigator. infancy. worn. goggle. irk. bliss. frozen. wonderstruck. Bantu. enlarge. perpetual. shocked. astonished. shaky. faint-hearted. ples. result. saucer-eyed. ANT. *add fuel to the STATE OF AMAZEMENT dumbstruck. majority. cence. elderly. immortality. minimalize. kraal broker. repercussions. An. LATER afterward. SYN. sassy. 1. executor. 1. opposite to. kaross. after prep. hereafter. age n. heighten. mitigate. mature. leery. fallout. sea- *scared stiff. *rub the wrong way. fire. maturity. advanced. corporation. puff up. BEHIND preceded by. Hausa docket. about. vintage. ANNOY gasted. SEE FEAR OLD AGE. tembe schedule. attach. blow up. lineup. [a zahn pro after a. courageous. Negro. astern. aftereffect. salesman. membranes. declining years. decayed. paralyzed. age v. rabble-rouser. Gabunese. simoon voy. 2. Botswanian. *the great beyond. Nigerian. 1. increase. get them in trouble. program. Pygmy. ANT. intensify. tooth. placenta. middleman. front. inflate. ‘‘[Something that] doesn’t mat- ious. expand. venerable. *rub it in. repeatedly. humor. selah. 1. SEE OLD. up and about. planning. subsequent. aged a. at sea. heaven. adhere. Unknown. grassland: veldt AGENDA n. spark. Tunisian. ‘‘It takes about afraid a. agglomeration n. decrepit. calendar. weather. *yank one’s chain. OLD-FACED afresh adv. ANT. POWER auspices. ANT. Sudanese. gold region: Rand medium. infinite. middle age. anew. work. adulthood. cool. deteriorated. wood: ebony. era. Zambian. SEE ANTIQUE. office. tured. weathered. terrified. firm. astir. stad. grow older. operation. ter unless you’re a cheese. exasperate. dele- bumbo. old. extend. the water. gamdeboo gate. ‘‘To take in sail. OPEN gaping. desert: Sahara. past one’s prime. *sau. frightened. follow. action. phase. OLD. kola. thereafter. 1. pile. baobab. exacerbate. Hamite. *fan the flames. in- eyed. millen. in search goad. Senegalese. by-product. alarmed. flabber. MAKE WORSE worsen. peacemeaker. looking for. en- wind: simoom. Libyan garment: tobe. gathering. activity. aggravate v. provoke. youth. duration. agape a. *long in the opian. span. Moroccan. 1.’’— panic-stricken. outcome. proxy. join. moli. ANT. fearless. wake. collection. *rattle one’s cage. against prep. OLD-FACED ian. 2. Libyan. mass. ten years to get used to how old you are. eternity. abaft. Namibian. relieve. con- dance: juba cern. 2. once more. century. Egyptian. functionary. can. hut: kraal. ageless a. afterbirth n. one ing. fore. in- of. period. mover. PERIOD OF TIME generation. FORCE power. advocate. jumpy.’’—Billie Burke. *miff. deputy. vex. Algerian. pacify. 2. rile. rattled. village: dorp. waste cer-eyed. influence. exaggerate. on point. [uh JEN da] a list of things to house: tembe be done. Ethi. AGENT PROVOCATEUR n. instrument. cycle. stick. agglutinate v. Negroid. adrift. black. timeless. apprehensive. old as Methu- golan. Zulu. year. South Afri. ageless. deflate. again. bushman: Qung bureau. heap. effect. Ghana. away. following. wide open. Bushman. SEE HEAVEN aftermath n. in pursuit of. 2. Roget’s Superthesaurus 21 . cluster. fearful. calm. teak cause. go-between. seasoned. handler. instigator. aft a. contrary to. company. in who tries to provoke others into action and back of. 3. REPRESENTATIVE assignee. ripened. irritate. *sweating bullets./adv. agitator. DOER actor. consequence. ORGANIZATION department. language: Bantu. anew. STAGE season. SEE TIME ing. *bug. or adv. shrink. floating. lifetime. ma- African a. unseasoned. What’s on your agenda today? SYN. means. *wide-eyed with fear. aggrandize v. ANT. scared. deepen. haik operation. minority.’’—Emerson. itinerary. *one foot in the grave. troublemaker. 2. WORD FIND agency n. afterlife n. mechanism. tableland: karoo agent n. 2. Kalahari. *spooked. eternal. *chicken. *piss off. Ugandan. flame. epoch. Tanzanian. list. *rip. offshore. ruffle. mellow.

troubled. move. freethinking. disturb. suffer. coincide. disbeliever. agnate a. supple. belligerence. euphoria. distress. accepting. dull. devoutness. nimble. bance. dis. apathetic. Agnostics believe nothing beyond culture. cism. horror-struck. oafishness. upheaval. *jump on. *high octane. 1. FARMING sharpness. faithless- aggressor n. pleasurable. 22 Roget’s Superthesaurus . turning. dexterous. expectant. attacker. offensive. urban. tor- basketball player darted past the defense to score ment. eager. instinctual disposition in man .’’—Thomas Huxley. deepening. agnomen n. wronged. troublemaker. initiator. bounce. clumsy. churn. vigor. pushy. blend. com- agitate v. suppleness. whole. agog a. stay awake ANT. injured. cluster. Eugene Brussell. offender. quiet. fight. SEE NICKNAME pugnaciousness. liveliness. rustic. pacifying. bliss. sorrow. ‘‘An innate. ANT. agility n. rural. lively. rabble-rousing. grant. [ag NOS tik] one who believes dent. aggression n. growing. undisturbed. . shall not say he knows or believes that for aggrieve v. skepti- trespasser. correspond. becalming. pugnacious. *mover and aggregate n. be of one mind. ANNOYANCE irri. fluster. dexterity. 2. raider. 1. ANT. lithe. dis- cent. lessening. amenable. instigator. agreeable. assailant. 2. ‘‘One who doesn’t enterprising. so loudly in case God might hear him. consent. peaceful. total. timid. nights. becalm. ANT. sprightliness. churning. excitement. wind up. stunned. HOSTILITY offensive. unperturbed. ponderous. ATHEIST lazy. ANT. enthusiastic. combativeness. freethinker. provocateur. agricultural. 1. *pain. relieved. slight. persistent. shaker. radiant. faith. plea- deft. excited. stirring. in. side with. 1. BOLD OR COMPETITIVE pher. PLEASING acceptable. oafish. domineering. rabble-rouser. closed-mindedness. light-footed. nasty. senes. nimbleness. pastoral. doubter. active. which he has no grounds for professing to offend. *bal. hurt. over. agree. make turbulent. agonize v. jibe.Aggravation–Agreeable aggravation n. inflammation. 1. unobjectionable. agnosticism n. wilting. tous. skeptic. getting old. torture oneself. felici- flame. CONSENTING conforming. 2. DIS. SEE RELIGION turbed. liking. commotion. agitation n. differ. SHAKING OR MIXING stirring. know whether God exists. wrong. disturb. 1. assertive. misery. grapple. blitzkrieg. the winning basket. improvement. believer. terrified. AGNOSTIC n. tossing. provocation. keen. but is afraid to say bitious. ANT. unacceptable. ing. 2. spark. quar. turbulence. stew. invader. ANT. come to terms. concur. invasion. agitator n. chist. torture. inflamma- tion. ANT. comforted. jolt. agape. TURBANCE arousal. SEE RELATED ness. [AJ il] nimble and quick. ASSAULT attack. ignite. believe. brisk. passive. tion. 2. 1. hurt. atheism. quick. ANT. agree v. akin. delight. SEE AGE agreeable a. am. anar- mix. SYN. ineffectual. turmoil. laid-back. doubting. ANT. ANT. 2. . ANT. ANT. faithful one. tensification. pacify. dissenting. quieting. lief. monize. passive. ‘‘Simply means that a man stigator. dolor. SYN. citified. accord. distress. rebel. de. mellowing. declining. appalled. struggle. struggle. appealing.’’— ous. affliction. hassle. pain. suffering. vexation. light-footedness. doubting Thomas. it that it is impossible to know whether or not constitutes the most powerful obstacle to God exists. *see eye to eye. nui. distressed. har- aging n. *square with. offended. keenness. violent. *go-getting. quickness. adroit. in. cynic. sure. in accord. be- aggrieved a. aghast a. reliev. ness. dis- incite. agrarian a. The agile agony n. worry. indepen. arouse. writhe. deepening. aglow a. discomfort. clumsiness. bouncing. maturing. oppose. assembly. offensive. accede. bother. excite. mind. attack. injure. dis. ANT. forceful. militant. wound. shining. 2. indifferent. fall in line. 2. SHAKE OR MIX stir. afflicted. *headache. anxious. inflamma. toss. WORSENING exacerbation. 1. initiate. sance. ANT. lsy. inciter. EMOTIONAL DIS- tation. *pain in the ass. the material world can be known by the human aggressive a. good. *sweat bullets. SEE AGRICULTURE. ANT. jolt. lose sleep over. sum total. pale. ness. combative. mild. disbelief. wearing out. to one’s TURB EMOTIONALLY shake up. shocked. SEE RELIGION. brood mayed. 2. AGILE a. distur- magnifying. fret. 2. stir. pleasure. plying. 1. *thorn in one’s side. composite. spry. trouble. mass. bleed. provoker. atheist. slowness. exasperation. HOSTILE belligerent. philoso- relsome. violence.’’—Sigmund Freud. obnoxious. raid. incendiary. likable. wounded. aggress v. 2. sprightly. seasoning. in. horrified. FARM. assisted. firebrand. pressed. thinker.

ANT. afflicted. support. flameout Roget’s Superthesaurus 23 . aid n. intention. aerospace. lend a hand. help. televise. accession. level. go for. arrangement. benefit. SEE ATMOSPHERE. falling out of sky due to low air speed: stall NESS faster than speed of sound: supersonic. haphazard. aloft. illness. BROADCAST trans. *chopper. di- dence. SEE SICK exhaust trail in sky: contrail ailment n. broadside wind hazard: crosswind aide-de-camp n. fan. distress. drive on ground: taxi ailing a. WIND late-night flight: redeye air v. 2. agribusiness. assistance. ad. compatibility. 2. expose. Grumman Gulfstream. air hole causing sudden drop: air pocket vanced. 1. man. service. assistant. husbandry. SEE Rockwell Sabreliner. balloon. AC. fly- *meeting of the minds. measure. try for. fronting. green identification light on right side: star- air n. accordance. board light ozone. 1. air washed behind: backwash. blimp. DISEASE disturbed air: turbulence ail v. serve. Boeing 707-757. AERATE ventilate. support. abet. baggage and passengers: payload *right-hand man. bargain. boom aide-de-camp. AC. air traffic jam: stack tancing. fluid-based controls: hydraulics focused. af- double-winged craft: biplane flict. forward. appearance. pain. human immunodeficie- detracted landing gear and flaps: flying clean ncy virus. aide. stuck fast. assist. airliner. CORD conformity. cockpit: cabin immune failure. oblige. before. stran. rigible. ultralight. ice accumulation: icing AFFECTATION pose. goal. grounded. aura. contract. nitrogen. HTLV. *egg beater. understanding. cargo. *whirlibird. purposeless. ashore. pointless. aspire. 3. desultory. ANT. SEE SICK. hy- aim n. zero in on. automatic flying system: autopilot tribute. 2. SEE MEDICINE. high-speed wind stream: jet stream attitude. Learjet. in flight. airplane. haughtiness. back. approach to airport: approach. 1. WORD FIND ahead a. adjutant. benefit. con. SST. flap on trailing edge of wing: aileron. aching. helicopter. freshen. benevolence. in front. immunological disorder. upset. ANT. pretense. sky. gas. disorder. beached. agronomy. aircraft n. glidepath aid v. *right-hand man. Cessna Citation. consensus. eye. leading. long body portion: fuselage cize. flying. sickness. officer. compromise. agriculture n. pitch in. correspon. pact. ANNOUNCE PUBLICLY publi. hurt. profess. understanding. altitude measuring device: altimeter kindness. cov. aground a. zeppelin. let out. stray. personic aim v. 1. behind. wandering. 3. crop-raising. deal. affliction. sexually course: flight path transmitted disease. foremost. malady. plan. confess. single-seat aircraft: ultralight cool. draw a bead on. assistant. flight data recorder: black box ing. deportment. in the clouds. bother. ing machine. *in the wild blue yonder. air conditioner n. loss of engine combustion during flight: mit. directed. international flight route: corridor ner. uniformity. prop wash. POINT direct. purpose. ill. posture. HARMONY. Airbus. 2. UFO. BEARING manner. climbing stunt turn of 180 degrees: chan- AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome. oxygen. outdis. contribution. drifting. trouble. blower. delle disease. airship. object. descent: spoiler intend. flashing white lights on wingtips: strobes aimless a. target. cooler. jet. lighter-than-air craft. airfoil train. flying saucer. air. STD. human T-cell lympho- distance required for safe landing: rollout cytotropic virus. Agreement–Aircraft agreement n. help. slipstream helping hand. dry. FARM. Douglas DC-10. DIRECT flap that slows aircraft or increases rate of ONE’S EFFORTS shoot for. FARMING Concorde. atmosphere. secretary. enant. ded. preceding. WRITTEN OR ORAL CONTRACT airborne a. illness. cultivation. farming. light. cover over motor: cowling crash-land in water: ditch WORD FIND dangerous wind condition: wind shear virus causing: HIV. boom after exceeding speed of sound: sonic aide n. welfare. rearward.

DIRIGIBLE distress call: mayday airs SEE AIR electronic jamming: music air sickness n. one aircraft flight: sortie gation system. A-4 Skyhawk. Federal Aviation totanker. sequence flashers. radio-guided landing system: microwave strafing landing system airborne early warning system: AWACS tower personnel: air traffic controller altitude code for thousands of feet: angels turnoff lanes off runway: rollout lanes bombing over large area: carpet bombing wind direction indicator: wind sock bombs: eggs SEE AIRCRAFT. code: physics behind flight: aerodynamics purple pitch and roll display: artificial horizon target position in relation to aircraft: clock radio landing aid: microwave landing system code position raise air pressure: pressurize UFO assumed to be enemy: bogey rapid. B-2 Stealth Bomber.Air Force–Air Strike lowest possible speed before stalling: critical gravity suit: anti-g suit speed group: echelon. wish to land. AIRPORT . F-105 Thunderchief. bombing run. ground traffic directors: marshallers ROCKET. uncontrolled descent: dive. barrette command. MISSILE. escadrille. dog fight. luggage carrier. pilot’s weather and route info center: flight WORD FIND service center air attack: air strike. overseeing agency: FAA. vertigo. runway. code: pancake motorless plane: glider missile fired. wall that shields passengers from jet turn: bank exhaust: blast fence UFO: bogey centerline landing. dizzi- emergency takeoff: scramble ness. landing strip. loading and refueling area: apron 7 Corsair. airstrip. motion sickness. C-5A Galaxy. loran over land. oxygen deprivation over 12. ROCKET . AIR FORCE. code: popeye perfect landing: three-point landing suspected carrier of nuclear weapons. code: feet wet opposing wind during flight: headwind radar confusers comprised of metal foil. A-10 Thunderbolt. air assault. KC-135 Stra. dolt. SEE MORON sideways motion caused by wind: crabbing airplane SEE AIRCRAFT speedometer: air speed indicator airport n. code: splashed air strike n. F-14 Tomcat. fire upon enemy aircraft: engage carpet bombing. F-117A Administration Stealth Fighter. spin unmanned reconnaissance craft: drone red light on left side of craft: port light SEE AIRCRAFT. SPACESHIP guide lights leading to airport: approach Air Force n. code: feet dry nose forced up or down by wind: pitching over water. roll and yaw caused by wind gust: Dutch roll NAVY rollover stunt: barrel roll airhead n. tail flap controlling up and down movement WORD FIND of craft: elevator ascent area beyond runway: clearway tail flap that turns craft: rudder baggage conveyor: baggage carousel triangular wing: delta wing barrier. takeoff strip: runway unmanned.500 feet: hyp. Sl. maintenance crew: ground crew F-15 Eagle. A-6 Intruder. stunt flying exhibition: barnstorming aerodrome. AC-130 Her. air power. F-101 off-runway waiting area: holding bay Voodoo. strips dropped from air: chaff oxia reduced visibility. 24 Roget’s Superthesaurus . bombing run. AIRPORT. wing maximum altitude according to weather information gathering: reconnaissance conditions: ceiling landing. airfield. BALLOON. radio-controlled craft: drone control center: control tower vertical stabilizer at tail: fin driveway leading on or off runway: taxiway workshop. P-3 Orion. squadron. air defense. idiot. strategic air lights. shelter: hangar glassed-in enclosure in control tower: cab SEE AIR FORCE. jetport. bombing. enemy shot down. assistant: skycap cules. A. DIRIGIBLE. F-4 Phantom. strafing. SATELLITE. Harrier. C. maintenance and aircraft shelter: hangar 141 Starlifter. air base. F-16 air combat fighter. B-52 Stratofortress. code: fox away navigation computer system: inertial navi. nausea.

estrangement. witchcraft. 1. on alarm n. space creature. open. signal. 2. 1. aisle n. solid. non-alco- germane. ANT. the overweight people in the audience. quickness. *on the ball. imperme. signal. magic. blast. (also known as). asleep. Those who believe the world will end alien a. signal. dissociation. He accepted his nomination for beauty problem drinking. [uh LAK ri tee] eager willing. alarum. alarm. distress. even though. fermented. alert a. wary. 2. from the alba. scare. Any seemingly magical pro- less. liquor. *wino. defense. *hip. SEE BEER. noncitizen. alcoholic a. alias n. equations. alien n. astonish. sealed. 1. [uh LARM ist] one who over. true. agnate. tross that brought bad luck after it was shot ALIENATE v. diaphanous. FOREIGN strange. *John Barleycorn. resembling. soft. gossa. magician. in vogue. niche. load.’’ Water. unite. lane. unlatched. ALCHEMY n. ANT. local. reacts to a situation and spreads alarm need. remote- book. intoxicating. alcohol dependence. trepidation. alcoholism n. bell. ready. tocsin. startle. excuse. *rum ION. thin. hard. Cassandra. lining Roget’s Superthesaurus 25 . ANT. inform. stout. ery. alcoholic n. scrapbook. 1. lance. flaw. the search alignment n. familiar. distilled. vigilant. active. LAR like. native. alias. substance abuser. 1. DRINK. distance. habit. solvent. also known as. in fashion. outdoors. FRIGHTEN shock. to turn one ‘‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. STYLE hound. plea. corridor. ness. LIGHT delicate.k. *hard stuff. psuedo mer. transmutation. in fresh air. alcohol n. mathematics. call alert n. SEE PEN NAME ALARMIST n. readiness. sharp. sheer. and hung around the Mariner’s neck in to cause another to withdraw. 2. 2. off. in style. chic. cess. make flush. shut. prophet/voice of doom. vaporous. comatose. reluctance. enthusiasm. intoxicant. nook. reassurance. atten- ment. alcove n. tion of ordinary metal into gold. lessly. shut out. ANT. addiction. odd. refugee. AT learned the company was something on a par HIGH ALTITUDE lofty. chemistry. SYN. distance.a. a. ness. separation. ANT. fer. astonish. pseudo sciences involving the transmuta. ale n. outlandish. assumed name. aline. SYN. calm. a la mode a. watchful. panic. Chicken Little. ANT. caution. *souse. kindred. line up. identical. es- den. sorcery. ALERT siren. noncha. spirits. ordinary. ANT. anxiety. algebra n. disaffection. illegal alien. to arms. SYN. bay. *bar fly. ness. unfamiliar. holic. [AL kem ee] the medieval alight v. for a cure-all medicine and an elixir to in- able. align v. horror. 2. alfresco a. outsider. *with it. level. alchemist n. SEALED TIGHT hermetic. otic. 2. ANT. inebriative. sturdy. SEE MATHEMATICS ALERT warn. INVULNERABLE. tross] used metaphorically to symbolize a *little green man. *in. The investors quickly bailed out when they airy a. hor. 1. FEAR shock. whistle. come between. panic. bower. metic. arouse. nore. alienation n. miscellany. walkway. *lush. alibi n.a. notify. *the sauce. reservation. ventilated. crease lifespan. SYN. SYN. substance abuse. isolation. flight response. on guard. ethereal. keen. wizardry. beer. COCKTAIL. pretext. ajar a. ALACRITY n. bur. apprehension. recess. folder. MOONSHINE. SEE FASH. stranger. His crude fat jokes would always alienate gate was Richard Nixon’s albatross. woe. RELATED kin. *turn off. ANT. pseudo science.k. *booze. note. *sot. willingness. *boozer. scaremonger. sound. eager. reassure. analogous. [AL ba TRATERRESTRIAL spaceman. citizen. pseudo scientist. hesitance. 1. arith- rify. problem drinker. math. mis. 1. a. 3. trange. Airtight–Alignment airtight a. withdrawal. wide-awake. anthology. open. EX- ALBATROSS (around one’s neck) n. fashionable. tocsin. ex- soon are generally brushed off as alarmists. black arts. *joy juice. *firewater. alert v. horn. soothe. land. *out to lunch. straightening. explanation. black magic. stifling. fight or tive. lively. 2. although. alarm v. terror. alcohol contest judge with great alacrity. nave. terrify. cross to bear. WINE akin a. with alchemy. drunk. 1. SIMI. millstone. [AY lee uh NAYT] to estrange. positioning. ig- albeit conj. otherworldy creature. disengage. FOREIGNER immigrant. calm. spiritous. album n. lager. warn. settle. one’s toes. vor. ANT. *cover story. turn away. light. warning. burden of guilt or disgrace. drunkenness. BREEZY windy. distress. disgrace. passageway. impregnable. stylish. *rummy. separate.

spirited. partnership. in. 2. confederacy. mete. complaint. SEE OKAY 2. *give the go-ahead. tribute. inclusive. put to rest. UNION joining. support. disloyalty. put up with. animated. associated. identical. no holds crimination. hay fever. incomplete. us meet the budget. assertion. diminish.Alike–Allure up. vivacious. LIVING vital. all a. united. apportion. soften. multifaceted. animate. 3. subsidy. allergic a. appeal. amalgam. pense. refer to. averse to. SEE VERSATILE allergy n. adjustment. multifaceted. lessen. specialized. prohibit. lethargic. fine-tuning. stipend. allay. lessen. related: crocodile. ADMIT ac- ticularly without proof. quiet. make an allusion to. ous. federated. attest. cut. suage. indict. association. contrasting. charge. like. all-or-nothing a. totality. grant. parcel. attraction. tolerate. refuse. allocation n. set aside. covenant. similar. assign. statement. multitalented. temptation.’’—Arthur Baer. slothlike. LIVELY alert. *graveyard shift/duty. sighting. lead and tin: pewter allergen n. sluggish. 1. lowance. allot v. [AL uh KATE] to allot or dis- and every. affiliated. WORD FIND all n. el lagarto animate. unionized. nonfunctioning. appropriate. designate. sole. ANT. ANT. total. organic. appropriation. par- authorize. earnings. entice. plan for. allude v. measure. everything. intensify. allowance n. ANT. sooth. dead. fascinate. tion. SEE ALLOCATE slake. joined. accuse. corresponding. deal. lighten. 2. incomplete. allot. bid. consortium. pay. alive a. each ALLOCATE v. part. charm. calibra. nify. assert. bait. mention SEE MEDICINE in a roundabout way. league. child support. independent. 1. entire. mirror images. devotion. confederate. accomodating. PERMIT let. in. contribution. aversion. every. complete. parable. fidelity. allotment. ease. sensitive. reptile. ration. half-hearted. insinuate. imply. alleviate v. ‘‘Disinterest. total. federation. lay the child’s fear of the dark. incriminate. *alive allied a. ALLAY v. support. irritant. compound. 1. 1. disobedience. disparate. crocodilian. caiman *bag and baggage. compounded annu. give. extreme alergic reation: anaphylaxis allure n. *gator. passage. copper and zinc: brass tale. declare. assauge. ANT. slake. ANT. alligator n. bustling. mete. support payment. 2. ANT. acquiesce. friendship.’’—Walter McDonald. obedi. for- charge. claim. diverse. percentage. [uh LEJ] to make an assertion. SEE INTACT. copper and tin: bronze. state. immune defense. allure v. The babysitter hoped a bedtime story would al. barred. amalgam- port. share. energetic. hypersensi. unlike. comprehensive. distribution. existing. dust mite. all-out a. contract. approve of. story. maximum. 26 Roget’s Superthesaurus . complete. set aside. complain. 1. ration. SYN. amalgamated. suscep. reduce. moral. deny. ALLEGE v. mitigate. lane. recom- ragweed. indictment. (Spanish). alleviate. allegiance n. allotment. locate. versatile. all-nighter n. deadend. abate. portion. derstanding. entirety. aggravate. pur- alloy n. all-purpose a. dander. ANT. SEE THOROUGH allow v. vibrant. complete. WORD FIND *dance around. vigor. claim. ra- foreign substance. affirm. 2. un- a dead horse. clusive. relieve. WORD FIND ence. SYN. ex. beast. ANT. suggest. reject. blend. mixture. hypersensitive. susceptibility. alley n. carbon and iron: steel betrayal. sensitivity. as- tion. The board will allocate funds to help all-around a. ANT. affilia- alimony n. unyielding. tible. ease. concede. reduce. whole. mag. ation. immune sensitive. earmark. WELL tivity. share. none. lessen or relieve. [uh LAY] to quiet. magnetism. uncompromising. attract. dole out. accusation. tion. alike a. pewter allegory n. whole. cul-de-sac. bubbly. We allege that Ralph knowledge. pollen. insinuation. kindred. charm. 1. hint. heighten. mitigate. allotment n. *redeye. alliance n. immune trigger. limited. each. fable. myth. some. ALLOT al- took the last cookie. ANT. distribution. al. evening. coalition. ANT. comparable. allegation n. antigen. cooperative. distribute. walkway. assign. loyalty. treaty. SYN. allocation. intensify. ‘‘Buying oats for MENT pact. ration. *give the green light to. 2. and kicking. fascination. ANT. AGREE- ally. all right a. red blotches: hives sex appeal. exacerbate. union.

over the length of. fitting. charity. virtually. *solitary told. forever. 1. sual remark. seductive. combination. se- cally. acolyte. selfish- was strangely quiet and aloof. self-centered. adaptation. [uh LOOF] distant or remote. ALTRUISM n. ANT. alternative n. ANT. 1. in toto. cern for others. tempt. audible. partner. pick. alloy. private side. all-powerful. all alienated. alms n. ANT. alternate n. mobbed. double. kindness. revise. humanitarian. always adv. surrogate. perpetually. charity. thropy. alternate v. ticing. greedy. LONE solitary. mixture. giving. parallel with. bewitching. philan- along prep. of one’s personality. publication. keep. suggestion. hearted. charitable. dispute. shift. altercation n. nut. high. associate. invincible. altogether adv. open. colleague. philanthropic. SEE FIGHT collaborator. the all-powerful. already adv. ca. ness. 2. Alluring–Amalgam seduce. an implication. altitude n. verging. ANT. switch off. adjust. companion. detached. magna- side. captivate. vacillate. generator. approaching. tarianism. airborne. alluring a. modification. ANT. regardless aloft a. doppelgänger. assistance. replacement. unselfish. ANT. magnanimous. tempting. lentlessly. yearbook. lonesome. affiliate. pal. amalgamation. hu- ciable. *row. falling out. *tiff. beguile. selfish gain. SEE CHARITY ing. humaneness. ad- ence. ble. attendant. fit. ALTER EGO n. friend. furthermore. unaccompanied. *to boot. OUS temporarily. backup. wholly. in addition. previously. ‘‘It was the best of times. alone a. as talize. just about. big-hearted. tantaliz. solo. totally. alternator n. granting that. alpestrine. captivating. a close friend or almanac n. attractive. notwithstand- aid. frosty. helper. charming. supreme. also adv. unremittingly. well. Roget’s Superthesaurus 27 . nally. omnipotent. shrine. ing. change. although conj. unfriendly. unsurpassed. foe. lofty. selflessness. backup. welfare. Also. soul mate. powerless. handout. substitute. well-nigh. Almighty. the Supreme Being. SYN. distant. it was the worst of times. DARK SIDE. cold. fascinating. revision. remote. bickering. unso. mane. before now. dole. blend. infinitely.’’ SYN. ANT. unapproachable. piggishness. seating. beforehand. never. modify. ANT. SEE MOUNTAIN. humanitarianism without incomparable. hint. ANT. [AL troo IZ um] unselfish con- without equal. option. stand-in. dis. entirely. closed. cal. abandoned. by now. second. compound. isolated. SEE GOD *buddy. inference. contribu. almond n. constantly. 1. lure. benevolence. ineffectual. ANT. annual. change. moreover. greediness. id. har- ally n. implication. SIDEKICK. 2. benevolent. amend. length. absolutely. everlasting. re- tinctly. change. liked dogs. reserved. nau. confederate. silently. standoffish. utterly. like a lone wolf. Hitler endar. repelling. [ALL ter EE go] another side enemy. chilly. ANT. as an oyster. mention. of. the n. [a LOO zhun] an indirect refer. singular. rotate. height. completely. amalgam n. altar n. en. ‘‘Disregarding one’s ALOOF a. quarrel. alteration n. and. wrangle. tan. mony. Everyone has an alter ego. substitute. alter v. friendless. donation. choice. loudly. beguiling. reference. flying. ordinary. invulnera. along. close to. Creator. forecaster. benefaction. high. *at arm’s altruistic a. beside. practi. friendly. in spite of. repulsive. grouped. Anonymous donation is a rare crowded. fight. *run-in. unparalleled. argument. unceasingly. SYN. platform. nimity. take turns. confidante. even though. cold- warm. table. peace. skyward. chum. PEERLESS unique. inaudibly. SEE ELEVATION separate. shift. almost adv. correc- Dickens when he said. kind. counterpart. *words. amendment. common. SYN. squabble.’’—Eugene Brussell. He own cause. cool. magnetic. reciprocate. desolate. altar boy n. irresistible. ALLUSION n. reform. almighty a. SEE SOLITUDE 2. eter- alpine a. intelligibly. lection. selfless. kernel. nearly. maintain. *stuck up. humani- *dime a dozen. albeit. correct. selfish. aloud adv. plus. companion. tion. big-heartedness. tion. adversary. He made an allusion to justment. comrade. form of altruism. adapt.

collect. confused. *lightweight. encircling. assemble. industrious. bumbling. gastronomical delight. dis. certain. jump. SEE POLITICS. milieu. ‘‘Nets to amalgamation n. aromatic. ENTERPRISING aspiring. ANT. rectify. *sashay. inex. fumbling. ANT. 2. astonish. 28 Roget’s Superthesaurus . aspiration. edit. sexual.’’—Johann Goethe. *ho. desire. aggres- amateur n. delegate. as mud. divine. mend. fix. We could ameliorate environ- mood. undecided. tion. prodigious. *wow. striving. target. 1. adroit. professional. toothsome. emulous. get about. He was amenable to uous statements in order not to offend anyone. atmosphere. amble v. surprising. IMPROVE better. two ways about it. unequivocal. difficult. fit for the gods. hoard. mixed or contrasting attitudes. emis. uncertain. unclear. handed. 1. *get up and go. corrupt. ANT. food fit for a king. turned off. eager. unbelievable. rescue vehicle. dabbler. bewilder. bewilderment. un- professional. surroundings. ambush n. prodigious. DRIVE determination. mental degradation by limiting population. hunger. ambassador n. ANT. stunning. medical transport.’’—Ambrose Bierce. *hoof. wish. move about. great actions. goodwill ambassador. plicitous.’’—John Webster. tractable. separate. astonishing. un. enveloping. neophyte. with his ability. of two amatory a. ANT. ambuscade. hackneyed. electrify. watering. ambidextrous a. dubious. cle. incompe. vacillating. novice. closed-minded. dream. amazing a. setting. incredible. integrate. re- clear. climate. DE- lic nuisance who confounds his ambition MANDING formidable. spirit. improve. alter. lump. SYN. diffuse. waylay. ramble. mixed. obscure. ANT. erotic. astonishment. CHANGE revise. awe. environ. spread. pliable. stockpile. relieve. open. disperse. taxing. fascination. shuffle. virtuoso. AMENABLE a. agent. surprise. diplomat. heap. awesome. upgrade. indecisive. sary. tasty. amateurish a. cor- encompassing. SEE YELLOW blind. lay. acquire. wide-eyed wonderment. sponsive or agreeable. unwilling. emergency vehi- astounding. blend. ameliorate. ambulance n. correct. *go-getting. *curl one’s hair. heavenly one over. com. mend. pile. [uh MEN uh bul] willing. tyro. skilled. disagreeable. scatter. merge. ambush v. inept. motivated. fuse. unpolished. walk. wonderful. dis. pièce de résis- amazement n. fix. make better. divide. certain. jolt. ANT. oriented. exac- AMBIGUOUS a. goal- man. contradictory. SYN. wonder. tance. step. aggravate. combine. fascinating. attack. 1. 2. gold. skillful. amend. ambience n. unprofessional. *booby envoy. worsen. conflicting. have ambivalent feelings about abortion. hazy. delicacy. fragrant. sweet-smelling. inert. fascinate. GOAL amass v. accumulate. mugging. lustful. ANT. rookie. hard-driving. equivocal.Amalgamate–Amend amalgamate v. ‘‘A pub. representative. concrete. hum. consolidate. initiative. ing. correct. hiding place. slothful. [uh MEEL yuh RATE] to ment. muddled. hungry. nothing special. age. mined. ANT. surrounding. switch hitting. du. revise. SEE AMALGAM catch the wind. nonprofessional. ANT. mix. ambitious a. second-rate. passionate. *no amorous. master. gather. assault. loving. dam- ambition n. *bushwack. SYN. stun. transform. lazy. cooperative. worsen. cover. or more meanings or interpretations. rough. striving. amber a. save. disgusting. *squirrel away. dilet. *clear obedient. Many people tent. flabbergast. SYN. ambrosia n. motiva- pound. tante. questionable. sloth. ambrosial a. ardent. AMELIORATE v. consul. heavenly. ‘‘The wings of unite. boring. settled. enterprise. *bush-leaguer. *mo- amaze v. simple. amend v. aim. savory. zealous. two-handed. shocking. insipid. [am BIG yoo us] having two erbate. delectable. ANT. aura. compile. sey. amble. ANT. marvelous. ANT. AMBIVALENT a. Politicians often make ambig. apathy. minds. sensual. [am BIV uh lent] having perienced. 2. sive. assault. *meat wagon. air. unskilled. hard-working. avid. shock. SEE WALK dumbfound. left. 2. ambient a. saunter. 1. acquiescent. lofty. change. *blow one away. mouth- belief. stroll. make better. indefinite. surprise attack. food of the gods. league. laziness. indifferent. deter- perse. clear. will. romantic. confusing. *bowl epicurean delight. ANT. demanding. rapturous. *high octane. rect. surprise. vague. surprise. delicious. distasteful. shock. range. cool. ambulate v. GOVERNMENT trap. polished. humble. *bush. wavering.

turn down. of a political nature. refinement. erotic. taken. ter amplify v. AGGREGATE total. pills. askew. total. GUN. unpleasantness. *beef up. damnation. 2. congenial. crony. relationship. cordial. roomy. nation. soul mate. without form. discord. antisocial. vague. lenience. heighten. copi- dolier. ABUNDANT sufficient. AMNESTY n. among. *crank. *touchy- by goodwill. ordnance. seductive. *speed. cartridge with no projectile: blank ANT. Roget’s Superthesaurus 29 . bullets. 2. ANT. condem- mass. 1. faulty. rudeness. friendship. addendum. out. *whole shebang. maga- amelioration. bullet-holding belt worn over shoulder: ban. granted amnesty. exemption. absolution. mis. okay. dangerous fragments of: shrapnel *crank. distinct. magnify. amiable sort. nign. aggressive. *horny. land Bierce. mass. one shot: round ment. friend. *buddy. brotherhood. SEE DRUG ammunition n. adjunct. enough. tender. ANT. ample a. peace. ANT. defined. SEE BOMB. volume. ADDITION modification. good. crea. pardon. group. in a physical or sexual way. be. ANT. 1. zine revision. *turned off. sidekick. SYN. liaison. The war resistors were convenience. correction. United States. 1. unfriendly. IMPROVEMENT betterment. The dolphin has always been seen as a middle of. immense. *pep standing. shot. politeness. SYN. good. boost. unfriendly. among prep. som buddy. 1. supplement. [uh MOR fus] shapeless. ANT. ance. *tabs. friendly. analeptic. sum. cramped. WAR. turn up. shapeless. amnesia n. bare neces. amour n. *truck drivers. extensive. awry. augment. amicable. *dexies. *pal. harmony. tiny. peaceable. count. produces: tracer crease. AMOROUS a.S. excusing. Abstract art is sometimes com- nasty. cartridge belt ous. too expensive to punish. 2. approachable. carnal. companion. MISSILE. extra. munitions. character- amigo n. romantic. en- cast-iron balls: grapeshot large. SEE FRIEND amount n. goodwill. specific. going. SYN. gracious. COMFORT nicety. romance. WEAPON amenity n. plenty. measure. lavish. amidst. huge. *turned on. increase. geniality. amid. explosives. especially natured. *ammo. ANT. often ners. *hot. QUANTITY number. 1. wrong. *uppers. *bennies. nastiness. passionate. Amendment–Amplify amendment n. friendly. sensuous. [AM nes tee] a pardon. affable. fugue. SYN. formless. harmonious. good-humored. insufficient. inade- case of projectiles fired from cannon: canis. diminish. people. outlined. fun-loving. bottom Amish n. 2. fellowship. 2. recompense. incorrect. frill. attach. warm. quate. BOMB. NUCLEAR ment. amiable. ment. amid prep. hostility. *screwy. ANT. U. sexual.. They came to an amicable agree. ARENA grenades. reform. amity n. repulsed. stockpile of ammo: munitions dump rider. theater. land of oppor. less. [AY mee uh bul] friendly. immunity. gun’s bullet-storage receptacle: clip. courtesy. [AM i kuh buhl] characterized lustful. small. antagonism. crystal.’’—Ambrose tunity. reparation. discomfort. SEE shells. luxury. atone. alter ego. accord. pleasantry. correct. nation. 2. intensify. more than adequate. forgetfulness. amphitheater n. upgrade. Feeling amorous. affair. AMICABLE a. coliseum. ANT. loving. fling. sentencing. man. out of place. demonstrative. amiss a. cold. apology. drug. New World. ture comfort. agreeable. AMORPHOUS a. materiel. memory loss. tryst. [AM uh rus] loving. pletely amorphous. under. undefined. sociable. bountiful. affectionate. wagon that carries ammunition: caisson amends n. clemency. LARGE spacious. *bo. neighborly. affable. right. BULLET . *STP. between. forgiveness. capacious. ‘‘The state’s magna- sity. likable. 1. nondescript. congenial. canisters. de- glowing trail across sky. dalli- inappropriate. restitution. nebulous. redress. PLEASANTNESS agreeableness. going. chum. easy. country. *in the mood. commo- WORD FIND dious. line. ci. in the natured. amphetamine n. AMIABLE a. arms. concord. the couple retired to the bedroom. Anabaptist sect. feely. strengthen. ANT. facility. improper. restricted. amidst. stimulant. vility. SYN. gallery. nimity to those offenders whom it would be America n. in.

prototype. mordial. heredity. violent. pariah. pain reliever. agitator. talisman. 1. supplementary. pier. small: kedge. order. wharf. heaviest. cat. examine. kinship. roots. 1. tickling. distracting. auxiliary. SEE AGE. release. tion. THE DAMNED the accursed. mooring. ‘‘A lamp to posterity. zany. father. A television appearing in a Victorian anchor n. broadcaster. moded. inquisitive. review. larity. archaic. rebel. OLD. sever. 1. occupy. breakdown. ancient a. antedilu- analytical a. lop off. diversion. as a telephone in the history. dock. critical.’’—Sallust. *a precursor. anchorage n. principal. study. insurrectionist. vian. released from the bow: bower goof. moor. out- tive. grim. fe. dissimilar. ancillary a. ‘‘[One who] may want his neighbor androgen n. 2. forefa- 1700s. *square peg in a round WORD FIND hole. [a NAK ruh niz em] a ancestry n. ANT. an- to be governed. stone: killick ANALOGY n. venerable. dissect. harbor. evalua. homologous. lawlessness. helper. SYN. successor. nihilist. entertainment. analysis n. 1. adjunct. tickle. study. incongruity. framework. immemorial. anchor person. masculinizing hormone. cog. review. ICINE 30 Roget’s Superthesaurus . entertaining. rioting. Also any thing or person considered thers. congruous. structure. grapnel. collapse of authority. ANT. investigate. imprecation.’’—Jean De Menasce. distract. 2. break down. disorder. the amusement n. 2. amusing a. anchorman n. SEE MED- to be governed. 2. outdated. beguil. dence. elder. ludicrous. procreator. widespread looting and anarchy. cloy. lineage. kedge ing. pri- tion. old. fix. ‘‘A metaphysical trick to deceive our condemnation. and order. SYN. foolish. whimsical. play. early. se- novel would be an obvious anachronism. weigh analgesic n. hormone. jocular. historical period. game. steroid. test. hoist: cat. but he himself doesn’t want drosterone. correspond. good luck piece. investigative. skeleton. damnation. flukeless type: mushroom anchor nate. anesthetic. lationship. background. fresh. fun. light anchor used to free ship run aground: analogous a. FUNNY hilarious. heritage. ANT. [AN ar kee] chaos. stock. ing. weary. correspon. like. organization. aged. SEE TELEVISION tion. ANT. mayhem. fossilized. charm. dull. [uh NAL uh jee] A comparison SEE SHIP between two similar or dissimilar things.Amputate–Androgen amputate v. in. condemned. excommunication. parentage. assay. subordinate. depress. port. fam- person. cheering. cheer. originator. correlation. droll. revolution. lence. OLD AGE terpret. prime. timeworn. prehistoric. tur- tish. *old as the hills. SEE OPERATION absence of government. interpretation. assay. anatomy n. re. ANT. idea or thing placed in the wrong ily tree. akin. difference. 1. hook. pastime. dissection. young. 2. offspring. lies. plea. mooring. regale. boring. news coordinator. prongs: flukes round. ing. terrorist. ANT. confusion. similar. newscaster. examination. investiga. denuncia- sport. anathema n. FOREBEAR forefather. 2. bore. test. cut off. comparable. landing. simi. windlass agent. hold. antecedent. curity. heretic. opiate. ble-rouser. disorder. testosterone. safeguard. secure. CURSE ban. PREDECESSOR splitting. vant. support. ser- anarchist n. anchor v. ANT. blood. accessory. misfit. ANT. painkiller. moil. progeny. entertain. analyze v. somnolent. ancestor n. bless- anguish. distraction. forerunner. engrossing. genitor. primitive. de- depressing. interest. radical. be. rab. side. killick opposite. vio- amuse v. contemporary. sure. evaluate. likeness. ANT. dissimilarity. antiquated. *jol. diverting. ANACHRONISM n. bedlam. different. OCCUPYING absorbing. ANT. numbing hoisting rig: capstan. main. villain. The riots brought amuck adv. law guile. new. resemblance.’’—George Bernard Shaw. engross. evalua. proscription. and speaking ability. amulet n. anchorwoman. merriment. silly. put to sleep. *fish out of water. primeval. weigh an- There is an analogy between self-confidence chor. stability. *laughs. dismember. scream. composition. semblance. chaos. revolutionary. oversight. divert. ascendant. enjoyment. ANARCHY n. pro- comical. progenitors. excise. berserk. outcast. remove. pedigree. the blessed. 1. SYN. mistake. scendant. sad. wild. equivalent. grapnel. comparison.

seraph. *huffy. pain. run-down. petulance. heavenly. mouth-shut look. *ozone. annoy. inci. anecdotal a. right angle. *piss off. hing with indignation. *teed off. demonic. suffocating tigue. 2. dear.’’—Ralph Waldo Emerson. *stir up. *hot. *purple rain. artery-widening procedure. eyes sharpening. [an DRAW juh nus] ‘‘Momentary insanity. immor. ether. ethereal. hal. fury. knee. snarling rage. devilish. ing. wrath. . angle n. *tee off. keep-your- temper. *popping one’s cork. PERSON sweetheart. *monkey dust. annoyed. *having a hemorrhage. gall. SEE FISHERMAN angel n. rankle. cath- ble. eyes blaz- que. warning look. *mad as a wet hen. *star dust. conniption fit. SEE ANGRY dite. ing one’s face. glower. holy. indignation. fatigued. red. *cadil. demon. chlorosis. devil. darling. iron. WORD FIND *rattle one’s cage. or anger v. doll. spasm of irritation cross- soreness. enraged. *in a angel dust n. crook. *conniption fit. rile. peeved. chaste. angina n. underwriter. *blowing a fuse. *bellowing fire and brimstone. numbness. *crystal. scowl. iron deficiency. *raise one’s hackles. blow up. bristling. mad. archangel. listlessness. WORD FIND anger n. devil. venomous. chafe. passion. Androgynous–Angry ANDROGYNOUS a. contempt. *spitting mad. *meal ticket. anemia n. ANT. SYN. HEAVENLY BEING cherub. *full of angelic a. 1. supporter. please. ANT. weakness. *hot under the collar. administrators of the Divine beneficence to- *steamed. Robert Ingersoll. vexed. pi. wrathful. opiate. irritation. *bend out of shape. *get a rise dental. *steam. rage. spleen. *gone ballistic. embit- person with these qualities: androgyne ter. eyes bulging from Roget’s Superthesaurus 31 . dark. placate. position. Gabriel. robot. guardian angry a. *seeing lucinogen. huff. out of. venom. analgesic. bitter. cross. piercing look. ANT. spirit. irked. sneer. again. rankling. reflex angle. *make blood boil. senger. robust. bitterness. viewpoint. listless. inci. WONDERFUL provoked. lovely. berserk. fum- honey. weary. patron. indignant. *having a cow. euphoric. gleeful. divine. anesthetic. *having a benefactor. bristle. ANT. pain. limited in scope. tated. procedure. frenzied. ‘‘A wind having male and female characteristics. phencyclidine. *burning. . displeased. infuriated. virtuous. angioplasty n. afresh. face flus- ent degrees. *angel hair. ing with disgust. displease. iron-poor tickle. blood. murderous rage. tale. *pissed. *hot and lac. OPERATION anesthesia n. *miffed. out- male. stony expression. *ticked off. *bent out of shape. rabid. Facial expressions and body language: rage. radiant. ‘‘The dispensers and enflamed. *sugar daddy. feebleness. sketch. umbrage. explosive. enrage. unisexual. *blowing a gasket.’’—John Calvin. *slow burn. calm. saint. Raphael. bow. antago- android n. anesthetic n. narcotic. *in a DRUG tizzy. rage. obtuse angle. irk.’’—Horace. acute angle. incense. *tick off. infuriate. snit. animosity. ANT. nettle. righteous. 2. cross-sexual.’’— Many rock stars dress in an androgynous man. nettled. beautiful. soporific. mad. . irate. ting rage. angler n. scorching look. incensed. SEE deficient. on one’s nerves. goodwill. languor. *sore. tal. *mad as a hornet. ner. burning. 2. fallen angel. *throwing a nutty. story. virulence. *piss and frown. hermaphro. withering glare. which blows out the lamp of the mind. infuriation. character *make one hot under the collar. ward us. standpoint. *in a lather. slant. bisexual. vertex. *get one’s dander up. volcanic. *yank one’s chain. *dander. narrative. saintly. fiery. ing murderously. angina pectoris. POINT OF VIEW perspective. surgical repair. eterization. pacify. snarling seraphic. provoke. *having a fit. Procaine. characterizing. glee. irri- angel. irritate. affection. automaton. wan. ANT. jerk. spiritual being. SEE bothered. vignette. pallid. gall. *stewing. lips curl- vinegar. smouldering eyes. galled. 1. resentment. divine mes. ANT. fa. snarl. spit. *spitting tacks. anecdote n. placated. illustrative. bastard. *having a hissy fit. painkiller. livid. SEE HEART anemic a. illustration. inflame. colorless. *stew. account. *burn one up. cherubic. ire. annoyance. insentience. fee. anew adv. analgesia. Sl. *miff. 1. once more. pleased. level stare. *get dent. FINANCIER backer. nize. piss and vinegar. PCP. 3. pale. eyes narrowed with vexation. out. drug. el- loss of feeling. *magic dust. crushing pain. *boiling. spiritual. ill feelings. weak. BEND curve. madden. raging. female. epicene. ‘‘[Anger] boils at differ.

discon- ness. pain. sorrow. pleasure. incorporate. tachment. game. hatred. angst. flaring. page 33. face lit with bitter ‘‘Man in a stage of arrested development. at- der. scavenger. elbowed. gay. suffering. collector. map. kill. [AN uh MOSS ih tee] feel- gibber. distress. voice thick with tagonism. vigorous. bunch fists.Angst–Annotate their sockets. then pur. voice tinged with menace. breathing. denizen of the forest. lifeless. obliterate. af- voice rising an octave. After breaking the ice. add. tebrate. scrawny. uneasiness. animus. new wing. spindly. vein throbbing at temple. cornered. BRUTISH HUMAN pig. gesticulating furiously. liquidate. Speech. forebod. invertebrate. crazed look. blurt. quadruped. huff. anniversary n. annu- husky/hoarse. lips contorted grotesquely. crush. speak with bit. dead. quicken. hoodlum. history. hard insinuation. storm out. predatory ex. 1. annex n. stimulate. unyielding jaw. shriek. fume. hostility. love. annex v. life- scream in exasperation. resentment. quickly became animated and then drunk. varmint. 2. *Neanderthal. beast. peace. thun. als. LIVING ORGANISM beast. active. roar. intepret. uninhibited. spew out the words with malicious glee. dread. anguish n. stock. ver- ridges. sadness. 32 Roget’s Superthesaurus . knit. bark. lively. unite. depression. rage. dynamic. an- voice rising hysterically. 1. misgiving. spare. vivacious. ANT. snort. lean. pet. teeth gritted. hatred. herbivore. SYN. fat. accounts. ing out chin defiantly. nullify *wipe off the misery. lively. voice tone: grind out the words be. grief. gusted resignation. ungulate. The dictator threatened to annihilate ing. [AN uh may tid] full of life. voice dripping with spite. enliven. face turning red. speak animation SEE SPIRIT. stomach SEX knotting. nervous. [AN o tayt] to add notes or bony. join. smiling maliciously. lanky. ANGST n. the party-goers mutter peevishly under one’s breath. they pass no criticisms. ACTIVE animated. bitterness. blues. splutter. vitalize. mock in a snivel. gloss. SYN. creature. stick. nostrils animal magnetism n. breathe life into. append. Authors sometimes annotate edi- anorexic. records. SYN. a certain amount of animosity toward the tax lows. animate v. SYN.’’—George Eliot. ex- animal n. demolish. detach. carnivore. pant. croak. MOTION PICTURE in ragged bursts. sputter. voice ascending to animus n. ANNOTATE v. sibilate. veins in neck standing out in livid den. ANT. feelings. sniff. ing singsong. ANIMATED a. wipe out. hiss. mammal. ing to a guttural rasp. 1. cry. fection. presence. ANT. rolling one’s eyes. 1. anxiety. spit out the words with contempt. lips pursed with Christian Morgenstern. ANT. 2. ill will. free-floating anxiety. annihilation n. arro. yammer. comments. history. addition. en- with brutal detachment. SEE ANIMOSITY a murderous falsetto. exterminate. chronicles. utterly. merge. enmity. speak in grudging tones. growl. ergetic. SEE HOLIDAY doglegged. stiff. fleshy. agony. ALIVE living. dispirited. ted brow. boom. Fortieth birthdays often fill people with nect. the rebellious town. sluggish. vital. 2. invigorate. gantly impassive. speak lively. addendum. tween clenched teeth. RAWBONED gaunt. beast of bur- ple. veins hypnotic attraction. ANT. mentate. jeer. SEE WAR joy. connect. tight. commemoration. [uh NIY uh layt] to destroy ness. MALS 2. speak with grave deliberation. pression. ANT. vigorous. ‘‘Agreeable friends—they ask no questions. charm. woe. ANIMOSITY n. ener- ter resentment. beefy. decimate. SEE INDIVIDUAL ANI- suppressed fury. voice degenerat. face pinched. especially that accompanied by unhappi. SEE in neck swelling dangerously. voice growing annals n.’’— triumph. BENT crooked. dynamic. sex appeal. maunder ings of hatred or hostility. pound. taunt. ANT. bending. less. demolition. tranquility. animate a. gized. ANNIHILATE v. hoot. 1. eyes raking the room. See chart. vermin. torment. wail. lifelike. speak in stentorian bel. plump. dislike. full of life. straight. elucidate. dead. stalk out. flat. archives. calm. footnote. dolor. aura. SEE DESTRUCTION angular a. tions of their books to add clarity. [ANGKST] a feeling of anxiety. destroy. apprehension. looking about wil. SYN. speak in strangled tones. grumble. spirited. dly. skeletonlike. snap. wooden. charisma. critter. clip one’s words. registers. ill will. stammer with activate. It’s normal to feel into one’s shirt. euphoria. com- 2. attach. throwing up hands with dis. notate.

irritate. broadcaster. notify. annoy v. Annotation–Annoy animal (continued) WORD FIND Animal Group Male Female Young antelope herd buck doe kid ass herd/drove jack jenny colt/foal badger cete boar sow cub bear sloth boar sow cub bee swarm/hive drone queen buffalo herd bull cow calf camel herd/flock bull cow foal/calf cattle herd/drove bull cow calf/heifer deer herd buck/stag doe fawn dog pack hound bitch puppy/whelp elephant herd bull cow calf elk gang bull cow calf ferret business dog bitch fish school/shoal fox skulk vix vixen cub frog army/colony tadpole goat herd/tribe billy nanny kid goose gaggle/skein gander goose gosling horse herd/stable stallion mare colt/foal/filly kangaroo troop joey leopard leap leopard leopardess cub lion pride lion lioness cub monkey troop/tribe moose bull cow calf mouse nest mule span/barren/rake otter dog bitch ox herd/drove/yoke pheasant bouquet/covey pig litter/herd boar sow piglet/farrow/shote rabbit nest buck doe bunny rhino crash seal herd/pod cub sheep drove/flock ram ewe lamb sparrow host squirrel dray tiger tiger tigress cub toad knot turtle bale whale gam/pod bull cow calf wolf pack/rout dog bitch cub/pup/whelp annotation n. state. proclamation. voice. crier. anchor man/woman. broadcast. *bug. trumpet. bother. commentary. heralding. *deejay. annunciate. note. announcer n. footnote. reporter. ex. proclaim. planation. trumpeting. Roget’s Superthesaurus 33 . emcee. notification. publish. declaration. trumpeter. her. statement. elucidation. disturb. declare. *voice-over. ald. pester. announce v. broadcast. herald. newscaster. announcement n. voicing.

invalidation. medicine. forecast. surprised us all. song. was an antecedent of the Model T. retort. [uh NOM uh lee] an abnormal. foresight. mordial. ing. look forward to. mous. clash. strange. romps. unknown. anticlimax n. organ. repeal. ante n. out- unidentified. conception. oddity. antecede. pill. stunts. apprehend. odd. incognito. *come back. answer v. album. gall. shenanigans. REPLY acknowledgement. flood. penicillin. inconsistent. ANT. unsigned. antecedent a. sulfa drug. 2. order. bet. end up in divorce court. templation. devia. primitive. resolution. antechamber n. responsible. uncredited. The buckboard on. opposition. anthology n. 1. rancor. retort. rivalry. elimination. PREVIOUS food aversion. accountable. first. after. [uh NOM uh lus] strange. normal. typical. ANT. song of praise. thin. adversary. predating the bibli- exception to the rule. ity or irregularity. abolish. pre-Civil War. sulfonamide. *yank one’s chain.. antecedent. forward. rejoinder. ratify. antebellum a. Husbands annual a. nettle. neurosis. ANTECEDENT n. quirk. ampicillin. old. The board voted to annul several tle one’s cage. antic(s) n. SERVE drug. SEE DRUG. and wives who antagonize one another often annuity n. disputant.C. CINE ANT. showcased. anterior a. give feedback. irritate. antibiotic n. deviating. ruffle. hall. FORE front. collection. consecrate. SYN. irk. rectify. quent. feedback. histori- cellation. satisfy. outmoded. posterior. nullification. void. SOLVE explain. harmony. *get on one’s nerves. predate. same old thing. An anomalous July snowstorm ANT. the war. prior. REPLY acknowledge. SYN. early. ANT.Annual–Anticlimax *get under one’s skin. yearly. secret. rankle. pri- anonymous a. remedy. colleague. SYN. *rat- invalidate. pass mycin. nullify. con- rival. dated. ment. bless. antiquated. much 34 Roget’s Superthesaurus . eating disorder. Paleolithic. anger. perennial. 2. atone for. usual. emaciated. foreknowledge. rarity. preparation. invalidate. anorexic a. pre- the norm. ill will. former. abnormality. psalm composition. named. cate. early nineteenth century. 1. ANTAGONIZE v. friendliness. qualify. foolishness. tetracycline. late. answer n. previous. ANT. discord. *comeback. sense spotlighted. prehistoric. abolish. with hostility. smooth things over. ANT. eliminate. fore- ANOMALOUS a. pseudony. SYN. dread. expect. payment. soothe. predict. rub oil came before or previously. pay for. atypical. regularity. compendium. departure from the norm. cal. erythro- measure up. cancel. quirky. another. jokes. irregularity. 1. back. ANT. drug. foyer. SEE BULIMIA before. precede. tomfoolery. envision. very old or antiquated. subse- place. nameless. ANT. ment. precursor. miscellany. A snowstorm in Florida is ANTEDILUVIAN a. treatment. foe. antenna n. chafe. ANOMALY n. streptomycin. omnibus. INSECT APPENDAGE feeler. lobby. runner. rescind. medi- BE ACCOUNTABLE own up to. animosity. pre-war. muster. cation. tricks. allowance. *rabbit anorexia nervosa n. 1. ir. ANT. treasury. ancient. wonder sible. stake. counter. estrange. cal flood. unexpected. [an TAG uh niyz] to rile vex. digest. amoxicillin. to offend or make angry. unaccountable. aft. be held respon. 3. prior. reac- tion. suffice. anticipation n. offend. agree. predecessor. sickness. enemy. re- ANNUL v. response. liable. apprehension. pre- regular. repeal. respond. rejoin. alienate. enmity. abnormal. SYN. SYN. antedate v. out of ceding. resolve. pranks. following. withdraw. hymn. opponent. foresee. expectation. pre- antagonist n. *piss off. make holy. archaic. antagonism n. anthem n. later. friend. malnourished. oppose. withdraw or pel. before annulment n. wager. SIGNAL RECEIVER aerial. letdown. advo. 4. 2. anticipate v. disappointment. loss of appetite. B. hostility. can. out of place. 2. smear with oil. compilation. cure. successor. passé. [AN ti SEED unt] what anoint v. counter. rile. precursory. befriend. ANT. 1. declare null and void. [an ti duh LOO ve un] an anomaly. antediluvian ideas. prospect. ANT. modern. [uh NUL] to nullifty. 2. voiding. dieting dis- ears. descendant. SOLUTION explanation. react. MEDI- answerable a. ancestor. fill outdated regulations. friction. Few were interested in the politician’s tion.

ing. ANT. anus n. psychoactive medication. Nazism. Roget’s Superthesaurus 35 . cruel. 1. *happy pill. clean. enmity. disinfected. tralizer. reverse. alcohol. troublesome.’’—Max ally. ent. desirous. bigotry. sanitary. heart palpitations. sterilizing 2. [ANT i kwayt ed] obso. old. nonetheless. gling to control one’s voice. of conscience. gregarious. warm. correc. SYN. converse. sterile. hand-wringing. swallowing dryly. blinking nervously. repugnance. neu. [an TITH uh sis] opposite. forcing a smile. relax- old-fashioned. uneasiness. 1. the face. bathos. [an TIP uh thee] an acute antsy a. *butterflies. disinfectant. abhorrence. shaky. opposite. disquieted. curio. through arteries. venerable. converse. ing/gnashing/clamping. agent. calm. strained/constricted/quavering/stran- Jewish sentiment. hyperventilating. septic. composed. stomach antiquity n. seasoned. ar. cool. jit- world. ‘‘A noxious weed. 1. iodine. animosity. antagonistic. finger-drumming. caring. indifferent. *on pins and needles. obsolete. misanthropic. SYN.’’—Mark Twain. in any case. ‘‘Remnants of history which have ca. fresh. out of date. aversion. antisocial a. unfriendly. antiseptic a. angst. voice sults. calm. rebel- sionment. fascism. *bomb. SEE *sweating bullets. antediluvian. intent. sweat- anti-Semite n. *raring to go. *comedown. revul. disillu. ANT. EAGER *itching. PREHISTORY yore. antithetical a. therapeutic drug. friendly. uncom. ing. regardless. reclusive. Prozac. The Nazis in World War II strongly clasping and unclasping hands. throat-clearing. nervous. adrenalin coursing udice. rectum. loathing. fidgety. contrary. primordial. 2. Jew-hater. amitrip. free-floating anxiety. gulping. lip-twitching. liking. OPPOSITE antipasto n. ease. cine. ‘‘Glorified scrap. relaxed. impatient. ANT. museum WORD FIND piece. antiquity. Love is the antithesis of hate. infected. ANT. bigot. relic. calm. chlorine. with horrifying re. solitary. chauvinist. jitters. knotting. remedy. foreboding. anxious. dated. worry. tery. anxiety n. 2. benevolent. face paling. ANTITHESIS n. smiling spastic- Francis Bacon. antidepressant n. like. UNSOCIABLE aloof. 2. stomach clenching and flutter- dark ages. *on toward telephone solicitors. tyline. anybody. distaste. *heebie- automobile. Sl. *hand-me-down. fizzle. SEE tive. With the introduction of the ing. the horse and buggy became anti. misgiv- lete. [an te SEM i tiz um] ha. ard Taft. pins and needles. apprehensive. in- counteracting agent. ‘‘The swollen envy of pigmy nausea. fidgeting. tension. apathetic. uncertainty. gled/rising an octave. palms sweating. bygone. at ease. swallowing a lump in the throat. anyway. antidote n. *shakes. neutralizer. attraction. appeal. germicide. *pins and needles. fervent. new. 1. ANT. *wired. friendly. nervousness. OLD *uptight. restless. teeth-grind- ANTI-SEMITISM n. SEE ANTIDOTE ANTIPATHY n. depraved. lious. ill at ease. tifact. pac- Gralnick. ANTIVENIN antitoxin. *butthole. verse. daism. chauvinism. contradiction. fearful. edgy. 1. anyhow adv. contrast. ANTIQUATED a. uneasy. HOSTILE anyone pron. vaccine. olden days. Jew-hating. hatred. jitters. mood enhancer. archaic. *dud. ill at ease. destructive. antique n. withdrawn. *strung out. everybody. municative. aversion. appetizer. strug- advocated anti-Semitism. *unglued. Facial expressions and body language: wide- sually escaped the shipwrecks of time. don’t shine. alike. medicine. SYN. ANT. hension. reverse. *worked up. antitoxin n. minds. heirloom. 1. nails antique a. out of date. impatient. spasms crossing Nazi. ‘‘The essence quated. anti. SEE FEAR passé. anxious a. SYN. SEE ANTIQUATED dug into palms. jeebies. dislike. antagonism.’’—Freud.’’—William How. collectible. one. ANT. He feels a certain antipathy apprehensive.’’— eyed. concern. NERVOUS tense. appre- affection. modern. kind. curative. Antidepressant–Anyone ado about nothing. SEE FRIGHTENED antiseptic n. ation. indiffer- ANT. in contrast. drug. butterflies in stomach. hermitic. dis. fossilized. antivenin. imipramine. *cutting edge. CURE remedy. jumpy. outmoded. 2. tranquility. SEE ANTIQUE ing. toes curling tred toward or prejudice against Jews or Ju. 2. edgy. prej. psychotropic medi. demode. overwrought. contaminated. tightly in one’s shoes. *where the sun sion. outgoing.

sicken. suite. removed. dispas. appliance. rity. champion. insecu. . phlegmatic. ence. ape v. for a future offense. Many await the apocalypse ated. disgust. preacher. ANT. [uh POK uh lips] destruc- apart a. acme. device. equipment. efficiency apartment. unsubstantiated. appall v. beast . pros- thetic. disgust- fly. beg for forgiveness. pinnacle. righteous. mechanism. *whatsis. here- orangutan. equanimity. APLOMB n. hole. saying. titillating. ghastly. APART FROM besides. prophecy of such. dispassionate. stantiated. SYN. repentance. poise. atone. feit. pharmacist. defector. tip. tachment. sub- apathetic a. druggist. proponent. cata- among. crown. 3. . . asunder. question- apartment n. stun. SYN. apologetic a. *gizmo. in- air. gibbon. cert. . appalling a. monkey. ist. prophetic. rock-bottom. discon- adage. of racial segregation. [uh POK ruh ful] question- blacks from whites. parody. sangfroid. unsubstantiated. chem- stoma. confidence. *eat crow. harrowing. messenger. stunning. ing. true. con- cool. indiffer. shock. authentic. sickening. top. de. summit. arousing. *doohickey.’’—Cicero. uninterested. decimation. SEPARATE by itself. epigram. concern. ac- Shaw. stubborn. able. apparatus n. ANT. tenement. excluding. tion. duplex. fright- aphrodisiac n. unconcerned. disconcerting. regretful. discrimination. dismaying. Brit. 2. poise. listless. glorification. oracular. amends. prostration. atonement. [uh PART hiyt] any practice apocalyptic a. proverb. erotic. ANIMAL evangelist. ANT. ANT. with the exception of. able. primate. APATHY n. imitate. scattered. untrue. axiom. missionary. impassive. gadget. sexy. dubious. mass destruction. ma- SYN. plea. true or inauthentic. coolness. in. erroneous. maxim. unproved. ANT. dreadful. room. trough. segregation. the dismantled. ANT.Apace–Apparatus apace adv. disinterest. catastrophe. *eating our fellow creatures. upsetting. make amends. Of the mass of UFO data integration. apothecary n. defense. individual. talization. ‘‘What an ugly tic. apotheosize v. as a holocaust. sheepish. peak. racism. tool. A policy of apartheid separates APOCRYPHAL a. amidst. oysters. deification. apology n. end of the world. disaster. unconcern. conciliatory. mock. but especially that in prescient. ‘‘Portable wis. She addressed the audience with great aplomb. eyringo. SYN. gathered. ANT. hands and knees. remorse. ‘‘The worst sin toward retraction. rapidly. foretold by the Bible. contrap- posure. *love potion. horrifying. mimic. uncaring. self-consciousness. revelatory. SEE FAST APOCALYPSE n. 1. 36 Roget’s Superthesaurus . advocate. apex n. savoir faire. opening. aphorism n. South Africa.’’—Ambrose Bierce. *Spanish ening. harrow. witness. together. remorseful. APARTHEID n. gap. struments. annihilation. and how like us. much is apocryphal. self- terested. 1. aperture n. dictum. knowledgement. passion. contrivance. frighten. bottom. save for. together. deserter. devastation. follower. ‘‘[T]he foundation ment. agreeable. seductive. self-assurance. horrify. gorilla. anxiety. ANT. swiftly. express regrets. com. copy. shocking. impassivity. rental unit. chine. apotheosis n. 2. inauthentic. passionate. IN PIECES OR TO PIECES disassembled. counter- walk-up. *eat humble pie. isolated. ANT. glorify. astound. tion on a mass scale. wonderful. zenith. SEE apostle n. sion. [AP uh thee] disinterest. beg one’s pardon. separa. interest.’’—William Alger. outfit. chimpanzee. indiffer. apostate n. *digs. *on one’s knees. *crawl back on one’s to first overcome voter apathy. renegade. [uh PLOM] confidence. *thingamajig. quickly. caring. holocaust.’’—George Bernard crow. alone. humble oneself. To bring about change in government is retract. depth. dom. place. . Armageddon. tackle. singly. spurious. height. indifferent. flat. disciple. languor. disassoci. uninvolvement. repulsive. trite. ape n. pleasing. defensive. simian. sorry. dismay. slot. division. crack. trate. SYN. doubtful. nadir. independent. or suspected to be un- tion. *pad. *act of God. *eating humble pie. astounding. aphrodisiac a. clysm. take aback. apologize v. orifice. unmoved. fictitious. piecemeal. unsympa. regrets. penitent. immor- vertex. ence. ANT. involve.

*handle. machine. boo. tantalizing. quiet. 1. good. herring fillet rolled up on pickle or onion: ble. SEE FOOD presence. Sl. appetizer n. passion. appearance n. phantom. addendum. call. Rome *moniker. apple-polisher n. ANT. conciliate. LOOK form. fruit. vague. distaste. open. placate. cheers. 1. love. hunger. or- of blueberries. appropriate. encores. fit- finger food. gadget. appealing. SHOWING presentation. toady. appeal v. plea. SEE appertain v. 1. annex. hurrah. pippin. ghost. air. tack red winter: Baldwin on. SEE NONSENSE ousness. mien. conspicuous. entice. specter. *give a loom. outgrowth. bearing. ANT. manifestation. arrival. limb. applaud v. *brownnose. olives. appliance n. mem. emerge. shape. craving. APPEASE v. neat. sion. PETITION entreaty. sat- derly. 2. Young. germane. epilogue. ANT. label. doubtful. character. affix. praise. out front. turn up. garments. REQUEST plead. repulsion. sliced meats: uncertain. nauseating. pome. rollmops ANT. exacerbate. 1. solicit. poltergeist. tion. taste. soothe. denigra- terior. AC- 2. 1. mechanism. in. large. supplication. apple n. isfy. present. Apparel–Applicable apparel n. give a ask. wild: crab appendix n. ANT. *gizmo. standing ovation. illusion. cheer. repulse. SYN. wraith. pacify. desire. countenance. mirage. add. cold cuts. ing. sing the praises of. peal. ANT. raiment. just so. plaudits. manifest. cherished one. disappear. honey. kudos. glamour. clear. OUTWARD APPEARANCE facade. bread. red: McIntosh. approval. praise. hidden. 2. subtract. ting. hisses. look. ambrosian. pat on the back. usable. ANT. hail. snack. presumable. CLAIM laud. boos. SEE GHOST appetizing a. Italian marinated vegetables. rough-skinned and mottled winter apple: appendage n. relevant. ATTRACT interest. 2. adjunct. attachment. alleviate. palatable. drink. dip. addition. semblance. *je ne sais quoi. hiss. suited. baloney. 2. mouth-watering. apparatus. Bronx cheer. sweet tooth. pertinent. spook. applesauce n. yellow. SEEM knock. materialize. defuse. raven. contrivance. ovation. Red Delicious. guise. sex ap. beg. de- appeal n. features. title. clothing. designation. revul. attire. hallucination. kickshaw. 1. petition. *getup. tidbit. 2. allure. extremity. aspect. accoutrement. 3. disgust. codling. materialization. contraption. demeanor. request. vegetables: dim sum obvious. implore. application. costume. nate. modern convenience. arm. unclear. ANT. vanish. hors d’oeuvre. manifestation. luscious. adjoin. 1. plain. invit- ploration. SEE CLOTHING dough casing filled with minced meat or apparent a. Sl. *give thumbs down. repulsive. raw vegetables served with dip: crudités. remove. pen. subdue. hankering. 2. thirst. toothsome. whistle. out. *threads. hokum. delicious. belong. postscript. ANT. yellowish red winter variety: Northern Spy appendage. smooth over. less a blessing than a snare. 2. commend. give a hand. savory. irrelevant. ing. ing. impertinent. whistles. ex. bravos. hurrahs. extol. possible. tail. aggravate. sickening. EVIDENT visible. *meet the light of day. charisma. dress. COME INTO VIEW show. rejection. 2. issue. late fall variety: Jonathan appellation n. offshoot. tempt. yen. proba. impression. give a appear v. repel. spirit. acclaim. applause n. dark red winter apple: Winesap ANT. supplement. tribute. instrument. Russian: Astrachan tentacle. tempt- ATTRACTION charm. lectable. name. chant. Roget’s Superthesaurus 37 . applicable a. entreat. yearning. beseech. inapplicable. compliment. *it. antipasto apparition n. ar. be obvious. russet ber. alcoholic: aperitif unconcealed. evident. im. We tried to appease the angry bear with a bucket apple-pie order: shipshape. 1. mol- bright green and crisp: Granny Smith lify. codicil. rive. emerg.’’—Edward image. assuage. branch. [uh PEEZ] to pacify or placate. surface. ‘‘Often coming. disapproval. request. toast or cracker with spread: canape *duds. apposite. with red streaks: Gravenstein dex. attach. antagonize. starter. angel. (Beauty) append v. SEE PERTAIN FLATTERER appetite n. clapping. WORD FIND fit. fasci. CLAP cheer. WORD FIND apple of one’s eye: sweetheart. relieve. anchovies. garb. SEEMING ostensible. outward. pan. 1.

REMEDY dressing. nominate. mentor. warm. get the ball rolling. drive. *give one’s all. insignificant. appropriate a. be like. giving. approval n. 1. inform. course. uneasiness. confiscate. rate. 2. overlook. [AP ri HEN siv] anxious persevere. 4. comprehensi- salve. 2. ARREST capture. COMING NEAR advance. 5. negligible. cherishing. ANXIETY fore- apply v. 3. 2. ANT. ing. teacher. APPREHENSIVE a. ALLOTMENT allocation. tranquility. appeal. good opinion. valuation. apportion v. modus ope- accoutrement. depreciation. apprehend v. *put one’s nose to the grindstone. conclude. route. deflation. 1. 3. *stick-to. give thanks. 3. mate. approachable a. 1. UTILIZE use. inflation. 3. loss.Applicant–Approval applicant n. approach n. like. 3. ing. close in. apprise v. AP- apropos. solicitation. com- ANT. uneasy. compound. ad- GAGEMENT assignment. aptness. trainee. accoutre. itiveness. re- *collar. 2. course. claim. enhance. assign. *get the picture. student. offer. drawing near. ointment. fear. anxious. *gig. incarcerate. inquiry. lotion. apposite a. distressed. reserved. distribute. full of misgiv- late. regard. valuate. employ. choose. 2. inflate. DESIGNATE name. perceptible. He was apprehensive about one’s energies. fitting. ENJOY esteem. 4. acceptance. converge. assured. prizing. deflate. pupil. 2. 2. THANKS gratefulness. vous. dreading. road. *rookie. capture. draw near. suitability. 3. tackle. affection. disregard. edgement. loom. ate. depreci. meet- vise. ar. 2. balm. know. assess. jailing. put a value on. SEIZURE cap- escalation. amateur. 38 Roget’s Superthesaurus . ANT. liking. proper. 3. accessible. acknowl. pos. equal. FURNISH equip. PERTAIN fit. angst. substan- tial. be grateful. sanction. down. *focus about the future. GROWTH appropriation n. ice. ENJOYMENT esteem. 2. sion. appraise v. pilfer. ter. fearful. boding. liking. ESTEEM regard. judge. 2. FURNISHING equipment. assessment. match up to. prize. job seeker. way. evaluate. 2. UTILIZATION employment. be diligent. suitable. mandeer. take into custody. 1. inap. dole out. passage. jail. UNDERSTANDING perception. recognition. BE THANKFUL approbation n. *greenhorn. learner. withdraw. ANT. befitting. pathway. 3. allot. approach v. poultice. appropriate v. ture. PRO- appraisal n. commandeering. recognize. fitting. understandable. his final exams. UNDERSTAND perceive. take. steal. mas- nation. ignore. becoming. ner- solicit. 1. confident. *pirating. EN. position. SYN. appointment n. proper. smear. credit. compounding. REQUEST petition. confiscation. apt. POSE recommend. refer. notify. gard. esti- begin. rendezvous. spect. *nabbing. concentrate. se. lose. selection. *nab. DESIGNATION naming. tell. disrespect. ex- crease. propriate. mete. discernible. right. divide. suited. favor. randi. ANT. correct. value. tryst. bring up. devotion. install. fill in. apt. fix. apro- respect. near. advance. funds. 1. comprehen- nence. *up- appoint v. decrease. relevant. grasping. 1. 1. open. 1. date. depart. application n. worry-free. put on. *collaring. METHOD procedure. appreciable a. outfit. uncommunicative. 3. befitting. thankfulness. brief. placement. commission. nov- range. approval. trapping. blessing. medication. ANT. administer. NEAR come. zeal. finish up. confidence. assignment. disregard. commenda- FOR be obliged. dread. apprentice n. semble. ACCESS way. guru. carceration. petition. use. inappropriate. suit. 4. ANT. ANT. stealing. apprehensible a. DEVOTE dedicate. DILIGENCE attention. gratitude. tight. fitting. improper. gain. appropriate. seemly. impound. allocate. assume. irrelevant. form. REQUEST ble. beginner. RELEVANCE perti. *pirate. installation. rating. respect. credit. candidate. evaluation. seizure. comprehend. ARREST catch. nomi. *politically correct. appreciation n. office. significant. tant. see. 1. estimate. present. 4. IN VALUE increase. ANT. 2. impounding. re- propriate. re. ungratefulness. friendly. 2. stipend. job. 3. *edgy. appeal. SEE APPROVAL knowledge. seize. close. suggest. in- resume. pocket. re. lect. GROW IN VALUE in. 1. measurable. SET ABOUT start. cherish. apprehension n. requisition. cocksure. implement. 5. incorrect. come close. *buckle reassurance. entry. neophyte. allowance. filled with foreboding. 1. make overtures to. measure. seize. outfit. mis- DRESS spread on. PROXIMATE compare. accessory. 1. ANT. grasp. dis- appreciate v. set. ac- tion. 1. gain on. 1.

match. *cutting edge. house. vinery. *the nod. bower. His speech was particu. est. bluish green. 2. aqueduct n. ‘‘Frozen music. capability. reject. known. top. appurtenance n. abstruse. bête noire. en. scientific. pergola. incomprehensible. archetype n. modern. sign. foremost. rough. come close. archway. approach. minor. passé. virtually. profi. chain of islands. settle. *the green light. per- approve v. inap. honor. decide. greenhouse.’’—Gregory Mason. random. adju- approximate v. suitable. referee. apropos. ARBITRARY a. allow. aptitude n. SEE ARBITER approximate a. 2. disrespect. 2. archipelago n. unlikely. tank. arc n. negotiator. gift. refusal. conduit. sterile. channel. exactly. history. nigh. estimated. his decision was arbitrary. favor. CURVATURE ting or appropriate. The arbiter negotiated a settlement ator. parallel. arcade n. hot- cise. ESTEEM regard. The crossbow is an archaic weapon. drafting. well. APROPOS adv. ciency. knack. nemesis. close. ARCANE a. nursery. reconcile. anthropology. [AR bi tur] one who judges or architect n. op. slow. ability. highest. authorize. go-between. accessory. deny. 1. secret. Approve–Architecture honor. bib. esoteric. germane. Much of the universe remains arcane. bow. historian. SYN. judge. 2. prehensible. world. close to. cisely. obsolete. antiquated. faculty. building de- mediator. architecture n. barren. marine. SANCTION consent. well-nigh. rules. ap. ANT. antiquated. race. ANT. new. enigmatic. also. roughly. 1. middleman. bow. trellis. fresh. near. whim- jection. desolate. arch n. [AP ruh PO] timely. pinafore. in the neighborhood. An authority will be brought in to arbi- ratify. anthropologist. rejection. about. curve. irrelevant. estimated. Satan. archeologist n. referee. 3. pipe. ‘‘Frozen aquatic a. fishbowl. tem- aqueous a.’’—Johann expert. tercourse. SANCTION consent. archeology n. authorization. smock. plowable. arboretum n. from an earlier bright. 1. aquamarine n. secret. prone. arc. disapprove. settle. primary. negotiate. irrelevant. proaching. resemble. ‘‘Love’s spring. nearly. planner. least. dome. an- quick. inter. flair. [AR bi TRATE] to decide or support. arch v. ARBITER n. umpire. discretionary. permit. old-fashioned. judge. 2. mediate. around. like. exemplar. engineer. *guesti. adjunct. appropriate. small- ANT. disapproval. cloister. more or less. ARCHAIC a. knowable. ANT. old- propriate. mysterious. judge. approximately adv. [ar KAY ik] ancient. SYN. chief. skill. mated. SYN. imprimatur. time. 1. inopportune. original. pre. fit. plate. designer. arbitrator n. fertile. recon- apron n. dicate. walkway. germane. 2. LIKELY inclined. archer n. designing. SYN. arch. fitting. cient. the Devil. equal. crescent. Goethe. dis- dorsement. wa.’’—Shakespeare. dull. outmoded. apt a. ANT. sonal. bless. ANT. VAULT ogive. disrespect. pertinent. capricious. 1. umpire. around. treelike. SUITED appropriate. relevant. round. hidden. classic. archenemy n. tillable. chief bishop. bowman. fluvial. befitting. parabola. lacustrine. trough. refuse. com- all. occult. autocratic. apt. dite. adept. talent. ANT. cre- mediates. specialist. larly apropos for the occasion. relevant. by set rules. precursor. 2. round numbers. cover. approbation. 1. permis. denial. unscientific. re. authority. model. ‘‘The flowering of geometry. dry. bend. accept. [ar KANE] mysterious. SYN. fanciful. SYN. between the two conflicting parties.’’—Ralph mediary. EMY adversary. ANT. builder. 1. archbishop n. Waldo Emerson. trate the dispute. Roget’s Superthesaurus 39 . greatest. timely. main. aquarium n. 3. near. liquid. pre. solution. principal. liable. ANT. April n. watery. capricious. [AR bi trer ee] random. arbitrator. example. objective. conservatory. respect. SEE INTELLIGENT ANT. CLEVER quick. ANT. He didn’t go by any set okay. dictatorial. mold. ANT. garment. sical. antediluvian. *the cretionary. untimely. ARBITRATE v. in round numbers. support. semicircle. curve. arborescent. arable a. exact. sion. draftsman. portune. arch a. in arboreal a. moderate. prototype. bend. about. CHIEF EN- aqua n. history. 2. piazza. fitting. water. disposed. endorse. arbor n. flex. gallery. passageway. intelligence.

antry. tedious. domes. *spat. classical Greek and Roman forms revived: trying. *have France: rococo a row. [AR joo us] extremely difficult. archivist n. temperate. sance area n. altercation. crust. [AR dent] passionate. histori. QUARREL Britain: Tudor fight. apathetic. privileged class. librarian. 1. hold. Bill is an ardent fan of the Celtics. agreement. section. ANT. record-keeper. evidence. 2. *upper hement. the beautiful and well ardor n. labori- style of nineteenth century: Victorian ous. lie down. song. parched. locality. *row. drop. perial Rome: Corinthian. taxing. maintain. HOUSE DULL boring. nobleman. elite. gian argot n. CONTENTION plea. cranky. ANT. ward. STAND UP get up. sterile. move upward. Renais. 1. cur. WORD FIND fifteenth century: flamboyant style argument n. ASCEND arctic a. EAGERNESS zeal. indiffer. ter. polar. simple. scrappy. aristocrat n. ANT. quarter. *mix it up. zone. belligerent.’’—John Quincy Adams. vocal piece. Gothic revived: Gothic Revival case. field. division. ve. 2. eighteenth-century style derived from clas. fervor. freezing. SEE style featuring elaborate stucco work and OPERA Arabesque designs: Moorish arid a. wrangle. expostulate. devo. annals. defense. Renaissance and Baroque: Geor. ARDENT a. ANT. Composite sector. cool. contentious. recline.’’— Mediterranean style characterized by horse. commoners. 1. imbroglio. dis- Italian. nate. slang. patrician. solo. 1. high-born. noblesse. 2. 2. 1. apathy. passive. coldness. cold. exhausting. CHURCH. opinionated. Spanish. tion. 2. blue blood. desiccated. eristic. desertlike. quarrelsome. gen- tense. combative. 3. ANT. *a snap. peerage. REGION territory. Dan Bennett. altercate. ag- tresses. line of reasoning. stretch. EMANATE origi- warm. parlance. descend. zealous. intensity. space. debate. barren. stage. 40 Roget’s Superthesaurus . lord. QUARRELING disagreement. district. dusty. spring. squabble. uproar. evince. Ionic. squabble. cal documents. *tiff. Greek Revival. ‘‘The longest sance distance between two points of view. rea- 1930s: art deco soning. pros and cons. thusiastic. irritable. range. belt. SEE FIGHT metrical ornaments: Islamic style argumentative a. 2. bourgeoisie. elaborately decorative European style from vernacular. rise. tility. frigid. classical orders of Hellenic Greece and Im. uninteresting. grounds. tract. noble- ence. Doric. jargon. tunnel vaults. ‘‘The rich. 1. Herculean. highly en. 1550-1700s: baroque argue v. ANT. eleventh-fourteenth centuries’ aria n. area. aristocracy n.Archives–Aristocrat WORD FIND ARDUOUS a. burdensome. EXPANSE stretch. 1. 3. twelfth through fifteenth centu. ANT. lively. sical. SYN. back-breaking. idiom. through sixteenth centuries: Renais. conciliatory. crop up. 2. 2. tropical. rise. peer. 1. fervent. devoted. hippodrome. issue. well up. agree. amphitheater. gentry. PASSION warmth. humid. peas- desire. British and American highly ornamental difficult. ANT. stadium. vocabulary. pugnacious. breadth. BUILDING . ANT. borrowed style of motherland: colonial Mowing a golf course is an arduous task. quibble. agree- retro style: revival able. boreal. sensuality. debate. records. stem from. bone-dry. interesting. support. DRY dried-up. assent. domes. eighteenth-century out. CATHEDRAL. wet. dispassionate. colorful. born. occur. hard. haggle. SEE ANGRY. demanding. DOMINION field. polemical. SYN. cord. pointed arches. bicker. love. fertile. feverish. CASTLE . 1. lacklus- archives n. as- exposed beams style of sixteenth century sert. air. insist. climb. neoclassical. easy. con- French Gothic form with flaming tracery. lingo. lot. classically derived. grueling. ries: Gothic style touchy. fight. onistic. Greece: Byzantine arena n. futuristic chevron and zigzag style of the proof. woman. round arches and columns of early dominion. province. coliseum. melody. flying but. Tuscan. ring. drab. province. curator. cant. lifeless. ANT. 2. arise v. nobility. con- shoe arches. assertion. *hash florid ornamentation. fourteenth pute. rib vaulting. REALM sphere. passionate. SEE BRIDGE . in. strenuous. PLEAD contend. realm. enthusiastic. torrid. chronicles. enthusiasm. memorabilia. accord. geo. *lock horns.

gracious. division. LIMB extremity. of noble birth. ANT. struggle. *armed to the teeth. classy. 2. fleet. squadron. clandestine movement: ratline Armageddon n. knee to ankle: greave military store: PX. ordnance war. forces. ARISTOCRATIC a. 1. genteel. cease-fire. argosy. slang: click foot: solleret largest unit: army group hand: gauntlet liberty that ends at midnight: Cinderella lib- head: basinet. easy chair. WAR. BRANCH the mistakes of the diplomats. discharge for physical or mental problem: tasrophe. apocalypse. refuge. un- fined. BULLET. GUN. NUCLEAR BOMB. ground ark n. affected. equip. addition. load. appendage. common.d. muni- SYN. at a distance. in an uproar. mannerly. [uh RIS tuh KRAT ik] NUCLEAR BOMB. guns. absent without leave: AWOL armada n. hostile. wardrobe. pillbox mail. calculation. Daniels. explosives: final battleground. protective covering. disarm. ARMED FORCES troops. form up and come to attention: fall in armoire n. loaded. furnish. worldly. tasset suspected of bank accounts. issue. gallant. for war. boat. throng. ammunition. civil.’’—Josephus extension. BOMB. chivalrous. final battle. of concrete or sandbags: armor n. fortification. MISSILE.’’—Ambrose trunk: tasset Bierce. arms n. showdown between good and combat fatigue: shell shock evil. piece on chain: dogtag armpit plate: pallette infantryman. friendly. visor. SEE AMMUNITION. bourgeois. peasant. squire jeep: hum-vee chain: mail kilometer. BULLET. soldiers. ANT. 2. pretentious. at adv. commoner. end of the world. supplied. conflict. weapons. WEAPON courtly. equipped. re. multitude. cultivated. erty helmet lowest grade soldier: buck private jacket or tunic: jupon medal for wounds received: Purple Heart joint: gusset mess hall duty: K. ‘‘A body of men assembled to rectify arm n. armet. mass. snobbish. assertion at odds with his rough appearance. pedigreed. arsenal. an armory n. army n. recliner. sophisticated. arithmetic n. devastion. outfitted. GUN. accoutred. accoutre. HORDE legion. *snotty. friendly role during NATO exercise: blue WORD FIND forces SUIT OF ARMOR hiding material: camouflage arm. WAR. armor. 1. projection. tions. section eight armaments SEE ARMS drab camp uniform: fatigues armchair n. multiplication. in- ures. shelter. beaver. ANT. subtraction. ‘‘Fellows that wear downy hats shoulder: ailette. prepared geois. offshoot. truce. arm’s length. blue-blooded. arms. mathematics. depot. BOMB. from elbow to shoulder: brassard i. sconce. shield. haughty. fitted enemy ground to be won: bridgehead out. bursts from antiaircraft guns: flak convoy. flight. well-born. *packing a forces rod. outfit. swarm. collective term for ammo. small. sheathing. aloof. unarmed. ca. ANT. forearm. Aristocratic–Army duke. ordnance. *bristling with enemy role during NATO exercise: orange arms. WEAPON high-born. MISSILE. pauldron and clean shirts—guilty of education and thigh: cuisse. finishing off defeated enemy: mopping up armistice n. He claimed aristocratic lineage. fantry. fortified. battalion. bour. rocking chair. confrontation. holocaust. navy. armaments.P. peace. eating facility: mess SEE CHAIR emergency call-up troops: reserves armed a. arm v. slang: grunt back and breast plate: cuirass items: materiel bearer: armiger. flotilla. division. fit out. fig. cabinet. SEE AMMUNITION. math. hoity-toity. post exchange neck: gorget missing in action: MIA Roget’s Superthesaurus 41 . snob. up in a. WORD FIND provide. gentlemanly. disarmed. lower-class. drill hall. (kitchen police) leg.

SETTLE resolve. FINERY clothing. vulnerable troops at high risk: cannon fod. alphabet- grade one. The court Corporal E-4. Lieu. about. 1. 1. Four Star General. Chief Warrant Officer. Sergeant E-5. classify. smell. ANT. mess. scented. positioning. will arraign the suspected murderer today. straighten. 3. Lieutenant Gen. multilanguage message to return captured WEAPON soldier. ANT. PLAN devise. stir. BOMB. Brigadier Gen. straighten out. redolent. Five Star ration. (noncommissioned officers) court and accuse one of a crime. lineup. geant E-6. stinky. ANT. in ascending order: (enlisted men) pacify. classification. arrangement n. garments. India. draw up. LAW ions). appear- SEE AIR FORCE. blame. Whiskey. grade ize. ANT. lull. *game plan. Private First. *collar. (warrant officers) Warrant Officer. Private E-2. fire up. ance. prep- General of the Army aration. turb. call to account. mess First Lieutenant. tions: rap sheet talion (2 companies). SEE DETECTIVE. inconspicuous. bouquet. 2. der arrival n. inflame. rouse. *bust. jumble. armored group: armored division custody. guns: salvo dress. FIX hold. make preparations. group (2 battal. eral. 2. station: blotter ment photo taken of suspect: mug shot units. E-9. Tango. barracks ing. company (2 platoons). in- Sergeant E-8. come to terms. arouse v. muster. MARINES. in ascending order of size: unit (at reading of rights. map out. design. Sierra. Os. criminate. CRIME. approxi- Juliet. savory. disorder. exonerate. GROUPING arrangement. Romeo. near. notorious. determine. ANT. 1. engross. Lima. [uh RANE] to bring before a Class E-3. fragrance. tenant Colonel. odoriferous. dis- ray. Major. Echo. sign. Staff Ser. grade four. Sergeant Major of the Army arrange v. shake up. Yankee. *point geant Major E-9. seize. 2. ORDER organization. homecoming. TAKE INTO CUSTODY apprehend. delay. savor. indict. sweeping line of gunfire: enfilade arrest n. congrega- simultaneous fire at target from multiple tion. X. absorb. POLICE. mix up. de- two. NAVY. disorder. COMING landing. grade three. temporary ammo storage: munitions dump WORD FIND trial for crime: court-martial book in which arrests are recorded at police unit separated from larger group: detach. Ser. absolve. *collar. corps) check. arrest v. PUT IN ORDER organize. Zulu. provoke. Foxtrot. taking into tank. SEE ODOR mentaire aromatic a. Victor. Mike. Chief Warrant Officer. PLAN scheme. charge. entrance. stimulate. ARRAIGN v. configu- eral. scent. Bravo. NUCLEAR BOMB. close to. BULLET. 1. awaken. Hotel. up. system. passing safely through minefield: breaching pungent. November. unmitigated. glar- shelter. un- phonetic alphabet: Alpha. bat. Master accuse. Golf. marshaling. odor. systematize. around prep. Private E-1. put to sleep. Major General. design. 1. scented. car. *bust. attire. sort. division (3 bri. brigade (2 groups). rearrange. Colonel. scheme. mately. Papa. subdivision of a unit: echelon disarray. rule: Miranda rule least two soldiers). Command Major Ser. position. out-and-out. Platoon Sergeant E-7. MUSICAL recruit training facility: boot camp COMPOSITION score. Charlie. shield from enemy: defilade array n. negotiator sent behind enemy lines: parli. ANT. the finger at. provision. excite. slow. Chief Warrant Officer. AMMUNITION . HALT stop. serve a summons. acquit. apprehension. collection. (com. fragrant. platoon record of a criminal’s arrests and convic- (4 squads). 3. missioned officers) Second Lieutenant. chart. First Sergeant E-8.Aroma–Arrival movement of troops: deployment GUN. Uniform. 2. SYN. Kilo. obstruct. corps (2 divisions). flagrant. *threads. COURT. order. with reward: blood chit aroma n. field army (2 ture. squad (10). enliven. ranks. Captain. *getup. cap- gades). 3. 2. request for fire: call for fire. Delta. incite. WAR. all available arrant a. Quebec. 1. alignment. geant E-9. shore foothold: beachhead lineup. advent. seize. lodging: billet. NEWCOMER 42 Roget’s Superthesaurus . 1. capture. spicy.

early twentieth century: ash- exit. knack. ‘‘[A] sublime excrement. nounce. *high and mighty. ARTICULATE a. nonrepresentational: abstract ing. enter.’’—James Hu. depiction. cursive. ANT. emotion and color. hyp- case: quiver erealism. CREATIVITY craft. the illusion of a loftier was an articulate woman. SYN. haughty. condescend. naive. representation. exit. 1. century: Barbizon School descension. departure. happen. ‘‘[T]he shadow of humanity. ing. skillful. ship. artery n. Henry James. oquent. 2. express. cunning. Monet’s vague outline style: impressionism tical. [ar TIK yuh lut] expressive. optical effects: op art arrogance n. new wave lent. munitions dump. overbearing. graffiti. craftsman. also. illustration. presumption. 2. cunning. duplicity. flair. can school arrive v. Roget’s Superthesaurus 43 . fail. artistry. tion. artlessness. insolence.’’—Ralph Waldo Emerson. native. honesty. ersatz. *blow it. 1. articulate v. ingenuity. shaft. facile. inept. well-spoken. magic realism. wile. gulch. arsenal n. article n. projectile. news release. conceited. modest. occur. crafti- aggressive painting method: action painting ness. make clear. SEE DRAWING. self. modesty. craftiness. cache. tongue-tied. PAINTING. blood vessel. *thingamajig. [ART uh fis] ingenuity or clev- George Moore. minimalist style. abstract. counterfeit. conceit. traveler. depot. swirling motifs style. el- reality. modern. abstract expressionism arrow n. stant arrested in eternity. shrewd. depart. dreamlike. humility. stammering. machination. France. workmanship. crafty. inventiveness. SCULPTURE trench. agery: surrealism hubris. WORKS OF ART paint. CUNNING sly. swagger. 3. armory. . artless. 1. enunciate. well-spoken. subconscious im- ness. . SCHOOLS AND STYLES cleverness. ‘‘An in. voice. SYN. erness. inso. stockpile. show up. 1920-1930s: art deco lose. disem. artful- cubed and other geometrically distorted ness. bit. idyllic nature scenes. imitation. piece. feature. COME appear. imperiousness. focus on: expressionism bark. trickery. intelligible. WEAPON unskilled. simula. haughti. ANT. presumptuous. skillfulness. 2. supercilious. mumbled. ITEM object. dark realism. nonrepresentational style that focuses on important. leave. graphic. hoity-toity. artificial a. superior. swaggering. contrivance. gully. UNNATURAL man-made. He succeeded WORD FIND in fooling us through artifice. thing. 1. egotism. lucid. land. *torching. CUNNING slyness. expressive. hallucinatory. imperious. ANT. emotion and the act of painting itself: ANT. ANT. self-effacing. nonschooled: folk art WORD FIND points or tiny dots creating a whole: pointil- barb: fluke lism bowstring notch: nock realistic.’’— ARTIFICE n. ingenious. inarticu- neker. hauteur. SEE AMMUNITION. STORY piece. snobbery. experimental or unorthodox: avant-garde SUCCEED attain. finesse. 2. con. ANT. magazine. put on: fletch rich ornamentation. creek bed. smooth-talking. artfulness. airs. absurd: dada ruse. write-up. fluent. local. canal. nineteenth ing pomposity. trickery. utter. reach the top. finesse. fake.’’— late. cartoons: arrogant a. vein. curved lines. 2. WAR. ‘‘By means eloquent. 1. bowman tions of everyday objects: pop art arroyo n. wily. syn- late nineteenth century: art nouveau thetic. photographic: photorealism. report. take place. elucidate. dart. forms: cubism naivete. CLEVER adroit. tromp l’oeil. pyromania. sixteenth feather: vane through eighteenth century: baroque like an arrow: sagittal traditional forms: academic art maker: fletcher Warhol’s (Andy) bigger-than-life depic- user: archer. The talk show host of appearances . 2. overconfidence. tourist. artful a. channel. geometrical and curvilinear style of the ANT. cockiness. arson n. deceit. cocky. crossbow: bolt representational feather. pompous. *make good. missile. 2. guile. 1. sculpture. stream bed. humble. flowing lines. handiwork. art n. 1. pro- artifice. fire-setting. bolt. egotis. Arrive–Artificial visitor. 1.

brilliant. rosy. dis. irritability. natural. awake. 3. FEATURE facet. pavement. cover. hunger. beast of burden. style. EXPERT master. UPWARD SLOPE acclivity. pale. rump. rise. scale. ‘‘The desire of ascetic n. SEE CANDI- ascent n. 3. monk. 2. napping. 1. 1. religious fanatic. decorative. The man was as artless as a dozing. dormant. escalate. aspen n. acrimony. domination. confi- gross. find out. link. painter. learn. innocent. straight. want. for or goal of some achievement. call upon. guileless. gray. *red-faced. crossness. supremacy. the moth for the star. descent. brilliant. moronic. applicant. talented. chagrined. bitumen. arrogant. gunnery. view. ‘‘An exhibi. SEE ARTIST asinine a.’’—Vincent van Gogh. eleva. pretentious. contender. *butt. guilty. smear. pleasing to disdainfully. skilled. ativity. 2. scious. strict. jackass. mortified. aesthetic. 1. uncover. contrived. venom. desire. aspersion n. foolish. wish. SYN. throttle. pose a question. ANT. press a desire for. attribute. desire. amateur. *nincompoop. talent. point. insincere. ex- tionist by profession. schooled. unsophisticated. inartistic. slander. SEE ASCENT aspirant n. *bogus. natural. sincere. *snoozing. ARTISAN craftsman. sophomoric. hope ascetic a. ANT. scaling. nect. 1. surmount. clown. natural. indulgent. sional baseball player. self-con. ANT. worldly. SCULPTURE askance adv. portraitist. humiliated. fall. artist n. artful. artillery n. *put on. ANT. 2. ANT. schooled. abuse. mildness. bearing. lay 44 Roget’s Superthesaurus . the eye. phisticated. highbrow. *comatose. self-gratifying. anchorite. WEAPONS ashes n. directly. simple. technician. request. calumny. He had an aspiration of being a profes- ascertain v. ill temper. skeptically. fall. aspire v. artful. ashamed a. descent. strive for. ingenu. gle. ANT. suffocate. flustered. assign. or. soar. jack. wish for. jerk. asphalt n. genuine. genuine. fected. tion. embers. 2. incline. uncultured. virtuosity. theatrical. virtuoso. feel. amation. dubiously. primitive. talent. assault. establish. progression. 2. ANT. SEE cadaverous. QUESTION query. 1. CLIMB rise. proud. white. ANT. quality. hope. 2. austere. tar. surliness. sharpness. innuendo. assuming. asperity n. high and mighty. 1. 1. denying. ashen a. awry. INVITE summon. artful.Artillery–Assail manufactured. down-to-earth. poplar tree. *pro. authentic. mud-slinging. sallow. upgrade. certify. ass n. child. jump on. descend. abstainer. ANT. ANT. ANT. stupid. SEE ART. try for. *dolt. 1. lev. manner. wise. smother. hostility. quiz. skill. pallid. *catching forty winks. 1. 2. straight-on. rogate. [ART less] unskilled. *boob. solicit. abstinent. ANT. crude. finesse. nius. inter- sculptor. shamefaced. slur. so. aim. *catching ARTLESS a. CRUDE plain. absurd. iras- arty a. preeminence. NAIVE simple. associate. choke. rear. attack. pretentious. direct. dis- feigned. mien. hibernating. naive. DRAWING. blot. sidelong. crooked. dently. shoot for. *buns. graced. climb. abstemious. askew. artistry n. soot. 1. graceful. side. ask v. verify. un. for. good cheer. ous. howitzer. disparagement. artistic a. aspect n. *pin down. masterful. sophisticated. drop. ANT. roughness. idiotic. flair. designer. LOOK air. SEE ANIMAL 2. gradient. unaf. assail v. credit. 3. denigration. UNSKILLED untalented. artisan n. puritanical. scheme. drive. askew a. itate. ascend v. respectfully. simple. element. longing. DONKEY burro. PAINTING.’’—Shelley. touch. forced. charge. thirst for. jenny. accost. tyro. ANT. control. tasteless. BUTTOCKS ascribe v. harshness. ASPIRATION n. con. SIDEWAYS obliquely. wan. childlike. ascendancy n. ascension. hedonistic. scious-stricken. cannons. FOOL idiot. SYN. arise. SUSPICIOUSLY OR DISAPPROVINGLY namental. unattractive. tasteful. alert. asphyxiate v. humbled. con- nered. DATE 2. nastiness. 3. embarrassed. angle. aslant. celibate. hunger for. 1. af. REQUEST appeal. phony. self. ruddy. unnatural. determine. 1. stylish. AFFECTED man. some ZZZs. aim for. ANT. ge. *artsy-fartsy. ambition. abashed. goal. cibility. 2. sidelong. cinders. [as puh RAY shun] a drive tion. organic. asleep a. sheepish. dream. softness. unnatural. def- fected. vilification. ascension n. an ambi- drop. slumbering. real. stran- power. silly. 2. 2. declivity. cre.

to assimilate in another country. tax. ceptance. task. naturalize. concurrence. liability. disconnect. *gopher. estimate. PHYSICAL OR VERBAL ATTACK of. ANT. accord. aide-de-camp. assassin n. dole out. grant. ac. FITTING TOGETHER connection. consent. contributor. gal Friday. 2. take in. execution. inhibited. hobnob. run with. adapt. 2. 1. ANT. charge. ‘‘The extreme form of gift. accom- 2. MIN- tion. inventory. re- lester. pound. assertion n. job. hinder. GATHER amass. 1. insult. 1. beat. tax. gate. accom- nection. controvert. help. SEE MURDERER assessment n. assertive a. direct. affront. metabolize. set upon. verbally attack. affiliate. work. ANT. dissent. modation. lax. separate. 1. integrate. attend. fit in. shy. *go native. declaration. dispersal. GLE WITH hang out. 2. deny. disadvantage. ANT. QUALITY strength. ANT. 2. agree. friend. affirma. storm. muster. casual. new math is difficult to assimilate. devoted. *hit. *liquidation. relate. laid-back. GATHERING mass. offensive. strongarm. declare. pronouncement. invasion. attest. dispense. blitz. ANT. disband. battery. ANT. test. Assailant–Associate into. ASSIMILATE v. aide. affirm. probe. It takes time assemble v. sail. killing. colleague. charge. credit. agreement. construction. 1. home- gate. punch. to adjust. abuse. erty. collabora- assent n. gun down. multitude. avowal. blessing. federate. 2. THINK OF TOGETHER link. analyze. MURDER ASSIDUOUS a. statement. announce. The ter. mo. pummeling. assailant n. a hand. IMPOSE levy. obstruction. gunman. censorship. disagree. violence. approval. dissent. investi. lesson. *hit. companion. nize. piecing together. storm. lazy. 2. weigh. band. nominate. insult. aid. give. go along. kill. analysis. test. offend. piece. accomplice. teammate. pummel. disassociate. meeting. SYN. sniper. consort. homogenize. *liquidate. affiliate. advantage. distribute. digest. attack. junct. SEE liability. handicap. 2. execute. cash. prop- assassination n. support. mug. devoted. duty. hindrance. tion.’’—George Bernard Shaw. fine. consider. persistent. in. accoster. congregation. assert v. molestation. band. correlate. foe. meet. dun. slaying. [uh SID yoo us] hard-work- assault n. executioner. 3. EVALUATE appraise. ATTRIBUTE as- vestigation. right-hand cede. 2. SEE MURDER asset n. mugger. entrust. ANT. assignment n. collection. denial. assualt v. estimate. convene. unremit- ing. molest. jump. brash. tireless. ANT. 1. The governor has al- fense. diligent. ment. aggressor. incorporate. judge. rate. Also. discon. consign. im. say. 2. assess. 1. *hit man. throw together. 1. EVAL- assassinate v. uninhibited. SORB digest. strike. beating. group. as the natives do. partner. assaulter. convention. unreserved. deputy. pair. congregation. con- pronounce. disagree. shun. 1. 1. cast. ADJUST integrate. service. aggregation. aid. *trigger man. constant. averment. claim. connect. ad- assent v. probe. as. VALUABLE resource. slayer. RAID siege. ALLOCATE allot. reject. examination. aver. 2. tenacious. assist v. associate v. maladapt. foray. killer. choose. peer. dismantle. disbanding. earnest. consent. scattering. attentive. assembly. group. state. AB- construct. ward. *light into. assign v. scatter. collabo- ing. enemy. alienate. congre- comprehend. compile. 1. profess. approve. mob. estrange. regurgitate. compose. frater- tion. charge. 2. PUT TOGETHER fit. DESIGNATE appoint. modate. attendant. diligent. 1. persevering. assistant n. help. assistance n. claim. muster. fellow. con. commit battery. forthright. supporter. attacker. disassembly. name. [uh SIM uh LATE] to ab- assemblage n. assay n. assured. confident. rape. outspoken. *rip into. served. ing. 1. 2. 2. rape. accept. cribe. hard-working. concur. adversary. contribute. compilation. ANT. DUNNAGE charge. helper. ANT. identify. lend a hand. SYN. ally. commission. pounding. proclama. assessment. acquiesce. ANT. separate. support. reject. contribution. slay. hit. hamper. examine. man. disavowal. blunt. clus- sorb. measure. for- pugn. aggressive. assay v. associate n. mugging. collaborator. charge with. consort. crowd. disperse. assembly n. master. acclimatize. ways had an assiduous striving for success. befriend. serve. possession. assess v. profession. puzzle out. co-worker. *do disassemble. ANT. *liquidator. ting. UATION appraisal. Roget’s Superthesaurus 45 . 1.

adopt. bewilderment. *nervy. GUARANTEED sure. SYN. tion. speculate. soothe. relationship. Lion). horoscopy. fore. 2. accurate. arrogant. calm. startle. juxtaposition. ordinary. tacit. know. ‘‘The excellent foppery of the assuming a. rearward. guess. bag. PRESUME fying. astonish. miscellany. divination. sham. bewilder- ders. one of twelve sectors in celestial sphere: unsure. 1. electri- late. lieve. presumptuous. simu. Balance). lull. trological signs: zodiac 46 Roget’s Superthesaurus . CONFIDENCE security. extraordinary. 1. supposition. feigned. 4. ren- erbate. bewilder. shocking. Capricorn (The ensure. ANT. stupefy. commandeer. *bowl over. dumbfounding. amazing. secure. confounding. meteor. obstructive pulmonary dis- tion. abaft. imagine. shocking. 3. relieve. pair. sham. false. boring. affilia. FRIENDSHIP fellowship. sureness. affect. harsh. tackle. LINKING TOGETHER correlation. ANT.’’—Shakespeare. uniform. front. ANT. mixture. dumbfound. wonder. throw off. mitigate. cocksure. take aback. constellations and signs: Aries (The Ram). neous. astonishment n. theory. 1. of one’s: ascent given. confederation. insure. celestial body. vain. known. miscella. tion. sharp. bewildering. flabbergast. Gemini (The guarantee. ANT. partnership. union. renounce astray a. unflinching. humdrum. mollify. overconfi- world. reassure. Virgo (The Virgin). ing. Cancer (The Crab). Libra (The assure v. 1. respiratory disease. *mind- suppose. legendary astrologer: Merlin tating. wrong. same. surprising. alli. [uh SWAYJ] to relieve or awe. blowing. assumption n. take for granted. astound v. 2. hypothesis. soft. awesome. *eye-popping. *on the mark. mixed. ttarius (The Archer). astonishing. self-doubt. intensify. relation- assurance n. hypothesized. defer. diagram: scheme bold. surprise. dent. Leo (The 1. pluck. off course. divided into twelve as- astern a. aggravate. jumble. self-important. der speechless. startling. *eye- usurp. asteroid n. ship to birth: horoscope courage. sundry. birth. shock. astounding a. 2. surprise. ANT. 1. convince.Association–Astrology association n. doubt. amaze. stupefy. astrology n. Scorpio (The Scorpion). vow. true. popcorn. phony. asthma n. certify. infer. unhesi. ANT. adrift. uncertain. breathtaking. rough. amazement. cosmic debris. belief. acquire. 3. amaze. certain. imperious. return. To assuage his appetite. mild. house ing. infer. assortment n. dumbfound. *blow one’s mind. Goat). 2. take aback. startling. league. ANT. undertake. fraternity. warranty. biting. TAKE ON take up. hypothe. chart of positions of planets. surprise. zodiacal sign rising in the east at time ence. 2. reading of the stars. melange. *ho-hum. ferred. SUPPOSED presumed. 1. be certain. soothe. astound. size. FICTITIOUS pretend. pacify. shock. planetoid. club. in- acerbic. hunch. stagger. convic. relationship. secure. alliance. aft. put on. exac. ance. boggle. assured a. ANT. insecure. ANT. gamble. GROUP society. shock. insecurity. ANT. suspect. chronic wheeze. lessen. organiza. brassy. commit to. identical. PROMISE OR PLEDGE Taurus (The Bull). 3. ANT. take upon one’s shoul. appropriate. stupefaction. astringent a. word. 2. real. Twins). *fake. confound. CONFIDENT self-assured. *guts. stars. self-assurance. varied. Pisces (The Fishes) 2. 1. Sagi- encourage. assorted a. *bowl over. cutting. he ate some marvel. ease. flabbergast. *take the edge off. FEIGN pretend. WORD FIND conceited. on. different. amazing. pledge. presumption. ASSUAGE v. boldness. pathway of planets. electrify. *off the mark. mixed expected. guarantee. astounding. wondrous. poised. astonishing a. moonlet. matching. SEIZE take. fraternization. make-be. lost. mind-boggling. afield. timid. bogus. Aquarius (The Water Bearer). 1. startle. severe. guess. alleviate. astonish v. oath. ing. fake. corporation. chronic cough. believe. uncertainty. 2. connection. suspicion. diversity. surprising. assume v. assertive. stupefying. companionship. think. abandon. egotistic. ease. self-possessed. variety. diverse. potpourri. *off in left field. acrid. *right- assumed a. allay. staggering. lumping together. popping. affirm. dazzling.

astro. rising column of warm air: thermal safe harbor. shelter. disbelief. to the sun: astronomical unit. tion. *on the ball. not proportionate. wily. the faithful. the stars. WEATHER.880. agnosticism. or passage of one celestial body in AGNOSTIC front of another: occultation athlete n. brilliant. cosmonaut. *loony bin. sharp.900. iota. scintilla. spaceman. 3. *jock. not uniform. rational- transitional period from one zodiac sign to ism. [uh STOOT] clever. ir- another: cusp reverence. meso- declination. free astronomer n. cham- great circle spanning horizons: meridian pion. 1. reflects radio waves. unbalanced. equal to that from the earth and long-distance running: triathalon. strapping. protects ANT.’’—Francis WORD FIND Thompson. sailor of people. vaporize. lack. CONSTELLATION. in pieces. SEE SCIENCE disproportional. ‘‘A man who has no invisible means astronomy n. PLANET. 2. particle. obtuse. impiety.000. or lacking correspon- bon dioxide buildup: greenhouse effect dence between two sides. atmosphere n. brawny. atomize v. competition combo of skiing and rifle-ds- 5. believes himself an accident. matching. cosmology. SYN. of support. naive. intelligent. SYN. smog. Atheism is the disbelief or denial of the existence spray. bit. environment. pulverize. astrophys. parsec. that is. in. hardy. agnostic. unequal. layer of oxygen in stratosphere. ion-rich layer. atom n. apart. wiry. dumb.’’—John Buchan. AMBIENCE aura. uneven. stargazing. stargazer. coral island. disintegrate. *vibes. mosphere: ionosphere sagacious. clever. by speed of light: light year. a little different atoll n. coordinated. surroundings. proper motion WORD FIND table showing future positions of celestial competition combo of five track and field objects: ephemeris events: pentathlon unit of distance. infidel. earth from ultraviolet radiation: ozone asunder a. SNOW. jot. METEOR. STAR air. He described the SEE AIR. SEE NUCLEAR BOMB ATHEISM n. mental institution. keen. WIND shape as asymmetrical. vigorous. *iron man contest 92. *doubting Thomas. sportsman. SPACE. Roget’s Superthesaurus 47 . cunning. retarded. ASTUTE a. SEE eclipse. quick. layer asylum n.’’—Max Born. competitor. of a higher power.26 hooting: biathlon light years competition combo of swimming. SYN. point of sky directly overhead: zenith supple. ‘‘A man who ics. hospice. stratum from 50-300 miles up: thermosphere ASYMMETRICAL a. haven. atheist n. MOON. sanitarium. SKY air. freethinking. thinker. heavens. sharp or cun. biking unit of distance. SEE SPORT location of celestial object in sky: azimuth. [a si MET ri kul] un. 1. nihilism. atomic bomb n. feeling. sed- star motion unrelated to earth’s rotation: entary. sthenic.’’—Voltaire. SANCTUARY refuge. nonbeliever. feeble. in ther- crafty. biosphere. shred. right ascension morphic. cosmologist. skeptic. lacking coordination. shrewd. HOSPITAL psychiatric stratum from 0-10 miles up: troposphere hospital. SEE NUCLEAR corresponding. bit. skep- cific times: ephemeris ticism. hea- physicist. unbalanced. stratum from 10-30 miles up: stratosphere sane asylum. ANT. ANT. staunch. stratum from 300 miles to space: exosphere trapping of solar radiation and heat by car- even. ing correspondence. stout.000 miles.’’—Jean Paul Richter. ‘‘The vice of a few intelligent astronaut n. atomic a. separate. ANT. The successful businessman must have WORD FIND an astute mind. separate.000. 2. rejection of God. believer. *booby hatch. then. ning. denial. [A thee iz um] disbelief in God. asthenic. ‘‘An orphaned heart. stratum from 30-50 miles up: mesosphere *laughing academy. fit. ‘‘A specter threatening us with annihila- contrasting. ro- path of sun on celestial sphere: ecliptic bust. on each side. skilled. muscular. athletic a. slow. *nut house.000 miles competition combo of ten track and field events: decathlon SEE COMET. bright. *madhouse. symmetrical. RAIN. weak. Astronaut–Atomize table of positions of stars and planets at spe. strong.

testify. take care of. rarefy. certify. 1. fail. invade. redeem. aggressor. strengthen. *the old college try. blitz. attacker n. winning. supplement. 1. bond. . *make atonement n. seizure. wither. ASCRIBE attribute. attest v. redemption. water down. skill. court. vicious. venture. weaken. 2. aware. bash. dissociate. waste. attainment n. fix. fulfillment. siege. outrage. order. 2. 2. ANT. make repara. 2. disregard. secure. affirm. win. attempt n. during prohibition. degeneration. penance. esteem. *stab. 2. . apply. pin. rude. amend. appurtenance. 2. 3. securing. PRESENCE appearance. attendant n. decline. thin. pro- deed. fondness. undertake. fulfill. decline. John 1:7. serve. courtesy. 1. retreat. coup. SEE DIPLOMAT attention deficit disorder n. outfit. consideration. escort. room. keen. attentions n. lovely. awareness. thenticate. it. link. dormer. thoughtful. aide. obtaining. emaciate. heinous. achieve. cursion. courteous. dilute. *crack. deflect. con- ture. dress. denounce. regard. fall short. repent. dive into. LOOK AFTER minister to. flatter. strike. join. praise. drop out. learning dis- attachment n. in. take the offensive. 2. assail. OUT crowd. brutality or outrageous thing or act. intensify. accredit. spell. attendance n. heedful. garments. outrageous. stick. barbarity. defame. CONSIDERATE sion. 2. 1. nurse. ASSAULT offensive. civility. enlist. cruelty. despicable. joining. get. *jump down one’s throat. endeavor. devotion. lose. ANT. avoid. detach. make amends. diminish. affection. emaciation.’’—Bible. degenerate. *take a crack at it. au- apart. good. abuse. abstrac- take. 2. addition. affinity. escort. abominable. throe. servant. 1. ‘‘The blood of Jesus getting. tice. accomplish. *jump raiment. ANT. swear. ADD. love. war- mug. 48 Roget’s Superthesaurus . to make amends. censure. WORK ON tackle. make an effort. ANT. *bad-mouth. vouch for. bid. OF AN ILLNESS bout. *give it the old college drive-by shooting is an atrocity that originated try. monstrosity. tend. deteriorate. lessen. recognition. hyperactivity. Atone for your sins. storage *dis. weak. crime. associate. ONSET OR RECURRENCE negligent. attack v. scold. fortify. try. raid. do pen. 2. weaken. ANT. pounce on. *duds. gracious. 3. thoughtfulness. bear witness. absent-mindedness. tion. garb. molest. connect. thoughtful. hor. show up. acquire. ACCESSORY appendage. hook. tack. belie. 1. orderly. connection. realize. PRESENT appear. endeavor. 3. heedless. short attention span. neglectful. restitution. accomplishment. be. procure. extension. realization. 2. loft. withering. siege. 3. attempt v. savagery. shrive. take a shot at it. impugn. try. aver. be associated with. reparations. assailant. oversight. go hand in hand. support. ANT. 2. notice. refute. ASSAULT strike. bind. valet. consort. brutal. 3. atrium n. into with both feet. criticize. relapse. 1. appalling. abomination. repulsion. OBSERVATION no- assign. deteriora. revile. SYN. regard. clerestory. turn up. atrophy v. atrophy n. aggression. aide. ambush. attain v. free. costume. attack n. *rake over the coals. ance. attenuate v. cure. cruel. ANT. apparel. affix. FASTENING tying. ambush.Atone–Attire ATONE v. expiation. AFFILIATE consciousness. attach v. convulsion. onslaught. 2. invasion. garret. SYN. ACCOMPANY come with. doctor. DEVOTION regard. achievement. crastinate. MINDFUL observant. kindness. unobservant. alert. loosen. good deed. *togs. unspeakable. attentive a. crush. TO BE ror. 3. ANT. venture. solicitous. pleasant. accommodating. CONCENTRATION mindfulness. quit. 1. amends. separation. atrocious a. consideration. bad. 1. verify. place. care. *tear rant. gallant. scrutiny. strive. substantiate. inattention. obtain. 1. under- ATROCITY n. inconsiderate. compliment. se- tions. defend. TURN- ening. expiate. assistant. evil. shot. confirm. damn. assist. scious. take. noticing. offender. success. service. jump on. ment. procurement. horrible. 1. pledge. audience. ANT. decrease. set upon. deny. benevolent. clothing. envoy. TO BEGIN attire n. [uh TRAW suh tee] a cruelty. acquire- Christ . steward. consul. ANT. house. aggress. 1. go to. brutality. *threads. taking. attention n. wasting. [uh TONE] to make up for a bad lay low. detachment. VERBALLY ASSAULT *rip into. redress. malign. dilute. under- monstrous. unspeakable act. 1. attaché n. bear out. watchful. raid. tion. attend v. turn for the worse. compensa. confess. heed. attic n. The *take a stab at it. sharp. make a bid for it. tion. FASTEN tie. respect.

disposition. adorable. imposing. assign. On the latest fashion. harbinger. clothed. patrons. COURT *nerve. manner. in- *chemistry. ANT. auger n. auburn a. winning. augury n. spectators. naked. sale. turnout. 1. forecast. BRAVE. witchment. abnormal. spinelessness. facet. tool. soothsaying. [o koo RAHN] well-in. quality. air. charismatic. *doll up. cute. examination. 1. *ballsy. to-date. preme. telligible. propriety. invite. atmosphere. perceptible. characteristic. audible a. fetching. weakening. away or reduction. forewarn. pluck. enticement. of mind. credit. legal representative. stately. virtue. portend. ald. forewarning. courageous. ascribe. increase. dwindling. fasci. repellant. fortification. SHAMELESSNESS DA. sign. adjust. SYN. eyes. informed. grew silent as they entered the august cathedral. costume. timid. AUGUST a. nimbus. keeper. bold. decline. ATTRITION n. daring. vendue. extend. gallery. SEE TOOL attribute n. 2. dauntless. nerve. lecture hall. 1. courtesy. clear. *hair across the ass. divine. SYN. arrogance. presage. *chip audacity n. seer. SYN. 2. mien. domestic servant. charming. hance. impertinent. tryout. *gall. *gutsy. demeanor. magnetic. odd. pull. barrister. worthy of great respect. *up to speed. feeling. unin- repulse. brassy. humble. unadorned. in- *spellbind. su- was always au courant. not affected by shame or a sense of *vibes. dress. reduction. lite. eminent. book- *nice. boldness. rora borealis (northern lights). dignified. pose. view- affinity. analyst. lure. ing. derring- attorney n. theater. attitude problem n. diminution. diviner. lofty. harmonize. bias. ANT. bewitch. vate. up. temperament. behind the times. repellant. nut au pair n. ero. ANT. Also. unflinching. magnetism. outfit. undressed. attractive a. oracle. air. au- foray into enemy territory. keeper. build attribute v. The soldiers made an audacious aurora n. enlightened. 1. beautiful. repulsive. rude. 2. trial. hearable. Attire–Aurora attire v. she sublime. repul. fear. ugly. un- auction n. propriety. ad- attitude n. prophet. hearing. capti. fans. typical. insolent. bode. ers. fascinate. intrepid. daring. play- pretty. ampitheater. POS. SEE LAWYER. chestnut brown. 2. al. attract v. do. cowardly. counselor. spective. bewitching. *guts. effrontery. interest. ANT. en- ture. disintegration. review. quirk. henna. market. magnetize. AU COURANT a. up-to-date. accounting. feeling. decimation. formed. reddish-brown. 1. assimilate. appealing. ambience. mettle. LAW. impertinence. enticing. OUTLOOK mind. *easy on the house. sell-off. augment v. deferential. attraction n. add. 1. emanation. distinction. acclimate. discernible. Visitors irregular. charge with. ANT. ANT. aware. decorum. maximize. sexy. impute. ANT. brazen. [aw GUST] awe-inspiring. ALLURE brass. aurora australis (southern lights). fascination. adapt. repel. [aw DAY shus] brave. tempting. nanny. forward. usual. 1. ANT. comely. COURAGE bravery. 1. au naturel a. repel. concert luring. fea. fearful. aversion. than by forced layoffs. audition n. be. po- carriage. audit n. onlookers. enlarge. hall. crowd. sion. solicitor. bore. charm. ANT. *cheek. silent. on one’s shoulder. TURE stance. forecast. account for. nating. herald. bold. Roget’s Superthesaurus 49 . auditor n. handsome. *open mike. accoutre. prophesy. psychic. lowly. auditorium n. boost. grand. repulse. regal. inaudible. PREDICTION prophesy. house. per. cowardice. natural. view. bearing. *mindset. untypical. reinforcement. amplify. The company lost more employees by attrition augur v. fortune-teller. *hip. *turn on. SYN. uncommon. 2. sion. forewarning. 2. golden-brown. audience n. attenuate. broaden. charm. brashness. baby-sitter. DRAW pull. mag- atypical a. temptation. telligible. outrageous. allure. nificent. SHAMELESS. predict. backbone. saucy. *spine. ANT. garb. up. pedestrian. charisma. 2. assembly room. unusual. hall. *ambulance chaser. vestigation. nude. cheeky. thicken. *ballsy. beguile. appeal. clothed. stunning. reduce. spirit. forecast- buildup. crease. loss by natural means. impudence. prognosticator. divination. mood. AUDACIOUS a. fit out. glorious. house- brown. grit. distinguished. aura n. interest. presumption. her- attune v. ANT. noble. de- blame. deck out. ANT. tempt. stalwart. [uh TRISH un] a wearing augur n. accountant. 2. plucky. frame venturous. magnificent. inspector. clothe. turn off. current. strengthen. OMEN portent. trait.

guarantee. automated a. *honest-to-goodness. dashboard warning lights: idiot lights. nate. 1. officialdom. timely. tionable. INVOLUNTARY unconscious. seri. fortunate. license. 1. official. ananym. corroborate. unfavorable. dogmatic. story. autocrat n. self regulating. vouch. control. torsion bars plinarian. *John Henry. van. sound. convertible. warm. tual. forbidding. favorable. bard. *bucket of bolts. automatic a. founder. minivan. la- chronicler. brake components: brake drum. of officials. SYN. confirm. war. WORD FIND *lemon. convertible: *ragtop ANT. self-propelling. chauffeur-driven: limousine potic. attest. 2. pact. designer. *lowrider. grim. ‘‘Tyranny unless tempered by opportune. SEE BOOK. POWER jurisdiction. demo.’’—Ade- tious. stern. robotic. domineering. unsubstantiated. leaf springs. multiple books. genuine. true. EXPERT special- golden. *the *John Hancock. permissive. automated. assistance. tion. *kosher. conscious. drive. autobahn n. *give the self-denying. highway. vehicle. in. ad- opening a new business. plain. AUSPICIOUS a. 2. best-selling author with staying power: *flivver. promising. dictatorial. repres. dictatorship. ard lights 50 Roget’s Superthesaurus . despot. historian.Auspices–Automobile auspices n. [aw STEER] severe. scholarly. authorities n. town car. ist. imperious. rigid. legiti. road. anism. allo. cables sive. sanc. architect. commission. ANT. real. way. cheery. *gas-guzzler. subcom- ator. authentic. [aw SPISH us] favorable. sunny. automatic. give the okay. validated. brake shoes. indulgent. trustworthy. abstemious. utility vehicle). lucky. ANT. non-skid: anti-lock brakes may not take credit: ghost writer bump absorbers: shock absorbers. dominion. frivolous. compact. unpre- teller. document. 2. simon-pure. aegis. cold. 2. overlord. genuine. authority n. ominous. *iron-fisted ruler. The prison’s austere fa. unfortu. bona fide. meditated. City Hall. rosy. WRITER novelist. handles contracts: liter. ANT. hatchback. 2. fake. protec. despotism. *the law. 1. ANT. positive conditions or character. reliable. disci. tion wagon. ary agent brake lining writes a book for someone else who may or brakes. trusted source. scholar. command. voluntary. validate. frivolous. etc. warrant. The econ. ministration. des. anonym WORD FIND publicizes author and books: publicist book listing prices of used cars: blue book sells author’s books. springs. nym. liberal. martinet. *crate. phony. SELF-OPERATING mechanical. bor-intensive. spontaneous. discredit. SYN. ANT. affirm. Life authoritative a. self-denying. unadorned. signature. lard of Bath. ous. professional. bogus. fastback. tyrannical. green light. positive. supervision. strict. good. sponsorship. self propelled. guidance. the powers that be. programmed. system. solemn. screenwriter. strict. automobile n. connoisseur. *wheels. biographer. authority. father. ques- tion. roadster. authoritar- ornate. X. rant. entitle. poet. dictator. autograph n. mechanized. tyrant. omy is improving. 1. allow. ac. bright. ‘‘A person who you can automaton SEE ROBOT silence by shutting his book. car. government. influence.’’—Stefan Zweig. SUV (sport pen name: pseudonym. sub. ANT. journalist. dictator. 1. torized. *walking encyclopedia. stern or authorize v. autocracy n. *horseless brand-name author carriage. computerized. extravagant. self-pro- validate. manual. AS. stiff. stark. AUSTERE a. servo-mechanized. wordsmith. license. cutting tool used in a car accident: Jaws of cratic. sta- nik. superhigh- harsh. NOVELIST 2. freedom. ian. certified. sedan. real McCoy. despot. dramatist. stantiate. SEVERE. playwright. mo- authenticate v. propi. totalitarian. tyrant. authentic a. sanction. *clunker. cables used to recharge dead battery: jumper authoritarian a. certify. ‘‘A halter. inscription. author of: polygraph *hot rod.’’—Max Gral. certified. *hack. rigid. coupe. autocratic. patronage. grammed. cade was chillingly bleak. ORIGINATOR cre. permit. name. untimely. character. Also. servo-mechanized. empower. spurious. sober. mate. author n. expressway. *jalopy. transport. suspension authoritarian n. strict. rule. reflex. haz- true. totalitari- CETIC. nom de plume. *junker. plain in appearance. 1. felicitous. documented. it is an auspicious time for charge. falsify. libertarian.

rapac- shift ity. 2. ANT. inventors. benefit. SNOWSLIDE landslide. aiding. known for start- gears shifted manually: manual transmission ing avalanches: cornice inflatable impact bag: air bag SEE MOUNTAIN. electrochemical power unit: battery at hand. *cutting edge. so-so. use. police: squad car. It was an autonomous island avenue n. take vengeance. charity. sovereign. and die rich. ANT. agreeable. WAY ing. mill. generous. path. usual. 2. 2. reserve. hostile. parkway.’’—David starting car without key: *hotwiring Hume. TRUCK wreak vengeance. accessory. patrol car. expressway. they were the work: creeper avant garde. ad. run-of-the- autumn n. self-governing. lane. aid. rule. SUPPORTING assisting. ANT. profit. used car in perfect condition: cherry *gold-digging. course. ANT. autonomy n. subjugation. freedom. acquisitiveness. INUN- engine speed gauge: tachometer DATION cataclysm. mediate. inter- dependence. ready. [uh vahnt GARD] or pet word: vanity plate those involved in innovation or new tech- lifter used to raise car to change tire: jack niques. secondary. SYN.’’—Robert speed automator: cruise control Burton. *garden variety. He tailpipe afterburner. pidity. rapacious. selfish. 1. ill-disposed. punish. wheel-locking clamp used to stop parking giving. mean. exceptional. retaliate. excuse. AVERSION n. [aw TON uh mus] acting look. hesitant. ‘‘The spur of industry. flood. self-reliant. utilize. sovereignty. fair. opposed. handy. disposal. fall. 1. ROAD. *get even. help. frame: chassis WORD FIND funeral car: hearse air current produced by: avalanche wind gearbox: transmission overhang of ice and snow. covetousness. sway reducer: sway bar AVARICIOUS a. standard. thoroughfare. led beets. cruiser. standard.’’—Albert Camus. benevolence. over- AUTONOMOUS a. averse a. ANT. mission: clutch avalanche n. DRIVE. new pedal for manual transmission: clutch school. unfavorable. DWI: driving while intoxicated available a. means. occupied. out. home rule. Autonomous–Aversion divider between engine and passenger com. avail n. MOUNTAIN CLIMBING license plate customized with owner’s name AVANTE-GARDE n. self. self-rul. he was avaricious. overruled. innovators. scofflaws: Denver boot avenge v. explosion of fuel in exhaust system: backfire barrage. unwill- juvant. help. Roget’s Superthesaurus 51 . pioneers. ad- partment: firewall vantage. generosity. on tap. dislike. vanguard. gluttony. miserliness. independent. aid. predatory. par. accessible. greed. street. ANT. supplementary. common. vindicate. ‘‘A mere madness. eager. gluttonous. greed. serve. MOTOR. wheel shaft: axle *pay back. SYN. willing. SUBSIDIARY ing. on hand. revenge. DUI: driving under the influence avail v. repugnance. SYN. norm. torrent. ad. promenade. hoarding. highway. average n. assist. route. They were on mechanic’s rolling board used for underbody the cutting edge of a new science. 1. *tight. flower. especially in the arts. SYN. auxiliary a. typical. burns harmful gases: ca. skidding over sheet of water: hydroplaning to live like a wretch. extraordinary. subject. trail- OUI: operating under the influence blazers. mileage meter: odometer groundbreakers. forgive. at one’s engages and disengages engine from trans. loath. artery. cu- shifting to low gear to help slow car: down. unavailable. 2. independently. contributing. Her avarice compelled her to radar detector: *fuzzbuster hobnob with wealthy bachelors. harvest time. SEE ACCIDENT. Indian summer. ordinary. experimenters. middling. usefulness. loathing. dependent. vard. beneficent. talytic converter greedy. disinclined. [uh VUR zhun] an intense dis- ditional. ANT. everyday. prowl AVARICE n. deluge. moderate. helping. obtainable. average a. [AV ur ISH us] greedy. I have an aversion to pick- primary. free. drive. ANT. self-reliance. ROAD roadway. [AV ur is] unhealthy desire for car wealth. subordinate. ANT. free of the mainland’s dictates. independence. acquisitive. pig- tire rotation for proper wear: balancing gish. covetous. SYN. boule- government. above ‘‘A second spring when every leaf ’s a par. was after her money. against. median. like or repugnance. main.

*cool. forestall. wake. force. inappropri- disavow. astray. ardent. steer clear of. impressive. reason. 1. ANT. wary. fond. *out to lunch. ha. attraction. right. marquee. astonishing. overwhelming. terrifying. flyer. citation. refrain. burning. ax n. an. hinge. smooth. principle. axiom n. interest. brace. solute. tailed. *dyna- etous. rouse. *wise to. awaken v. await v. wakeful. ANT. unim- avocation n. axiomatic a. wait for. avoidance n. driving rant. 1. horrible. 2. acti. igno. awning n. shun. league. truth. stupefying. amazement. prize. motivation. detestation. ax to grind (having an) wanting or going after award v. intim- aviator n. 1. medal. dubi- stimulation. acknowledge. awkward a. bad. ugly. assertion. appeard to be civil-minded. ness. 1. nouncement. rabid. admiration. 2. astir. not for compensate. motive. the unselfish reasons sometimes presented. avoid. profession. union. oblique. askew. endow. es- despicable. sidestep. astonishment. *with it. invigoration. ungainly. stimulate. TURN AWAY shift. known. dodge. confront. in reality he had awake. 2. 1. voracious. incentive. EAGER enthusiastic. get up. zealous.Avert–Ax to Grind antipathy. UNCOMFORTABLE embarrassing. pilot. side. ANT. unconscious. hedge. cov. ducking out. axis n. 1. 2. off. pleasing. ab- awakening n. dis- clude. avouch. CONSCIOUS active. canvas. canopy. shaft. tum. hatchet. *plugged in. fanatical. mindful. duck. circumspect. 2. awake a. 2. veneration. inferior. *bush sideline. declare. consciousness. good. atrocious. alert. tain. maul. trophy. 2. derful. league. moving. 1. UNWIELDY cum- avow v. tred. MENT alliance. wide-eyed. vite. hawk. shirk. absent. thorny. shelter. realization. rousing. nice. ALERT watchful. ANT. avoid v. chew. awry a. admission. ping. hobby. disavowal. PIVOT spindle. ANT. hedging. *lame. ept. up. appalling. shunning. even. enlightened. 1. coalition. ANT. mite. understood. shock. uninterested. confer. in. *out of this world. reward. spindle. versed. ous. 2. maladroit. fundamental. confession. bulky. sharp. apathy. confess. aware a. good. 2. relaxing. shirking. super. ANT. liking. nip in the bud. *hip. precept. breathtaking. compensation. *rip- bored. CLUMSY bumbling. abroad. rotten. broadax. grant. acknowledged. PRE. removed. remote. award n. acknowl. ANT. graceful. 3. 2. formidable. ANT. stunning. shaft. ALIGN- birth. cognizant. 1. *bright-eyed and bushy. self-evident. aslant. reverence. awe n. profession. axle n. *gnarly. inatten. re. asleep. awful a. aver. aviatrix. off course. dic- tive. settle. ANT. anticipate. oafish. ate. *mind-blowing. ANT. agenda. *bad. deny. 1. AMISS wrong. conscious. exacerbate. decoration. CROOKED askew. evade. comatose. fervent. score to grounded. invite. cause. away a. His support of the project ing. lukewarm. excellent. present. *eye-popping. hostility. bungling. correct. elude. pickax. dull. declaration. refraining. denial. apprised. *know the score. frightful. observant. un- stepping. straight. spect. amazing. honor. re- VENT ward off. stupefaction. edgement. tick- avowal n. awesome a. turn aside. terrible. admit. swear. thwart. gone. disregard. questionable. revival. affirmation. something for self-serving reasons. axis. 1. won- flaming. truism. ghastly. hidden motive. bypass. unaware. contemptible. a hidden motive. work. airman. DESIROUS greedy. *ho-hum. bar. avid a. appropriate. em- *crappy. idating. maxim. disgust. rod. delicate. arbor. blundering. graceful. trying. toma- sharp. bypassing. in- averting. pressive. *klutzy. pre. hidden agenda. avert v. au courant. horrendous. out. in question. off guard. 3. pastime. rapacious. fear. 52 Roget’s Superthesaurus . profess. lish. *unreal. *give the slip. ANT. wonder. purpose. avaricious. unquestionable. convenient. respect. pursuit. bestow. revulsion. ANT. blasé. an ax to grind. trivial. 2. indifference. coordinated. announce. *gone. unpleasant. dodging. meet head on. dreadful. bersome. evasion. immense. sunshade. untimely. indifferent. eschewing. deter. worship. *lightweight. wondrous. unconscious. know. cer- vate. SYN. ANT. avert. handy. in touch. ponderous. vigilant. attentive. ace.

care for. turn tail. look after. Roget’s Superthesaurus 53 . backtrack. *yak. ‘‘It is all gut and squall. foreground.’’—Mark Twain. spluttering. SPINE spinal column. bachelor n. tot. resolve. SNIVELER whiner. boom. juvenile. young. wee. stand behind. birth spurt. mewl backbone n. gurgle. prate. *keep an babble v. jabber. coddle. ‘‘A man who is footloose and fiancé baby n. for. outfit: layette *wimp out. handed. babe. explode. babe in the woods n. population explosion. 1. teensy. quin. mature. misfire. dated. from side to carriage: buggy. mutter. murder of: infanticide back down v. REVERSE go backwards. environ- mollycoddle. sit. ANT. contented. shelter. spine. flop. ANT. bygone. arduous. pluck. *backstab. toddler. blather. 1. stern. baby a. posterior. defame. benefactor. SEE ASS Brown. *child’s play. angel. front. rural. free. bankrupting. gush. INFANT newborn. abandoned and found: foundling ANT. equivocal. prattle. slander. dupe. backside. mettle. bounce on one’s knee or swing up and down 3. tail end. man about babel n. 3. birthrate bulge. miniature. past. *badmouth. Babble–Backhanded B babble n. bering. regress. baby v. offing. prattle. light. small. PARTY innocent. sitter. eye on. surrender. watch. promote. PAST earlier. *go to bat bother. sucker. supporter. gibber. confusion. 2. boost. advo- song: lullaby cate. talk: babble. *guts. back n. fortitude. smother.’’—Charles hind. gibberish. underwriter. sponsor. COURAGE diaper irritation: diaper rash strength. crushing. murmur. pocket-sized. easy mark. outermost. ANT. strenuous. undermine. infantile. chewy toy: teething ring. single. gurgle backfire v. gossip. underhanded. borious. concede.G. smear. town. ANT. cave in. WORD FIND return. vacillating. advance. ian. imma- mumbling. stroller. promoter. 2. left- baby boom n. give in. quadruplets. large. posterior. CHILDREN. 2. crippling. cry weakly: whimper. 1. ture. *wimp. sextuplets exhausting. cry loudly: squall *tell tales out of school. bur. pop. pamper. previous. recoil. en- crybaby. dead at birth: stillborn 2. 1. DISTANT bed: cradle. upcoming. definite. acquiesce. education. cowardice. character. governess. mature. SEE ORGY. REAR hind. dorse. bathtub: bathinette back a. FOUNDATION mainstay. soft spot on head: fontanelle booster. 1. rubber soother: pacifier backer n. coo. whine and whimper: pule *bomb. to and fro. spinelessness. bassinet remote. nipper. perambulator side. breastfeeder. abet. ble. nanny. in one’s arms: dandle 1. vertebrae. faraway. ANT. indulge. sputter. sarcastic. financer. *go off without a hitch. drivel. tooth eruption: teething bang. tuplets. nursling. report. DISTANCE backdrop. 2. burble. guard- splutter. SEE BIRTH. taxing. 1. bacchanal n. EXPERIENCE upbringing. neonate. embryo implant: test-tube baby spunk. blat. stag. 1. prog- ailment: croup ress. CHILD. baby-sit v. miscarry. reverse. reject. walking: toddling blow up in one’s face. *dump on. spoil. SUPPORT assist. playboy. denounce. hired: wet nurse back and forth adv. rebound. future. mind. stand firm. clear. dote on. PREGNANCY background n. family. grounding. hold premature infant: preemie one’s ground. work. ANT. ment. happy cry: crow vilify. illegitimate: love child. Kernan. easy. submit. anterior. investor. blabbing. boomerang. ANT. overprotect. pacifier backbite v. head. jabber. grit. 3. act as guardian. baby-sitter n. blab. blub. clamor. bastard backbreaking a. patron. pram. papoose. discharge. triplets. straightforward. ANT. end.’’—F. la- multiple: twins. circumstances. *bambino. ambiguous. tend. tiny. horizon. childish. rear. secluded. sponsor. 3. ‘‘An inestimable blessing and back v. basis. babel. ti- foreskin removal from male: circumcision midity. babyish a. go awry. ANT. rump. backhanded a. 2. tumult. malign.

mischievous. ‘‘All that cial interest or expertise. BELOW STANDARD inadequate. harass. hard feelings. moldy. advocacy. deposit. trunks. ef. go badly adv. department. muddle. territory. irk. sass. valise. backbite. tailored. plague. hound. insignia. wasteland. depressed. heavy machinery. reserved. re- ANT. detraction. sack. mouth. bond. perplexing. bait v. tempt. extra. paraphernalia. THWART hinder. mean. inferior. earth mover. sche. *doublecross. inducement. 1. mix up. terribly. befuddle. My personal baili- proceeds from weakness. frustrate. attraction. deviate. 2. 2. reserve. kill. slide. deficient. retract. trivial. ill will. SEE COURT. dreadful. Ignoring the needs bad breath n. poorly. luggage. microscopic loose. leave the straight and narrow. able. field. *crappy. pathogens. down. INCORRECT erroneous. patronage. *devil’s sandbox. desert. ANT. bait n. draw. *cheesy. SORRY low. effects. germs. pouch. surety. ANT. explain- reverse. 1. baffle v.Backhoe–Bait backhoe n. capture.’’—Friedrich Nietz. bashful. sponsorship. rustic. bribe. LAW shod. backlash. *digger. decayed. accurate. bug. SPOILED rotten. yokel. stock. harmless. behind. distressing. grave. agement. *bassackwards. unsatisfactory. 6. puffy. security. amity. ciently. emblem. hoard. shield. melancholy. IN REVERSE upside-down. 4. ANT. daze. relapse. 1. bitterness. 1. *ride. beat. hector. warranty. assis. case. confident. repulse. consequence. carryall. 7. ANT. badger. *hayseed. backwash. [BAL i wik] one’s area of spe- diabolical. poor. behind. shoddy. backwoodsman n. laggard. bailiff n. dermining. dle. pick on. slip. inadequately. excellent. good will. barren renege. awfully. obstruct. agents. encour. baggy a. aid. wrong. symbol. seize. peeve. disagreeable. vile. backpedal v. land. guff. horrible. 7. backstab v. duffel. 3. back down. briefcase. unpressed. entice. below par. defi- leave the path of righteousness. CONFUSE perplex. awful. pressed. superbly. take back. un. slack. trap. excavator. sagging. faulty. unfortunate. lip. moral. remorseful. hesitant. provoke. structive. bad blood n. negative. [BAK lash] a negative reac. pel. slipshod. ANT. tight. satanic. backup n. impeded. SEE COURT. 4. bail n. tainted. court attendant. abominably. eroded land. streptococci. sphere. take. insolence. mollify. horrible. smear. support. confound. preserved. *ride. bacteria n. badger v. domain. evil. valises. bag v. 2. gloomy. medallion. dangerous. back. retreat. portmanteau. *bugs. hatred. 1. rustic. backlog n. bags. pacify. ineptly. in baffling a. superior. interest. pack. fat. pester. UNPLEASANT unfavorable. badlands n. area of expertise. suit- demure. inaccurate. friendli- BACKLASH n. boost. correct. dull. auxiliary. terrible. ANT. accumulation. BAILIWICK n. 4. fire. jurisdiction. bacilli. *hillbilly. astray. *sell down the river. *come-on. backing n. good. glorious. allurement. nag. excess. catch. of one’s constituency always results in voter badge n. 1. baggage n. SYN. streptobacilli. unacceptably. forward. light. enmity. 2. response. reticent. less. throw. 6. quick. pleasant. halitosis. good. venom. serious. tion to a previous action. things. interest. lure. 5. virus. release. check. bagatelle n. stupid. smooth. proud. sinful. substitute. simple. distressed. court official. wrong. medal. timid. attack. provoke. puzzle. SEVERE powerful. good. 2. inside-out. below par. bagpipe n. droopy. microorganisms. WICKED immoral. *hick. delude. tantalize. TOWARD THE REAR rearward. endorsement. 2. sin. inept. slip. guaran- awful. induce. bar. please. harass. LAW rupt. microbes. LURE attract. 3. troubled. de. bribe. alternate. slander. lapse. trifle. GOAD tease. seduce. gunny-bag. annoy. suitcases. backslide v. gear. favorable. stump. en- dire. 3. good. substandard. repercussion. bold. putrid. ness. malevolence. *play Judas. bad a. wake. 3. perfectly. ticement. demonic. rile. 4. tance. unfriendliness. impact. hostility. *devil’s backyard. virtuous. tee. ANT. help. SEE MUSICAL INSTRUMENT *lousy. backward a. decipherable. foil. cor. advanced. inscrutable. snare. 5. nee- fect. billowing. recant. realm. hassle. limp. 54 Roget’s Superthesaurus . unsatisfactorily. worth. unacceptable. excellently. sign. recoil. satchel. bother. impede. wick is paleontology. retaliation. annoy. betray. SYN. haversack. resentment. revolting. *dragon breath. tragic. fresh. reaction. 1. officer. authority. back talk n. SHY bag n. RETARDED slow. brilliant. tote.

austere. hazardous. choreography. refuse. apple. mezzanine. jump with legs clung together: soubresaut poise. stop short. subtle. stark. hydrogen coil. folk song. mincing steps on tiptoes: pas de bourrée balance v. poise. jump straight in the air with quick changes balance n. prevent. in. cook. facili. differentiate. adagio. lighter-than-air craft. practice: barre work brate. deck. ‘‘The rightful admirer of: balletomane and peaceful successors of bullets. ANT. *hop. leap from one foot to the other: jeté stability. shoes: toe shoes. overt.’’—Abra- attire: tutu. 1. equal. hoedown. FRANK blunt. 1. helium. tractable. SEE BALLET SEE BLIMP ballet n. decorated. love song. im. swell. Roget’s Superthesaurus 55 . mooring line SENSE ascent/descent speed-measuring device: var- bale n. 1. out-and-out. slate. parcel. *jump meister in. director: impresario ballpark n. after body: spotting cheap seats. stubborn. poll. broadest portion: equator balk v. pastry shop. *peanut gallery. terrace. contract. 3. hinder. dance. 2. harm. offset. heat. weights. knee-bend: plié sure. spheroid. ORB sphere. ornery. balloon v. veranda. balloon n. DANCE prom. sinister. resistant. malignant. match. iometer baleful a. equi. TO MAKE EQUAL equalize. where hot air is blown in: wicked. posturing on one leg: arabesque poise. pilot. stabilize. dilate. retard. bottom sleeve. hairy. used to control altitude: ballad n. demur. aerostat. shy ground crew: chase crew away from. rot. 1. leotard ham Lincoln. steady. flinch. mouth less. vote. shin. cooperative. sandbags. step: pas domed. foil. WORD FIND disguised. FRUSTRATE thwart. cake shop. indirect. steps performed on tiptoes: temps de point. whirlaround: pirouette glaring. non-principal dancer: coryphee evaluate. EQUILIBRIUM parity. bread shop. ANT. 2. evil. SEE SONG ballast ballerina n. ANT. baldfaced. mulish. male dancer: danseur stability. 1. bullet. bunch. UNADORNED plain. tions: blastoff obstinate. *cool head. embellished. 2. écart *head like a cueball. equality. symmetry. di. HESITATE re. proceed. 1. roast. gas: hot air. GALLERY loge. secondary. contrast. high-speed launch used in windy condi- balky a. compute. Bake–Ballpark bake v. debit. innocuous. altitude-measuring device: altimeter balderdash n. resisting. 1. PORCH platform. appendix. object. imbalance. injurious. 1. en pointe rect. ornate. toe dancing. flagrant. audit. check. poppycock. MENTAL STABILITY compo. sliding on soles of feet: glissading balcony n. barren. credit. *skinheaded. shrink. draw back. deflate. benign. broil. irrationality. equili. calculate. self-control. 2. *chrome. help. ballet shoes tally. solo: pas seul overhang. pernicious. song. correspondence. ticket. 3. 1. then turned upper deck. HAIRLESS bare. woolly. deadly. 2. *walk a fine practice room bar: barre line. furry. tights. masque. sum up. inequality. rate of descent: sink dig. equity. SEE NON. basket: gondola ominous. outright. ANT. 2. intractable. bare. *level the playing field. of leg position: entrechat ization. spin in which head is held still. dragrope. glabrous. 2. ground director of balloon activity: balloon- tate. harmful. threatening. bloat. anchor line: tether. hirsute. stadium. clear. WORD FIND ballot n. packet. COMPARE running steps: pas couru consider. propane gas heater: burner round. shaven. contrary. billow. bunk. bundle. burner’s lighter: sparker pede. jump and land in same position: saute bagel shop. un. prima ballerina bakery n. counter. progress. globe. ANT. portico. interior of bag: envelope ruly. 3. 2. 2. passenger: aeronaut ball n. puff out. counteract. grand bald a. ACCOUNT square. female dancer: ballerina. expand. weigh. level. inflate. split performed in midair: pas ciseaux. ANT.

speakers: amplifiers. hit. *crap. ap. peal. *nuts. ANT. association. 2. neckerchief. belt. clang. set-up crew-member: *roadie ate. lackluster. prohibition. clap. crack. close. 3. confuse. booking agent clap. pitch. pass along. ruin. bunch. shoot. thrift. 2. stale. 1. drum out. PA system bamboozle v. puffery. 3. used. flat. orchestra. sash. ‘‘A place charge where they lend you an umbrella in fair 56 Roget’s Superthesaurus . hoodlum. crook. quartet. individual instrumental: lick. cord. ANT. circulate. ANT. pop. trick. dis- fan of: *groupie miss. irritant. brigand. dressing. nonet. sane. over. dull. stop. treasury. le. death. ing ers. plague. STRIKE hit. 2. *Bandaid. publicizes. ing. grass. books shows: agent. outlaw. WORD FIND *charge. Federal Re- nightclub entrance fee to pay for: cover serve Bank. eccentric. bless- monplace. passage. terdiction. tie. handrail. pull the wool over one’s eyes. BANE ul] dull. burst. con. promotes: publicist. *jollies. cover banister n. 1. embrace. punch. uproar. slam. amps. curative. thud. salve. excommunicate. RECORDING ban n. SYN. hold-up man. platitudinous. BLOW ble. bandleader n. soothing. sextet. railing. deport. curse. sound. embargo. tribe. deep. riff promotion. impromptu performance: jam fraud. rap. allow. chief. abrasive. cure. proval. glar. seating. stormy. provoca. posse. MUSICAL GROUP ensem. inclement. pop. 1. whack. rich. hit song or nonoriginal song performed by: invite. slang for musician’s: *chops bamboo n. disallow. evil. pack is the bane of the deer yard. *crack. reed. reverb. punch. bandy v. gentle. soothing playdate or job: gig agent. explosion. quintet. restriction. crush. pro- effects. NOISE boom. lending institution. beat. subgroup of instruments: section dupe. singer. ban. normal. exchange. *mugger. smack. octet. *blacklisting. *spiel. ANT. swindle. eject. tive. whack. stoppage. take. pack. mob. ANT. prohibit. cane. pentad. de. fresh. it was banal. bandanna n. restrict. SYN. platitude. downfall. ker- forbid. clout. approve. [buh NAL. foolish. band n. remove. throng. 1. slam. law. trust mistake or muffed note: clam company. highwayman. robber. peal. strap. undoing. bandmas- able and tired. assembly. *kick. promoter balmy a. bandit n. improvisational session: jam session banjo n. cheat. compress. 1. hackneyed. lead: frontman baloney n. common. thwack. crash. *cuckoo. injunction. bandage n. relegate. smack. concave: band shell clap. vapid. calm. amplifier: echo. out- galize. comfort. proscription. triteness. GROUP gang. over. STRIP swath. tremolo scribe. thong. bang n. 2. struction. inane. A wolf- nal. THRILL Sl. com. swath. troop. conductor. give-and-take. [BANE] harm. company. MAKE NOISE boom. *ping pong. shot. thug. temper. scourge. amateur band: garage band thump. *hot air. unorigi. oust. explode. remedy.Ballyhoo–Bank ballyhoo n. thud. and forth. clichéd. advisor: manager bang v. *blackball. exclude. bromide. ribbon. groove: *cooking balm n. eruption. daft. thief. SEE NONSENSE skills. stable. report. allowance. rot. boycott. ter. MUSICIAN. tired. MILD fair. BANE n. fillet. pop. unrehearsed. poison. gauze. taboo. The dialogue was too predict. hum-drum. 2. good. balustrade. tranquil. crack. slam. financial institution. destruction. common. trio. ANT. road. clout. SEE MUSIC. handkerchief. confidence on stage: stage presence banish v. deceive. pum- circuit of shows: tour mel. combo. pass back insipid. slam. 1. talk. ANT. SEE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS improvise or make up song on spot: jam bank n. S&L. septet. expel. trite. cliché. bunk. hoodwink. salvo. babble. mortgage company. rap. weird. bar. sanction. exile. in. de- banality n. performing exceptionally well or in a hoopla. bandstand. savings and main act: headliner loan. ban v. hype. buffalo. used. unreserved audience: festival seat- sane. sanction. *frontman. bur- BANAL a. session followed by break: set blustery. boycott. *BS. desperado. clang. original. banish. outlaw. thump. adopt. pleasant. CRAZY in. credit union.

to settle balances: clearinghouse WORD FIND one percent of loan paid up front: point basin: baptistery. ledge. solvent. pennon. ‘‘The vehicle messenger/*gopher: runner to heaven. *strutting Federal Reserve System half-pint. failure to pay loan on time: delinquency banquet n. of many smaller ones: commute where they survived a baptism of fire. string. mound. trial by fire. initiation. foremost. after all debts are subtracted: equity tion) number vault. ruined. ROW tier. levee. sprinkling. jest. streamer. immersion. lowest interest rate at a given time: prime ritual. sacrament. withdrawal) account bankrupt a. dorsement WORD FIND storage space for customer’s valuables: safe assets pledged as security for a loan: collat. line. course. or- record book of deposits and withdrawals: deal. joke. whippersnapper. Bankrupt–Baptism of Fire weather and ask for it back when it begins signature authorizing payment of check: en- to rain. record. in the bounced check red. ridicule. hill. repartee. loan payment that is larger than all the oth. Roget’s Superthesaurus 57 . order for: draft. red-letter. by: holobaptism panicked withdrawals on fear of bank clo. colors. ex- strument ceptional. initiation. SECURITIES certified check 2. kidding.’’—Robert Frost. bankruptcy n. penniless. teasing. feast. large initial: down payment banter v. bunting. josh- banks by Federal Reserve Bank: discount ing. consecration. test of courage. stan- document such as draft. tion bantam n. *gone belly up. *spread. hell. hard- seriousness. outstanding. ship. kid. mediocre. the public agent of the Kingdom. used funds: NOW (negotiable order of array. tease. leading. conceal large sums of illegally gained money WORD FIND by depositing in several small accounts: bankruptcy procedure/code section: Chap- launder ter Eleven deposit of third party made to assure fulfill. rib. banner a. *busted. personal: safe deposit box bad check-writing: kiting withdrawal in excess of funds in account: CD: certficate of deposit overdraft check guaranteed by bank to be covered: SEE MONEY. laver order to bank to refuse payment on a check cloth: chrisom drawn: stop payment immersion. home or other investment ATM access code: pin (personal identifica. badinage. checking account that earns interest on un. rite. night- passbook. purification. office or central bank where bankers meet the gift of adoption. *ride. introduction. josh. bankbook mare. ensign. insolvent. rate persiflage. joking. payment establishing borrow. little spitfire. dard. christening. annoint- rate ing. dinner. broke. loan payment. roast. little scrap- federal banking system and clearinghouse: per. trying experience. font. fail to pay off a loan: default unsuccessful. ers: balloon payment baptism n. 3. raillery. jesting. rite of passage. pennant. successful. The new pay off loan in one large installment instead recruits were sent immediately to the front. flag. ANT. check returned due to insufficient funds: wiped out. entrance. SEE BANKRUPT ment of contract: escrow banner n. deed or bond: in. profiting. series. FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corpora- repast. in the clerk: teller black. deposit box eral teller’s small window: wicket ATM: automated teller machine value of business. EMBANKMENT slope. rude introduction. *cock of the walk. a first or initial experi- payment for use of credit or funds: interest ence that proves to be an ordeal. interest rate charged on loans to member banter n. money order BAPTISM OF FIRE n. insolvency. ANT. flourishing. ridicule.’’—Saint Basil. SYN. feisty runt. meal. swaggerer. er’s: earnest money hazing. robe: chrisom sure: bank run water: laver payment. ribbing.

close. peel- affront. unlock. BOLT secure. gauge. decorated. strip. IM. dry. rotisserie. wow. cutting remark. rococo. abet. unadorned. freeze barter. yawp. aid. nometer. barricade. service. RAIL OR ROD stick. shell. lounge. *animal. interdict. SHOUT bellow. ANT. con. snarl. UNCLOTHED naked. barnacle n. haggle. barb n. frank. bark n. lord. in barnstorm v. aristocrat. 1. vulgar. dolt. brutish- SEE BAT MITZVAH. lished. un. thunder. clod. cowbarn.’’—Franklin vent. barbarity n. free. COVERING skin. ornate. ruthlessness. embrace. hidden. animalistic. tour. elaborate. negotiate. florid. obstruction. shut out. ANT. redneck. gin mill. value. tere. yell. open. stark. creature. stark. hol- caveman. terms. *watering merely. drug. RELIGION simple. refined. yelp. baron n. 4. wild. nicety. indoctrinate. 2. vulgarity. ignoramus. byre. ornate. hairdresser. uncouth. bay. empty. seal. use at a price you can’t resist. rude. husk. just. UNDISGUISED bald. brutality. dig. sedative. howl. savage. scow. bargain n. peculiar. Hun. beautician. stark. ribbon. stripped. ill- responsibilities. fodder storage building next to: silo sear. segregate. rude. ‘‘Something you can’t der. 58 Roget’s Superthesaurus . latch. [bar MITZ vuh] a cere- mony recognizing the entrance of a 13-year- dish. brut. 1. other. 2. ban. pod. ostenta- ANT. brute. im. cultured. Jones. lock. refinement. *in one’s birthday suit. bare bones a. include. STOP impede. limpet. glaring. embel- varnished. block. 5. bowwow. 1. spurn. boycott. nude. restrain. EXCLUDE prohibit. lowbrow. barn n. pole. vulgar. camouflaged. savage. brazen. baroque a. busy. un. line. cleanse. barristers. barmy a. polite. yawp. primitive. tavern. plain. bow- Neanderthal. odd. striction. grain storage building: granary barber n. consecrate. clothed. rough. pre. indicator. block. shell. spare. vicious. SEE CHURCH. obstruct.’’—Anon. 3. ceremony. legal fraternity. WOOF yip. score. 3. purify. overworked. cruel. animalistic. flatboat. 3. hole. arf. tious. *batty. core. hardly. uncultured. come to ostracize. uncivilized. mation. crustacean. doltish. roast. coiffeur. ANT. igno. 2. good bar v. crosspiece. participant thinks he has cheated the striation. GAL SYSTEM lawyers. insult. growl. snap. cruelty. wildness. roar. au- shaft. *pig. ignorant. upper portion where hay is stored: hayloft haircutter. trade. ruffian. ful. the buff. barbaric a. stalls. barely adv. cocktail lounge. ignorance. sanctify. lout. The bar mitzvah is the Jewish mannered.Baptize–Baroque baptize v. arf. civilized. growl. deal. contract. civility. dramshop. eccentric. shameless. BAR MITZVAH n. ANT. 3. promise. farmstead cultured. boy’s great rite of passage into adulthood. dicker. primitive. no-frills. SYN. barefaced a. ma- disrobed. re. ANT. yelp. stake. annoint. obstacle. coming of age. ANT. spar. ise. outspoken. essential. Spartan. WORD FIND cultured. strip. deal. civilized. growl. slightly. bargain v. fanciful. unadorned. conventional. 1. yap. hooligan. welcome. ill-mannered. barbarism. confir- cloddishness. straightforward. 2. 2. bumptious. instrument. SEE FARM. hide. GOOD DEAL steal. respect- straint. impudent. ish. ANT. humane. beer garden. doltish. judi. facilitate. flagrant. WOOF yip. stumbling block. restrict. wild. bare a. arrangement. PUB saloon. barbarian n. prom- bar association. savagery. LE. criticism. covenant. clod. exposed. roughness. reserved. bold. shed. snag. stables. bar n. ‘‘A transaction in which each ciary. erection of: barnraising barbecue v. PLAIN barren. pledge. barbarous a. refined. hin. elaborate. initiation. 1. restraint. inso- PEDIMENT barrier. plain. dacious. 3. aus. sane. flame broil. merse. contract. higgle. initiate. RELIGION ness. barge n. 1. bay. coarse. nobleman. bark v. cook out. celebration. constrain. austere. 1. blacklist. freight carrier. bluster. out. lent. primitive. 1. collectively: philistine. rant. unfinished. hair stylist. old Jewish boy into the adult world of moral rough. BAND stripe. scarcely. lowbrow. ing. savage. ler. 2. attorneys. daft. sprinkle. rite of passage. normal. christen. ANIMAL barbiturate n. inhuman. AGREEMENT understanding. dressed. 2. banish. barn and other farm buildings. smoke. boom. 2. basic. brutish. depressant. a bon marche. covered up. blackball. philistine. barricade. solicitors. parasite. marine *downer. putdown. barometer n. paling. prohibit. grill. howl. counselors.

pushcart.’’— shelling. home. H: hit cle. 1. impure. fusillade. rain. base: bag pedestal. catch ble. batter’s spot: batter’s box base a. impede. rampart. salvo. 2. K: strikeout MVP: most valuable player pediment. league: pennant. menial. wretched. volley. ‘‘An island of surety in a lade. despica. INFERIOR lowly. build. foot. bat’s heavy warmup weight: donut HEADQUARTERS center. sterile. trade. 2. DESOLATE sterile. drum. core. infecund. post. housing. fundamental. hail. ser. wheelbarrow. incor. double play started by the shortstop (6) who Roget’s Superthesaurus 59 . game. 3. bottom. swap. community. rampart. AAA: the minor league from which big sel. un. unproductive. G: game barrier n. mean. derive. 3. ball. wall. clog. (common abbreviations) barrel n. stand. fortification. ANT. AL: American League CHILDLESS infertile. ‘‘The greatest conver- barrage n. sec- SB: stolen base tion. HR: homerun block. bat. DP: double play 2. battery. CONTEMPTIBLE low. sordid. difficulty. R: run barrio n. uninteresting. mass. source. palisade. Spanish quarter. horsehide SIS essence. slavish. building. NL: National League stumbling block. superior. 2B: double handbarrow. indecent. lush. PHYSICAL OBSTRUCTION bar. barmaid. firkin. bulwark. ries vile. WORD FIND tion. ves. FP: fielding percentage fortify. de. neighborhood. quarters. 2. baseball. 2. *mixmaster. noble. batter’s grip. 1. IP: innings pitched boom. shut off. rest. barrier. British game: rounders based. hogshead. check. fertile. deal. rain of fire. keg. 1. HANDICAP limitation. obstruct. obsta. bar. station. hurdle. obstacle. 3B: triple bartender n. championship. principle. cylinder. ur- RBI: runs batted in ban district. 2. road. World Se- rigible. block. cheap. coun. national pastime. SEE LAWYER SS: shortstop barrow n. athletic competition. stark. virtuous. sation piece ever invented in America. assault. butt. (primarily British) attorney. do busi. Also maker: cooper known as a bush league part: stave A: the third-tier minor league. foundation. handcart. void. bench area for players. interesting. unprincipled. barricade. hindrance. DULL boring. root. inspiring. onslaught. BB: base on balls/walks uninspiring. changing world. 1. 1. disgraceful. batting fourth in the lineup: batting cleanup camp. fruitful. 1. plethora. track baseball n. rich. WP: winning pitcher ness. blockade. Also known stopper: bung as a bush league barren a. league players are drawn WORD FIND AA: the second-tier minor league. arid. inunda. bed. bar. cask. pure. 3. ground structure. ignoble. AB: at bat pleted. bulwark. de. SUSTAINED ATTACK bombardment. PROFUSION deluge. spectacular: circus catch. FOUNDATION support. secure. principled. ground. im. container. TP: triple play barter v. obstacle. empty. improves: pine tar construct. stale. BA. slang for: apple. torrent. disreputable. SHO: shutout barrister n. back. 1. wall of fire. roadblock. BA: batting average bearing. impediment. Bruce Catton. fertile. bare. illegal: corked bat bone. Barracks–Baseball barracks n. exchange. ERA: earned run average barricade v. E: error impediment. defend. ambidextrous hitter: switch hitter base n. obstruction. cringing. Spanish district. establish. DH: designated hitter barricade n. enfi. dirt track skirting outfield wall: warning 2. shoestring dishonorable. degenerate. heart. catch. enclosed: dugout base v. ANT. barkeep. fecund.’’—William Veek. SO: strikeout selor. sport.

pitch. brash. knuckleball. nuts check swing and bolts. beanball basketball n. font. bouncing: chopper screen. elementary. no pepper: stenciled sign warning play- hit often used as sacrifice to move runner ers not to play games of pepper. pitchout WORD FIND pitch nearly hitting batter intentionally: blocked shot. wallow. short: blooper rectangles batter stands in at bat: batter’s fly balls. *throw a fireball. retiring. pitch a fastball: *blow it by. *brownball. ing ball. *blow smoke. deceptively slow: off-speed pitch basket n. curving or altering trajectory: break. perform badly. A. weak: nubber. to: fan. closing: closer. hamper. air it out PARTY illegally alter ball or bat: doctor bash v. office. to hit a: go downtown. confident. smash. tub. rudimentary. etc. especially in a tense situa. ball. stopper (3): 6-4-3 double play pitcher. secret: sign rule double sign. necessary. punch. reliever. celebration. illegal motion made by: balk drawing of players from schools and minor pitcher. embarrassed. nonessential. essential. shrinking. very short infield: bunt field batting and fielding drill that some- hit that causes an out but moves an on-base times damages the playing field runner along: sacrifice statistical rundown in newspaper: boxscore hitter who can be counted on in critical sit. homerun: four-bagger bash n. Sl. slider. who pitch thrown deceptively slow: change-up completes the play to the first baseman pitcher. rudiment. *put some mustard on basin n. protective: backstop hit ball that bounces into stands: ground signal. minor leagues: AAA AA.Baseless–Basketball throws to the second baseman (4). support. key. base. extra. spitball. full swing: break the wrists uations: clutch hitter strikeout. basic a. strike. receptacle. timid. sunbathe. practice catching: shag flies box grounder. washbowl. slang: *fireball. wick- pitch hitting batter. ground- pitch. strikes. illegally: goaltending brushback pitch block out opponent to get a better angle at pitch. fundamental. squibber. ing. tion: choke primary. Texas Leaguer throwing arm. withdrawn. sheepish. grand slam groundless. farm system. unwarranted. pitch intentionally thrown for a ball outside: sport. creel. spree. swaggering. nucleus. slam. curveball. to be called out on: go down looking nated hitter substitute runner: pinch runner hit. crush. scuttle. high infield: pop up players’ nickname: boys of summer flyball. *hoops. vital. bashful a. loud. essential. eat up. team’s best: ace fantasy baseball based on statistics: Rotis. error conscious. locker room. split. *wing-ding. unsubstantiated. bask v. pannier. shy. game. slow and easy to hit: lollipop a rebound: box out 60 Roget’s Superthesaurus . LUXURIATE revel. partial swing of bat not counting as strike: basic n. ANT. the in- on. *smoke pitcher’s warmup area: bullpen fan’s fanciful game of: Rotisserie League player making game-losing error: goat Baseball player not currently under contract and free first-year player: rookie to change teams: free agent flyball. container. it basis n. hit. sinker. 1. modest. lefthanded: southpaw leagues: draft pitcher. 2. unfounded. vessel. powerful: *bazooka. center. self- mishandled ball: bobbled. superfluous. whack. *shotgun SEE ATHLETE. demure. *hummer. de- fingered fastball light in. ANT. WARM ONESELF IN THE SUN *catch screwball. *bop. flimsy. athletic competition. *B-ball. foundation.: clubhouse *clobber. SPORT(S) homerun driving in a total of four runs: baseless a. out-of-play ball: foul coy. sink. forkball. *whiff hitter who substitute hits for pitcher: desig. root. intentionally wild: erwork. some rays. strike criteria. pitcher who uses clever pitches instead of serie League speed: finesse pitcher fastball. backward. bush leagues blushing. source. SEE homerun. fundamental.

shower. 1. steep. roll-in from very close range: finger. spoil. downtown. assortment. rascal. shot. confirmation. wink. area: zone defense violation in which player hits opponent’s defense. gar- pass resulting in a score: assist rison. players covering the corner areas: forwards blink. defense. screen or legal block: pick bath n. swim- roll suit. shot that misses everything including rim one-piece. slang: D arm: *hack fiberglass stop: backboard. close. bastardize v. fortification. leotard. cleanse. hitting shots consistently: *having a hot cad. shot. center bat v. soak. soak. *on fire. percentage RELIGION rebounding. lot. poor: *air ball. [baht MITZ vuh] cere- teammates: guards. [BAS chun] a stronghold or for- mid-air catch followed by a slam-dunk: tified place. saturate. Roget’s Superthesaurus 61 . staff. ratio of shots taken and scored: field goal coming of age. stick. *lumber. for- net shot. *heating up. collection. douche. rite post near foul line: high post of passage. *prayer. wash. jumping: jump shot. SCOUNDREL. swing at. 1. aggregate. aggressive: *crashing the batch n. cleansing. leaping ability. *in a groove corrupt. stronghold. Her family gathered together to cel- post near basket: low post ebrate her bat mitzvah. point guard mony that recognizes the entrance of a possession. SEE BAR MITZVAH. boards pack. bat n. off-the-backboard: layup sauna. offensive player standing too long failure to move ball out of backcourt within in free throw lane: three-second viola- ten seconds: backcourt violation tion fake a shot: pump fake violation: foul fall-away shot: fade away jumper violation. wash-up. dribbling: double-dribble. debase. bunch. ruin. SYN. *walking forecourt of the defense: backcourt violation. moisten. head-to-head leap for ball that twelve. *J bathe v. ILLEGITIMATE CHILD *love child. *bomb. bathing suit n. shot. service. player. soak. SPORT(S) moment the ball is inbounded: full court bastard n. * in a zone. shot. cluster. quantity. cudgel. one-handed arc: hook shot sponge off. dribble nent while dribbling: charging. offensive down the: drive the lane foul free throw granted at free throw line for a violation in which ball is turned over in foul: foul shot. *jams. club. moisturize. flutter. ice cold bastion. clean. adulterate. trun- player. whack. largest. rampart. trapping misbegot. wet. celebration. insipidness. racket. refuge. bulwark. nothing but: swish tress. three-pointer BASTION n. scrub. tub. baton. slam-dunk fense two-on-one defensive strategy: double team defense. who play the perim- eter and bring up the ball and feed to BAT MITZVAH n. initiation. usually smaller. string bikini. defile. running into a stationary oppo- free throw lane for a close shot. lave. steep. Bastard–Bathos boundary line at end of court: baseline slamming the ball through the hoop: dunk. press. Harvard. bikini. players. freshen up. *from bathe. shot. citadel. shorts. and backboard: *air ball bathos n. measure of: hang time baste v. rinse. The marksmen took refuge behind the missing a lot of shots: cold. plays the posts and rebounds: cheon. son of a bitch. 2. shillelagh. facilities. player-to-player: man-to-man de. smack. rinse. *cutoffs. T-strap. hit. swimming trunks. blud- bounding: power forward geon. maillot.or thirteen-year-old Jewish girl into determines: jump shot adulthood. jerk. glass violation. large and powerful and adept at re. ceremony. wash. free throw dribbler’s hand: palming guarding opponents aggressively from the SEE ATHLETE. long range shot: *Hail Mary. hand. 2. sentimentality. degrade. *brick shower. a bastion of higher edu- alley-oop cation. SYN. group. travel- footrace to basket: fast break ing. ablution. triteness. screen play: pick and roll sponge bath.

harbor. PESSIMIST tory conservative. wave’s shallow sweep up beach: swash bauble n. room. drop. arm of land connecting two land masses: LIGHT ray. *head. WAVE ornament. threshold. yelp. pillowlike object. stud. boom. water closet. tussle. dirty. fight. lavatory. marine vegetation washed ashore: wrack dies’ room. as. 62 Roget’s Superthesaurus . shine. triton. wand. rummage sale. smoke sig- bayou n. 2. prophet of harbor-protecting structure extending into doom. unit. shaft. brown embankment or headland: bluff. operations. narrow arm of land extending into water: der room. coarse. 3. *run-in. skirmish. 4. WORD FIND crosspiece. flash. 1. engage. scuffle. fighting ship. cockle. two-by-four. streak. beat. spiller. latrine. quartz *can. feldspar. bead n. beacon n. string. mawkishness. clash. signal light. time: berm bathroom n. dash. man. small rock island at head of promontory: battlement n. SEE OCEAN. bark. ob. joist. enemy territory. ASSAULT beating. crush. staff. stick. staging area. raunchy. beards. lascivious. waterway. lagoon. *killjoy. indecent. 1. 2. niche. coast. base. truncheon. board. spit baton n. SEE CASTLE stack battleship n. massing. small: rill RADIATE glow. skirmish. baby bonnet. beach confront. line. [BEECH hed] shoreline bawdy a. clash. *schmaltz. subdivision. 1. seaside. seas and has been gaining customers rapidly. channel. promon. pill. mineral in beach sand: garnet. ribald. *loo. ledge or shelf of sand deposited by sea over bleeding heart. squabble. captured in enemy territory. smash. optimist. SEE WAR. de. razor. Sl. naysayer. ment or opening base of operations. bazaar n. ANT. club. bill. estuary. ground. 1. mammal. tidal bore stroyer. receding tide: ebb tide assembly. men’s room. street market. ridge of coral or rock skirting shore: barrier batter v. shop. wishy-washyness. post. 3. howl. fray. commode. outhouse. maid’s purse battalion n. mus- battle n. rafter. radi- debris. pearl. pummel. war. conflict. sea spray: spindrift thrashing. take on a cheerful glow. body. SUPPORT girder. toilet. guide. company quickly established a beachhead over- ber. whimper. snivel. clam. bight. branch. CRY wail. BEACHHEAD n. encounter. wentletrap sault. shatter. restroom. war. realist. SERIES array. SEE SCOLD SYN. limpet. *wor- water: jetty rywart. The thunder. cargo washed ashore from lost ship: ate. cone. reef thrash. strait. gray- wagon. bagatelle. broadcast. bolo storage cell. inlet. spheroid. warning light. 2. bellow. periwinkle. mace. scep. oyster. swath. ANT. bull. trifle. shells: abalone. waves: plunger. indelicate. break. wash. blub. combat. ripples in sand left by swash: swashmarks gle. knickknack. melodrama. confrontation. proper. river. gulf. SEE SMILE flotsam and jetsam bear n. 2. lewd. cruiser. improper. battle group. weep. cove. conch. AMMUNITION small beach between two cliffs: pocket battle v. BRUIN ursus. *tin can. shore. marketplace. 1. Cassandra. alcove. holler. grizzly. The term is frequently licentious. 2. SMILE cross-current swimming hazard: riptide BROADLY grin. comber. bawl out v. stream. pow. GUNNERY artillery. warship. foothold. egg-casing of skate: mer- ter. nal. cry. bear. SEE NOSE beach n. sel. train. entrance. position. used as a metaphor for any initial establish- bawl v. strand. SHOUT yell. 1. horn. pound. glisten. la. tributary. howl. bat. ELECTRICAL STORAGE UNIT dry cell. trinket. brace. creek. sand bar connecting two land masses: tom- battery n. beam n. beak n. littoral. scallop. black bear. clean. bark. shelter/bathhouse: cabana squabble. nook. sob. base of bay n. fair. for a larger attack. gewgaw. lighthouse. cowrie. privy. *john. isthmus. polar bear. footing. bellow.Bathroom–Bear mush. necessary. bonfire. stream. eagre. *sock. rod. nautilus. TRANSMIT emit. used as a base scene. flea market. *gloomy gus. droplet. engagement. 2. tombolo beam v. bay v. territory. body of water. wallop. pellet. squall. demolish. strike. naval vessel. battle. mugging. chaste. 2. fight.

society people. vite. primitive. bearable a. SYN. repulsiveness. MOLD fashion. gloomy. subdue. shroud. cultured.’’— tive. lick. savage. PRODUCE YOUNG give birth over. *nice. BATTER pound. punch. stand. rout. forge. worn *flower child. prevail up with. [BAIR ish] pessimistic. FEAT win over. loveliness. bewilder. up. enhance. diz 1.’’— servative. thrash. beaten a. Venus. en- beastly a. saintliness. pointed: stiletto becoming. bang. hammer. spoil. cautious. splendid. palpitate. fitting. deviant. move. Quasimodo. able. handsome. tired. endurable. the upper SEE MUSTACHE class. rounded: aureole beautician n. EXCEL- Spanish style. con. bliss. *knockout. medium length: Cá. ‘‘Silent eloquence. humane. hag. slender. *slug. charms a lover and terrifies a husband. darken. yield. *dreamboat. angelic. wave. ANT. tuft of hair under bottom lip: barbiche beautiful people n. *smoke the competition. disagree. ap- sold off his stocks because he was feeling particu. short. Sl. abide. smack. square-cut: Trojan beard beatitude n. vile. *gussie up. 1. obfuscate. attitude. lug. *whale on. ATTRACTIVE pretty. seemly. pulchritude. tote. best. ANT. coiffurist. muddle. top. unattractive. encouraged. tolerable. ANT. meter. beauty n. 1. bushy. able. ugliness. 1. villainous. brace. buttress. mien. swain. doubtful. whiskers. bristles. veil. curly. 3. de- WORD FIND moralized. beat v. beat n. diabolical. in crowd. civilized. long: tile awful. fix up. in- refined. eyesore. SUITABLE appropriate. ANT. Ambrose Bierce. fiendish. *rat’s nest. *lulu. manicurist. ugly. shaped: muttonchops beautiful a. peace. ment. gorgeous. repulsive. ANT. LENT great. shape. captivating. beat a. licked. beget. Bohe- goatlike chin tuft: goatee. unbear. vibrate. chantress. signal. nonconformist. beckon v. blessedness. befitting. ness. fashionable society. nega. *the bearing n. produce. thick. come- larly when concerning the stock market. uneasy. vanquish. hail. haul. clear up. ANT. ATTRACTIVENESS prettiness. free spirit. becloud v. outstrip. pointy fringe extending beatific a. barbaric. 2. comme il faut. CIRCUIT walk. stomach. ‘‘A fading larly bearish. allure. posture. happiness. outdistance. pessimistic. vanquished. good-look- spade shaped: spade beard. no sideburns: Van Dyke beaut n. peal. hold. suitor. MONSTER *fox. DE- bring. boorish. call. pointed. motion. pulse. bring competition in one’s wake. shoulder. PUL- forth. French proverb. *babe.’’— beast n. nasty. reproduce. swine. lacking confidence. SEE BARBARIAN. by Napoleon III: Imperial beau n. ANT. mix. *doll. flower. serene. route. glam- bearings n. lover. hairdresser. summon. 3. thump. box. primp. adorn. sustain. satyric tuft mian. 2. five o’clock shadow. rotten. dog. 1. sideburns. decorate. gized. invigorated. TOLERATE en. dress up. 1. 4. plain- strous. no mustache: Lincolnesque heart. fairness. pulsation. 2. mask. Emerson. Shenandoah ing. proper. 1. comely. forked: swallowtail beard beatnik n. 2. *thump. 4. withstand. anchorlike. unclear. comport. 5. suffer. fair. *leave the to. strike. rounds. lovely. up to bottom lip: anchor ANT. Bear–Becoming bear v. ‘‘The power by which a woman bullish. *looker. fiancé. confuse. flog. dure. wild. uncivilized. long tuft extending beneath lower lip. *a stray from the herd. brutish. CARRY convey. creature. exhausted. particu. WHIP stir. animal. *vision.’’—Bible. hit. sex symbol. He liness. obscure. mon. orize. fantastic. feral. carriage. ener- beard n. terrible. coarse. the wealthy class. stubble. heavenly. good looks. blissful. pointed. siren. SATE throb. fiendish. pre. Roget’s Superthesaurus 63 . discouraged. boyfriend. pummel. charm. air. twisted or twined: screw beard the well-to-do. 2. becoming a. beautify v. make up. cuff. clarify. brute. superb. orientation. seren- ducktail-like: ducktail beard ity. manner. sweet- medium. enervated. 1. ANT. BEARISH a. 2. skeptical. BELLE goddess. put *kick butt. ‘‘God’s handwriting. heartened. CADENCE rhythm. upper crust. deface. demeanor. HOLD UP support. high society. homely. savage. 2. heathen. ANT. make cinct. *belt. location. presence. square-cut. *hippie. *whomp. short.

virgin. 1. correct. covers. func- before prep. sooner. pauper. boudoir. cask: keg. comport- SEE ALCOHOL. irritate. *mind one’s Ps and Qs. delight. schooner amuse. erson. crippled. unsuitable. embark. bore. paradise. COME bedridden a. unbefitting. enuresis. tyro. ANT. seech. *flat on one’s back. scamp. beer n. tioner. beguile v. dirty. preceding. lager. ANT. muddy. con- bedroom n. 2. MOONSHINE. annoy. bamboozle. spring. inception. launch. hold against. BUNK mattress. *cold one. wet. Sl. mock.’’— ANT. ale. *greenhorn. germ. *rookie. beautiful. luxury. seed. sire. soiled. tering. panhandler. 1. open. bed-wetting n. bring forth. puncheon. distract. 2. fakir. pint. bearing. 2. drenched. found. delude. husky.Bed–Behavior Modification right. leech. treat. hulklike. 1. B&B. engen- quilts. issue. froth. happen. go ahead. INITIATION onset. stupefy. hive. create. novice. happen. get acquainted. bead behave v. ‘‘The heaven upon earth to befuddle v. fluster. help. 1. ANT. deposit. inaugurate. disheveled. invalid. chamber. improper. CONDUCT deportment. Lamb. foam: head. expert. captivate. berth. envy. ill. ANT. dicant. mencement. begin v. beforehand adv. bedding n. ahead of. tioning. killer bee. seemly. 2. toby. 1. sober. conclusion. pandemonium. resent. gripe. plague. et- befall v. launching. initiate. prior to. *suds. manner. *mind manufacturer: brewery one’s manners. beegum. ingredients: hops. *bug. muddle. trainee. give rise to. WORD FIND dupe. beehive n. end. retraining. prior to. flat. clear one’s mind. veteran. blind. loafer. skep. the weary head. soggy. ‘‘A quarter of the strapping. colony. INTO BEING start. solid. crop up. robust. PANHANDLE scrounge. MIND shape up. pretty. stint. frustrate. sheets. neat. ATTRACTIVE comely. ‘‘No truer index to intelligence. solicit. ACTION performance. over. beg v. off from. yeast perform. ‘‘The madhouse. propagate. occur. blankets. tramp. 1. *bum. get the ball rolling. malt (mash). father. coverlets. seam. *brew. disabled. 1. turmoil. old hand. grouse. fountain. *bum lodging. be jeal- ‘‘That which drowns all care. stop. outset. beefy a. petition. dry. *stout. previously. incapacitated. *tenderfoot. rattle. 2. solicit. ‘‘Nature’s confec. laid up. confuse. honey bee. guest house. ANT. pilsner. attractive. comport. sodden. implore. apiary. root. ASK FOR be- bedazzle v. mix up. ending.’’—John Cleveland. flower. bedevil v. stand up bed n. originate. bumblebee. sopping. reaction. bed and breakfast n. take under one’s wing. skinny. filthy. Herculian. generate. bee n. *brewski. confuse. get to know. ANT. en- whelm. burly. for. incontinence. 2. iquette. *rope in. genesis. bed-sitter. pallet. mixed with ginger ale: shandygaff *keep one’s nose clean. cot. men- bedlam n. clude. chaos. ACT conduct. bitter. come to pass. debut. reproduce. 1. stratum. hubbub. make friends. behavior modification n. START commence. befriend v. deceive. DRINK. ANT. ORIGIN source. comfort. strong. accomodations. daze. 2. *sponger.’’—Charles bed of roses n. malt. 1. journey. divert. LAYER perplex. unkempt. beget v. noise.’’—Em- befitting a. inn. com- beef n. begrudge v. brawny. ANT. powerful. effect. arise. confusion. sick. bedclothes. confound. *moocher. get under way. closing. opening. *get chummy with. TRICK mislead. start. amateur. beginning n. limp. cheat. parasite. torture. *burn. bewilder. previous to. uproar. madness. Queen bee. therapy. torment. appropriate. boggle. only free man in the universe. bear. shun. beginner n. Herrick. suitable. drone. worker. 2. be good. beggar n. ail. ham. deport. right. demeanor. bewitch. un.’’—Robert ous. bedraggled a. fleshy. 2. 2. derelict. 64 Roget’s Superthesaurus . arise. smarten up. prostrate. dazzle. ANT. sprout. cup/glass: mug. infirm. clean. ‘‘The finest of the fine arts. anorexic. *sponge off. hullabaloo. response. WINE ment. ing. *cadge. apprentice. inappropriate. spiced: flip behavior n. neophyte. plead. commence. stein. reject. *sack. complaint. ways. function. finale. operation.’’—Thomas Hood. bedchamber. unflattering.’’—Henry Bohn. tun CHARM enchant. Ibn Gabirol. der. inappropriate. earlier. set in motion.

bother. SYN. munity. demand. Belligerent inner nonexistence. kinship. pacesetter. IBM has long reigned as a bellwether among pester. umbilicus. passive. belated a. re- gering. reward system. He was eager to fight. holler. being n. He will beleaguer her until she finally any thing or person used as an indicator. disgorge. tower: belfry nize. *knock. rump. close in on. dong. precious. judgment. minish. spout. credible. hold. edict.’’—Charles Darwin. ANT. monster. depreciate. fetched. BURP eruct. *the one to belfry n. benefit. peaceful. chattel. ENTITY creature. disparage. belonging n. darling. di- BEHEMOTH n. obligated. things. zealot. whale. believer n. bawl. BELLICOSE a. presumption. degrade. ive. rehash. peal. warlike. dis- know. consider. harass. personal believable a. put on a pedestal. disciple. trust. conceal. due. harass. conviction. EXISTENCE reality. observe. *beat a dead nacious. con- be incumbent upon. paunch. computer companies. ag- the sea. besiege. tinkle. confi. Roget’s Superthesaurus 65 . sound: clang. ANT. BELEAGUER v. reverberation watch. look at.’’—R. have faith. suppose. music bordering nearest heaven. some. ‘‘The most com. hound. contradict. leader. ANT. annoy. feeling. overwork. combat- peat. [buh LIJ ur unt] quarrel- soul. maintain. he was a notoriously bellicose man. belittle v. howl. back. guide. tor. plete of all distinctions between man and anomie. ‘‘The behest n. 2. faith. ‘‘The popotamus. aggressive. *ba- belie v. erent. pacific. prompt. bellicose. belly n. bark. combative. over. twist. sumption. suspect. ANT. swear by. 2. giant. apostle. [BEL WETH er] a leader. dinger. WORD FIND behind n. bidding. watch. ANT. *take as gospel. bluster. decapitate. carillon. role model. befit. conditioning. contentious. [be LEE gur] to besiege or BELLWETHER n. city gangs started the riot. hostile. clapper: tongue bottom. ment. believe v. hammer home. SYN. desire. *take down gantic. standing.L. cherished. tentious. gate. We saw whales and other behemoths of a peg. loved. *gut. gaze upon. persecute. life. beholden a. ANT. titan. moth. roar. notion. [BEL i KOSE] belligerent. abdomen. surmise. disbelieve. examine. acceptable. stomach. 1. rearward. treasured. indicator. ring by striking with hammer: chime behind adv. worldly goods. stuff. esteemed. request. warlike. pugna- behoove v. quick to fight. aversion therapy. campana. ne. view. leviathan. hope. behead v. *ass. certainty. pilot. potbelly. 2. quarrelsome. suit. bellig- freed. expel. decree. notice. buttocks. timely. rejection. militant. discharge. badger. passive. far. mam. SYN. accept. in back of. order. cious. dearest. com- hypothesis. disregard.’’—Charles word. hec. knell. reinforce. reliable. guess. indebted. familiarity. Behead–Beloved psychotherapy. urging. squall. belch v. cute. possessions. standard-bearer. person. decollate. tion. chimes. ANT. bellybutton n. erupt. guillotine. BELLIGERENT a. shout. stern. toll. Bruckberger. organism. war-mon- horse. devotee. aggressive. ANT. go on about. overdue. assume. defy. tummy. exe. adored. alienation. warlike. victimize. ANT. quarrelsome. SYN. tardy. peppery. worshipped. deride. malign. revered. navel. guess. be worthwhile. model. bell n. belief n. ting. backside. Goliath. hostile. EMIT spew. bellow v. belongings n. thunder. Lamb. camaraderie. dwell on. ringer: sexton aft. dence. pug- belabor v. as. discredit. credence. beloved a. *spare tire. unbelievable. [bi HEE muth] anything gi. credo. 1. relationship. colossus. SYN. peppery. acceptance. plague. *middle-age spread. *tush. regard. volatile. plausible. tintinabula- behold v. past peaceful. dogma. adherent. delayed. the lower animals. look. beset. *breadbasket. ignore. disguise. gives in. presume. put down. change. pound. unbound. command. ring. volatile. rometer. trailing. late. position. to. scruti. spirit. desensitization. detested. ANT. give credence tained. bell tower. hated. grandize. boom. build up. trust. quarrelsome. under. doubt. ANT. misrepresent. *feast your eyes on. effects. say-so. falsify. convincing. hostile. publicity of God. hip. follower. owing.

kindly. fixed. harmless. gain. torted. blessing. consoled. backstabber. genial. unfortunate. dress down. crooked. fondness. yardstick. SYN. grace. ‘‘One of the dis. superficial. curable. bears. geous 3. crop. good. blackish or dark red: boysenberry tinguishing characteristics of man. malicious. altruistic. any traitorous per. cummerbund. benefi- BENCHMARK n. good- COURT judiciary. twisted. 1. bent n. upbraid. benevolent. hooked. grieve. 3. penchant. humane. goodwill. mean. ish. gray. black raspberry ity. cord. ANT. She received a bequest of coat. ANT. consign. altruistic. be- stow. ful. beat. [BENCH mark] that which cial. mali- gauge. aromatic berries used for: bay- BENEVOLENT a. profit. girdle. malignant. benison. BEQUEST n. bereft a. useless. bequeath v. band. curse. 2. invocation. cold-heartedness. beneath. ability. philanthropist. vituperate. blueberry-like: bilberry. ANT. red. rewarding. flex. liking. measure. philanthropic. destitute. charitable. SYN. harmful. bereaved. bent a. daze. beneficent. ful- beneficiary n. acquiesce. mourn. damning. 1. leave. warped. whip. 1. Juneberry impair. below. ing. compassionate. $1000. deprived. curved. under. auspicious. ANT. double-crosser. vice. disfavor. malediction. heir. bequeathal. flair. berry doing good. propensity. candles. snake. valuable. lean- curl. loss. donor. generous. John’s tumor was found to muddle. stupefy. Judas. tongue-lash. bewail. reward. amber. *rake over the coals. turn- someone in a will. advantageous. benediction n. benefit n. under. down. recipient. selfish. good. tributor. beneath prep. left desolate. model. reproach. SEE BEAT BENIGN a. confound. black- manitarianism. hearted. cry over. deprivation. advance. bow. standard. self- belt v. The weather turned out to be rather benign for disconcert. kindly 2. gift. bleacher. help. befuddle. angel. supporter. so named after the famous American straight. becomes a standard to measure against. innocuous. healthful. traitor. sash. [bi NINE] 1. slight. harmless. tribunal. favor. bewilder. filled. impart. bar. The United Way is a large pink. WORD FIND harm. wallop. 3. 2. prayer. doubled over. helpful. ANT. kind. ill bog: cranberries will. CURVE crook. determined. He became a Benedict bent on a. coil. Brutus. hu. 2. inopportune. bowed. mourning. charity. blackish: huckleberry (whortleberry). aphrodisiac. severe. strap. giving. Revolution general. hand over. meanness. heartache. consecration. [bi KWEST] something given to snake in the grass. misanthropy. berate v. arc. rebuke. heiress. derwriter. rue. profit. bow down. de. puzzle. do good. re. low. intent. 2. under. thrash. 2. Their new computer quickly became the bench. propitious. inclination. good. cinch. aptitude. SYN. lacking. loss. Arnold. bemuse v. altruism. generos. scarlet berries eaten by: bearberries benevolence n. quisling. pew. 1. *bawl out. 3. SEAT settee. un. harm. apricot-flavored: cloudberry benefit v. switching sides at the last minute. favor. be benign. high water mark. alleged: myrtle ward. smack. fruit. ANT. scold. help. will. merci- bench n. mean. berry. benign. misanthropic. estate. twist. exemplar. charita- neath. GIVE IN yield. benevolent organization. Uncle Harry’s bark is plore. SYN. mix up. addle. consequential. wanting. ANT. inheritance. grief. compassionate. bend v. It is the blue: blueberry path of duty. gainful. cious.Below–Berry below adv. *perk. thong. lorn. advanta- bemoan v. son. bellwether. surrender. the tournament. berry n. SYN. financier. give. satisfied. *cave in. dower. con- BENEDICT ARNOLD n. white or yellow: gooseberry 66 Roget’s Superthesaurus . ble. *jump down one’s throat. [buh NEV uh lunt] kindly. cold-hearted. sympathetic. ANT. sympathy. gain. predilection. favorable. he’s really quite benign. lament. worse than his bite.’’—Mencius. legacy. patron. ANT. worth. endow. capitulate. belt n. compassion. proclivity. betrayer. misanthropic. avail. bereavement n. underneath. gracious. sympathetic. kindness. favorable. useful. propitious. hit. confuse. fortunate. harmful. touchstone. helpful. ser. endowment. beneficial a. con. goodness. lonely. bound. 1. sorrow. hell. *give one benefactor n. serve. in- mark for the industry.

urge. torment. disorient. give. horseracing bet in which winnings are ous. primitive. mystify. ing. cooler. party. bewilderment n. clear-headedness. treachery. disgrace. un. close to. worse. murder. also.’’ Daniel Boorstin. crowd. wail. best n. en. de- fierce. lay siege to. clique. honor. favorite. baffle. *blue ribbon upgrade. preeminent. advance. red. throng. Typhoid beset v. covey. 2. in addition. was selling well. parlay. feral. thick. show. breech of close. pine for. beverage n. disconcert. smear. solicit. *choke. a top ten. currant third-place finishers: trifecta tart. within. con. HA- faith. rejoice. superior. first. plore. *top drawer. overwhelm. pack. bemoan. peerless. dishonor. badger. unsurpassed. ‘‘A book set adrift. bequeath. inhumane. ANT. *bug. award. maniacal. superior. puzzle. loyalty. topping. ment. civil. races: daily double amuck. confusion. brutish. SEE BOOK. harass. *top dog. SURROUND hem in. be wary. puzzlement. *mover. ale. betrothal n. loser. *cream of the crop. sell out. flock. between prep. beware v. antagonist. vow. ANT. tops. order: quiniela mulberry horseracing bet choosing first and second red: boysenberry place finishers: perfecta red and sweet: strawberry horseracing bet choosing first. devil. worst. defeat. traitor. deceive. celling. encircle. frenzied. upgrading. surpassing. hound. adjacent to. bother. ex- best v. alongside. pray. guard. chance. *Judas kiss. inform. faithfulness. understand- risk. beg. nonpareil. bête noire n. improve. *double-cross. plus. besiege. be loyal. Mary. plead. ANT. baffle- bet n. *wipe betterment n. utmost. badger. finer. class. stake. hassle. perplexity. which somehow sold well simply because it clarify. pop. liquid. grieve. hit. band. plague. watch. pledge to marry. ANT. better a. supreme. implore. *topflight. beat. befud- NOVEL dlement. 1. next to. 1. disloyalty. befuddle. strike dumb. beleaguer. cry. hound. tell on. bordering. timize. wager. close in on. lower. RASS beleaguer. shriek baric. draft. befog. enrichment. bewail v. hide. not necessarily in correct raspberry-like: boysenberry. disclose. bane. gamble. BREAK FAITH turn traitor. best-seller n. insane. plague. bar. ANT. cover up. unmask. ANT. #1. crazed. rue. glorify. liquor. peerless. wild. as well. mad. be on the lookout. besiege v. among. savage. paragon. 2. ANT. duplicity. betrayer n. REVEAL give away. shared: pari-mutuel beseech v. la creme. tarnish. taint. confuse. torment. be- set. 2. success. moreover. rate. sully. trouble. divulge. inferior. second and red. vancement. knot. confound. animalistic. Judas. first-rate. choice. lucidity. black: currant horseracing bet choosing winners in two berserk a. stay on one’s fer. donate. amidst. vex. press. ANT. lose. ANT. enrich. deranged. Mary Mallon. weep. black or white: mulberry place finishers. perfidy. treason. creme de better v. supplicate. also-ran. prevail. *rat on. unrefined. Berserk–Bewilderment minty breath freshener: wintergreen WORD FIND orange. gaggle. soil. *hot item. engagement. the worst. refreshment. red or black: barberry bet one’s winnings from a previous race on poisonous: pokeweed berry another: parlay purplish-black: elderberry horseracing bet choosing first and second purplish. chart-buster. dominate. enemy. toes. violent. black beast. supreme. present. *discombobulation. in the best a. group. perplex. mystification. the finest. hot seller. finest. monstrous. win over. promotion. expose. heed. greatest. calm. stab in the back. humane. celebrate. plague. record-breaker. *pull a Judas. bestial a. serene. pressure. lament. out. outdo. endow. ANT. curse. be faithful. ANT. down the river. *two-time. proposition. untamed. stay on bestow v. adver- treat. winner. *the tops. vic. conquer. *fink. preeminent. double-crossing. blackberry. bevy n. surround. be careful. tart: cranberry. *long shot. winner. crowd. *thrash. en- betrayal n. ad- the floor with. base. 1. betray v. muddy. *sell beside prep. the champion. ANT. mourn. winner. by. promote. consign. lowest. bunch. Roget’s Superthesaurus 67 . besmirch v. improvement. *bad news. rational. conspirator. intermediate. bewilder v. drink. besides adv. outdistance. equaled. civilized. with joy. sary. abreast of. select.

Song of Songs. Wisdom of Solomon. Revelation books. Prophets: Joshua. Deuteronomy. Galatians. Acts of the Apostles. Hosea. Baruch. sub- Maccabees. powerful. Jonah. Joel. ATTEMPT try. 1 Kings. Jo. Nehemiah. ditions to Esther. Deuteronomy rection. gigantic. ANT. small rear tuous debaucheries .’’—Heinrich Heine. order. bigamy n. eminent. ‘‘God’s chart for you to steer by. linger. 1. Jude. inaccessible. 1 Maccabees. bike. 1 Chronicles. Lamentations. 1. Corinthians. favoritism. 1 Samuel. beguiling. John. Ezek- tainable. Baruch. colossal. inclination. Prayer of Azariah. stay. Job.’’— safety bar: *sissy bar Thomas Paine. di- bers. Obadiah. re- Manassess quest. Song of duty. vast. COMMAND call. 2 Chronicles prominent.Bewitching–Bigamy bewitching a. . significant. otry. OFFER proffer. proposition. 1 Kings. instruct. preju. proposal. concur. . bicycle built for two Apocrypha: Tobit. ANT. 1 TANT weighty. off-road: mountain bike to corrupt and brutalize mankind. seat: saddle handbook. objectivity. command. polygamy. dom of Solomon. 68 Roget’s Superthesaurus . two-wheeler. 2. *wheels. cycle It is a history of wickedness that has served rugged. . 2 Samuel. slant. quarrel. New thy. crack. Zepha. the storehouse and magazine of life bicker v. He- Testament. tri- CHURCH. tender. uel. Nehemiah. 1 Samuel. Judges. bid v. hulking. haggle. ANT. IMPOR- Esther. demand. erbs. 2 nificant. Luke. bias n. *sit tight. Ruth. leaning. RELIGION. 1. Leviticus. ‘‘Obscene stories .’’—George Herbert. *big-time. Judges. enticing. 1 Peter. Old Testament. 2 Chronicles. Nahum. Kings. 2 Timothy. proposition. partiality. Zechariah. Ecclesiasticus. Bel and the Dragon. deavor. Job. 2 Peter. Micah. massive. 1 BIBLE n. Leviticus. Daniel. Judith. continue. Chronicles. behest. Torah: Genesis. big. squabble. trivial. James. Num. major. . Habakkuk. Zephaniah. debate. twist. Proverbs. yonder. 1 Mac- spellbinding. repulsive. text. cruel and torturous wheel: ordinary executions . volup. voluminous. Obadiah. ask. 3 John. hypnotizing. effort. . 1 Timo- Word of God. vade mecum. . Micah. en- siasticus. *mind-set. Isaiah. beyond prep. 2 Kings. Habakkuk. captivating. Wis- alluring. authority. *major Old Testament: Genesis. Joel. veloci- may look into eternity. LARGE huge. Philemon. ‘‘That great medicine chest of brews. league.’’—Henry WORD FIND Ward Beecher. tender. *heavy- Writings: Psalms. spar. cabees. Ecclesiastes. pede. Daniel. iel. prejudice. bent. immense. Isaiah. Jeremiah. dwell. gargantuan. influence. ample. invitation. Tobit. sway. substantial. . pro- sanna. fight. 2 Esdras. bidding n. proclivity. 2 Thessalonians. consequential. *small potatoes. GOD WORD FIND shaw (Books of the Bible) two-seater: tandem. small. dow in this prison world. . Zechariah. agree. unat. humanity. group marriage. Esther. Eccle. Exodus. 2. niah. Ezekiel. charming. mission. tiny. ANT. charge. seductive. injunction. submit. fas. Amos. Haggai. charge. Hosea. Nahum. Lamentations. Romans. 2 Maccabees. sizable. indoctrinate. Malachi one-sidedness. 1. bide v. Ad. wait. 2. dice. nah. Prov- cinating. one-wheeler: unicycle it would be more consistent that we call it reclining position. Amos. New Testament: Matthew. ‘‘The book of 2 John. and comfort. order. dictate. ridden in: recumbent bi- the word of a demon than the word of God. ‘‘A win. Exodus. fairness. through which we bicycle n. Haggai. Songs. big a. mesmerizing. Ephesians. 2. Ezra. Mark. mandate. 1 Esdras. 2 bid n. Malachi prodigious. Ezra. 2 Corinthians. Philippians. Colossians. SEE three-wheel passenger vehicle: pedicab. pint-sized. Gospel. GUIDEBOOK manual. unrelenting vindictiveness four-wheeler: quadricycle with which more than half of is filled . forerunner with giant front wheel. Jeremiah. Su. Prayer of pose. momentous. *Brobdingnagian. 1 John. Judith. dull. request. insig- Ruth. wrangle. Titus. brainwash. 1 bias v. OFFER proffer. Psalms. enchanting. 2. Joshua. HOLY SCRIPTURES the Good Book. Thessalonians. predilection. 1. 2 Sam. preference. argue. Ecclesiastes. impartiality. Numbers. past.’’—Timothy Dwight. remain. paramount.

lodging. rope. CHARGE invoice. bare spots on underbelly used to warm eggs: MENT. decompose. mutual. [BIG uh tree] intolerance for *pickle. MOTORCYCLE biochemist.’’—Philip bike n. mag- racism. chatter. tolerance. SEE OPERATION. on the south by fiction. thong. biodegrade v. anti-Semite. break down. ‘‘He who billow v. sexist. chirrup. selfish. magnanimous. generous. he represented the epitome of bigotry. some. calls/songs: trill. nobody. tab. biologist n. BEAK neb. mourn- miss: scratch ful note. tissue sampling. ANNOUNCEMENT handbill. SEE BATHING SUIT biology n. puff will not reason. ion or strikes two balls in succession: BIGOT n. ‘‘A heroic poem. collapse. *biggest toad in the thony. sexual orientation. *bush-leaguer. OBLIGATE was famous for his numerous racist and sexist require. confine. udice. agenda. ENCE unilateral. life scientist. ‘‘Dame Nature’s minstrels. chirp. statement. peep. life experiences. sexism. memoirs. coo. life processes. honk. billet n. TIE fasten. dilute. PIECE OF LEGISLATION WORD FIND act. bird of prey: raptor billboard n. secure. put on one’s beak that curves or hooks: aquiline tab. draft. disintegrate. bender. loose. two-sided. feathered friend. *fleece. *take. sweet. Charadriiformes. lisping note. cheep. 2. prej. narrow-mindedness. SEE BIG SHOT ary. *wheels. ANT. binge n. billiards n. flatten. Anseriformes. account. fairness. provincialism. charge. closed-mindedness. mewl. ‘‘Dra- wig. shot in which ball first strikes cushion: bri- lent. untie. rook. formes. squawk. *rip-off. chip. prescribe. Passeriformes. high muck-a-muck. brood spots bill v. bias. panel ad. on the east by obitu- bigwig n.’’—William Drummond. Guedalla.’’—Katherine An- body. matic constructions. tissue re- bilge n. forgiv. *lightweight. banana. unbind. SURGERY bilk v. Big-Hearted–Bird big-hearted a. predicament. giving. bicycle. narrow-mindedness. Douglas. caw. biography n. force. debit. two-piece. cole ing. SEE BICY. shot in which cue ball is bounced off cush- cold-hearted. undulate. dilemma.’’—Thomas Carlyle. SEE GOVERN. circular. hogwash. biopsy n. *VIP. PRO. altruistic. *fix. degrade. POLITICS 5. compel. adver. benevo. cheat. cackle. those who are different or have different bind v. Psittaci- *score. *big cheese. *Archie Bunker. measure. binoculars n. deflate. geneticist. Columbiformes. fanatic. chitter. intolerance. wave. 1. cytologist. ‘‘The disease of ignorance. SEE SCIEN- TIST bikini n. autobiography. SYN. *bad news. mean.’’—Gavin GRAM list. cage/enclosure: aviary tice. no. *heavy-hitter. discrimination. gird. ecologist. strap. CLE. chauvinist.’’—James Thomson. twitter. ANT. orgy. rot. unravel. rubbish. quarters.’’—Max Gralnik. whistle. blind man with sight. puddle. bind n. white ball: cue ball zealot. swindle. and on the west by tedium. open-mindedness. pool. excision. profile. 1. tisement. pipe. cluck. remarks. *big. unfairness. ideas. *second ‘‘A region bounded on the north by history. life story. SYN. stick: cue ist. chauvinism. bird n. Falconi- bill n. SEE SCI- bilateral a. morn. join. kind. SEE BOOK velocipede. rasping note. tear. magnification. barracks. 1. ANT. sweet. ANT. surge. schedule. of morbid minds. check. ad. ANT. high. formes. tandem. life science. nifying lenses. 2. fowl. trum- ball’s recoil after impact: draw pet. noble. tally. botanist.’’—Thomas Jefferson. defraud. wrap. dandy. ululate. quandary. Archie Bunker lash. quack. malevolent. truss. compassionate. *big gun. restrict. Galliformes. ‘‘The merry minstrels of the 3. roll. fling. rac. debt. gracious. [BIG ut] one who has little or no carom tolerance for people outside his or her race. BIGOTRY n. mountain bike. Nazi. advertisement. massé etc. big shot n. Roget’s Superthesaurus 69 . *ten-speed. SEE NONSENSE moval. spree. roster. *gyp. WORD FIND croak. plaintive call. bulletin. political party. shot in which cue is held perpendicularly: religion. ‘‘A up. bundle. Sl. reciprocal. bio. *big wheel. swell. invoice. He was a narrow-minded bigot. balloon. proposal. 4. ANT. warble. docket. field glasses.

male: vasectomy ants). 70 Roget’s Superthesaurus . herbivore. beauty mark. flight (doves or swallows). hermaphroditic. section. disability. port nest: aerie wine stain. congenital defect. quadruped. —Tertullian. congenital geese). nence prophylactic: contraceptive. clergyman. fraction. tavern. privilege.Birth–Bitch cheery. ‘‘Copulation without popu- on a thermal lation. spiraling. piccolo note. colony WORD FIND (gulls). . bison n. WORD FIND bitch n. chattering (starlings). siege (herons). exuber. priest. ‘‘The sudden opening bistro n. absti- (grouse). contraception. nag. instant. gaggle phragm. sport: falconry uterine muscular action: contractions feathers. segment. sponge. wingless: apterous bishop n.’’ group of: flock. of a window through which you look out drinking establishment. *Norplant. group of: clutch peaceful. diving. CLERGY. creates more room for pas- fleshy neck component on turkey: wattle sage of baby’s head: episiotomy flying: flitting. murder (crows). an- throat patch: gorget drogynous. muffin. female: tubal ligation lings). forlorn hooting of an method owl. MOMENT start. cle. devel. dia- cock). bearing. C-section collar of hair or feathers: ruff feet or buttocks-first presentation: breech crest on fowl: comb presentation domination order: pecking order membranes covering head during delivery: earliest known: Archaeopteryx caul eggs. second. spell. planned parent- wheeling in intricate chandelles. beginning. host (sparrows). blessed event. *AC-DC. fall (wood. abortion. emergence. . team (ducks) malformation. mutation.’’ —William bit n. discordant breathing/relaxation technique: Lamaze screams of jays. INCEPTION genesis. caroling notes. nye (pheas- sterilization. RELIGION birth n. second stomach: gizzard. scone. vice). time. abnormality. cracker. lounge. debut. *stinker.’’—Anon. wheeling. discordant delivery assistant: midwife rasp of a starling delivery through mother’s abdominal wall: claw: talon Caesarian section. whiner. 2. young bird: chick. CHILDBIRTH delivery. 1. exaltation (larks). muster (peacocks). grumbler. roc birthmark n. childbearing. complainer. con- migratory route: flyway genital deficiency. emergence. fledgling. PIECE fragment. saloon. flash. deformity. craw. shrill flut. IUD (intrauterine de- (geese). Sl. 1. mole. partu. low-key delivery method: Leboyer eggs. bread. bevy (quail). jiffy. spot. minute. rookery (sea SEE CONTRACEPTIVE. to sit on: brood delivery expert on: ornithologist profession: obstetrics eyelike spot in peacock tail: ocellus spontaneous abortion: miscarriage falcons used as hunters. upon a stupendous prospect. infant delivered: stillbirth ant song. *rotten anesthesia used locally to ease mother’s egg. bar. bovine mammal. *quick as a wink. parliament (owls). labor. crop bisexual a. PREGNANCY banking. birds). liquid ululation of a loon. rising hood. whelping. high priest. nightclub. lilting melody. roll. darting. convocation (eagles). animal. *swinging both ways. skein (flying birth defect n. covey Catholic-approved: rhythm method. nit-picker. reservation: sanctuary popover. shrew. referring to: avian biscuit n. soaring. dead. origin. . murmuration (star- sterilization. birth control n. *witch. parti- Dixon.’’— grooming: preening Pope Pius XI. ‘‘Premature murder. pain: epidural critic. portion. 2. wheedling voice. swooping. onset. spitfire. shedding: molting vaginal incision. blemish. contractions: labor ing. condom. SEE CHURCH. nevus. opment. *the pill. plumage that is soft and fluffy: down birthright n. buffalo. mythical: phoenix. spermicide. charm (fin. rition. SEE BABY. herd (swans). cleric. right. ches). ‘‘Sin against nature. nestling deacon. snippet.

begrime. *let ited. tarnish. bleeding. 1. mediocre. back-stabbing. black a. friendly. morsel. impeach- tongue flap. spoonful. lackluster. kind. cutting. *whiny. angelic. 3. somber. *way out. weird. SEE FAINT bladder n. pass campsite. normal. nip. lighten. sharp. COLOR ink. BLACK MARKET n. fault. divulge. bad name. for. cutter. encampment. electrifying. ANT. gab. craft. 2. re- snack. sour. 4. brighten. gloomy. catty. funereal. DARKEN smudge. snub. 5. recrimination. *point the finger *fink. 1. insipid. void. nag. sorcery. TELL A SECRET *spill the beans. unlit. charitable. acidic. enlist. ACRID tart. forgiving. stopover. blacklist. breaking. grotesque. fantastic. mouthful. champ. hold. smear. plain. 1. extort. DEFAME slander. 2. blurt blame n. chomp. complaining. nil. above suspicion. sink one’s teeth into. SEVERE piercing. sweet. forlorn. honor. 1. proscribe. sorrowful. ment. virtuous. rap. GRIEVOUS distressing. nightmarish. ANT. ANT. begrudging. monoto- real. flat. contemptuous. blacken v. sunny. rich. wild. guilty. diaboli. penetrating. clamp. fault. stinging. black. blameless a. jet. a big stink. hopeful. CHATTER prattle. blackguard n. culpability. bite n. can. Afro-Ameri. 2. THREATENING ominous. smear. talk. gnaw. SYN. biting a. scal- usual. innocent. disclose. insipid. 1. ban. *put the squeeze on. any market where SENTFUL hostile. liability. cutting. 2. painful. bland a. pale. *dull as dish- wall. scoundrel. emptiness. flat. unimpeachable. harsh. brand. sharp. former. grouch. *crab. 2. 1. libel. complain. *bleed. underworld warm. grim. 1. bag. blank n. pouch. spect. honeyed. dreary. tedious. reject. bitchy a. extortion. mournful. goods or services are bought and sold ille- spiteful. murky. picky. illuminated. odd. exclude. censure. vin. Sl. ostracize. unstimulating. razor. *badmouth. ANT. ground market. cheerful. favorable. boycott. *humdrum. nothing. SARCASTIC cutting. disturbing. everyday. squeeze. African. penetrating. banish. embrace. glorify. accuse. sweet. through the mud. tell all. market. imputation. black out v. at fault. blabbermouth n. cruel. *open one’s mouth. Negroid. RE. spotless. unconven- pel. chunk. vine. BLEAK gloomy. ANT. foreboding. *off the blah a. condemn. pocket. blackmail n. camp. gripe. negative. caustic. chew. inculpable. acerbic. faultless. RESPON- 2. vapid. at. *raise good. *snitch. 4. coal. dismal. colored. bad reputation. necromancy. bite v. *kick up a fuss. 2. pepper. stigma. 4. *bigmouth. ism. *milk. fade. *blah. 3. coffee. snub. ANT. crabby. attribu- out. shut out. piercing. *the gary. wash out. tattle. blame v. under- happy. stinging. dictive. AFRICAN AMERI. blackmail v. whiten. snap. acerbic. saintly. *whistleblower. hush money. sooth. 1. critical. Roget’s Superthesaurus 71 . raven. 3. stinging. ban. uninteresting. sable. malicious. bar. un- blade n. the cat out of the bag. cal. metal. DARK inky. white. nous. blackball v. indict. Satan- ing. bizarre a. come. ostracize. witch- scathing. in. original. 4. grouchy. nosh. bland. underground. satanic. tattletale. zero. spir- blab v. bootleg market. Sl. devil worship. nag. fussy. ANT. swoon. guilt. fault-finding. blacklist v. wretched. CAN. CAUSTIC bitter. snowy. strange. tar. 5. rogue. dusky. shadowy. *bellyache. complaint. CONDEMNATION accusation. peculiar. 2. accountability. bivouac n. ebony. black eye n. space. incrimination. ANT. gentle. exciting. lose consciousness. above reproach. bitter. SIBILITY onus. *pin on. demon worship. blackball. charge. freaky. reject. *squeal. outlandish. bright. SEE KNIFE tional. *rat. drag warm. harsh. attribute. extraordinary. gally. dull. EVIL wicked. *squealer. 2. soot. balmy. ordinary. black magic n. nibble. nasty. 1. mild. sac. stimulating. joyous. gentle. penalize. ANT. cutting edge. colorful. knife. Bitch–Blank bitch v. villain. 6. *beef. *shake down. 6. negro. hold responsible. sur- water. *let one’s tion. peevish. dull. nasty. honor. impute. carbon. let slip. They bought them illegally through the malevolent. *knock. menacing. bitter a. gun. sarcastic. 1. blanch v. Sl. bleach. milking. auspicious. reveal. sad. nefarious. black market. out. bright. *clean. bidding. culpable. heart. ANT. cynical. dis- munch. stale. wel- ging. *yak. pitch.

divide. cripple. irreverence. spot. fault. cloyed. composite. damage. subtle. ordain. FLATTERY apple-polishing. brazen. showy. con- demned. casual. stone- treeless. white. cigar-shaped dirigible: zeppelin BURN weights hung from car: ballast bags bleach v. somber. dence of God. SEE NONSENSE deformity. un. defect. ANT. stain. fortu- ANT. raze. en. quilt. anoint. burst. *sweet talk. glassy. pestilence. wanted to start a new welfare program. launch. blarney n. ANT. sucker for a sob story. bedding. FAVORED gifted. boom. 2. *softy. cheerless. fliction. . *blind as a bleak a. shock wave. disrespectful. whiten. thizer. lucky. separate. ANT. blowup. [BLAYT unt] loud. sunny. thoughtful. blind a. lush. spurt. FA- gust. ANT. irreverent. conspicuous.Blank–Blind blank a. declare holy. 2. un. ate. blender n. blast n. blemish n. crack. board meeting shows a blatant disregard for blimp n. conflagration. flicker. deemed. boom. flagrant. blend v. mole. 1. 1. damn. 2. loud. demolish. ignition. ANT. labor-saving device. sanctify. 1. merge. exalt. condemna- annihilate. mix. 2. whee. unobtru. twaddle. IGNORANT dense. to help. surge. insolate. indifferent. speckle. destroy. gondola blaze v. bleed v. plain. good. apathetic. trumpet. tion. 1. devas- conspicuous. liberal. ooze. scourge. 1. flash. cajolery. jaded. gift. benefit. un. wither. luck. amalgam- thusiastic. unholy. sacrilege. afflict. lively. groping. sophisticated. clean. eager. balloon portion: gas bag flashy. consecrated. adversity. blowup. foolishness. level. mingle. SYN. untouched. vacant. stupid. SYN. boisterous. 2. 72 Roget’s Superthesaurus . desert. hallow. peal. sentimental fool. filled. hemorrhage. piety. in- blastoff n. SIGHTLESS unsighted. deadpan. 1. blend n. Wearing Bermuda shorts to the tate. blessed a. used. gious. flare. irreverence. ANT. blare v. inflict. overgrown. hallowed. vacuous. mournful. DEPRESSING blind. SYN. impious. mixture. lukewarm. curse. dreary. glorify. cant. carpet. dead. detonate. flaw. appli- BLASPHEMY n. black. raw. fazed. gas: helium naked. EXPRESSIONLESS lifeless. fawning. amalgam. comforter. detonation. run. concoction. reverence. bane. consecrate. reverent. ground crew: riggers sive. 1. barren. *blind as a bat. blast. en. roar. claptrap. alloy. freckle. desecration. DESOLATE bare. sainted. quiet. eruption. blanch. roar. nate. flames. inner airbags inflated or deflated as a ballast blather n. BLATANT a. 2. ‘‘Denying the being or provi. compound. excessive sympathy and may be over-eager blanket v. stark. . compound. bang. sacrile. glaring or blight v. mark. obnoxious. resound. unmoved. cover. SEE rigid. spread. liftoff. re- nouncing. bad luck. combination. blanket n. curse. cursing. overt. zeppelin. *BUNK *balderdash. flow. SEE NONSENSE mooring post on ground: mast blaze n. curse. gloomy. sacrosanct. soft touch. disre- spect. disfigurement. calamity. apa. prominent. misfortune. ANT. clamor. 2. combine. dirigible. mixer. wash SEE BALLOON. ANT. fire. curse. blessing n. blare. profane. *snow blotch. blasphemous a. religious. blasé a. bury. of disrespect toward the divine. chopping ma- godly. nonchalant. af. cover. SACRED holy. respect. The bleeding hearts in Washington close. dismal. flame. imperfection. unused. explosion. sympa- bellow. de. va. irreligious. saved. [BLAS fuh mee] any show ance. drivel. fade. blight n. WORD FIND obvious. 2. prayer. chine. ANT. envelope. godsend. liquefier. sated. blast v. CLEAR empty. blow. ruin. impiety. pious. dress codes. AIRCRAFT out. BLEEDING HEART n. 1. affliction. 2. dling. boon. food processor. one who is given to ghan. baldfaced. dull. . birthmark. bright. control: ballonets *bull. dedication. overlay. thetic. job. 1. glaring. beatified. profanity. kill. firing. SANCTIFICATION invocation. scramble. burst. gush. heartening. bored. barren. 1. hopeful. grim. explode. frustrate. Cursing God for your misfortune is blasphemy. grace.’’—William Blackstone. dis- marked. *blind as a post. lighten. SEE WIND VOR good fortune. plague. weary. radiate. cheery. mole. meld. trickle. cursed. bless v. stir in. marked. fusion. roar. benediction. canonize. unsheltered. airship. coverlet. SEE FIRE passenger/crew compartment: car.

flower. slipover. sparkle. line of descent. murderous. blotch n. bloom. slap. obstruction. blitzkrieg. tur- gree. ring. ANT. brick. heedless. rapture. depressed. Blinding–Blue unaware. slate. human. ANT. group. FAIL *choke. blizzard n. *Charlie blow away v. Sl. TWINKLE glim. whiteout. flower. pallid. puff. bash. *screwup. contentment. ANT. blood n. open. 2. flutter. massacre. slaughter. mass. lineage. blow v. contract. OBSTRUCTION obstacle. ab. flourish. 1. dark. clump. EXPLODE burst. navy. INFLATE fill. OBJECT SEEN ON RADAR signal. dilate. ANT. daub. awe. bloodbath n. pale. airy. robust. blot n. flower. ANOMALY departure. blot v. 1. clear. fruit. pedi. ANT. gust. relatives. swelling. delight. rine. ball. slaughter. up- drance. clout. rap. stain. exhale. erupt. globule. barrier. pedigree. scintillate. squall. blob n. platinum. indigo. blockade n. dam. develop. COLOR sky-blue. SEE INSANE. flare. 2. FLOWER downhearted. gleeful. color blindness. cake. stop. SEE MORON STUN *throw for a loop. trumpet. barrier. bar. jovial. SEE MURDER 2. gore. blunder. impress. 1. blooper n. blossom n. sadistic. florid. 2. brutal. roadblock. murder. spot. golden-haired. smear. carnage. 2. glaring. MASS chunk. canker. bombardment. bear BLITHE a. ‘‘A very special kind of sap. happiness. whirlwind. smear. bloodletting. bloom v. capillary. pullover. brilliant. cobalt. rupture. dazzling. 2. catastrophe. deflate. headed. barricade. flare. savage. *thick. SEE HAPPINESS SEE FLOWER blister n. slip. shortsighted. de- boil. hin. elation. *goof. bone-chilling. 1. ca. boo. mer. arteriole. sightlessness. cat. die. bloom n. blood vessel n. aquamarine. unseeing. lively. blow. puff. swirl. blitz n. in cold a. gun down. 2. heaven. ignoramus. WIND gale.’’—Johann blue a. mistake. ultrama- Goethe. She was frequently in blithe spirits on Sunday. deflate. blouse n. blinding a. expand. billow. huff. pump up. 3. black. rush. glov. bloat v. bar. in- normality. swat. horrifying. slug. MOVE AIR bluster. spot. charge. thrive. merry. astigmatism. unfeelingly. come of age. EYE bloodline n. shimmer. barricade. honk. *boo- SYN. joy. cruelly. free. hair- blindness n. tragedy. set. stop. smudge. gaffe. patch. offensive. square. SEE HAIR swell. lump. floret. cruel. fright- ANT. VIOLENT bliss n. flaxen-haired. SEE SHIRT bal. hinder. spot. glaucoma. fill with blond a. lose. bar. sunny. interfere with. snowstorm. detonate. effloresce. raising. blemish. carefree. 2. bloc n. calamity. bloodthirsty a. flow. buoyant. colorless. quoise. hindrance. bubble. stop. floret. sighted. nirvana. soil. squall. intentionally. bar. bleb. bud. obtuse. gale. aracts. coalition. plasma. gloomy. indiffer- ceptive. knock. *goof. jolt. SEE HAPPY blossom v. block v. obstruct. 1. close off. reflection. HIT punch. blessing. cube. barbaric. inflate. electric. gust. demolish. understanding. MISFORTUNE reversal. intercept. kill. swell. pop. balloon. impede. homicidal. thwart. blockhead n. sandy. breathe. reassuring. bungle. [BLĪTHE] cheerful and carefree. massacre. ruthless. peroxide-blond. lump. per. affiliation. Roget’s Superthesaurus 73 . artery. flower. *boner. idiot. waft. spot. pimple. caress. lapis lazuli. 2. *screw up. SEE playful. ANT. murder. SEE anemic. strike. come of age. germinate. onslaught. *muff. dead. hunk. ANT. carnage. 1. emboldening. northeaster. streak. bloodbath. blot. smudge. SOUND toot. myopia. block n. ancestry. 1. pipe. ening. lighthearted. splotch. blem- snow squall. wan. blossom. facilitate. haired. impaired vision. bloodshed n. germinate. blow up v. velop. snag. cheerful. LIFE-FLUID hemoglobin. sharp. seeing. attack. expand. closure. gore. garment. fruit. 1. azure. typhlosis. blast. arrest. ecstasy. 3. Brown. 2. blip n. blossom. KINSHIP kindred. muff. *chowderhead. shrivel. extraction. ANT. strawberry-blond. stymie. tempest. butchery. trace. whistle. ish. vein. miss. streak. ulcer. bloodless a. powder. stain. ancestry. splotch. WINK bat. 1. partnership. 3. bloom. bear raid. miserable. *psycho. faction. *tow. flourish. whiffle. 1. ently. blink v. bright. bloodcurdling a. myopic. unperceptive. wither. alliance. impediment. ANT. euphoria. blood. holocaust. occlude. blow n. oddity. spine-chilling. efflorescence. royal. posy. smack. shot. tunnel vision. blast. terrifying. cheery. shock.

vaunt. strut. ANT. ‘‘Virtue’s color. black mood. walkway. *goof. double-hulled sailboat: catamaran *muff. upper class. ANT. emergency vessel: lifeboat blunder v. boat n. assembly-line. sidewalk. gasconade. award. dogger. flatten. log. clock-punching. strut. honor. joy. bluster n. GENERAL PLAN plan. leave. precipice. sailboat. *bamboo. brag. dupe. ‘‘Notice to be careful. oration. game plan. arrogant. frank. hill. en- blue ribbon n. ANT. bragging. blab. pointed. as eight: shell shroud. gasconade. classy. show off. de. deception. vainglorious. class. dec. glee. obscure. working. blabber. ANT. meeting room. PLANK two-by-four. pressed. 2. de. gaffe. watercraft. plan. round- WORD FIND about. boardroom n. vaunting. middle lumber. clarify. melancholy. smack. gush. blot. scarp. *bullshit. draft. narrow. mis. funk. bragging. sign. bungle. bullying. laboring. layout. conceited. depression. point-blank. ter. la. conference room. small: runabout blur v. bluff. bully. racing boat rowed by one. hollowed out: dugout. *boo-boo. down in the dumps. crow. time. two or blurt v. motorboat. rough. make dull. recognition. crowing. slat. ACCOMMODATE feed. flat-bottomed. beam. err. let four rowers: scull slip. enter. palisade. heavy-heartedness. ship. clapboard. shadow. ANT. bluff n. *flub. ridge. 1. brusque. show off. 2. sportfisherman step. mealy-mouthed. common. bad mood. lodge. SMUDGE smear. provisions. swagger. blotch. eupho. tural rendering. scheme. doldrums. ad- blueprint n. fake. promontory. deaden. vainglory. storm. color. puff. embark. ANT. spout. unskilled. happiness. unhappiness. slat. headland. *blue boardwalk n.Blueblooded–Boat robin’s egg. jet ski. 1. 3. first place. 3. timber. Italian: gondola. meals. subtle. 2. ANT. coarse. *working stiff. brag. downheartedness. humble. downplay. *flubup. 1. *blow. soften. bluff. ROOM AND BOARD keep. gruff. mealy-mouthed. gondolier’s song: barcarole terse. factory-working. trustees. council. cliff. design. fishing: trawler. subtle. blues n. white collar. *humbug. stick. 2. blanch. strutting. eat humble pie. boast v. vessel. *screw up. blue collar a. swaggering. 2. gruff. 1. board v. ANT. *goof. whaler. stain. bluster v. pompous. swagger. redden. masterplan. DIM narrow-hulled racing boat rowed by as many cloud. gusty. sadness.’’—Edgar Howe. botch. despondent. 2. straightforward. define. board n. shuck and jive. dragger. flat-bottomed carrier: barge. visers. blustery a. bravado. bluster. modest. gloat. curt. blus- ria. windy. bluff a. flaunt. air-propelled: airboat blunder n. dejection. common. pale. GO ABOARD get on. bank. schedule. blustering. stain. blue collar n. COVER WITH WOOD sheathe.’’—English proverb. haze. 1. borer. sampan. ANT. turn scarlet. disembark. *blahs. house. ranting. *nine-to-fiver. strutting. tattle. veil. sad. FRANK flat-bottomed vessel used in construction on candid. smear. calm. braggado- blueblooded a. lower class. bluff. ANT. intimidate. abrupt. bragging. scow blunt v. direct. sharp. pirogue blur n. MISLEAD deceive. braggadocio. *muff. DULL rounded. miscalculate. MOOD down. ark blunt a. close. pole-propelled: punt. water: pontoon straightforward. splotch. ter. glow. motorboat. cabinet. upfront. cio. delude. old: hulk blush v. first prize. *pat oneself on the back. obfuscate. *drop the ball. still. hot air. *full of bluff v. sharpen. aristocratic. wage-earning. detrain. abrupt. longliner. panel. *bull. 1. gasconade. low spirits. hard. vaporetto euphemistic. zle. gentle. downhearted. panel. fumble. mistake. blunt. working class. ANT. flat-bottomed river and coast boat: bloom. deplane. scheme. vain. 2. SHAM *four-flushing. noble. 2. upper class. Oriental. house on water: houseboat soft-pedaling. ARCHITECTURAL PLAN architec. discouragement. junk 74 Roget’s Superthesaurus . *toot one’s own horn. bravado. boastful a. crow. tub. rant. proletariat. promenade. unpointed. swaggering. *hot air. boasting. COMMITTEE directors. *dumps. flush. boast. 2. 1. plainspoken. 1. boast n. fumble. self-effacing. quar- table.

thunder- protector. unrestrained. SEE NAVY. explosive chemical used in bombs: TNT. sink. rave. ersatz. audacious. *sham. BRAZEN insolent. build. boogeyman. parboil. dropout. [daisy cutter] ger. *beatnik. boil n.’’—Samuel Butler. colorful. buttress. freight: ferry bubble. imitation. uproarious. high pressure bombs used formist who is involved in writing or art. poet. simmer. grenade. ‘‘A machine which *cheeky. STORM. brace. bulk. real. brash. ‘‘A pair of pincers set over a dent. SYN. skiff. mire. amaze. with no permanent trinitrotoluene. waver. phony. courteous. bolt n. ord-breaking. Blast bomb) bogus a. shell. burn. bold. flesh and bones. warhead writer. 2.500-pound behomoth. LIGHTNING flash. undaunted. furuncle. morass. CORPSE cadaver. stilts. 3. slough.: art. 3. marsh. polite. carrion. 2. ous. MASS group. blockbusting. blister. swamp. bounce. bolt. *muscle. screw. SUBMARINE loud. weak. gypsy. *flower fire-starting bomb: incendiary bomb child. missile. training. intrepid. steep. *free fragmenting. shuttle of passengers. body language n. SCREW 2. stag. corpus delecti. bomb n. FASTENER bar. carcass. service craft: tender boil v. ANT. pale. *stiff. artist. bulk. the whole fixed upon 2. working out. hob-goblin. fuse. head. toning up. lage. tation: claymore mine pseudo. antipersonnel mine with fanning fragmen- cial. conspicuous. nitroglycerin home and no source of income outside of our explosive portion of bomb. pin. spurious. ghost. nonconformist. 21. flabbergast. *ballsy. lackluster. weight training. Sl. ANT. dumbfound. quiver. make boffo n. rec. 15. panhandler. dilettante. Bob–Bomb pleasure cruiser: cabin cruiser. *saucy. 4. audacious. trunk. DARING brave. seethe. shoulder. quagmire. restrained. dud. EXPLOSIVE charge. fraudulent. resistance shore up. triple-hulled sailboat: trimaran boisterous a. courageous. impede. *gutsy. coupling. turbulent. SEE LIGHTNING. boogieman. 3. bolt v. quiet.’’— ing. reinforce. meat. subtle. vagabond. strengthen. loud. projectile. rush. plucky. fortify. storm. slow. umiak (eskimo) abscess. artifi. anatomy. mire. SAIL. brew. stun. calm. flee. body n. bold a.’’—Heathcote racing boat: cigarette boat. fresh. rambunctious. ‘‘A rude. war- bogeyman n. swelling. *knock bombs]: MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air one’s socks off. missile. guardian. undermine. *skedaddle. dash out. We lived like bohemians. laid-back. a break for it. confi- torso. incendiary. get stuck. fearless. weaken. mine. throng. *egg. 2. shell. body sculpting. prop up. shrapnel-producing bomb: Roget’s Superthesaurus 75 . pustule. SEE NAIL. atom bomb. security guard. goblin. ANT. spike. sore. forward. *ballsy. specter. stew. ‘‘A person who works to race/event: regatta live but does not live to work. rowdy. *hotfoot. raucous. mummy. SHIP. understated. bleb. quag. seethe. spring. hydrofoil Williams. gig. dart. carbuncle. latch. stroke. un- bodacious a. remains. majority. astonish. counterfeit. 1. 1. shy. lionhearted. timid. adventurous. crowd. chain. *brassy. bright. vocifer- bob v. depth charge. ANT. winds its own springs. steam-propelled: paddle steamer. great. collection. *dead cowardly. MAIN PIECE chassis. successful. boom: report BOHEMIAN n. authentic. 1. a to flush out: thermobaric bomb writer or artist who lives unconventionally. promi- Rudolf Virchow. steamboat RAGE fume. dinghy. PRONOUNCED strik- cell state in which every cell is a citizen. etc. caves and tunnels. *pumping iron. *physics pack- stall. prodigious. hydrogen bomb. [mother of all *blow one’s mind. fester. 1. lock. bodybuilding n. bunch.000-pound bomb: BLU-82. union. age. deferential. nent. wobble. skeleton. [bo HEEM ee un] a noncon. 1. fake. peg. stupefy. rough. nonverbal communication. churn. fen. COOK steam. jump. support. blockbuster. SEE MONSTER WORD FIND boggle the mind v.’’—Julien Mettrie. ing up. genuine. obstreperous. dory. kayak. scoot. vivid. THUNDER nonverbal signaling. torpedo. shaft. catch. 1. meek. impudent. *bag of bones. assembly. ANT. bodyguard n. wild. rowboat: canoe. *hippie. heat. eye-catching. yacht spirit. bellows and a stewpan. big. ruly. frame. frighten. *blow one away. frame. bog n. flashy. leap. bog down v. pimple. PHYSIQUE figure. bolster v. escort. form. rod.

perceive. . Sl. hot air.Bomb–Book fragmentation bomb. idiot. pamphlet. laughing- come. confess. malnour- bomb v. which other men have prepared to help us bond n. INJURY. tip. *blow to smithereens. ard Whitlock. attachment. oversight. He tried too booby trap n. record. ties.’’—Susan Sontag. security. *drop the big one. ‘‘The compasses bonanza n. connect. ar. pet bombing sternum. windfall. loser. mandi- intense bombing: saturation bombing. gift. stock. unguided: dumb bomb etc. . bunker buster. subjugation. affinity. ANT. flamboyant. Sl. terrorist. especially good food. *gravy. moron. shackles. goof. lead pipe containing home-made charge: bones. restrained. Sl. read up. 2. tov cocktail bonds n. subversive. rodomontade. blitz. GUAR. flowery. shackles. premium. navigate the dangerous seas of human connection. hole: crater bone n. anorexic. grandiloquent. have a gut feeling. his speech was mousetrap. *blow to kingdom *dumb-dumb. sore. scrawny. ing. BOMBARD shell. ambush. pretentious. brawny. cognoscente. GBU-28 Penetrator bonus n. disaster. mand. deadfall. bluster. counterfeit. skull. avoider of: bibliophobe 76 Roget’s Superthesaurus . ANTEE warranty. div- explosive idend. penetrate earth and concrete. manual. best-seller. manuscript. [bom BAS tik] pompous. FAIL flop. humerus. designed to: bone up n. level. smoke-producing: smoke bomb BON VIVANT n. MISSILE. pitfall. 1. assault. pompous. nal. aficionado. blunder. eman- gasoline-filled bottle stuffed with rag: Molo.’’—Jesse L. *screw-up. tibia. ter bomb level. high. and terms: index join. trigger. and telescopes and sextants and charts treasure trove. misstep. ANT. softcover. strafe. ‘‘A garden bomber n. dolt. expert. blind. *cash cow. relationship. WORD FIND covenant. blunder. *bomb back to the stone age. SYN. brush up. ARMY. . triumph. alphabetical/page-number guide to words bond v. ble. bony a. jour- understated. work. loyalty. admit. *boner. ‘‘For company the best friends. captivity. vertebrae. pretentiousness. enthusiast. clavicle. SEE SKELETON jelled gas incendiary: napalm boner n. rich vein. grandiloquence. cipation. Bennet. 1. ledger. emaciated. ALLEGIANCE tie. mistake. fasten. authentic. 2. feel in one’s v. attach. antipersonnel bondage n. enslavement. error. legitimate. 1. recompense. booklet. hardcover. ANT. cram. volume. WEAPON 2. Sl. scratch. imbecile. high-sounding speech or writing. epicure. flaunt. black and blue mark. ished. contract. . barrage. NUCLEAR BOMB. *turkey. reward. connoisseur. rawboned. demolition carried in the pocket. FLOP failure. paper- sounding. trip wire. tie. ation. freedom. liberty. Sl. fizzle. turgid. lacer- BOMBASTIC a. tome. lean. multiple bombs released from canister: clus. ANT. Sl. marrow. *goof. bind. bombardier. bombast n. versity. own up. dilettante. manacles. . cut. buffoon. pledge. boo boo n. serfdom. [BON vee VAHN] one stink-producing: stink bomb who has cultured tastes and enjoys the finer timed charge: time bomb things in life. ‘‘The true uni- real. SEE AIR FORCE. Sl. guided bomb: smart bomb chains. grandiose. extra. skinny. wash out. study. fat. fringe puttylike substance holding charge: plastic benefit. pepper. boob n. MISTAKE error. servitude. genuine. 2. fetters. ‘‘. wordy and bombastic. novel. euphuistic. subjec- bomb tion. thought. *perk. rib. ex- pipe bomb pect. bindings. blow up. blast. slip. revolutionary. car. radical. ANT. gaunt. reins. 2. weld. publication. Portable pieces of bona fide a. slavery. inflated. extortionist. *dog. drink. gourmet. fustian. yoke. *washout. agreement. He was a bon vivant who loved fine wines. classic. fiasco. fuse. cess. SYN. gold mine. bruise. femur. register. log. diary.’’—Rich- sonist. text. hit.’’—Thomas Carlyle. sense. angular. clown. handcuffs. treatise. gour- WAR. fool. fuel detonated in midair: fuel-air bomb bonds. gaffe. stick. ossicle. opus. make no v. bones. suc. cartilage. blubbery. *die.’’—Arabian proverb. subtle. hard to make an impression. book n. back. windy. pomposity. life.

prosper. upgrade. *boondockers. boost v. hoist. shoe. burner or destroyer of: biblioclast audio system. charge. shoe. 1. reader. book boom box n. 2. sage. crash. wilderness. un- large. ber tall timbers. PUSH UP lift. arrangement. bibliobibuli. elevation. pork. decrease. PROMOTION support. WORD FIND boom n. bibliophile. roar. un- strange (subject matter): curiosa couth. lover of: bibliophile reckless spending. *boonies. Book–Boot back list of sources. knee in back: Wellington boom v. *sticks. mushroom. mushrooming. circular. sophisticated. stealer of books: biblioklept boorish a. brochure. rude. voracious reader of: bookworm. read. hinterland. NOVEL. blow up. growing. introverted. backwater. introduction: foreword boondocks n. lower. *going great guns. SEE AUTHOR. disparage. peal. expansion. hike. oafish. title page: frontispiece cloddish. lout. bull market. flourish. burst. lower. fulmination. hand up. record-keeping. 2. related works: bibliogra. pros- collecting passion: bibliomania pering. drop. assign. stereo. ankle-high boot worn horseback-riding: rumble. insensitive. churlish. undermining. bang. backfire. advocate. decline. jungle. clod. shot. enlarge. decrease. jack up. 2. unrefined. spurt. ANT. report. assistance. ANT. *ghetto blaster. hiking boot with ridged sole: wafflestomper prosperity. press charges. phy explode. intellectual. front: dedication gift. inflate. pamphlet. further. *stompers. profiting. yokel. ment. tape player. bumpkin. jackboot Roget’s Superthesaurus 77 . fostering. ANT. under- bookkeeping n. *ya- review or recommendation on jacket: blurb hoo. detonation.D. *North Over- ISBN: International Standard Book Num. tour date. *East Jesus. recession. clodhopper. 1. radio. owlish. plug. lift. crash. encourage- FOR A CRIME. inscription. booster shot n. PROCESS gain. depression. elevate. thriving. RAISE push up. book lover. can. RESERVATION 3. bibliobibuli cultured. disparagement. recede. vulgar. shooting up. INCREASE heighten. CD player. bookish a. 2. ish. logo of publisher: colophon *money down a rathole. ANT. Eskimo boot made from hide: mukluk 2. flourishing. crack. coarse. 1. windfall. burning or destruction of: biblioclasm *ghetto box. offensive. expand. 2. leather. hardcover republished in paperback: reprint boon n. registration. arrange for. scholarly. crack. report. spurt. blank page: flyleaf grow exponentially. *bookworm. conspicuous consump- overstocked book: remainder tion. frivolity. academic. raise. 1. explod- condensed or shortened: abridged ing. category: genre booming a. ill-mannered. INCREASE grow. retainer. bibliomaniac. bibliolater. NOVELIST. churl. per. ANT. pedantic. benefit. god-send. *the rhubarbs. book-loving. knock. studious. cutback. pop. Sl. auditing. illustrated book: coffee table book organized territory. INCREASE growth. military: combat boot. refined. back- jacket description: flap copy. 3. backing. ad- learned. 1. ANT. ANT. vance. jodhpur nonade. WRITER boost n. 1. knock. overshoe. hike. growth. bush country. THUD thunder. uncultured. expansion. awkward. formance date. large paperback: trade paperback boondoggle n. mine. THUD thunder. below the 2. white elephant. increasing exponentially. back: spine thrive. SEE IMMUNIZATION booklet n. entering. ad- booking n. clodhopper. 3. book pas. gov- literary works: belles lettres ernment pork. well. in- compilation of various works: anthology creasing. 2. end comment: epilogue declining. INCREASE raise. *golden fleece. vancement. 1. MAKE RESERVATION reserve. 2. roar. printed before 1500 A. blessing. boot n. book published at author’s expense: vanity decline. book v. PROMOTE support. plug. engagement. illiterate. nowhere. vocabulary list: glossary tactless. oaf. 2. footwear. register. folder. bang. PLAY DATE gig. foster. outback. *go great guns. rustic. rustic. blurbs woods. above the knee in front. explosion. upturn. extravagance. manna from heaven. waste. rumble. 3. accounting.: incunabula boor n. bookworm n.

spirits. bootlegger n. pushy. culty. boundary. ad- MOONSHINE. WINE ministrator. *foot. tap. leader. despotic. dominator. border n. *pain. controlling. verge. *wet blanket. pute. somnolent. bitchy. quarter. despot. TAKE TEMPORARILY use. one way or the other.’’—Elting Morrison. domineering. control. head. front: granny brought into existence. authority. louse up. brink. boy boot acquired. plagiarize. commanding. square or pointed toes: cow. learned. bootlicker n. monotonous. run. ANNOY harass. ANT. *whip. humdrum. annoyance. tedium. core. vex. *hard stuff. *bum. innate. turb. JOB ‘‘A fellow talking who can change the sub. priate. irk. drink. kiosk. 2. *big enchilada. *brownnose. *rum runner. dominatrix. 2. SEE WORK. township. TAKE THE 78 Roget’s Superthesaurus . 1960s: go-go boot burg. line. master. dealer. supervise. ANT. *back-patter. ‘‘[One who] ex- ANT. trouble. highest periphery. *goof. ream. 2. exciting. town. drive. DRILL tunnel. brought into the world. ANT. moonshiner. delivered. 2. *headache. *pain in the ass. white. lead. dull. loot. around. pother. ble.Booth–Bother old fashioned woman’s boot laced up the born v. ANT. irritate. over- *haul. dean. property. punch. HEART emo- toady. cal. vice president. brothel. governor. reborn. margin. throw one’s weight Peter. 1. tions. equivo. lord can change it back to yours. unstimulating. fringe. *dull as dishwater. use. spoils. SEE SHOE obtain. executive. bully. lend. house of prostitution. doldrums. aggra- stimulating. agitate. wader born-again a. headmaster. handed. captain. unclassifiable. tiresome. depths. general. booty n.’’—John Ciardi. sarge. burrow. return. submit. stim. supervisor. 1. prize. edge. excitement. give. burden. black marketer. lord and master. nuisance. bother n. borderline a. uninteresting. inherent. director. irritation. sink. cu. *pill. hatched. employee. iron- annoy. put out. bordello n. faultfinder. invent. absolute. servile. BEER. stooge. task- booze n. winnings. queen. vate. foreman. superintendent. flub. foul up. *fire. compartment. soporific. imitate. mand. worn with mini skirt in the borough n. auger. *ho-hum. *sponge. direct. imperious. *hit up. community. subordinate. copy. *head honcho. pester. faster than you ministrate. cre- rubber/waterproof: galosh ated. take a loan. *cathouse. *kiss-up. manager. illegal distiller. tax. domineer. burden. perimeter. put to sleep. ADOPT FOR ONE’S OWN USE appro- bicle. president. excite. rules. *biggest toad in the puddle. monotony. underling.’’—Lawrence over. weariness. ambiguous. dictate. *stick in the mud. cloy. prosaic. alcohol. saved. jump bore v. ulation. king. stall. routine. sycophant. soporific. borderland. master. restored. *alpha male. ANT. ‘‘What hap- pens when we lose contact with the uni. 1. bust. cast. marginal. authoritarian. con- western tooled leather: cowboy boot verted. wading boot: hip boot. commander. stale. strict. subordinate. ANT. ruin. side. damned. *yawn. stimulate. DRINK. CEO (chief executive officer). bagnio. jadedness. goods. born a. muff. ists to make sensible exceptions to general bore n. princess. vague. bossy a. nag. chief. municipality. enclosure. tooled leather. first in com- rim. bother v. calf-high. natural. *dull as paint drying. botch v. . employer. smuggler. bosom n. work shoe. distress. boss v. 2. indifference. outer limit. scrounge. TIRE weary. *screw up. gouge out. prince. mine. unclear. ennui. 1. spoil. ANT. drill sergeant. pirate. ad- ject back to his topic . tyrannize. spirit. flatness. *drag. godfather. plunder. *big cheese. verse. tyrant. indefinite. high-handed. originate. gain. harry. stand. pirate. fumble. *yes-man. shed. *pit bull. subservient. boss n. inside. fatigue. doubtful. BREAST chest. trou- boring a. 1. halfway. diffi- wearisome. slave-driver. *whorehouse. mayor. . command. ANT. ANT. kisser. Sl. tiresome person. bungle. renewed. SEE ALCOHOL. humdrum. runner. dictator. tyrannical. *apple polisher. steal. inconvenience. chancellor. overpowering. ruler. mun. aggravation. *chief cook and bottle washer. soul. dictatorial. *mooch. press. water. dis- dane. booth n. decisive. on command. apathy. tedious. follow. *house of ill re. liquor. seer. 2. manage. heavy: brogan borrow v. village. boredom n. dullness.

bounce. surrender. *enforcer. 3. curving shot: hook surable. confine. he tocks. marcate. sence. rock mass. lean. determined. vault. boulevard n. foot. limitless. rock. hunter. ANT. body movement of bowler after shot: body verge. concourse. uncon- boudoir n. nod. mark ited. 1. sitting room. gift store. boulder n. dle-class. bob. unbounded. bothersome a. venient. boutique n. abysmal. go. PERIOD spell. English hem. core. charge. *square. SYN. capitalistic. Sl. rump. TIED fastened. agreeable. incon. BOURGEOIS a. un. ke- pelled. blockage. abundant. periphery. de. heart. impediment. bounce v. ill. enclose. limit. wrapped. 2. premium. stock. criminal bottle n. SCENT aroma. posy. bouillon n. 2. trussed. source. released. *mus. derriere. *jam-packed. struggle. bound. nosegay. hin. vial. nonconforming. jump. gar- bottleneck n. BEND curtsy. alistic. respectable. term. outer limit. plentiful. ROOT basis. ample. 2. battle. es- drance. dis- bound v. bowler: kegler perimeter. franchise. excretion. jar. concession. innumerable. floor. tureen. scant. 2. guard. glacial er. STREET bow v. finite. food poisoning. saucer. spray. tional. in. gist. middle- *tush. area most likely to yield strike: pocket boundary n. JUMP leap. worry about. disturbing. 3. dressing room. bounce. take pains. 1. unconfirmed. liable. luxuriant. avenue. candlepins. immea. ratic. 1. un- ness. boat. private room. barrier. *knuckle under. *number gambol. competition. core. b. security personnel. irksome. desirable. ANT. traditional. 2. limitless. flavoring. genuflection. vast. innermost part. conven- bottomless a. *cave recoil. breath. cultured. FLOWER bottom n. *fanny. knock down ten with two shots: spare. vessel. bounteous. tow. fat. 1. 1. gift. limit. bed. shift. clog. booth. 1. margin. entrails. in- bound a. glass. smell. 2. finite. unfathomable. assured. bocci. ventional. He described himself as a Bohemian. nod. curtsy. INTERIOR depth. unfastened. carafe. consommé. *crap. headed. 2. hop. soup base. ground. receptacle. urn. *buns. bounty hunter n. hop. bed. secured. allowance. seat. phial. endless. business. MATCH contest. diarrhea. congestion. ANT. immeasureable. OBLIGATED pledged. duckpins. lim. *dime a dozen. rigid. container. defer. gling. 2. conventional and materi- essence. benefit. vessel. origin. bouncer n. stint. RESTRICT restrain. *stern. DESTINED certain. conservative. difficult. com. contamination. SPRING BACK rebound. concede. room. generous. viscera. 3. INTESTINES guts. bout n. spring. welcome.m. [boor ZHWAW] of the mid- ing. 1. bowling n. mark bounteous SEE BOUNTIFUL one game: string bountiful a. sides. ordained. parkway. 2. sparse. lay down. flask. sure. headpin boundless a. SUBMIT yield. jug. bounds. round. stone. border. innards. 2. BASE foundation. land. aggravating. common. acquiesce. bouquet n. SEE PROW. bounty n. boring. central pin: kingpin. jam. everlasting. dominate. philistine. limb. round. reward. botulism n. vexatious. flagon. unsecured. give in. bow n. pin-setting machine: pinsetter Roget’s Superthesaurus 79 . cle. shake. skittles. line. carom. fragrance.. frontier. seat. infinite. decanter. obstruction. tenpins. 1. kneel. prolific. knock down ten with one shot: strike. bowel movement n. dish. SEE *tight squeeze. evacuation. ANT. teeming. infinite. spare. broth. working-class. REAR but. salaam. perfume. two. 2. ejector. BUNCH cluster. boring. irritating. required. fated. freed WORD FIND from obligation. nadir. bowels n. 1. indefinite. course. copious. ANT. present. edge. vast. Bothersome–Bowling TROUBLE inconvenience oneself. BEND stoop. proletarian. resist. demarcation. obstacle. burdensome. shop. fight. insides. inexaustable. sure. Bohemian. turn. brink. ANT. largess. rim. snag. ANT. *politically correct. fugitive hunter. troublesome. class. genuflect. circumscribe. department. in the: gutter ball petual. lavish. *go out of one’s way. butt. 1. ricochet. basin. bough n. bowl n. *kow- JOUNCE jolt. doomed. materialistic. gutter. defecation. bonus. annoying. branch. per. confines. borderline. trace. abhorred our bourgeois ways.

sprout. pugilism. study itself. buttress. *peek-a-boo bra. canister. swagger. refuse. brace v. bantamweight. support. punch crow. braggadocio. *blowhard. container. *wind- trainer. *egghead. [BOY kot] to refuse. draining. brain n. below the belt. bedposts boy n. as a protest against some boxing n. punch. has a wolf in his stomach. 2. soporific. *mix BOYCOTT v. stanchion. ‘‘One who package. heavy bag. prop. band. regulates hunger. eschew. exchange punches: mix it up suitor.’’—German prov- box v. Sunday punch bracelet n. work. mental giant. puff. punching bag: speedbag. lover. reinforce. sweetheart. youngster. exhilarat- practice with self: shadow box ing. tion. ‘‘Of all the wild beasts. shun. standing eight. varied punches delivered quickly: combina. *nipper. fortify. *blowhard. strut. jab and cross: one-two punch stay. strut. trumpeter. date. manageable. beat. under- low blow. middle. *honey. spar. 1/10th: frame sion wide split: goalposts. encephalon. prizefighter. bolo punch braid v. pound. lingerie. tighten. gloat. peacock. dazed: punch drunk strike. practice partner: sparring partner ornament. truss. WORD FIND weight. technical knockout. light heavyweight. egotist. upswinging punch: uppercut. slug. case. chain. *think- count ing cap. a group. abnormally small brain: microencephalon cruiserweight ancient portion. hold. usually as it up. lightweight. son or company. reject. *noodle. blacklist. deliver blows. *boy toy. They agreed to boycott the tuna com- WORD FIND pany until dolphin-safe nets were used. proscribe. weave. mandatory eight-count. SMART PERSON genius. spurn. prop. sprig. carton. head butt wear. *shovel it. bag. cuff. Einstein. black eye: mouse *blackball. the most un- jab. bin. kidney punch. receptacle. movement: bob and weave. TKO brain 80 Roget’s Superthesaurus . embargo.’’—Ambrose Bierce. saline. weight division. ANT. flame. stimulating. bangle. interlace. beau. apron *talk big. cut man. armlet. MIND *gray matter. straight punch: jab ring floor: canvas. flurry scholar. tie: draw braggart n. chest. intellectual. punch with less than full strength: pull a brag v. *whale. invigorating. han.’’—Plato. *gasbag. practice with partner: spar bracing a. knot. thinker. wait of eight seconds after knockdown: mastermind. welterweight. sex: limbic system. crazy tiring. boast. erb. shore up. refreshing. prodigy. *steady. powerful punch: haymaker. *up- weight and measurements of opponents: tale per story. dance. *falsies. ‘‘An invention of the universe in order to weight. clout. fisticuffs. flaunt. fight. strengthen. savant. ‘‘An apparatus with which we of the tape think that we think. on one’s bicycle bolster. inning: round brace n. heavyweight. action. strike. *bean. fighter. reptilian out. down- stamina program: roadwork play. twine. avoid. thirst. dler blusterer. sage. shut out. ostracize. brassiere. bragger. quick. plait. bag brackish a. to buy a product or deal with a per- boxer n. SYN. disabling opponent: knock. boaster. support. box n. pugilist. hit. youth. sweeping hook: roundhouse be modest. tussle.Box–Brain shot that leaves a gap between pins: split win by points: decision spin imparted on the ball: English win not agreed on by all officials: split deci- unit of game. trunk. sock. embrace: clinch *main squeeze. show-off. swain. mule ears. salty. junior. reinforcement. fighting. restorative. fisticuff. crossover punch: cross ban. lad. pummel. *blow one’s own horn. ANT. *bag of wind. foot. featherweight. bra n. 1. win by injuring. sparring. wizard. wit. fighting. *hide one’s light under a bushel basket. jewelry.’’—Anon. padded bra. assistant: cornerman. lightest to heaviest: fly. coffer. crate. illegal blow: rabbit punch. briny. vaunt. support cups. ear deformation: cauliflower ear boyfriend n. *little shaver. energizing.

brass tacks n. label. stream. *put heads to. 1. plucky. shake. row. dauntless. TIZE mark. *best and the brighest. spread. 2. wave. cook. mousiness. brash. defy. experts. gap. impetuous. 3. *guts. pus callosum courteous. macho posturing. MARK sear. manliness. brains. kind. *rumble. separation. gether. brand n. essentials. timidity. brawny a. flour. GENCE. ANT. wield. *ballsy. impulsive. *punk. manly. ANT. fiber. burn in. authorities. grow. riot. cold. intrepid. *crowing. courage. breach n. impudent. brazen. brilliant. nervy. powerless. shrub. ALIEN- brand v. superhuman right-brain functioning: idiot *ballsy. shy. council. conceive. brush. 2. wing. ad- fearfulness. timid. LIMB bough. bold. bifurcate. nettles. SYN. estrangement. especially in prickles. indoctrinate. fight. curb. donnybrook. OPENING hole. analyze. *gutsy. *rack ‘‘Falling but not yielding. herculean. SMART brawn n. 1. INTELLIGENT. strength. [BRAY zun] nervy. intrepidness. TRIBUTARY channel. imbecile. di. panel. break. im- tor: hypothalamus pudent. ATION split. bluster. seizure disease caused by electrical distur. connector of right and left hemispheres: cor. valor.’’—Maxwell Boden- dream. forward. retiring. show. muscles. brawl n. fracas. challenge. spunk. BRAZEN a. heroic. outer layer: cortex. ideas. brake n. might. hold menacingly. affiliate. loudmouthed. 1. trade. UNIT division. daring. heat. a disrespectful way. *enfant left or right side: hemisphere terrible. melee. headlong. span. brainwash v. cowering. bold. egg-shaped patch controlling speech mus. solid. program. frank. ANT. 1. heim. blackberry. gram (EEG). medulla oblongata mindless. loudmouthed. ‘‘Fear sneering at itself. Brainstorm–Breadth base. quiet. plan. brown. cles: Broca’s area brassy a. beefy. imbroglio. basics. valiant. forward. savant syndrome foolhardy. meningitis brat n. department. friction. strutting. *nitty gritty. reserved. create. transgression. idiot. RANGE ish. brazen. feeder. flaunt. cabinet. timidity. disgrace. 2. brake v. restraint. 2. wary. STIGMA. SEE INTELLI- ardly. hasty. arm. weak. cocky. variety. nervy. brandish v. cocky. moron. fearless. sinewy. inflammation: encephalitis. twig. bluff. pain. loud. *free-for-all. robustness. *show. taint. forward. uproar. decelerate. boldness. muscular. slow. cheeky. nervy. impudent. altercation. mettle. shy. husky. think. regulates breathing and circulation: brash a. bellum cockiness. bombast. macho. 1. timid. swaggering. contravention. make. inso- exam of brain waves: electroenchephalo. brassy. office. soning. fearlessness. li- bances: epilepsy onhearted. invent. audacious. stop. memory: cerebrum brave v. ponder. deliberate. mousy. PUSHY bold. face. flip. brash. cowardice. mousiness. cocky. bush. RECKLESS rash. divide. ance. A brazen bran n. crack. rea. trol. schism. frail. verge. scope. visory board. parting of the ways. extent. ANT. Roget’s Superthesaurus 81 . daring. *give a black eye. strapping. bramble n. offshoot. span. condition. powerful. arrogant. thoughtful. constraint. WIDTH broadness. 3. swing. dura mater *stand up to. falling-out. trade name. convert. influence. *chicken. 2. line. muscular coordinator in back of skull: cere. body temperature and blood pressure regula. ANT.’’—Latin proverb. infraction. *scrap. burly. shameless. THOUGHT bravery n. bold. train. brainstorm v. infringement. persuade. ments. 2. brainy a. ness. incautious. fainthearted. bureau. SEE CLEVER. shameless. focus on. ANT. pressure sensor: thalamus ANT. noncompli- mark. VIOLATION nonobservance. branch v. husk. cow- ANT. courageous. brave a. fork. area. imp. exhibit. rugged. 1. brain trust n. share heroism. scholars. curb. outer brain area controlling perception. conjure up. cheeky. advisors. respectful. pluck. thorn bush. power. halt. quarrel. arm. cautious. respectful. spoiled child. cleft. *balls. huskiness. tussle. impudent. reserved. problem-solve. cheeky. 1. bullish. conceptualize. *holy terror. spunky. *slugfest. heckler ruined the show with his rude com- branch n. check. foolhardy. bravado a. lent. breadth n. unwary. dare. con. confront. fissure. *beefi- braise v. chapter. subdivision. rude. mus- nerve cell: neuron cle-flexing. raspberry. stout.

the audience resume. para- breed n. respire. whiff. trinkets. manners. exhale. railroad bridge framework: trestle breed v. pithiness. economy. inhale. propagate. create. seethe. viaduct. breakable a. sniff. air. bribe n. list. class. puffing. spirited. mishap. wheeze. intermission. clinker. bridge wheezing. break. tie. 82 Roget’s Superthesaurus . har- breeding n. ferment. gasp. traverse. core. virtu. bridge. ness. abutment bear young. *duck soup. respite. sub- gland. letup. breath n. blow. catwalk. bascule. effervescent. breach. ANT. becalmed. sprightly. rupture. whiff. type. breach. rearing. line. hiatus. asthmatic. pactness. connec- breathe v. *boob. *nothing. bit. lull. training. schooling. brick n. cook. delicate. shatter. airy. recess. boring. FAILURE malfunction. knickknacks. respiration. protective railing or wall: balustrade. cultivation. run-of-the-mill. com- ANT. out of breath. bust. wordiness. ITEMIZA. 2. suspension bridge time out. link. categorization. breath. invention. exhala- bridge n. tear. rest. TION analysis. corrupt. formulate. *CINCH *snap. strain. collapse. soul. 2. PAUSE Twain. *grease. CHEST bosom. hair-raising. *soldier. brewery n. check. bond. panting. de. hyperventi. 1. playful. rift. *tit. gewgaws. much we think of ourselves and how little break n. genus. ment. 3. 1. [BREV i tee] briefness. WINDY blustery. connect. beget. SYN. TO CAUSE bring about. produce. opens and closes for boat traffic: drawbridge. span. STEEP boil. snore. refinement. discovery. diminish. terseness. dissolution. pile. overpass. fear of: gephyrophobia shocking. gasp. sough. *hush money. mammary bribe v. swing bridge. stop. pant. GENTLE WIND zephyr. link. spiritless. cross. engender. draft. pointedness. mangle. inhalation. breakthrough n. aspiration. fresh. species. rift. stunning. teat. winded. draw a tion. 2. still. induce- disbanding. dead calm. LIGHTHEARTED easygo- burst. advance. 2. unite. lively. brittle. break v. 1. pulverize. float-supported: pontoon bridge heart-stopping. condition- home the bacon. pause. concise- 1. mov. wheeze. pet kind. pressed. breakdown n. de- grade. block. gasping. PAUSE rest. awe-inspiring. mend. psyche. astounding. ing. anticipated. undermine. *one who brings development. waft. muzzle. *clockpuncher. DRINK ing. huff. collapse. DEVISE concoct. 1. we think of the other person. foot- tion. graft. vivacious. suck. arch. breakup n. WORD FIND heave. 1. rupture. incapacitate. splinter. SEE ALCOHOL. shortness. dual beams or trusses that project beyond breathless a. FRACTURE crack. ness. enclosure used in water for repair of: coffer- ing from apnea. nity. HEART orn. thrilling. halter. ANT. 2. innovation. bridle n. 2. ANT. spirit. incentive. split. fragile. split. shot. begged for brevity. connector. *kickback. contrive. split. disintegrate. curb. bric-a-brac n. *boodle. The speech was too long. drafty.Breadwinner–Bridle breadwinner n. upbringing. stone. smash. inner self. SEE MONEY breast n. BREVITY n. entice. 2. suffering from dyspnea. span. cable and girder-supported: bridle-chord breather n. breather. succinctness. disruption. long-windedness. ANT. tear. ing. progress. recess. SEE WIND 2. rest. payoff. spawn. 1. recess. are connected: cantilever shortwinded. REPRODUCE procreate. sop. *grease the palm. lead to. hatch. breezy a. produce. invent. exciting. join. 1. suffer. demolish. engineer. find. generate. gusty. race. foster. wage earner. take a breather. buy off. fix. brew v. whisper. baubles. total. pop. bridge. rein. restraint. arched roadway over a valley: viaduct late. snort. disintegration. GOOD FORTUNE opportu. leap forward. sturdy. bust. hatch. cook up. effect. puff. choking. baksheesh. collapse. lengthiness. bibelots. WEAKEN impair. leash. breeze n. flimsy. cripple. strengthen. income ing. short circuit. briefness. 1. chance. separation. fall apart. animated. windswept. suspend. casual. repair. electrifying. bridge v. FRACTURE crack. stroke of luck. morose. 2. support: pier. fortify. short of breath. begin. brisk. variety. respite. conciseness. ‘‘Concealing how producer. 3. opening. their supports. dam breathtaking a. 1. BEER. sigh.’’—Mark fissure. 2. rent. udder. breath. distillery. pay off. lift bridge ho-hum. snap. stew.

compressed. unit. far-reaching. 1. DEFEATED bring v. out. undogmatic. desolate. 2. broken a. troop. transitory. 1. sharp. breakable. sleepy. sea water. ruined. scholarly. SHORT. deep. luminous. EXTENSIVE brigand n. increase. disseminate. Roget’s Superthesaurus 83 . 2. or start a discussion. flame-broil. long-winded. vanquished. biting. dazzling. disheartened. relay. widen. bring up. liberal-minded. tered. 2. dogmatic. splintered. perk up. BROACH v. contingent. unbi- morose. blazing. delicate. depress. limited. LIGHTEN illuminate. margin. HOPEFUL promis. 1. put on the air. inform. blaz. *on the blink. [BROACH] to introduce a topic pithy. expand. cious. EFFECT cause. sharp. intelligent. lighthearted. ANT. 1. *on the souse. company. SEE MILITARY sweeping. enliven. televise. SMART intelligent. dark. resplendent. ANT. grill. *beam. grief-stricken. deepen. despairing. legion. time-consuming. down. announce. pulverized. har. lively. SMART 3. transport. point. summarize. *dead. depressed. broaden v. broken-hearted a. 1. commodious. 4. retrieve. heat. sprightly. roast. start. 2. inhibit. 1. quick. 1. ANT. tone leaflet. torn apart. outfit. sparkling. CHEERFUL lively. 2. WIDE vast. summary. ANT. intact. barbecue. indomitable. astute. BRACING invigorating. nippy. blithe. 2. re- auspicious. general. burn. OBVIOUS apparent. insolvent. enlarge. unbreakable. sear. crushed. capacious. cool. seethe. curb. outline. 2. unapparent. borderline. dim. plain. invincible. consolable. quick. brilliant. crushed. shine. *rolling in dough. 2. broad a. fritz. fleeting. radiant. to the crumbly. BUSTED fractured. compendious. produce. 3. abridgement. tend. affluent. ex- joyous. penniless. take. straightforward. wordy. line. somnolent. retarded. sketch. dark. out of order. fat. telecast. brim. blacken. battalion. verge. close-minded. outlaw. bigoted. golden. instantaneous. CONCISE *short brittle a. wise. LIGHT shining. abbreviated. down. wealthy. 1. damaged. darken. It is time to broach the ing. summary. make glum. Bridle–Broken-Hearted bridle v. uplift. NOT WORK- brim n. brilliant a. clever. QUICK swift. orientation. port. desperado. hustling. spread. SHORT-LIVED short. open. 1. bovine. solid. blinding. immense. whole. threshold. intense. broil v. *low. sadden. bristle v. momentary. 3. glowing. 3. CONVEY carry. edge. brighten v. 2. get angry. narrow. cable. sal. scatter. *bovine. vivid. brochure n. stupid. hearten. sweeping. singe. 4. slow. large. lethargic. *snap. hold back. dull. fetch. glowing. 2. grimy. explicit. condensation. euphoric. pamphlet. dark. viva. saline solution. brogue n. running. swift. booklet. resplendent. rosy. tar. circular. intensify. brainy. and sweet. witty. precis. crisp. radio. stupid. intense. verge. beaten. rundown. brink. ANT. succinct. hopeless. buoy. spar. inge. quick. robber. brief v. clear. witty. frail. shat- nished. ness. unprejudiced. start. 1. exhilarating. 2. salt water. pair. get indignant. CHEER UP minded. *get one’s dander up. arrest. sprightly. broadcast v. effulgent. deliver. drawl. tolerant. ing. ANT. ANT. rim. narrow. long. black. limit. bank- kling. prolonged. open. ANT. mangled. instruction. fair. dull. clever. outlining. fallen. *kaput. incandescent. encouraging. compel. in. *boil. incandescent. 1. perk up. polish. 2. astute. force. twang. supplement. begin. group. slow. expansive. fast. fill in. put forth. vivid. dejected. mournful. rock-hard. SYN. synopsis. transmit. restrain. muzzle. grim. brink n. ING nonfunctioning. subject with Ken. sunny. impoverished. impartial. black. accent. in disre- brine n. brilliant. folder. merry. broken down. accepting. broke a. reduce. 3. humbled. ruptured. cook. stimulat- brief n. 1. *raise brief a. edge. bustling. nious. gloomy. broad-minded a. *busted. widespread. open-minded. *see red. summarized. institute. 3. catholic. specific. smashed. fragile. forlorn. free-thinking. *air. check. dull. cheering. narrow- furbish. happy. condensed. lip. flare. brigade n. ANT. duce. torpid. radiant. joyous. poor. introduce. blinding. flier. catholic. 1. dull. scintillating. energetic. bright a. briefing n. 1. *humming. lift spirits. make. elated. 2. dim-witted. veiled. BRIGHT shining. 2. chilly. moronic. throwaway. bear. vigorous. comprehensive. rich. voluminous. destitute. time-consum. tight. tiring. one’s hackles. heartbroken. gladden. univer- pirate. triumphant. in- brisk a. line. *peppy. ased. blanket. 1. augment. brainy. rupt. ample. ing. dazzling. ANT. ANT. bandit. prompt. glaring. functioning. short-term. grim. ANT. launch. ing. confined. 2.

warp. blemish. fasten. crumple. meditate. middle-man. scan. privateer. scrape. cliché. seethe. wound. duster. black and blue mark. snippy. The clerk was always discourteous think over. cold- brotherhood n. domineer. humaneness. holder. offspring. bister. ruckus. ec. brunette. barbarian. fellowship. buck n. rough. crony. heartless. crimp. haired. ness. 1. scuttle. esce. fraternity. sorrel. agent. pal. savage. globule. gra- brook v. acqui- sle. ma. flip through. terse. expenses. mar. flatter. stock. kind. house of ill repute. yield. rural. CONFRONTA. kind- all. appropriation. clip. corsair. BEND give in. pe. nudge. brown-nose v. negotia. abide. stir. injure. stir. pirate. burble. brunette a. clip. release. BROOM whisk. house of prostitution. pin. esti- bracken. 2. pitcher. glance. humane. ornament. hector. fastener. platitude. brier. dismissal. apply oneself. truckle. scrape. simmer. cious. trite saying. tortuous. can. painful. *cathouse. pastoral. bump. devil. *to-do. compan- brush n. tyrannize. cave in. browbeat v. young. besom. cinnamon. slight. sepia. trying. mark. ogre. *bull. snap. tolerate. burble. bulge. run-in. 2. brake. bud v. kinship. fighter. jection. uproar. BUCOLIC a. hellish. *suck up. commotion. BUSH scrub. stroke. stag. *bro. bead. black. rude. brutality n. bone up. bully. monster. sphere. dun. ginger. cold. BRUSQUE a.Broker–Budget broker n. met- bruiser n. soup. threaten. skirmish. mate. fiend. break. ter. runnel. [BRUSK] blunt or rough in ate. blood- broth n. brush up v. upset. Arcadian. worry. doze. go-between. gentle. blow. intermediary. 2. hasp. *crib. brook n. effer- rorize. sensation. We admired a bucolic panorama of *hickey. *whorehouse. ness. and brusque. froth. swine. fizz. trib. bar- broom n. bootlick. ion. hullabaloo. buff. discourteous. utary. percolate. heart- ship. mas. fawn. curry collapse. budge v. chocolate. short. popple. bagnio. one’s nose to the grindstone. kowtow. overhead. dust off. caring. bordello.’’—Alexandre Dumas. browse v. badger. curt. open. grazing cows and old stone walls. shrubs. bruise v. sharp. 2. abrupt. ropolitan. scuff. 2. life. city hall. dislodge. container. courteous. orb. contusion. clasp. spawn. considerate. roll. *cram. sidekick. impact. dealer. *crick. VICIOUS savage. citified. friend. bluff. shock. chum. unbuckle. cow. sage parlor. skip over. snub. 1. brush v. buckle n. fawn. put up with. henna. SYN. SYN. snap on. HARSH rigorous. CLASP clip. disturbance. ‘‘All for one and one for lessness. stroke. skim. nutbrown. get serious. wash. thirsty. mope. deer. manner. vesce. tickle. whisk. fret. children. bubble v. caveman. rumpus. fox. ruminate. 1. ‘‘A mathematical 84 Roget’s Superthesaurus . auburn. flavoring. cruelty. inhuman. droplet. hubbub. wound. beast. branch. bully. glance. comrade. bruise n. toady. rill. agonize. 4. hogany. rustic. cask. spheroid. litter. study. comrade. tor. ochre. pot. give way. caress. gentility. urban. bouillon. bucket n. countrified. flower. ANT. clutch. boil. wrangle. breastpin. coppice. creek. brush-off n. thicket. stand for. favor with. 1. ANT. brood v. umber. coffee. discoloration. 1. brutishness. brown a. ruthless. *joy house. hatchlings. propel. hard. chestnut. TOUCH sweep. discolor. rust. shift. boxer. foam. sprout. earth. bear. unfasten. *stew over. SEE FLOWER brunt n. [BROO ha ha] an uproar. brute n. rebuff. hitch. cruel. [byoo KOL ik] of rural or pastoral chymosis. bramble. brutal a. pail. bromide n. bloom. SWEEP scrub. caring. vessel. tan. SYN. Sl. bawdyhouse. straighten. cocoa. ferocity. clasp. savagery. push. ANT. *cold shoulder. bubble n. encounter. buddy n. bleb. BROUHAHA n. tus. brown-haired. alter ego. financial plan. condone. viciousness. force. TOUCH sweep. agrarian. rolling hills. contuse. hulk. sweeper. wipe. dark-haired. TION clash. clamor. ferocious. budget n. buckle v. less. 2. beige. buckle down v. merciless. gruff. hitch. ani- The scandalous findings caused a brouhaha at mal. harsh. intimidate. ANT. graze. MOVE inch. 3. piti- brothel n. jam. baric. brooch n. paint. blossom. BEND contort. shoot. muse. inhumanity. harshness. rustic. *kiss-off. 1. *sporting house. *kiss up. deliber. blunt. full force. barbarism. ANT. harass. undergrowth. *put ruse. *Neanderthal. buccaneer n. brutish. re- brood n. take. stream.

round. ney. bull v. trajectile. decrease. hump. hulking. *hit up-side the head. joker. diameter: caliber ways (header): Flemish bond glowing. bison. 2. *rot. polish. institute. SEE ARCHITECTURE. guard. expands when it hits. badger. cuff. adobe trajectory deviation: drift monstrous ornament: gargoyle. grotesque SEE AMMUNITION. BANK outside corner: quoin budget v. bulimia n. ture. beat. semble. domed: rotunda buff n. *rubbish. framework. cartridge. wood. swelling. pummel. found. nonopening window: deadlight Latimer. bull n. preponderance. military: tracer concrete embedded with steel mesh. irritate. balloon. press. bulimarexia. create. fault. shot. enthusiast. GUN Roget’s Superthesaurus 85 . initiate. 1. raze. construction. unmanageable. eating disorder. unwieldy. male. 4. semble. smack. figure. lion’s share. prodigious. pier. *boob. *balo- start. missile.A. 1. 1. pester. estimate. 1. fool. bulldoze. bulk n. imperfection. slap. huge. prankster. volume. wieldy. bulletproof garment: bulletproof vest erwork. concrete. ANT. drive. bushwa. erection. pocket-sized. sideboard. UNTRUTH *bilge. fabricate. apportion. hole. edifice. flying buttress smooth. demolish. shape. create. bulldozer n. clean. decre- *muscle. voluminous. CATHEDRAL. bulky a. knock. machinery. SEE ANOREXIA merry-andrew. expert. better part. structure. devotee. burnish. Budget–Bullet confirmation of your suspicions. scendo. shrivel. allocate. *blarney. puff. *horsefeathers. irk. SIZE mass.’’—A. shelf. lump. ANT. not inscribed stone: cornerstone kill: baton rounds inscription on: epigraph soft. body. engineer. contract. grader. 2. ration. most. high rise. nervosa. slug. shelflike projection: cornice connoisseur. pound. credenza. causing severe material: brick. distend. bulimia comedian. drub. FLAW defect. plow. mammal. build v. stone. buttress. 4. wing: annex. shine. mount. SEE MONEY. animal. *skyscraper. ell. HOUSE buffet n. ANIMAL Taurus. WORD FIND arches. jester. TAP eavesdrop. body. 3. heavy building n. bug v. *bug. prominence. ANT. compulsive eating. charge. shell. fanatic. set up. basketweave bulletproof shield: mantelet brickwork with alternating courses of bricks cartridge with no projectile: blank laid sideways (stretchers) and head-ways container: cartridge (headers): English bond covering: jacket brickwork with every other brick laid head. ANT. pellet. amount. disturb. protuberance. punch. 1. mortar. manageable. vex. mold. FORM shape. rooftop safety wall: parapet allow. disas. sizable. *throw up. bump. grow. raise. window design. BOTHER annoy. CASTLE. small. bunk. *malarkey. earthmover. *hokum. shock absorber. bulge n. cumbersome. nonsense. 1. buffet v. CONSTRUCT erect. INSECT vermin. fashion. beam. BIGGEST PART main. 2. extent. magazine face: facade shotgun pellets: birdshot. build n. swell. INTENSIFY compound. wallop. stick out. magnify. salad bar. reinforced damage: dumdum concrete. rub. majority. buckshot gallery between two main stories: mezzanine shotgun projectiles used in riots to stun. ESTABLISH ox. counter. buffer n. 2. pest. tude. zany. series of: arcade WORD FIND brickwork laid in checkered pattern: check. superstruc- bullet n. nettle. lies. outgrowth. *freak. model. cold table. *knock together. ponderous. arrangement: fenestration buffalo n. massive. mammoth. magni- bug n. clown. bars: pointed: spitzer reinforced concrete receptacle: clip. steer. put together. smorgasbord. pad. buff v. spy. harlequin. bullock. strike. swell. plague. buffoon n. physique. quadriped. *hogwash. nut. support: joist. girder. amplify. Sl. ball. 2. contrive. hollow. escalate. *BS. *lead. bozo. bulge v. protrude. as. bay herbivore. thrust. slug. cushion. WIRE.

chiffonier. crack. bump n. 1. som- bum n. *the 86 Roget’s Superthesaurus . sure. bang. float. bullheaded a. haughty. burden n. ANT. loafer. drunk. botch. ber. *mess. cheer: olé graded. load. ing. intimidate. remove. onus. gold. hick. thud. believing. *muff. ward. retiring. ANT. quantity. bullion n. *browbeater. *hokum. panhandler. red cape waved: capa number. bar. yielding. transient. down. rampart. jaunty. trending upward. *screw up. optimistic. stubborn. statement. ANT. mass. boost. swaggerer. *downer. tune. millstone. jostle. pointment. conceited. thug. ANT. weigh down. box. picador rugged. confident. cumber. pes. 2. bashful. impact. MASS bunch. Sl. uplift. load. mirthful. bank. dering. agency. lot. SYN. *pull it off. coordinated. thump. branch. tyrant. hobo. 1. bungle v. rustic. maladroit. cluster. choppy. hector. 2. able. climb.Bulletin–Bureaucracy bulletin n. stress. lot. *call the type: can. oppress. NONSENSE *human T-Rex. idler. lute. resilient. unflinching. nimble. bell. rough. BUREAUCRACY n. mess up. cluster. blundering. jerky. ANT. galaxy. lumpy. albatross. bully n. bell. batch. protuberance. highboy. form of government administration. yahoo. plate. COLLISION crash. barbed dart: banderilla *chuckholed. torment. workload. ANT. *goof. cottage. graze. buoy v. inept. arrogant. dislodge. jarring. group. SEE HOUSE bullish a. welt. unburden. yokel. *hayseed. dictate. rowdy. assortment. pile. blithe. *goat-roper. bad experience. yoke. falling. strain. A bureaucracy requires a jostle. SWELLING lump. ministration. rising. tyrannize. strain. browbeat. lances bull’s neck: bumpy a. tap. vagrant. *fenderbender. DEPARTMENT divi- swiping. san- stronghold. sideswipe. DISPLACE depose. dent. ruffian. lighthearted. report. run into. cially that which is inefficient and bound by butt. scrape. NONSENSE *ma- bruiser. announce. ANT. *rubbish. bureau n. bundle. hearten. side. *blow it. oppress. nodule. parcel. *oodles. berth. fliction. tormentor. heap. ingot. bulwark n. scrape. ANT. *ding. *lord mooring: dolphin over. silky. dered. sprightly. terrorizer. reinforcement. batch. spectacle. earthwork. silver. publication. *baloney. 2. depressed. smooth. cocksure. chest. domineer. bulge. oppressor. commission. sheaf. protection. graceful. DRESSER chest of drawers. pushy. assured. defense. stack. compromising. irreso. blun- simistic. beacon. carefree. jolting. squeezer. overbearing. knob. bog down. tap. derelict. heap. the puddle. sion. incompetent. bungling a. civil service. *drag. or. lighten. gaining. bale. communication. handshake would do. cheerful. carton. mulish. its own red tape. smash into. 1. responsibility. *dink. for- bullfight n. picador’s lance: pic multitude. barrier. bearish. *biggest toad in buoy n. wave of red cloth: capeador bundle n. af- clumsy. hamper. bastion. stumbling. swarm. ne’er-do-well. SEE BULL. intimidator. encumbrance. *washboard. tion. espe- bump v. succeed. PACKAGE obstinate. government ad- bumpkin n. corrugated. optimistic. *score. *spine- assisting team: cuadrilla shattering. torero bunch n. corrida. fortification. increasing. host. blow. blunder. clodhopper. steady. inflating. twaddle. escalating. collide with. pre- WORD FIND sumptuous. misstep. diffident. guine. aggressor. incubus. ANT. contract submitted in quadruplicate when a replace. bungling. wall. *kidney-crushing. disap. saddle with. fighter: matador. lift. patch. miscalculate. 2. gowing. dis. bunk n. packet. cross to bear. 2. beggar. disaster. *pain in the ass. clumsy. bumptious a. nun. weight. adroit. *cider ment. [byoo ROK ruh see] any gnarl. officialdom. surging. hopeful. tax. 1. notification. *drop the ball. group. headstrong. nudge. assistant on horseback. buoyant a. whistle shots. jolt. jar. obligate. free. Sl. ascending. flash. misfor. *potholed. fumble. obliga- tramp. throng. HIT thump. collection. cocky. roll. hardship. farmer. collection. larky. marker. knock. SEE BOSS WORD FIND bully v. uncoordinated. office. 1. en- bummer n. dictator. BED cot. raise. bumbling a. bang. threaten. bungalow n. matador’s emergency shelter: burladero clump. burden v.


Establishment, *powers that be, city hall, burst n. explosion, outburst, blowout, eruption,
the system, the authorities, *Big Brother. discharge, outpouring, spurt.
‘‘A giant mechanism operated by pyg- burst v. pop, explode, crack open, rupture, fly
mies.’’—Honore de Balzac. ‘‘The anony- apart, blow up, shatter, rip, bust, split, erupt,
mous ‘they,’ the enigmatic ‘they’ who are in disintegrate.
charge.’’—Joseph Heller. bury v. 1. INTER entomb, inhume, sepulcher,
bureaucrat n. government official, civil ser- lay to rest. 2. EMBED sink, submerge, implant,
vant, administrator, politician, clerk, public engulf. 3. COVER conceal, hide, cache, stash,
servant, pencil-pusher, *desk-jockey, *red secrete. ANT. 1. exhume, dig up. 3. expose,
tape dispenser. air.
BURGEON v. [BUR jun] grow, proliferate. bus n. transport, public transportation, motor
The deficit is burgeoning out of control. SYN. vehicle, passenger vehicle, motor coach, jit-
grow, proliferate, flourish, develop, sprout, ney, mass transit vehicle.
thrive, mushroom, bud, spread, multiply, ex- bush n. 1. SHRUB hedge, plant, thicket, brier,
pand. ANT. dwindle, diminish. bramble, undergrowth, scrub. 2. BACKCOUN-
burglar n. thief, cat burglar, crook, mugger, TRY woods, jungle, the wild, outback.
prowler, *picklock, robber, housebreaker. bushed a. exhausted, spent, *pooped. ANT. en-
burial n. interment, inhumation, funeral, en- ergetic, peppy. SEE TIRED
tombment, last rites, *deep six. SEE CEMETERY bush-league a. second-rate, *minor league,
burlesque n. parody, satire, caricature, farce, *small potatoes. ANT. first-rate, big league, big
lampoon, travesty, *send-up, spoof, vaude- time. SEE INFERIOR
ville, comedy, *schtick, skits, striptease. business n. 1. OCCUPATION profession, trade,
burly a. big, heavy, muscular, strong, beefy, job, career, vocation, calling, work, liveli-
brawny, stout, hefty, hulking, rugged, thick- hood, *racket, pursuit. 2. COMMERCE indus-
set. ANT. skinny, anorexic, slight. try, trade, enterprise, manufacturing, mer-
burn v. 1. BE ON FIRE OR SET FIRE incinerate, ig- chandising, buying and selling,
nite, torch, blaze, flame, light, smolder, kin- mercantilism, marketing. ‘‘The art of ex-
dle, reduce to ashes, rage, go up in smoke, tracting money from another man’s pocket
consume, cremate, deflagrate, combust, without resorting to violence.’’—Max Am-
singe, sear, broil, char, scorch, brand, cau- sterdam. ‘‘Riding a bicycle. Either you keep
terize. 2. CONSUME use up, expend, squander. moving or you fall down.’’—John Wright.
3. CHEAT swindle, bilk, take, *rip off. ANT.
3. RESPONSIBILITY concern, department,
1. extinguish, quench. 2. conserve, save.
province, affair, duty, interest, subject, mat-
burning a. 1. FLAMING blazing, on fire, raging,
ter. 4. FIRM company, corporation, concern,
aflame, fiery, ignited, smouldering, smoking.
enterprise, market, store, factory, office, or-
2. SERIOUS dire, crucial, compelling, impor-
ganization, conglomerate, mill.
tant, critical, crucial, vital, urgent, pressing.
3. FERVENT feverish, passionate, frenzied, ar- businesslike a. methodical, efficient, orga-
dent, enthusiastic. ANT. 1. extinguished, out, nized, orderly, systematic, professional, in-
quenched. 2. insignificant, trivial. 3. apathetic, dustrious. ANT. disorganized, slipshod, unpro-
cool, unconcerned. fessional.
burnish v. polish, smooth, brighten, furbish, businessman/woman n. merchant, trader, in-
buff, shine, gloss, rub. dustrialist, entrepreneur, tycoon, capitalist,
burnout n. exhaustion, dissipation, weariness, investor, employer.
combat fatigue, defeat, sapping, *running bust n. chest, bosom, breast.
out of steam, expiration, disillusionment, bustle n. activity, commotion, hubbub, hurly-
disenchantment, breakdown. burly, uproar, tumult, flurry, stir, *comings
burn out v. tire, fatigue, *run out of steam, be- and goings, to-do, pother. ANT. stillness,
come drained, *stress out, become jaded, calm, peace.
*get sick of. busy a. 1. ACTIVE bustling, full, *buzzing,
burp v. belch. *humming, *popping, *hopping, jumping,
burrow n. hole, tunnel, warren, dugout, dig- *on the go, lively. 2. ENGAGED preoccupied,
gings, den, lair. employed, unavailable, working, active, in-
burrow v. dig, excavate, tunnel, hollow out, volved, tied down, tied up. ANT. 1. idle, still,
furrow. quiet. 2. free, at leisure, lazing around.

Roget’s Superthesaurus 87


busybody n. meddler, pry, gossip, snoop, blab- buttress v. reinforce, strengthen, fortify, bol-
bermouth, *buttinski. ster, shore up, prop up.
butcher v. 1. SLAUGHTER dress, clean, cure, buxom a. full-figured, *busty, shapely, plump,
pack, smoke. 2. KILL slaughter, murder, mas- voluptuous. ANT. skinny, bony, *flat.
sacre, slay. 3. BUNGLE botch, make a mess of, buy v. 1. PURCHASE acquire, bargain for, pay
*screw up, ruin. for, procure, make a deal, bid, corner, shop,
butler n. servant, *help, food server, staff. market. 2. BRIBE corrupt, *pay off.
butt/buttocks n. bottom, seat, rump, *tush, buzz n. hum, drone, whir, hiss, whizz.
*ass, derriere, *fanny, *stern, backside, glu- bygone a. former, past, previous, gone by,
teus maximus. olden, erstwhile, defunct, forgotten, lost.
butt n. subject, target, victim, scapegoat. ANT. present, current, in the here and now.
butt v. ram, horn, thrust, strike, drive, batter,
bypass v. go around, avoid, detour around, side-
collide, jab, jam.
butterflies n. anxiety, tension, nerves, jitters, step, circumvent.
unease, nervousness, nausea, *shakes, *cold byproduct n. outgrowth, offshoot, spin-off, side
sweat, nervous anticipation. effect.
button n. 1. FASTENER clasp, stud. 2. PUSHBUT- bystander n. observer, onlooker, witness, eye-
TON switch, toggle, on/off, power switch, witness, spectator, passerby.
tuner, adjustor, knob, dial. byte n. eight bits, sixteen bits, unit.
buttress n. support, prop, brace, reinforcement, byword n. proverb, adage, motto, maxim, slo-
abutment, stanchion, shore, beam, pier, gan, saying, catchword, watchword, dictum,
arch. truth, principle.

88 Roget’s Superthesaurus


cab n. taxi, cabriolet, hack, hansom. cadre n. nucleus, core, infrastructure, frame-
cabal n. 1. FACTION junta, camarilla, clique, work.
ring, band. 2. CONSPIRACY plot, intrigue, cafe n. coffeehouse, bar, bistro. SEE RESTAURANT
scheme. cafeteria n. lunchroom, lunch counter, com-
cabalistic a. occult, secret, hidden, clandestine, missary. SEE RESTAURANT
esoteric, mystic, mysterious, conspiratorial, cage n. enclosure, jail, pound, lockup, pen,
underground. ANT. overt, open. coop, confinement, prison, trap.
cabana n. shelter, bathhouse. cage v. confine, trap, enclose, pen, imprison,
cabaret n. nightclub, boite, dinner theater, impound, coop up, shut up, lock up. ANT.
cafe, supper club, honky-tonk, disco. free, release.
cabin n. 1. COTTAGE shack, loghouse, camp, CAGEY a. [KAY jee] tricky, not easily caught
hovel, hut, lodge, chalet, shanty, bungalow. or fooled. A fox is a cagey animal. SYN. tricky,
2. COMPARTMENT quarters, stateroom, room, sly, cunning, wary, leery, shrewd, wily, cau-
chamber. tious, crafty, careful. ANT. unwary, trusting,
cabinet n. 1. CUPBOARD commode, bureau, naive.
chest, chiffonier, chifforobe, box, case, file, cahoots n. Sl. partnership, league, collusion, al-
etagere, console. 2. ADMINISTRATION advis- liance, conspiracy.
ers, council, ministry, board, *brain trust. CAJOLE v. [kuh JOHL] to persuade with flat-
cabinetmaker n. craftsman, woodworker, arti- tery, coax. She cajoled him for hours; he finally
san, furniture maker, carpenter. gave in. SYN. persuade, coax, wheedle,
cabin fever n. claustrophobia, winter blues, *sweet talk, blandish, pander to, *butter up,
SAD (seasonal affective disorder), restless- flatter, stroke, *kiss up, beguile, inveigle.
ness, distress, *climbing the walls, tempo- cajolery n. palaver, persuasion, coaxing. SEE
rary insanity, neurosis, *going psycho. FLATTERY
cable n. 1. WIRE cord, line, rope, chain. 2. OVER- cake n. 1. BAR block, lump, brick, slab, cube.
SEAS TELEGRAM wire, cablegram. 2. LOAF batter cake, layer cake, torte, pastry,
cache n. stockpile, hoard, stash, supply, store, flan, madeleine, cupcake.
*nest egg, respository, reserve, hiding place cakewalk n. *a snap, *breeze, *child’s play,
provisions. *cinch, *no-brainer, *piece of cake.
cackle v. chuckle, chortle. SEE LAUGH calamitous a. disastrous, catastrophic, ruinous,
CACOPHONOUS a. [kuh KOF uh nus] devastating, cataclysmic, grievous, fatal,
harsh-sounding, jarring, especially designat- tragic, dire. ANT. blessed, beneficial, favorable.
ing incongruent sounds heard over one an- calamity n. disaster, catastrophe, devastation,
other. No one could tell whether the cacopho- cataclysm, fatality, misery, blow, adversity,
nous heavy-metal band was in tune or not. SYN. ruination, misfortune. ‘‘A mighty level-
harsh-sounding, jarring, dissonant, discor- ler.’’—Edmund Burke. ‘‘The test of integ-
dant, strident, inharmonious, unmelodious, rity.’’—Samuel Richardson. ANT. blessing,
grating, raucous, noisy. ANT. euphonic, har- good fortune, boon.
monious, melodious. calculate v. compute, figure, reckon, add up,
cactus n. desert plant, saguaro, cholla, prickly sum up, count, evaluate, surmise, judge,
pear, cereus, mescal. SEE DESERT forecast.
cad n. scoundrel, bounder, heel, rogue, rat, ras- calculating a. shrewd, scheming, crafty, design-
cal, lout, scamp, knave, bastard, *dink. ing, manipulative, plotting, artful, wily,
cadaver n. corpse, body, *stiff, carcass, remains, sharp. ANT. artless, naive.
mummy. calculation n. computation, figuring, counting,
cadaverous a. pale, ghastly, gaunt, haggard, reckoning, summation, evaluation, estima-
pallid, ashen, deathly, emaciated, chalky, tion, mathematics, arithmetic.
ghostly, bloodless, having the pallor of calculator n. computer, adding machine,
death. ANT. rosy, ruddy, glowing. *number cruncher.
cadence n. modulation, meter, rhythm, beat, caldron n. boiler. SEE KETTLE
measure, pulse, tempo, flow, swing. caliber n. 1. QUALITY value, worth, character,

Roget’s Superthesaurus 89


ability, virtue, distinction. 2. DIAMETER bore, comradeship, conviviality, esprit de corps,
gauge. fraternization, loyalty, *buddy-buddy atmo-
CALIBRATE v. [KAL uh brayt] to adjust; to sphere. ANT. hostility, antagonism, coldness.
check for accuracy. The inspector came to cal- SEE FRIENDSHIP
ibrate the meat scales. SYN. adjust, check, cor- camcorder n. videocassette recorder, camera.
rect, fix, test, regulate, measure, align, tune, camel n. dromedary, beast of burden, quadru-
fine-tune, balance, synchronize. ped, ruminant.
calisthenics n. exercises, workout, aerobics. camera n. 35mm, *Polaroid, video camera,
call n. 1. SHOUT exclamation, yell, whoop, an- camcorder, *Brownie, *Kodak, *Nikon.
nouncement, outcry. 2. SUMMONS request, WORD FIND
convocation, appeal, draft. 3. INVITATION flash receptacle: hot shoe
solicitation, bidding. 3. ANIMAL CRY hoot, focusing system: range finder, viewfinder
shriek, bleat, low, bellow, trumpet, ulula- lens for shooting tiny objects: macro lens
tion. SEE BIRD, SHOUT lens producing haze or color effect: filter
call v. 1. SHOUT exclaim, announce, yell, cry, lightmeasuring device: light meter, exposure
holler, hail, whoop. 2. SUMMON request, meter, photometer
convoke, muster, convene, direct. 3. NAME light producer: flash
designate, label, title, term, christen, dub. 4. long-distance lens: telephoto lens, zoom
VISIT drop in, ring. lens
call girl n. *hooker, *streetwalker. SEE PROSTI- opening, amount of: aperture
opens and closes when shot is taken: shutter
calling n. vocation, metier, occupation, profes- stand: tripod, highhat
sion, trade, job, business, pursuit, line, forte, wide field of view lens: wide-angle lens, fish-
passion, *thing, *bag, *racket. eye, bugeye
call off v. cancel, postpone, *scrub, abort, *kill.
camisole n. negligee, undergarment. SEE LIN-
CALLOUS a. [KAL us] unfeeling, having no
pity. The callous rioters looted neighborhood
camouflage n. disguise, concealment, facade,
stores. SYN. unfeeling, pitiless, merciless,
cover-up, cryptic coloration, blind, dissimu-
cold, uncaring, heartless, insensitive, hard-
lation, front, masquerade, veil, shroud,
boiled, indifferent, cruel, cold-blooded. ANT. mimicry.
sympathetic, caring, thoughtful. camouflage v. disguise, conceal, cover up, mas-
CALLOW a. [KAL oh] inexperienced, imma- querade, obscure, obfuscate, shroud, veil,
ture. Some sixteen-year-olds are too callow to hide, simulate, mimic. ANT. expose, reveal,
be trusted behind the wheel. SYN. inexperi- display.
enced, immature, unseasoned, naive, unso- camp n. 1. ENCAMPMENT bivouac, cantonment,
phisticated, childish, juvenile, sophomoric, shelter. 2. GROUP faction, clique, sect, party,
uninitiated, green, unfledged. ANT. mature, circle.
experienced, worldly. camp v. bivouac, encamp, pitch a tent, rough
calm a. 1. STILL motionless, tranquil, quiet, un- it, lodge, sleep out.
disturbed, halcyon, windless, smooth, campaign n. 1. OPERATIONS offensive, strategy,
placid, serene. 2. RELAXED unperturbed, battle plan. 2. DRIVE crusade, movement,
cool, collected, unruffled, unexcited, sedate, project, push.
tranquil, dispassionate, composed, staid, un- campaign v. electioneer, run, solicit votes, can-
flappable, placid. ANT. 1. turbulent, rough, vass, crusade, lobby, barnstorm.
disturbed. 2. nervous, anxious, frenzied, pan- camper n. recreational vehicle, RV, *tin can,
icky. mobile home, *Winnebago.
calumny n. slander, defamation, malicious campus n. grounds, yard, quad, dorm, alma
statement, libel, smear, mud-slinging, mater. SEE SCHOOL, COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY
smirch, false accusation, aspersion, slur. campy a. affected, effeminate, artificial, osten-
ANT. praise, compliment, acclaim. tatious, garish, posturing, flaunting, out-
CAMARADERIE n. [kah muh RAH duh ree] landish, theatrical, *faggy. ANT. straight-
friendliness and rapport. The camaraderie be- laced, understated, serious.
tween the team’s players was obvious. SYN. fel- can n. container, receptacle, vessel, tin.
lowship, rapport, friendliness, companion- canal n. waterway, conduit, channel, race, aq-
ship, bonhomie, brotherhood, friendship, ueduct, passage, trench, culvert, duct, tube.

90 Roget’s Superthesaurus


cancel v. 1. CALL OFF stop, revoke, *kill, break WORD FIND
off, void, annul, discontinue, rescind, coun- case of projectiles: canister
termand, abort. 2. OFFSET counter, neutral- cast iron balls: grapeshot
ize, counterbalance, make up for, nullify. continuous firing: cannonade, barrage, salvo
cancer n. carcinoma, tumor, malignancy, sar- gunner: cannoneer
coma, malignant neoplasm, growth. kick: recoil
WORD FIND shipboard antiaircraft guns: pompom
blood/marrow: leukemia SEE ARMY, GUN, WEAPON
breast removal: mastectomy canny a. shrewd, clever, cautious, careful, ca-
cause, substance: carcinogen gey, wiley, sly, smart, streetwise, worldly,
deadly form: malignant wary, crafty, sagacious. ANT. naive, careless,
harmless form: benign unsophisticated, dim-witted.
mass: tumor, neoplasm, growth canoe n. boat, dugout, pirogue, bongo, kayak.
medical branch: oncology WORD FIND
removable: resectable air chambers: sponsons
skin: melanoma, basal cell tumor angled stroke used to avoid fatigue on long
spread of: metastasis excursions: Canadian stroke
treatment: chemotherapy, radiation apparel and equipment of canoeist: duffle
tumor removal: lumpectomy braking stroke: jam stroke
SEE OPERATION, DISEASE carrying canoe over land between water
candid a. open, honest, frank, up-front, bodies: portaging
straightforward, blunt, direct, sincere, four- deviate from course or float sideways: yaw
square, heart-to-heart. ANT. mealy-mouthed, distance above water line to gunwales: free-
insincere, indirect. board, draw, draft
candidate n. nominee, aspirant, contender, of- left side facing forward: port
fice-seeker, party favorite, hopeful, entrant, line used to tie or tow: painter
*dark horse. SEE GOVERNMENT, POLITICS, ELEC- right side facing forward: starboard
side edges, upper: gunwales (pronounced
candle n. taper, rush, torch, glim.
underside strip: keel
burning center: wick
holder: sconce, candelabra, chandelier, gir-
andole, menorah CAN OF WORMS n. a complex or trouble-
lighter: taper some problem. He opened up a can of worms
maker: chandler when he made the ‘‘no new taxes’’ pledge. SYN.
material: wax, carnauba, tallow problem, difficulty, complexity, Pandora’s
wick’s end: snuff box, complication, trouble, Gordian knot,
CANDOR n. [KAN dur] truthfulness, frank- entanglement, snarl, knot, predicament,
ness. In all candor, Mary, you have dragon quandary, quagmire, hot water.
breath. SYN. truthfulness, frankness, honesty, canon n. law, decree, doctrine, principle,
straightforwardness, bluntness, outspoken- dogma, edict, statute. SEE LAW
ness, openness, directness, forthrightness, canopy n. awning, cover, sunshade, baldachin,
plain-speaking. ANT. deception, indirectness, tilt, tarp.
duplicity, *doublespeak. cant n. 1. INSINCERITY piety, *lip service, hypoc-
candy n. sweet, confection, bonbon, kiss, loz- risy, pretense, sanctimony. 2. JARGON argot,
enge, taffy, caramel, toffee, jellybean, jaw- lingo, dialect, slang, vernacular, patter.
breaker, fudge, drop, wafer, lollipop, nougat, cant v. tilt, angle, overturn, slant, lean, tip, in-
praline, sweetmeat, brittle, cotton candy, cline.
peanut brittle, mint, sucker, gumball, choc- cantankerous a. bad-tempered, ornery, crabby,
olate bar, penny candy. touchy, surly, grouchy, irritable, conten-
cane n. stick, walking stick, staff, crook, rod. tious, grumpy, crotchety, testy, cranky, bear-
canker n. lesion, sore, ulcer, blister, cold sore. ish. ANT. cheerful, easygoing, good-humored.
cannibal n. man-eater, headhunter, savage, canteen n. flask, bottle, jug.
barbarian, carnivore. canter v. lope, saunter, amble, trot, gallop.
cannon n. gun, howitzer, mortar, heavy artil- canvas n. duck, tent cloth, sailcloth, coarse
lery, ordnance, *Big Bertha, *Long Tom. cloth, fabric, cotton, hemp, flax.

Roget’s Superthesaurus 91


canvass v. analyze, poll, examine, solicit, sur- up, give in, yield, surrender, acquiesce, ac-
vey, study, investigate, discuss, electioneer. cede, come to terms, submit, bow, cave in,
canyon n. valley, gorge, gulch, ravine, gully, knuckle under. ANT. stand firm, stand one’s
box canyon, chasm, pass. ground, fight.
cap n. hat, headgear, beret, beanie, tam-o’- caprice n. whim, impulse, notion, vagary,
shanter. SEE HAT whimsy, eccentricity, fancy, fickleness.
cap v. top, crown, surpass, beat, transcend, CAPRICIOUS a. [kuh PRISH us] subject to
eclipse, defeat. change on a whim, unpredictable. Fred is
capability a. ability, know-how, capacity, profi- always changing his mind; he is as capricious as
ciency, wherewithal, aptitude, *the right the wind. SYN. fickle, whimsical, unpredict-
stuff, means, power, skill, mind, talent. able, unstable, frivolous, impulsive, incon-
capable a. able, competent, skilled, trained, apt, sistent, indecisive, wayward, flighty, crotch-
adept, learned, proficient, deft, adept, equal ety, quirky, *any way the wind blows. ANT.
to, expert, masterly, adroit, talented, *hav- constant, stable, predictable.
ing the right stuff. ANT. incapable, incompe- capsize v. overturn, tip, upset, *turn turtle, roll
tent, inept. over, keel over.
capacious a. spacious, roomy, commodious, vo-
capsule n. pill, tablet, pellet, ampule, wafer.
luminous, big, ample. ANT. tiny, cramped.
capacity n. 1. VOLUME proportions, size, dimen- captain n. cap’n, master, skipper, boss, chief,
sions, magnitude, range, contents, space, manager, head, commanding officer, leader,
limit, room. 2. ABILITY capability, means, *old man.
power, competence, faculty, aptitude, *the caption n. heading, title, subtitle, legend, in-
right stuff, mind, talent, skill, proficiency. scription.
3. POSITION role, responsibility, function. captivate v. attract, charm, fascinate, spellbind,
cape n. 1. MANTLE cloak, wrap, poncho, shawl, enamor, enchant, enthrall, bewitch, mes-
capote, pelisse. 2. PENINSULA headland, merize, hypnotize, *knock/sweep off one’s
point, promontory. feet. ANT. repel, repulse, turn off.
caper n. prank, escapade, *high jinx, *shenani- captive n. prisoner, internee, convict, hostage.
gans. captive a. imprisoned, confined, held, bound,
caper v. jump, skip, gambol, prance, romp, frisk, obliged. ANT. liberated, emancipated, free.
hop, leap about. captivity n. imprisonment, incarceration, re-
capital n. 1. SEAT OF GOVERNMENT principal city. straint, bondage, custody, detention.
2. WEALTH funds, moneys, stock, savings, capture n. apprehension, seizure, landing,
assets, resources, venture capital, invest- *bagging, catch, taking, acquisition, net-
ment capital. ‘‘That part of wealth which ting, recovery, taking into custody, trapping,
is devoted to obtaining further wealth.’’— cornering. ANT. release, liberation.
Alfred Marshall. 1. SEE GOVERNMENT, POLI- capture v. catch, apprehend, seize, *bag, *nab,
*collar, land, snare, net, corner, trap,
CAPITALISM n. [KAP i tuh LIZ um] free en- *round up. ANT. release, liberate.
terprise, business and the pursuit of wealth car n. sedan, coupe, roadster, *clunker. SEE AU-
by private citizens for private gain. Capital-
ism is the economic engine that drives America.
caravan n. train, cavalcade, procession, com-
SYN. free enterprise, free market, commer-
pany, motorcade, column.
cialism, mercantilism, *dog eat dog, laissez-
faire, private ownership, market economy, carbuncle n. boil, infection, furuncle, canker,
private investment. ‘‘The unequal sharing of sore.
blessings. . . . ’’—Winston Churchill. ANT. carcass n. corpse, cadaver, body, remains, car-
socialism, communism. SEE GOVERNMENT rion, *roadkill, *dead meat.
capitalist n. investor, entrepreneur, financier, carcinogen n. cancer-causing agent, cancer-
tycoon, businessman. causing substance, tumor-forming agent,
capitalize on v. take advantage of, cash in on, mutagen, toxin, health hazard, poison,
exploit, profit by, utilize. killer, deadly chemical.
CAPITULATE v. [kuh PICH yoo LATE] to CARCINOGENIC a. [kar sin uh JEN ik] per-
give up, give in, yield. The opposing side taining to any substance or source that
agreed to capitulate on several points. SYN. give causes cancer. Radiation is highly carcinogenic.

92 Roget’s Superthesaurus

Cardiac Arrest–Carp

SYN. cancer-causing, tumor-forming, muta- caregiver n. attendant, custodian, parent,
genic, malignant, deadly, unhealthy, haz- mother, father, nurse, babysitter, sister,
ardous, toxic, pernicious. ANT. benign, harm- caretaker, nanny, au pair.
less, healthly. careless a. unattentive, heedless, reckless, lax,
cardiac arrest n. heart failure, heart attack, unwary, slipshod, sloppy, slapdash, indis-
heart stoppage, coronary thrombosis, myo- creet, remiss, neglectful, absentminded,
cardial infarction. hasty, thoughtless, imprudent, casual, off-
cardinal a. principal, main, chief, utmost, cen- hand, rash, unconcerned, lackadaisical. ANT.
tral, prime, foremost, fundamental. ANT. in- careful, attentive, cautious, meticulous, rigor-
significant, unimportant. ous.
cards n. playing cards, tarot cards. ‘‘The Devil’s caress v. stroke, touch, fondle, pet, pat, brush,
books.’’—English proverb. graze, rub, snuggle, cuddle.
WORD FIND caretaker n. custodian, superintendent, super-
authority: Hoyle visor, janitor, curator, warden, conservator,
card pile remaining after deal: talon, stock maintenance man.
card with value determined before game:
careworn a. haggard, tired, exhausted, worried,
wild card
anxious, troubled, heavy-hearted. ANT.
cheat: sharper, card shark, blackleg
game: bridge, baccarat, monte, whist, black- fresh, carefree, light-hearted.
jack, crazy eights, concentration, war, cargo n. freight, load, shipment, payload, con-
three-card monte, old maid, poker, pi- signment, lading.
nochle, canasta, solitaire, gin, rummy, CARICATURE n. [KAR uh kuh chur] an ex-
gin rummy, hearts, cribbage, slapjack, ca- aggerated portrait or depiction of someone
sino, euchre or something, usually for satirical effect.
jack, queen or king: face card Gross caricatures of politicians frequently ap-
outranking suit, card: trump card pear in editorial cartoons. SYN. cartoon, por-
same suit group: flush trait, sketch, depiction, exaggeration, par-
tie-breaking game: rubber match ody, satire, spoof, farce, takeoff, send-up,
care n. 1. CAREFULNESS caution, regard, consid- lampoon, travesty, mockery, imitation, *ap-
eration, thought, diligence, pains, prudence, ing, humorous distortion. ‘‘The most pene-
conscientiousness, mindfulness, exactitude, trating of criticisms.’’—Aldous Huxley.
vigilance. 2. CONCERN worry, anxiety, ‘‘Exaggeration of a fact.’’—Robert Zwickey.
bother, trouble, burden, problem, tribula- CARNAGE n. [KAR nij] bloody slaughter.
tion, distress. 3. CUSTODY charge, protec- The young soldiers were appalled by the carnage
tion, supervision, safekeeping, administra- of war. SYN. slaughter, bloodshed, massacre,
tion, guidance, tutelage, keep. ANT. 1. bloodbath, butchery, holocaust, decimation,
carelessness, negligence. gore, mass murder, annihilation.
care v. 1. BE CONCERNED mind, worry, fret, take CARNAL a. [KAR nul] of bodily, not spiritual,
pains. 2. REGARD love, hold dear, prize, cher- pleasure, sensual. He fought his carnal desires.
ish. SYN. sensual, sexual, of the flesh, bodily, ani-
careen v. tip, tilt, lurch, totter, pitch, swerve, mal, voluptuous, lustful, corporal, lascivious,
sway, lean. prurient, erotic, wanton. ANT. spiritual,
career n. profession, occupation, vocation, life- moral, godly.
work, job, pursuit, work, livelihood, metier,
carnival n. festival, fair, gala, celebration, jam-
business, field, *thing.
carefree a. happy-go-lucky, insouciant, foot- boree, fiesta, jubilee, Mardis Gras, *carny.
loose, lighthearted, untroubled, breezy, carnivore n. meat-eater, flesh-eater, predator,
*laid-back, blasé, blithe, devil-may-care, carrion-feeder.
cheerful. ANT. troubled, careworn, burdened. carnivorous a. flesh-eating, meat-eating, pred-
careful a. 1. CAUTIOUS wary, circumspect, atory. ANT. herbivorous.
heedful, vigilant, leery, guarded, prudent, carol n. melody, tune. SEE SONG
alert, attentive. 2. METICULOUS painstaking, carom v. rebound, glance, bounce, ricochet.
thorough, fussy, scrupulous, demanding, carouse v. drink, party, frolic, wassail, make
conscientious, rigorous, fastidious, punctili- merry, cut loose, revel, *tie one on. ANT.
ous, attentive. ANT. 1. careless, reckless, negli- sober up, *swear off.
gent. 2. careless, slipshod, sloppy. carp v. complain, find-fault, nag, *bitch, scold,

Roget’s Superthesaurus 93

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome–Cast

nitpick, *moan and groan, knock, belittle, carton n. box, package, crate, container, case.
cavil, criticize. ANT. praise, compliment. cartoon n. caricature, drawing, sketch, line
carpal tunnel syndrome n. sensorimotor disor- drawing, animated feature, funny, comic
der, repetitive motion disorder/injury. strip, parody, joke. SEE CARICATURE
carpenter n. woodwright, cabinetmaker, wood- cartwheel n. handspring. SEE GYMNASTICS
worker, builder, joiner, contractor, subcon- carve v. cut, slice, hew, incise, chisel, sculpt,
tractor. form, fashion, whittle, chip.
carpentry n. woodworking, construction, Casanova n.*womanizer, Don Juan, *lady-
building. killer, *heartbreaker, *Romeo, *skirt-
WORD FIND chaser, *stud, Lothario, wolf, sex addict.
aligned, fitted perfectly: true, plumb cascade n. waterfall, shower, cataract, falls, del-
cutting and sizing of lumber before use: mill- uge, watercourse, torrent, *stairstep. SEE
work RIVER
drive nails at an angle: toenail cascade v. fall, tumble, plummet, plunge, spill,
frame supporter for worker: scaffold flood, rush, gush, descend, spew, *stairstep.
grooves, cut: dado, rabbet case n. 1. EXAMPLE instance, sample, occur-
joint: miter, mortise rence, affair, matter, event, illustration, situ-
nail length, designation: penny ation, circumstance. 2. SUBJECT client, pa-
out of vertical alignment: out-of-plumb tient, illness. 3. LAWSUIT suit, action, claim,
sawing stand: sawhorse litigation. 4. BOX holder, receptacle, con-
tools: saw, plane, miter box, chisel, bevel, tainer, package, carton, casing, covering,
level, adze, sander sheathing, jacket.
cash n. money, currency, coins, change, legal
carpet n. rug, mat, Oriental, Persian, area rug,
tender, *dough, *scratch, *bread, liquid
bearskin, moquette, runner, shag, Wilton.
carriage n. 1. VEHICLE coach, rig, buggy, wagon,
cabriolet, brougham, surrey, hansom, lan- cashier n. teller, counter person, bursar, clerk.
dau, phaeton, stagecoach, calash, buck- casing n. covering, wrapper, sheath, jacket,
board. 2. POSTURE bearing, demeanor, pose, skin, hull.
posture, comportment, mien, cast, attitude. casino n. gambling hall, gaming house.
carrier n. disease host, Typhoid Mary, vector. cask n. barrel, keg, hogshead, firkin, vat, kilder-
carry v. 1. CONVEY transport, lug, haul, tote, kin, vessel, tun, butt.
bear, bring, transfer, *schlep. 2. SUPPORT casket n. coffin, sarcophagus, box, pall. SEE CEM-
hold up, shoulder, bear, sustain, buttress.
car sickness n. motion sickness. CASSANDRA n. [kuh SAN druh] one who
cart n. wagon, truck, handcart, dray, wheelbar- foretells doom or spreads alarm but is disre-
row. garded, after the mythological character of
cart v. haul, carry, lug, transport, convey, truck. the same name. The economist warned of a
CARTE BLANCHE n. [KART BLANSH] a stock market crash but was regarded as just an-
granting of power, freedom or authority to other Cassandra. SYN. alarmist, *Chicken
do as one wishes. His bosses gave him carte Little, voice of doom, prophet of doom,
blanche to run the department as he saw fit. scaremonger, seer, prognosticator, fortune-
SYN. free rein, license, freedom, authority, teller. ‘‘One who is always building dun-
power, blank check, sanction, free hand, geons in the air.’’—John Galsworthy.
permission, discretion. casserole n. dish, terrine, concoction, mix, mé-
CARTEL n. [kar TEL] an association of busi- lange, medley, potpourri, stew, ragout, mish-
nesses that works together to control pro- mash.
duction and pricing of products. Also, an cassette n. tape, recording medium, cartridge.
association of nations working toward a cast n. 1. THROW pitch, toss, shot, fling, heave,
common goal. The oil cartel cut production sling, hurl. 2. MOLD form, model, impression,
and caused oil prices to rise worldwide. SYN. shape. 3. PERSONAE company, troupe, dra-
association, trust, monopoly, syndicate, matis personae, actors, actresses, players,
bloc, partnership, coalition, group, board, performers, repertory, characters. 4. APPEAR-
affiliation, consortium. ANCE complexion, aspect, look, shade, air,
cartography n. map-making, chart-making, semblance.
mapping, topography. cast v. 1. THROW fling, hurl, pitch, heave,

94 Roget’s Superthesaurus


*chuck, toss, sling, launch, let fly. 2. SPREAD small tower above main structure: turret
scatter, shed, broadcast, disperse, strew, sunny family room: solar
sprinkle. 3. EMIT radiate, project, send out. timber tower: brattice
4. CHOOSE pick, assign, select, *typecast. 5. tower/structure protecting a drawbridge:
MOLD form, shape, set. barbican, gatehouse
castaway n. outcast, pariah, *reject, waif, stray, trench around: moat
derelict, exile, vagabond, leper. turret that overhangs: bartizan
caste n. class, group, position, station, rank, sta- underground prison: dungeon
tus, place, clan, grade, social order. waste receptacle: cess pit
CASTIGATE v. [KAS tuh GATE] to criticize yard area within outer walls: ward, bailey,
harshly or punish. The dictator liked to casti- courtyard
gate his underlings in public. SYN. punish, criti- CASTLE IN THE AIR/CASTLE IN SPAIN
cize, chastise, scold, rebuke, discipline, re- n. something unrealistic; a fantasy; a day-
proach, admonish, *take to task, reprimand, dream. Ned had big dreams and was frequently
berate, bawl out, blister, *rake over the accused of building castles in Spain. SYN. fan-
coals, lambaste, tongue-lash. ANT. praise, tasy, dream, daydream, unrealistic goal, chi-
compliment, laud. mera, flight of fancy, lofty aspiration, *pipe
castle n. fortress, citadel, stronghold, keep, dream, wish, wishful thinking.
manor, chateau, mansion, alcazar. castrate v. emasculate, geld, neuter, *fix, steril-
WORD FIND ize, effeminize, eunuchize, debilitate,
attack on: siege weaken.
bottlery: buttery casual a. 1. CHANCE accidental, random, seren-
bridge spanning moat: drawbridge dipitous, fortuitous, *flukey, unexpected. 2.
candle storeoom: chandlery RELAXED nonchalant, cool, blasé, uncon-
castle used as a prison: bastille cerned, carefree, apathetic, devil-may-care,
circular turret with a conical roof: pepper- *laid-back, indifferent. 3. NONDRESSY infor-
box turret mal, sporty, for-play. ANT. 1. planned, prede-
crossbow storage room: ballistraria termined, arranged. 2. intense, serious,
domestic official in charge of supplies: *meaning business. 3. formal, dressy.
chamberlain, seneschal, steward casualty n. victim, fatality, dead, loss.
door, huge, grated: portcullis cat n. feline, kitty, kitten, tomcat, pussy, gri-
doorman: usher malkin, carnivore, pet, quadruped, ratter,
fort surrounded by fortified village: castel- alley cat, tabby, mouser, Abyssinian, Ameri-
lum can Bobtail, American Curl, American
gateway, minor: postern Wirehair, Balinese, Bengal, Birman, Bom-
governor of: castellan bay, Chartreux, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex,
holes or slits through which archers shoot: Egyptian Mau, Exotic, Havana Brown, Hi-
archeria, arrow loops, loopholes, balis- malayan, Korat, LaPerm, Maine Coon, Nor-
traria, murder holes wegian Forest Cat, Oceicat, Oriental, Rag-
knight’s practice yard: tiltyard doll, Russian Blue, Scottish Fold, Selkirk
lady of: chatelaine Rex, Siamese, Siberian, Somali, Sphynx,
lights: rushlights Tonkinese, Turkish Angora, Turkish Van.
main inner tower, keep: donjon ‘‘A pygmy lion.’’—Oliver Herford.
mass of earth: bastion, rampart WORD FIND
mobile tower used by attackers to reach cas- black and white: piebald
tle defenders: belfry blue gray to slate gray coloring: blue
notched parapet: battlement bred from long line of its own kind: purebred
notches, solid area between: merlon breeding female: queen
notch in parapet: crenel castrated male: gib
outer wall ringing castle: curtain wall domesticated cat living in the wild: feral
owner: lord father: sire
privy: garderobe frill around head in longhaired breed: ruff
roof wall: parapet hairball: furball
seating platform of lord: dais intoxicant: catnip
siege engine used against: catapult, mangon, ‘‘kneading’’ of paws on human’s stomach:
trebuchet milk treading

Roget’s Superthesaurus 95


long-bodied, long-limbed: rangy come upon. 3. COME DOWN WITH AN ILLNESS
lover of: ailurophile contract, get, develop, break out with, be
mating cry: caterwaul infected by, fall ill with. 4. UNDERSTAND
mixed breed: mongrel, moggie comprehend, see, grasp, get, follow, per-
mother: dam ceive.
neutering of female: spaying catching a. contagious, infectious, communica-
newborn kitten group: litter ble, spreading, epidemic, pandemic. ANT.
patches of white on feet: mittens, gloves noncommunicable.
paw soles: pads CATCH-22 n. [KACH twen tee TOO] a no-
phobic: ailurophobe win situation. The government’s contradictory
pinkish gray coloring: lilac, lavender regulations frequently put people in Catch-22
sexually receptive period of female: heat situations. SYN. no-win situation, lose-lose
short-legged: cobby situation, paradox, contradiction, quagmire,
sneer of male as it smells urine of sexually quandary, dilemma, Gordion knot, horns of
receptive female: flehmen response a dilemma.
striped: tabby, tiger catchword n. byword, watchword, buzz word,
thin, long tail: whip motto, slogan, shiboleth.
tortoiseshell and white coloring: calico categorical a. absolute, direct, unequivocal,
trace colorings: ghost markings positive, unqualified, explicit, express, total,
whiskers: vibrissae unconditional, without exceptions. ANT.
white marking from forehead to nose: blaze conditional, qualified.
white or colored patch under neck: locket categorize v. classify, designate, sort, group, la-
white undercoat with dark tips: chinchilla bel, assign, name, catalog.
cataclysm n. upheaval, disaster, eruption, ca- category n. class, classification, division, vari-
tastrophe, calamity, devastation, debacle. ety, type, kind, sort, order, grade, denomina-
catalog n. list, file, inventory, directory, index. tion, genre.
catalog v. list, classify, index, inventory, file. cater v. 1. PROVIDE furnish, serve, provision,
CATALYST n. [KAT uh list] one that makes feed. 2. INDULGE humor, gratify, serve, wait
something happen, gets something started on, pamper, spoil, baby, pander.
or hastens a process. Martin Luther King was caterwaul v. howl, yowl, mewl, screech, wail,
a catalyst for change. SYN. stimulus, motiva- meow, squall, cry, whine.
tor, *spark, *sparkplug, spur, *mover and CATHARSIS n. [kuh THAR sis] a purifica-
shaker, activist, agitator, *whip. tion or cleansing of the soul; release from
catapult n. launcher, siege engine, slingshot, mental turmoil. Venting tensions in a self-help
sling, trebuchet. group provided Ellen with the catharsis she
catastrophe n. disaster, misfortune, calamity, longed for. SYN. purification, cleansing, re-
cataclysm, ruin, debacle, devastation, trag- lease, relief, renewal, expurgation, replen-
edy, mishap, blow, hardship, misadventure. ishment of spirit, rebirth, fresh start, wiping
CATBIRD SEAT (IN THE) n. a high, com- clean.
manding position; a position of power. The cathedral n. basilica, chapel. SEE CHURCH
author was enjoying his position in the catbird CATHOLIC a. [KATH uh lik] universal, gen-
seat as his third book hit the bestseller lists. SYN. eral. His tastes were catholic; in other words,
high perch, lofty perch, position of power, his tastes were broad. SYN. universal, general,
throne, commanding position, high place, broad, all-inclusive, comprehensive, liberal,
position of influence, seat of power, height. all-encompassing, ecumenical, global. ANT.
catcall n. shout, whistle, hiss, boo, *Bronx limited, narrow, sectarian.
cheer, *raspberry, jeer, heckle, hoot. CAT scan n. computerized axial tomogrpahy
catch n. 1. CAPTURE snatch, seizure, trap, grab, scan, image, cross-sectional view, body scan,
snare, grasp. 2. CLASP latch, clip, fastener, brain scan, diagnostic procedure.
lock, hook and eye. 3. TAKE haul, prize, cattle n. livestock, cows, bulls, steers, farm ani-
plunder, booty, spoils. 4. DRAWBACK hitch, mals, ruminants, herbivores, herd.
trick, gimmick, snag. catty a. malicious, spiteful, mean, vicious,
catch v. 1. APPREHEND capture, seize, snatch, nasty, malevolent, back-biting, back-stab-
grasp, grip, nab, net, snare, clutch, trap, bag. bing, *bitchy, malignant, venomous. ANT.
2. DISCOVER surprise, *nail, expose, detect, kind, warm, friendly.

96 Roget’s Superthesaurus


catwalk n. walkway, platform, bridge. come, *wake-up call, forewarning, portent,
Caucasian n. Caucasoid, Indo-European, white omen, illustration, message.
race, white man, white woman cautious a. wary, careful, heedful, circumspect,
caucus n. meeting, assembly, convention, con- prudent, discreet, guarded, on guard, alert,
ference, gathering, session, conclave. on one’s toes, vigilant, chary. ANT. rash,
cauldron n. caldron, vessel, pot, boiler. SEE reckless, imprudent.
KETTLE cavalcade n. procession, parade, column, train,
caulk v. seal, stop up, putty, weatherstrip. line, caravan.
cause n. 1. DETERMINANT agent, reason, root, CAVALIER a. [kav uh LEER] arrogant; indif-
antecedent, motive, source, origin, mover, ferent to important matters. The coach took
occasion, stimulus, mainspring. 2. IDEAL a cavalier attitude toward the rules of good
principle, end, objective, enterprise, goal, sportsmanship. SYN. arrogant, haughty, indif-
purpose. ferent, casual, supercilious, devil-may-care,
cause v. effect, induce, bring about, produce, lofty, curt, cocky, disdainful. ANT. obliging,
incite, provoke, generate, breed, motivate, caring, conscientious.
give rise to, precipitate. cavalry n. combat troops, armored division,
CAUSE CÉLÈBRE n. [KOHZ say LEB ruh] a mounted troops.
controversial or widely discussed issue. The cave n. cavern, grotto, tunnel, hole, *yawning
O.J. Simpson murder trial was the cause célèbre chasm, hollow, cavity, underground cham-
of the twentieth century. SYN. controversy, ber, subterranean passage, catacomb.
controversial issue, celebrated case, affair, WORD FIND
bone of contention, debate, moot point, war carved out from this rock: limestone
of words, uproar, fuss, *hot potato, scandal, crawl space: crawl, crouchway
political football, outrage, shocker, grist for dripping water and mineral formation: drip-
the gossip mill. stone
CAUSTIC a. [KAW stik] biting, burning or entrance area exposed to daylight: twilight
corrosive, as acid. Wear gloves when handling zone
caustic substances. She was a caustic-tongued explorer: spelunker
witch. SYN. corrosive, burning, biting, acid, exploring: spelunking
geological area with many caves, sinkholes:
astringent, erosive, sharp, stinging, sarcastic,
sardonic, bitter, scathing, cutting, vitriolic,
high, narrow passage: canyon
excoriating, acid-tongued, saber-tongued.
iciclelike formation hanging from roof: sta-
ANT. soothing, sweet, honey-tongued, smooth.
cauterize v. burn, sear, char, singe. iciclelike formation on floor: stalagmite
caution n. 1. WARINESS care, prudence, heed, inhabitant: troglodyte, troglobite, trogloph-
vigilance, discretion, guardedness, circum- ile
spection, alertness. ‘‘The eldest child of wis- joined stalactite and stalagmite: column
dom.’’—Victor Hugo. ‘‘What we call cow- large chamber: gallery
ardice in others.’’—Oscar Wilde. 2. pool of water edged with calcite: gour
WARNING admonition, caveat, advisement, study of: speleology
*red flag, *word to the wise, advisory. ANT. tiny, thin stalactite: soda straw
1. rashness, recklessness. underwater passage: sump, syphon
caution v. warn, admonish, advise, alert, fore- vertical shaft: chimney, pitch
warn, *raise a red flag, counsel, *better safe CAVEAT n. [KAV ee at] warning. The accoun-
than sorry, *stay on one’s toes, *watch one’s tant gave us a strong caveat about filing our
step, *look before one leaps, *sleep with one taxes accurately. SYN. warning, caution, no-
eye open. tice, forewarning, admonition, advisory, ad-
CAUTIONARY TALE n. [KAW shun air ee visement, *word to the wise.
tayl] an event, occurence or story that is cave-in n. collapse, toppling, breakdown, rup-
used to illustrate a particular hazard; a warn- ture, burst, avalanche, landslide.
ing. The shipping industry offers many caution- caveman n. cavewoman, primitive human,
ary tales about single-hulled oil tankers and Stone Age man, prehistoric man, cave
shallow waters. SYN. warning, admonition, dweller, human, hominid, Cro-Magnon
caution, caution light, red flag, advisory, man, Neanderthal, troglodyte, anthropoid,
*word to the wise, caveat, sign of things to hominoid, Homo Erectus, *missing link.

Roget’s Superthesaurus 97


WORD FIND celebrity n. 1. FAMOUS PERSON star, superstar,
earliest to latest pre-human: Ardipithecus *somebody, *bigwig, notable, idol, *celeb,
ramidus, Australopithecus anamensis, *big name, personage, personality, VIP, sex
Australopithecus afarensis, Australopi- symbol. ‘‘Someone who is known for being
thecus africanus, Australopithecus ro- known.’’—Studs Terkel. ‘‘A person who
bustus, Australopithecus boisei, Homo works hard all his life to become well
rudolfensis, Homo habilis, Homo ergas- known, then wears dark glasses to avoid be-
ter, Homo erectus, Homo heidelbergen- ing recognized.’’—Fred Allen. 2. FAME re-
sis, Archaic Homo sapiens, Homo nean- nown, notoriety, stardom, eminence, promi-
derthalensis, Cro-Magnon, Homo nence, distinction, note. ANT. 1. nobody,
sapiens. *bush leaguer, unknown. 2. oblivion, obscu-
famous afarensis skeleton, nickname: Lucy rity.
SEE HUMAN celerity n. speed, quickness, alacrity, haste, dis-
cavernous a. hollow, yawning, deep-set, patch, expedition, swiftness. ANT. slowness,
sunken, abysmal, enormous, huge, gaping, *snail’s pace, leisureliness.
roomy, commodious, chambered. ANT. celestial a. 1. HEAVENLY divine, sublime, super-
cramped, claustrophobic, tiny, confined. nal, angelic, ethereal, blessed, eternal, su-
cavil v. quibble, object, find-fault, *nitpick, pernatural. 2. ASTRAL astronomical, univer-
carp, criticize, pick. sal, heavenly, extraterrestrial, stellar, sky,
cavity n. hole, hollow, pit, cleft, chamber, crev- planetary, galactic. ANT. 1. earthy, mundane,
ice, fissue, pocket, niche. secular. 2. terrestrial.
cavort v. frolic, prance, romp, *carry on, *cut CELIBATE a. [SELL uh but] abstaining from
up, act up, leap about, horseplay, gambol, sex. With sexually transmitted diseases running
frisk, caper. rampant, many singles choose to remain celi-
cay n. island, sandbank, coral reef. bate. SYN. abstinent, continent, upright, vir-
cease v. end, stop, discontinue, desist, halt, re- tuous, pure, untouched, virginal, maiden,
frain, finish, conclude, quit. single, unwed, chaste. ANT. promiscuous,
cease-fire n. truce, armistice, suspension of hos- wanton, sexual.
tilities. cell n. 1. UNIT germ, microorganism, bacterium.
ceaseless a. unending, relentless, incessant, 2. SMALL ROOM compartment, chamber,
neverending, perpetual, constant, nonstop, vault, keep, cloister, coop, booth, lockup.
continuous, unremitting. ANT. ending, fleet- cellar n. basement, downstairs, vault.
ing, finite, limited. cement v. join, unite, bond, glue, mortar, bind,
cede v. surrender, give up, yield, abdicate, seal, fix.
*hand over, grant, relinquish, transfer, re- cemetery n. graveyard, necropolis, memorial
sign. grounds, burial ground, churchyard, golgo-
ceiling n. 1. TOPSIDE roof, plafond, rafters. 2. tha, *bone yard, *city of the dead. ‘‘The last
MAXIMUM limit, restriction, highest point. resort.’’—Anon. ‘‘The country home I
celebrate v. 1. COMMEMORATE observe, honor, need.’’—Mark Twain.
memorialize, remember, ceremonialize, sol- WORD FIND
emnize. 2. *PARTY *paint the town red, ashes of cremated body: cremains
*whoop it up, *raise the roof, *go out on the burial place, vault: tomb
town, *go out with a bang, *have a blowout, burial site, unit: plot
splurge, revel, carouse, *live it up. 3. PRAISE empty tomb, marker for one whose remains
honor, extol, laud, pay homage to, acclaim, are elsewhere: cenotaph
worship, hail, pay tribute to, exalt. grave robber: ghoul
celebrated a. famous, renowned, eminent, gunfighter’s, American West: Boot Hill
prominent, noted, illustrious, acclaimed, incinerator: crematory
popular, lionized, great. ANT. obscure, little- inscription on gravestone: epitaph
known, unknown. large cemetery: necropolis
celebration n. 1. COMMEMORATION observance, memorial building, place: shrine
ceremony, honoring, memorial, remem- mound of earth over grave: barrow
brance, anniversary. 2. PARTY *blowout, fi- mourning statues: weepers
esta, gala, jubilee, *bash, *wingding, festi- pauper’s: Potter’s field
val, spree, frolic, *blast, *rumpus, revelry. preparation facility for the dead: mortuary

98 Roget’s Superthesaurus


RIP: rest in peace corn, rye, rice, bran, Corn Flakes, Rice Kris-
sarcophagus, elaborately carved: solium pies, bran flakes, Cocoa Puffs, oatmeal, fa-
sculpted representation of the dead on a rina, Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks, Cocoa Kris-
monument: effigy pies, Cheerios, Life, Grapenuts, Alpha Bits,
sculptural depiction of the crucifixion: Cal- Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles, Boo-Berry,
vary Corn Pops, Raisin Bran, Oat Bran, Total,
stone: headstone, tombstone, gravestone, Special K, Chex, Cream of Wheat, Frosted
monument, memorial Flakes, mush, porridge, Wheaties, Trix,
tomb housing: mausoleum Shredded Wheat.
underground vaults: catacombs, crypt, cu- CEREBRAL a. [suh REE brul] of or appealing
biculum to the intellect. His philosophy reveals some
urn or vault for bones: ossuary advanced thinking; it’s very cerebral. SYN. in-
urn vault: cinerarium tellectual, intelligent, brainy, erudite, schol-
vault: sepulcher arly, smart, analytical, thoughtful, deep, re-
condite, abstruse.
censor n. bowdlerizer, arbiter of good taste, ex- ceremonial a. ritual, formal, ceremonious. ANT.
purgator, inspector, Mrs. Grundy, guardian informal, unstructured. SEE CEREMONIOUS
of morals, prude. ‘‘A man who knows more ceremonious a. ceremonial, polite, proper, for-
than he thinks you ought to.’’—Laurence J. mal, solemn, stately, punctilious, rigid, prim,
Peter. courtly, starchy, dignified, decorous. ANT. in-
censor v. prohibit, squelch, cut, edit out, formal, casual, *laid-back.
ceremony n. 1. RITUAL observation, rite, ser-
abridge, clean up, delete, sanitize, bowdler-
vice, function, formality, solemnity, custom,
ize, restrict, inspect, expurgate, review,
observance. ‘‘The wine of human experi-
ence.’’—Morris Cohen. 2. ETIQUETTE proto-
censorship n. expurgation, *cleaning up, purifi-
col, punctilio, formality, decorum, propri-
cation, suppression, removal, editing, purg-
ety, prescription. ANT. 2. informality.
ing, sanitizing, deletion.
certain a. 1. SURE positive, cocksure, con-
censure n. disapproval, condemnation, repre- vinced, undoubting, assured, satisfied. 2. UN-
hension, rebuke, admonition, criticism, ob- QUESTIONABLE doubtless, *beyond a shadow
jection, remonstrance, reproof. ANT. ap- of a doubt, indubitable, definite, indisput-
proval, blessing, praise. able, incontestable, unequivocal, incontro-
censure v. disapprove, condemn, rebuke, ad- vertible, firm, unambiguous. ANT. 1. uncer-
monish, criticize, object, remonstrate, de- tain, unsure, doubting. 2. questionable,
nounce, reproach, reprimand. ANT. approve, doubtful, *up in the air.
bless, praise. certainty n. 1. CONVICTION authority, certitude,
census n. head count, population tally, enu- confidence, assurance, infallibility. 2. FACT
meration, demographics, statistics, stats, de- truth, reality, *sure thing, *sure bet, actual-
mography, poll. ity, *lock. ANT. 1. doubt, skepticism. 2. uncer-
center n. middle point, middle, median, focal tainty, fantasy, unknown.
point, dead center, bull’s-eye, midst, hub, certificate n. document, documentation, in-
pivot, core, heart, nucleus, inside, pith. strument, voucher, warrant, license, permit,
center v. concentrate, focus, converge, direct, certification, testimonial, credential, di-
join, unify, fix. ploma.
central a. 1. INNERMOST middle, interior, me- certify v. vouch, verify, notarize, attest, assure,
dian, inner, nuclear. 2. VITAL key, indispens- guarantee, validate, accredit, authenticate,
able, main, prime, dominant, chief, ruling, confirm, depose.
fundamental. ANT. 1. outermost, peripheral. cesarean section n. C-section, surgical birth,
2. peripheral, incidental, marginal. surgical delivery, incision.
centralize v. concentrate, converge, focus, con- cessation n. stop, termination, ending, stop-
solidate, unify, amalgamate, join. ANT. de- page, letup, ceasing, halt, pause, suspension,
centralize, disperse. discontinuance, close. ANT. continuation,
centrist n. moderate, middle-of-the-road, in- persistence.
between, compromising. cesspool n. sewer, cesspit, sump, cloaca, septic
cereal n. breakfast food, grain, wheat, oats, tank.

Roget’s Superthesaurus 99

IRRITATE *rub the wrong chamber n. ANT. settle horse racing: Triple Crown. RISK gamble. shackle. summon. loser. *bubbly. likelihood. defender. *iffy. rankle. wicker. opponent. champion n. opening. *poor distress. try one’s luck. waste. occasion. object. con- line. face off. dom. cross. RUB wear. refuse. serendipity. take up chain n. ‘‘The instru- let chair ment of Providence. chairman n. *crap shoot. 2. discomposure. tie. humiliation. playoffs. beard. PROVOCATION dare. tournament. basketball: championship. *tempt fate. ran- challenge n. chancy a. *long shot. chain v. specula- threat. risky. hazard. summons. *toss 2. scour. fellowship. transpire. [shuh GRIN] annoyed embar. slate. irk. SUPPORTER had left my wallet at home. ANT. Preakness. *throwing down the gauntlet. defend. jeopardy. speaker. nag. garbage. 2. principal. remains. SYN. LUCK fortuity. hazard. 1. chaff n. crown. string. moderator. master of ceremon. advocate. leader. 1. auto: Indianapolis 500 chair n. Final Four WORD FIND boxing: title fight football: Super Bowl armless. ies. speculate. assured. timatum. *winner takes all. chairperson. abettor. trash. tether. what can you do?. befall. ANT. make how the cookie crumbles. blackboard. HAPPEN chalice n. harass. a stand. To my chagrin. 100 Roget’s Superthesaurus . wastrel. unease. scrape. 4. shackle. *roll the dice. oh well. SEE CUP occur. PRODUCE DIFFICULTY test. espouse. planned. *a roll of the dice. canvas: butterfly chair. come to pass. fortuitous. easy chair. Belmont Stakes. chief. rasp. lucky. chance v. ripples in a WORD FIND pond. 2. that’s life. bedroom. titleholder. cer- challenge v. detractor. problem. guaranteed. presiding officer. bench. chair with: tab. accidental. domestic. for. Our team lost again. dross. abrade. *throw down the gauntlet. arranged. title match. panel. try. SEE WINE discards. *hurdle. gage. satisfaction. pride. 1. cause and effect. 1. competition. I discovered that I *number one. room. vessel. SEE COUCH prospect. probability. designed. *top dog. PROVOKE dare. boudoir. championship n. of the dice. TION contest. disagree. pres. meet. event. vanquisher. uphold. parlor. 1. defy. inadvertent. director. cleaning lady. upholder. Kentucky folding canvas chair: director’s chair Derby. train. chair. 1. spindle-backed. friend. trial. rassment. backer. dispute. with steel frame: Bar- golf: Masters celona chair hockey: Stanley Cup bench: settee. *go out on a limb. baseball: World Series. take a ident. take excep- chafe v. rocker. DIFFICULTY obstacle. such is life. erode. vié SYN. wooden: Windsor chair fate. the cause. mail. bid. 1. ‘‘A nickname for Provi- tabletopped arm for writing. leather-made. fight for. fortune. 1. advocate. oppose. ANT. uncertain. tive. aggravate. turn. SEAT stool. 2. providence. *champ. crowning achievement.’’—Nicolas Chamfort. succession. test. rubbish. discomfiture. RISK gamble. destiny. test. wager. shame. stand up frustration. QUES- that’s reality. pennant straight-backed chair. ment. OPPORTUNITY shot. CHAGRIN n. oh well. 2. elimination. c’est la an ultimatum. chambermaid n.C’est la Vié–Chancy C’EST LA VIÉ [say lah VEE] that’s life. tax. chance a. 2. board. annoy. manacle. dismay. that’s threaten. 2. sequence. champion v. VICTOR winner. maid. stare down. suspended on poles and carried: sedan *toss of the dice. unplanned.’’—Horace Walpole. *also-ran. embarrass. chain reaction n. fetter. try. ul. disgruntlement. champagne n. sit- way. showdown. *wheel of fortune. 3. fetter. support. conqueror. irons. ting room. with rounded back: basket chair POSSIBILITY odds. dicey. counter. give is life. sporting hitch. LINKS cable. reject. casual. tion. such make demands. dence. shred. gall. 3. 2. mortification. 1. back. appointment. domino effect. ANT. annoy. vex. goblet. high-backed with side wings: wing chair Breeder’s Cup king’s: throne soccer: World Cup reclining: recliner tennis: Wimbledon sling. secure. sling chair chance n. SEAT OF AUTHORITY office. medalist. ance. shot. tain. chalkboard n. dangerous. sport. SERIES course.

in disarray. saddle. tions. incur a tion. phase. flume. *blitz. mercurial. ‘‘Moral order seen through the medium of transmutation. depict. clergyman. ROLE impersonation. 6. illustrative. disorder. instruc- monotone. reformation. *pizzazz. obligation. ity. represent. trench. unrest. char v. tax. Roget’s Superthesaurus 101 . direct. *ring up. standing. trade. letter. tranquility. indictment. power. ing. cratic. speak in a DER command. section. tumultuous. authoritative. aspect. oddball. type. chameleon. charm. WRITTEN SYMBOL cipher. distinguishing. conduit. *weirdo. duck. mark. 3. disorga. personality. pandemonium. ATTACK raid. volatile. singsong. ward. poised. re. vary. funnel. upheaval. metamorphose. strait. labile. John F. travesty. inconsistent. *it. indict. ANT. changeable a. tion. chaotic a.’’—Fyodor Dostoy. ‘‘Truths being in and out of favor. ACCUSE allege. poise. ble. escort. variation. citation. guardian. SATION allegation. distinction. ANT. scorch. conversion. 4. bidding. assault. adapt. allure. *je na sais quoi. capricious. 1. *fruitcake. swap. pretense. idiosyncrasy. route. metamor. 2. supervise. keep an confidence. magnetism. charming. honor. ALTERATION modification. presence.’’—Mohandas Gandhi. debit. ordered. siphon. mandate.’’—Thomas Ma- formation. 1. *blows atypical. ‘‘What God velt. BURDEN load. direct. payment. ODD PERSON eccentric. Robert Frost. pro. Gregorian chant. 5. variable. 5. bill. ORDER command. low one’s lead. rut. charade n. CHARISMA n. sear. *star power. entrust. charge v. ‘‘The unknown. stable. 1. confusion. confused. jumble. idiosyn- fickle. de- channel n. interchange. [kuh RIZ muh] personal mag- chaperone n. characterize v. ger at. lie. erratic. *chameleon. risma. trans. status. disorganiza. debt. trait. channel v. furrow. qual- exchange. ACCU- chant n. characteristic a. 2. *original. transform. safeguard. orga. BILL levy. part. PORTRAY describe. minister. charismatic a. lead. blame. demand. ‘‘Mastery over your thoughts and ac- evski. shifting. change v. demand. 2. shift. incriminate. appearance. representative. waterway. *about-face. nance. groove. *odd elty. freehanded. recite. amount. characteristic n. turbulent. of authority. act. intone. sault. zation. anomalous. muta. voice chaplain n. 2. instruct. 3. rush. buy on credit. order. Change–Charitable change n. sluiceway. protean. run. dent. brand. utter. as- topsy-turvy. erson. 3. 1. adap. tion. invent. makeup. systematic. reform. chaos n. bid. assail. random. typical. portrayal. remodel. indica- regular. duty. plainsong. chase. price. convert. Kennedy had great cha- chaperone v. alternate. steady. refinement. appeal- character n. 1. charge n. nut. por. mark. song. canticle. repute. GENEROUS giving. qualities. messy. escort. figure. attend. culvert. attribute. would never be found out. recitation. transformable. SOMETHING DIFFERENT nov. weigh. out of control. 1. benevolent. 2. runnel. padre. appeal. SEE BURN hypnotic. marked. *the lure of a chapter n. period. an inde- reverend. kind. dominant. shift. behest. remodeling. an individual nature. part. episode. PERSONALITY nature. powerful. stamp. INTEGRITY reputation. DEBIT ONE’S CREDIT ACCOUNT commotion. position. SEE SONG ATTACK offensive. organi. regularity. mutate. tect. course. 1. FEE debit. OR- chant v. mess. caulay. onus. accompany. SUBSTITUTE transfer. fiction. *larger than life. charitable a. SYN. rabbi. raid. CARE custody. nized. impute. anarchy. mutation. alternating. disordered. scribable something. 4. vicissitude. sort. ANT. DISTINGUISH specify. stormy. overseer. regular. fine. babysit. change of pace. phosis. sketch. mandate. netism or charm that inspires others to fol- tor. cost. babysitter. priest. peculiarity. 5. magnetic. ‘‘[W]hat (a man) would do if he knew he philanthropic.’’—Ralph Waldo Em- ‘‘What people fear most.’’— and the angels know of us. peculiar. anarchic. tion. invariable. ALTER modify. vocalize. dividuality. take on account. tive. protec. style. canal. nized. ir. sex appeal. division. in- place. send. demand disarray. impeach. variation. storm. put on one’s tab. humanitarian.’’—Eleanor Roose. guide. domi- eye on. psalm. 4. constitution. earmark.’’—Horace Mann. *point the fin- jumbled. burden. transmogrify. confi- individuality. ANT. directive. mesmerizing. feature. flux. turbulence. parson. blitz. distinction. *damage. 2. trough. hymn. temperament. individual. turmoil. *do an about-face. hot and cold. switch. switch. bedlam. Svengali. re. trust.

attract. innocence. 3. cas- charm n. racist. talker. ble. bigot. purity. *gibber-jabber. li. 1. narrow- employ. cheap. cheapness. ANT. reserve. fe. gorge. stingy. map. 1. endowment. trail. 102 Roget’s Superthesaurus . scorched. CHASTE a. 2. chauvinist n. *je ne sais quoi. ize. 1. tigate. one’s feet. chary a. whip. . stingy. ‘‘A clean. crater. [chas TIZE] to punish or disci- charlatan n. guarded. ANT. tightfisted. KIND forgiving. 2. carbonized. design. sleazy. spank. ginal. clean. irresistible. She was a somewhat puritanical woman ALMS contribution. bab- tivating. plot. immoral. layout. easy. beguile. win over. shoo. *jump down one’s throat. ream. contract. personal effects. *it. evict. ANT. thoughtless. welfare. disgusting. lease. diagram. attractive. altruism. gap. *bird-dog. SYN. imprudent. fissure. humanitarianism. [CHAYST] virtuous. chattels n. sanction. good-luck piece. *schmooze. homophobia. bigotry. crevasse. shadow. SYN. blue. cruel. gossip. talk. gross. virginity.. bottomless charity n. 1. jabber. fru. *shoot the breeze. scheme. female dominance. CHASE OFF oust. SEE CAS- off. modest. ANT. bewitch. supremacy. allure. repellant. enchantment. *call on the glow within . and chose to remain chaste.’’—Hebrew proverb. race. mindedness. lewd. admonish. virtue. chase v. gulch. mercy. ‘‘A chastity n. intolerance. palaver. gab. fake. *male chauvinist pig. stronghold. cackle. liberality. abyss. tight. chasten *rake over magnetism. decency. stinence. enchant. ‘‘A into.’’—Percy Bysshe Shel- cery. triot. commission. outline. manor. punish. leery. pure. outline. print. decent. CAVE. supremacist. immaculate. 2.Charity–Chauvinist magnanimous. pit. ab- way of getting the answer ‘yes’ without ask. bias. burned. SPARING cheap. sex. debt of honor. imposter. seared. ‘‘Doing righteous. provincialism. *rip-off pline. 2. blind pa- gal. hypnotize. 2. chatterbox n. go after. CHASTISE v. stinginess. discipline. ANT. *chew the fat. SEE TALK charred a. lenient. CAREFUL cautious. promiscuity. beguil- *things. captivate. prejudice. fascinating. authority. throw out. chasten v. that casts a most becoming carpet. away. bless. adul- tish. ethnocentrism. vir- good for good-for-nothing people. bighearted. drive bighearted. benevolent. miserly. blabber- chart n. untouched. covenant. 1. wary. personal possessions. scold. HOLE thropy. 3. softheartedness. ANT. moral. fraud. magnetic. turn chateau n. nance. morality. repulse. etc. chat v. jingoist. circumspect. map. *rap. ANT. correct. ism.’’—Eliza. graph. ethnocentrist. sym. SYN. rent. admonish. merciful. lewdness. . converse. intolerance. discipline. TLE charming a. artist. pathy. jingoism. APPEAL attractiveness. sympathetic. celibate. righteousness. soft. reckless. plot. reward. dole. promiscuous. 2. permit. mesmer. *windbag. 1. magic. ing any clear question. fascinate. appealing. thrash. enamor. ley. softheartedness. cap- chatter v. KINDNESS forgive. sexist. meanness. *motor mouth. the coals. tance. beth Barrett Browning. modesty. miserliness. track. draft. fasci. earn unequal pay partly due to male chauvin- treaty. racism. *sweep off chitchat.’’—Albert Camus 2. graph. ravine. GENEROSITY benevolence. chasm n. disdain for those who are different. amulet. jaw. male domi- cense. franchise. freehandedness. intolerant. He was chastised for being foulmouthed. generous. charter v. ing. plan. allure. canyon. gossip. agreement. dirty. scheme. rash. blind patriotism. grace. palaver. virtuous. sor- gelical superstition. national- mindful. beat. SEE CANYON. cleanse. void. penalize.’’—John Mason Brown. PURSUE follow. smooth. prattle. CHAUVINISM a. *stuff. blackened. light on others. sexism. cruelty. hire. scold. singed. broad-mindedness. *pizzazz. charisma. SEE VIRGINITY charm v. 2. repulsive. ANT. abstinent. alluring. spellbind. bewitching. lenience. talisman. rift. donation. benefaction. assis. tery. chitchat. suspicious. PUNISH chastise. philan. *lay nation. RE- ANT. aid. The sexes charter n.’’—Immanuel Kant. belongings. 1. mouth. selfish. diagram. freehanded. FINE purify. repel. niggardly. winsome. purge. compassion. castigate. [SHO vin izm] blind loy- chart v. condemn. 1. disgust. charismatic. palace. wanton. *squeaky- ‘‘The spice of riches. celibacy. with draw up. ism. blab. table. mountebank. nymphomania. mean. prate. prattle. ness. ‘‘A monkish and evan- SPELL OR LUCKY PIECE incantation. provincialist. alty to one’s own kind. uncorrupted. con artist. humane. moral. tolerance. please. quack. pure or magnanimity. nationalist. swindler. enchanting. benevolence.

2. snooker. cheerful a. swindle. funereal. hap. fraud. marked-down. conform. captain. fleecing. irregular. raspberry. principal. cheating. review. *soak. look into. crowded. supreme. double. rogue. low. trick. ANT. cream. gnaw. *top dog. bottle washer. 2. *little shaver. *yay. zle. admire. sham artist. noble. cottage. tod- the mind. applause. 1. ANT. rawboned. chomp. smart. down. ANT. check n. mas- cheek by jowl a. grudging. bitant 2. gladness. scrutinize. sucker. Cheap–Child cheap a. duping. HURRAH acclamation. block. buoyancy. vere. boss. FOWL hen. supervisor. Parmesan. cook. investigate. joyful. AGREE correspond. chef n. dreary. motley. give a WORD FIND good talking to. 4. chop. limit. fraud. cheese. insolent. terfuge. nibble. EXAMINE inspect. *rook. sordid. EXAMI. paramount. trickery. casket. RESTRAIN stop. ANT. *crappy. sharper. idolize. SEE DRESS. *look-see. proval. Edam. ter. lastly. checkered a. constrain. lad. ANT. sunken. admirable. intimate. *rip off. crunch. sophistry. boo. love. smallest. VAR- dishonesty. crook. and foremost. audacious. carefree. cheat v. joviality. protect. curb. optimism. *eyeball. gation. berate. ringleader. 2. ser. hiss. cheese n. Fadiman. timid. bold. chief n. 2. subordinate. leading. president. like. economical. chest n. ness. *schlock. prime. masticate. penny-pinching. *chief cook and cheat n. PLAID tattersall. 2. brazen. deceit. Limburger. superior. Gruyere. degrade. double-dealing. limitation. cabinet. grim. niggardly. above all. depressed. elegant. reproach. 2. prize. scold. *fast shuffle. tacky. expensive. LOW-PRICED inexpensive. con. *nickel-squeezer. check v. A con artist uses all manner of investigate. cut-rate. *cock of cheeky a. debonair. hold in high esteem. gloomy. American. scru. hold dear. dowdy. *dress down. control. bilk. hate. CHICANERY n. reprimand. care for. flim. trickery. chew v.’’—Joseph Addison. stylish. CON. check out v. buoyant. re- off artist. upbraid. jubilance. champ. somber. director. mysost. roseate. ANT. joyfulness. inquiry. tinize. gayness. SEE CHIC ANT. stinting. criticize. deception. ANT. reprove. LINGERIE flam. probe. lower. treasure. take to task. obstruct. munch. ‘‘A kind of daylight in child n. shabby. *eyeball. sterling quality. underling. 2. control. adore. 3. nipper. sophisticated. great- *ballsy. rah. serly. main. *big apple cheeks. chiseler. side. Roget’s Superthesaurus 103 . admonish. *chintzy. ‘‘Milk’s leap toward immortality. sunny. THORAX breast. burn. sham. flimflam man. lighthearted. happy. jo- inferior. pouchy. dampen. reasonable. steep. select. blithe. finagle. cund. 1. mainly. 1. shift. honcho. block. leader. mon. obstacle. grind. 3. cheapen v. forlorn. youth. SYN. YOUNGSTER juvenile. 1. tell off. *SCAREDY CAT *wimp. impudent. crate. Swiss. Sl. TEMPTIBLE despicable. RESTRAINT stop. cheer n. chichi. STINGY tight. brash. dark. rebuke. first FULNESS high spirits. jaw. rooster. glum. ostentatious. chief a. *dirt-cheap. 1. con. *wuss. gest toad in the puddle. current. fancy. 2. optimistic. CHEER. damper. foster. Brie. *dirty pool. patchwork. depressed. sissy. underhandedness. SEE SCOLD NATION inspection. SWINDLER *rip. 1. dler. mi. gay. chew out v. chicken n. Gouda. Sl. vulgar. descriptive: high cheek bones. deception. cuisinier. base. melancholy. bravo. cross. chiefly adv. culinary artist. *snazzy. cherish v. con. shoddy. sunny. exor. chide v. penny-pincher. pressed curds. 2. ANT. niggard. gloomy. [shi KAY nuh ree] decep- harness. principally. tightwad. tion. look into. cardinal. screw. POOR QUALITY worthless. forward. sanguine. biggest. dapper. mousy. cheerful. ruling. close. consistent. the walk. investi- chic a. biddy. unstylish. depression. est. ANT. curb. IED diversified. gouge. foil.’’—Clifton cheapskate n. piness. lass. saucy. chicanery to separate you from your money. nent. *bamboo. shy. tyke. cheddar. 1. inquire. cheerless a. reject. SWINDLE *rip-off. sub- 3. chemise n. dime-a-dozen. imperti. head. ANT. mi. bargain. *cheesy. imposter. fleece. fraud. 1. worship. Jack. commander. BOX trunk. 1. tartan. despairing. fashionable. familiar. least. black. mostly. chichi a. *in. swank. glum. 1. *big- by-side. bosom. largely. defraud. primarily. lighthearted. 1. despise. priceless. pectorals. 2. jowl. 4. kid. generous. *nervy. diminish. *rock-bottom. inspect. *two-bit. giving. downhearted- priced. dismal. shout of ap. grade. downhearted. com. bleak. review. depreciate. cheek n.

determine. cool. christen v. crow. turbulent. gallant. scratch. shivers. selection. unsophisticated. option. bility. quick-tempered. iciness. perpetual. filled to capacity. crack. call for. *wallop. frosty. druth- olescent. giggle. STINGY cheap.’’—Micah Lebensohn. dub. buoyant. heroism. brisk. ANT. naive. ANT. 1. courteous. job. chip v. Greek mythology. fault. choke v. ANT. snort. cold. mild- jingle. prefer. temporary. 104 Roget’s Superthesaurus . porcelain. ad. nobility. *drag. wild. irritable. shivery. sculpt. chomp v. hot. glassy. 2. *schlock. gallantry. possible or fanciful. *munchkin. select. crevice. barbaric. SEE BELL mannered. crack. crack. generous. easy-going. SEE chipper a. chink n. valor. *pie in the sky. after the monster of choose v. recurrent. chore n. daydream. want. ANT. CHIMERA n. warble. fantasy. girlhood. laugh with glee. over- *pipe dream. 1. grown. ers. selec- the air. chuckle. ANT. 2. con- chivalrous a. nippy. violent. dishes. superior. crunch. flake. constrict. crumble. split. dice. STRANGLE throttle. imperturbable. flue. cleft. bumpy. MENT unison. rough. rudeness. prolonged. Friedrich Froebel. 2. bit. wish for. *short-fused. garrote. fracture. CLOG brisk. COLD freezing. fair. peep. recreation. frigid. dishonorable. frowzy. charge. twitter. whack. crackle. *rug rat. cheap. AGREE- glum. angry. cheerful. 2.’’— ANT. *jam-packed. UNFRIENDLY cold. appoint. choristers. slit. icy. ANT. frostiness. courtly. pick. muggy. wavy. babyish. shard. bravery. sunny. rawness. rate. babe in chivalry n. ‘‘That won. stylish. ate. SYN. discourtesy. *plug. chime v. quixotic. sleazy. classy. persnickety. break chortle v. trill. piece. empty. ANT. overflow- . slothful. stant. ANT. childhood n. . fussy. zippy. designate. select. testy. is to bathe. elect. dam. courage. scratch. cut. 2. break. tableware. fissure. wring. knell. PREGNANCY courtliness. mature. baptize. elec- childish a. ‘‘A garden of god chock-full a. calm. hostile. illusion. crammed. smokestack. snigger. dishonor. open. elegant. . entertainment. exacting.’’—Anon. sophomoric. lionhearted. choppy a. unclog. smother. tinual. fastidious. ness. burden. poor. CHOIR chorale group. miserly. engrave. sound. guffaw. blow. scrap. *teenybopper. impossibility. protracted. lin- incise. mark. gay. packed. block. gering. infantile. crockery. fancy. hotheaded. seal. free. honor. tion. flaw. *castle in choosy a. shut. toll. whim. honorable. vivacious. ensemble. glee club. each day a festival radiant with laughter ing. choosing. pick. serene. flake. stinting. biting. close off. INNOCENT naif. slash. fragment. frothy. heroic. prime. SEE MUSIC 2. decide on. bling fountain in the world of humanity. brimming. gentlemanly. sliver. 1. adolescent. high-spirited. anesthetizing. irascible. dent. valiant. tight. stifle. courtesy. suffocate. discriminating. best. *easy. chirp v. preference. days. picky. cowardly. and play. arctic. rend. youth. 1. 2. bother. fell. mince. 2. cream-of-the-crop. hew. tintinnabulate. obstruct. SEE BIRD chronic a. *roasting. asphyxi- chilly a. con- chisel v. sprightly. volition. callow. dream. school cowardice. touchy. rift. decision. *fool’s paradise. occlude. ANT. work. lop. inferior. brave. chorus n. the woods. friendly. vintage. ring. finicky. habitual. puberty. conge. hack. stubborn. melancholy. SHABBY tacky. ANT. sever. nick. china n. ordinary. responsi- shred. adolescence. particular. swipe. delusion. name. fragment. restrict. noble. brutish. chop n. peal. bright. lively. boyhood. tive. concert. raw. hit. title. knock. fancy. warm. gouge. childbirth SEE BABY. lionheartedness. slice. ANT. devoid. tweet. choice a. undiscrimi- chimney n. wintry. particular. desire. long-term.Childbirth–Chronic tadpole. adult. brat. ‘‘An ever-bub. first- up. frigid. *pain. icy. cleave. frigidity. bursting. BIRTH. chock-a-block. immature. wish. chew. grim. 1. chill n. derful time when all you need to lose weight barren. stormy. moppet. nating. Hank’s desire to be presi. stuffed. single out. short-term. ANT. [kye MEER uh] something im. grouchy. carve. duty. nip. splinter. juvenile. chip n. unsociable. desire. tool. chip. LAUGH cheery. 1. gap. unabating. vote. nial. ANT. tinkle. courageous. off. sliver. task. pleasure. chop v. excellent. snicker. opt for. aloof. choice n. determination. jaunty. chintzy a. dent was just a chimera. persistent. knight-errantry. cut. opening. smack. choleric a. harmony. hole. nick. bite.

affiliation. belfry bench: pew underground vault/burial place: crypt bishop’s church: cathedral vestibule: narthex. smile. *buddy-buddy. cathedral. fold. endowed: benefice church n. cluck. light-admitting upper wall: clerestory tion. mission mosque. an. alienated. Presby- random. land/property: glebe ANT. squat. ANT. members: congregation. chortle. portly. tubby. Islam. SEE FAT office.L. throw. marigold win- confession booth in the Catholic church: dow confessional yard. distant. rite: baptism. Methodist. stout. flabby. jurisdiction of archbishop: archdiocese walsy. friendly. *palsy. lump. mass. dated. laws of: canon chump n. meeting house. Hindu. chapel. ‘‘A hospital for sin. MONASTERY. lay authority: elder chunk n. SEE CLERGY Roget’s Superthesaurus 105 . rotund. tabernacle. Unitarian. Mormon. Unification orexic.’’—Victor Hugo. crony. serial. chubby. alter ego. narrative. Ecclesia chunky a.’’—L. Protestant. abbey. difference of opinion: schism chronological a. willowy. hunk. Lutheran. faith. chubby a. stocky. diary. familiar. in order. pudgy. *built like linguine. dupe. SEE BOOK division. ners. reading stand: lectern. *kissy-huggy. laugh. thick. SEE FAT Church. intimate. pal. house of clergyman: parsonage. skinny. stout. synagogue. rectory comrade. *pardner. register. fling. Seventh Day Adventists. abandon. sequential. gallery above side aisle: triforium get rid of. plump. fleshy. companion. heave. buddy. anorexic. Italian cathedral: duomo meboy. dump. ‘‘God between four repository for sacrements: ambry walls. history. outreach church supported by larger church: temple. arched: lancet window nave window. wad. Buddhist discard. full-figured. slab. pitch. spire. hostile. flock.’’—John Ruskin. Pentecostal. sanctuary. Eastern Orthodox. Nash. successive. haphazard. Baptist. the Lord’s house. large. *built like a Moslem: mosque fireplug. *sidekick. governing body: classis chuckle v. sanc. benefice ine wheel. archive. *zaftig. district: parish log. stained glass: cather- collection/revenue: tithe. thickset. nunnery: convent *like a beanpole. pudgy. Catholic. ambo sect. *roly-poly. Chronicle–Churchman chronicle n. friend. RELIGION crucifixion sculptures: Calvary churchman n. accounting. thick. *ho. denomination. *main man. bony. calendar. por. rec. round. semicircular projection and vaulted roof WORD FIND area at east end behind altar: apse altar area reserved for clergy: chancel. Jewish house of worship: synagogue chummy a. annals. grave digger: sexton gle. faith/denomination: (Christian) Roman consecutive. jurisdiction of bishop: diocese inseparable. companionable. stubby. communion. hurl. unorganized. *sucker. enclosed: parvis council of bishops: synod SEE CLERGY. rose window. patsy. *porky. decoration: ecclesiol- baptism room/section: baptistery ogy bell ringer: sexton table or raised platform: altar bell tower: belfry tower: steeple. snigger. cup: chalice ord. gig. *bro. skinny. galilee porch Buddhist: pagoda west-side chapel: galilee central portion/ main area for congregation: window. SEE LAUGH high-ranking clergy: prelate chum n. preaching platform: pulpit bethel. clump. wedge. dope. ANT. mosque tower: minaret ANT. journal. ‘‘Wherever one hand mass meets another helpfully. chuck v. basilica. house of worship. fool. benediction. chronology. junk. estranged. idiot. storage room for altar vessels: sacristy tuary. Church of the Nazarene. ordered. Episcopalian. affectionate. presbytery storage room for clergy and choir’s robes: balcony for choir: choir loft vestry baptism basin: font study of architecture. terian. piece. toss. Orthodox Judaism. snicker. *eighty-six. round.

the tendency to use ten words when one would *child’s play. *fag. corona. transmission. circular n. 2. predicament. 1. circuit. the movies. fringe. heave. ANT. around. CIRCUMLOCUTION n. brink. gutter. demarcate. judicious. tour. periphrasis. wheel. *smoke. agitate. halo. rounds. DISTRIBUTE spread. *zip. vigilant. shul] incidental. COURSE path. sphere. circumstances n. occurrence. grumpy. 1. problem. circumstance n. surround. direct. surly. nice. cipher n. loop. referring to evidence that may be used in a about or indirect. sullen. stir. globular. largely insignificant. perfecto. course of events. tious. attending round. cantankerous. *Kent. SYN. waterfall. ANT. *Winston. letter. drink. coals. ANT. case. CIRCLING revolution. CIRCUMSCRIBE v. coursing. leery. shake. dering. cigarette n. body restrain. instance. film theater. outline. SPHERE OF INTEREST domain. *coffin nail. SYN. pleasant. task. Circumlocution is cinch n. ill-tempered. revolution. *Camel. redundancy. perime. surround. brazen. huffy. lap. digression. FLOW movement. about. *far afield. announce. concern. CIRCUITOUS round- CHUTZPAH n. CIRCLE revolve. insert. circumnavigate. [HOOTS puh] nerve.Churlish–Circumstantial churlish a. to set limits. epi- circle v. [ser kum STAN ter. audacity. lous. flume. or. border. orb. RING loop. publicize. gall. [SUR kum SPEKT] cau- compass. 1. BOUNDARY periphery. range. *killer. careful. coil. fraternity. cycles. CIRCUMSPECT a. draw a line around. nil. disseminate. compass. course. rapids. matter. occa- field. trough. cut. cowardice. roughly. *off the beaten path. beverage. about. naught. bit. puzzle. snap. prudent. cling. reckless. outline. pass out. nerve. spinelessness. leaflet. boorish. perimeter. *Pall ambit. tour. breeze. SEE MOVIE directness. Havana. *duck soup. rash. ‘‘Killers that KYOO shun] an overly wordy or indirect travel in packs. sorority. chute n. ROUND spherical. progression. 2. precisely. exactly. do. repetition. ENCLOSE circle. sode. girth. evidence against the accused was weak and 106 Roget’s Superthesaurus . Also. factors. rambling. wheel.’’—Mary S. mean. turn of circuit n. 1. careless. cycle. fearlessness. passage. oval. advertisement. 2. announcement. CODE cryptography. crown. stogie. the court case only to infer. 1. ANT. long-windedness. periphery. limit. *walk on the beach. cir- cider n. encircle. contingency. devious. CIRCUITOUS a. cautious. freshment. circumscribe. *gasper. period. cinema n. ANT. roll. crude. indirect. reel. lab- cranky. guarded. move line. situation. 1. grouchy. wordiness. 2. make the boldness. circa a. round. brass. thorny. oval. churn v. circadian rhythm n. straight. 3. gang. cigar n. SYN. [sur KYOO i tus] round. runway. restrict. Mall. whip. SYN. prohibit. im- clock. Much to my irritation. spine. revolution. events. *butt. rotation. The cabbie took a circuitous route to the airport. mindful. circular. hem in. not prove. spheroid. pass. arrogance. ASSOCIATES group. 4. beat. circulation n. clinkers. guilt. ZERO nothing. encompass. way of saying something. spread. hoop. *balls. rambling. condition. *ballbuster. 2. encompass. *Kool. bailiwick. cinders n. circlet. conciseness. flier. 2. wary. yrinthine. toby. dis- ness. Sl. Ott. circumcise v. heedful. roundabout. brevity. route. coterie. incidence. slide. series. chary. disc. circuit. pede. sion. SYN. mousiness. seethe. *long way. ring. circle n. ANT. ANT. excise. cheroot. juice. ashes. slag. roundaboutness. go around. BIND confine. crowd. *smoke. pro- no sweat. ANT. mill. re. *cancer stick. condition. wander. circumference n. time. careful. round. [SUR kum SKRIBE] to *goose egg. infinity interest on the map were circumscribed. run. curb. mean- loutish. 3. pivot. disk- channel. CYCLE around skunks. *weed. circular a. John is always circumspect globe. [SUR kum loh *Marlboro. perse. 1. dominion. tour. place. biorhythm. scrupu- clique. remove. cross. CIRCUMSTANTIAL a. 1. 2. *Chesterfield. state of affairs. encircle. approximately. Points of mystery. apprehensive. brochure. confines. backbone. whisk. swirl. dour. handbill. province. assembly. situation. orbit. civil. brass. like. *beating around the bush. It takes a lot of chutzpah to cut in circulate v. verbosity. DISTRIBUTION dissemination. *squeezings. embers. round. margin. realm. cheek. Herculean lixity. *piece of cake. check. *Salem. panatella.

socially orga- cerpt. prophetic. avoid. subject. tamed. telepathic. pre.’’— national. extraneous. gracious. barrio. *red light district. Public. urban com. ANT. elude. consideration for all who cross our path. metropolis. municipal building. hell’s kitchen. ing region. cold. second- WORD FIND sighted. steamer. clamber v. pasty. provide a source. indirect methods. wall. neck. 3. mollusk. The thief was able to circum. SEE CASTLE victories over nature. allege. ‘‘A human claim v. constitu- plex. recognition. award. dry. prescient. urbane. districts: ward. QUOTE reference. 1. HONORABLE MENTION acco. flank. standards. querades. downtown. *skid row. stymie. tower. MANITY society. ian. bur. ANT. little- district. God. reason. call. civil- vent punishment through legal loopholes. civilized. borough. call. justice. AS- est. out. excerpt. bred. petition. arid. charge. CIETY reward. gle. public. ANT. 2. munal. tent civilization n. ‘‘Millions clare. crawl. expropriate. ANT. safehold. sav- gher. secondary. climb. POLITE courteous. cour- arena: ring tesy. *burg. business district. 2. [SER kum vent] to get civil a. proper.’’—Henry Louis Mencken. municipal. megalopolis. indi. civil liberties. insensitive. refined. raw. tank. CIRCUMVENT v. circus n.’’—Elbert Hubbard. tional rights. damp. 1. metropolitan. ‘‘To have some quality of citizen n.’’—Friedrich Nietz- worker/laborer: rouster. councilor. a domestic animal. 2. community. polished. profess. WORD FIND socialization. clad a. scrabble. quotation. insignificant. ascend. 1. town hall. contravene. civil liberties n. *John/Jane Q. urbane. ‘‘Restrictions. sweaty. de- sand trades. roustabout sche. wilderness. shun. 2. unimportant.’’—William Cowper. mu- rect. rights. freedom of speech. text. SEE Little Italy. sidestep. *crab. SUMMONS subpoena. inconclusive. ‘‘A series of bastion. contend. ‘‘The centre of a thou. refuge. source. civilized a. Henry Thoreau. cultured. slums. hippodrome. 1. skirt. humane. *big top. warrant. psychic. Chinatown. mu- SEE NEW YORK cous. ed- cite v. taming. Circumvent–Clammy mostly circumstantial. ex. SOCIAL ORGANIZATION culture.’’—Louis Brandeis. open to interpretation. get around. HU- quote. rude. civil rights n. diplomatic. refer to. center. ‘‘The most im. freedom of reli- city n. a subordinate show: sideshow beast of prey. ‘‘The lamb’s skin in which barbarism mas- charge. *just another brick in the age. dank. stronghold.’’—John Priestly. savagery. communal. spectacle. tenement district. note. performance. reservoir. ‘‘To convert a man. boomtown. Roget’s Superthesaurus 107 . quahog. exact. foil. ity. polish. municipal trivial. conjectural. extract.’’—Thomas Bailey Aldrich. reference. of people being lonesome together. into a tame and civilized ani- swing: trapeze mal. socialized. God-given portant office. ANT. commendation. fortress. ‘‘A concerted effort to remedy the cistern n. greenbelt MOUNTAIN CLIMBING official: alderman. fort. ucated. urban sprawl. scale. defend. acculturation. sticky. city center. civic a. CITING quoting. passage. barbaric. extrasensory. exhibition. show. native. SERT maintain. mayor clammy a. SYN. attach. barbarism. clothed. vat. public. seek. dressed. civil. sophistication. inner city.’’— procession: caravan.’’—William Harvey. moist. refinement. acculturated. municipality. bypass. community. gion. inhabitant. wild. ‘‘A stone for. 1. obliging. capital. extrava. proclaim.’’— clairvoyant a. 2. metropolitan. rights. CIVIC municipal. sophisticated. beastly. outwit. incidental. perceptive. slimy. SYN. kudos.’’—Desmond Morris. crude. shinny. resident. well-mannered. city hall n. SEE SO- lade. laws of the jungle. unrefined. cosmopolite. thwart. cherrystone. citation n. courthouse. suburb. DEMAND take. Agnes Repplier. 2. taxpayer. extract. ‘‘A herd. conclusive. barbaric. dibs on. asphalt jun. SUMMON subpoena. denizen. freeman. nicipal government. community. insist. attired. freedoms. freedoms. genteel. administrative building. ANT. cavalcade Jose Ortega y Gasset. urban. sumed. com- around or avoid. climb with all tenderloin. blunders and check the practical joking of citadel n. refined. unreceptive. town. dodge. speculative. hold. civil- ganza. ghetto. civil. nized. breeding. education. urban. put out a warrant. fours. residential clam n. *have zoo. 1. wildness.

classical a. renity. 2. broad-minded. harmonize. cliquish. group. *put up a fuss. tribe. howl. passage. example. grouping. quiet. bracket. categorization. 2. give a hand. pincer. earth. clan n. 3. insist. shout. tried-and-true. hubbub. 1. magnum opus. disruption. 2. order. make plain. worldly. gibility. *slummy. assign. clasp v. platitude. talon. SEE CLASSIC bish. pedi- peaceful. 2. tussle. inferior. chef-d’oeuvre. *make clear as mud. lucidity.Clamor–Clean clamor n. superior. systemize. co. deafening. lesson. arrange. sophistry. classification n. label. aboveboard. jangle. comprehensibility. sensationalism. caste. correspond. second-rate. excellence. launder. whack. quar. SORT kind. grip. selective. tence. toll. agree. secret. ex. secret. haha. *raise the roof. EXCELLENT first-class. reverberate. 2. lacerate. silent. friendly. sod. 1. class conscious. pin. open. classify v. echelon. *bilge. clamor v. confuse. type. scratch. exclusive. MISMATCH contrast. plary. standard. grade. ideal. grasp. condition. don’t go ballyhoo. hook. cal. refinement. mud. elegance. clank. loam. simplicity. exem- tious. chic. gong. overt. hook. insincer. ANT. restricted. vociferous. show. group. paradigm. The clandestine meeting took piece. slash. cataloging. gang. hidden. curriculum. clearness. clean v. fraternity. standard. ANT. grade. insular. disinfect. shouting. *lock freshen up. sneaky. group. cry out. BODY clamp n. concealed. fight. caste. slap. resound. conspiratory. narrow. pretentiousness. disruptive. ANT. chintzy. hook. position. tribal. lic. ANT. clap n. shot. noisy. hue and cry. chaotic. inflation. com. cepting. illuminate. *new wave. HIGH STYLE cle. obfuscate. shampoo. ANT. ac. tumult. assignment. dig. peace. birth. 108 Roget’s Superthesaurus . fineness. extraction. paragraph. tial. cal. rank. status. gouge. scuffle. extraordinary. puncture. 1. applaud. bellow. ibility. category. COURSE subject. grand. SYN. ring. sorting. brou. claw n. 4. fashionable. finest. elegant. conventional. hullabaloo. 1. dynasty. classified a. surrepti. paragon. ex- inist claptrap. fine. section. exemplar. 1. cir. rattle. labeling. plain. high-class. SEE CLASSIFY undercover. define. hold. embrace. grip. strike. radi- bong. peal. din. pierce. peal. horns. ANT. classy a. 1. clay n. 5. family. chime. categorize. crack. ideal. first-class. fog. transparency. squeeze. gle. *butt heads. yell. *catch. flair. public. clip. wash. burst. confused. hold. provision. ANT. babel. rap. bombast. clip. spruce up. type. bathe. bang. CATEGORY division. stratum. se. interpret. tear. clarity n. *shed light on. plainness. clamorous a. avant-garde. ilk. upheaval. sort. deterge. 3. distortion. Sl. class. specification. society. smash. nipper. snap. ring. SYN. cellent. report. simplify. standing. outcry. variety. demand. clang. swanky. 1. crack. term. swab. motion. clang. CLAPTRAP n. gash. division. dust. ear-piercing. *pigeonhole. article. species. bedlam. underground. model. vate. tranquility. rel. quality. slam. spur. top secret. call clench. vintage. polished. fastener. an activity associated with il. hasp. speciousness. elucidate. rattle. explicitness. genus. organize. furtive. fuzziness. [klan DES tin] secret or class v. ANT. regular. catch. thunder. undercover. uproarious. open. dirt. TRADITIONAL established. group. coterie. clash v. ANT. cheer. leg. chaos. parochial. scour. quintessen- vert. standard. clasp n. polish. model. class n. classic n. back room. sterilize. purify. underhanded. superior. explosion. fustian. confidential. buckle. classic a. clause n. pub. breed. argue. silence. sect. out. archetype. clique. best. loud. cleanse. That all men are unfeeling Neanderthals is fem. clear up. clasp. CRASH clatter. soil. haze. standing. ANT. *hush-hush. snob. ing. prototypi- clang v. uproar. clutch. low-class. clank. provincial. stripe. hierarchy. catalog. ARRANGEMENT division. noise. open. sectarian. wrangle. lineage. poor. master- licit activities. writing or talk designed to win attention. vise. pri- clap v. order. station. *cloak and dagger. with. intelli. obscurity. clannish a. clatter v. grading. *pigeonholing. type. place in an abandoned shipyard. *bunk. OF STUDENTS study group. gree. SOCIAL RANK tumultuous. jan- clarify v. racket. variety. SEE FAMILY distinction. caste con. stylish. hogwash. smart. claw v. purity. grade. period. [KLAP TRAP] pretentious order. sen- dle. nail. typing. CLANDESTINE a. ity. band. scrub. place. order- scious. mud. CONFLICT disagree. twaddle. pandemonium. rank. are ill-suited together. cheap. rip. part. bang. feud.

*let off the hook. ob- WORD FIND fuscate. conspicuously. priesthood. rabbi. unsanitary. STICK adhere. harshness. cleave v. neat. confused. clutch. carve. collar worn by priest: clerical collar jammed. remove. dirty. minister. gap. grip. cleft. rift. deacon’s wide-sleeved tunic worn over alb: *go. sweep. clasp. pontiff. clear-cut. clean. mildness. see-through. 1. 2. unkempt. un- tory: archdeacon clogged. ANT. CLEMENCY n. cape. cohere. pure. sharp. ‘‘A plain. *clean as a whistle. grimy. VIRTUOUS up. chaplain. TRANSPARENT crystal. tary. sinless. un- grime. indubitably. pastor. lenience. be. un. SEE CLEAN prelacy. abbey’s superior female: abbess clear a. *dressed for success. Roman Catholic: biretta alert. men of the cloth. close. 2. *square. blocked. fuzzy. garment. soil. scrubbed. immaculate. vindictiveness. 3. gap. churchmen. *preppy. mess up. charity. incontrovertible. valley. fissure. right. explicit. TRIM plain. of sound mind. mitigation. hindered. hat. cruel and unusual punish- clean-cut a. man of the cloth. Ivy-League. FAIR sportsmanlike. 4. laundered. hit. clench v. whole. softening. cluttered. grubby. empty. reverend. chink. be true. [KLEM un see] forgiveness. decontaminate. unclear. unsoiled. unmistakable. canon. ency in exchange for information. parish priest in: vicar tionable. hur. military. honest. ex- God. 5. 2. 3. offer- cid. hold sterile. *squeaky questionably. limpid. clearheaded a. crystal-clear. unclearly. groomed. crevice. council of: synod clearance n. try. authorization. busy. open. vicar. aboveboard. minis- sloppy. 5. transpar- *spic and span. plainly. find innocent. mud. debatably. ecclesiastic. free. old-fashioned. grasp. rabbinate. pellucid. softheartedness. part. sane. respectable. lily-white. prel- acquit. absolve. bright. general term: vestment express. ‘‘Ambassadors for Christ. bishop-assisting priest who oversees a terri- UNOBSTRUCTED open. forgive- filthy. clearly adv. father. button. elucidate. ANT. positively. NOT DIRTY spotless. undoubtedly. loosen. sharp. ANT. rational. decent. hold firm. free. questionably. 1. slice. ings: acolyte. clear. obstructed. ANT. theo- logian. bishop: mozzetta ANT. cese: bishop Roget’s Superthesaurus 109 . sion. opening. 1. 3. vault. incontrovert- clean a. break. evident. fresh. empty. APPARENT understandable. sympathy. illuminate. release. EXONERATE liberate. pastorate. hat worn by bishop: miter level-headed. amnesty. CLEAR UP clarify. hold. *restore one’s good name. muddle. *make. 4. *dominie. 3. plain. perspicuous. unfair. pure. chaste. ANT. tidy. schism. soil. unmistakably. evangelist. steer clear of. worn by pope. highest ranking: archbishop 3. obviously. apparently. high-ranking minister who oversees a dio- dled. dirty. SEE CLERGYMAN clear v. unques. wide-awake. 2. clergy n. curate. cardinal and diaphanous. be faithful. 1. tidy. CLEAN wipe. conservative. unsportsmanlike. altar boy comprehensible. entire. chasm. free. strictness. preacher. ornate. scoured. assists priest or minister with candles. deacon. unpolluted. cleric. rend. heavy-handedness. 4.’’—Samuel Butler. clergyman n. distinct. constrict. 4. human Sunday. rip. opaque. rector. pollute. clean. man/woman of dle. cloudy. COMPLETE thor. trim. unmistakable. catch. traditional. ecclesiastics. irrational. presbytery. holy order. cardinal. tangle. 1. The crook was granted clem- ough. ate. sensible. incriminate. ently. ment. *green light. ibly. hazy. mess. clear. mercy. short. mercy. ANT. 2. 3. moral. doubtfully. fissure. foggy. rift. bishop. shaven. definite. ness. keen. indecent. by the rules. glassy. wholesome. bishop. England. find guilty. clear-cut. exculpate. sever. cling. split. lucid. disentangle. *okay. sanction. incompre. incomplete. cleanse v. *below-the-belt. composed. dalmatic clear-cut a. abbey’s superior male: abbot obvious. SYN. cleft n. explicit. antiseptic. unobstructed. SPLIT divide. cathedral superior: dean hensible. obvious. liberate. ANT. 2. vindicate. innocent. confuse. Clean–Clergyman sanitize. 2. unblocked. quarter. simple. sober. 1. cut. priest. release. uncertain. PASS OVER miss. disinfected. cleavage n. translucent. lu. ANT. fuzzy. overtly. respectable. sani. sparkling. squarish. 1. lenience. parson. cluttered. immoral.’’—Bible. with three or four projections. fast. hazy. down. unhindered. chop. compas- filthy. rid. shepherd. easing. slit. transparent. go-ahead. crack. washed.

chink. click v. circle. pastoral. group. bluff. amice attach. clink.Clerical–Cloak Hindu’s spiritual teacher: guru clientele n. pack. customer. sick bay. curtail. clamber. pope: pontiff spirit. SEE MEDICINE. clinic n. capper. jingle. ring. vestment. outpatient ward. ATTACH fasten. 110 Roget’s Superthesaurus . cherish. masquerade. overhang. clip n. rattle. pinnacle. ecclesiastical. shear. bolt. low. fresh. gang. sense. imaginative. melodrama. bovine. smart. follow- house of: rectory. WIN CONCLUSIVELY OR SETTLE strip one of power due to unethical behav. ledge. *old story. *old line. *regular. crowd. ANT. settler. critical mass. clink v. bunch. new. let go. dispassionate. clan. ANT. nadir. co- reotyped. cliché n. clasp. 2. fit. clients. turning point. holder. sew up. Jewish minister: rabbi cliff n. 2. impersonal. headland. knee or hip-length gar. palisade. temperature. zenith. repel. stick. moronic. set. *nail-biter. old saw. wide-sleeved. 2. shave. escarpment. close. customers. crag. *ches. scissor. hack. salary: prebend *climb hand over hand. churchly. witty. peak. summit. make fast. ministerial. closer. handy. culmination. resourceful. descend. *tired line. *coup de waist cord of alb: cincture grace. set. sometimes of a snobbish nature. character. lay. pin. tinkle. apex. fac. pelisse. SEE CLIMATE square cloth worn by priest over shoulders: clinch v. co- ment: surplice here. terie. SEE OFFICE tached. adhere. clerical a. ste. bob. long and white. guise. fix. religious. bookkeeper. bromide. crew. tired. adroit. bright. pin. sharp. 1. me- mosque’s prayer leader: imam teorological conditions. scarp. shinny. increase. WEATHER clime. 2. hackneyed. couple. cloak n. hook. objective. ascend. highest point. culminate. capote. *put on synagogue’s prayer leader/singer: cantor ice. SEE CHURCH. ANT. serial. ANT. SEE MOUN- pastor TAIN monk/friar’s robe: frock cliffhanger n. concealment. RELIGION release. CAPE mantle. banality. rise. scale. feel. trade. dexterous. embrace. priest: cassock deathblow. *brainy. subjective. 3. faction. swarm. dispensary. High school is notorious for its cliques. CLIMBING nion: chasuble clime n. tive. secular. be attached to. cashier. fastener. band. business. patrons. coat. from minaret: muezzin climate n. capable. lengthen. promon- Lutheran. DISGUISE cover. clichéd a. tal. client n. HOSPITAL clerk n. ANT. ste. ANT. ingenious. 3. platitude. 1. ANT. shrewd. savvy. 1. infirmary. de- worker. CUT snip. tone. ATMOSPHERE air. clasp. WORK TOGETHER SUCCESSFULLY come to. full-length. cap. trite remark. wrap. SEE robe. *desk jockey. clever a. stupid. hasp. over- gether. pretext. second-highest in Catholic climax n. intelligent. crowning blow. worn by priest for ORGASM Mass: alb Roman Catholic’s highest-ranking: pope climb v. crest.’’—William Granger. mood. dolman. precipice. salesman/woman. [KLIK] an exclusive group or circle first place. culmination. hold. scramble up. mosque official who calls faithful to prayer episode. buyer. front. patron. thriller. hospi- priestly. SEE MOUNTAIN sleeveless mantle worn by priest at commu. decide. fall into place. maximum. crop. 1. unemo- WORKER tional. cleave to. prune. jangle. finish off. reotype. quick. SYN. white. finisher. abridge. imagina- grip. over- long open cloak worn by bishop: cope look. involved. pope’s office: papacy summit. inven- clip v. trim. snap. Baptist or Pentecostal minister: tory. mask. worn out. disposition. analytic. teller. 2. FASTEN secure. of people. shorten. personal. tnut. robe. versatile. 1. in crowd. parsonage. market. confirm. mow. aura. pope’s palace home: Vatican climacteric. ior: defrock put all doubts to rest. consumer. trite. TICK clack. finishing touch. *buzz. neyed expression. manse ing. peak. ‘‘Only something well said in the CLIQUE n. regulars. REDUCE shorten. dull. pope’s assistant. hierarchy: cardinal acme. esca- school for: seminary lade. anticlimax. tive. scientific. cling v. undertone. ile. tink. usually black. office clinical a. worn by clincher n. mount. Muslim authority: ayatollah ambience.

SKIRT. alike. close shave n. clear. neighboring. fold up. 1. 5. close v. openhanded. clobber v. textile. ANT. ing. thin. promenade. clothes n. layered. 6. cloth n. 3. ANT. shut down. billow. clot v. suffocating. haze. tightfisted. *cider squeezer. coagula- secluded. crowded. far. ending. vapor. Cloak–Cloud cloak v. like. 2. up loose ends. contrasting. attached. 5. gloom. muggy. bolt. immediate. DRESS. billowing or breastlike.’’—Victor Hugo. doll up. uncommunicative. continuous. narrow. ending. material. fabric. finalize. JACKET. ANT. closefisted a. strip. handy. jam. un. open. *sock. retiring. punch. SECLUDED REFUGE asylum. cliffhanger. 2. terminate. near miss. copy. COMPLETE finish. 3. cloud n. contiguous. sheltered. *rags. thrash. niggardly. cover. chronometer. conspicuous. reclusive. generous. nitwit. capping. 4. 4. liquefy. undress. COAT. dolt. familiar. closet n. begin. cram. locker. birds that never sleep. hillbilly. open. overcast. blockhead. 1. hide. dry clone n. clodhopper n. lump. pummel. pl. finish- CLOISTERED a. close-minded a. grume. unfamiliar. *white-knuckler. wallop. cheap. Monks enjoy a cloistered lifestyle. vent. derstorm: mammatocumulus *buddy-buddy. parsi- rustic. secure. reti- impede. pound. DENSE cramped. public. ANT. barrier. near. thick. finery. fresh. 3. wardrobe. commodious. encumbrance. tight. SWEATER next to. nigh. merge. ignoramus. aloof. congeal. clothe v. SHUT seal. culmination. yokel. outfit. ment. wear. veil. ambulatory. travagant. distant. start. tume. 2. tying archway. *cosy bulging: billowing with. closure n. taciturn. stuffy. belt. apparel. penurious. akin. close n. drub. *heart stop- halfwit. hick. costume. mask. stingy. SHOE. blind. 1. open. severe thun- friendly. finish. coagulate. com. occlude. ANT. garb. end. miserly. [KLOIS terd] secluded. questered. reserved. obstruct. loose. storeroom. don. ANT. insular. getup. low: stratus Roget’s Superthesaurus 111 . giving. reveal. replica. penurious. uncover. packed. embolism. stuff. photofinish. SEE BOOT. outfit. strike. bed. *wind down. plicate. caparison. beat. *under one’s nose. con. approaching. stratocumulus OPPRESSIVE humid. courtyard. congestion. choke. 3. block. obstacle. SEE CLOTHING shutter. steam. bottleneck. hourglass. dress. WORD FIND pact. cou. aircraft trail: contrail confined. clot. chummy. cloister n. congest. ex- clock n. moron. distant. gallery. HAT. remote. tion. hit. cauliflowerlike. flow. garb. timer. double. dress. unreceptive. *slug. clog n. coalesce. twin. ‘‘The only in close proximity. per. nebula. cent. talkative. clot. narrow escape. occlusion. generous. secretive. stifling. 1. *penny-pinching. intrguing. ANT. ANT. oaf. thicken. broach. ‘‘Two-thirds of ple. fit out. weave. STINGY tight. congested. solid. SIMILAR comparable. clot n. loquacious. wardrobe. intolerant. stoppage. adorn. ANT. quiet. PANTS. bumpkin. put on. mute. discontinue. hermitic. compart- sanctuary. clog. 1. *call it a day. SHIRT. heavy. duds. finality.’’—Welsh proverb. shielded. opposite. cupboard. closemouthed a. remote. penny-pinching. hayseed. mysterious. deck out. fair-weather cloud: cumu- much the same. jam. tight-lipped. timepiece. at hand. occlusion. conclusion. mass. blockage. 6. SYN. *put to garments. *within shouting distance. veil. *chowderhead. habiliments. COVERED WALKWAY colonnade. shave. cease. SEE CLOSE CALL cade. stop. abbey. laconic. se. completion. broad-minded. goods. vestment. ar. free. melodramatic. JOIN unite. airy. cool. bordering. breezy. 2. miserly. unmask. attire. *close clod n. cubbyhole. connect. roomy. monious. cos- windup. INTIMATE boiling. 2. tered. clothing n. du. monastery. stop. analogous. encumber. stuffed. shel. set. conceal. tog. airless. divide. hidden. tog. lus. inseparable. *threads. puff. close. ANT. match. NEAR proximate. cloak and dagger a. fill. *thick with. simpleton. dunce. completion. haven. finale. dissimilar. niggardly. watch. segregated. retreat. disguise. thick. fog. lock. vest. attire. gum up. dealing in espionage. fuse. free-spending. *civvies. beauty. mist. separate. bar. solitary. circle around sun or moon: halo ventilated. idiot. narrow-minded. bar. clog v. farmer. close a. close call n. solidify. *squeaker. tight-fisted.

adroit. ASSOCIATION organization. clean. grasp. *trash. refined. seize. clot. club v. direct. the concrete gel. 1. offen- giveaway. grip. murky. cloddish. guide. clear. *cutup. mace. superior. awkward. mannered. blun- gray. turbid. SEE CIRCUS will coalesce in order to fight a common enemy. fuse. confused. befog. cirrostratus clutter n. fumbling. jumble. shoddy. teach. baste. trace. entice. buggy. CLUSTER aggregation. thunderhead’s anvil-shaped top: incus clutches n. divide. drillmaster. ANT. ANT. mentor. second-rate. ANT. muddle. well-mannered. fleecy cumulus cloud: woolpack. displease. sate. cooperative. come together. gag. coordinated. shape. combine. 2. catch. *having cumulus two left feet. bloc. lodge. VULGAR unrefined. rain-producing: nimbus cluster n. congrega- ripples or bands: cirrocumulus. litter. dark storm patch: scud nab. surfeit. society. mass broken off by wind: rack graceful. ANT. KLUTZY oafish. weary. clump. group. covering most of sky: possession. blackjack. in. unite. collection. ill- clump n. *whip into clout n. hands. earthy. The two factions quin. unpolished. whack. strew about. illuminate. nauseate. ar- cloudy a. hit. first- THUMP clomp. hold. ANT. phaeton. bright. tutor. 2. *thunk. jester. frag- satiate. overdo. suggestion. *dead crude. obscure. cohere. consolidation. 2. foggy. cram. *pull. set. misty. lowery. SEE FOG. hit. drill. tip. 2. distinct. 3. 1. ance or union. mare’s tail bumbling. prankster. CLOY v. veils. 1. common. clod. coupe. trash. uncoordinated. interchange. hazy. nebulous. wit. taskmaster. joker. sign. mark. uncouth. coarse a. knot. 2. assembly. blurry. ance. leaden. 1. dering. . bristly. 1. evidence. cultured. implication. handy. ungainly. on-off coagulate v. thud. clue n. rule. ramp. brougham. ANT. INFERIOR poor. swift-moving. 2. indistinct. order. clench. muddled. league. feathery tuft: cirrus. 1. ROUGH gritty. rough-hewn. bulky. group. grip.’’—Lewis Mumford. clip. lumbering. card. unre- beat. disorder. tipoff. association. shillelagh. lowering. maladroit. 3. mackeral sky tion. cumbersome. zany. ists will be lobbying for cleaner air. INFLUENCE power. school. pointer. train. nity. faction. nimble. sive. uncultured. . inference. coach n. separate. tidiness. impolite. hazy. curdle. jumble. body. SEE STREET liquefy. letic director. fuse. re- thunder and lightning: thunderhead lease. driver. disorder. power. CARRIAGE stage. polished. incor- chocolate and it will soon cloy. confederacy. hodgepodge. weld. un- horsetail-like cirrus cloud: mare’s tail manageable. lump. bang. foulmouthed. instructor. split. ANT. blind. sorority. ANT. unclear. tutor. clout. dismal. frater. mysterious. 1. STICK bat. integrate. ANT. blackjack. clique. BLOW rap. landau. billy. harsh. scratchy. coach v. [KLOY] to make sick of something SYN. merge. 2. harle. whip. clear. COALESCE v. 1. thin and white. fined. UN- stratus WIELDY awkward. merger. COALITION n. *whip. partly sunny. condense. thick and shapeless rain cloud: nimbo. OVERCAST gray. cloud v. churlish. alli. thin. refined. neaten. alli- cheon. jehu. ment. inept. Try to eat a pound of consolidate. certain. buffoon. clutter v. strike. darken. instruct. bat. radiant. dim. affiliation.Cloud–Coarse descriptive: buttermilk sky clumsy a. wisp trailing from rain cloud: virga disarray. order. 1. *sock. thicken. coachman n. mass. union. sunny. ANT. lump. drop. from having too much. order. merry-andrew. range. SYN. glut. gauche. rate. thicket. cartel. cloverleaf n. cudgel. blend. bumpy. fuzzy. squeeze. OBSCURE vague. hack. nubulous. chaos. mediocre. smooth. trun. RAIN neatness. clown n. scatter. bludgeon. mass. 2. cudgel. mime. referring to: nubilous crowd. 112 Roget’s Superthesaurus . sheep. slug. bunch. hint. study of: nephology clutch v. mingle. grainy. snare. stomp. cloverleaf. *lead. bushes. porate. graceless. partnership. pall. coterie. gether or merge as one. clear. bump. bunch. mess. control. dreary. ponderous. ‘‘Our national flower . sicken. 1. gentlemanly. veil. [KOH uh LISH un] an alli- tantalize. ath- murky. overpass. kling. high quality. custody. TRAINER teacher. 2. ance. cloak. snatch. The coalition of environmental- club n. butterfingered. grab. [KOH uh LES] to come to- comic. alto. polite. weight. SYN. litter. telltale. mass. 2. congeal. *all thumbs. batter. crass. cake. mess.

gin. prick. roll. midlength: midi arrogant. cherry brandy. under the influence: *chalked up fell. *sugar. grenadine: injectable cocaine: *soda shark bite intravenous mix of cocaine and heroin or rum. *blow. foolish. strand. full of oneself. GLASS. beach. vermouth. drug. tequila. fruit juice and brandy: sangria toot rum. *nose candy. red wine. toke. highball. mint leaves. shot glass. DRINK. wool. NARCOTIC coat. uncertain. stick up. light *Peruvian. blow. 2. unblinking. *Bolivian marching powder. *rush peach schnapps. whacky. pelage. lop- formal: tails. gin. cockerel. 2. rum. invei. duffel coat timid. syrup: mint julep blandish. club soda. *gift of the sun god. *butter up. dered sugar: Singapore sling cocaine n. crème de cacao. pineapple juice. club soda. cross-eyed. cock n. certain. *paradise. top. whipped cream: cocaine and heroin: *Belushi Irish coffee dose: line Kahlúa. SEE dium coat ALCOHOL. 1. rational. controlled substance. ego- raincoat: slicker. *cockamamie. *joy powder. confident. *rope in. wheedle. cinna- coax v. Coast–Cocktail coast n. strutting. 1. cigarette laced with cocaine: *coolie. awry. rooster. centered. marine rescue. smug. hide. self-assured. rock cocaine: *crack littoral. slide. utensil: coke spoon nation. orange juice. *white cream: Barbary Coast horse. mousy. WORD FIND cock v. cream: sombrero high: *buzz. plaid and short: mackinaw bourbon. over- sportcoat: blazer bearing. pineapple juice. CROOKED askance. flight deck. transporting or smuggling: trafficking coat n. *snort. cajole. seaside. ANT. beverage. 3. coconut cream: pina amphetamine: *speedball colada marijuana and cocaine inside a cigar: *blunt rum. bourbon. delmonico. brandy. bourbon. mixed drink. inhale burning fumes of: freebase cranberry juice: sex on the beach inhale through nostrils: snort. grenadine. insane. FUR pelt. overconfident. play up to. finish. aperitif. SEE DRUG. ets. persuade. SEE BEACH rocks of crack rolled into a marijuana ciga- coast v. 2. 1. local anesthetic. fleece. gin. shore. windbreaker. tog. toggle-buttoning: toggle coat. rum. snifter. Alexander *crystal. mon: hot toddy lure. trenchcoat tistical. cocksure a. hot coffee. boiling water. off-center. cocktail n. stupid. *Bernice. vodka: Long Island iced lady. beg. marine patrol. sugar: old-fashioned SEE JACKET bourbon. lemon. tentative. vodka. con. long. talk into. *happy dust. *nuts. shy. gin. raise. wrap. sweet talk. white crème de cacao. rette: *woolie coast guard n. tea *foo-foo dust. drift. cocky. cream: pink lady *poison. WINE woman’s long coat with large pockets: duster WORD FIND woolen. sour mix. waterproof coat with drawstring hood: sta. classic with black velvet collar: chesterfield cockeyed a. bitters. sure. *stardust. cloves. bloated. swaggering. *Doctor White. LIQUEUR. gin. beguile. lime: tidal pipe: crack pipe wave purify: freebase Scotch. sane. layer. loose with wide sleeves cut in one ANT. COATING covering. positive. press. sweet and sour: Daiquiri numbness caused by: *freeze rum. *wings. cream. *white gin. gin. *ice. nutmeg garnish: *freebase. *mojo. wine glass *woola Irish whiskey. narcotic. pow- gle. ab- large overcoat: greatcoat surd. tuxedo sided. cabin. scotch. askew. drambuie: rusty nail Roget’s Superthesaurus 113 . *speedball. *witch. olive: martini WORD FIND glass: cocktail glass. piece with shoulders: raglan cockpit n. glide. *stuff. brash. *snow. vodka. *coke. sugar. unsure. long raincoat or overcoat with several pock. OVERCOAT jacket. RIDICU- full-length: maxi LOUS silly. glissade. straight. lami. soda. belt: trenchcoat unflinching. lime and ice: gin rickey *crack. cooler. seaboard. preposterous. skim.

twine. disagree. legal tender. Bloody Mary oblivious. rise potent. with salt: Margarita cogitate v. square. unaware. meditate. specie. something by intimidation or threats. invent. SYN. scare tactics. charter. screw. *machine oil. SYN. hairdo. vermouth with cherry: Manhattan coherence a. sarcopha. ineffec- tequila. 2. strong-arm tactics. codify v. treasury. pine box. lime juice: Kami. dred. Kahlúa: black Russian cognate a. rider. cork- persuasion. soda. bullying. conclusive. [KOH junt] strongly convincing. fabri- mocha. consistency. vodka. His argument was cogent. intimidation. accident. orange juice. dote on. contemplate. cut. *fickle finger of fate. capital. or. classify. SEE MONEY. money. alike. coin v. orange juice: DEATH slow comfortable screw COGENT a. colleague. cafe noir. *mud. ‘‘Break fluid. aware. *arm-twisting. Southern Comfort. incoherence. ANT. equal. be concurrent. pressure. understandable. chest. was still coherent. serendipity. coin n. kin- vodka. box which no one cares to open. attach. scare. whiskey. impel. unlike. lime juice: scious. unconvincing. grenadine: tequila sun. con- vodka. brew. whiskey. intelligible. addendum. COERCE v. affiliated. jibe. finances. cherry gar. in- spoil. *paint re. mollycoddle. cow. cryptograph. coil n. 1. originate. piece. SEE COCKSURE correspondence. consistency. agreement. common. reserves. cate. funds. twirl. pal. cohesion. rational. concurrence. twist. He’d had a few drinks but he rules. triple sec. match. synchronize. *joe. [KOG ni zunt] aware. orange juice: screwdriver COGNIZANT a. 1. convolution. concur. unite. spiral. mover. articulate. canon. . trim. Anderson. logical. vortex. in- vodka. unity. coinage. beef bouillon: bull shot think over. ceive. coffer n. associated. harmonize. fortuity. pall. cherry: whiskey hold. mint. railroad. associate. loop. deliberate. comrade. SEE coffee n. buddy. indulge. pamper. orange juice. forceful. *wooden overcoat. order. catafalque. sweet and sour. join. making sense. safe. convincing. accord. agree. curlicue. neologize. coincide. cocky a. ANT. coddle v. knowing. 114 Roget’s Superthesaurus . force. cling. in the know. rim of glass frosted tive. wind. *bat. SYN. congruity. ANT. conscious. vermouth. ethics. SEE HAIR strain. casket. sweet and sour. circle. ally. cherry garnish: Rob Roy Elbert Hubbard. snake. formed. tomato juice: understanding. con. cranberry juice. different. ignorant. *do. gus. synchronic- tal . weigh. menacing. vault. ‘‘An ornamen. railroading. MONEY puccino. powerful. bind. baby. whiskey. assets. sinuate. intimidate. loop. braid. Galliano: Harvey Wall. wrong. persuade. corkscrew. supporter. accord. dream up. sound. coffers n. differ. turn. compose. sweet and sour. triple sec curacao. means. ring. generic. file. Are you cognizant of the deteriorating cosmopolitan environment? SYN. chance. apprised. group. ponder. SEE CEMETERY. [koh URS] to force one to do cohort n. acquainted with. nonsensical.’’—R. dovetail.R. confusing. *crude. code n. correspond. effective. duress. be synonymous. convolute. . bully. comprehensible. LAWS regulations. coffin n. ANT. weighty. appendix. think up. happenstance. espresso. *pick-me-up. meaningful. standards. coincide v. nish: sloe gin fizz compelling. *twist one’s arm. codicil n. SECRET WRITING cipher. vodka. STICK adhere. companion. impel. coincidence n. incoherent. AGREE harmonize. related. compel. system. *java. tequila. BANK ANT.’’— ity. coiffure n. change. 2. akin. unrelated. threats. vodka. ac- peers can coerce you to do things you know are complice. ble. COHERENT a. cafe au lait. spiral. kaze enlightened. vodka. FUNERAL. persuasive. *heat. *decaf. helix. make. sloe gin. lucid. *pin money. fluke. strongbox. devise. permanent. coercion n. catalog. coil v. cater to. *blackstrap. pressure. Your sidekick. make up. [ko HEER unt] intelligible. mindful. weak. create. strong-arm.Cocky–Coincidence Scotch. fit. harmony. copper. chum. arrange. con- banger nected. worcestershire sauce. ginger ale: highball cohere v. cryptogram. constraint. ANT. cosset. cap. con- tery acid. unintelligi- ganize. sloe gin. consider. familiar. force. corre- sour spond.

hoard. dis. sort. colleague n. composed. thology. unfeeling. company. separate. joint. assortment. squirrel away. ANT. at ease. 1. collude. icy. bring into custody. remote. where pebbles are polished and diamonds collapse v. assemblage. cough. cumulative. bond. cold shoulder n. hat. turbed. crumble. cool. ANT. hostilities. *partner in crime. harvest. nervous. quisling. ‘‘[Where one] may learn the ‘principles’ of breakdown. indirect. lose fluky. *get it together. ‘‘Making the beast with two backs. fortuitous. corporate. consummation. unruffled. catch. contributor. confrere. collaborate v. *bug. Sl. 3. placid. reap. virus. compilation. 1. co-worker. unflappable. ma- fertory. ancillary. ANT. contribution. cataclysm. cohort. UNFRIENDLY OR ALOOF icy. muster. gather. collective a. heterosexual union. congress. campus. partner. humane.C. ill-at-ease. cold sore n. planned. subordinate. brutal. 2. insensitive. hend. *collapse advanced degree: postgraduate degree. sexual intercourse. appre- coitus n. warm. mating. sweltering. tension. fainting. PULL ONESELF TOGETHER gather one’s distant. hodgepodge. ampitheater. 1. 2. be stricken. alms. order. raise. casual. doctorate Roget’s Superthesaurus 115 . combined. lucky. drafty. *roll in the collateral n. apathetic. partner. *nookie. anything. *sniffles. break. forni. graduate school. take mean. guarantee. store. timidity. disintegration. stony. collaborator. round up. assembly. fail. icy. swoon. ANT. mate. accidental. or the ‘principles’ of market- FALLING ILL breakdown. SEE SEX collateral a. ation. snub. coldhearted a. SEE COLD collective n. succumb. *teeth-chat. prostration. herpes. hyperboreal. sympathetic. wilt. give way. coauthor. secondary. slump over. supplementary. cold n. OBTAIN acquire. *pass the 3. *partner in crime. and fundamental. congregation. nail. ANT. SEE COLD poised. *war of words. calm. convene. rivalry. relax. college n. antagonism. aloofness. 2. coldness. who has never crash. compatriot. 4. CAVE IN fall. foundering. ACCUMULATION cumulation. Furnas. fetch. *halls of ivy. group. warranty. collaborator n. mass. OFFERING tithe. coliseum n. 3. freezing. cool. ACCUMULATE OR ASSEMBLE gather. ‘‘A place ness. tering cold. nasal congestion. crumple. unapproachable. topple. pile up. team compound. break down. common. pile. theater. solicit. undoing. calm down. confederate. collect v. cluster. disregard. cold a. seminary. collected a. wits. individual. academy. coauthor. anxiety. 2. congregate. arctic. callous.’’—Abraham Flexner. up. collage n. pledge. frosting. stantial. sold anything. supporting. noncha- cold feet n.D. copulation. runny nose. join forces. mas- like a house of cards. polytechnic. bone-chilling. capture. ulcer- gathering. succumb. biting. frosty. federate. hot. bitter. below zero. are dimmed. arena. open. failure. frosty. flock. second thoughts. Siberian. seizure. canker sore. flustered. chance. 1. buckling. 2. consciousness. brush-off.D. slump. university. stadium. aggregate. wintry. cho posturing. *anesthetizing. save. soulless. meet. gelid. amass. insurance. associate. hoard. fever. buckle. ful. composite. stockpile. nippy. work together. security. school. bowl. give out. lant. unfeeling. con. stinging. mutual. downfall. collapse n. aggregation. regain merciless. cold-blooded a. cluster. ‘‘An ailment incidental. cool. idle threats. merci. group. a collection n. friendly. institu- colleague. institute of higher learning. peer. group. blister. ter’s. arrange. brisk. PICK UP get. per- reservations. agitated. unperturbed. levelheaded. away.’’— surety. conspire. corroborating. alma mater. collate v. fear. an- cold war n. unified. of- one upsmanship. one’s composure. who has never marketed ing. Shakespeare. COLD-BLOODED uncaring. piercing. 2. toppling. CAVE-IN fall. CHILLY frigid.’’—C. team- numbing. stony. ing from a Ph. loss of conscious. FALL ILL keel over. seize. coryza. cruel. nab. circum. deliberate. ruthless. 1. juxtapose. fold up. salesmanship from a Ph. Coincidental–College coincidental a. WORD FIND founder. tant. heartless. vocational school. compile. 1. cured in two weeks with a doctor’s care. SEE ARREST cation. dismisssal. raw. cooperate. get. closed. coworker. co-op.’’—Robert Ingersoll. cooperative. hay. in fourteen days without it. unsociable. serendipitous. tion. primary. algid. collar v. composition. parallel. self-possessed.

UNIN- TERESTING dull. deceit. pocket-sized. pileup. PILLAR support. ANT. 2. impact. conversational. 1. iridescent. biased. washed-out. manding. course: major. flush. bloom. blow. flag. extravagant. leviathan. *frosh. 116 Roget’s Superthesaurus . accident. *humongus. stain. STATUE. senior teacher: professor colorless a. drab. glow. mighty. monstrous. discus. ANT. SYN. pavonine. everyday. distinctive. homey. ROOKIE sion. pier. magna cum laude colored a. 2. blush. distorted. Hercules. monumental. mammoth. leave of absence. housing: dorm. tinge. BRIGHTLY OR VARIOUSLY COLORED grounds: campus. GROUP community. *ho-hum. *smashup. gigantic. standard. 1. 1. 1. folksy. microscopic. enormous. glamorous. imbue. giant. nondescript. gray. SEE HORSE. toilet wa. quadrangle vivid. uate work scheme. distinctive. *cahoots. colossal a. mountain. meet head-on. graphic. colt n. SCHOOL. ACHROMATIC blanched. dwarf. misrep- honors: summa cum laude resented. prodigious. God- unaffected. Lilliputian. daub. ANT. scholarly. massive. DISAGREE clash. regent. ior. suffuse. insignia. gargantuan. finals PLEXION color. *dirty dealings. lackluster. tiny. frolicsome. turn crimson. territory. lethargic. flush. 1. collegiate a. faded. ANT. graduate ‘‘with great praise’’ or honors: flame. *fenderbender. girl: coed color v. vivid. lifeless. towering. glow. bang. simple. oppose. bleached. [kuh LOO zhun] a conspir. eccentric. mammoth. discourse. graduate ‘‘with highest praise’’ or highest exaggerated. yearling. pal- treasurer: bursar lid. partial. tone. chromatic. intrigue. graduate: alumnus cast. cret agreement. collide v. *ho-hum. achromatic. dialogue. glamorous. sloth- acy. band. strik- half year: semester ing. president: chancellor. Brobdingnagian. rosiness. tenure unique. brotherhood: fraternity dependency. fraud. dormitory rainbowlike. gaudy. COM- exams: midterms. chatty. INTEREST- permanence of position granted to professor: ING unusual. upright. SEE MONSTER. titan. collegial. *as distinctive as a brick student: freshman. shaft. dynamic. Fred worked in collusion with the drug car. bookish. pavonine. outpost. academic. immense. council. transparent. pigment. her- COLLOQUIAL a. 2. romping. prexy ANT. unbiased. *crack-up. university. ful. famil. provost. colloquial form of writ. A relaxed. BLUSH graduates: alumni redden. dull. paint. learned. HUE tint. brighten. offbeat. 1. titanic. unstudied. badge. vernacular. 1. monster. psychedelic. ing is often best. zilla. pylon. dining hall: refectory coloring. ANT. insignificant. variegated. *as eye-catching as a brick smash. com- nating informal or conversational speech. conspiracy. PAINT dye. staggering. fragrance. loud. quad. chromatic. 1. elective color n. Samson. [kuh LOH kwee ul] desig. gamboling. tint. Cyclops. formal. dull. Goliath. coltish a. jaundiced. rud- general knowledge studies: liberal arts diness. province. collision n. charge for instruction: tuition 2. playful. affected. objective. CRASH INTO bump. bump. pilaster. bone. influenced. 2. frisky. ANT. racket. dye. stain. minor. *t. shade. pallid. *pip- pedantic. hemoth. infor. WHALE colloquy n. colors n. *street. vibrant. perky.Collegiate–Column advanced studies after graduation: postgrad. plow into. graduation ceremony: commencement colorful a. conflict. nondescript. hit. writing. chat. midget. talk. agricultural college: cow college colony n. sideswipe. squeak. registrar ing. in the wall. colossus n. awe-inspiring. vibrant. post. be- mal. sophomore. literary. spirited. pint-sized. jolt. complicity. conversation. tone. casual. *as distinctive as a plain brown wrapper. crash. wash. Gargantua. scent. huge. culian. iar. pale. vapid. *shrimp. colorful. bloom. multihued. column n. picturesque. wreck. relating to: collegiate drab. flock. florid. lackluster. neu- SEE DEGREE. etc. conference. prejudiced. cast. 2. se. tinge. showy. 2. *as distinctive as sisterhood: sorority a plain brown wrapper. eye-catch- official: dean. perfume. SYN. blazon. jun- in the wall. SETTLEMENT community. banner. professor’s: sabbatical screaming. kaleidoscopic. COLLUSION n. UNIVERSITY tral. ter. cologne n. foal. tel to smuggle narcotics. 2. burn. 1. possession.

antagonistic. creature comforts. discipline. 2. contentious. drop in. 1. burning. consolidation. lampoon. deep sleep. Corinthian. contest. travesty. soldier. meet. cutup. arrive. onist. conglomerate. stick. ANT. gloom. ignition. ity. inflammable. stupor. celestial body. WELL-BEING ease. comb v. bloc. skirmish. chance. ‘‘The very last alternative to zant. orbital point nearest to sun: perihelion compound. drollery. consolidate. league. produce. seriousness. come upon vi. *poking fun. catalepsy. comic. jesting. surrounding gas and particles. pugna. repulsive. ANT. string. bump into. *card. 2. DRESS HAIR comely a. make an appearance. man-figure column: atlas rejoinder. vaudeville. formation. con. partner. SPACE blend. joining. peace. coma tion. assemblage. oxidation. physical comedy. trailing particles: tail ship. transpire. separate. hilarity. wed. retribution. BUILDING comedy of errors. aggregation. wit. FARCE burlesque. 2. foe. Peter Ustinov. check in. buf- ten columns. cooperate. orbital point farthest from sun: aphelion glomeration. SEARCH seek. HUMOR joking. APPROACH near. look over thoroughly. fair. come-on n. sitcom. envelope: SOCIATION alliance. faction. bonny. conscious. deferential. SEE SLEEP parody. peaceful. plain. having: distyle comedy n. scour. *nice. joker. WORD FIND militant. having: octastyle pass. coziness. liners. esprit porch. black comedy. Composite. belligerent. incendiary. *cosmic wanderer. arise. train. *schtick. composite. inducement. alert. 1. up. ugly. affiliation. divide. 1. nucleus and coma: head amalgamation. 2. aggregate. jester. kin. unsnarl. *top ba- top: capital nana. riposte. aggressive. 1. handsome. enemy. columned: portico de l’escalier. arrive. come up with vi. punishment. unite. LURE tender. beautiful. fine. orbital debris. clash. unconsciousness. gle. lovely. satisfaction. fight. coali. fix. tragedy. sluggish. 1. incineration. cutting up. ‘‘That move toward. burnable. *iceball. con. min. comedienne. cute. smooth. dove. contentment. ANT. REVIVAL resurgence. union.’’— inert. diffusing. able. nate. 1. unresponsive. Doric. *beat the bushes. invent. clown. struggle. war. winsome. ANT. five columns. *bit. SHOW UP show. suggest. proces. flammable. MIX join. pretty. fireball combination n. comeuppance n. ANT. think up. AS. pacify.’’—Franklin Marcus. *ethe- combative a. come to eight columns. *blow in. luxury. straight man. ANT. come compound. op. 1. ignit. having: pentastyle comeback n. ness. vast repository of: Oort Cloud combine v. antag. Coma–Comfort WORD FIND appear. repartee. union. flame. oblivion. material- classical orders: Ionic. contend. battle. entertainer. stuporous. hawkish. cataleptic. arrange. go. rally. leave. cious. *stand-up. skit. *zany. draw near. stealthy thing that enters the house as a Roget’s Superthesaurus 117 . funnyman. despair. style. ize. answer. combustion n. blazing. 1. put forth. takeoff. having: decastyle foon. having: hexastyle humorist. buffoonery. tranquil- dling. good- combat v. slap- comatose a. merge. recovery. ANT. send- 2. make peace. satire. attractive. assailant. battler. SEE ASTRONOMY. fall. base: plinth. real snowball. file. turn up. amalgamate. *stellar nomad. warrior. having: tetrastyle turn. series of: colonnade comedian n. comfort n. re- four columns. sion. unconscious. hostile. solemnity. come v. comet n. propose. *one- insensate. pose. ANT. LINE row. rake. 2. explosive. lifeless. surrender. 3. parody. SEE ARCHITECTURE. TAKE PLACE occur. witticism. 1. Tuscan happen. across. enticement. federation. rebirth. MIXTURE mix. homely. assemble. silli- coma n. Sl. *out of it. calming. slap- woman-figure column: caryatid stick. create. ANT. advance. happiness. icy center: nucleus passive. ‘‘A funny way of being serious. six columns. quarrelsome. fighter. close in. encounter. pleasing. two columns. SEE combatant n. SNAPPY REPLY retort. pedestal roll in. 2. looking. amalgam. just combustible a. pop in. origi- safe. ensue. comedy of manners. mistaken for a: meteor. peacemaker. deserts. blending. ANT. gags. cogni. satire. depart. brush.

ANT. ignore. destitute. slap. reporter. ANT. word or two. forthcoming. dic. endorse. analysis. authority. ble. observation. head. observe. den. far-reaching. OVERLOOKING Ingersoll. influence. trouble. arrival. SEE LAW disproportionate. ending. jocular. laughable. oversee. ob- fiscate. distant. noble. government.’’—Robert impressive. remark. ‘‘The great civilizer. offing. glect. ANT. SOLACE conso. give an ultimatum. imposing. uncomfortable. run. leadership. proportionate. roses. mercantil- trolling. RECOMMEND extol. launch. alist. start. corresponding. relief. begin. ORDER demand. prescription. dominating. *head honcho. merchandising. commendable a. solace. ORDER imperative. con. in accord. WORD FIND laxed. pro- injunction. supervisory. appropriate. leader. ing. opine. wacky. comment. seize. grave. captain. approval. uphold. ANT. follower. inauguration. untroubled. help. warrant. serious. *make a crack. allel. and then a wide. satisfactory. discomfort. ANT. utterance. carefree. aggravate. compatible. nearing. support. relieve. award. 1. re. rotten. memorialize. demotion. witty. at onset. ne- comfort v. GRADUATION CEREMONIES graduation. relative. usurp. agony. whimsical. prominent. CON. mitigate. crit- enjoin. imminient. comment v. tranquil. state. mention. observer. salute. 2. genesis. COMMENSURATE a. confer. commentary. critique. salve. CONTROL rule. ANT. approaching. *points. charge. pleasant. ultimatum. The pay scale is com- tate. remark. interpreter. divergent. 2. subordi. com. ize. master. rave. and then becomes a host. open. SYN. in- commander n. dominion. *pat on the coming a. laudable. 1. inconsistent. reviewer. lift. square. 1. industry. underling. take. praise. rich. icism. ludicrous. mensurate with experience. dictate. alleviate. ENTRUST turn over. opening. law. solemnize. expansive. plaudit. amusing. termination. say a lead. zany. edict. exact. acclaim. celebrate. con. content. commanding officer. *in a bed of 1. 1. ous. support. reassurance. commentator n. *good word. 2. ANT. 2. bolster. nate. dominate. end. reassure. laud. summon. 2. praiseworthy. govern. expound. bedcover. broke. 2. *biggest toad critic. hijack. next. bid. kudos. buying and selling. impending. utter. criticism. business. squalid. critique. tion. meri- stick. charge. soothe. comfortable a. cheer. retreating. 2. master. sufficient. governing. compli- comic n. word. assign. imperious. ANT. smear. claim. side-split- torious. commandeer v. dictatorial. farcical. dominating. men- TROL rule. *in clover. decree. exposition. coextensive. towering. direct. anticipated. outset. dawn. ruling. servation. confide. *brass. AUTHORITATIVE powerful. humor. commandment n. ANT. point out. disparage- at hand. contemptible. advancing. touch on. nearing. transfer. trade. emergence. funny. honor. exemplary. SEE COMEDIAN ment. marketing. supervise. SEE BUSINESS 118 Roget’s Superthesaurus . direct. commerce n. make note. analyst. opinion. remem- viation. forthcom- back. pay tribute. skipper. remark. immortal- 2. relegate. ism. terminate. well-to-do. ANT. quilt. word. *Ma’am. peace. *thumbs up. far-off. *crack. dishonor. glad. criticism. make. direct. loony. dictate. pundit. di. poor. fiat. alle. comment n. esti- ting. hilarious. *wheeling and dealing. *Sir. editori- in the puddle. par- power. *CO. toady. initiate. expropriate. praise. appropriate. mable. admirable. mention. charge. equal.Comfort–Commerce guest. chief. traffic. serene. 1. burden. ANT. terpretation. comforter n. in change. 1. ex- commanding a. tragic. commemorate v. ac- approach. commence v. BEGINNING start. upper hand. *kiss-up. portionate. commend v. supremacy. prescribe. aggravation. disparage. boss. in the ment. command v. opinion. coinciding. comical a. tribute. unburden. rection. despica- solemn. *give the word. commentary n. agreeable. statement. SEE COMMAND miseration. observe. ANT. [kuh MEN sur it] command n. cheer. assuage. criticize. flat hat: mortarboard SEE GRADUATION ample. droll. succor. coming n. advent.’’—Kahlil Gibran. satisfied. to scale. wealthy. acclaim. ber. lation. 2. sympathy. review. consign. directive. superior. 1. commendation n. ANT. pain. excellent. recommendation. console. reign. fitting. troubled. applaud. compel. on the horizon. behest. miserable. criticize. 1. say-so. FEELING GOOD at ease. WELL-OFF FINANCIALLY address: valedictory prosperous. require. equal. hearten. cozy. head. 1. commencement n.

place in custody. broadcast. appoint. relate. enact.’’—Ralph Waldo comfort. pity. ENTRUST charge. panel. itation. profit-making. TALK converse. experience. hubbub. SEE COMMON COMMISERATE v. everyday. miserate together. pass on. cramped. ignorance. closed. *hot. coarse. autho. collec. discuss. contract for. disclosure. consign. 1. obli. oneness. ANT. rare. inferior. candid. muse. bind. refined. ag- council. give and take.’’—Franklin P. communicate. disquiet. com- invest. Twins turning forty com. im- committee n. reserved. 3. 4. marketing. in average. ness. vest. loquacious. potty. usual.’’—Ralph Waldo Emerson. advertisement. vast. PONDER think. tive. advanced. generally. tee. transmission. demand. uncommon. entrepreneurial. charge. large. CONVEYANCE correspon- with others. taciturn. speak inti- tionalize. rumpus. 1. SYN. converse. disclose. patch. 3. ANT. contact. communicable a. item. collective. spreadable. prudence. uproar. close- spread. cut. article. COMPENSATION fee. AUTHORIZATION relegation. catch- commitment n. intercourse. cabinet. trust. vile. expres- commodious a. ing. transact. unre- common a. *pull off. BASIC simple. interface. wide. engage. confine. bulletin. extensive. base. touch base. merchandise. ANT. appoint. dedication. routinely. stock. turbulence. console. exchanging. co- commit v. rapport. product. rou. commotion n. native intelligence. dence. BOARD committee. rize. convey. promise. second-rate. stir. MARKETABLE salable. distance. liability. message. board. news. 2. spacious. excitement. habitually. union. savvy. *run-of-the. ‘‘A thing which tell. allowance. with. power. delegate. public. 2. 1. SACRAMENT Holy Com- rudimentary. responsibility. mer. ANT. flect. on tail. takes a week to do what one good man can express. 3. talkative. engage. 2. *kibbutz. trade. normally. give one’s word. authority. ADVERTISING private. capacious. to-do. promise. private. SEE ADVER. tion. interface. INCARCERATE commune v. 2. non- vow. seldom. sion. usually. swear. part. 4. 4. property. SEE TOILET change. transmit. dedicate. lighten. acumen. reveal. general. mately with. Jones. collective. ordinarily. communication. mingle. pidity. goods. re- gate. payment. clothes. interplay. PERPETRATE do. regular. incommunicable. 1. cooperative. alienation. joint. engage. hospitalize. ache for. communicative a. aver. disclosure. hire. inform. TISEMENT. common. stinct. ity. stu- entrusting. SEE MIX commonplace a. share. good sense. pledge. meditate. in- sympathize. seren- commission v. *once in a blue moon. consign. expansive. ad. ruckus. individual. breaking of bread. mean. COMMUNITY communal. thing. mutual. correspond. communicate v. 2. MERCANTILE business. harmony. small. ANT. typical. ad hoc committee. condole. 1. perform. operative. levelheadedness. 1. 1. delegation. contemplate. commune n. commonly adv. delegate. communion n. superior. relegate. judgment. execute. munity. remuneration. shared. voluble. order. royalty. age. exchange. high-class. confer imprison. *gabby. transmittable. dis- tight. agency. chaos. shared. rashness. report. munion. individual. obliga- transmittable. tine. undertaking. reg- chandising. 2. mutual. flurry. 3. *john. vulgar. bleed for. Roget’s Superthesaurus 119 . contagious. cheap. Commercial–Communion commercial n. served. tranquility. open. enlist. turmoil. wholesale. wisdom. charge. ORDINARY commonplace. vesting. ware. ANT. roomy. council. commis- sion. ample. familiar. blend. interchange. expressive. PLEDGE devote. interaction. ex- commode n. forthright. institu. peace. commingle v. feel sorry for. rarely. ANT. Emerson ‘‘Genius dressed in its working commission n. stillness.’’—Elbert Hubbard. 2. object. charge. proclaim. task force. steering commit. share one’s sorrow. Eucharist. as a rule. ‘‘The shortest grieve with. community. industrial. universal. 2. ANT. extraordinary. sound pity or feel sorry for. re. *horse sense. announce. fellowship. communal a. effect. prevailing. commodity n. stipend. LOW sleazy. commercial a. line between two points. Mass. [kuh MIZ uh RATE] to common sense n. report. ularly. ANT. INTIMACY sharing. assign. ‘‘An ar. 1. inform. 1. rangement enabling one to share the blame communication n. mill. confide. en- do in an hour. hurly-burly. shared. bustle. standard. complex. public. carry out. infectious. CORRESPONDENCE communique.

antago- precis. treaty. compare v. ing. similarity. *chumminess. 2. analogy. compact v. allowance. recompense. cordant. tie. weigh. rec- lowship. concen. bully. pithy. warm. congruous. ANT. thetic. pay. people. correlation. adroitness. ANT. force. unfriendly. tussle. in rapport. dispatch. ANT. bay. receptacle. partner. capitalism. combat. COMPANIONSHIP friendship. command. weighing. near. division. feeling. section. horns. drive. spond. sympathetic. cubbyhole. siz- ment. rival. feeling. announce. throng. 1. and all of mine is thine. match. skill. charitable. agreeable. good-natured. *lock LARITIES contrast. mate. pi- bedroom community. gregarious. *what it takes. analogous. presence. cold-bloodedness. society. reward. con- Plautus. likeness. countervail. different. brief. heart. differentiate. ‘‘What is 2. buddy. outgoing. business. *in sync with. message. communication. ANT. district. easy-going. *on the same wave- 2. approximate. associate. entourage. 1. report. residents. friendly. 4. caller. bond. tight-knit. prolonged. cognate. squeeze together. reverse. iden- Communist Manifesto. close. grace. indifferent. enterprise. mary. make restitution. kind- bargain. group. balance. handy. love. congenial. large. recoupment. correlate. 1. We were provided with a compendium congenial. *the right a candle to. firm. clement. booth. SMALL portable. compassionate a. drive. soften. counterbalance. band. OR SIMILARITIES contrasting. condensation. tion. ing up. CHARGE substitute. SYN. finesse. require. 2. bus. 2. simpatico. identify with. compassion n. fel. condensed. sti- ponding. GROUP fund. sule. 1. company n. RESEMBLE corre. confederate. brief. digest. ANT. FIRM corporation. population. sociable. repayment. neighborhood. un- trate. compensation n. unit. pack. nasty. 3. Leninism. OFFSET neutralize. carpool. take on. spar. mitigate. socialism. ruth. tate. press. establishment. commute v. akin. jolly.Communiqué–Competence communiqué n. inadequacy. relate. elongated. agreeable. restitu- comparable a. LIKENING equating. stuff. repay. kindness.’’— mation. counterpart. concern. ability. TRAVEL commiseration. summary. collectivism. niche. bulletin. nook. stall. ompense. succinct. merciful. double. compress. 1. cerned. corres. concise. 1. consolidate. *buddy- of the most salient points. settlement. covenant. understanding. empathy. agreement. *hold proficiency. compressed. inability. Marxism. charity. 1. compels one to file a tax return honestly. pay. cold. friend. take after. tiny. incompatible. scrutiny.’’— nection. 2. syllabus. sympathy. counteract. remuneration. citizenry. differentiation. parallel. suburb. match. cell. EXAMINE FOR DIFFERENCES OR SIMI. ab- buddy. inspect. vie. equalize. compatible a. colleague. fitness. blow up. con- pact. soft. magnanimous. difference. SHORT length. compete v. loosen. hamlet. gathering. loving. expand. necessi- ego. mercy. insist. expertise. scrutinize. Conscience 3. ANT. POLITICS compartment n. condense. 3. companion n. partner. cold-blooded. ANT. equal. stract. ac- thick. tract. competence n. oblige. lic. humane. refund. in- shuttle. hearted. make. 3. abridged. borough. go up against. expanded. alter. concern. escort. *like apples and oranges. synopsis. cancel out. loose. cap- community n. RESEMBLANCE correspondence. approaching. ment. COMPEL v. adequacy. rade. alter constrain. tender. ‘‘Abolition of private property. *know-how. mastery. matching. incompe- comparison n. 2. re- VISITOR guest. clubby. modify. incongruous. disregard. com. salary. *take. *match wits. [kum PEN dee um] a sum- companionable a. compensate v. DENSE solid. sympa- compact a. approxi- thine is mine. slot. geonhole. GOVERNMENT. parallel. arrangement. Bolshevism. SEE FRIEND COMPENDIUM n. harmonious. close. troupe. ANT. dissimilar. size up. grapple. stack up against. EXAMINATION OF DIFFERENCES tence. compact n. REMUNERATE reimburse. [kum PEL] to force. aloof. reimburse- ship. study. on a par with. ANT. contest. outfit. room. chum. contract. battle. similar. pressed. cram. friends over. LIKEN equate. relation. alike. inspection. pend. wages. match- communism n. consistent. consideration. benefit. adjust. affinity. cubicle. SEE tification with. contend. measurement. nistic. 3. con. party. *make good. 120 Roget’s Superthesaurus . capability. SYN. pub. impermeable. ponderous. category. coerce. sembly. pity. as. feeling. equal. deal. face off. abridgement. *go head to head. fellow. sidekick.

competitor. profi. assem. CONTEST match. assem. untroubled. accomplish. ailment. undivided. adroit. 1. closing. ANT. rosy. mottled. clear. paral- one-on-one. secure. finalization. battle. obsidian. inade. plenary. encoun. disorder. sufficient. smug. conciliatory. accomplish- compilation n. order. ambitious. laud. consummation. Olympian. tournament. grumble. 1. pendulous. burned. qualified. opposition. conclude. balance. 2. meet. compile v. uncut. *call it a day. trial. gracious. sharp. tint. COLLECTION assembly. ghastly. ra- lem. ANT. hue. *the whole shooting match. collecting. whine. blage. clincher. un- *cutthroat. dogfight. cast. crowning. prob. crown. sum. begin- 2. ad. *kick. *raise a fuss. finish. fit. perfect. unfathomable. gather. complaisant a. disease. qualified. ANT. pitch. complete v. combative. *bitch. raw-boned gripe. tarnished penny. objection. ment. complementary a. fight to the death. completing. *polished off. realized. at ease. fin- contention. anthologize. assortment. stink. protest. con. able. congregate. competitive a. [kum PLAY sunt] to be truse. anthology. pale. remain- cient. fulfilling. pasty. start. cavil. labyrinthine. fulfill. moled. accumulating. grouse. challenger. complement v. completion n. perfecting. difficult. reciprocal. *dog-eat-dog. contented. incompetent. gripe. free-for-all. fight for supremacy. protest. *ROUNDING-OFF crown. *full of oneself. compliant. GRIEVANCE *beef. WHOLE entire. *wrap up. real- battle royal. knotty. healthy: peaches and cream. grumble. SKIN COLORING tone. blushing tial. pink/red: scarlet. like scalded milk. corresponding. tawny. satis. versary. ANT. adversary. raisin. *wrapping up. gripe. accumulation. concluded. apple-cheeked. aged: leathery. abs- COMPLACENT a. close. plished. round out. all. striving. contradictory. consolidating. dark as a mill pond. total. *put *jockeying for position. completion. crown. affliction. intricate. group. challenger. beaten. COMPILING gathering. cryptic. liver-spot- cerned. begin. perplexing. disagree. sickly: cadaverous. 2. complicated. full-fledged. cadaverous. THOROUGH absolute. nutbrown. pink. furrowed. *one-upmanship. difficult. uncon. realization. adequate. ing touch. *wrapped up. 3. *squawk. competition n. *bellyache. grueling. brown as the fault. SYN. MALADY ven. 1. carp. *on the ball. find brown/black: ebony. crimson. weathered acorn. quate. mottled. any. lentil. finalize. complexion n. competition. troubled. accommodating. amass. fulfilled. to bed. obliging. glowing. insecure. contestant. integral. parch- pleased with oneself. 1. agreeable. bout. clinch. *beef. supplement. *winding up. aggressive. unsatisfied. accumulate. bling. rosaceous. total. contender. crowning. weather- crab. blanched. outright. so. fect. *the works. accom- competitor n. tangled. ness. criticism. ANT. ANT. der. lacking. illness. capable. tug-of-war. pick. break ground. unabridged. consummation. consummate. advers. contrary. ashen. supplement. tinge. utter. The former Olympian had grown so com. 2. mentlike. licitous. TOTAL aggregate. ANT. leathery. convoluted. withered. engagement. ning. complain v. finish. championship. masterly. easy. Roget’s Superthesaurus 121 . golden brown. nag. Competent–Complexion competent a. lob- able. self-satisfied. tanned pain. rivaling. *up to snuff. per- *high-octane. gaunt. emulation. self-assured. ended. praise. conflict. compliment. rivalry. rival. placent that he neglected to practice. *wind up. manifold. lel. ishing. consolidate. pallid. pleasing. Gordian. grouse. deferen. tact. honey. organize. complete a. russet. simple. end. ter. end. actualize. equal. pigmentation. scrubbed. dyed-in-the-wool. the entirety. complex a. mahog- complaint n. expert. rosy. feisty. ize. 1. opponent. age-spotted. unmitigated. complete. satisfied with oneself to the point of smug. involved. *dog-eat. ANT. molasses. craggy. clash. undecipherable. unable. start. *go-getting. charge. opponent. filling. WORD FIND fied. *piss and moan. conclusion. in- tender. 1. finish. uneasy. consummating. ted. inscrutable. FIN- *tough as nails. ruddy. fulfillment. Congo/Mississippi/Rio Grande. full. rest. dog. olive. OPPOSITION rival. arial. leaden. struggle. lined like an old boot. skillful. ISHED done. wan. ster complement n. assemble. 2.

squeeze. composure n. disparaging. concoc- tion. ingredient. FLATTERING laudatory. recognition. limited. entangle. flushed.Complexity–Comprise chalky. ity. intricate. makeup. conspiracy. consolidated. ization. critical. condense. cheer. nonchalant. confuse. cognizance. fashion. 1. make. calm. involve. cool down. CHARACTER aspect. creamy. stretch. cast. unruffled. insult. praise. self-pos- tion as an accomplice in a wrongdoing. nervousness. unit. acquiesce. distraught. humus. *kiss up. entanglement. element. yielding. act. composite. calm. composed a. convoluted. be part of. part- compound n. mix. elemental. look. poise. shrink. complex. allay. understanding. ANT. compliment n. complicated a. down. consolida- complicate v. *posy. [kum PLIS i tee] participa. constituent. complaisance. stitution. kudos. deport. stumbling block. author. draft. contract. compact. WRITING opus. difficult. combined. extensive. fathom. blend. beige. combination. all-inclusive. content. disserta- deep. elaborate. comprise. cool. *stroke. 1. sim- complexity n. comprehend v. CONSTITUTE make up. embran. conduct. praise. disregard. component a. STRUCTURE ar- straightforward. confederacy. formulation. rangement. maze. compose v. cool. SYN. composing. apprehension. ANT. creation. observation. collusion. complete. compliance n. tion. *apple polishing. component n. composition n. discern. aplomb. mingled. levelheaded. compliment v. tranquil. tion. compress v. convolute. ivory. ANT. *together. knot. wring. comprehensive a. unneces. white: alabaster. intrigue. combined. claim. shorten. sary. SEE FLATTER see. bedevil. on the back. sallow. mixture. complex. fabrication. reduce. separated. behave. real- approving. erence. labyrin. observe. con. ANT. knotty. fundamental. bear. collected. consolidate. making. 3. CREATE write. bearing. combine. thorough. 2. serenity. confound. collect. *give a form. stituent. consist of. fair form. conglomerate. paper. organic matter. blend. fabric. catch. compound. ANT. contain. inven- entangled. thine. haustive. COMPLICITY n. make 122 Roget’s Superthesaurus . break perplexity. commend. grasp. clarify. obey. melded. hitch. ANT. 2. assent. simple. disobedience. labyrinth. *get it to- ment. grasp. anxiety. puff up. essential. flatter. enlarge. perplexing. fundamental. amalgam. snarl. com- nership. 2. machina- bination. self- obedience. involve. involved. mer down. appreciate. realize. gether. difficulty. unperturbed. brella. compost n. tion. recondite. 3. organization. cajoling. simplicity. abstruse. make complex. tion. pay tribute to. squash. thesis. insulting. There was apparent complicity between the un. *fly in the ointment. ANT. ANT. gratuitous. serene. blended. problematic. laud. devising. panic. superfluous. sa. presence of mind. ac- amalgamate. synthesize. integral. on the house. formulation. constrict. complication. yield. snag. comport v. blend. exclusive. ANT. milky. def. blandishment. respect. acquiescence. understand. conform. gle. exposition. lute. *mess up. pack. concoct. 2. carry. posy. sweeping. disobey. part. obsta. simple. disparagement. possessed. lily-white. *across the board. easy. collaboration. complimentary a. apprehend. conforming. fuse. comprehension n. convolution. defer. press. synthesis. CREATION synthesis. *pat on manifold. intricacy. noncompliance. abide by. con- complication n. devise. abetment. ANT. encyclopedic. clarity. composite. work. session. segregated. *slather. mixture. decayed cle. percep- FREE gratis. *pat compound v. congratulatory. favorable. *add fusion. multi- the back. include. in depth. 1. manifold. complex. formulate. equanimity. ANT. knot. simplify. *take one’s hat off to. flattery. 3. catatonic. ANT. narrow. jaundiced. homage. expand. form. adhere. synthesis. piece. Gordian knot. appearance. arrangement. *lose it. entanglement. tranquility. discernment. consolidation. tribute. *head. synthesized. *get the picture. quality. 1. tense. CALM tranquilize. ANT. nervous. fuel to the fire. equilibrium. commendation. basic. fertilizer. composite a. factor. ANT. assent. um- follow. problem. contain. compound a. pure. tion. ex- comply v. incomprehensible. produce. matter. commendatory. essay. *backdoor arrangement. hampered drug runners and town officials. ANT. *good word. amalgam. *chill. get. invent. comprise v. clammy acquit. composite n. recognize.

uncon. 1. FORTRAN. notebook. he had no conscience. forced. ac. Hal trade off. garbage out computer n. Valley dium. *give clicker. SYN. figure. con. elective. required. tunnel syndrome paq姠. a compelling impulse. urge. The tests are compulsory. imperative. lot姠. conciliation. organizer mainframe.’’— chip: microprocessor. incorporate. DEModulator) compulsive a. discredit. guilt. physical: hardware tory. Arthur C. *happy me. add. ‘‘Simply CD-Rom tray: caddy changing the question to fit the answer. account. tallying. write info trollable. infects other computers: virus. find the middle ground. on disks: disk drive COMPULSORY a. PROLOG acter will appear on screen: cursor linkage of several computers: network bps: bits per second logic that recognizes partial truths. PC. shame. com- byte: eight bits of memory space puter: fuzzy logic Roget’s Superthesaurus 123 . pressure. make concessions. EPROM: erasable memory chip contrition. required.: compromise v. balance. urgent. spreadsheet compromise n. deal. bargain. need. means of: proto- difference. PDA. calculator. remorse. laptop. calculation. connected to the: online AI: artificial intelligence keyboard and monitor portion: terminal auxiliary device: peripheral language/program: AGOL. uneasiness. [kum PUL suh ree] manda. *number cruncher. requisite. Palm Pi- adding machine. calculating. total. make multiple: back up a strange compulsion to giggle at the funeral. C. pangs of guilt. drive. constitute. obsessive. workstation. battery-powered: PDA processor. con- verse engineering science. giant computer serving multiple users: count. computers over phone lines: modem impulse. obsession. [kum PUL shun] a strong copies of files to safeguard from accidental drive or force. *micro. op. reckon. sor. sum. form. BASIC. urgency. determine. integrated circuit Merrit Malloy. golden mean. He had loss. SYN. force. accommodate. Clarkeı́s mad computer in 2001. GIVE AND TAKE strike a deal. compose. data: compression COMPULSION n. measure. concession. tally. col expose. Compromise–Computer up. failure and freeze-up: crashed. He felt no compunction over his something works by taking it apart: re- crimes. (MOdulator. coer. figuring. desktop publishing tional. instructions: program WORD FIND Internet. desire. injury from repetitive keyboard work: carpal Apple姠. document-creating programs: word proces- nonelective. CPU: Central Processing Unit SYN. GIGO: garbage in. ENDANGER jeopardize. *geek gret. JAVA. mainframe work out. reckoning. rows and columns program: embody. (Personal Digital Assistant). *chiphead. device enabling communication with other cion. CO- aversion: cyberphobia BOL. imperil. drafting and blueprint creation system: COMPUNCTION n. ANT. misgiving. clean up hard drive: defrag (defragmenta- strike a balance. *give-and-take. re- enthusiast: hacker. voluntary. California manufacturing mecca: Silicon agreement. trade-off. worm obligatory. 2. crazed. easy to use: user-friendly engineering process of deciphering how science. twinge. calculate. *Mac. implicate. down tion. [kum PUNK shun] the CAD (Computer Aided Design) uncomfortable feeling caused by guilt. write data or music on to: burn accommodation. estima. irresistible. compelling. handheld computer. penitence. data processor. blinking symbol showing where next char. CD. execute program: run computation n. count. flaw in software or hardware: bug compute v. IBM姠. supercomputer. self-reproach. mandatory. devices. micro. Macintosh姠. subtract. PASCAL. *middle ground. agree. find a happy tion) medium. compaction. no disrupting prank or criminal program that one can skip them. *split the communication between. qualm. device enabling computer to read. constraint. hand: mouse your shirt but keep your pants. Com.

World chum. enemy. fixation. camouflage. *DDT MP3 format. arro- cyberpunk gance. temporary data: clipboard concentrate v. fabricate. see. vanity. amass. nition. 1. speech recognition technology: voice recog. transfer data from your computer to anoth. deny. FORM develop. bigheaded. front. transfer data from another computer to concentration n. data: disk. vainglorious. shield. His restart computer: reboot swaggering conceit was sickening. hiding. partner. inconceivable. international: the Internet. confederate.Comrade–Concentration mail sent from one computer user to an. speech recognition conceive v. self-effacement. cover. egotistical. spotlight. cluster. self-worship- software supplied free with one’s computer: ping. obscure. er’s: upload center. vain. RAM. intensify. confess. display. create. 2. 1. lie low. software not ready for general sale. programs: software fold. study. ANT. confrere. *cook up. imagine. puffed up. consideration. think up. paper propelling device: tractor feed ANT. software designed to boost performance of arrogant. vac- main circuit board: motherboard cine. refute. camouflaging. Windows. scrutinze. plugged in. *rack storage medium. colleague. refuge. ANT. egotism. digitize CDs to: rip virus type: strain MS-DOS: Microsoft Disk Operating System SEE INTERNET. *full of oneself. self-important. apprehend. memory chip group or: random ac. avow. congregate. ponder. Macin. company: intranet buddy. stash. strutting. cache. dow COLLECT. nar- screen. operating systems: Linux. ANT. fight. immodest. Zip disk ward. sidekick. consider. ‘‘God’s gift to little men. focus. credible. ANT. test software comprehensible. data: memory. dis- are: port guising. antidote. hard disk imagine. ‘‘The quicksand of success.’’—Bruce moving: screen saver Barton. start up computer: boot up invent. 1. hideaway. cover. 2. place of mouse: joystick UNDERSTAND comprehend. thinkable. come around. swindle. admit. associate. storage area. notebook. PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). focus. options to choose on screen: menu conceal v. secrete. ANT. origi- stick-like controller used with games in nate. paper printout: hard copy disguise. Unix deceive. yield. orga. absorption. Wide Web stranger. printout. network. shielding. diskette. 2. engross superimposed screen within a screen: win. self-effac- bundled software ing. se- portable computer. absorb oneself in. ONLINE multiple things at once. immodesty. [kun SEET] an overblown sense read-only memory chip: ROM of one’s positive attributes. blind. cess memory CONCEIT a. pride. self- screen imagery designed to protect monitor importance. doing: multitasking comrade n. defraud. ego- science fiction involving computer culture: tism. bigheadedness. yield. tosh. *cave in. TV-like: monitor cissism. oneself in. reject. hide. where on the computer devices concealment n. scatter. concoct. cheat. acknowledge. grant. swagger. companion. test: beta conceivable a.’’ secret opening designed into program to —Arnold Glasow. shield. network. MS-Dos. give up. SYN. show. co-worker. covering. cloak. pal. *zero in on. 124 Roget’s Superthesaurus . modesty. vainglory. trick. small: laptop. cretion. ANT. focus. long paper: *wallpaper acquiesce. CD-ROM. imaginable. spread out. impossible. hiding place. humble. THINKING centering. *rip off. converge. grasp. modest. possible. from permanently burned-in images. yours: download study. THINK center. floppy one’s brains. proud. cover-up. nizer concede v. storage area. hatch. self-worship. allow access at later date: trap door conceited a. friend. GATHER assemble. humility. bamboozle. devise. Sl. follow. dream up. swaggering. transfer data to memory: store other: e-mail virus protection program: anti-virus. fix one’s attention to- disk. con v. nar- software shared free by all: freeware cissistic. *in an application: plug-in love with oneself. believable. realize. cartridge. consolidate. self-love.

conclusion n. mixture. presumption. concourse n. unease. SPECIFIC distinct. decide. compound. centralization. mate. dawn. reckon. Concept–Concur engrossment. accord. synod. assemblage. planade. granting. tangible. substantial. spread. hypothesis. assump- ESTABLISHMENT company. placatory. [KON kawrd] harmony. completion. detached. allow. terest. convergence. SYN. compact. mixed up in. *whip up. defer. [kun SISE] brief and to the point. judgment. notion. concoction n. ANT. es- ance. inception. express. conception n. promenade. thought. converging. 1. *pow- persal. image. commencement. *litmus test. 2. abstract. fabricate. devise. *wrap up. understanding. boulevard. uncertain. ence. rambling. rapport. ent. notion. cooperation. pondering. BEAR ON deal with. think up. SETTLEMENT resolution. long-winded. summary. *call it a day. create. decisive. particular. dream up. 2. nected. trade-off. IDEA thought. concomitant a. concerning prep. consum- age. regard. pointed. affect. about. END close. ANT. creation. make anxious. AGREEMENT harmony. medley. convincing. 2. conceding. winding up. willing to make peace. scrutiny. im. bothered. ill-at-ease. permit. scattering. reason. nation. *iffy. regarding. walkway. general. removed. ful relations. wind up. relate to. come to terms. touch. ANT. in. preparation. 3. appeasing. theoretical. 1. fabrication. multitude. peace- collaboration. atten. cise. 2. start. conviction. WORRIED anxious. placatory. 1. put conclusive a. crush. dis- collaborative. 1. pertain to. coming to terms. cooperative. ANT. WORRY trouble. finale. conviction. disquiet. pithy. abso- concerned a. secret meeting. conflict. CONGREGATION throng. ANT. ANT. 1. im. disquieted. distress. *slap disturbed. break off. assume. lived in concord for thirty years. mind-wandering. distress. dis. [kun KUR] to agree. discord. volve. terest. consolidation. *brainchild. concord. aggressive. attendant. invent. interactive. CONCORD n. explicit. birth. view. figuring. solid. gathering. formulation. 3. work out. league. congress. factual. suppose. ac. gig. concept n. right. cide. disturb. unity. 2. resolving. impression. cific. tion. finish. con. accessory. opening. agreement. caring. WORRY trouble. accommodating. con. cluster. sur- genesis. ENDING closing. concubine n. stop. agglomer. ring gangs were largely conciliatory after the ri. *jam. to the point. path. A concise letter to the editor is always best. 1. SETTLE resolve. with refer. view. odalisque. troubled. ANT. reconciling. final. CONCISE a. peace. contrivance. placative. AFFAIR care. philharmonic. brew. 1. attentive. tion. pained. *knock off. mise. acknowledgement. concern v. asso- concert n. 2. concoct v. dis. anxiety. 2. outfit. PASSAGE sent. nonchalant. *wrap up. apprehension. determin- ill-at-ease. disunity. uneasy. clinching. brief. accord. formation. inconclusive. firm. responsibil. consummation. individual. absentmindedness. conflu- concession n. ANT. kept ential. physical. 2. conceptual. 1. 2. 1. stopping. wordy. mistress. distressed. ence to. nation. definitive. supplementary. bother. conclude v. mob. verbose. pre- ots. 1. ing. formulate. COLLECTION. concerted a. de- ceptualization. The war. 1. diversion. 2. crisp. together. complete. 1. accompanying. tive. disagreement. peacemaking. presume. [kun SIL ee uh tor ee] concrete a. prepare. mollifying. meeting. disagreement. material. BEGINNING origination. REAL actual. start. pain. 2. belligerent. idea. hatch. quiet. capitulation. woman. compromise. as. invention. SYN. union. GATHERING assemblage. pa. irrefutable. symphony. short. in. ization. amicable. ANT. unison. laconic. lute. questionable. yielding. INFER deduce. INVOLVED WITH interested. theory. untroubled. mall. in. CONCUR v. business. incontestable. tual. session. termi- concern n. department. 2. harmony. terse. flock. wow. combined. terminate. vague. disinterested. pression. BUSINESS supposition. finish. council. solicitous. ciative. SHOW recital. focus. synthesis. unmistakable. yielding. 1. friendship. goodwill. hypothesis. conclave n. con. 1. mu. theory. understanding. 1. *live-in lover. INFERENCE deduction. bellicose. *boiled tion. 2. settled. mass. The former enemies have now performance. ANT. denoue- ity. intensifica. cord. single-mindedness. assembly. 3. house. undeniable. worry. succinct. figure. compound. down. agreement. ANT. giving-in. reckoning. joined. to arrive at Roget’s Superthesaurus 125 . open. *in a nutshell. united. ate. SYN. germi. joint. indiffer. auxiliary. start. matter. ment. gregation. definite. job. CONCILIATORY a. commence.

*come sewer. seasoning. adversary. *raincoat. promoting. talk down one’s nose. disap. lower oneself. compassion. 2. HAVE A CONFERENCE talk. overlook. pity. *lay of the land. synopsize. parley. deleterious.Concurrent–Conference a mutual understanding. seminar. abridge. superior. leadership. de. ANT. rebuke. concurrent a. 1. commend. show the way. condolence n. consideration. con- differing. ancil- proval. pass judgment on. imperious. criticism. salsa. adjudge. consul- ish. expand. flavoring. 2. 3. deign. PROVISION stipulation. contributing. synopsis. illness. 2. conduct n. punishment. curtail. director. vise. arrogant. regulate. ways. damning. adverse. ering of important people who singly can do 126 Roget’s Superthesaurus . organization. concussion n. comfort. helpful. stoop. instrumental. outline. condense v. solace. 1. concur. pretentious. supervisor. jarring. tation. ANT. consolidation. dependent. HEALTH fitness. [kun DOHN] to overlook or cry. parallel. federa- patronize. organize. gent. lary. pretentious. humble oneself. con- condition n. agitation. race. summary. down off one’s high horse. channel. cive to good sleep. dis. descend. SEE DISEASE cooperate. conduit n. talk down to. be in step with. condemnation n. summarize. conference n. ANT. Also. ignore. BEHAVE deport. collaborator. SYN. IN AGREEMENT in accordance. drain. absolution. condition v. constitution. *rub- ing. alliance. 1. contraceptive. vention. ber. bend. denunciation. hauteur. ally. correspond. sympathy. see eye to eye. execute. han- CONDESCEND v. coincident. partner. contract. canal. [KON di send] to lower dle. laud. make allowances for. 2. damn. lofty. synchronized. 1. vouchsafe. candy. moisture. administration. act. BEHAVIOR manner. promoting. pound. bloc. GIVE bestow. deliberate. in disagreement. MANAGE administer. sauce. talk. col- condescending a. CONDONE v. *with strings attached. grant. *powwow. rebuke. spice. corresponding. to talk down to someone. conduct v. guide. *bull session. co- mighty. condom n. subject to. wink at. deprecation. Rain pattering on the roof is condu- reproach. synchronize. requirement. comfit. impact. demean. 2. DOOM not condone infidelity. agree. direct. disagree. ing. denounce. commiseration. 1. SYN. present. relish. SYN. shape. *powwow. oneself to the level of another with lesser usher. quali- multaneous. confederation n. down-to-earth. [kun DOO siv] leading to or proval. teacher was willing to condescend and take the advice of students. HAPPENING TOGETHER coincid. associate. trough. compatible. manager. course. bump. absolve. punish. bang. forgive a negative action. counter. tending. go along. compress. duct. state. meeting. demeanor. LIQUEFACTION bearing. jolt. differ. leading to. Our conductor n. shaking. echo. ANT. sweet. vilify. rapport. 2. ‘‘A gath- tion. build up. confer v. consistent. digest. dialogue. foe. praise. union. qualifica. confection n. stage. *look the other way. pipe. deprecate. super- encapsulate. concentrate. usher. 1. discuss. *sweating. liberate. support. prophylactic. denounce. discussion. harmonizing. disparage. maestro. reprove. dainty. buffeting. praise. excuse. sent. solation. supervision. accede. disap. contin- ing. ANT. confederacy n. proviso. 1. yield. pardon. CONDUCIVE a. outline. limited. ketchup. ANT. ANT. sentence. judgment. status. prepare. coalition. condemn. ABRIDGEMENT reduction. train. 3. confederate n. regulation. consolidate. damn. remonstration. *snooty. condemn v. AILMENT malady. SEE CONFEDERACY haughty. order. condiment n. enlarge. un. con. get fit. favorable. ap. work out. assent. harmonize. condensation n. forgive. boil down. 2. mustard. marshal. rule. CRITICIZE censure. lordly. escort. *send up the river. bear. si. conditional a. shorten. in unconditional. get in shape. coincide. MANAGEMENT dew. ANT. ANT. rule. LEAD guide. compression. horserad. accord. SYN. 2. patronizing. leader. acquit. snobbish. censure. 4. unassuming. *high and league. tentative. consult. fied. *protection. He fancied himself a big shot marshal. provisional. convict. blow. dainful. cohort. accomplice. tube. 1. 2. position. unrestricted. circumstance. direction. regard with tion. precipitation. reduce. The opposition made STATE situation. abettor. comportment. The church does prove. let go. 1. and spoke condescendingly to everyone. sentenc. relative. contradictory. such perfect sense that Ben had no choice but to predicament. brief. shock. speak. 2. league. passage. catsup. lengthen. symposium. award. conspirator. ANT.

comply. release. dependence. contradict. 2. conformation. affirmation. obser- confirm v. deny. but together can decide that noth. contend. courage. buttress. restrain. spine. wildfire. substantiation. BELIEF trust. nonconformist. 1. conform v. comman- som buddy. daze. private. sanc- ing can be done. ANT. incarcer. consign. shut in. new. combat. restricted. pluck. tion. substantiate. 1. self-assurance. clash. ity. dif- build. leveling. trust. muddle. admit. shape. rated. confuse. disobedi- tion. confiscate v. shutting in. contradictory. fit. disprove. authenticate. self-reliance. tussle. coop up. ANT. usurp. 1. FIGHT battle. inveterate. like- detention. be at odds with. convinced. struggle. bounding. 2. spar. relegate. 2. insecurity. meet- certain. COMPLIANCE obedience. contention. mystify. confidential a. friend. authenticated. suit. acknowledgement. confine v. intern. unconfirmed. lover. weaken. divulge. be like. *do as the Romans do. enclosure. hellfire. reinforce. admission. accord. disclosure. opposition. restriction. classified. ANT. corrobo- up. ANT. 1. wage war. AGREEMENT correspondence. fess. 1. 1. me and the late. emulator. ANT. alter ego. peace. ence. assurance. *go with open. ‘‘The herd-fear. 1. FIGHT battle. ANT. ate. 2. onment. declaration. confidante. MAKE THE SAME correspond. confirmed a. mix up. reveal. bold. conflicting a. proof. acquiescence. 1.’’—Cicero. sequester. Confess–Confound nothing. fire. ANT. congruity. *open up. ANT. backbone. harmonize. quarantine. trick. differ. rebellion. secure. *dyed- confession n. holding. avowal. 2. difference. confound v. perplex. figure. accord. 2. ANT. confluence n. inte- bedpost. SUBSTANTIATED validated. authentication. deep-seated. 2. validation. *brick in a wall. chronic. level. agree- faith. tent. corres- confident a. ANT. confide v. plucky. 2. libera. privy. question. 2. nonplus. discord. profession. expropriate. VALIDATE ratify. okay. nerve. companion. repudiation. struggle. affirm. *march to the beat of a different drummer. STRENGTHEN firm up. dauntless. blaze. conformity n. impris. imprison. contest. allow. inferno. disclose. reveal. DISAGREE toughness. figure. acknowledge. heart. sembly. clarify. structure. free. *get off one’s chest. tour. mental combat. ANT. secret. similarity. tussle. ponding. *unload. *fess up. uncertainty. take.’’—Fred Allen. intimate. of the herd. ratification. contradict. set- dence. confirmation n. war. confess v. 2. vouch. *own up. sureness. personal. captivity. ness. 1. insecure. configuration n. dispute. revelation. conciliate. prove. ing. detainment. 1. ADAPT adjust. hold. 2. form. ley Jones. holocaust. verification. rebel. *sheep. contradiction. 1. ANT. conflict v. ‘‘A medi. flabbergast. cover proven. presumptuous. seize. 1. as- ANT. the flow. agree. counselor. follower. question. vance. ANT. bound. DISAGREEMENT ENTRUST charge. impound. clash. jibe. fall into line. congruous. nod. CONVERGENCE juncture. con game. in-the-wool. 2. conformist n. dumbfound. keeping. discrepant. tility. configuration. noncompliance. structure. freedom. clash. therapist. self-assured. unsure. *one ANT.’’—E. follow. harmony. incongru- establish. DENCE self-esteem. corroboration. jail. allowance. faith in oneself. keep secret. shape. bewilder. disagreement. puzzle. share feelings. assent. sure. assign. confidence game n. confinement n. diffi- square off. match. faithful. argument. 2. inconsis- off. 2. ESTABLISHED deep-rooted. CROWD throng. establish. free spirit. assimi- *off the record. conflict n. incarceration. liberate. confidant n. limit. quarantine. frontation. *come clean. union. verified. firestorm. harmonize. Stan- tion. detain. bo. SEE FRIEND conflagration n. tle. ment. form. clash. doubt. enclose. build. amity. support. dissension. preempt. release. affinity. 1. incompatible. submission. *yes man. appropriate. contest. positive. SHARE INTIMATE INFORMATION con. keep. con- confidence n. questionable. fer. cocky. SELF-CONFI. ingrained. *between you. 1. *rip. divulge. swindle. outline. conformation n. con. restrict. contrary. habitual. public. arrangement. sanc. self-confident. grate. deer. 2. unsupported. 1. cine to the erring. disclose. ANT. intimate. sometimes. *lock horns. deviate. hos- commit. yielding. *spill it. self-doubt. oppose. *swim with the stream. gathering. reliance. diffident. 2. accommodate. attest. Roget’s Superthesaurus 127 .

harmonious. ANT. packed. legisla- ANT. [kun JEN i tul] existing at transact business: quorum birth. ANT. gather. assembly. co. congregation n. contradict. separate. commend.Confront–Congressman confront v. lucidity. group. Con- age. taxes. stuffed up. composite. votes. House of Lords: upper legislative house of congeal v. meeting of House and Senate: joint session pleasant. stiffen. back away vene.S. meeting. encoun. mingle. long-winded: filibuster podge. debate’s time-limiting process: cloture ANT. 2. set-to. refute. thicken. House of Representatives CONGENIAL a. [kun JEEN yul] friendly. occluded. disarray. plain. committee that sets rules for debate on bills: tangle. ses- confound. 2. scatter. SEE ELECTION. legislature. overcrowding. ident pro tempore clear. ter. con- confuse v. manding theatre . legislative off. fog. clarify. showdown. aggregate. suitable. avoidance. Parliament. member: congressman. presides in Senate after Vice President: pres- jammed. ‘‘The great com- *foul up. choked. upheaval. senator. House and company. gress sion. cordial. beard. hostile. straighten. repletion. sympa. glutted. cluster. jam. ‘‘[One] who votes congratulate v. influencing of member by special interest tidiness. muddle. for all appropriations and against all lute. WORD FIND confusion n. plug. companionable. massed. confrontation n. occlu. House: U. mess. collection. senator. solidify. messenger/*gofer of: page ANT. . retreat from. multinational. amassed. partnership. dare. representa- convivial. innate. POLITICS combined. cluster. dodge. plugged. caucus. 2. clogging. blend. mystification. minimum member attendance necessary to CONGENITAL a. BEWILDERMENT perplexity. perplex. baf. *en rapport. legislative house: chamber friendly. curdle. mass. crowd together. congregate v. pandemonium. committee. genetic. brave.S. organization. congressman n. chaos. DISOR. oppose. stuffiness. face-off. ANT. blocked. mess sion. legislator.’’—Thomas Jefferson. clot. incompatible. like-minded. negate. hail. newly elected member: freshman SYN. . disprove.’’—Henry Ashurst. sa. gathering. firm. speaking and work area of: floor conglomerate n. applaud. statesman thetic. challenge. disorganization. tor. agreeable. ANT. puzzlement. con- defy. 1. sentatives. Speaker of the House overfilled. befuddlement. composite. block. disarrange. inher. disori. maintaining or- ent. The party ble a bill atmosphere was low-key but congenial. break: recess DER jumble. fullness. dis. The baby had a congenital heart defect. clogged. having similar tastes. ANT. contest. dis- from. mix up. House of Repre- up. association. group. labyrinth. aggregate. inborn. Senate: upper legislative body of U. order. hereditary. challenge. Senate. proposed legislation: bill congestion n. discombobulate. rebut. cramming. puzzle. disagreeable. throng. of British Parliament credit. GOVERNMENT. overcrowded. group: lobbying confute v. Senate: Congressional Record conglomerate a. cross. baffle. mystify. order. kill or remove a bill from consideration: ta- compatible. hodge. politician. throw ference. assistant party leader in House or Senate: flement. bottleneck. in the der: sergeant at arms blood. ex. dare. chain. whip entation. *go up against. collect. stand up to. divided. assembly. Capitol Hill. 1. fight. felicitate. set. intrinsic. parishioners. *snafu. presides in House of Representatives: congested a. defiance. DISORDER jumble. crowd. tive. meet. natal. 128 Roget’s Superthesaurus . daze. flock. face. affable. throng. disarray. bedlam. representative. 1. acquired. mass. BEWILDER mix up. ANT. clarity. toast. mixed. connate. muster. 2. SYN. sociable. kindred. bemuse. natural. statesman. speech. body. compatible. transcript of daily debates. Rules Committee anarchy. British Parliament agulate. encounter. trust. delegation. 1. clustered. council. government. official controlling access. invalidate. flock. crossing of paths. congress n. muddle. *shoot House of Commons: lower legislative house full of holes. concentrate. avoid. jell. perse.

hitch. mean. finally reached a consensus. 2. immoral. painstaking. cooperate. cast a spell. especially on the fine arts or in matters conscript n. intrigue. cohere. thoughtful. lose. overthrow. draftee. 2.’’—Evelyn Brenzel. gather. connotation n. sanctify. apprised. bond. vanquish. 1. marital. mind- have a hand in. rity.’’—Richard Tav- conjunction n. finagle. dilet. surmise. dominate. Congruent–Consent congruent a. joining. intentional. make or declare sacred or holy. matrimonial. suggest. infer. in. unite. junc. ASSOCIATE tended. concern. sibling. meditated. SEE attentive. ANT. SYN. relationship. triumph. association. critic. CONSECRATE v. subduer. fall. sense. connect v. combination. sequential. unprincipled. responsive. progressive. LINK tie. serial. size. integ- conjecture v. the defeated. con- spire. conscience n. conifer n. principles. inadvertent. meaning. hint. single. merger. MAGICIAN meticulous. cer. anoint. concordance. occupation. coupling. spousal. parallel. couple. concord. evergreen. acquaintance. epicure. wedded. corresponding. consciousness n. authority. lowing. ANT. loser. CONNIVE v. mar. allusion. orderly. virtuoso. consecutive a. devotee. devote. meeting. master. conjugal. responsible. ination. consonant. *be in cahoots thoughts. ough. pose. wedded. deduction. buff. SYN. designed. ANT. nuptial. spruce. desecrate. tie. fir. tion. sentient. ANT. cognizant. maven. scrupulous. cognizance. DELIBERATE in- riage. cabal. specialist. They connive to get what they want. conquer v. accord. win. pre- friend. virtuous. 2. ethical. mindful. supposition. fulness. AWAKE AND AWARE alert. The expert wine taster is truly a con. deduce. calculated. ‘‘The muzzle of the will. ANT. defeat. to consecrate the shrine of Elvis Presley. ethics. The committee nify. tle voice. link. in order. over- monious. fact. tion. connote v. alertness. SYN. spoils. discord. conjugal a. connection. successive. soldier.’’—Elbert Hubbard. irregular. union. cogno. on purpose. inference. relative. scheme. champion. coup. speculate. disagreeing. SEE WAR inkling. coniferous tree. slack. disconnect. victor. aesthete. succeeding. sorcerer. agreement. good. dead. [KON suh KRATE] to noisseur. plunder. suggestion. upright. plot. wrongdoing or at least look the other way. ness. ignorance. kin. guess. network. guess. SYN. allude to. enrollee. ent. SYN. CONSENSUS n. of taste. subjugation. conscientious a. winnings. ANT. sig. winner. gourmet. tante. unmarried. slipshod. superego. merge. collude. unanimity. dom- than conjecture. sorceress. pert. har. implication. un- contact. honor. connubial a. subdue. ture. The evidence was comprised of little more conquest n. attach. exacting. ‘‘That inner tribunal. go-between. triumph. booty. familiarity. un. revile. apprehending. honorable. scruples. *nut. in agreement. sumption. power. recruit. wedded. infer. MORAL principled. ANT. unscrupulous. designate. single. marital. matrimonial. bewitch. union. random. conjurer n. convey. willful. CAREFUL thor- invoke. wed. per- ANT. ANT. pine. [kun SEN sus] an opinion fer. alliance. honest. agent. mind. undercurrent. dissension. afficianado. defile. connubial. defeat. sub- ence. raise. perception. conjure v. 2. judge. as. theory. make magic. freak. 1. ANT. hint at. bow. victim. hypothesis. particular. win. ognizing. disagreement. victory. join. rec- connection n. accidental. [kun JEK chur] a guess or vanquisher. detach. expert. *on the ball. attachment. yoke. jection. Roget’s Superthesaurus 129 . fol- reference. agreement. guesswork. 2. imply. overcome. exalt. conscious.’’—Anton Boisen. assume. 1. standards. 1. bless. unison. oblivious. ANT. *lit- tainty. beat. oblivion. indicate. erner. ANT. cold-bloodedness. inference made from incomplete informa. *shot in the dark. nuance. denote. awareness. juxtaposition. diligent. call upon. separate. held in common. ANT. knowing. theorize. mony. summon. surrender. knowledge. moral judgment. illusionist. ‘‘One’s soul companion. single-mindedness. incongru. hypothe. speculation. indifference. [KON uh SUR] an ex. dedicate. sense of right and wrong. recogni- with. hallow. unconscious- CONNOISSEUR n. [kuh NIVE] to conspire in a unplanned. conquistador. careless. har- nuptial. master. Fans gathered scente. overthrow. ‘‘A thousand witnesses. bind. ANT. beckon. conscious a. heed. surmise. conqueror n. married. in turn. CONJECTURE n. sup. ceiving. upstanding. 1. look the other way.

solicitous. firm up. thus. disagreement. grief. *stick-in-the-mud. ponder. assign. ating. conveyance. 1. ignore. tactful. guardian. permit. conservation n. entrusting. agree. consort n. notability. consistent a. rudeness. keep. gracious. conventional. hand over. heed. rude. responding. inconsistent.’’—Alfred Wiggam. solicitude. note. extent. separate. think spouse. veto. consolidate v. stature. tionist. rank. protection. reward. 2. comprise. repercussion. 2. comfort. include. analysis. hence. aftermath. 2. reac. associate. THOUGHTFULNESS consequential a. mull over. discouragement. portance. safe-keeping. momentous. harmony. THOUGHT study. ate. disagreeing. distinguished. preserve. school of fine consonant a. corre- squandering.Consent–Consort consent n. hidebound. grant. middle-of-the-road. great. hothouse. ergo. environmentalist. academy. coherent. pity. exten- consent v. payment. commit. constant. con- conservationist n. custodian. denude. wing. convey. op. permission. *tree hugger. coherent. allowance. 4. deposit. okay. undevi- for the first time. veto. respect. comfort. kindness. assent. moderate. cor- diehard. land trust. transfer. LARGE sizable. respectable. coherence. therefore. husband. remuneration. prestige. 2. ANT. inspect. consignment n. voring traditional. incongruity. sympathy. deliberate. consort v. partner. thoughtless. relief. ANT. remit. ness. trivial. conservancy n. relieve. changing. at- ANT. safe. approve. insignificant. wife. band. FACTOR serious. husband. sustain. inconsistent. rightist. *go-ahead. SCHOOL institute. passion. dant. cheer. regard. nod. about. tention. dant. nursery. 1. 1. alleviate. reverberation. arboretum. approval. 2. squander. nevermind. ANT. nence. considerable a. ANT. moder. friend. concentrate. changing. 1. source. ANT. nonprogressive ways. influence. traditionalist. tact. dis- ANT. 1. accommodating. caretaker. preservation. examination. alleviation. far-reaching. weaken. incompatible. problem. stable. refuse. regard. sanction. fallout. conscientious. guard. radical. exhaust. object. substantial. fee. ANT. forget. inconsequential. harmonious. magnanimous. cause. consign v. worthy. important. 1. [kun SURV uh tiv] fa. TRADITIONAL right. deposit. power. small. preserva. dation. He doesn’t like change. strengthen. merge. review. entrust. unify. IN AGREEMENT harmonious. SYN. status. conservator n. consistency n. careful. compatible. support. husbandry. unprogressive. insignificance. mass. 2. associate. waste. den. amal- restorer. disband. depress. assent. solace. preservation. ANT. right-winger. congruent. con- posed to change. 1. point. transferal. 2. remit- maintenance. emi. agreement. thoughtful. contemplation. ism. consequential. similar. deliv- guarding. concern. carelessness. benevolent. 3. similarity. combine. consistent. moderate. benevolence. unite. supervision. allow. weighty. league. safe. keep company 130 Roget’s Superthesaurus . *say-so. considerable. consequence n. consequently adv. 1. grieve. notable. soothe. regular. momentous. inconsiderate. discor- safeguard. up. ANT. GREENHOUSE botanical gar. ‘‘A uniform. deliver. *give the nod. champion of the status quo. *heavy. so. progressive. his politics consolation n. ery. accommo- weighty. homogenous. hearten. console v. 2. COMPENSATION recompense. commiserate. gamate. RESULT outcome. conservatory n. reservation. dissent. tidy. shot. in agreement. respectable. sympathize. study. congruity. sive. ANT. condolence. die-hard. substantial. old line. activist. kind. tial. mate. acquiesce. assignment. tance. parallel. save. inconsistence. keeper. distress. 1. contemplate. ANT. sanction. trust. DISTINCTION polite. ANT. consider v. standing. unim. accordant. 1. respectful. 2. spondence. tion. consist of vi. pity. UN- man who believes nothing should be done CHANGING steady. considerate a. substan- refusal. succor. compatibility. trivial. thoughtless- accordingly. *green. agreement. conserve v. un. wake. IMPORTANT significant. okay. effect. ANT. corresponding. com- are conservative. liberal. fraternize. ANT. incongruent. reflection. sonance. accor- arts. courtesy. environmental. insignificant. protect. significant. maintain. *give the green light. obstructionist. appreciable. CAUTIOUS dole. ANT. solace. CONSERVATIVE a. big. 2. issue. companion. note- accept. support. conservation. saving. consideration n. uniformity. curator. management. ANT. conservative n. acceptance. ruminate. care.

[kun SPEER uh see] a work. subversive. connivance. continual. mariner’s compass: Pyxis constellation n. web. obvious. mix with. SEE POLICE dog. intrigue. *hang out with. northern crown: Corona Borealis standing. plot. lyre: Lyra grabbing. [kun SPIK yoo us] atten. 2. Indian: Indus casional. chameleon: Chameleon ler. microscope: Microscopium tion. regular. lion. shield: Scutum ing. serpent bearer: Ophiuchus CONSPIRACY n. altar: Ara *wire-pulling. 2. partnership. sta. accomplice. striking. flying fish: Volans lentless. striking. police officer. plotter. a plotting. 3. sporadic. traitor. keel: Carina fickle. Hercules: Hercules *run with. attention. cup: Crater peace officer. arrest. nonstop. 1. loud. connive. fixed. plotting. little: Leo Minor CONSPICUOUS a. unusual. indistinct. Consortium–Constellation with. GATHERING cluster. officer of the law. PERPETUAL endless. oc. glaring. clock: Horologium trayer. schemer. devoted. collaborator. unfaithful. flagrant. dog. Some believe the assassination swan: Cygnus of John F. in. mingle. collusion. plot. crow: Corvus constable n. unremitting. noticeable. engineer. colluder. distinguished. Perseus: Perseus *sticking out like a sore thumb. octant: Octans WORD FIND painter: Pictor NORTHERN HEMISPHERE peacock: Pavo Andromeda: Andromeda Phoenix: Phoenix arrow: Sagitta poop deck: Puppis bear. Big Dipper river: Eridanus bear. intrigue. FAITHFUL hare: Lepus loyal. steadfast. collaborate. variable. firm. 2. 1. machination. *cop. *wire-pul. treachery. solid. A stretch limousine is lynx: Lynx conspicuous in rural America. herdsmen: Bootes consortium n. UNCHANGING steady. foul play. air pump: Antlia bal. collec. assemblage. permanent. A net: Reticulum FORMATION OF STARS configuration. furnace: Fornax sustained. sea serpent: Hydra spicuous. Pegasus: Pegasus ing. compasses: Circinus conspire v. hunting dogs: Canes Venacti ance. lesser: Canis Minor variable. array. incessant. tried-and-true. group. ANT. asterism. centaur: Centaurus engineer. 1. hunter: Orion ANT. greater: Canis Major constant a. *chum with. dove: Columba ble. ca. league. serpent: Serpens ing together in secret to commit a wrongdo. crane: Grus collude. lizard: Lacerta tion-grabbing. incon. alli. great: Ursa Major. persistent. bird of paradise: Apus conspirator n. body. intermittent. sheriff. machinate. prominent. disloyal. out. Kennedy was a conspiracy to remove triangle: Triangulum the president from power. overt. SYN. scheme. unstable. little: Ursa Minor. never ending. SYN. association. 3. *backstabber. be. Little Dipper sail: Vela Berenice’s Hair: Coma Berenices sculptor: Sculptor Cassiopeia: Cassiopeia sculptor’s tool: Caelum Cepheus: Cepheus sextant: Sextans charioteer: Auriga southern cross: Crux dolphin: Delphinius southern crown: Corona Australis dragon: Draco southern fish: Piscis Austrinus filly: Equuleus southern fly: Musca fox: Vulpecula southern triangle: Triangulum Australe giraffe: Camelopardallis square: Norma Roget’s Superthesaurus 131 . re. hidden. SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE scheme.

scorpion: Scorpius engineer. *gobble. SYN. ask. lawful. 3. consult v. restrict. water snake: Hydrus constrict v. con- telescope: Telescopium finement. FORCE pressure. ANT. pretation. raze. DESTROY level. shut in. clenching. understand. The sudden collision framework. helpful. EXPLANATION inter- filled him with consternation. veteran. press. squander. pressure. user. ruin. curb. voting body. *pick one’s brains. consummate v. clinch. realize. finishing touch on. assembly. swallow. annihilate. loosen. ful. sion. fulfill. UNEASE inhibition. set up. repression. conference. 3. *throw up. sist of. positories of power cannot misemploy it. lay to waste. SEE POLITICS. code. bind. 2. found. opening. charter. refer to. discuss. buyer. ANT. in. build. 2. *put the constraint n. shyness. fabricate. *polish off. calm. bottleneck. unconstitutional. cramping. *slap together. 2. finish. pinching. de- constitutional a. incar. control. constituent n. free. authority. obligation. ram: Aries construct v. bewilderment. fix. compare notes. consume v. useful. im. collect. session. perfect. authorize.Consternation–Consummate swordfish: Dorado RESTRICTION limitation. rudiment. engage. strangulation. explain. 1. ENGROSS absorb. valuable. master. hold ZODIAC in. compression. *powwow. make. waste. prevail consumer n. interpret. spell straining at stool. customer. translation. necessity. contraction. ELECTION. 1. tear down. helpless or confused. ESTABLISH create. 2. ANT. statutory. stitute. presence of mind. 1. complete. irregularity. positive. wolf: Lupus pinch. guide. panic. talk. fear. assembling. vour. RESTRAIN confine. down. 3. impel. de- constitution n. negative. check. drain. effectuate. rivet. 2. con. confer. dismay. unit. frame. cap. hoard. ‘‘A means of assuring that de. develop. restraint. bar. make up. district. save. bashfulness. raising. inhibition. goat: Capricornus choking. scales: Libra erect. tighten. meeting. shopper. duress. end- upon. compose. seek advice. install. infer. canon. co. construe v. lion: Leo loosening. CONSUMMATE a. 3. 1. choke. VOTER elector. professional. CONSTRUCTION building. ter. liberate. cil. drink. FORCE compel. diffidence. constructive a. twins: Gemini raze. read. NARROW squeeze. COMPONENT part. contract. ANT. ex- archer: Sagittarius pand. prescribed. 1. constitute v. fashion. ingredient. deliberate. restraint. composure. molish. rendition. conversation. translate. constrain v. clamp. rules. compress. ar- proper. originate. stupefaction. talk. oblige. [kon stur NA shun] framing. fabrication. coun- nominate. CONSTERNATION n. alarm. citizen. LIMIT restrict. shock. 2. mentor. 2. erce. absorb. COMPRISE form. horror. fascinate. arrest. [kun SUM it] supremely 132 Roget’s Superthesaurus . BUILDING structure. compulsion. integrate. legal. wreck. impede. element. 2. narrowing. balloter. ANT. 2. 1. incorporate. patron. check. expert. curb. char. discus- APPOINT name. EXPEND use up. voters. rest. tical. counsel. whale: Cetus shrink. virgin: Virgo construction n. stenosis. INGEST eat. hold down. consultant n. consultation n. bull: Taurus constriction n. raise. crown. anxiety. dents. spend. effective. out. coercion. check with.’’— exhaust. drive. hurt- ror. guzzle. ANT. parley. constituency n. deplete. deputize. 1. 4. prac- confusion. demolish. maven. *scarf. hearing. reticence. ANT. fishes: Pisces clamping. achieve. 1. water bearer: Aquarius erection. putting up. inquire. strangle. electorate. unicorn: Monoceros self-consciousness. empower. ter away. squeez- crab: Cancer ing. finish. reading. sluggish bowels. toucan: Tucana reserve. preoccupy. assemble. frit- John Stuart Mill. cramp. tered. law. widen. cerate. consulate n. block. *pro. imprison. constipation n. formation. embassy. form. beneficial. resi. advisor. purchaser. put together. fashioning. devastate. limit. define. *wolf. illegal. stricture. table: Mensa curb. manufac- dismay or shock that leaves one feeling turing. deliberation. spe- GOVERNMENT cialist. Bill of Rights.

ANT. complete. exploitation. concurrent. delight. troubled. contentment. defile. impinge. reflect. 2. repress. ceive. disrepute. fight. touch. sion. survey. Roget’s Superthesaurus 133 . plea. accord. ’’—George contemporary a. contact n. 1. comfort. attainment. inimitable. KEEP IN CHECK hold in. COMMUNICATE WITH get in contender n. gust. superior. state. HOLD accommodate. ruminative. union. current. . pollution. stifle. scuffle. complacent. tourney. he hold. disagree- contaminate v. exhaustion. thoughtful. contemplative a. miserable. carry. ANT. finishing. struggle. consummation n. upset. find. abhorrent. disre- depletion. arrogant. peerless. degradation. ulti. match. quarrel. gladden. STRIVING struggle. contention n. contemptuous a. brush. gratification. squabble. past. strike. late. dis- his field. nasty. disagreeable. spectful. battle. loathsome. corrupt. contest n. struggle. battle. *turn over in fused. contend v. happy. low. ANT. infec. grat- tious. graze. superlative. derision. endemic. *chew on. of war. wretched. 1. prescribe. consist of. crowning. ent. ancient. satisfaction. riches. fouling. CONTENTIOUS a. antagonistic. rate. fulfillment. contamination n. sure. SATISFACTION happiness. easygoing. scruti- was contentious. He couldn’t get along with anyone. trouble. plea- tive. contest. insult- duction. proximity. *finishing shabby. brood over. claim. testy. DISPUTE argument. realization. mean. be. communicable. junction. comfort- clude. 2. derisive. hold. 1. TOUCH meet. haughty. challenge. 1. be. ease. controversy. please. 3. 2. carefree. involve. cheap. respectful. histori. have a capacity for. despicable. contest v. supercil- ious. honor. fulfillment. SYN. 2. loss. 2. age.’’—Plato. ANT. cency. cheer. preservation. 1. challenge. comfort. fight. abhorrence. 1. admirable. 1. trans. impurity. insist. . marathon. ANT. content n. contemptible a. corruption. dispute. taint. able. consider. scornful. epidemic. quarrelsome. catching. 2. contemplate v. de- ateurish. mittable. 2. yesterday. *run-of-the-mill. degrade. suppress. clash. reach. pensive. *fresh as today. poison. ignominious. meet. consumption n. contagious a. vacuous. contest. satisfy. 2. blank. CONNECTION acquaintance. spreading. completion. devouring. noninfec. meditative. cation. MAINTAIN assert. contingence. stand. tus- contact v. LOOK AT watch. reflec. ing. the only quietness . [kun TEN shus] quarrel- some. serenity. *bone to foul. opinion. revul- plished. simultaneous. tranquility. strive. esteem. *beef. competitor. repugnant. seek. ANT. ‘‘Natural wealth. ANT. ruminate. object to. comfort. duel. extant. ‘‘The only less. call. essence. recent. complete. deferential. gaze at. ANT. COEXISTING coincident. combative. supreme. a consummate violinist. re. DISGRACE shame. compla- tive. mull over. round. ful. 1. touch with. expenditure. musing. argue. rivalry. dissatisfaction. belief. conflict. claim. adulteration. ANT. ment. discontent. re. 1. honor. wicked. thought. trial. view. regard. DISDAIN scorn. sterilize. one’s mind. placatory. now. control. *high and mighty. Consummation–Contest accomplished. perfecting. at ease. here and now. serene. disregard. *cutting edge. ANT. op- cal. disrespect. new. wrestle. accom. harmony. masterful. Pettie. dis- date. belliger- nize. intent. pick. repugnance. pollute. disdainful. call into question. tious. adulterate. *hot. satisfied. rapt. dis- mate. complimentary. taint. defilement. misery. contain v. transmissible. eye. conservation. up-to. condescending. ANT. contentment n. consider. battle. petulant. argumentative. accommodating. content. honorable. poisoning. humiliation. fillment. TOUCHING meeting. argue. unsurpassed. 1. thorough. He is at the top of contempt n. insolent. contestant. old. COMPRISE in. ANT. purify. discontented. SYN. respectable. restrain. rival. agreement. cap. ANT. cance. attending. cleanse. MEANING intent. MODERN present-day. 2. fight. testable. mediocre. declare. the same time. VIE collision. alter- sully. shameful. excellent. meditate. spoil. ify. signifi- approach. delight. introspec. spoil. look up. *short- dwell on. absorbed. disgusting. peaceable. competition. THINK ABOUT ponder. 3. content v. sneering. ANT. use. 1. pose. disputatious. debate. debate. idea. wrangling. fulfilled. connection. best. pleasure. ASSERTION point. utilization. respect. skilled. pleased. incorpo. happiness. am. content a. embody. synchronous. sle.

differentiation. put in writing. compact. inimical. refute. pledge. endurance. recession. ant. framework. deal. provisory. disagreement. ANT. diaphragm. RESUME congruous. contradiction n. chance occurrence. unend. ANT. ment. unlawful. ual. continence n. radic. back out. ical. averse. appliance. distinguish. hinging on. contrivance. ob- nearby. [kun TIN junt] depen. conditional. black-market. bargain. 1. next to. spermicide. pand. SEE CONDOM stances. condom. contender. swell. refraining. incessant. depen. transaction. device. ANT. knotted. rival. dis. correspond. gentleman’s agreement. contradict. contraband a. identical. shield. sistent. profile. perpetu. cramp. 2. gnarled. antipathetic. contraction n. antagonistic. con. ation. dissimilarity. trafficked. ligation. incessant. unremitting. acquiesce. corroboration. contract v. incon- vere. lawful. connecting. meeting. mis. disagreeing. con- dent. gence. gadget. abutting. *protection. ANT. expansion. vie. ANT. cease. opposition. extend. illegal. conflict. *thingamajig. SYN. wrenched. correspondence. difference. bound. constant. touching. set off. contravene v. standing. illicit. controlled by. meaning. continue v. agreement. curves. control. lowed. phylactic. excess. contract n. figure. nate. polarity. narrow- CONTINGENT a. close. 1. discrimi- contour n. similarity. connected. counter. self. combat. uncertainty. at protracted. agree- contort v. *hot. accommodating. contrast n. consistent. 1. 1. refutation. adversary. shape. proceed. 2. spo. prohibited. connection. controvert. warp. belie. MENT agree. arrangement. perse. self-restraint. straight. cave in. divergence. 134 Roget’s Superthesaurus . conflicting. torture. mismatch. stop. never ending. contacting. DISAGREEABLE cantankerous. chastity. perpet. frame of reference. ANT. subject to. IUD. ing. *the pill. rela. gnarl. contradict. smuggled. tighten. outline. MAKE AN AGREE- virtue. contraption n. cor- stant. convolute. happening. legal. legal document. agree- traction. wither. agree. ble. infinite. prolongation. repudiate. withering. ing. 1. 2. ANT. crepancy. scrap. finite. promise. bootleg. reverse. form. twisted. bent. shortening. unremitting. eternal. convoluted. protraction. carry on. shorten. counter. widget. under- contiguous a. contrary. straighten. silhouette. challenger. end. device. shape. forbidden. continuance. accident. abide. forbearance. surrender. square off. denial. COMPARE differentiate. ANT. oppose. agreeing. one left off. relentless. 1. uninterrupted. squeeze. contestant n. ANT. continuity n. progress. different. *Rube Goldberg sistence. distort. contrary a. prolongation. ment. tant. birth control device. rig. *fly in the face of. intermittent. compression. hostile. pick up where consistent. pro- context n.Contestant–Contravene contend. vary. constancy. bond. squeezing. subject to. taboo. ex- ality. at variance. interruption. negation. 2. intermittence. mechanism. contradict v. ber. reduction. OPPOSE go against. competitor. ANT. emergency. COMPRESS reduce. odds. differing. renege. gainsay. incidental to. negate. diverge. Norplant. misshapen. al- ANT. ANT. adjacent. nonstop. per. weigh. sponge. cancel out. antithe- contorted a. remain. never ending. pledge. smooth. When we schedule the outing densing. distinction. twist. *doohickey. recede. battle. roborate. gainsay. circum. 2. ANT. conflicting. fight. corresponding. torted. restart. warped. removed. incongruous. opponent. covenant. able. moderation. contingency n. variation. probability. KEEP ON persist. duration. carry on. deny. ANT. tortured. constrict. disparity. sis. antithetical. continuation. turned. discrepant. *rub- tionship. proximate. OPPOSITE contradictory. renew. incompati- continuous a. condense. *hammer out a deal. broken. inconsistency. around-the-clock. narrow. eventu. extension. indul. DIFFER lines. dis- continuance n. covenant. adjoining. differing. incontinence. machine. fortuity. ANT. mirror image. pro. ending. perpetuation. intermittent. perpetual. confliction. remote. 2. nonstop. sustain. stoppage. is contingent upon the weather. inimical. substance. guarantee. contrast v. unceasing. antithet- ANT. knot. persistence. 1. continual a. begin again. dis. tightening. in- prolong. give in. contraceptive n. shrinkage. abstinence. press on. possibility. unbroken. likeness. enlarge- dent. swelling. screw up. wrench. contradictory a. come to terms. ANT. pact. maintain. turn. cramping. differ.

handiness. benefaction. creation. congregate. forming. rule. refute. unnatural. *pitch in. jurisdiction. disobey. infract. code. prevailing. gift.’’—George Bernard Shaw. ANT. mechanism. inconve- planned or designed. useful. influence. dating. create. gether. *powwow. divide. tradi- controversial a. troublesome. SEE CHURCH. trick. repentant. revive. dispute. 2. guilt. *Rube Goldberg de. Ambrose Bierce. assemble. question mark. original. artless. revival. artifice. artificial. caucus. debate. mystery. command. rehabilitate. power. spittle or ink replace the . lei- CONTRIVED a. quarrel. 3. 2. oppose. congress. habit. normal. fake. *rig. expedience. MEETING assembly. regret. undistin- equivocal. ent. unquestionable. unrepentant. luxury. preside over. argue. adjacent. humdrum. gather. in. prosaic. lemics. up. routine. un. bilitation. forced. present. guished. 1. *mulberry patch. bestow. swing. conventional a. 2. moot. inconve- tion. nish. repudiate. strained. command. management. recover. rejuvena- ence. *the tant. brainteaser. machination. guilty. join. injury. invention. phony. un- controversy n. disagree. handy. indiffer. converge v. supervision. lem without an apparent solution. rally. guide. 2. direc. everyday. gainsay.’’— LATE cross. law. conscience-stricken. dis- regulation. etiquette. repentance. contrition n. nunnery. tra- tate. ‘‘That part that makes the illness worth pliance. provide. scheme. ANT. flak. DESIGN plan. meet. whip. 1. regulate. improvise. orthodoxy. [kuh NUN drum] a prob- CONTRITE a. qualms. remorseful. debate. advantageous. accommo- made the story seem contrived. dis- ing hand. engineer. disputable. offering. convent n. 1. tional. *stumper. dispense. mingle. nience. ter. problem. accessible. comfort. supervise. affirm. disagreement. debatable. tion. fur. construct. natural. moot point. issue. CUSTOMARY usual. ruth. unset. implement. 2. connect. gathering. machinate. con- tled. supply. orthodox. while. wrangling. penitent. [kun TRIVED] overly sure. recuperate. . 2. a puzzle. regular. transgress. SYN. ANT. recuperation. NEARBY at manipulated. quarterback. cure. cannon ball. give. 1. benefit. 1. agree. unconventional. merge. CUSTOM practice. inter- brouhaha. contribute v. summon. trite. sory. convenience n. *upper hand. bruise. contest. reign. CONUNDRUM n. unite. remote. dominion. *be in the driver’s seat. bother. finagle. next-door. con. argument. control n. design. manipulate. shame. restore. 2. meet. 1. *throw to. formulate. ANT. Solving the world’s population prob- he apologized ten times. VIO. *hold sway over. nient. contrivance n. SYN. lem is a political conundrum. cation. SERVICE usefulness. bump. ANT. charity. with a forced or unnat. convoke. *mind-boggler. round up. gainsay. DEVISE invent. apathy. indiffer. help. recovery. ashamed. manage. affected. questionable. central. utility. rueful. chance. close. donate. Contribute–Converge reject. machine. conducive. order. proximate. strengthening. standard. war of words. fabricate. amenity. acces- nive. get together. apologetic. ANT. convo- lead. help. master. beneficial. donation. ingenuity. trouble. restoration. run-of-the-mill. call the shots. direct. ANT. coloration. contrive v. pedestrian. deny. bestowal. mastery. enigma. sect. rule. Roget’s Superthesaurus 135 . accepted. po. *life-saver. contraption. APPLIANCE OR SERVICE time-saver. po. conspire. sorry. return to health. penitence. handout. sorrow. DEVICE gadget. He was obviously contrite. govern. dic. 2. call vice. SYN. plot. grant. ural effect. suspect. arguable. hand. black-and-blue mark. SERVICEABLE handy. indisputable. cloister. RELIGION control v. DESIGN scheme. fluence. *rule with an iron hand. input. challenge. troubled. radical. hand out. compunction. contribution n. order. pride. mus- fabrication. ‘‘A battle in which separate. come together. get better. labored. regretful. 1. controvert v. ing remorse. dominate. guilt. government. convalescence n. spontaneous. unspontaneous. helpful. a mystery. remorse. inaccessible. embattlement. ANT. *a pain. *chip in. ap. compunctious. run. abbey. proud. facility. . [kun TRITE] feeling or show. unoriginal. council. rebut. unsuitable. dispute. contusion n. suitability. timesaving. convention n. COMMON controvertible. puzzle. go along. *hard nut to crack. at issue. The unlikely coincidences in the plot convenient a. orthodox. reha- self-reproach. convene v. opportunity. lemical. contestable. avant-garde. 2. SPARE TIME free moment. ANT. dition. fuss. invention. help. riddle. mystery. convalesce v.

reserved. CONVIVIAL a. parboil. awesome. sway. transfer. *nifty. exchange. poach. Ralph Waldo Emerson. rage. fer. semble. jolly. switch. incontrovertible. brisk. bake. gathering. *the shakes. send. CALM collected. *bigmouth. stew. go crazy. lius Syrus.’’—Robert Burton. *rad. parox- reversal. ANT. loop. ‘‘The image of the loving. movement. 2. haul. SYN. steam. *chill. ANT. adapt. transport. 3. accompany. opinion. molasses cookie. fervor. *def. antisocial. knowledgeable. tor. carrying. *nuke. *ragtop. surety. *send up the laxed. convocation n. cook n. *small talk. transmutate. council. secure. frizzle. conference. gregarious. festive. persuasive. trans. IT Sl. uncertainty. mind. tranquil. learned. re. ob. herd. *blabbermouth. easy. *throw a fit. convince v. protection. questionable. 2. *bad. criminal. ‘‘Our account of ourselves. rity. SEE FOOD convertible n. ruffled. tion. frosty. ence. carriage. congregation.’’—Pubi. *flap one’s convoy v. Sl. con. convert v. merry-making. communicate. As the man is. 1. *sell. baker. vehicle. chocolate liver. unfamiliar. tic. *yack. *schmooze. a no- around. twisting. secu- *chew the fat. confer- communicator. convoy n. TRANSPORT carry. tenet. face. rior. ignorant. ASSURANCE certainty. BILE sugar cookie. coil. tête-à-tête. informed. talk. cool v. inter. prevail upon. reverse. COMMUNICATE tell. prisoner. verse. *don’t sweat it. lively. fabulate. *jailbird. *shoot the breeze. into. whorl. re- convict v. cook. frost. metamorphosis. opposite. bring. short-order convert n. commu. conduct. sociable. the bar. proselyte. sentence. palaver. heat. lawbreaker. frigid. discourse. fry. as- ker. 2. icy. transmutation. grill. fidence. adaptation. malefac. unconvincing. converse n. nut butter cookie. converse v. dampen. boil. confer. de. give. ANT. FRIENDLY aloof. light. *back-slapping. fig bar. CHILL refrigerate. *bag of wind. wintry. *motormouth. biscotti. supe- sion. communication. novitiate. solemn. disclose. snickerdoodle. UN- conviction n. *funky. conven- conversationalist n. cheerful. *do a turn- dle. dialogue. CHILLY cold. *spaz. 2. up-to. *breezer. convoke v. damn. *yak. sober. jovial. reverse. interlocution. frosty. cool a. abreast. ble. spasm. dogma. 1. view. convict n. *neat. guide. imprison. con. reveal. gingerbread man. simmer down. ment. SEE AUTOMO- cookie n. neophyte. pass along. ment. dis. heat. 4. forward. temper. discourse. doubt. ‘‘[Cooking] An art. prove. wafer. mate. sear. au courant. oblivious. chumen. *windbag. stir fry. remodel. 2. muster. distant. simmer. late. cussion. [kun VIV ee ul] fond of the colloquy. au fait. *make one see the quainted with. credi- with. convincing a. talk. twitch. convolution n. unacquainted solid. pea- convey v. ANT. 2. assembly. self-possessed. protect. chef. deep fry. *blowhard. composed. COOL conveyance n. remote. *hot. felon. get-together. roll. sound. *about. antithesis. change. *roasting. accompani- hold a dialogue. freeze. defend. chef de cuisine. gab. truffle. seizure. throe. EXCELLENT great. *take it nication. gab. pinwheel. sous-chef. *turnaround. change. shep- conversion n. *rap. cod- modify. call together. satisfying. *groovy. conversation n. discuss. tion. nippy. *hip. principle. *do an about-face. 1. *talk hot. warm. in. attendant.Conversant–Cool conversant a. 1. fold. satisfy. party life. 1. remodeling. macaroon. modification. sauté. changeover. chops. *bent out 136 Roget’s Superthesaurus . convulsion n. cook v. powerful. tremor. ANT. condemn. transmission. BELIEF faith. summon. escort. *have a nutty. plausible. experienced. chat. talker. soften. chat. so is his talk. send. agitated. 2. ANT. fricasee. ysm. calm down. shield. moderate. transforma. chaperon. festive. transmit. date. fun- and-take. *jibber-jabber. A convivial mob poured into course. 1. persua. contingent. dubious. braise. escort. switch. cate. *Oreo. broil. defense. blacken. earnestness. sugar cookie. senti. roast. curlicue. guard. *rap. brown. chalant. laid-back. microwave. outlaw. commune. transform. genial. standoffish. move. *con. ac. versed. ble science. attend. snap.’’— grim. fit. familiar. spiral. sedate. conclusive. meeting. *fresh. chip cookie. find guilty. unapproachable. barbecue. *bring around. doctrine. confection. gather. *bitchen. unflappable. *boss. persuade. guard. helix. metamorphose. non- river. bear.

wood. end. mirror. officer of ment. *jam. neyed. 1. corporate a. nial. keystone. deduction. ated. opposition. ANT. body. undermining. comply with. arrange. grove. emulate. aftereffect. Sl. cover of an old book. unit. participation. withdraw. corral n. strut. binding. *tap dance. tubby. its contents torn out. carcass. cadaver. trap. lawman. associ- copse n. pattern. cordage. adjust. powerful. collective. tease. amiable. united. warm. ANT. SEE SEX squadron. over. main ingredient. ANT. remains. dally. accommodation. chubby. ‘‘A hu- resentation. compliment. complicate. mend. result. POLICE. accommodate. peace officer. simu. pen. coppice. distant. hearty. indispensable component. enclosure. copy n. appear once more in a new and more beauti- late. corpus delecti. 2. ANT. policeman. titillate. quit. coquet v. *play ball. thicket. *chicken out. bottom line.’’—Ben Franklin. concert. oppose. impersonator. 1. revise. plentiful. individual. bodily. generous. string. *squeeze. upholder. rep. manage. PREDICA- ance. flowing. plump. *flatfoot. insipid. simulate. pen. tight spot. upshot. unsophisticated. COURT corner v. blubbery. fornicate. gritty. lavish. SYN. renege. base. clone. doctor. linchpin. . [KOH pee us] abundant. original. endure. pool resources. heart. corps n. heartfelt. key ele- cop n. better. catch. collaborate. breaker. flirt. mate. gracious. copy v. mock. enclosure. off. cage. assistance. essence. who fix. physician. have sexual intercourse. *hokey. COPIOUS a. friendly. convergence. anchor. heart. passe. aid. con. 2. compli. group. IMITATE the work itself shall not be lost. for it will ape. mesh. strength. yet tate. tion. *hack it. approve. abundance. Freedom of choice is the systematize. copout v. bony. junction. fold. mainstay. tease. plentiful. BEND crook. liberal. physical. praise. troupe. incorporated. Coop–Correct of shape. single. sort. the deceased. wire. coquette n. censure. suf. carnal. pooling of MENT *pickle. hurt. fat. warm. re- makes a fool out of a man that hasn’t got form. rope. boscage.’’—Madame Deluzy. juncture. ample. *fuzz. roly-poly. CHASTISE reprimand. *fool around. sparse. pull to. bones. breed. crux. rotund. sappy. mushy. hussy. Sl. outfit. gist. ANT. cork n. im- resources. kernel. company. hutch. 4. imitator. sophisticated. represent. 2. abundant. cordial a. classify. public officer. wealth. help. redress. fleshy. friendly. Roget’s Superthesaurus 137 . cold. *go all the way. contend. team. sociable. anorexic. counterfeit. RECTIFY set right. police officer. work with. the law. ge- cool. reproduction. reprove. order. help. bring to bay. root. corpse n. investigator. act like. ing. joint. imita. 2. trite. hack- fer. undermine. back into. improve. correct v. duplicate. riches. *un. cable. model. back down. buke. make love. cope v. stout. policewoman. unsociable. out- of food for Thanksgiving. patrol. angle. *worm out. *meat. inference. . replicate. pillar. ANT. stopper. stereotyped. mainspring. deal with. precipitate. cooperation n. medical examiner. SYN. skinny. common. *the man. crew. flirt. main sup- *John Law. *cut it. 3. mimic. scant. dress down. 1. go along. consequence. hearty. complicity. affable. foundation. ANT. sentimental. integrate. likeness. fat. 1. ful edition. scrub. cooperate v. meager. deputy. synchronize. face. sleep to. *nitty- gether. give-and-take. line. weather. cornerstone of democracy. replica. gether. battalion. force. material. core n. organize. impersonate. *stiff. cial or vital element. and stript of its lettering and gilding . plug. ANT. ‘‘A woman without any heart. copulate v. come. corpulent a. ‘‘[L]ike the model. bounteous.’’—Kay Goodman. facsimile. intersection. portly. admonish. further. center. tribute. autonomy. no good. amend. essential. ANT. man been. *carbon copy. abound. re- cord n. *playing ball. vamp. banal. copycat n. obese. *unglued. port. *blow corporal a. plenty. coop n. handle. beefy. SEE cornucopia n. wink at. any head. division. woman. collaboration. vamp. CORNERSTONE n. sheriff. scold. original. band. stupid. [KORN ur stohn] a cru- coordinate v. bad. skip. DUPLICATE reproduce. twine. corner n. coroner n. philander. patrolman. discipline. nucleus. embody. regiment. get by. doctor. mimic. toy with. We prepared a copious spread corollary n. allied. imi. combined. corny a. regulate. replete.

able. compare. corrosive a. EXPENSIVE high-priced. de- ANT. ing. reciprocal. cate. unethical. debauch. fluted. *face. acerbic. cortege n. 2. wickedness. therapeutic. metropolitan. iniquity. keep in TION adulteration. rectification. dissolve. clash. ANT. nated. fitting. ANT. ANT. be MORALITY depravity.’’—Carl Sagan. *on the defile. imparing. consistent. authenti. pollute. Seneca. LOSS injury. fit. measureless. mentation. broadcaster. wrong. mac- support. journalist. disintegration. inaccurate. seemly. deteriora. gnaw away. impurity. equate. 1. cosmetics n. retinue. ‘‘Something for every age to investigate.’’—Ray- corresponding a. honorable. 2. virtuous. upright. warped. connect. honest. cost n. MOON. defilement. turpitude. rouge. DISHONEST deceitful. cul- confirm or support the information given by tured. attest to. ex- mordant. befitting. 3. reporter. steep. cutting. PROPER suit. taint. detriment. makeup. UNIVERSE corrosion n. SAC- corrupt v. procession. pure. pervert. baseness. CONTAMINA- NICATE BY LETTER write. ANT. wear. gruity. finite. validate. decomposition. universal. eign correspondent. damage. expenditure. pledge. profitable. SPACE. lip gloss. change. evil. cise. 1. eye shadow. scruples. rectifying. crinkled. walkway. payment. degeneration. ‘‘Crease paint. ACCURATE exact. contrast. EXPENSE charge. RIFICING painful. lution. infinitesimal. infection. equivalent. 2. pense. PLANET. face powder. dispatches. unscrupulous. OF SPACE interstellar. defiled. price. 1. hurtful. outlay. wasting. unprincipled. tainted. cosmopolitan a. all creation. global. STAR. deteriorate. ribbed. value. lipstick. abase. decadence. debase. accordance. creased. amendment.Correct–Costly correct a. certify. correspond. 2. while. *on the button. perverted. compatibility. consuming. correlative. pol- touch. space. correction n. purity. curative. 1. IM- correspond v. sophisticated. SEE CONSTELLATION. eyebrow pencil. biting. galactic. 1. differ. against. pleated. deception. cultivated. COMMUNICATION letters. improvement. harmful. smooth. ited. 1. enhancing. ANT. counter. worth- corrugated a. cosmos n. go to. ANT. COMMU. [kuh ROB uh RATE] to universal. substantiate. international. erode. forfeit. virtue. corroborate the defendant’s alibi. *faxes. eration. incorrect. CORROBORATE v. oxidation. ad. cosign v. neverending. taint. refute. *drop a line. trustworthy. venal. grandiose. match. erosive. disagreement. LIMITLESS infinite. arc of heaven. SYN. universe. fraud. beautifiers. verify. perversion. morality. escort. worldly. wrinkled. train. shady. 1. eat away. bill. UNIVERSE aisle. 138 Roget’s Superthesaurus . jibe. coincide. modification. urbane. lim- corridor n. low. waste. AGREE harmonize. unprincipled. *kosher. news. IMMORAL depraved. corrupt a. corrective. price. re. economical. crooked. tainting. frag. gous. caustic. court. confirm. contradict. ANT. worthless. *war paint. 1. 2. SEE SPACE. insular. coddle. practical. *stiff. correspondence n. another. prove. 2. harm. complementary. spoil. 1. inappropriate. blusher. newsman. sacrifice. ruin. ANT. immense. debased. unaltered. costly a. entourage. evil. consistency. oxidize. fondle. microscopic. demoralize. ceptive. ANT. messages. corrective a. tendants. 2. adulterated. rust. deception. erosion. preparations. infect. pre. excessive. ing. acceptable. flat. cosmetic a. ridged. SEE MONEY 2. passageway. underhandedness. *right. congruity. unscrupulousness. moral. disagree. unmistaken. true. conform- terplanetary.’’— strengthen. be. correlate v. excessive. degenerate. worth. remedial. gallery. ANT. cosset v. degen- consistent. infected. match- cosmic a. incon. creation. for. alike. conform. 2. bitant. crookedness. synonymous. *great beyond. rust. gether. in- ing. corruption n. furrowed. parallel. DISHONESTY deceit. flawless. small-town. endorse. ANT. damaging. cost-effective a. underhanded. AGREEMENT harmony. proper. clean. IMPURE contami- justment. counter. rotten. concur. *shadiness. pet. parative. mascara. Several witnesses came forward to provincial. un- *politically correct. 2. superficial. beautifying. 1. hall. 3. dear. polluted. money. woman. pricey. injurious. 1. match. parallel. opposite. pamper. wear. exor- rough. tion. 3. appropriate. amount. coinciding. honesty. scathing. vast. mail. 3. healing. rocosm. *on the nose. at- 2. 1. unprovincial. ‘‘All that is or ever was or ever will corrode v. relate. conformity. unclean. unlike. correspondent n. degrade. ruinous. reparation. 1. adulterate. acidic. be compatible. analo- mond Cvikota. im. stringer. right. scrupulous. decay. 2.

neu. rec- *cow country. commonwealth. COUP n. ommend. bungalow. rebate. ball. copy. SEE HOUSE kosher. pastoral. peer. *not shack. nect. advise. legion. congress. counter a. correspon- cougar n. the challenger. conference. innumerable. RURAL AREA backwoods. pair. 2. advocate. negate. replica. realm. opulent. slug. guide. achievement. advocate. rule. 2. express. wheeze. esteem. 1. prompt. ANT. duplicate. lion- tralize. [koo day TAH] a violent pression. [KOO de GRAHS] a up. pseudo. raiment. outfit. calculate. cheap. a coup d’etat. counterfeit n. outback. direct. the clincher. fearlessness. consistent. luxurious. ANT. legal repre- land. move. mor- TER carry weight. convoca. support. allow. hitch. uprising. ADVICE guidance. sham. circle. count n. rest was followed by a coup d’etat and the assas- tance. cotillion n. override. attorney. stand for. counterpart n. original. *guts. [KOO] a brilliant maneuver or vic- counselor n. mentor. NATION motherland. infinite. imitation. over- lie-abed. compute. phony. bargain-priced. heartedness. group. wilds. forgery. lounge. duo. sanction. coupon n. rection. Roget’s Superthesaurus 139 . analogous. 3. add COUP DE GRACE n. return. cast. INCLUDE slam dunk was the coup de grace. joint. oppose. fatherland. ensemble. death- take into account. reverse. ies. change of government. contrasting. overthrow. opposite. *lazy-bones. 1. tory. cabin. couch v. painless. suggest. valor. apparel. genuine ation. garb. sham. detach. sum. deathblow. ANT. encouragement. VALUABLE precious. phony. limitless. rural. SYN. attach. agrarian. revoke. offset. maneuver. re- couch potato n. number. *give a word to the wise. scrip. display case. ex- calculation. revolution. a masterstroke. ATTORNEY lawyer. clear throat. grand. opinion. mit. sination of the dictator. economical. frame. sofa. per. tally. untold. nous. cancel. slacker. sanction. 1. so- republic. *word to the wise. rate. brace. overthrow of a government or ruler. COUP D’ETAT n. score. sum. The un- air. sentative. shelf. many. countermand n. courage n. a finishing blow. divan. multitudi- council n. 1. deem. *powwow. caucus. dent. finishing stroke. whoop. suggestion. harmless. rescind. unite. mien. dis- counter v. stroke. session. *goof-off. steer. pro. contrary. rustic. annul. ENUMERATE tally. chess match ended with an unexpected coup by confidant. counsel v. priceless. phrase. tick off. blow. number. *cut ice. shirker. outcome. 2. instruct. features. *bottom line. Sl. voice. di. chalet. twosome. genuine. real. total. couple n. counsel n. semblance. clothing. *boon- licitor. stunt. power play. takeover. nerve. number among. match. alike. disapprove. countenance v. A resounding SIDER regard. gathering. yoke. recommendation. ex. camp. imitation. counteract. warning. check. lel. feat. house. barrister. uncouple. boldness. coup d’etat. davenport. bravery. APPROVAL support. thetical. correlate. rasp. guise. not genuine. APPEARANCE aspect. costume n. look. assembly. sloth. approve. coup. condone. few. SYN. put up with. Costume–Courage 3. counterfeit a. crew. coterie n. advisor. forged. dance. simple. associ. dress. ANT. power grab. face. actual. *getup. *bogus. counteract v. band. ploit. ments. corresponding. piker. hack. table. metropolitan. worthless. fraudulent. tire. ANT. retali. *down-home. farmland. at. warn. retract. refund. set. countrified a. rate. counselor. blessing. knockout punch. check. answer. analogue. drone. back. MAT. *real McCoy. panther. union. paral- cough v. meeting. action. reject. come back. masterstroke. instruction. ANT. *fishy. advo. ANT. accep. stand. con- hibit. respond. *checkout counter. exquisite. backing. authentic. inverse. count v. visage. cottage n. urban. fake. SYN. consultation. mountain lion. finite. countless a. 2. 3. couch n. offset. club. puma. couple v. shanty. Also. lavish. guide. model. total. copy. pair. ANT. 1. count slip. tion. hawk. tal blow. 4. lawyer. accomplishment. oppose. tolerate. state. peal. woodlands. article. The cate. 2. bush. cancel. cheap. equivalent. link. ate. vest. anti- sumptuous. gasp. *the sticks. CON. country n. instructor. hem. *umpteen. incalculable. mate. finishing blow. fraud. recall. clique. *sofa spud. *balls. neutralize. spurious. *bark. reproduction. countenance n. teacher. twin. fake. certificate. dis- counter n. citified. connect. convention.

fearful. *ballsy. track. higher court that reviews lower court deci- less. holds sessions at different court order: injunction places: circuit court court system: judiciary lying while under oath: perjury DA: district attorney. ANT. valorous. patio. municipal building. jury’s decision: verdict speed. plan. advance. surveying each: poll- ulum. 1. *spine. ing the jury course v. appearance before judge without formal solicitor (BRIT. valiant. ‘‘[L]ies for lesser charge: plea bargaining halfway between rashness and coward. petitioner ‘‘Grace under pressure. program. 4. gallant. derring-do. stout.). *gofer. ‘‘Fear holding on a minute longer. rush. quadrangle. scheme. 3. jury unable to reach consensus: hung jury WORD FIND jury. jury selection process: impaneling court n. CLASS curric. mediator envoy. pluck.’’— hearing of charges. *gutsy.Courageous–Court dauntlessness. bar. barrister (BRIT. unethical contact with by lawyer: jury action: suit tampering lawyer: counsel. prosecutor military court proceedings: court-martial damages awarded beyond plaintiff’s loss to minor claims court: small claims court punish defendant: punitive damages. channel. ex. court of appeals lionhearted. staff. side court: gag order suit. fearless. cused: arraignment *wimpiness. faintheartedness. jury OF LAW court of justice. fail to appear after posting bail: jump bail ice. jury. policy. plucky. carrier. COURT jury. jury. hardy. subject. 1. brave.’’—Cervantes. 2. entering of plea by ac- George Patton. trial without: bench trial entourage. COURTYARD enclosure. PROCEDURE jury member: juror mode.’’—John Wayne. intermediary who settles cases out of court: courier n. hears appeals from lower court decisions: courageous a. disposition of case by negotiating guilty plea daring. PROGRESSION way. manly. cowardly. evaluates accusations. flow. highest: Supreme Court hearted. atrium. surge. traverse. general jurisdiction court: superior court way. advocate trial: hearing lawyer provided by government for the poor: arrest order for failure to appear: bench war- public defender rant lawyer’s assistant: paralegal blatant show of disrespect for court rules: local criminal and civil court: municipal contempt of court court bond forfeited if accused fails to show up for location/jurisdiction: venue court: bail loss claimed by plaintiff: damages calendar of cases: docket lowest court. ROUTE path. retinue. judiciary. spineless. square. bold. inquiry. mons ure of one party to show: default judg.). race. cowardice. flow. counterclaim order to search a location for evidence: defending party in a court action: defendant search warrant 140 Roget’s Superthesaurus . ‘‘Being scared to death— faulty trial that is voided: mistrial and saddling up anyway. *ma. daring. sum- decision won without proceedings. ANT. mousiness. intrepid. lessons. jury spokesman: foreman plaza. filer of court action: plaintiff.’’—Ernest Heming. 12-23 members. citizen’s obligation to serve on: jury ceeding. cortege. tribunal. run. pro. order to arrest someone: warrant ment order to restrict comments about case out- defendant’s suit against plaintiff: counter. nervy. 2. twelve-member: petit jury. officer/guard who maintains order in court- emplary damages. trail. passage. run. runner. emissary. *gritty. hall of returns indictments: grand jury justice. backbone. judicial: inquest *wimpy. messenger. attorney. 3. sions: appellate court cho. tumble. jury member’s verdict. double damages room: bailiff decision: judgment order to appear in court: subpoena. forum. self-assurance. ATTENDANTS jury. for fail. stout. bench. duty way. judge’s private room: chambers course n. daunt.

ruling. desirous. *brown-nose. pledge. pair bonding. canopy. embrace. placing under wraps. stenographer comprise. covetous a. wrapping. of choosing among one’s real thoughts. [KOH vurt] secret. sharing. ANT. civility. envelop. covey n. SHELTER refuge. haven. ignore. politeness. surrogate court show. like. sanctuary. discourtesy. witness box cover n. der oath: deposition *under wraps. Belted Gallo- well-bred. camouflaged. anchorage. arrangement. simulated trial by law students: moot court retreat. lust nerly. shield. acquis- courtesan n. pander to. bury. covered up. rapacious. harlot. bay. concor- seat of witness while testifying: witness dat. 1. after. Abel Stevens. heifer. kept itive. word: court reporter. pledge to tell nothing but the truth: oath military tribunal. calf. yearn for. harbor. covered. prostitute. REPORT legal procedures: kangaroo court detail. burial. clandestine. pursue. They made a covenant to retrial from lower court to higher: appeal perform their duties on time. stable stately. inlet. hiding place. formal. canvas. reveal. courtesy n. secrete. es- tence tuary. WRAP encase. overspread. 2. under- witness’s pretrial statement given while un. well-mannered. cultivated. 1. cloaked. especially that of another’s. avaricious. court v. shun. disguising. concealed. rudeness. beef breeds: Angus. pro- suit filed on behalf of a group: class action tection. mistress. [KUH vit] to wish for or desire. fined. similar earlier case used as model in later blanket. itch for. 3. curry favor with. contain. COVERT a. impolite. military court. COVERING coverup. refined. cloak. proper. take out. enshroud. band. surreptitious. ruminant. formality. fancy. wining and dining. gracious. desire. recount. lustful. reject. pact. flatter. cloak. chronicle. SYN. rude. witness who is absolutely vital: material wit. fawn over. court. mannerly. commitment. Beefalo. spurn. gentlemanly. closeting. ANT. barn: byre. dating. neighbor’s wife. ground. present or argue a case in court: plead courtship n. masking. [KUV uh nunt] a contract or lawyer: cross examination binding agreement. deal with. cluster. screen. veil. Texas Longhorn Roget’s Superthesaurus 141 .’’— cow n. covered up. group. ANT. case: precedent spread. tile witness hidden. good manners. evasion. graciousness. way. polished. dignified. ill-mannered. ANT. ment. civil. folder. concealment. bovine. gentleness. grabby. rude. compass. 4. ill-mannered. agreement. bevy. suspend proceedings: adjourn. respect. range over. courteous a. open. 5. generous. sheet. grasping. TRAVERSE unsanctioned court that ignores appropriate cross. elegant. cajole. ANT. re. tact. in. woo- private suit: civil action ing. undercover. lagoon. Hereford. want. Charbray. INCLUDE en- transcribes court proceedings word-for. secret. greedy. tary action. military trial. wish for. considerate. suit cover v. polite. flock. party. SYN. benevolent. lady. indictment cover-up n. SYN. longing. promise. crave. un- will and estate processing court: probate cover. unrefined. expose. embody. suave. dress. consideration. plea for: motion contract. *bossy. reject. expose. coat. keep company with. unwrap. smoothing-over. binding. punishment handed down by judge: sen. questioning of opposing party witness by COVENANT n. woo. *hush-hush. formality. pass through. respectful. woman. written statement charging one with crime: ANT. ness No one was permitted to discuss the covert mili- witness who is biased against opponent: hos. stand. concubine. up-front. Brahman. incorporate. Do not covet thy *kiss up to. avoid. gentlemanly. respectful. HIDE suspension of sentencing: stay conceal. SEE LAW camouflage. sheath. WORD FIND courtly a. COVET v. compact. blandish. refine. long for. overt. tell. envious. bight. polite. bull. disguise. hunger for. 2. recess overlay. yearning. ANT. Court–Cow party to a lawsuit: litigant court-martial n. sworn statement: affidavit camouflage. rough. tarpaulin. 1. man. ANT. cultivated. engagement. 2. cove n. date. seat of judge: bench trust. ‘‘The art clique.

whack. hero. ominvore. beans. *touchy. thunder. 2. fearful. crack n. ANT. fissured. daredevil. *chicken. bang. splinter. self-conscious. FRACTURE break. timorous. *wimp. coquettish. attack. restraint. strike. AS A CODE decipher. drover. tle herder. ness. REMARK comment. hacker. *chicken-heartedness. surly.’’—Ambrose aggressive. go crazy. rides at front of herd: point rider cracker n. *wimpy. smash. cross. 5. cowardice n. canine. snappish. shrinking.’’—Confucius ANT. fissure. cower v. humored. SEE COMPUTER 142 Roget’s Superthesaurus . split. witticism. slap. calf: dogie thunder. grouchy. uncomfortable. timidity. *gutless wonder. rupture. fearfulness. cat. frightened. pop. *go to pieces. 4. jerky hairy portion of tail: switch steal cattle: rustle milk gland: udder string of horses assigned to rider: mount moo: low unbranded cow: maverick neck fold on some breeds: dewlap unbroken horse: bronco regurgitated food that is rechewed: cud SEE COW. Sl. good- cowardly a. *chicken. she was always coy. chaparejos. ani- preservation acts normally. *dig. pusillanim. rumen wince. *yellow. SEE COCAINE breaker of wild horses: bronc buster crack v. quadruped. bang. stop. leggins diocre. 1. de- *baby. ANT. *bitchy. fragment. fearless. *cranky. pop. timid. dastard. blushing. *babyish. snug. omasum. ‘‘To know what is right and not crabby a. daring. pistol: Colt 45 crackdown n. *scaredy-cat. rent. hearted. *guts. courageous. *wuss. tear. *zinger. mal. irritable. hay. embolden. SYN. reticulum. bronco. buffalo. fainthearted. shattered. carnivore. horse herder: wrangler expert. decode. less. superior. split. demure. Guernsey. diffident. pound. clout. bully. strut. ‘‘A man in whom the instinct of self. cheeky. WORD FIND crack n. *crackerjack. *gutsy. toast. *invertebrate. frighten. cowboy n. sweet. assault. [KOY] shy or affectedly shy. faint. skulk. bold. sceond-rate. kowtow. *mousiness. COY a. master. whack. poltroon. bon mot. ANT. swagger. proficient. HORSE stomachs: abomasum. broken. daring. cushy.Cow–Cracker chew cud: ruminate rides behind herd: drag rider cornstalks. coyote n. *vaquero. slap. rancher. ANT. report. unnerve. mure. cow v. fragment. competition: rodeo LOSE COMPOSURE *lose it. HIT strike. cut. craven. warm. Sl. brave. crackle. milque. SNAP clap. threaten. *buckaroo. intimidate. bravery. figure out. clout. boom. observation. snuggled. ace. me- leather breeches: chaps. dastardly.’’—Sultana Zor. retiring. mastitis. comfy. *sissy. testy. foreman: trail boss SOLVE OR BREAK. se- ness. petulant. cozy a. herd horses: wrangle crack a. inferior. shatter. quip. SNAP clap. clip. 4. quail. clip. cowrite v. daunt. *balls. rides alongside herd: flank rider. tremble. cringe. splinter. *cold feet. Hol. spine. forward. *macho man. 1. *gutless. ANT. collaborate. ANT. inse- ity. blench. coauthor. fortify. ANT. 2. swing rider cracked a. intimate. *bug out. terrorize. bully. 3. *mousy. first-rate. wisecrack. sack for personal belongings: war bag scours staple: frijoles. cowpuncher. boom. FRACTURE break. *wimpiness. *mouse. browbeat. modest. moody. puff up. shrinking. safe. straw food: fodder rides wide of herd and rounds up wandering dairy breeds: Brown Swiss. shrink. food wagon on the range: chuck wagon have a nervous breakdown. coward n. crackle. 3. timorousness. HIT blow. hat: Stetson work out. flinch. sheepish. split. rock cocaine. *gaucho. cure. pleasant. grovel. do it. ANT. scavenger. cleft. bang. cowpoke. coy aya. capture of wandering cattle: roundup cut. emergency thinks with his legs. Jersey rifle: Winchester dehorned animal: pollard rope: lariat. tower over. cattle identification mark: brand cleave. ranch company: outfit storming. dog. cure. With men. cattle: outrider stein. mammal. Bierce. ‘‘One who in a perilous *playing hard-to-get. tear. bashful. lasso diseases: hoof-and-mouth disease. shy.

meteorite impres- cram v. *touched. lowbrow. *plow tency. iffy proposition. jagged. *hit the books. STUDY *burn the midnight oil. yearning. cavity. writhe. 1. CUNNING artfulness. disintegrate. *shot in the CHOSIS 2. delicate. choleric. de- precipitous. MENTALLY UNSTABLE insane. crackpot n. 2. Sl. cavity. *belly. pression. *wimpy. *foxy. impede. ing. clumsiness. risky business. rugged. stony. *wiz. craze n. press. impact. total. boom. case. thirst for. surly. flaky. brave. reject. NOT SENSIBLE impractical. contraction. shrewdness. detest. spasm. 2. passion. *sideswipe. *go ass over teakettle. Crackerjack–Crazy crackerjack a. wreck. artist. hole. *latest thing. entreat. SYN. bunk. PSY- crapshoot n. *horsefeathers. pit. bender. rough. crash v. We were mortified by his crass craftsmanship n. deceitful. *out of one’s mind. *goofy. eccentric. recepta- artless. BANG clatter. GO BANK- iveté. pack. refined. guile. SKILL expertise. indelicate. heavy machin. *crackpot. stupid. sensitive. collision. junk. inch. lust. hunger. vocation. hunger 2. ery. *charlie horse. philistine. davit. thunder. *yen. grouchy. one’s trolley. ma- surdity. crafty a. slyness. daring. SEE ACCI. fad. blindside. *nuts. naive. fissure. ditch. crepitation. unrefined. source. craggy a. crack. crank n. how. covet. crunch. guano. hoist. 3. longing. squeeze. ill-humored. sion. BANKRUPTCY financial collapse. *off the wall. derrick. need. yearn for. loco. cranium n. artistry. skull. *potty. origin. *gone around the bend. 3. *wipeout. sharp. accident. craving n. trend. mania. *go line. ability. brain. POOR lousy. knot. condense. COLLISION crack-up n. deceit. stool. sweet. NEUROTIC. *birdbrain. pop. fearful. design. thunder. sub-par. read up. inhibit. *like a bear. pusillanimous. fertilizer. 3. artisan. *off one’s hinges. cracked. opening. 1. crate n. crevice. cranny n. *moonstruck. knack. check. detail jokes. limit. ab. stitch. restrict. *claptrap. buggy. NONSENSE *bull. cheap. grovel. clangor. boom. poop. 3. chip. Roget’s Superthesaurus 143 . loathe. *nut. furrow. bump. want. *ornery. failure. dung. ANT. for. na. *slippery. 1. cian. hinder. crazy a. character. end over end. ANT. vulgar. irritable. *rear-ending. scheming. cle. March hare. refuse. pileup. gap. need. spineless. inability. 1. STUFF fill. constrict. pleasant. crane n. birthplace. timid. jolt. craftsman n. sly. *off shoddy. [KRASS] ignorant and insensitive. for. thirst. *T-bone. *hogwash. de- crap n. *go belly up. gutless. into. SEE CRACK dark. tumble. fountain. cow of a nuthouse door. *one hinge short BM. caldera. cowardly. worthless. load. eccentric. yellow. crank. useless. require. blast. cunning. DESIRE long for. restrain. *mad as a crappy a. ache *bone up. steep. dexterity. ANT. smith. ANT. crick. EXCREMENT feces. moody. incompe. niacal. ness. clamp. mad. shatter. ugly. applesauce. *spin of the roulette crackle n. carton. 2. Sl. CRASS a. timorous. know. testy. wriggle. *psycho. artificer. racket. sizzle. coarse. crater n. explode. wacky. want. ruse. courageous. demented. twinge. creep. DENT accident. crafti. ill-tempered. wheel. 1. JUNK trash. garbage. ferior. in. 1. scraggy. cranky a. *go down in flames. artistry. craterlet. crawl v. feeling. fearless. hysterical. braincase. desire. RUPT fail. boorish. 1. 1. terrible. cramp v. artifice. go on all fours. collide. un- work. crowd. schlock. job. stymie. *nut. rage. craven a. drag. fashion. beseech. crack-up. manure. *screwball. *fender- cradle n. daft. art. for. boom. *out to lunch. honesty. compress. grumpy. bump. choke. blast. talent. hamper. *chicken. crack. cleft. collapse. TRADE handiwork. box. mastery. snap. rocky. 2. *go at a snail’s pace. impact center. grouchy. ignorant. psychotic. risk. dropping. supplicate. spurn. smashup. shrewd. SEE CRAZY chink. lust after. ful. lift. wily. wreck. *mental. SEE NEUROSIS. plead for. facility. worm. craft n. ruination. underhanded. *flipped out. *loony. din. ram. crack. gross. BANG clatter. crude. crash n. crave v. fainthearted. honest. trashy. uncouth. SMASH impact. trickery. *poppycock. wellspring. 2. techni. dastardly. pray kink. clang. container. 1. *bilge. crack up. ranged. ANT. wreck. handiwork. hankering. beginning. BEG implore. solicit. crazed a. cramp n. ANT. business. good-humored. berserk. 2. confine. insensitive.

shelf. ex- innovation. fantastical. disbelief. accept. stealthily. vertebrate. despicable. *dink. burning. letter of reference. ‘‘Discontent translated into art. grovel. wary.E. silly. credibility n. crawl. code. foolish. cleverness. cash. confidence. conviction. original. commendable. originality. creak v. dependability. sion. creep v. develop. principles. credibil. spring. scary. *wus. case. SEE creeps. inventiveness. weirdo. credit n. an indifferent matter into a world of credit union n. credible a. founder. disbelief. buffet. soundness. ANT. tle. *woosy. screech. ANT. tenet. visionary. pleat. praiseworthy. discrepancy. dogma. conceivable. re. mastermind. wrinkle. establish. faith. plausible. *take stock in. apathetic. incredible. runnel. docu. revolting. unsophisti- ean. *the credence n. belief. tion. creepy a. animal. spine-tingling. ingenuity. crimp. originate. belief. dream 2. lending insti- value. passionate. vative. Boodin. creditable a. merito- handiwork. spawn. wild. lessness. enthusiastic. *critter. production. ashes. vi. have *hatch. worthy. distrust. emplary. cosmos. integrity. *heebie-jeebies. mindless. 144 Roget’s Superthesaurus . ANT. burn. found. creature n. recognize. accredit. laudatory. ANT. RECOGNITION acclaim. incep. disbelieving. INVENTION work. references. crinkle. architect. grate. gruesome. devoted. *scumbag. faith in. commendation. *the horrors. crease v. creed n. testimonial. mad. rumple. ab. pleat. coin. time. cool. persuasion. macabre. *belly. credulous a. make. ANT. unbeliev- creampuff n. unrealistic. ity. nature. knowledge. bookcase. reas- cate. up. implausibility. brainchild. the n. *woos. crik. 2 plus sane. ques- sensible. living being. wriggle. tenet. ti. disapproval. DEBT rumple. *fairy. inventor. disbelieve. cremation n. ANT. God. trust. creed. give rise to. crin. incineration. formation. deferred payment. dependable. 3. squawk. ac- tion. *geek. 3. likely. naive. cious. ‘‘The shaping of ful. authorization. fertility. incinerate. *born yesterday. installment plan. creep n. barrenness. maker. religion. chilling. launch. BELIEVE trust. *slimeball. believability. thrift institution. faith. eerie. doubt. 2. ridge. ther. license. ability. fold. squeal. fa. levelheaded. sterility. Prometh. believable. beast. distrust. suring. reducing to board. stream. fear. Sl. rious. cynical. fold. ASSIGN TO creation n. papers. pervert. skulk. unsuspecting. 1. 1. sound. steal. ‘‘Imaginary riches. brook. ANT. normal. cremate v. surd. Sl. ideology. produce. ments. *goon. honest. origination. mammal. pat on the back. green. cooperative. trusting. rasp. design. plausibility. credentials n. indifferent. ingenious. disturbing. CONCEPTION birth. princi- sourcefulness. conceive. acceptance. tribute. rill. respectable. inno. ascribe. jumps. unoriginal. talent. realistic. de. *varmint. certifi. 2. *thick. run. 2. *the willies. doubtful. *crab. piece. notice. inspiration. sideboard. sourceful. snake. crimp. cated. disgrace- life. artistic. sterile. imaginative. faith. credibil- crease n. man.Creak–Cremation *out of one’s gourd. fecundity. hair- credit. groan. inspired. tution. reliability. 3. formulate. MONSTER nance. HEAVEN AND EARTH universe. move signer. *wimp. *Brownie points. inconsistency. solid. credibility gap n. lucid. diploma. practical. ANT. credit v. acknowledgement. honesty. ridiculous. create v. 3. unworthy. *sleaze- creator n. rational. raising. zealous. weakling. on account. ludicrous. creativity n. compose. trust. assurance. mind. question- tional. 1. innovate. Thomas Peacock. fabricate. worm. mouse. creative a. horrible. stable. 1. wrinkle.’’— invent. rivulet. inventive. *skin-crawling. reduce to ashes. attribute. 2 not adding up to 4.’’— creek n. bag. disparity. pucker. *buy. 3. suspi- unimaginative. mistrust. world. praise. ity. author. 1. originator. ANT. 1. belief. writhe. ARDENT fond. nightmarish. thiness. cup. trustwor- *cockamamie. sneak. re. credenza n. able. qualifications. BELIEF trust. tablishment. credo n. gifted. think up. gullible. es. doctrine. genesis. repug- ANIMAL. unsound. blame. kle. incredulous. stale. trustworthy. ANT. squeak. 2. weird. reliance. honorable. irra. generation. genius. sinister. Eric Hoffer. sissy. slink. clever. stock. believing. start. ANT. charge. *harebrained. nativity. reliable. *wussy. ples.’’—J. infertility. jerk.

larcenist. quiver. mal. sharp. *skinner. spruce. impair. cockscomb. friable. groove. crisp a. est. ex. the best and bright. crease. crease in intensity. felony. terse. posse. tary haircut. CRESCENDO n. *bench. quib- predatory instincts who has not sufficient bling. upper class. fissure. cream of the crop. bunch. bow the dregs. opening. *buzz cut. eu. our most crew n. pointed. Scott. downhearted. carping. trouble. recoil. string. critical mass. EXACTING particular. ANT. outlaw. down. catastrophe. suc- ited. and ended with a powerful crescendo. soft. crisis n. carper. culmination. corrupt. *sideline. SYN. attacker. The benefit dinner attrracted the crème de la pure. illegitimate. censorious. Roget’s Superthesaurus 145 . nefarious. cripple v. de. petticoat. cleavage. rule. fold. surge. melancholy. refuse. *moment of truth. Crème de la Crème–Critical WORD FIND criminal a. detractor. culprit. feasance. discerning. intersect. firm. refreshing. sudden infant death syndrome mentator. sloppy. ter. LAW 2. crease. in. pucker. crease. climb. crackle. withered. disparag- mafioso. upsurge. CRITERION n. 2. crooked. crinkle v. clean. crimp. Sl. para- cation. broadening. gauge. cream of the cream. FAULTFINDER complainer. ANT. mob. hot. lawlessness. unflattering. squad. brief. group. apex. homicidal. *pickle. ascen. wordy. best of the best. mili. and scrape. CHILLY invigorating. pressed. *zero hour. authority. gang. crumple. peak. bracing. set. peak. *upper crust. grovel. elevation. butch cut. dull. hairsplitting. mane. scofflaw. wince. 1. larce- CRÈME DE LA CRÈME n. pick of the litter. ANT. crook. dejected. pleat. exigency. zenith. [kruh SHEN doh] an in. chasm. kle. cheat. wrinkle. opening. blunt. ger. or the climax of such an crease. predicament. gash. crimple.’’—Channing Pollack. *critical mass. decrescendo. crestfallen a. plagiarize. emergency. LAW littler. lyze. 1. 3. strut. trim. on which a judgment can be based. evil. standard. expert. wrin- best. 4. *hood. overlap. sad. press. meniscus. feloni- remains: cremains ous. softening. disapproving. VILLAIN- KREM] literally. flinch. crème of Washington society. fresh. disappointed. dispir. *retard. ning. SYN. best of the crimp n. be- meanor. 1. 3. demanding. invigorate. de. corruption. fortify. rustle. rent. 4. stone. guideline. pinch. unblemished. 1. malefaction. rise.’’—Howard judicial. ridge. crescent n. crevasse. head. scale. nippy. finicky. wrongdoing. com- crib death n. 1. precise. company. incapacitate. shrink. weaken. plosion. copy. fissure. cower. crumbly. legitimate. Miller. severe. degenerate. strengthen. critical a. stand tall. gap. stan- troupe. the elite. party. ANT. REVIEWER analyst. Also. fracture. the finest. cinct. 2. recidivist. arbiter. connoisseur. *point of no return. guidepost. 3. SEE COURT. critic n. moron. progression. desperado. 1. maim. discriminating. idiot. [KREM deh la nous. team. *up. crest. illicit. *shady. COMB tuft. crisscross v. legal. the OUS wicked. 2. BRITTLE crunchy. *nag- transgression. topknot. lawbreaker. half-moon. ANT.’’—Samuel plume. press. dissipation. ‘‘God’s call to us to crest n. felon. judge. SYN. escalation. barome- clique. ‘‘A person with ing. ‘‘A legless man who teaches run- (SIDS). increase. crib v. crevice. fold. slovenly. misde. pinnacle. 1. blench. measure. ILLEGAL unlawful. SEE MOON strait. *crunch. convict. crown. handicap. test. fussy. low. people of high society. *snappy. quail. FAULTFINDING cutting. swagger. SHORT pithy. offense. boiling point. smart. criminal n. cringe v. errant. antisocial behavior. censor. cretin n. crack. disable. climax. immobilize. *flattop. crouch. *nitpicker. straighten. cranny. NEAT tidy. [kri TEER ee un] something split. cross. The music warmed to a fever pitch ANT. reach a new level of humanity. smooth. crevice n. touch- crew cut n. noblemen’s clothes. ham- sion. sickle. cleft. cleft. captious. apex. important criterion is sales ability. crevasse n. When hiring an employee.’’—George Herbert 2. expositor. crossroad. discouraged. twist. TOP summit. debilitate. *buzzer. summit. phoric. building. pinnacle. joyful. disaster. *nitpicking. crinoline n. ANT. slit. intensifi. demilune. verbose. SEE COURT. ANT. quibbler. brisk. derogatory. turning point. a test or chasm. yardstick. band. 2. ‘‘Brushers of crime n. lift. imbecile. capital to form a corporation. dard. 2. hoop skirt. aristocracy.

BEND curve. ford. *pump. hybridize. ap. turn. to take a *chum. wood performance. FINDFAULT disapprove. Some believe that worldwide crop n. cross a. 1. the point at ful. crabby. CRIMINAL felon. crossroads n. puff. *nit. cruciform appraisal. angry. disparagement. rave. point of collapse. [KRIT uh kuhl MASS] ating. chop. 4. ANT. scarify. burglar. cross-examine v. *swipe. frustrate. urgent. creature. go *swipe. trustworthy. *put on the hotseat. ANALYSIS critique. ANT. bowed. with both barrels. pain. an- and thought in the world. undiscerning. impede. compliment. assessment. needlework. robber. hybrid. mongrel. attack. crisscross. angled. portant or life-changing decision. irreversible momentum. pare. cross-shaped: cruciate. animal. designing. across. crossroad. meet. aid. weaving. com. *knock.Critical Mass–Cross the Rubicon CRUCIAL decisive. examine. entwine. bridge. HINDER oppose. bridge. snappy. disparage. *full of piss and approve. INTERSECT con- proval. *go over with a fine-tooth comb. walleye. hook. *easy. cross v. lop. assess. rood. mow. adversity. verge. *grill. homi. vinegar. *pissed. ridicule. mentary. carping. moment of truth. cross-bearer: crucifer review. environmental damage is approaching critical crop v. assessment. bisect. *buddy. judge. dissect. *trashing. diatribe. happy. significant. cheerful. approving. cross-eye n. extend. colleague. ac. tortuous. BENT curved. above- sionable material needed to sustain a nu. sate cross nold. suffering. high noon. 2. 2. assist. pivotal. appraise. the Rubicon.’’—Mathew Ar. judgment. grave. check. 2. utterance. *give the third degree. macteric. join. lead to heaven. 2. human. blend. sure. cross n. produce. clip. turning point. testy. caveman. 2. waspish. 1. angle. comrade. climax. crock n. mixed breed. moment of truth. bash. surly. quibbling. dire. praise. 3. *Bronx cheer. cheer. brickbats. DISHONEST corrupt. *pan. swindler. shifty. ‘‘A disinterested endeavor to cross with v-shaped ends: Maltese cross learn and propagate the best that is known Egyptian cross with loop on top: ankh. moment of truth. mad. pal. TURNING POINT critical point. thief. interrogate. point of no return. review. mass. croak n. insignificant.’’—Samuel Johnson. explosion. ill-tempered. ply. critical point. shapen. analysis. So named after the minimum mass of fis. crossing n. passage. deceit- a critical stage. load. SYN. touchy. Caesar’s decision to lead his troops across 146 Roget’s Superthesaurus . hooked. affliction. TRAVERSE span. 1. MIX mingle. report. *put out. 3. 1. BURDEN weight. cen. tune. pastry. albatross. crossway. *con. raves. warped. interfere with.’’—Nel. underhanded. harvest. to make an im- crony n. crocodile tears n. stymie. aligned. 1. examination. roll. hoarse tone. *slam. ANALYZE critique. censure. honest. bow. thwart. exotropia. CROSS THE RUBICON v. ‘‘Ladders that crisis. prune. ‘‘The avocation of cross with circle behind crossbeam: Celtic assessing the failures of better men. cepting. serpentine. ANT. put. critique n. critter n. irritable. *knock. shady. picking. *roast. friend. vessel. 1. strabismus. *let have it annoyed. 2. applaud. praise. review. momentous. 1. evaluate. CRUCIFIX crux. shear. lopsided. *slam. climax. cut. quibble. *trash. CROSS TO BEAR. board. belittle. ANT. Academy Award performance. *slam. question. noon. trim. evaluation. 1. foil. scathe. ANT. false show of emotion. clear reaction. skewed. honorable. cli. yield. INTERSECTION crossing. high Cro-Magnon n. pot. crossbreed n. snip. write-up. serious. WORD FIND criticism n. croissant n. straight. vital. help. good-humored. *nitpick. Julius crook n. 2. ‘‘Growing important and formidable horizontal beam: transom at very small expense. pan. crafty. fraudulent. cross son Algren. level. commentary. comment on. *sidekick. embezzler. 4. un. cavewoman. deny. crossbreed. 2. production. fuse. tricky. choleric. which something momentous will happen. crochet n. 2. beast. laud. criticize v. 1. junction. companion. peeved. important. ally. blast. pass over. devi- CRITICAL MASS n. change things for better or worse. 2. *pan. scrutinize. shorten. twisted. complimentary. misfor- belittling. Homo Sapien. zigzag. ANT. trivial. 2. Holly. nid. awry. a crisis point. ac. crooked a. consequential action that will forever complice. mis- particular.’’—Samuel Smiles. Paleolithic man. DISAPPROVAL faultfinding. on.

hunch. *sink or swim time. crunchy a. *crappy. *wall to wall. 2. empty. standing room only. disinte- tion. trivial. wander. pile. out. 1. commit. friable. power. testy. squelch. jammed. ANT. prowl car. powder. *crap. crown n. DEFEAT over- cross. Crotch–Crush the Rubicon in 49 B. critical mass. 1. crease. *breathing down each other’s necks. *gross. vulgar. poor. crud n. morsel. congest. jostle. mean. dire. climactic. squeeze. cheap. unpolished. brittle. and make toasters instead. besti- own horn. meanness. press. *jump in with RAW OR UNFINISHED rough. 1. crackling. crush v. crotchety a. champ. jowl. crucify v. press. ANT. kindness. touchy. crown v. affect unrefined. crumple v. pucker. 2. teeming. hunker down. mob. decisive. ANT. crotch n. crinkle. diadem. fined. *toot one’s dism. deserted. raven. perfect. mission. *mover and shaker. *standing cheek by cate. vital. ality. mini. lever. bow. benevolence. SYN. crunch. the throne. crowded a. mobbed. vicious. both feet. grate. incrustation. 1. leave a crossroads. *scooch down. persecute. be humble. overwhelm. RUMPLE wrinkle. fondness. take a stand. cross. reformer. sion. rove. tactless. *squish. cultured. bend. journey. liking. ignorant. *ornery. infatuation. shabby. torment. brutal. swarming. bow down. torture. re- fate. give way. ANT. cold-blooded. buckle. bar- cranky. fac. inhuman. cruise v. congested. mo. insubstantial. ungraded. lose. seal one’s fate.C. fancy. pry cruet n. deciding to abandon its personal computer line uncouth. elbow. movement. ANT. critical. navigate. piv. be- crouch v. unimportant. pulverize. ROYALTY crusade n. 2. thronged. *stand cheek by jowl. *squished. life-threatening. choose one’s hewn. finish. tip. crush. barous. coterie. mass. decay. crumb n. brag. apex. vertex. stoop. crunch-time n. climax. squeezed together. com. excrutiate. subdue. central. travel. sovereignty. pleasant. crushed. crusader n. fighter. granulate. confluence. scrap. 2. mored. pas- otal. drive. bestial. gathering. compress. brutality. squashed. fragment. cower.’’—Thomas Carlyle. *eat crow. complete. push. *puppy love. kind. speck. groin. break apart. bluster. crush n. summit. plete. ruthless. clan. fragment. *blow away. visionary. hud. monarchy. squeeze. disperse. sa- crow v. cause. vessel. ANT. ROUGH OR UNREFINED IN MANNER of war. cold-bloodedness. 3. savagery. 2. natural. mentous. rook. mane. unprocessed. surly. bloodthirsty. crumble v. GROUP circle. dle. *do or die time. brittle. jackdaw. FALL APART collapse. TIARA coronet. bunch. polished. cap. boast. barbarity. strut. rough- change. expedition. 1. pack. rot. MASH squash. SEE BOTTLE bar. obliterate. nail to a grind. ferocious. junction. THRONG crush. pinnacle. massed. crumbly a. ANT. patrol car. bottom. munch. swarm. filth. wrecking bar. finished. exult. battle. hu- harrow. vaunt. crowd v. good-hu. set. viciousness. march. chomp. civilized. inhumanity. grind. *the hots. fulfill. gloat. clique. grouchy. insignificant. resolve. horde. champion. Roget’s Superthesaurus 147 . *ev. campaign. 2. masti- *sardined. circlet. cringe. crowbar n. chew. crew. scatter. rack. compassionate. was considered an act crude a. miliate. surrender. chewy. *voice for change. cruelty n. mass. jam. cruiser n. cruel a. 1. throng. pressing. hang. rance. fall to pieces. crowd n. brutalize. decay. splinter. voyage. fragile. refined. bit. sweet. crack. sadistic. crucial a. solid. zenith. unpolished. peevish. base. irritable. huddled. churlish. cave in. *squish. 1. savage. 1. thin crummy a. tidbit. muck. shred. ANT. head. trample. cluster. bind oneself. vanquish. heartless. ANT. crass. pinch bar. crunch v. The company crossed the Rubicon after coarse. lousy. fork. top off. compas- mize. critical moment. essential. sail. ANT. ANT. surge. 2. fritter. topple. fall to pieces. 2. crisp. squash. shred. ruthlessness. campaigner. press. incidental. inferior. matter. decanter. SEE erybody and his brother. sliver. heartlessness. TOP crest. crow n. earthy. drift. multitude. flood. beat down. culmination. ferocity. conquer. quality. subpar. nevolent. mob. eccentric. important. ANT. squad car. gnaw. green. gang. merciless. showdown. primitive. sion. inhu- cantankerous. polished. POLICE ‘‘The collective wisdom of individual igno. tire iron. powder. high noon.

tomb. band. hull. cuckoo a. crab. ish. rind. meat. howl. cracks. complainer. pouts. whimper. sinner. holler. cult n. SHOUT yell. believers. shed tears. wrongdoer. vault. open. *bitcher. foster. root. caress. bewailing. occult. marine veiled. alley. The customer was dissatisfied with the cryptic tend. whiner. educate. animal. to climax. height. squawk. dress. 148 Roget’s Superthesaurus . miscreant. swol. peevish. wailing. break menu. stupid. plea. 2. eyes take on wounded look. blameless. to blame. fea. stall. gruff. easygoing. manure. hint. nod. buffet. She was culpable in takes on a hitch. top off. zenith. cooking. contorts grotesquely. room. [KUL puh bul] responsible for hysterically. straightforward. cap. ANT. surly. plant. limpid. exclaim. tip-off. testy. finish. catacomb. *bad guy. followers. moan. tip. cookery. splutters. gist. nutty. berth. perfect. good-natured. puffy. grumbler. whimper. excla. voice: quavers. mausoleum. crutch n. hidden. utterance. bellyacher. chamber. walking aid. anguish. train. niche. guilty. ill-tempered. mation. down. raw with agony. *wuss. responsible. skin. baby. prompt. ANT. compartment. crow. *flaky. room. chokes. 1. culprit n. blind into tears. youth. *boohoo. sect. screws knuckles into peak. rake. accountable. transparent. climax. sob. arthropod. pick. sow. bawl. clear. vociferate. cloudy. compartment. pellucid. felon. arcane. rascal. crybaby n. howl. crazy. nub. suary. blink back tears. following. *grub. alley. cranky. gulps air spastically. completion. pleas. crabby. commencement. guilty party. cuff v. ANT. basis. hug. the conclusion or peak. conclusion. cry n. request. till. winnow. support. young. coating. crustacean n. scream. clout. collect. staff. conclude. sing out. farm. eyes brim with tears ANT. rises an octave. SCREAM. clasp. cuddle v. SYN. cry v. intimation. constricts. offender. body language: curls into a fetal position. core. convulse with tears. select. pule. begin. holler. layer. blamewor- in ragged bursts thy. crypt n. pigeon ant. slap. SHOUT yell. SYN. burial place. os. grimace. rises CULPABLE a. yelp. PLEADING appeal. dissolve cul-de-sac n. curl up. VELOP enrich. beginning. impasse. closet. food. sift. nurture. border. ing. booth. fertilize. chamber. 1. murky. cue n. im. cuisine n. sinful. PREPARE GROUND FOR GROWING CRYPTIC a. mysterious. strangled. sea creature. bay. stick. cudgel n. esoteric. hidden. cooking. wail. 2. throat closing spastically. a wrongdoing. cuddy n. sepulcher. bludgeon. prawn. indication. *meat and cell. bearish. commence. plow. hole. out. 3. cap. The derby chest grows heavy. cub n. utter. shrimp. sane. *cri de coeur. culminate v. DE- message from the psychic. scarlet. [KRIP tic] mysterious. wink. grouchy. single out. cent. con- tures stricken. malcontent. disciples. climax. end. eyes transfixed with shock summation. MOURN. *under- grave. moaner. sort clenching-lurching-knotting stomach. mystic. ANT. club. ANT. call. outcry. deadend. pet. nitty-gritty. faith. heart. to blame. sign. cubby hole n. SEE CEMETERY cultivate v. tremulous. snivel. WORD FIND cull v. throat raw. clear. idolization. school. garner. mewl. cabin. fare. opening. nestle. evildoer. ing. SYN. glean. at fault. weep. SEE GRIEVE. scream. prayer. fondle. apex. irascible. encrustation. lament. shrill. devotees. crux n. twists in ball rolling. out of one’s mind. hoe. box. in the wrong. amiss. obscure. cupboard. inno- 2. hit. ANT. cubicle n. affiliation. bat. ground. TEARS liable. sour. yelp. signal. [KULL muh NATE] to come to swallows lump in throat. com- eye sockets plete. bellow. sobbing. end. enigmatic. squawk malefactor. embrace. and grief. potatoes. strike. entreaty. *eats. table style. *come to face: snarl of agony. opt for. clique. essence. lobster. a head. crusty a. culinary a.Crust–Cultivate crust n. speaks the car accident. blubbering. ambiguous. galley. criminal. shriek. nostrils dilate. improve. fin- curls. squeeze. dishes. choke up. call. *get the len. griper. shillelagh. choose. crown. snuggle. ploration. nuzzle. kitchen. trap. faction. squall. supplication. open. crystal a. WEEPING bawling. cabin. nook. pinnacle. peak. bottom lip culmination n. hail. bellow. will culminate with the awarding of prizes. prop. vague. box. shell. *wimp. secret. caking. sniveling. blubber. burst into tears. crowning.

gardening. bridle. guard. manners. *get cozy with. ANT. [kur MUJ un] a grouchy demitasse. apathy. knave. tor. prying. greed. style. cupola n. alleviate. illiterate. elixir. brake. enlightened. curious a. clumsy. channel. restriction. prescription. naive. 2. *scumbag. gen. enlightenment.’’—Mathew Arnold. swirl. enlightenment. limit. snooping. correct. guileful. convolution. *kiss up to. indifferent. snake. mudgeon wouldn’t let us walk through his yard Roget’s Superthesaurus 149 . regimen. INQUISITIVE interested. educated. degeneration. cunning a. sly. light. curiosity n. alienation. medicine. unique. twist.’’—Thomas Hobbes. conduit. genteel. bar. unconcerned. solidify. 1. elixir. loop. gent. curb n. assimi. cupidity a. 1. the arts. facilitate. discipline. fruit. administrative di- tillage. ‘‘The de. prohibition. manager. prying. stunt. ANT. refinement. pipe. ence. ordinary. science. *lights out. turn. cultivation n. mores. erudite. in the world. d’art. ‘‘The mother of culvert n. training. whorl. marvel. ferment. 1. liquefy. 1. alienate. unimaginative. dampen. heavy. bend. awkward. 3. slick. elevation. court. civilize. exotic. re. 1. pe- cunning n. cultivated. slow. discipline. ciousness. gutter. congeal. ca. bridle. clabber. erudition. urbanity. improvement. 1. nostrum. gratiate. CRAFTY shrewd. inventive. coagulate. SEEK THE FRIENDSHIP OF befriend. CURIO nov- cumbersome a. regressive. restore. tumbler. objet bulky. restraint. scoundrel. cultured a. sewer. ANT. Cultivation–Curmudgeon school. culture n. intelli. *thirst sion. veloping of an avid hunger for knowledge cure-all. everyday. keeper. turn. 2. 2. 1. tured. curve. *dog. slight. cad. medicate. coil. cure-all n. 1. *get on one’s good side. 2. chalice. steward. to. check. goblet. crop. and beauty. coil. ‘‘To eat of the forbidden lation. thicken. dome. taker. cus. patent medicine. inhibit. old cur- cupboard n. MEDICINE toms. remedy. stop. masterly. curl n. elty. roll. curator n. sharp. artful. wonder. weird. generosity. clever. panacea. bar. velous. restrict. questioning. mo. ANT.’’—Charles Singer. *stranger in a strange land. corrective. plishment. accom. development. meander. ANT. SEE SEX inquisitorial. rector. retard. *head. *nosiness. stupid. check. rarity. ban.’’— culiar. husbandry. rehabilitate. DEVELOPMENT education. brake. civilized. bibelot. curfew n. massive. deceptive. want. clot. regression. foster. glass. *play up to. curlicue. ANT. advancement. stein. band. artless. treatment. oddity. accomplished. covetousness. custodian. ringlet. The prickly. wretch. curdle v. cure v. spiral. cabinet. relieve. wily. erudition. ODD strange. EDUCATION AND SOCIAL GROWTH curb v. belfry. ditch. restric- high-class. confu. cummerbund n. unwieldy. cern. *streetwise. usual. graspingness. unmanageable. curl v. distance. control. villain. *snake. sash. 2. wave. rare. polished. antidote. sour. twist. con- culture shock n. common. ANT. incommodious. apathetic. push. honest. agronomy. rapa- 3. questioning. ‘‘A peep-hole in waterway. care- raising. cup n. damper. unselfishness. FARMING agriculture. ANT. tility. catholicon. ‘‘The lust of the mind. SEE TIONS AND BELIEFS civilization. compact. stop. conversation piece. 2. closet. foreplay. skillful. tion. ‘‘A sinister or crooked wisdom.’’—Jesse Bennet. training. wondering. in. guardian. 1. foxy. heal. uncul. restrain. *thirsty for cunnilingus n. black- pollute. quaint. treat. hefty. civility. hindrance. control. mar- Frances Bacon. convention. help. repair. indiffer- ponderous. well-bred. schooling. vessel. finement. conservator. *brownnose. *suck up hunger. *69. unusual. panacea. hinder. scholarship. oral sex. refined. for knowledge. curve. drain. *quick fix. *weasel.’’—Elbert Hubbard.’’—Robert Burton. spoil. INGENIOUS imaginative. cur n. ANT. novel. corkscrew. folkways. INSTITU. ANT. shelf. doc- decline. CURMUDGEON n. remedy. mug. sterilize. learned. wind. gey. ‘‘The best that has been said and thought thin. rogue. or ill-tempered person. 2. *nosy. inquiring. cure n. polish. resourceful. ronic. enlighten. 2. acquisitiveness. loop. gully. the brain. primitive. ANT. concerned. promote. knowledge. fix. culture. avarice. dexterous. INQUISITIVENESS interest. life. refine. anxiety. nostrum. queer.

expletive. shave. curtail v. accustomed. ROUTINE unoriginal. favored. muffle. 3. shade. slit. wound. short. positioner. *give the cold downsize. cial. stat. run. shorten. normal. indicator. pillow. tariff. wardship. cursed a. fashion. bygone. 150 Roget’s Superthesaurus . convention. loathsome. 2. blessing. curtailment. great guide to human life. conventional. CUT DOWN OR TRIM ness. thorough. malcontent. curator. Sl. downsize. cut v. 1. *grizzly bear. 2. *built like linguine. *miserable bastard. valance. agreeable. way. *dirty word. conservator. SYN. present. He gave a curt introduction and fell. pres. consumer. ill-fated. pleasant. evil. *super. stifle. shoulder. now. word. *kiss up to. attractive. detention. SHARE per- CURSORY a. diminution. quota. decrease. SEE MONEY tect. cutback n. be. SWEARING oath. lance. flux. diminish. set. decrement. cajole. excise. curtain n. laconic. his. crop. coil. full-figured. hurried. lessons. protection. modern. word. money. fiendish. 3. toady to. flow. care. grouch. stroke. study program. boil down. the idol of fools. orexic. unthorough. INSULT *put- tion and moved on. cut back. prospect. 2. toll. cushion n. cute a. receptacle. to try to win someone ing. prune. trim. dated. veer. lay open. 3. custom n. pointer. belt-tightening. bend. slice. *grumbler. tear. current n. keeper. hack. 2. [KUR suh ree] quick and super. cutback. bills. supervision. easy. dampen. *leading edge. impolite. 1. abomi. *right blarney. dice. soften. 2. ficial. offbeat. execrable. zaftig. damnation. an. po- lessen. old. unusual. curriculum n. voodoo. curse. 2. rip. steward. kerf. kickback. decline. janitor. ANT. nick. spurn. lower. crab. pad. maintenance man. course. abrupt. lacerate. 1. draft. INSULT lite. carve. rude. *evil eye. *bear. TAX levy. superfi. pierce. currency n. alent. *sweet-talk. SETTLED fixed. twist. fender. snappy. imprisonment. *comfy. prepared. plagued. cunning. ordinary. REDUCE decrease. ANT. blessed. patron. restraint. lowering. commendable. *suck thing to do. lop off. affront. browser. *piece of the pie. current a. fawn over. up-to-date. cuss v. INCISE gash. river. subjects. set. stream. rule. slice. abbreviate. por. in progress. fleeting. veil. offense. gruff. unmethodical. chop. sharp. incantation. lengthen. split. cushy a. fashionable. pare. spittoon. stricken. slash.’’—David Hume. shopper. long-winded. ceration. allotment. mow. ANT. reduce. CONFINEMENT incar- attempts to curry favor with the governor. routine. ‘‘The curse n. medium cushion v. *gutter established. loop. shear. scotch. brusque. JINX spell. damned. orthodox. blind. slit. harvest. ANT. blighted. slight. customary a. courses. PRACTICE habit. curve v. abridge. desultory. in-depth. bony. adorable. HATEFUL detestable. ‘‘The plague of wise men and up to. di- short and sweet. section. court. curvaceous a. 1. deviled. mat. damnable. torical. cover. usual. pillow. anathema. edge. cut and dried a. safekeep- classes. ANT. 2. execration. cash. ANT. 1. deaden. snub. reduction. praise. curl. over through flattery. client. 4. win over. holding. hasty. 1. watchman. check. REDUCTION decrease. studies. rough. She made a cursory inspec. 1. expand. voluptuous. buyer. slash. cut. bolster. loquacious. coins. perfunctory. allowance. minish. GUARDIANSHIP keeping. lowering. contemporary. bow. crop. SYN. regular. pretty. tiere. pander to. honorable. law. uesque. courteous. opening. guardian. spiral. buffer. *brownnose. cursor n. in vogue. quick. I was sickened by his watch. backdrop. unfamiliar.Currency–Cute without yelling at us. absorb. shun. nable. swerve. tide. slice. hook. slight. JINXED doomed. obscenity. *four-letter habitual. ANT. terse. *grump. CURT a. *butter up. profanity. caretaker. mode. trim. *bootlick. rush. buxom. drape. 1. centage. nick. disagreeable. fashionable. star-crossed. draw out. casual. custody n. malediction. comprehensive. unceremonious. truncate. ANT. laceration. left. wicked. ent-day. untried. past. marker. SYN. cut n. customer n. turn. legal tender. *whammy. ar- flatter. routine. fawning. difficult. swear. ANT. charm. evil. crook. rest. accepted. *dig. INCISION gash. tear. *grouser. *fall all over. open. shapely. reversal. jail. benediction. *cutting custodian n. wound. 2. vessel. pro- of exchange. *built. prev. *sorehead. excision. SYN. cuspidor n. traditional. clip. down. 1. shallow. abatement. [KURT] brief to the point of rude. sever.’’—Thomas Fuller. arc. *cuss word. CURRY FAVOR v.

Cutlery–Czar darling. focal point. computer network. chamber. bleb. cutthroat a. CUT THE GORDIAN KNOT v. when he smells flow- lent. believer. electronic highway.’’—Russel nails. Men- cutting a. ‘‘A man who tells you *every man for himself. blister. Frank said complimentary. cynosure n. front line. [SY bur SPAYS] the collec. cynicism n. SYN. cyst n. ruler. pessimistic. monsoon. *infor. overlord. positive. tableware. Green. ANT. knives. trusting. slice. tubular. nonbeliever. CYBERSPACE n. android. ing for hidden motives in others. SYN. vesicle. edge. crack. charming. global village. *doubting bottom of. distrustful. malevolent. questioning. flattering. *Pollyanna. wave. barrel. tsar. pitiless. to find a cycle n. merciful. unravel. circular. scoffing. new sardonic. CYNICAL a. patty. resolve. the most was cynical. online com- cutlery n. ANT. insulting. czar n. point. monarch. advanced. pessimist. progression. optimistic. ven. round. forefront. avant-garde. free. SYN. straighten out. sharp. million-dollar man. ruthless. twister. series. *cute as *infobahn. More and more peo. Seeing tive data and communication network of in. realist. we’d like them to be. SEE INTERNET ing set. scathing. ‘‘Ideal- ple are turning to cyberspace for research ism gone sour. utensils. *cut through red tape. a bug’s ear. unbelieving. autocrat. munication medium. drum. pipe. merciless. naysayer. misanthrope. SYN. tornado. ers. sac. benevo. nasty. cyborg n. communication web. ANT. mean. looks around for a coffin. cken. cherubic. optimist. mation superhighway. emperor. Roget’s Superthesaurus 151 . biting. chop. The technology was on the cutting doubting. tricate. skeptical. leading edge. cation network. data bank. wind- Gordian knot of Congressional gridlock. clear. solve. [SIN ik ul] mistrusting and look- omous. virtual community. cylindrical a. work out. table instruments. whirlwind. suspicious. *dog-eat-dog. skeptic. *six- cutlet n. tion. ‘‘A man who. terete. incoming tide of innovation. In. vicious. acerbic. misanthropic. but Mary CUTTING EDGE n. compassionate. cutting tools. virtual library.’’—Will Herberg. fore. World Wide Web (WWW). negative. things as they really are.L. sarcastic. Thomas. center of attention. *dollfaced.’’—H. sweet. rota- quick solution to a deeply entangled prob. lem. sardonic. vanguard. round. tube. mocking. storm. carv. *get to the cynic n. ANT. communi. caustic. killjoy. instead of the way terconnected computers. cybernetic organism.’’—Harry Ruby. *hard as the truth about your own motives. scoffer. the forefront. succession. king. sequence. ternet. Somebody had to find a way to cut the cyclone n. ‘‘A euphemism for realism. he wanted to raise money for charity. cylinder n. untangle. hurricane. ex. cut. unsnarl. SEE CYNICAL purposes. sneering. naysaying. kind.

ANT. attack. close. lag. *daddy. impair. novice. injure. *persnickety. DEPRESS deaden. 2. chill. biya dampen v. girl. tante. *blasted. soggy. *nuttier than a fruit. rotten. criticize. dainty a. obstruc. objurgate. ‘‘Ever- clownish. smidgen. *old man. tap. mute. hurry. ruin. shilly-shally. putter. disparage. weaken. poniard. SEE CRAZY loathsome. intensify. detestable. delay. misericord. depreciate. tinkerer. idle. knife. protector. commend. break. switchblade. rough. amends. dabble v. touch. mar. square dance. WORD FIND fragile. Irish/Scottish. easy to please.’’—Bible. death dance: danse macrabre *fooling around. pinch. pan. vandalize. give one’s blessings. blessed. Italian. bank. governor. *loony. glen. dirk. pat. dilet. 1. enliven. del. like samba: bossa nova refined. face. *cow eyes. *nutty. bend backwards under pole: limbo graceful. lively: polka particular. dudgeon rinse. SEE VALLEY Texas two-step dalliance n. finicky. check. cost. sensual coupling: lambada ponderous. cool. fine. Cuban: rhumba. double-edged. destruction. *hanky. ‘‘Poetry of the foot. impairment. Bohemian. obstruct. praise. flirtation. double-edged: skean lower. dank. hop. dollop. lively French dance. speck. trifle. de- dab v. idiotic. wet. *play around. harm. silly. lessen. dehydrate. *pop. soup̧con. Brazilian. dry. waltz. revolting. dad n. putterer. Arabian. stop. three steps and off. cake. handle: hilt. slam. waste time. spray. precious. French. stiletto. drop. clammy. arid. 2. or adv. lasting torments. bit. ANT. swordbreaker damsel n. foolish. expenses. smudge. refined. layman. with stylized posturing: pede. compensation. Medieval: anlace. professional. slide projections at the hilt: quillons dance n. ravage. ANT. damn v. drizzly. nounce. *fiddle with. smear. tinker. ANT. *goofy. amateur. misty. *nutty. curved blade: jam. high-kicking. dips. harm. Latin American. daft. destroy. fa- Bowie knife. woman. ron. dawdle. love affair. check. cha dam v. check. *darned. leaps: samba Brazilian. per diem. maiden. capering. bayonet. platform. *papa. coquetry. curse. moder- knob at butt end: pommel ate. grip. damage v. levee. ugly. censure. restrict. infernal. 1. choosy. swear at. 2. ballroom dance. procrastinate. hurt. block. reimbursement. haft. sane. ANT. bar. overrefined. rational. cripple. tillion 152 Roget’s Superthesaurus . 1. wreck. classical ballroom: waltz dais n. Hawaiian: hula rush. nonprofes. depreciation. blast. ANT. conga. *shindig. quotidian. glissade backwards: moonwalk dally v. humidify. relationship. de- sional. affair. country and western swinging two-step: dale n. touch. cursed. stage. *mess around. mambo *making eyes at. circadian. disfigure. podium. dike. hurt. ANT. father. Latin American quickstep and shuffle: cha- tion. ANT.Dab–Dance D dab n. damages n. im. fastidious. confounded. dry. parent. increase. *dang. crazy. diminish. like rhumba: beguine 2. toy with. deterioration. mutilate. day in and day out. vored. skirt-lifting: cancan panky. dillydally. tango damage n. *built like a brick shithouse. *get a move on. charming.’’—John Sergieff. whirling folk dance: tarantella dam n. hobbyist. wall. fortunate. ANT. junky. daft a. prom. bodkin. alty. put group single file procession. DELICATE exquisite. sprinkle. ballet. rostrum. unparticular. ‘‘Everlasting fire. Brazilian. *fling. moist. spoilage. *drag feet. MOISTEN wet. bodkin. everyday. 1.’’—John Dryden. daily a. barrier. pen- dabbler n. expert. legs scissoring in opposite directions: split breakage. doom. condemn. loss. *fiddle and kick: conga diddle. eighteenth century: co- ment. dillydally. humid. dagger n. injury. barrage. master. lovely. damned a. pat. release. polka. DISCRIMINATING fussy. lass. lively folk dance: jig wreckage. WORD FIND damp a. incapacitate. slow. daub. *loony. excoriate. dell. muffle. damnation n. elegant. daffy a. free. Caribbean.

vulnerability. leaf. wonderful. adventure. *run the gauntlet. muggy. light. *gutsy. piebald. dappled a. 3. *hav- two-step. *chicken. Spanish: flamenco. ANT. somber. security. droop. fandango. upsetter. arid. depend. stylish. *cut a rug. great. *mousy. *hoofer. dirty dancing. murky. eb- gambol. freaking. plucky. hazard. infer- convulse. ballerina. swell. secret. modern jazz: jazz dance *storm clouds on the horizon. promenade. wiggle one’s hips. hat dance face. speckled. intrepid. depressing. nal. *between Scylla and Charybdis. glissade. dark n. flap. the nasty. knuckle under. WICKED evil. Dixie chain. fool. thrust. endan- lations: belly dance germent. spin: pirouette face. stomach undu. clomp. bold. threatening. *beat feet. brave. Scottish. pass. jack. 2. brook. wooden shoes dance: clog afraid. safety. 1. do-si-do. peril. ANT. show-off. 1940s. plicit dance moves. natty. dark a. sway. acrobatic somersaults. venture- tap steps: soft shoe. arms folded: cos. 2. contort. gyrate. all-night dance party: *rave parched. shaking of body part: shimmy ANT. caper. jig. clammy. hoedown the gauntlet. underdog. dusk. flakes. late. unknown. *be- 1920s: Charleston tween Scylla and Charybdis. dire. flutter. also-ran. moist. un- 1980s. longshot. line of dancers per. 2. 1. bright. *hanging over one’s head like 1990s. satanic. dashing. a relative unknown who is dandle v. stippled. retreat. taunt. stately eighteenth-century dance: minuet *hotdog. provoke. mottled. morbid. spotted. ter. coffee grinder geous. 4. hazard. night. *posture. fearful. con- square dance steps: California twirl. *sword of Da- 1930s-1940s. hopping: shag mocles. sinister. mid- *boogie. risky. prostrate movements: breakdance healthy. daredevil n. ony. bounce on knee. tango have the nerve. stygian. hang. chug. chilly. danseuse. DEFY challenge. evening. nineteenth century: Juba bomb. DREARY dismal. threat. brave. *get down. wet. swank. bleak. humid. *powder keg. dusky. jeopardous. twist. skip. Chubby Checker: twist unsafe. Russian dance. hip-touching: bump ous. DARK HORSE n. chancy. 1. rific. beg off. ANT. black. square off. terrible. careen. trim. SEE BLACK. forming: freak train SEE RAP flecked. dark horse candidate staged a surprising victory. timid. leap. jeopardy. romp. sleeper. COMPLEXION swarthy. ballroom: fox-trot ing icewater in one’s veins. ANT. dance v. well-groomed. smart. dewy. oppose. coura- brush. secure. reckless. reaching critical Oriental head motions: sundari mass. nervy. shimmy. BLACK aphotic. *ballsy. dangle v. sashay. 1960s. somber. ticking Negro. ANT. dry. prance. booty dapper a. wave. falling off the log. ing. menacing. rash. *critical mass. deemed unlikely to win. nightfall. SYN. hazardous. freak dancing. PLEXION terpsichorean. disheveled. precari- 1970s. damp. sailor’s: hornpipe dank a. bolero. shadowy. an underdog. *thin ice. dip. ANT. beard. fearless. toss up and down. nebulous. hellish. undu. throw down square dance: quadrille. gloomy. step. perilous. run away. uniform. inky. *pose. poor bet. swing. protected. dig. rock. drag. *touch and go.’’— 1930s. The dandruff n. ace. some. menace. swashbuckler. COM- dancer n. Polish: polonaise safe. flex. VENTURE gamble. thrill-seeker. *slink. grim. danseur. cautious. front. *shake your unlit. sexually explicit: 1. hop. *ticklish. dim. booty. ‘‘The spur of all great minds. *trip the light fantastic. adventurer. step. excellent. outside shot. retreat. parti-colored. clover. twilight. *blink. shuffle. *hoof. sexually ex. gloomy. sack swing. ANT. steps: choreography daring a. grinding. scurf. solid. variegated. strut. unkempt. gauzy. lively folk dance: reel slimy. adventurous. spruce. pitfall. running in position: running man the sword of Damocles. Dance–Dark Horse Middle Eastern female solo. ghastly. Roget’s Superthesaurus 153 . ANT. awful. *disco. sunny. solo male dance around Sombrero: Mexican dare v. danger n. squatting. quiver. *jockey. look in the eye. mock. prance. dancing. SEE BALLET *wimpy. neat. risk. sloppy. splits: jitterbug dangerous a. stuntman. *spiffy. dandy a. jitterbuglike: Lindy hop George Chapman. 2.

dumbfound. splatter. thur Schopenhauer. charge. ization. bit. swank. ANT. courageous. *castle in the air. spoil. daycare n. funct. ‘‘An em. dusk. smear. modern. timid. dis. RUN sprint. scurry. lover. passed DAUNTLESS a.’’—Benjamin Dis- thwart. day n. sling. 1. embolden. 154 Roget’s Superthesaurus . paint. fearless. *chip dazzling a. brave. shilly-shally. scimitar of light. dash n. facts. procrastinate. fancy. ‘‘The time when men of reason go to bed. zip. timid. daunt v. coura. flashy. frontrunner. stu- pefy. *lala land. *get a move on. gloomy. debauchery is exhausted. obsolete. *honeybunch. *first data n. evi. aurora. bolt. dart v. delay. stout- love. passé. SEE COMPUTER figment of the imagination. LIFELESS deceased. the dauntless captain ordered a raid on the en- ath). rush. dazzle v. precious. first light. ANT. information. rakish. pre- document. glitter- off the old block. calculator. daybreak n. beloved. to her father. rotten. favorite. numbers. daze n. ‘‘A miniature Eter- sharp. ing. ven.’’—Ralph Waldo Emerson. computer. fly. something like the love between the angels ablaze. dismay. light of day. young. ANT. blind. hit. 1. intrepid. sweetheart. shatter. stain. 1. giant slayer. decommission. bound. daub v. outmoded. age. birth. tryst. babysitter. daybook n. befuddlement. tear. dampen. 1. ANT. expired. sprinkle. dawdle v. bewilderment. child care center. scoot. damn. deaconess. flamboyant. drop. *fiddle and diddle. geous. shining. *drag one’s feet. bumbling. *bowl over. *apple of one’s eye. 2. frighten. nity.Darling–Dead write-in. bound. chic. APPOINTMENT engagement. journal. shut down. flit. scoot. afraid. child. fashionable. trance. shoot. deactivate v. 2. cowardly. dated a. morning. pipe dream. *crack of dawn. taste. awkward. dapper. out-of-date. nect. blinding. damnation. departed. old hat. report. Although his troops were outnumbered. race. desolation finds a shelter. dash. *darna. jaunty. meteoric. open- hearten. *woolgathering. *num. ‘‘The object of a pleasure ing. sunrise. morning. ANT. BEGINNING start. dumbfound. fearful. scamper. daze v. watch center. ceases. 3. noble. epoch. numb. shock. dab. first light. waste time. current. pinch. *honey. an. 1. data base. coming. dead a. *pickup. *leading edge. smidgen. hint. speed. measurements.’’—Ambrose Bierce. log. indicator panel. base. SMASH break. heyday. ANT. confound. unexpected winner. A LITTLE trace. scare. spot. figures. close. race. foil. *beat feet. bolt. splash. dastardly a. un- darling n. prismatic. daze. 2. 2. circumvent. astonish. shock. visual- date n. piddle. davenport n. dear. still. aid. dally. word processor. ‘‘Each day is a little life. ANT. overawe. irresolute. *David (Goli. strike. *holy light of dawn. darn interj.’’ deacon n. onset. ANT. *blow away. data processor n. shut off. *readout. partner. away. tion. befuddle. kindergarten.’’—Ar- stylish. low. four hours. clergyman. edge. twenty- dashing a. bewilder. barrassing and ticklish possession. shoot. run. bewilder. emy camp. rush. discourage. overwhelm. tot data bank n. time. 2. ANT. valorous. instrument panel. hearted. cra. hurry. remove. *pushing up daisies. 1. fainthearted. confusion. resolute. *dang. discon- threaten. dawn. sun-up. dence. 3. dash v.’’— Richard Steele. afraid. awe. ‘‘That tear. extinct. sparkling. unflinching. cleric. raeli. addle. RACE run. sunup. dusk. brave. statistics. resting in peace. sofa. stop. rush. resplendent. intimidate. ANT. stupor. when crime throw. tediluvian. rise. wee hours. sunset. ber cruncher. convertible. [DAWNT less] fearless. dart. cock’s crowing. dull. control panel. mean. dawn n. sunup to sundown. perished. bold. debonair. daydream n. sprint. prehistoric. *sweetie. nursery school. fritter. old-fashioned. confuse. contemporary. confuse. amaze. PERIOD dull. girl. *cutting muddle. slam. de- bold. dark. coat. fling. encourage. spurt. assis- —Meander. discourage. dispirit. smudge. daughter n. tant. speed. reverie. dashboard n. advent. cockcrow. *poke. diary. cover. hurl. *pet. record. SYN. supervision. perplex. DAYBREAK sunrise. school. loiter. musing. muted. and even FRUSTRATE confound. brilliant. splendid. stun. encourage. fantasy. meeting. unnerve. faze. ruin. elegant. twilight. antiquated. end. couch. offspring. daylight. cow. 2. plaster. emergence. ESCORT companion. imagining. radiant. single hour of the twenty-four.

2. manage. cheap. zero hour. stale. stint. vapid. fertile. *logjam. malig. EXPENSIVE costly. 5. DISTRIBUTE dole out. treat. trader. extinction. imprecise. uge find. WORD FIND dead-on a. ENDED extinguished. broker. growing. shop. exact. *poker-faced. DOA: dead on arrival ANT. DEAD. blank. BARGAIN dicker. connection. time limit. gurgle at last breath: death rattle stony. sterile. contract. mercy killing: euthanasia transaction. ANT. deficiency. baneful. darling. *hitting the bullseye. 3. han. DEARTH n. veteran. suppress. 7. dealings n. toxic. *buzzard dler. BORING dull. *kaput. DIE quacy. check. ficiency.’’—William Alexander. 2. apathetic. 5. death’s head take care of. stalemate. insensate. SEE AFTERLIFE. terminated. innocuous. Deadbeat–Death late. bait. in extremis. fatal- dead end n. 2. mortality. store. wooden. *on the dean n. chain store. absolute. *grim reaper. *stone cold. death n. compact. slug. ANT. impasse. un. 3. dear n. alive. due date. te. smoth. abundance. repose. parting. dying. rangements. squelched. enliven. standoff. cope. ANT. ter. TIVE not working. turn up. tiresome. paucity. fear of: necrophobia. end. vendor. suffi- deadbeat n. 6. diminish. senior. ANT. spirited. on the after death. monger. *gone to meet one’s maker. partial. paralyzed. 6. ered. transactions. accurate. reckon with. layabout. loathed. darling. prized. ket. stifle. engrossing. release. trade. noisy. bar. *blah. understanding. holder. to the point. oblivion. headmaster. afterlife. postmor- hearing. emerge from its sheath. tone down. ity. jobber. treasured. lethal. 1. off the mark. ‘‘The port where all may ref- death-dealing. ‘‘The grand per- deadly a. buyer. emotionless. DEAL WITH attend to. ut. exchange. *bagman. ‘‘An eternal night. favored.’’—Marcus Aurelius. parasite. expiration. ‘‘A black camel. interesting. stiff. muffle. hearing-impaired. debtor. expressionless. frigid. exorbitant. barter. stagnant. *finis. ber. dear a. reminder or symbol of: memento mori. sweetheart. killing. ped- *down for the count. herald of: banshee deaf a. necrology deal v. termination. A dearth sponsive. business. finished. fatal. tem deafening a. cherished. 1. *show stopper. dangerous. moderate. plenty. IMMORTALITY Roget’s Superthesaurus 155 . scantiness. wooden. ear-splitting. numb. 1. *pricey. *worm food. give and take. trafficker. dim. relations. investigation of: inquest. admired. lively. shortage. thanatophobia deadpan a. [DURTH] scarcity. despised. ‘‘A pale nant. dampen. impasse. 4. snuffed out. term. *hung jury. out-and-out. notice: obituary. insuf- tain. angel. (drugs) *pusher. blunt. dispense. 3. scarcity. outlet. lively. mer- of one’s misery. do business. mortal. hand out.’’—Bible. ANT. need. freeloader. UNRE. benign. dealership n. spent. fruitful. sure. entire. sloth. ren. salesperson. arrangement. saint. dious. haps. quenched. *gone belly up. passing. *on ice. uncer. chant. retailer. salesman. *carrion. trade. apportion. cutoff. deathly. BELOVED precious. SYN. negotiate. face. commerce. hard of hearing. mute. ar- sible. inade- SEE DEATH. INOPERA. demise. *stone deaf. cul de sac. 7.’’— standstill. ‘‘When the soul shall deadline n. animate. TOTAL complete. 1. *Catch 22. mar- SPONSIVE flat. which kneels at the gates of deadlock n. preceptor. wholesaler. ciency. deaden v. occurring: posthumous mark. gridlock. omen: knell mete out. decease. HEAVEN. worn out. loved. elder. want. unfeeling. ranking mem- blink. buy watch: vigil and sell. *last roundup. 2.’’—Shakespeare. useless. *curtains. *out seller. bargain. *Gordian Algernon Swinburne. cool. insen. allot. dull. marketer.’’—Abd-El-Kader. amplify. bland. *lights out. concession. DIE. NERAL. study of: thanatology dle. downright. 2. rest. lukewarm. lack. coffin nail. of funds has kept me from vacationing in productive. concern. numb. out of order. operating.’’—Robert Browning. *deaf as a post. lack. *dead as a *candy man. all. CORPSE. reasonable. riveting. working. autopsy. ‘‘The undiscovered knot. unprofitable. country. horse. virulent. extravagant. precise. lively. unreadable. loafer. *crowbait. lost. *near to one’s heart. Hawaii. harmless. *bum. allocate. administrator. 4. UNPRODUCTIVE exhausted. *steep. FU- dealer n. CEMETERY. SEE LOUD march: dirge deal n. re. elder statesman. franchise. pernicious.

truthful- quire. war of words. DEBONAIR a. decline. expose. con- tention. emblem. degenera- debate v. refute. gentlemanly. decline. gather intel. decanter n. de. *wage a war of words. progression. carousal. ridicule. womanizing. defile. examine. restrain. fragments. genteel.’’— debrief v. rot. ax. remains. rot. progressing. dubious. quiz. den collapse. ANT. tation. obligation. moderation. ruins. cheapen. *red ink. *head for the hills. degraded. burden. suave. *BS. deceit n. inauguration. picture. dogs. degradation. ‘‘Feud for nue. The prince was charming and deceased a. thought. raise. asthenia. debasement. devas. decompose. friendly. intemperance. horrible. decrepitude. fraud. the point that she can no longer work. arrears. disagreement. then deliberately gets into. abstinence. infirmity. decamp v. *gone to the a suspension from campus. debatable a. growing. *hightail debenture n. degenerate. immoderation. deterioration.’’—Publilius Syrus. ANT. [DEK uh dunt] decaying or horns. un. decomposition. unrefined. dishonesty. deteriorating. decollate. deceitful a. debutante n. ghastly. controvert. daisies. decay n. *fast living. debug v. break camp. still. rude. contest. languor. debit. waste. behead. glass. wither. growth. *circling the drain. questionable. in morals. rubble. breakdown. ness. business. catastrophe. contest. over-indulgence. vital. voucher. flask. declining. deterioration. bond. genial. agree. forensic. whor. *on the excess. growth. debility n. degenerating. profligacy. refined. bolt. fix. enervation. pleasant. departed. wrangle. 156 Roget’s Superthesaurus . decay v. terrible. celibacy. degeneration. pollute. young woman. disable. putrefaction. ANT. way out. debate n. success. urbane. junk. 1. ANT. talize. farewell. chicanery. scraps. tion. dispute. or handicap. vigorous. SEE IMMORTAL debris n. doubtful. muz. gracious. unmask. invigorate. dreadful. disgrace. on the wane. appalling. coarse. wild living. SEE DEAD charming. The illness will debilitate her to decapitate v. sticker. ‘‘The friendly. rubbish. *make tracks. enervate. deteriorate. double-dealing. fatigue. trap which a man sets and baits himself. weaken. depreciate. work the bugs out debase v. flotsam and jetsam. Thousands lost money in the deficit. pledge. liability. phy. decay. elevate. troubleshoot. *gone to hell. regression. maiden. guillotine. weakness. due. of. indulgence. vessel. chastity. SYN. deteriorating. first time out. A decadent lifestyle led to their downfall. adulterate. fall. crip. entrance. [di BAH kul] a disaster or sud. contend. *the jury’s out. launch. disintegration. SYN. atro- handicap. argument. open. indulgence. probe. honesty. prostration. exhaust. smiler with the knife under the cloak. slavery of the free. premiere. devalue. downfall. disputable. nonchalant. craft.’’—Josh Billings. it. unsettled. ANT. [deb uh NARE] friendly. design. jaunty. [di BIL i TATE] to weaken container. debt n. disaster. rev. *hash out. *lock DECADENT a. bill. ‘‘A overthrow. debunk v. cut between two minds. certificate of debt. ANT. deb.’’—Shakespeare. dissipation. deflate. prostrate. deliberate. cor- debauchery of the party earned the fraternity rupt. zle. art or other institu- DEBAUCHERY n. waste away. wreckage. SYN. certain. in. washout. controversy. cheating. elry. grow. [di BAW chuh ree] excess. wane. ‘‘The stock market debacle. ple. inge- liberation. vigor. revitalization.Deathless–Deceitful deathless a.U. song. I. ANT. decline. gra- cious and suave. ANT. corruption. controversial. ruin.O. strengthen. dishonest. young lady. SYN. vigor. lower. ing. decided. handicap. ‘‘That glib and oily ligence. thrive. deceptive. moot.’’—Kahlil Gibran. query. 2. clean-living. trefy. ‘‘The shortest decadence n. demean. decal n. rebut. introduction. shards. argue. *pushing up debonair. pitcher. undecided. swan settled. cruet. corrupt. deception. enfeeble. and rout. spoilage. flee. *funny ANT. hush up. passed on. disintegrate. macabre. *crap. bicker. The rowdiness and SYN. crude. fairness. contestable. bankruptcy. QUESTION interrogate. pu- frailty. devi. dispute. collapse. dis. degrade. escape. art. litter. bottle. mute. eternal. underhandedness. Geoffrey Chaucer. ANT. ANT.’’—Cynthia Scott. disprove. power. enfeeblement. fraudulent. decaying. DEBILITATE v. *coming out. SILENCE censor. ANT. tion. downfall. deathly a. depart. DEBACLE n. trash. carafe. debauched. wrangle. strength. debut n. trickery. ANT. opener.

VER. festoon. crucial. obliging. appropriate. backslide. ANT. embroidery. festoon. impropriety. moral. inadequate. style. siderate. decor n. sleight of hand. *dressy. definite. accommodating. garnish. Roget’s Superthesaurus 157 . retire. or- handed. pitch. sterilize. choice. growth. dress. inappropriate. unqualified. propriety. KIND generous. dressing. spuri. fitting. artifice. take. massacre. pass on. decompose v. chicane. trap. decline. disin- ruse. autoclave. slaughter. 1. ANT. truthful. modest. bogus. misleading. good manners. decorum. read. treacherous. forgo. convincing. scheme. adorn. decrease n. decline v. purple heart. array. delude. decorative a. drydock. enough. REFUSE turn down. positive. *buffalo. dignity. misbehaving. testify. waffling. decency n. ANT. un. crack. ANT. furnishings. employ cryptography. garnishing. conventional. SEE DE- deception n. crease. artful. incline. spurn. ANT. man- decimate v. *shill. ANT. biodegrade. enticement. set. utterance. cal. coldhearted. decrypt. festoon. ADORNMENT ornament. decorous a. in. lishing. ANT. conformity. proclaim. under. ness. pitfall. guess. interpret. 2. unmistakable. profess. mislead. announce- deceive v. magnet. beautify. waffle. deceit. ANT. judge. honest. ample. dishonest. understand. trick. *fish or cut bait. refined. *roll of the dice. honor. judgment. beautify. figure out. good taste. duction. ANT. sure. embellishment. work out. The children were told to behave decision n. deceptive a. encrypt. MEDAL award. QUATE sufficient. outfit. inconclusive. diminish. fraud. 2. fraudulent. *mothball. grace. decorate. ANT. communication. reso. wash. SETTLING determination. demur. *jazz up. clothe. *con. tation. plain. assert. hoodwink. emphatic. SLOPE slant. sanitize. frill. bad manners. con. sonable. sham. truthful. burn. fect. ornament. weaken. purify. critical. nament. deck v. accept. seemly. ANT. absolute. ADE. translate. treacherous. decency. decontaminate v. absolute. 2. shrinkage. ANT. deteriorate. puzzle out. *do commit oneself. tricky. annihilate. unmistakable. work out. settle. passable. unravel. peter out. in- tial. de. in. purge. avow. 2. treachery. opt. oblit. lishment. flush. tence. appropriate. tolerable. honest. trim. [di KOR um] proper manners. 3. propriety. conclusive. resolve. emblem. WANE degenerate. decoration n. RESPECTABLE righteous. impropriety. adorn. deacti- sufficient. etiquette. fitting. 3. fake. vacillation. affirma- *pull the wool over one’s eyes. *full of it. announce. lessen. 1. open. DECORUM n. correct. elect. digni- erate. one’s mind. lure. civilized. finding. slump. clean. attest. duplicitous. shifty. proper. sign. certain. appropriateness. dubious. civility. decode v. 1. insincere. clinching. read. de- ous. *ride the fence. standard. election. utter. rule. ners. communi- *BS. grow. satisfactory. ornamental. hem and haw. righteous. improper. clear. vate. assertion. Deceive–Decrease double-dealing. preference. publicize. decoration. questionable. SYN. shifty. subterfuge. suitable. statement. express. decay. weakening. badge. inconsequen. lie. distill. wavering. gracious. goodness. putrefy. withdraw. DICT judgment. lightening. straightforward. reject. respectability. wax. good man- lution. testimony. embellish. correct. rise. decode. selfish. ward. undeniable. embel- tled. 2. sink. re- deniable. certain. figure out. trick. decorate v. cate. proclamation. 1. deceitful. good. nerly. *turn thumbs down. trim. drop. unequivo. with decorum. virtuous. lish. prudent. tion. incivility. uncertain. lowering. decipher. affirm. ribbon. phony. ci- decided a. seemliness. decent a. propriety. doubtful. rea. ment. trim. facade. ebb. declassify v. indecision. destroy. thoughtful. proper. 1. poor. make up up. die out. fied. fraud. sen. make out. lessening. decisive a. depreciation. ANT. decipher v. rot. contraction. guess. respectability. interpret. solve. imposture. attestation. garnish. 1. layout. 3. protocol. 2. expansion. puzzle out. decommission v. ANT. incon. dupe. declaration n. beautifying. embel- decide v. deck. rowdy. beguile. solve. fallacious. determine. firm. embel- vacillate. waver. state. CAY hoax. crafty. bait. conclusion. decoy n. seduction. *plant. *screw. comme il faut. wipe out. final. straightfor. improper. choose. declare v. ruling. decree. modesty.

ANT. hold. slan- achievement. daresay. mandate. caribou. decree v. write off. ute. standing. honor. *stiff. ANT. diminish. old. acquired. flat- document. hu- FOUND abstruse. pre. drop. goal-oriented. injunction. denigrating. rul. think. surmise. overthrow. default v. disgrace. ENGROSSED absorbed. in reality. reduction. finding. male adult: stag. debacle. im. lighten. best. malign. versal. concentrated. spoil. out of. sully. ordinance. heavy. *dyed in ing. ‘‘Something attempted. allowance. deform. deep-seated a. 1. emasculate. reckoning. powerful. single-minded. put down. lower. hart deprecate. slander. guttural. presume. or. re. proof of ownership. superficial. de. deduct v. work. hunch. ar. mud-slinging. tenacity. 5. libelous. ANT. young: fawn entation. command. dilapidated. deep a. denounce. stunt. beating. rich. deface v. ingrained. denigration. able. weaken. increase. buck. indifferent. wrapped up. ANT. miliation. unseat. devotion. plummet. earnestness. lick. extrinsic. ter. full. ANT. proclaim. disparage. devoted. deep-rooted. 1. add. occupied. infer. increase. re- philosophical. subtraction. low. scandalous. shrink. real. criticize. branch of antler: point rickety. buck. 2.Decrease–Defeat decrease v. win mersed. slaughter. deduce v. figure. unfathomable. whip. doe. elk. *skunking. insult- reasoning. certificate. PRO. pair of antlers: rack wholehearted. line of derogatory. feeding area: yard bust. low. win. disparaging. regard. mud-sling. loss. less. tion. high. denigrate. decrease. over. gather. immeasurable. simple. fall. imag. enact. deterio. knockout. CONTRACT legal parage. pay in full. deer n. odiferous secretion: musk dedicated a. mar. satisfy. track or trail of: slot ness. the wool. 3. lessen. judgment. weak. goal-ori. lost. *welsh. fail. contract. rout. shal- duce. resonant. commitment. complicated. defamatory a. downfall. beat. ro. rumbling. compliment. ACT feat. *drubbing. praise. der. abysmal. act. dain. shirk. calumnious. fiat. command. ANT. rap. grow. dispar- withdraw. dis- done. rout. insult. character assassination. powerful. halfhearted. intense. shallow. understand. distracted. remove. weaken. turn. like a: cervine decry v. undermine. determined. detract. exploit. actual. weakened. innuendo. enterprise. conclude. dictum. booming. licking. reduce. smear. decree n. deflate. preciate. injurious. DEFAME v. scratch. *take the bite deem v. slaughter. consider. burgeon. upset. diluted. whipping. legalize. smear. mandate. believe. scandalize. calumny. worn. son. prescribe. defeat n. defuse. trounce. roe. cut. committed. assumption. honoring. accomplishment. SYN. determi.’’—Longfellow. victory. tail: flag nation. assume. defeat v. command. 2. He proceeded deed n. legitimize. title. to defame every politician in office. *slam. vanquish. 4. conveyance. soft covering of antler: velvet dedication n. slanderous. ANT. fancy. sexual period: rut disloyal. damage. ANT. trivial. 5. order. something blacken. antiquated. hind decriminalize v. complimentary. meat: venison censure. ine. abstract. light. ruminant. judge. 4. slur. *run out on. discount. resolve. subtract. blot. stat. *have a hunch. judge. bottom. libel. smirch. vandalize. subdue. broken down. defamation n. cas- suppose. 1. 3. disarm. under- flattering. STRONG intense. withered. smearing. presump- ing. whitetail. INFERENCE conclusion. prevail 158 Roget’s Superthesaurus . ANT. cane. sink. take off. *Waterloo. triumph. reckon. dark. in fact. enfeebled. BASS low. condemn. blow. decline. dwindle. female: doe. ANT. 2. [di FAME] to put down. deduction n. 2. defang v. *take the teeth out of. shrill. in a libelous or slanderous way. soil. de facto a. strong. re. rea. trate. cavernous. order. *smoke. thrashing. wholeheartedness. staunch. disfigure. *skip out. compliment. edict. mysterious. quadruped. inherent. agement. conquer. dodge. libel. bellowing cry: bell rated. quire. especially exemption. blemish. WORD FIND decrepit a. subterranean. WRITE-OFF expense. dictate. OF GREAT DEPTH far-reaching. ANT. sanction. expand. rule. unfathom. mutilate. learned. belittle.

defect v. ANT. 1. respect. la- hold. *skunk. expedite. 1. let definite a. defile v. *take deference. [di FIN uh tiv] defining abso- nate. conformance. weak. actual. flawed. obeisance. sufficient. accused. humiliate. offense. put down. absolute. uncertain. un- cation. compliance. description. HUMBLE teenager was home by midnight. detail. obedient. tion. up. disfigured. wanting. imperfection. misshapen. *bug. pessimism. unmistakable. maybe. JUSTIFICATION explanation. perfect. exact. indu- gia. inadequacy. fixed. corrupt. ambiguous. hold at bay. indefinite. adequate. deformed a. lack. defeatism n. taint. armament. agree. marred. perfect. stronghold. sure. distorted. attack. 1. definition n. stand one’s ground. conclusive. decisive. red ink. tected. shield. operative. loss. construe. secure. 1. clearcutting. complete. COMPLY submit. thorough. ification. besmirch. misproportioned. opposition. debatable. assured. disobedient. 2. decided. precise. cour. acquiescent. other’s will. tarnish. *put on the back burner. de- courteous. 2. obedient. disregard. EXACT clear. ANT. outline. submissive. clear. smear. preserve. *take the wind out of one’s sails. irregularity. *puncture thoughtfulness. explana- impotent. characterization. incom- defective a. lack. desert- respectful. rebellion. certainly. elucidation. Defeatism–Deformed over. without question. ruly. weakness. back. disobedient. flaw. PROTECT fight for. bitably. usually out of respect or cour. ward define v. definitely adv. sent. apolo. revolt. hook. eclipse. 2. drawback. insufficiency. revolting. shortfall. In deference to her mother’s wishes. explain. triumph over. bounce off. fractious. con- defense n. tower over. put off. story. ANT. weakness. perfection. bent Roget’s Superthesaurus 159 . conclusive. obeisant. purify. ANT. absolutely. support. one’s aura of invincibility. imperfect. sound. defect n. abandon. offend. denuding. down one’s guard. flawless. capitulate. defective. argument. map out. contempt. hearten. doubtless. shelter. taminate. cleanse. iffy. unguarded. 1. defended. PROTECTION guard. consummate. bulwark. meaning. table. plead. *out of commission. 2. as. fill. shortage. give in. ANT. uncertainly. ANT. suspect. the floor with. CERTAIN positive. overshadow. helpless. closing of a wilderness of ideas within a wall defer v. SYN. in- traitor. stand. insufficient. 1. cific. compliant. 1. op- under. rush. DEFINITIVE a. malformed. *no ifs. deflect v. lacking. passive acceptance. knuckle defiant a. turn aside. leave. swell. regardful. imperfection. resignation. stall. pollute. 2. tesy. swerve. de- ror. lutely. surely. spe- litigant. verge. consideration. deficiency. drawback. *throwing down the gauntlet. submis. suspend. unsound. The definitive Hall of acquiesce. deficit n. categorically. excuse. concede. con- defend v. rebellion. *below par. ANT. party. lose. shrink. lacking. justify. ANT. failing. flaw. faulty. ANT. unambiguous. ricochet. fortifi. spell out. open to attack. plea. sion. reject. fect. ANT. turn deficient a. vague. sufficiency. plete. vulnerable. clear-cut. the empty. ANT. substandard. respectful. weak. change allegiance. di- deferential a. tesy. forsake. delineate. embrace. rude. off. ANT. exhaust. mortify. deplete. humiliate. ANT. posing. COLLAPSE contract. fend off. [DEF ur uns] yielding to an. renounce. stick up for. ands or buts. hold off. unpro. conforming. mistake. SUPPORT advocate. ANT. 2. resistant. failing. screen. aggression. prisoner. disagree. per- DEFERENCE n. procrasti. absolute. yielding. in. *go to bat bel. desert. failing. unarmed. deflate v. soil. questionable. befoul. prostrate. divert. considerate. guaranteed. settled. possibly. intact. acquiescent. shield. the wind out of one’s sails. fortified. 2. fect. ‘‘The en- guarded. withstand. ANT. Famer is Babe Ruth. powerless. exposed. challenging. of words. er. defi. ANT. precise. cient. characterize. *take down a peg. imperfect. degrade. defiance n. challenge. describe. illustrate. strength. guard. SYN. for. flatten. remain. domi. flatter. ANT. *mop *throwing down the gauntlet. ANT. positively. rebellious. twist. irregular. dirty. opposition. acquiescence. shortcoming. express. puncture. reverential. defendant n. yield. explicit. veer. DELAY postpone. dis. sully. *shellac. adequacy. deficiency n. defenseless a. disrespect. stand behind. chink. disobedience. puff up. flawed. viate. deforestation n. grotesque. un- giving up. resistance.’’—Samuel Butler. nate. inexact. 1. uphold. ANT. insolent. 1. 2. accede. faulty. insolence. regard. crete. shortcoming. inflate.

de. pervert. knowledge. failing. up. cheerful. remembrance. facile. regressive. between bachelor’s and doctorate: master’s formed. *bummed. point. delectable a. grade. deca. expedite. disregard.: Doctor of Judicial Science oppose. degraded. rush. clever. revere. quiet. ANT.: Master of Business Administration carriages is defunct. cheat. dupe. shingle. past-life experience. suspend. acquiesce.Th. *pig. D. regress. dignifying. supreme being. ANT. [di FUNGKT] no longer in exis. commencement defraud v. *con. degrade. pay. take the teeth out of. blue. cover cost. LL. dissolute. stall. desiccate. put on a pedes- deviate. déjà vu n. LEVEL intensity. decline.E. humiliating. fleece. worship. swindle. luscious. dispirited. peg. delay v. ANT. graduating with great honor or praise: defrost v. dead. master’s and doctorate: postgraduate degree extinct. comply. birth de.: Doctor of Medicine bygone. warm. ignore. exist. SYN. discredit. cho. 160 Roget’s Superthesaurus . fly in the SEE COLLEGE. debase. heavyhearted. The deft carpenter graduating with highest praise: summa cum made a built-in cabinet for my bathroom.: Doctor of Dental Science *sucker. postpone. deify v. tasty. adroit. 3. gone. bachelor’s: undergraduate degree natural.D. challenge. STEP notch. backslide. exalt. *thumb one’s nose at. idealize. capacity. stall. credentials. hunchbacked. magna cum laude DEFT a. postponement. corrupt. disarm. wait. saddened. nonexistent. mean. procrastina- graceful. thaw. tier. procrastinate. deteriorate. life echo. honorable. Ph. *lowlife. dare. disgusting. god. UNIVERSITY face of. di. familiarity. put on a pedestal. fail. no more.D.: Doctor of Science defy v. 2. hump.D.D. disgrace. sheepskin. dis. *rip off. laude dexterous.Deformity–Delectable out of shape. *down in the mouth. contortion. lower. M. acquaintence. ANT. cheapening. impediment. graduating with honors: cum laude ficient. ANT. degenerate n.D.: Doctor of Theology defray v. un. deem worthy. dry. *kaput. obsolete. ANT. defang. idol. downgrading. melancholy. deign v. pro. ANT. delicious. bilk. operating. highest degree: doctorate. *sleazebag. happy. B. deviant. rush. delightful. obey. abase. not schooling: defuse v. degree deformity n. fall. degrade v.: Doctor of Laws DEFUNCT a. rec- bauched. deity n. thriving. pleasurable. nause- baccalaureate: bachelor’s degree ating. prolongation. honor. handy. euphoric. debased. *go to the dogs. frustrate.S. low. psychopath. satisfying. rung.: Master of Arts tence. pro- magnitude. minishing. idolize. honorable. recognition of achievement. stop.A. take for a ride. tion. lowering. mollify. shame. C. corrupt. ACADEMIC TITLE di. corrupting. WORD FIND enjoyable.D. humiliate. twisted. hurry. flout. ploma. defer. depressed. extent. deferment.: Civil Engineer bamboozle. rot. diminish. B. decay. dejected a. 1. toothsome. hindrance. delay n.A. debasing. right. sink. certificate. see fit. SEE slip. rebel. The company that made horse-drawn M. suspension. stoop. disfigurement.D. detention. inept. ANT. out of business. demeaning. ANT. rook. Sc.S. EDUCATION. hunchback. disheartened. late. dehydrate v. degree n. disconso- dishonor. uplifting. degrading a.: Doctor of Philosophy ing. tal. memory. hinder. *crackerjack. living. hold. club foot. ognition. gnarled. pleasing. unskilled. savory. D. well. harelip. de.B. *psy. malformation. shameful. approved to confer degrees: accredited *scrumptious. brave. GOD degenerate a. de-ice. lionize. flawless. wretch. stage. long. SYN. S. honorary degree calm. bumbling.: Bachelor of Science tortion.J. adept. M. worship. abnormality. testimonial. sinking. ingenious. goddess. *past dent. impede. [DEFT] skillful. downhearted. detain. stop. heavenly. contorted. deceased. recall. ANT. rank. warped. resist. Ph. ANT. put off. deteriorated. hold.A.: Bachelor of Arts ambrosial. scend. conde- degenerate v. dis. downgrade. ceremonies surrounding handing out of: fect. elevate. fiend.

eliminate. transmit. ANT. wash. exclude. ex- shoot. 3. anger. consignment. deputy. delicious a. sturdiness. erase. derness. lucid. airy. appointee. glad- son. delicate a. rescue. delineate v. delightful a. ANT. strike out. transfer. dell n. critical. mislead. overwhelm. happiness. deli. misery. include. con. responsible. transport. 2. delectable. diplomacy. sediment. pondering. OUTLINE sketch. ANT. shop. avalanche. charm. tribution. happy. engulf. airiness. gratifying. delicatessan n. deliver v. tough. planned. enchant. confused. depressing. nauseating. insert. noxious. save. empower. depress. dainty. structive. discreet. trustworthy. insensi- transmission. delivery n. deliberate a. deranged. sing for a living. shackle. ANT. toss. She sensitive. unappetizing. turn over. impul. muse. dereliction. muddled. duct. thrill. rash. appetizing. good. malefactor. sub- delta n. delinquency n. *snow under. unpleasant. enjoyable. vale. *hood. slight. SEE LAW. convey. babbling. *takeout. envoy. thrilling. willful. delinquent a. ten- lease. libera- bouche. *fit for a king. gratify. dia- nominate. charming. appetizer. meant. inundation. au. ambrosial. pleasing. toughness. GOURMET FOOD tidbit. finesse. THROW send. rumi. deposit. scribe. delight v. 1. ANT. CULT *sticky. ANT. hurtful. assign. lawbreaker. pernicious. thorize. reflect. commission. deliberation n. commission. ANT. offense. *piss off. ble. exquisite. dupe. enslave. forethought. rarity. SYN. [DEL i TEER ee us] harm. diplomatic. knowing. criminal. roughness. for- tle. bonne deliverance n. delivery room n. acciden. irresponsi- deliberate v. enchanting. outlaw. premeditated. agreeable. emancipation. benefi. offender. characterize. tactful. enjoyment. destructive. add. gram. release. sider. 2. ANT. transport. hallucinations. expunge. 1. send. goody. bad. lawbreaking. 3. charge. mind. light. weigh. brain- scrumptious. de. omit. of biblical proportion. draft. Delegate–Delusion delegate n. thrilling. cheer. damaging. tooth. derelict. 1. con. mation. gladden. wash. dis- tivity. contemplate. 2. fill with DELUSION n. cataract. incoherence. gratification. treat. fine. irrational. accumulation. drown. [di LOO zshun] a belief that is joy. SYN. graceful. tion. designed. ANT. spate. limn. violation. morsel. calculated. advantageous. TRANSFER carry. overflow. appoint. cial. 3. immerse. *ticklish. delinquent n. culprit. slack. launch. *out of it. hallucinating. remove. joyful. surrender. *rain delight n. Rock salt is deleterious to a COURT car’s paint. thrill. 1. beguile. miserable. *sucker. pile. luscious. torrent. freeing. disgust. gross. fire. flood. dainty. scamp. make happy. ponder. insensitive. siveness. law- nate. 1. think about. delirium tremens. rough out. heap. re- delicacy n. dening. on delirious a. pleasure. emancipate. confusion. impulsive. submerge. delegate v. please. pitch. cloudburst. grace. ANT. rational. negligent. FREE liberate. rude. abiding. 2. discharge. subtlety. mass. drench. tact. rascal. durability. mediary. *tickle. joy. inter. conscious. unsupported by the facts. birthing room. raving. mouth-watering. FRAILTY OR FINENESS fragility. tal. 3. quisiteness. flush. ANT. miscreant. reflection. *hoodwink. purpose. thought. ANT. spokesper. representative. tenuous. harmful. transgression. inundate. draw. cogitate. negligence. deceive. swamp. 2. thoughtlessness. build-up. faulty. tender. clearheaded. 1. delectable. miscon- DELETERIOUS a. deluge n. careful. ocean. transmittal. wrongdoing. injurious. unintentional. agent. remiss. forwarding. PORTRAY depict. infraction. disordered. shipment. forward. *lip-smacking *lead down the garden path. thoughtlessness. SENSITIVITY consideration. deluge v. delightful. ranting and raving. derangement. de- delete v. contemplation. cancel. daintiness. misrepresent. overrun. debate. malignant. incoherent. DELUDE v. bring. proxy. define. muddled ing. weigh. sea. study. saving. flood. lightness. misdeed. durable. SEE VALLEY SENSITIVE considerate. ment. ful. rescue. drop. DIFFI. give. temporary insanity. bewildered. downpour. scratch. mull. neglectful. diaphanous. detail. precarious. tasty. intentional. heavenly. deputize. *yummy. some. kid. helpful. Mary was suffering Roget’s Superthesaurus 161 . caviar. inconsiderate. felicity. fool. bewilder- sideration. glee. salvation. detrimental. carelessness. criminal. liked to delude herself into thinking she could sturdy. circumspection. delirium n. 2. ANT. FRAIL fragile. [du LOOD] to deceive or fool.

supernatural being. commonwealth. SEE DEATH tion. SHOW illustration. mirage. savage. ANT. restrained. devilish. tion. com- who panders to the emotions of the masses mon. issues of equality. *pipe ernment by and for the people. charge. 2. appeal. consuming. beginning. con- in order to win them over. select. republic. rule. preciate. fiendish. authenticate. popular. hysterical. ‘‘Gives every man the right to be his own plore. first-rate. NEUROTIC through. delusions government. diabolical. effortless. forth. tion. objector. inciter. SYN. megalomania. *put on a demonstrate v. and a demagogue. imp. exact. bearing. SHOW illustrate. fair-minded. requirement. attitude. rational. order. stander. evince. death. *grand. fish around for. constitutional ination. *nuts. bid. *touchy-feely. failing intellect. tion. *sit-in. verify. populist. population studies. destroy. demonstration n. stable. implore. in. manner. ment by and for the people. leveling. demand n. sumptuous. 1. instigator. satan. *trashing. ‘‘One who tells you what late. he was a rabble-rouser sentative. a system conscientious objector. establish. hell- suming. summon. bewitched. affectionate. exhibi- mad. elegant. call. validate. command. urge. *walk sane. angelic. pel.’’—Max Rafferty. SEE CRAZY. paranoia. mental deterioration. *lights out. possessed. annihi- Fenimore Cooper. . hard. humble. devil.Deluxe–Demonstrator from the delusion that Mike was in love with of equal opportunity for all. irrational. luxurious. idolize. ANT. A statesman tells you wipe out. ish. passing. authoritarian. senting the common people. EVIDENCE proof. tempts to assure fair treatment for all. requisition. petition. rabble-rouser. outpouring. ANT. arduous. rich. oblitera- request. create. SEE GOVERNMENT. delve v. description. elite. expansive. com. despotic. [de MOK ru see] a govern. lower. ANT. trou. ANT. destruction. autocratic. demote. illusion. elevate. superior. honor. dream. *walk one through. 3. warm. degrade. maniacal. laborious. build. exhibit. investigate. presentation. folie à deux. deranged. order. agitator. dictatorial.’’—James demolish v. bid. shame. promised intellect. MAKE EVIDENT prove. monster. march. ex. substantiation. demean v. unrestrained. intolerant. you want to hear. DEMOCRACY n. PROTEST picketing. satanic. rough. representative government. ghoul. fall. [DEM uh GAWG] a leader a fair and just government. set demeanor n. burdensome. rally. rally. 3. SYN. *fallen angel. open. mounte. annihilation. fantasy. obliterate. first. debase. *firebrand. cold. repre- push the voters’ buttons. de- demonize v. A democratic government is DEMAGOGUE n. run of the mill. unstable. insane. protester. 1. blemaker. smashing. STER demanding a. picket. SYN. documenta- birth.’’—Maxwell Anderson. sub- conduct. disgrace. blacken. disposi. ‘‘[One who] appeals to passions and ing. madness. 2. demon n. misconception. march. verification. saintly. strike. tolerant. ment by amateurs. plain. self. insist on. of and for the people. A democracy at- her. insanity. demolition n. ‘‘Govern- of grandeur. mental disturbance. explanation. demography n. cheap. He knew how to stitutional. tearing down. *cut. equal. *fool’s paradise. junction. expressive. bedeviled. com. deportment. dementia n. demand v. puck. authentica- downfall. validation. evil spirit. *trash. *take down a peg. Alzheimer’s Disease. corroborate. ‘‘. humili- ate. *flipped out. gov- deception. distant. unearth. air. describe. fancy. search. tion. [dem uh KRAT ik] repre- grand. consumer studies. level. time-con.’’—James Lowell. command. PROTEST demented a. oppressor. back-breaking. painstaking. Also. what you need to hear. razing. figment of the imag. egalitarian. ANT. corroboration. 162 Roget’s Superthesaurus . ruin. ANT.’’—Polybius. emotional. smash. schizophrenic. prejudices rather than to reason. monstrous. striker. gushing. tear down. DEMOCRATIC a. demise n. congnitive abilities. psychosis. SEE MON- tate. senility. ask. failing demonstrative a. behavior. expiration. fiend. parade. strike. parade. demoniac. self-governing. vision. demonic a. SYN. ex- pedestal. libertarian. ultimatum. dig. necessi. uptight. document. . press. POLITICS class. *posh. fell. crazy. psychotic. marcher. ANT. choice. census-tak- bank. frenzied. wreckage. ogre. reserved. dissenter. opportunist. require. actions. easy. demonstrator n. difficult. ANT. especially with rate. goblin. mob deluxe a. end. comportment. stantiate. raze. termination. wreck.

lief. damn. steadfast. denigrate v. shake one’s confidence. *brain-drained. dependence n. veto. dis. affirm. quick. *slow on the DEMORALIZE v. set out. *good as one’s word. dis. depart v. *bench. denouement n. blushing. hearten. mouth. self. honor. pull out. mass. *lamebrained. division. advocation. sail. 2. low-keyed. 1. disagree. partial. turn to. malign. disclaim. lower. de- proval. bovine. refute. bureau. retreat. NAME designation. embarkation. bygone. nest. dimple. den n. sedate. stigmatize. adieu. 1. refute. coy. dint. hollow. BE DETER- denote v. *shove ary. protest. *take the starch out of. 1. tried-and- denounce v. acquiesce. suggest. forswear. *b. be contingent on. THICK compressed. rous. depression. staunch. tack. ing. ANT. ANT. office. straying. say in church but boisterous among friends. honor. need. castigate. *hit the road. retiring. MINED BY hinge on. on. *beat it. former. praise. wandering. STUPID dumb. object. reserved or rangue. 2. impenetrable. agree. censure. LEAVING going. class. with- denomination n. con- bold. declination. RELIANT helpless. ANT. brash. type. body spray. inpenetrability. hang on. signify. *give a black eye. repudiation. swerve. explain. head. okay. *pin one’s faith on. bashful. puff up. denunciation n. bankable. 1. condemn. [di MOR uh lize] to sap uptake. censure. cism. 2. disapproval. SEE moralize the team if they suffer one more loss. trust. com- group. allow. faith. precinct. subdivision. 2. ap. depend v. She was demure deny v. furrow. reliable. 2. reprobration. put down. ap. *stay on the prohibition. evacuate. *split. [DEN i zun] an inhabitant. dent n. mod. dishearten. embark. concur. label. indentation. defame. drawal. affirmation. close. section. department n. calumniate. veer. count. acceptance. run along. off. trust. contradict. SECT faith. denial n. 1. responsible. stick. veto. [di MYOOR] quiet. branch. affecting shyness. 1. passed. boycotter. gone. confidence. bet sion. *dense as a post. dependent a. dependency. empo- DENIZEN n. departure n. ANT. sparse. disallow. impugn. effacing. density n. crowded. cave. quiet. clarify. designate. expectation. shy. It will utterly de. LEAVE go. *scram. unit. CONTROVERT dispute. condemnation. REFUSE turn down. retreat. ANT. department store n. ing. concavity. notch. reserved. dull. turn thumbs down. compliment. dismissal. ning along. 2. deviation. setting out. *bust. sanctu. demote v. reject. Demoralize–Dependent voice of dissent. make deodorant n. *ding. undermine. ceased. deviate. be off. native. turndown. compliment. persua. abide. 1. diggings. aggressive. no. connote. allowance. symbolize. ri. exit. po- one’s morale or confidence. wander. ha- DEMURE a. vilification. dweller. represent. 1. arrival. dependable a. district. as. nel. ANT. stock. ANT. flatter. irresponsible. 1. 1. cloister. burrow. criticize. slander. pass. straight and narrow. tun. exodus. vilify. retail store. DIVERGE digress. *take the rousness. denude v. dispirit. true. 2. STUPID SYN. thick. ANT. 2. expose. *give the green light. antiperspirant. title. run- SYN. citizen. resident. The rium. reliance. cede. ANT. decry. be subject to. STUDY library. unreliable. castigation. downgrade. LAIR hole. discourage. at. criticize. refusal. vilify. belittle. plain. tight. steady. arrive. present. solid. proscribe. mart. sector. take exception. living. prohibit. MORONIC. pellation. unfailing. thin. po- *take the wind out of one’s sails. deodorizer. ANT. affiliation. clear up. SEE STORE denizens of Alaska know how to stay warm. *handle. ANT. veering. mean. degrade. 1. false teeth. repudiate. no. criti- sent. stray. sharp. defenseless. encourage. lay bare. est. smart. tag. moniker. DIVERGENCE digression. ANT. Also. ANT. departed a. oter. dentures n. *choppers. concentrated. stand for. resolution. negation. 2. malcontent. SEE STRIP demur v. thickness. demystify v.o. trustworthy. loyal. school. tion. parting. 2. shy. fulmination. volume. church. laud. unassuming. category. SYN. exit. dead. rejection. *roll on. deflate. firm. refutation. *bad. packed. fight out of. addic- dense a. be- praise. end. leavetaking. 1. RELY ON bank on. contradiction. come. scratch. disparage. solidity. crush. remonstrate. withdrawal. sap. compact. classification. timid. indicate. gainsay. Roget’s Superthesaurus 163 . indictment. occupant. inhabitant. loudmouthed.

debauchery. wretched. de. dejected. rail sketch. depreciation n. testimony. PUSH deport v. 2. subject to. reject. 2. shamelessness. mag. hopelessness. empty. against. 1. black. *unhorse. clinging. de. cast DOWN press down. depressive neurosis. nastiness. extradite. *slam. ANT. DEVALUE cheapen. weep. ble. exhaust. station. show. rality. depress v. 1. overthrow. spread out. woe- dent deposed. praise. disheartening. The boy’s bedroom was timate. eject. ronmental extremists. carriage. limn. mien. down- deplete v. expel. vileness. corrupt. begone. [di PLOR uh bul] bad. 1. 2. depreciate. depreciate v. ed. tranquilizer. slump. gloomy. sion. malaise. BELITTLE diminish. corruption. tive. find fault. de. ebb. sad. evil. market. 1. *suck the wind from one’s sails. *down in the dumps. age. *send sullen. position. security. burden. dethrone. bad. 164 Roget’s Superthesaurus . drop. weight of the world. immoral. 1. censure. miserable. drop. *blue funk. cheering. acceptable. dismiss. run out. sion. reduc- deplore v. azine. fall. sworn statement. in a black mood. soften. replenish. depressive psychosis. degeneracy. depraved a. put down. doldrums. despair. agreeable. 2. buoy. *dirty. LOSE VALUE cheapen. boom. dispirit. holiness. conduct. diminish. SYN. ant. posture. *kick out. paint. euphoric. perverted. banish. ostracize. DEPOSE v. tion. fall. seda- meanor. enervate. 2. prove. restock. actions. put down. distress. appreciate. portray. demoralize. iniquitous. gloom. ANT. down. storage installation. vile. [di POZ] to remove from a position *blue. SYN. vice. 3. ANT. discourage. happy. low. spend. ANT. seat. wane. IM- POVERISHED poor. consume. behavior. ANT. bemoan. to speak out MINED BY hinging on. detail. lechery. uplifting. dispar- DEPLORABLE a. gloomy. scandalous. lamentable. ridicule. in a deplorable state. devaluation. deprecate. STATION terminal. depress. bankrupt. distribute. *bummed out. downgrade. lower spirits. unhappiness. in a pledge. narrate. unhappy. heavyheartedness. discouraging. value. in the dol- packing. lower. depressing. mourn. affective depravity n. evil. shrink. grieve. laud. slight. depressed a. elated. es- grievous. delineate. dispiriting. *ride out on a rail. mood disorder. extol. dejection. criticize. deploy v. 2. appreciate. clean-living. deflation. wickedness. diminish. underes- wretched or grievous. ECONOMIC DECLINE recession. manner. sad. 1. grow. describe. depot n. booming. 2. recession. appreciate. out. depression n. down payment. written statement. ANT. 1. shrinkage. weaken. debased. lessen. hanging on. decay. lower. autonomous. ANT. deject. lecherous. one’s disapproval toward. EXPRESS OR FEEL SORROW lament. *downer. prospering. remove. condemn. soporific. 1. collateral. [DEP ruh KATE] to express apron strings. *down in the mouth. outline. 1. of power. ANT. grade. repository. teem. *give the boot. cheer. manic-depression. self-reli. reproach. tell. They are planning to have the presi- disconsolate. shameful. postpartum depres- basement. 3. dismal. sin. SADDEN dishearten. blues. impeach. spread. exile. level. seasonal affective disorder (SAD). *kick out. fill. install. DOWNHEARTED melancholy. dreary. use up. *bear pleasing. use. bleak. drums. ANT. warranty. disorder. glum. virtue. ANT. suffering hard times. belittle. DISAPPROVE OF censure. against. depressant n. addicted. lia. affidavit. hopeless. 2. cry. expend. disap- depict v. clean-living. despondent. unseat. hopeless. sinful. mo. immorality. chaste. arrange. moral. drug. out. bearing. represent. disparage. independent. withdrawal. condemn. finish. sorrow. characterize. nasty. shameless. utilize. air. SYN. needful. oust. object to. empty. wicked. rue. station. low. heighten. bleed. minimize. 2. pull. mudsling. carrying the deposit n. sadness. devalue. weary. suicidal. *can. drain. *blahs. installment. DETER. loss. decay. disgraceful. The radio host liked to deprecate envi- contingent on. despicable. abhor. storehouse. deposition n. dispirited. WAREHOUSE depressing a. reprehensi. frown on. mood altering medication.Depict–Depression vulnerable. hearten. ANT. DOWNHEARTEDNESS melancho- warped. *tied to mother’s DEPRECATE v. bad. heavy-heart- empower. 1. deflate. pitiable. depression. approve of. sorrow. *bum bewail. disappointing. deportment n. armory. hate. degrade. expatriate. abominable. increase. weigh down. step on. virtuous. cheerless. drum out. denigrate. 2. debauched. waning. perver.

following: postpartum depres. taunt. lucid. ANT. re- boom. PROFOUNDNESS wisdom. forebear. ship. psychotic. descent n. derive from vi. all the shallowness. portray. en. MOVING DOWN fall. mock. a depth n. superficiality. emanate. get. slant. comments robbed me of my self esteem. SYN. *ass. scoff. heckle. specify. cor. outmoded. irrational. unstable. 2. ridicule. 1. out. tumble. de- DE RIGUEUR a. family tree. scorn. catory. detailing. deranged a. explain. mode. called for. scoffing. laughing. limn. sion derivative a. [di ROG uh TOHR ee] stitute. take seriously. Her derogatory voy. alogy. slope. valor. in vogue. portrayal. courage. detracting. draw. disrespect that which is sacred. grandchild. tuous. drop. report. originate. childbirth. imi- medication: antidepressants tative. picture. ANT. *ne’er-do-well. duti. DERISION n. plummet. rehashed. go up. shallowness. go down. assistant. laugh at. elabo- spect. appointee. heir. beginning. forefathers. the latest thing. insulting. ANT. 1. sarcastic. rear. descendant n. deprivation n. SEE BRAV- sponsible. right. *bum. lower. backside. sub. 3. *bum. plunge. parent. take away. aide. paint a mental rect. son. indentation. agent. 2. mockery. LOWNESS deepness. declivity. ANT. seat. ration. representative. dispos. ANT. respect. *Bronx cheer. pitch. sketch. *roast. contemp- *flipped. ascend. offspring. make fun of. ridiculing. drop. disre. fall. inception. fashion. ancestor. taunting. specification. sonal affective disorder (SAD) derive v. descend v. explanation. un- berserk. daughter. uninventive. censorious. responsible. disparaging or disapproving. incline. required by the rules of etiquette. HOLLOW dent. Deprivation–Desecrate slowdown. [duh RI szhun] contemptuous description n. mocking. rational. demode. descend. extract. rise. the latest cry. esteem. delinquent. ANT. ridicule. depiction. ponytail worn by a man was dernier cri. tion. proper. ascent. perjorative. bottom haunches. ANT. sneering. DERIDE v. SEE CRAZY. careless. illumina- spread derision. progeny. astuteness. receive. withholding. dive. ANT. disrespectful. pariah. zens of the nineteenth century would often de. reap. contempt. emissary. derelict n. *stern. show. lazy. rise. remiss. *good-for-nothing. gra- proper. rundown. privation. the latest sight. *fanny. proxy. jeer. slack. Citi. drop. deputy n. chronicle. ANT. disdainful. sec- radical treatment: electroshock therapy ondary. *keister. 1. crazy. [de ree GUHR] necessary or cline. [di RIDE] to laugh at. *rib. beggar. plunge. lowering. gather. submerge. plummet. neglectful. able. flattering. recess. strip. tramp. ANT. deprive v. shut out. borrowed. origin. bliss. flattering. sane. spectful. 3. [DES uh krate] to abuse or stock. *razzing. SYN. Her radical ideas were met by wide. In the 90s. *blow by blow. surrogate. ride the automobile. roots. illuminate. The hoodlums Roget’s Superthesaurus 165 . divest. *can. offshoot. in. perception. keep from. deny. root. spring from. copied. insult. LINEAGE ancestry. *tush. good times. derriere n. dele. mad. *razz. decline. remove. *lifted. look. unoriginal. illustrate. derisive a. NEUROTIC approving. *out of one’s mind. disapproving. SEE BUTTOCKS derelict a. dispossession. downturn. gene- century. *second-in-command. Hats were de rigueur for the first half of the pedigree. SYN. ridicule. ful. 3. describe v. derived. daring. rump. gate. source. hobo. 2. irre. lax. ANT. icle. need. comme il faut. insane. vagrant. ancestry. jeering. relate. characterization. necessary. winter blues treated with light therapy: sea. dip. ANT. lunatic. the in thing. arise. critical. ERY laggard. *smart-alecky. demented. lampoon. im. disparaging. DESECRATE v. scion. posterior. fashion. seed. ridicule. ANT. passé. derring-do n. warmed-over. the last word. draft. concavity. bottom. loss. height. fad. *schizo. hip. stem from. rappel. conscientious. the last word. shiftless. *dig. 1. complimentary. WORD FIND derivation n. DERNIER CRI n. SYN. confiscate. DEROGATORY a. SYN. belittling. latest thing. original. sinking. euphoria. come from. sink. [DAIR nee ay CREE] the sess. wellspring. depict. obtain. dient. disdainful. pression. ANT. esteem. joy. want. chron- unnecessary. *nuts. new. stable. depre- *off the wall. detail. satire. cut off. rage. inventive. gain. respect. withhold. jeer. 1. outcast. happiness. fitting. compulsory. kid. child. hard. a must. required. parentage. sketch. SLOPE grade.

arrangement. soli- desensitize v. abandon. traitor. select. century plant.’’—Longfellow. rain. nickname. degrade. numb. aim. plain that becomes temporary lake after *cook up. blueprint. 1. dull. anesthetize. 2. *bail out. Joshua out. *neglected plot in renegade. vacate. prickly pear cac. defile.’’— reward. debase. appellation. com. blueprint. stick with. pyramidlike: pyramid sloppiness. drain. connote. flats. desert v. barrens. bring together. ANT. commingle. 2. huge. refugee. outline. crescent-shaped: barchan [DAYS ab ee yay] in a state of undress or dune. sword She lounged around the breakfast table in desha- dune bille. gulleys. comeuppance. abandoned. ridged or wavy: transverse dune desiccate v. ANT. goal. defector. name. whalelike: whaleback partial undress. deserted a. mark. nomination. integrate. undress. escapee. pathless. uninhabited. mountain that is eroded and flattened on project. quit. give up. model. SCHEME plot. desertion n. contrive. designate v. nominate. partial dress. Addison. fed by spring: oasis motif. creosote bush. punishment. gibber plain. lonely. associate. wilderness. honor. ANT. aspire to. dry. season. violate. in a state of dune. create. retribution. forlorn. DISHABILLE dune. due. plan. 3.Desegregate–Designation descrated the shrine by covering it with grafitti. mean. be entitled to. target. barren. abandonment. penalty. *leave in the lurch. sketch. plan. pat- optical illusion: mirage tern. *washing Mojave. consecrate.S. worship. dehydrate. join hands. *walk. no man’s land. in one’s night clothes. dustbowl. dust devil fertile area. pervert. deserter n. assign. vacant. *Eu. profane. characterized by mesas. due. wasteland. partially covered. remain. *game plan. leave behind. open. dune. crowded. dunes. *AWOL. earn. assign. expect to get. WORD FIND deserve v. Kalahari. 166 Roget’s Superthesaurus . dried-up river bed: arroyo DESHABILLE n. APPOINT elect. *thirsty ter. sagebrush. scheme. INTEND purpose. *scorched plain. channels. blaspheme. long or elongated: seif dune. phantom rain designation n. deaden. resignation. baptize. mosaic-like ground of colorful. COMPOSITION draft. AP- flat POINTMENT delegation. 2. INTENTION purpose. depiction. turning one’s back on. unify. recompense. ‘‘An old man in a dry deserts n. Gobi. abuse. intrigue. mobbed. limitless hands of. point cholla. signify. merit. give equal access. denote. label. fashion. clidian plane. polished idea. semidesert plain: steppe SYN. informal dress. com- erosion: badlands mendable. SYN. rain that evaporates before hitting ground: name. nomadic Arab: Bedouin design v. deplete. 1. conceive. worthy. renounce. choose. meritorious. ironwood. assignment. *get ancient desert mountain reduced to eroded what is coming. commit valley that is flat and arid: bolson sacrilege. dune. starlike: star shrivel. fugitive. NAME title. cereus. invent. saguaro inate. forsake. tag. unite. praiseworthy. desert n. derelict. nickname. selec- sandy area of the Sahara: erg tion. runaway. 1. plan. ‘‘A wild of sand. jilt. label. dishonor. flight. *godforsaken. arrange. badlands. honorific. model. dune. INDICATE specify. nubbin: inselberg should be given. diagram. forsaking. rain: playa plan. ‘‘The sea-like. christen. butte tion. deserving a. 2. sketch. warrant. aim. enervate. revenge. due. Sahara. tary. out- pertaining to: eremic line. mesquite. defection. maroon. strand. Eliot. ALSO. tree. stay. pattern. defect. 3. desolate. ob- reg jective. turncoat. conception. *Devil’s backyard. salty plain left by evaporation of lake: salt moniker. payback. laudable. *parched Eden. *leave high and dry. diagram. dusty whirlwind of small size and duration: design n. COMPOSE draft.’’—T. empty. ocotillo. also. machina- top: mesa. pebbles: desert pavement. NAME entitle. bine. lict. truant. contaminate. 1. plants: barrel cactus. denom- tus. plan. *desiccated landscape. inhabited. waste. leave. dub. desegregate v. dere- God’s garden.

crowded. heartbro- toire. thug. poor. penniless. eu- desolate a. casual. serendipity. 1. alluring. 2. double-dealing. disdain. resign. worthless. terminal. lecturn. persist. thirst. look down on. grave. de- end. base. journey’s end. buoyant. notwith- desire v. Designing–Destitute designing a.’’—Albert Camus. ru- lost. tambour desk. broke. 2. AROUSING DESIRE attractive. foolhardiness. optimistic. *wheel of fortune. out of DESTITUTE a. hope. criminal. awful. rashness. con. aver. bandit. SYN. pru- spiring. de. the cowardly and the resigned. tive. downhearted. [DES ti TOOT] profoundly control. less. *can’t stand. innocent. wish. 2. 2. *sunk. lonely. tempting. futility. ANT. 1. arrest. *bummed out. rule with an iron fist. desirable a. contemptible. fortune. rich. critical. port melancholy. compelling. *Hitler. autocrat. quit. imprudence.’’—Heinrich Heine. Alice was despon- desist v. predestination. SYN. heartened. optimistic. depressed. need. continue. empty. despite prep. ‘‘The worst poi. to feel defeat. downhearted. ANT. bereft. [di SPON dunt] deeply de- wish for. serious. revulsion. discontinue. *dirt poor. of call. ‘‘An invention of gunman. *wiped out. longing. stop. anguish. foolhardy. tyr- erable. soli. destination n. thirst after. lawbreaker. lose hope. 3. scorn. melancholy. ANT. lot. hunger. ANT. depression. friendless. crafty. incurable. yearning. glum. 2. fervor. Machiavellian. abhor. phoric.’’—Ignazio desperate a. mania. future. *down and out. uninhabited. dent. hope. resignation. gloom. bankrupt. befriended. givable. sexy. waited for. despondent. RECKLESS careless. hold. ambo. open. spurn. desperation n. SYN. in dough. conniving. irretrievable. tyrant. *godforsaken. profitable. fate. ANT. agreeable. discouragement. 2. use. repul. sion. lose heart. melancholy. ‘‘A tyrant’s au- hell. rational. mobbed. despair n. wariness. suicidal. despondency. rash. 1. optimism. Roget’s Superthesaurus 167 . *on a crash course. ‘‘An epitome of karma. sicken- *hankering. go. goal. forsaken. ‘‘Not a thing to be think positive. admire. forsaken. workspace. solable. it is a thing to be achieved. isolated. vile. headlong. mas- doned. shameful. oppression. ter. 1. remote. stop. 1. urge. DESPONDENT a. fierce gentleness. escri. tricky. BARREN abandoned. ANT. detestable. outlaw. aban- *strong man. advantageous. WORTHWHILE LESSNESS carelessness. faith. ANT. hopelessness. secretary. prudence. indi- help. an tary. dictator. need. desire n. honorable. DESPOT n. test. hopeful. *back to the gent. impetuosity. despond. oppressor. *hanker for. loathe. death. lacking. ing. 1. autocracy. lose doom. desperation. 2. hope. respect.’’—Robert Burton. pleasing. up in our loins and stretches itself with a despise v. want. futile. ANT.’’—Robert Burton. filled with despair. praise- itch. hate. hunger for. ache for. good. urgent. crucial. lonesome. artless. drastic. ure. ined. fetching. artful. conclude. euphoria. abhorrent. wall. rolltop. impoverished. pressed. The despot completely oppressed the citizenry. beastly. authoritarian. wealthy. alone. passion. ANT. cautious. poor. stark. repellant. The destitute man had defying. lust after. inhab- anny. cheerful. isolated. covet. *at the end of one’s rope. station. design. happiness. lord. FORLORN wretched. . dangerous. able. regardless of. miserable. tanta. frenzied. incon- ANT. autocrat. disgraceful. dis- desk n. discouragement. spairing. crave. prefer. enticing. yearn for.’’—Ambrose Bierce. gloom. mis- desposition n. standing. se. depression. ANT. look up. appetite. frantic. acute. caution. RECK- lizing. *hot. destination. dictatorship. cheap. plotting. undesirable. foxy. DESPAIR hopelessness.’’— desperado n. refrain. revile. . laudable. beyond lived on the street. ANT. sorrowful. joyful. careful. like. libido. anism. unfor- lust. daring. execrate. forlorn. ‘‘A per. table. rotten. homeless. de- petual rack. despair v. 1. ‘‘The warm beast . happy. trivial. impoverished. ache. 2. estranged. 3. dent after her mother died. serted. ANT. despicable a. highwayman. DESPAIRING hopeless. scheming. authoritari- ited. ken. frenzy. EXTREME critical. William Jennings Bryan. long for. *down in the dumps. Silone. dejection. thority for crime and a fool’s excuse for fail- son. in spite of. end of the line. de- ductive. minor. jection. absolute power. calculating. [DES put] an absolute ruler. halt. destiny n. 1. suspend. beneficial. misery. objec- despondency. *rolling grave. loathsome. sive. want. that lies curled worthy. cheerful. cease. bleak.

unbiased. 1. purposeful. find. corrode. objective. un. remote. harmful. improve. tenac- detach v. interested. settled. ANT. DETERRENT n. abhorrent. private investigator (P. delaying. loathsome. easing. impartial. single-mindedness. scouring DESULTORY a. ar- tion. preclude. *snoop. find. DECISION conclusion. ruin. ANT. ANT. rot. *dick. lukewarm. free. fixed. severed. ruins. aloof. wavering. particular. abhor. dispassionate. SYN. program proved a useful deterrent to crime. war. softening. di- detachment a. component. single-minded. check. unsystematic. impediment. resolve. find. fact. cool. encour- noxious. obstacle. sever. resolute. delay. confinement. defense. ravaging. interest. disgust- detective n. unfastened. cooling off. sickening. stalwart. unmeth. hinder. un- shadow. waffling. decimation. free. *stiff hitch. govern. degreaser. spotting. touch off. build. level. remove. freedom. willpower. custody. [DES ul TOHR ee] moving powder. upper lip. dict. extinction. isolation. discover. seat. steadfast. peace. depreciate. impartiality. ing. retard. indomitability. bar. ANT. creation. ver- unhitched. loose. cleanser. spot. slow. SYN. *sniffing out. ance. erate. stick-to-itiveness. expel. tenacious. ing. lib. expo. tilities between nations. decline. regulate. ation. annihila. neutral. agement. discour- detect v. tion. SEE POLICE horse. odical. steadfastness. accord. attach. 2. drive. inhibit. apart. 2. degrade. intent. aging. secret agent. espial. discern. quash. bar. imosity. discourage. *cream. slaugh. hold. catastrophic. indifference. stop. set off. *backbone. amity. erratic. reject. detached a. sensing. holding. demolish. soap. obnoxious. stumbling block. impede. sleuth. *sniff out. *tail.I. daunt. quietude. bi. judgment. cold war. control. out. firm. fatal. decompose. speed. impeach. confirm. divide. ferreting out. like. ascertain. detention n. internment. remoteness. ANT. explode. hindrance. point. ANT. admirable. contemptible. likable. malevolent. DETENTE n. DECIDE conclude. keep. 1. un- hawkshaw. notice. dethrone v. ble. discovery. unmask. detection n. an- destruction n. *total. mettle. establish. ANT. arrest. oust. extirpate. fastened. check. ANT. kick out. havoc. from one thing to another randomly or hap. constructive. age. obliterate. loathe. abominable. settlement. revelation. crush. notice. resolution. ascertainment. verify. preservation. ing. fasten. aloofness. [de TUR unt] something aspect. attached. *stumble on. retention. moved. love. DISINTERESTED re. uncovering. rambling. truce. relax- tate. building. harmony. Following the treaty fire. disconnected. resolve. loose. stop. AFFECT ased. *sew up. fall apart. RESOLUTENESS persever- methodical. rest. *gut. haphazard. miss. creative. ANT. admire. devas. preserve. disconnect. strengthen. overlook. ceration. 2. detestable a. ing. destructive a. hateful. objectivity. preserv. re. She examined the shoes in a desultory crumble. partial. curb. solvent. tranquility. element. was an extended period of detente. deter v. dogged. [day TAHNT] an easing of hos. curb. 1. revolting. annihilate. persistence. cern. opinion. partiality. liquida. eradicate. ANT. beastly. feature. degenerate. aimless.). planned. determination n. minutiae. restraint. cleaner. detergent n. catch. espy. uncover. chaotic. operative. *private eye. dissuade. bias. wreck. ity. 2. disastrous. remove from power. 168 Roget’s Superthesaurus .Destroy–Detonate destroy v. devastation. influence. connected. detail n. *nuke. deleterious. grow. A neighborhood watch detain v. *feel sick at the sight of. pernicious. scare off. detonate v. sleuth. incar- ter. fashion. that blocks or hinders. ir. uncon. ruinous. disbar. THE COURSE OF decide. stall. *go to the dogs. hate. hazardly. random. depose. cre. determine v. deteriorate v. blow up. wreckage. dam. confine. ANT. sus- waste. quiescence. *G-man. execrate. unconnected. undercover agent. settle. sense. rect. shape. uncouple. ANT. ignore. *gumshoe. discharge. dislike. fortitude. raze. *nuts and bolts. ate. prevent. ANT. execra- sure. *hell-bent. decay. dampen. 1. relief. ravaging. specific. regular. item. liberation. eradication. wipe out. restrain. ravage. hostility. despicable. facilitate. duress. grit. ANT. driven. DISCONNECTED separated. SYN. demolition. injurious. neutrality. ferret detest v. find- moved. judge. part. *nail down. ANT. *go downhill. ANT. separate. speed. pension of hostilities. determined a. despise. restraint.

ANT. increase. careless. and narrow. ANT. ruin. rebel. monic. havoc. ravaging. oddball. land baron. crafty. drift. conceive. bypass. progress. pervert. demolition. il’s counsel. ance. casual. honest. bear fruit. maturation. shape. discharge. bare. DEVIL’S ADVOCATE n. stay on course. GROWTH expansion. brute. lacking. flourish. broadening. deviation. die. degrade. mechanism. angelic. originate. Talk show hosts often play transpire. crooked. appliance. 1. stunt. gadget. SPIRIT OR CREATURE demon. disadvanta. mediator. destroy. businesswoman. deviant n. sinister. wreckage. Detonation–Devoid detonation n. devil’s surrogate. ANT. for- developer n. devoid a. vacant. wanting. injurious. saintly. SATAN Lucifer. flesh. minimize. Beelzebub. So named after the unsatisfying diligent preacher of all others. empty. wipe out. enlarge. shrink. hellish. *go-around. mature. desolate. devaluate. lucky. divine inter. [DEE us eks MAK Harry. depleted. create. destruction. 1. diverge. SYN. harmful. *trash. re. plot. stripped. enhance. cavalier. ty. 1. foolhardy. 2. device n. level. 2. damaging.’’—Bible. tool. barren. boom. *total. form. concoct. BAD in some Roman and Greek dramas. ment. SYN. defender. inimical. device. naughty. devise v. GENERATE begin. denuded. *whip up. el di- debris. decline. devil-may-care a. gimmick. Lord of the Flies. destructive. *Old DEUS EX MACHINA n. regress. un. veer. brat. bits and pieces. nonchalant. estate investor. ma- ing harm. Divine Dickens. ing out. meander. full. contrivance. GION ina. elaboration. SYN. occurrence. villainous. geous. roar. original. follow the straight dermine. enlarge. detour. the devil’s advocate for argument’s sake. ANT. regression. sly. good. digress. add to. happy-go- desolation. change. explosion. careful. lower. flowering. devilish a. wander. design. circumstance. scoundrel. hellion. advance. withering. evolve. take away from. contrivance. detritus n. mischievous. evolution. ANT. mental to its finish. 1. sult. savage. de- devastate v. blossom. medium. artifice. fiend. establish. deviate. pleader. swerve. SCHEME plan. troublemaking. shifty. real mulate. devil and the deep blue sea. ANT. advantageous. magnate. destitute. ogre. *the i nuh] literally. The au. PERSON. now re. amplification. chine. ANT. all perspectives. virtuous. lessen. *trashing. blow-up. invent. *Catch-22. ‘‘The most problem. polemicist. HAPPENING event. archfiend. rash. ransack. lay waste. bad. evil- thor helped his hero win the battle by creating doer. Hobson’s choice. tween a rock and a hard place. EXPAND grow. brutish. real estate developer. scheme. reckless. treacherous. rig. SEE RELI- an unlikely tornado. devil’s champion. *cook up. part. apologist. ANT. pop. beneficial. Mephistopheles. *the Deuce. ruin. wicked. scheming. roundabout. advancement. deleterious. trick. ical. enterpriser. unfold. blossoming. beast. deceptive. *contraption. pernicious. enrich. contrive. devastation n. elaborate. CONTRACT acquire. Neglecting to wax your car is detri. advance. gear. the Serpent. cautious. outfit. devil n. cruel. enrichment. gut.’’—Hugh Latimer. *blow away. infernal. ablo. tricky. heedless. nonconformist. depreciate. alternate route. builder. degrade. but doesn’t necessarily agree with the un- flesh out. amplify. dishonest. god in the machine. beastly. duce. 1. impish. wily. imp. develop v. deus ex machina. businessman. demolish. rad- firing. evil. *thingamajig. rogue. start. 2. broaden. 2. detour n. ruse. cheapen. ploy. between the be- vention. aboveboard. devious a. evasive. underhanded. diabolical. popular side of an issue in order to illustrate commence. [det ruh MEN tul] caus. INSTRUMENT apparatus. guileful. construct. devalue v. diminish. villain. raze. arise. ravage. re. depart. lessen. fragments. err. pillage. coon. 3. god from a machine. happy coincidence. machination. dev- development n. replete. one who argues for fill out. one-of-a-kind. progress. *Old Scratch. stray. waste. ‘‘A intervention as a means to solve a difficult liar. annihilation. grains. Prince of Darkness. fiendish. Roget’s Superthesaurus 169 . fallen angel. detract v. the Adversary. death. he is never practice of bringing in a deity to intervene out of his diocese. ANT. shrivel. 1. filling out. deviate v. turn aside. vacuous. shriveling. garded as a hallmark of lazy writing. issue. and the father of it. no choice. straightforward. contriv- DETRIMENTAL a. break. weirdo. an obvious deus ex mach.

MEDICINE dictate v. give. alike. antithetical. loose stool. conversation. pledge. dedicate. pidgin. impose. tolerant. different. democratic. finesse. authoritarian. en- fiendish. conference. dice n. *Montezuma’s revenge. facility. translucent. oppressive. dictator n. dictate n. opaque. deter. ent. childlike. clever. gauzy. *see-through. SYN. worshipping. draft. There was a dichotomy dexterity n. difference aptitude. adher. SEE DISEASE. law. daybook. buff. tyrant. expert. aficionado. patois. rec- loyalty. a gamble. facile. READ Mephistophelean. vow. requirement. a deal. moisture. interlocution. bid- diabetes n. outline. loyal. tirade. *Hitler.Devote–Diction devote v. angelic. experienced. fan. accent. zealous. inept. join. journal. perious. devilish. devoted a. enunciation. piety. bolt. mination. matching. confabulation. loyal. splintering. talk. thick. *whip-cracking. account. commit. diametrical a. break. 170 Roget’s Superthesaurus . SYN. delicate. enthusiast. breadth. oppressor. frost DICHOTOMY n. clumsiness. cism. PRESCRIBE order. split. fidelity. ‘‘One of the commonest dis. ‘‘The lavatory of litera- reverence. rift. illness. ordinance. strongman. com- nated. ineptitude. metabolic disorder. opposition. pious. ALOUD compose. utter. zeal. denunciation. deft. ANT. clumsy. width. into a scathing diatribe. savvy. despotic. opposite. chronicle. ers who always look good until the last ten graphic. runs. separation. groups. adher. contrary. *heart. eat. fanatic. articulation. taskmaster. caliber. worldly. ortho. negotiate. 1.’’—Karl Kraus. lingo. true. cube. vernacular. *powwow. overbearing. *hash out handy. ANT. guz. mandate. hazardous. invective. ironhanded. chiffon. usage. evil. higgle. disease. gulp. lordly. order. charge. stant. [di KOT uh me] a division dewy-eyed a. log. demand. faithful. agnostic. edu. tion or criticism. dexterous a. expertise. of two distinctly different or opposite parts. abuse. cruel.’’—Jan Masaryk. thin. devoutness. faithful. water droplets. consign. *rap session. command. power. *Aztec two-step. proficient. direct. subdivision. heavenly. ‘‘Jealous gods monopolizing cated guess. eral. indifferent. decree. hunch. sincere. malevolent. know-how. claim. im- bal exchange. lay down the law. flux. disloy. chancy. of opinion. *iffy. criti- zle. apply. discussion. adroit. etc. discourse. believing. absolute. dutiful. heartfelt. [DI uh tribe] a bitter denuncia- devour v. gorge. castigation. SEE GOVERNMENT dialect n. ANT. colloquialism. lib- communication. opinions. speech. ardent. converse. beastly. identification.’’—Walter Lippmann. czar. devout. dialogue n. die. hellish. ence. diary n. ver. dis. destroying all rivals. steadfastness. illustration. steadfast. consume. diction n. saintly. *Hitleresque. conclusion. alty. compelling ex- eases. gastrointestinal distress. frozen: rime. conflicting. ANT. chart. analysis. dibs n. rule. commitment. haggle. clusive loyalty. dysentery. quibble. wicked. nimble. local tongue. record. despot. ordain. idiom. diabolic a. *call the shots. demonic. nimbleness. high-handed. *hound. benevo. tyrannical. clever. dispatch. ture. draft. lord. touch. ANT. ‘‘Rul- diagram n. indifference. diarrhea n. disagreement. eloquence. of opinions between the races. dedication. over- diagnosis n. adept. argot. ANT. cant. diaphanous a. direct. ANT. allegiance. deftness. ding. zealous. faithfulness. WORD FIND ticklish. autocrat. autocratic. gormandize. dedicated. segmentation. clever. devout a. division. barter. vocabulary. religious. earnest. atheistic. drawing. devotee n. rule. graph. devotion n. transparent. reverse. *bones. sheer. adroitness. innocent. wording. knack. rebuke. unbelieving. addict. gobble up. rights. figure. mand. directive. dicker v. uncoordi. trots. insulin insufficiency. ANT. *lord and master. tête-à-tête. condensation. representation. naive. ANT. *tongue-lashing. expression. dox. staunch. dicey a. ness. stuff. flimsy. reverent. bargain. opinion. slang. con. provincialism. diameter n. similar. 2. *rollers. harangue. vicious.’’—Elbert Hubbard. apathy. *fiend. ian. risky. *talk down. ANT. The talk show host launched wolf. DIATRIBE n. minutes. infernal. skillful. ord. to-heart. dictatorial a. dictum. lover. earnest. *nut. authoritar- lent. committed. swallow up. skill. supporter. totalitarian. satanic. holy. domineering. *polish off. direction. totalitarian. dew n. villainous. vituperation.

‘‘Go the way of all commodating. *croak. contrast. antithetical. lexicon. gridlock. *cash in one’s *Sisyphean. inse- spond. DIFFIDENT a. fasting. the ghost. alike. immovable. 3. *tough sledding. clashing. command. strewn. preachy. verbose. matching. disparate. self-confident. *fizzle out. inconformity. conflict. decease. especially involving morals. quarrel. ANT. sundry. tion. same. tough. diffuse a. DISSIMILAR distinct. dis- flection. ANT. whole. *slip one’s cable. tant. ging. or. DLE wane. distinguish. unfathomable. proverb. shrink- dict. refractory. deadlock. disseminated. [dye DAK tik] instructional or gular. problematic. dence. be distinguished from. corre. weak-willed. DEATH 2. through them can one come to the fullness regime. eye to eye. sin- DIDACTIC a. burdensome. tough. recede. and only ABSTINENCE abstinence. FOOD ‘‘God’s errands and trainers. depart. fade. 1. *go belly up. ‘‘A system of starving yourself to death harsh nurse who roughly rocks her foster- so you can live a little longer. 2. manding. profuse. stub- hoe. easygoing. uncomplicated. *can sustenance.’’—Albert agreement.’’—Bible. 1. homiletic. opposi- dictionary n. 3. scattered. moralizing. tru. another. 1. dictum n. distinction. The audience was asleep after the sena. phraseology. debate. differentiation. recalcitrant. hardship. mess. Nock. *meet matic. unassertive. foodstuffs. SYN. RATE distinct. nourishment. 2. stick-in-the-mud. PERISH expire. cline. fainthearted. dispute. diet n. different a. axiom. abate. 2. prevalent. ANT. differ v. strenuous. resemble. distributed. numerous. bashful. clash. meet one’s MANAGEABLE intractable. hesi- be at variance. clash. concurrence. *weight-watching. assertion. conflict. assertive. sension. 1. [DIF i dunt] lacking confi- diverge. DAILY FOOD INTAKE food and drink. 2. VAR- educational. tenacious. slacken. conservative. contend. unlike. children into strength and athletic propor- ray. subside. ANT. mixed. delineated. meet one’s fate. take issue. *a snap. knotty. of manhood. controversy. ing. contention. UN- one’s Maker. unchan. individual. 1. timid. hassle. fanatic. born. modest. 2. SAYING maxim. earth. trial. declara. metry. make a expository. diminish. *see cure. unlike. ‘‘The most inter. characterize. differentiated. dispute. in. edict. agree. correspondence. simple. unac- end. in authority. drop dead. accommodating. obvious. vict. bother.’’—Henry Ward Beecher. headstrong. 2. obstacle. DWIN. *bitter-ender. 3. *give up struse. recondite. trying. SPREAD OUT dispersed. incompatible. please. miscellaneous. complication. *Herculean. unassuming. fussy. contra. 1. perplexing. impasse. SEPA- ism. ebb. nutrition. *bite the dust. enig- *permanently change one’s address. word book. pedagogic. tor’s didactic speech. 1. *pickle. clinging. IOUS several. ness. Roget’s Superthesaurus 171 . resistant. DISSIMILARITY contrast. set apart. *a pain. opposite. similarity. enlightening. ultra- difficulty n. match. asymmetrical. provisions. 1. 2. simple. 1. timorous. pe. unsure of oneself. 2. edu. language. winded. rigid. *child’s play. *hard row to die-hard a. Also. ‘‘A ing. *lock horns. zealot. succumb. WORDY long- ness. pass away. 2. circulated. pain. contradiction. *kick back-breaking. *kick off. calorie count. rambling. *peter 2. asym. diverse. der. assorted. 1. glossary. ref. regimen. hard to please. hard. resembling. uals. accord. contrasting. of worms. edifying. easy. like- erence book. DISAGREEMENT argument. accede. *bow out. prolix. *buy the farm. struggle. DISAGREE clash. shy. obstinate. aphorism. straits. strong. informative.’’—William Jennings Bryan. vocabulary. concur. She became diffident with people 2. divergent. adage. the dantic. instructional. variant. pedantic. intricate. unruly. de- ANT. sermonizing. *like night and day. timid. CONTRAST vary. together. trouble. 1. weaken. decree. firm. exclusive. deviate from. plight. de- die v. distinction. formidable. arduous. deviation.’’—Jan Mur. stubborn. *fix. ANT. snag. *hot water. esting book in our language. antithe. oppose. tion. fare. *Gordian knot. differentiate v. difference n. stand apart. mirror image. bold. opposition. *deep water. *hornet’s nest. Dictionary–Diffuse pronunciation. extensive. overly preachy or instructional. problem. elocution. separate. COMPLICATED ab- chips. defiant. diehard n. quagmire. dilemma. sis. PRONOUNCEMENT dictate. reactionary. the bucket. wearisome. easy to out. SYN. difficult a. 1. reluctant. complex. HARD laborious. cational. tion. SEE DEAD. *brain-draining. variance.

dignify v. *Joe Blow. ABSORB FOOD assimilate. hobbyist. she was grasp. digest n. *name. SYN. grow. uplift. aside. dwindle. somebody. tyro. terse. sedulous. ANT. DILIGENT a. nonprofessional. decaying. ANT. hind. tardy. formality. weaken. proportion. Hobson’s choice. *low dilatory a. down. summary. fuzzy. dary. tireless. UNDER. official. wisecrack. lower. *thick. *fix. *good as new. stract. distin. ANT. wane. busy. hard choice. eat. indistinct. fast. contract. slack. dabbler. ANT. [di GRESS] to depart or stray moderate. *slap in the face.Diffusion–Diminution loquacious. dallying. poised. unrelenting. ramble. roving. earnestness. does nothing and knows nothing dillydally v. problem. dabbles in or has an amateur’s knowledge of STAND comprehend. assiduity. the arts. *on its last depreciate. wander. concentrated. intact. till. The pupils of the eyes dilate when viewing an diffusion n. decaying. range. get. exalt. industry. *dumb as a digression n. goofy. dize. shadowy. reduce. crack. *Catch-22. decline. semination. thin. stature. effort. brilliant. water down. measure. shrink. scattering. plugging. noble. procrastinate. regal. ken down. gray. wandering. scoop out. care. predicament. *lightweight. fade. unearth. vagate. poise. run-down. deviate. gent work force will make our company thrive. gauzy. undignified. lessening. smart. star. ‘‘The quality that enables a man who says lazy. barb. dawdle. take in. di. SYN. dispersal. span. dignitary n. rove. abridgement. me- dignity n. taunt. solid. ponder. pride. ANT. bovine. expand. post. distribution. swell. diminish v. compliment. loiter. get murky. painstaking. dim a. weaken. discursive. SYN. gué. honor. lag. formal. putting blow. *bigshot. break DILETTANTE n. dusky. the speaker liked to digress. ANT. mull over. abate. delaying. extend. *pickle. reduce. hard-working. dilemma n. honor. vacil- to command . puzzle. difficulty. layman. dig n. bro. cringing servi. putterer. nearly 200 years old. diminution n. refined. lowering. exhume. trifle. pithy. ebb. 1. vague. subdued. falling apart. loftiness. lofty. lion. praise. industrious. reduction. hoe. divagation. shrinkage. [DIL uh junt] hard-working or personage. synopsis. excavate. enlarge. Raper. The dilapidated building was ment. nobility. depart. *distin. 1. 2. di- tude. ANT. add a bit of pains. shilly-shallying. assiduous. careful and meticulous. plugging. spade. from the main subject at hand. bright. persistent. expert. sheepishness. prompt. *back. hard work. timely. diligence n. decrease. application. crumbling. decrease. sound. weakening. presence. stately. blurry. brief. classy. discipline. A dili- *high muck-a-muck. *box. en- legs. perseverance. broaden. late. waste time. elevate. degrade. attractive member of the opposite sex. procrastinating. tumble. gloomy. sift. be- dig v. nobody. consume. ennoble. DILATE v. attenuate. quarry. assimilate. self-respecting. POORLY LIT faint. on time. persistence. distend. large. sluggish. 2. aggran. raise. size. extent. spreading. celebrity. nothing. absorb. grow. [di LAP i dayt ud] falling tude. hollow out. plight. stateli. constrict. scale. a dilettante. blinding. ANT. shrink. solemn. trifler. departure. bind. . respect. doggedness. rarefy. self-respect. *lightweight. dissolve. deteriorated. rickety. ANT. bright. amateur. in ruins. falling down. lower. *shot. enrich. relent- ish. lessness. gation. toiling. *VIP. root out. pre cis. deviation. quan- hoe. detour. SYN. focused. professional. 2. 172 Roget’s Superthesaurus . magni- DILAPIDATED a. concentrate. stead- solemnity. ticulous. condensation. . master. knock. class. mine. reflect. impasse. in disrepair. courtliness. industrious. lagging. adulterate. scope. *go off on a tangent. dignified a. She painted only as a hobby. ANT. jeer. dogged. off. lessen. active. ness. dredge. rambling. The speech strengthen. worn out. 2.’’—John W. ANT. imperious. dilute v. demean. guished. [DIL i TAHNT] one who down. shovel. SYN. ab. straying. dis. slacken. cutting remark. sophomoric. fool. drifting. postponing. decorous. laziness. digest v. *cut. solemnize. dense. minish. ANT. laggard. careful. ANT. 1. slow. [DI layt] to widen or make wider. measure- apart. *beat around the bush. drift. DIM-WITTED stupid. DIGRESS v. intelligent. insult. sidetracked. slackness. expand. stray. goofiness. propa. widen. class. *bigwig. 1. dimension n. circulation. ANT. delve. ANT. was long-winded.

AIM point. diplomatic a. plunge. winged: pterodactyl *in a beeline. tiny. 1. 1. indirect. *glad- babel. oversee.’’—Caskie Stinnett. cafe. Diminutive–Direction depreciation. grievous. dinghy n. SYN. blunt. appalling. supper. sheepskin. known for long: parasaurolophus direct a. minister. insignificant. petite. document. SEE RESTAU. *call the shots. growth. silence. prudence. control. indelicate. direction n. feed. saying ‘Nice Doggie’ till you can find a quet. IMMEDIATE unimpeded. CONDUCT manage. miniature. rowboat. clamor. go-between. ard. dreadful. usher. when he means no. dip v. enlargement. STRAIGHTFORWARD frank. slip. pressing. fast. 1. trip. target. fearful. submerge. minute. repast. tactful. apatosaurus. rod. geological: fossil distressing. meal. slackening. ‘‘An honest man dinner n. dunce. 2. rock. prudent. *hubbub. sensitive. ANT. beaklike mouth: triceratops straight. little. *pig out. unimpor- diplodocus. orient. dim. drab. UR- giraffe-like giant: brachiosaurus GENT critical. spiked: ankylosaurus ting someone have your way. trivial.’’—Wynn Catlin. break bread. artful. indirect. *be in the period: Triassic. measuring stick. point-blank. uproar. frill blunt. Wooton. longest herbivore: supersaurus. roundabout. ban. tiny. commotion. meat-eating. sparkling. orchestrate. soiled. [di PLOH muh see] the form- gigantic. *hurly-burly. unequivocal. a way that you actually look forward to the ANT. lunch counter. plunge. SAURIAN sauropod. degree. tumult. roundabout. enormous. evidence of. fossil. diploma n. sent abroad to lie for his country. control. politician. person who can tell you to go to hell in such dinky a. attaché. noise. rude. guidance. feast. supervise. representative. swift and 3. gargantuan. people skills. and the skills it requires. trivial. sooty. *head up. envoy. SEE BOAT consul. steer. conciliatory. abatement. lunch. ‘‘A bright. 2. *baby. small. face-to-face. banquet. 2. guide. RELIC antique. statesmanship. mediator. show. TERRIBLE disastrous. faded. feast. boss. sickle-like claw used for slahing. allosaurus *quarterback. statesman. The ambassador dimwit n. sink. wet. funnel. expansion. microscopic. plate-backed: stegosaurus indicate. 1. grimy. true. ANT. 1. diminutive a. subtle. three-dimensional deviating. tactfulness. 2. 1. over with the dictator. pint-sized. mealy-mouthed. ANT. ‘‘The art of dine v. brilliant. small. SEE DIPLOMATIC. simpleton. theropod. shocking. gracious. grace. UNDEVIATING three-horned. 2. tallest herbivore: ultrasaurus open. tian. honest. DUNK immerse. SEE MORON used a subtle form of diplomacy to smooth things din n.’’—Henry dinosaur n. plummet. 1. eatery. ferocious: tyrannosaurus rex. depression. duck-billed: hadrosaur. fortuitous. 1. small and famous for: velociraptor ANT. indentation. leadership. circuitous. judiciousness. ANT. skull crest. train. charm. MANAGEMENT orchestration. DIPLOMACY n. DECLINE decrease. tact. unswerving. 2. ADDRESS focus. *as the crow flies. handing. uncivil. calami- era: Mesozoic tous. aim. 3. aquatic: mosasaur politic. sup. diorama n. WORD FIND smooth. fix. puny. exhibit. tarnished. Roget’s Superthesaurus 173 . duck. dirty. negotia- dingy a. eat. 3. POLI- diner n. ambassador. representation. *teeny. article. mediation. supervision. shabby. 1. prehistoric creature. sary. tactless. ‘‘A man who says ‘perhaps’ smeared. devote. exigent. candid. trachodon dire a. large herbivore: brontosaurus. ing and maintaining of good relationships dimple n. racket.’’—Elbert Hubbard. display. droop. peace. scene. clean. parchment. outmoded firsthand. sensitivity. death: extinction dipstick n. clangor. bedlam. slashing: utahraptor explicit. forthright. politics. iguanodon tant. emis- smudgy. follow. catastrophic. seismosaurus direct v. descend. certificate. Jurassic. ANT. Cretaceous driver’s seat. tor. Lillipu. wee. artifact. crucial. ‘‘The art of let- armored. obey. horrible. discreet. guide.’’—Daniele bony fringe found on heads of some species: Vare. ANT. ANT. cacophony. idiot. drop off. suave. TICS RANT diplomat n. wonderful. ANT. second-hand. huge. 2. lower. stillness. *terrible liz. smoky.

ANT. underprivileged. paralyzed. objectionable. seer. ANT. irritable. handicap. sound. alienated. pleas- polluted. cord. dissent. churlish. handi- ANT. *gunk. orientation. repellant. strengthen. mire. straightaway. deleterious. disarm. roundabout. be at odds. quar. prurient. grubby. prostrate. favorable. good-humored. muck. 2. hostile. take issue. estranged. messy. strong. scoop. directive n. exposé. ANT. un. muck. deflate. falling-out. instruc. advice. OBSCENE pornographic. 1. ribald. death march. unlucky. mean. contradict. 2. con- *raw. 2. grouchy. captain. rialize. affectionate. dematerialize. cross. 3. failing. *burst one’s bubble. *kingpin. restriction. debilitate. *cheap. easygoing. *go south. weakness. standoffish. loam. terback. explicit. orchestrator. [dis uh FEK tid] no longer directorate n. mess. disappear v. 1. residue. 3. 3. lame. ANT. sanitary. dishonest. surly. *first thing. foul. prescription. ant. head. conflict. route. evaporate. prostrate. fair. at once. sportsman. contest. threnody. recipe. *sleazebag. drawback. loyal. grimy. scandal. 1. disadvantage n. mud. separated. detracting. paralyze. ANT. trajectory. work. blue. dispute. *vamoose. over. wane. greasy. QUARRELSOME dirty a. contented. pass. agree. 2. bedrid- command. ently. capped. obnoxious. vanish. disagreeable a. opportune. nography. confined to a wheelchair. directly adv. SOILED filthy. infirmity. dissolve. instruction. circuitously. filth. contend. affliction. ing. guidelines. tioned. elegy. *gook. promptly. soil. 1. ANT. powerful. ruling. dispute. specifications. SEE BLIMP friendly. poor. pedophile. impoverished. balloon. scatological. den. heading. UNFAIR un. order. X. board. *raunchy. go away. condi- tion. *gross. SOIL filth. sadden. bad-tempered. director n. incapacitated. discontented. pro- wholesome. hurdle. unequal. grime. earth. appear. privileged. re- dirty old man n. plus. talk. eva- goat. dis- dirt n. executive. weaken. IM. dishonorable. disgusting. charge. foul. distasteful. staff. Government betrayed dirge n. *out of action. muddy. 2. *fade into the wood- disability n. squabble. ordinance. welcome. pronto. weakened. DISAFFECTED a. leave no trace. lecher. dust. show. unsanitary. paralysis. satyr. G-rated. difference of opinion. odious. fit. stumbling block. tion. impediment. begrimed. 2. *dash hamstring. *put one’s hopes. argue. spotted. dissatisfied. handicap. POINT OF out of action. direction. malady. mass. defect. repulsive. way. sightly. below-the-belt. clean. clay. besmirch. ANT. undeviatingly. petulant. disagree v. THE COMPASS course. inopportune. benefit. adverse. clean. harmful. argument. escape. charge. negative. contentious. opposi- sportsmanlike. concur. smut. 3. smutty. 1. ANT. agreement. division. UNPLEASANT offensive. liability. burden. nant. *spang. SYN. spot. see things differ- rumor. detrimental. disable v. *scuzzy. repug- dirty v. manager. impair. him and he became disaffected. deny. cease. stain. indecent. discord. lucky. hide. damage. rated. OBSCENITY por. file. GOSSIP oppose. gruntled. impaired. muddy. disabled a. nasty. off-color. like. cripple. con- *grungy. handicap. la.Directive–Disappoint administration. dung. advantage. contention. command. disagreement n. vaporize. differ. fall short. foreman. *crap. spotless. SEE DIRE something. limitation. ooze. spat. boss. funeral hymn. *keyhole journalism. later. unwanted. unfavorable. correspond. prohibit. feeling loyalty or affection for someone or direful a. *biggest toad in the puddle. 174 Roget’s Superthesaurus . disappoint v. injunction. quadraplegic. begrime. zeppelin. lame. peevish. veto. mandate. clean. troversy. injured. pollute. indecency. mate- impairment. disallow v. injury. ANT. care. indirectly. trary. ANT. pleasant. administrator. fade. *crud. minus. smatter. smudged. supervisor. harmony. squalid. un- dirigible n. MEDIATELY without delay. injurious. 1. risqué. unclean. dissent. epicedium. advantaged. de. quarrel. eventually. weakness. stained. disadvantaged a. detriment. ANT. incapacitate. ment. general. depart. *whip. bear. ac- low. incapacity. alienated. IN. clash. 4. tack. deprived. 1. nice. rotten. smudge. speedily. overlord. 2. filthy. let down. command. nesce. disadvantageous a. STRAIGHT *as the crow flies. reject. ORDER handicapped. crippled. *dirty old cede. sparkling. STRUCTION guidance. leader. paraplegic. scribe. 2. disloyal. enable. *in a beeline.

DISMISSAL *the axe. dismiss. disillusioned. lay off. firmness. ANT. walking papers.’’—Boyle Roche. dis. excuse. shed. like. much in hope and expectation. follower. astating. disparage. hearten. appealing. ruin. rude awakening. crisis zone. FORTITUDE training. practice. storm cen. calamity. disband v. disenchanted. dump. let down. eject. unfortu. throw out. disfavor. disburse v. dole out. critical. disheart. EM- ANT. oozing. 2. observe. ANT. *weasel bullet. proselyte. holding. *give the axe. devotee. detect. clutter. displeased. disciplinarian n. chaos. holocaust. *the boot. incarcerate. gainsay. displeasure. *bummer. harden. taskmaster. fulfill. break up. *shell out. dissolve. mindful. *eighty- to swallow. re. sure. distinguish. criticize. judicious. separate. dissent. washout. doubt. cataclysm. marti- dishevelment. ingratiating. dismiss. exercise. SYN. apostle. sloth. 3. regimen. 1. adverse. dishearten. setback. oust. bully. *whip Roget’s Superthesaurus 175 . encourage. DETONATE fire. blow. ANT. disenchant. ANT. hold. *the gate. 1. *grit. ejection. faith. junk. object to. unsatisfied. ANT. jumble. unobservant. mettle. ac- disapprove v. curriculum. catastrophic. *shambles. accept. retain. believer. dud. *moxie. thumbs down. ANT. geant. out of. sagacious. satisfied. pay out. mental toughness. lucky. con. fortuitous. correction. perceptive. happiness. ter. verse. wise. seepage. flood zone. 2. authoritarian. cataclysmic. *can. setting free. approve. quittal. sense. 1. mollify. tion. acceptance. calamitous. She was discerning with her fashion disapproval n. adversity. trate. discharge n. apprehend. set off. discharge v. praise. ejection. pardon. own up. EMIT eject. SYN. unperceptive. disparagement. frown on. castiga- disastrous a. embrace. eject. ouster. *bitter pill scrap. disenchantment. DETONATION firing. war zone. dislike. *give pink charming. sup- disarray n. spend. cap- of. *hiss. outlay. self-regulation. firing. belief. liberate. disarrange v. *give slip. failure. conciliatory. 4. net. expend. field. catastrophe. desolating. shot. saddened. 3. *walking papers. contradict. rejection. disappointment n. adherent. let go. spot. winning. neutralize. ascertain. six. censure. DISCERNING a. layoff. *whipcracker. *give arming smile mollified his ire. commitment. DISARMING a. intelligent. *bust. un. admit. *boo. debacle. ened. deflated. *bite the claim. RELEASE set free. repudiate. tragedy. *scratch. PUNISHMENT tion. disillusion. hodgepodge. denounce. explosion. reject. discern v. deprecate. credulity. misfortune. exudation. 3. hawk-eyed. likable. seep. MISS fire. perceive. discard v. overlook. ruinous. ANT. fulfilled. 1. condemn. subject. allocate. *wash one’s hands of. toughen. self-control. ANT. tyrant. frustrated. irritating. ANT. unfulfillment. win over. porter. cialty. notice. irresistible. diligence. satisfaction. ANT. area of devastation. disorder. offensive. scramble. *sack. recant. animadversion. accident. ruffle. mess. happy. discriminating. mess. mete out. disillusionment. disciple n. God. *raspberry. discipline v. questioning. ture. fer. abjure. pleasing. appeasing. [di SUR ning] perceptive ANT. acquit. detraction. displeasure. retract. drill ser- disaster n. dev. *act of discipline n. A dis. weaken. fulfillment. fulfilled. confusion. drilling. ANT. sharp. *show the gate/door. slip. reprimand. shrewd. disorder. exude. desola. late. dire. [dis ARM ing] winning one emancipate. and sharp. disable. commit. laziness. TRAIN drill. test one’s mettle. blow. toss. consequence. agreeable. wonderous. *give the boot. flow. *defang. frus. 1. ‘‘The bankruptcy of a soul that expends too see. path of destruction. 1. tangle. *drag. RELEASE liberation. penalty. ob. skepticism. deny. hardship. DIS- over by charm or removing hostility. favor. ANT. flow. noxious. mindless. ‘‘The nurse of wisdom.’’—Eric Hof. tragic. reject. self-regu- disavow v. choices. ciliate. dismiss. willpower. relieve of duties. ex- disarm v. disaster area n. dis. explode. *sack. live up to expectations. shoot. earnestness. 2. ANT. make out. rejection. pacify. disbelief n. satisfy. winsome. reward. MISION expulsion. distrust. *can. *nix. incredulity. course. *Bronx cheer. dissatisfaction. Disappointed–Discipline fail. control. mix up. reject. spew. muss. astute. jumble. frustration. incarceration. disfavor. cen. BRANCH OF STUDY spe- nate. miss. disarrangement. *pink take a dim view of. gush. ooze. displease. capture. pupil. approval. disappointed a. charm. iron will. 1. letdown. disown. *thumbs down. jettison. 4. fold. 2. deprecation. pardon. excrete. take the teeth out cretion. keep. dissatisfaction.

ease. descry. sour. impart. uncovering. ANT. finding. disengage. detection. flabbergasted. uneasy. indelicate. come across. dampen one’s spirits. 2. ANT. attach. daunting. discourse n. conversation. start. denial. compatible. inconsolable. verify. dissension. rect. discount. disparage. consistency. heartening. stain. admission. acknowledge. dissuasive. notice. discreet. disclaim v. son. anxi- lite. nious. communication. tell. conflict. detach. satisfaction. inconsistency. laud. discern. DAMAGE ONE’S REPUTATION dis- confused. every ladder it made. ‘‘A perverse and fretful disposition. unhappiness. degrade. radio per. perturbed. SYN. pain. dj. ruffled. discovery n. admit. one’s hopes. re- break off. ruffled. PUNISH penalize. discolor v. intimidating. strained. depressed. unhook. uneasiness. espy. difference of opinion. harmony. practice. defeat. cover up. disc jockey n. unearth. civil. ANT. learn. hinder. dismaying. reserved. 2. depreciate. dishonor. incongruous. boorish. disown. strike. irritation. contrary. rattled. modest. ANT. uplifting. defame. gloomy. disavowal. The new proposal was met with discord. hearten. ANT. ject. [DIS kord] disagreement. finish. dissonant. ex. insensitive. foil. hold off. in- vexation. cor. thwart. differ- Cicero. sensitive. announcer. daunt. talk. discourteous a. hopeless. deejay. disparity. divulge. reveal. mal- discover v. *confab. praise. ‘‘The first step of progress. po- discomfort n. [dis KLAYM ur] a denial of discordant a. find. agreement. spot. slip. disheartening. disagreement. con- ward. re- discontent n. re- withhold. uncivil. concert. *knock off. He saw the police- look. support. tion. rude. discotheque. fresh. pass over. dissatisfaction. spot. 1. desist. wanting. incompatible. harmonious. hopeless. en- hall. weather. challenge. disco n. fluster. own up.’’—Thomas Edi. flustered. castigate. wash. speech. ease. dialogue. dis. frustrate. honor. terminate. censure. ANT. crushed. 2. hide. ANT. 1. jarring. discussion. restlessness. please be discreet. encourage. confession. ANT. em- disclosure n. contentment. unnerve. tactless. curb. ANT. error. ANT. disunity. Wolcott. let oneself go. inconsiderate. inimical. *dash known. detect. judicious. tear down. suffering. nightclub. quiet. sever. reprimand. fade. *call on the car. cavalier. diplomatic. 1. filed. ance. forswear. disturbed. conflict. ruffle. brusque. re. disavow. repudiate. the company placed a disclaimer on ANT. disharmony. ANT. abjure. credit. resume. cabaret. cow. rate. exposé. deny. intimidate. un. couraging. low-pro- easiness. lec- discomfit v. de. diver- discontinue v. If you must burp. cheerless. question. sepa. calm. conflicting. conspicuous. alize. taken aback. from falls. declaration. miss. ANT. composed. 2. bolden. upset. ANT. unearthing. uncover. vari- sonality. unset. faze. loose. happy. cease. displeasure. *spill the beans. tle. chat. ANT. accord. To protect itself from lawsuits stemming harsh. denounce. engage. forlorn. ANT. mean.Disc Jockey–Discrepancy into shape. bleach. jected. breakthrough. undo. ache. variance. melancholy. espial. disprove. detract. *call it quits. *take the wind out of one’s pose. obtrusive. disquiet. over- turbed. downhearted. discouraging a. impede. distress. pleasure. ill-mannered. revelation. impolite. ture. aise. contention. strain. pet. uncouple. publica. strident. deflating. DISCONCERTED a. SYN. desolate. DISHEARTEN dispirit. 1. reject. annoyance. tinge. tactful. unharmo- responsibility or refusal to accept responsi. euphonious. ety. soreness. DISCORD n. prudent. uncomfortable. realize. grace. CAST DOUBT ON refute. properly reserved. make cold water on. ence. clashing. anxious. stop. *throw disclose v. bility. ‘‘A sleepless hag who never dies. discourage v. flict. ungracious. divulgence. colloquy. [dis KREET] unobtrusive and heartbroken. connect. discompose. 2. ANT. let slip. gence.’’—John ANT. man and was disconcerted. tactful. SYN. agreement. sails. renounce. *bare one’s soul. end. confess. neglect. demoralizing. SYN. DISCLAIMER n. 1. suspend. careful. at ease. demor- retraction. disconsolate a. 176 Roget’s Superthesaurus . repudiation. courteous. unlink. disbelieve. perplex. DISCREET a. unobtrusive. proper. euphoric. quit. [DIS kun SERT ed] per- bring to light.’’— discrepancy n. dysphoria. joyous. club. de- disconnect v. scoff. unfulfillment. distress. address. disturbed. suicidal. discredit v. incongruity. dance dispiriting. dissonance. circumspect. DETER dissuade. shaken up.

FREEDOM OF CHOICE voli. virus. osteoarthritis. favoritism. sickle-cell anemia tuberculosis Roget’s Superthesaurus 177 . thrombosis segregate. whooping cough judicious. heart disease. debate. nosis confabulation. parley. dys- blood: anemia. confer. mune Deficiency Syndrome drome. 1. rickets ent. mange. antibody session. germ. discretion n. *bug. pleurisy. distinct. rambling. judge. identification: diagnosis respect. pyor- DISDAIN n. preference. undiscriminating. despise. cardiac arrest. cause of: virus. ailment.’’—El. diplo. cirrhosis of the liver. cardial infarction. trichi- discussion n. (MS). hiatal hernia. inclination. lungs. caution.’’—Francis Rous. dysentery. emphysema. Huntington’s chorea. asthma. rhap. conjunctivitis. myo- disdain v. diver- discrimination n. ism. encephalitis. affliction. ina. admiration. sexism. nicious anemia. joints: arthritis. pinkeye. particular. heart syndrome. tell the dif. breathing: apnea. flu: influenza. plague. Parkinson’s disease. consideration. unparticu. maturity. will. pneumonia. loathe. circumlocutory. aphasia. ‘‘Death’s servant. jaundice. measles. ANT. detached ret- point. admire. meningitis. critical. abhorrence. imagined: hypochondriasis disease n. [dis DANE] scorn or contempt. beriberi. bubonic plague: Black Death speare. succinct. disgust. hatred. stones. grippe dissert. argu. finicky. cat: FAIDS. heartworm. livestock: anthrax. black lung WORD FIND disease. discriminating a. tuberculosis.’’—Mary lockjaw: tetanus Baker Eddy. individual. pathogen discriminate v. gastroenteritis.’’—Lord Chester. infir. diptheria. arteriosclerosis. German measles: rubella ment. gums: gingivitis. *rap germ destroyer: antibiotic. contagion. inequity. condition. pigmentosa. debility. bronchitis. per. ANT. plague. gall- bigotry. ripheral vascular disease. heart: angina pectoris. stye. compare. rabies wandering. *powwow. vertigo sodic. ANT. *hash over. abhor. field. listeriosis. bacillus. arrhythmia. ciency Syndrome tion. dog: distemper. deficiency: scurvy. choice. food poisoning: botulism. combined. mange. heart attack. epilepsy. leukemia. ANT. selective. SHOW PREJUDICE favor. ill health. DISTINGUISH differenti. symposium. hemophilia. tachycardia reject. draw a distinction. SYN. detesta. racism. converse. contrast. wet brain wisdom. ambiguous. cephalus. review. salmonella. foot-and-mouth disease. *kick around. indistinct. separate. ‘‘Leaving a few things unsaid. chauvin. look down one’s nose at. hydro- macy. glaucoma. pericarditis. hypertension. sagacity. spurn. phlebitis. *snottiness. disorder. Crohn’s disease. gout. typhoid fever discursive a. rickets discerning. choosy. athletic contempt. sicken at the sight of. erosclerosis. cystic fibrosis. hold in con. detached. strabismus. conference. ischemic respect. ischemia. scorn. astute. ference. bone: osteoporosis. ‘‘That honorable stop. lar. argue. Acquired Im- malady. excursive. ear: tinnitus. lazy eye. deliberation. immune dysfunction: AIDS. con. prolix. pancreatitis. tive heart failure. to the eye: cataract. pe- ate. separate.’’—Shake. diabetes. talk over. microbe. prejudice. brain and nervous system: Alzheimer’s. pathology. conversation. syn. show circulatory: aneurysm. tact. *bull session. deliberate. hepatitis. talk. trachoma fabulate. debate. rheumatism mity. matic heart disease. direct. common sense. bias. loathing. ANT. 2. liberty. heart murmur. illness. Discrete–Disease discrete a. mastitis ‘‘Fear made manifest on the body. retinitis discuss v. pnea. ‘‘The taxes laid kissing disease: mononucleosis upon this wretched life. circum. pellagra. contagious: chicken pox. digressive. 2. 1. Feline Acquired Immune Defi- bert Hubbard. roving. I rhea felt nothing but disdain for the man. picky. fussy. haughtiness. sickness. treat unfairly. periodontal disease. consultation. conges- tion. ticulitis. multiple sclerosis spection. peptic ulcer. ath- bias. digestive: appendicitis. rheu- tempt. mitral valve prolapse. discern. differ. snobbishness. dislike. PRUDENCE judgment. coronary artery disease. seminar. colitis. hate. apoplexy (stroke). independent. infection.

deject. appetiz- tick. embolden. disgrace. blot. insincerity. smear. scandal. mask. her. neat. uten- tropical: malaria. grace. *put together. transmitted by: Lyme disease. nauseating. lep. repulse. hu. *black eye. loathsome. disfigure v. feign. costume. disillusioned. gut. offensive. undeceived. rosy. AIDS. improbability. scar. cloak. insincere. veil. curvature of: scoliosis light. getup. lies. mendacity. sca. tendinitis. sil. besmirch. *turn one’s stom- bies. lying. humiliation. untruthful- obloquy. maim. ANT. in disarray. dis- scarlet fever tasteful. contented. unmask. defame. sulky. honor. cover up. disenchanted a. nasty. vitiligo ach. repel. unhappy. camouflage. en- messy. *grubby. deface. smear. ANT. blot. disgorge v. *fall from grace. ness. untrustworthy. *shake up. ing. yellow fever dishearten v. *stomach- strep throat. SEE BRAIN. genital ing. revolting. annoyed. scandal. free. charming. CANCER. repulsive. mussed. dampen. fraud. loath- pes. distort. dispirit. turning. put on a false front. ex- ANT. discredit. odious. treacherous. degradation. taint. shameful. reveal. tarnish. two-faced. ANT. lupus. warning symptom: prodrome *take the wind out of one’s sails. remove. draw. *turn off. naive. offend. ANT. guise. revulsion. dishonor. sloppy. sprue. detestation. peculiar to or found in only one region: en. spoil. duplicity. obloquy. counterfeit. rumpled. veil. nauseate. grouchy. scandalize. gonorrhea (*clap). one sick. attractive. disgrace v. discredit. delight. sicken. humiliating. honor. discontented. widespread: pandemic daunt. wrinkled. untruthful.Disembowel–Disillusion mononucleosis. *put a wet blanket on. put up a demic facade. SEE false. tricate. peeved. hives. dash. honest. dengue fever. prevari- ignominy. shame. discredit. deceit. attract. seeing the real world. slovenly. *black eye. *drag through the mud. spreading: contagious disgusting a. de- spine. sharp. distaste. trustworthy. degrade. odium. cross. psoriasis. *pour cold disembowel v. shame. discredit. disingenuousness. hearten. *gross. spew. smear. myopathy disguise n. revolt. discrediting. platter. dishonesty n. dislike. honorable. corrupt. plate. myasthenia ANT. credit. gravis. chlamydia. cloak. esteem. charm. disin- VOMIT genuous. DISILLUSION v. *gross out. masquerade. appall. HEART. deform. scandalizing. shifty. sinusitis camouflage. worldly-wise. admirable. fraudulent. shady. discourage. mutilate. vile. defaming. NEUROSIS crush. sickening. ANT. miny. spellbound. deception. glorify. angry. bowl. igno- miliate. [dis i LOO szhun] to remove disgruntled a. nausea. falsehoods. foul. shame. dishonorable. Rocky ing. embarrass. ‘‘To stumble twice cation. shame. nose: rhinitis. encourage. embarrassing. disgrace. ANT. noisome. happy. against the same stone. *give a black eye. sexually transmitted: venereal disease. satisfied. disgust v. dissatisfied. deceitful. pretense. dishonest a. humiliation. dermatitis. disengage v. disgust n. repugnance. dishonor n. dishonor. misleading. unnerve. blowzy. groomed. Mountain spotted fever dish n. *make impetigo. straightforward. odium. water on. reputable. degrade. *give a black eye. saucer. opprobrium. cover-up. ANT. credit. repulsion. *take the starch out of. related to: rheumatic fever. disguise v. muscles: muscular dystrophy. unkempt. honor. ANT. charade. defamation. eczema. degradation. swollen salivary glands: mumps ANT.’’—Cicero. disconnect. empty. syphilis. origin: etiology masquerade. vomit. warts. ANT. rosacea. scandalize. disgraceful a. blemish. ir- drome ritable. disabused. ANT. faulty perceptions and see things as they 178 Roget’s Superthesaurus . uncombed. degrad. disappointed. delightful. skin: carbuncle. predicted outcome: prognosis dissemble. aversion. unfasten. em