Eye of the Beholder

It is said beauty is only skin deep It is also said beauty doesn’t last There are some grains of truth in these sayings Truths that to which most people turn a blind eye There are physically beautiful people People who draw your eye with their beauty Draw you into their circle unseen until too late Then they open their smiling mouths Spewing forth vile malignant evil You can find these creatures in the media Espousing their indoctrinated faith

Faith that is in truth thinly veiled hatred Their whole agenda to sway you Brainwashing you into their hate filled voids Bring you into their fold of poisonous malaise Beware those vipers bearing false beauty Beauty is not in physical attributes It is deeper inside a person than that How a person treats others is a sign Showing whether they are beautiful or ugly There are people in this confusing world You might never take a second look at them But had you taken the time to speak with them True pure beauty would have surrounded you Their ways are gentle, kind and loving They don’t judge you no matter your sins They accept you as you are A human swimming in a seas of sorrows Love you as purely as a god These people are often the target of the vipers To tear them down and do away with them True malignant evil can not accept The beauty of a soul on a higher plane

Instead they do their worst misdeeds Torturing beauty to break it Bring it down to their slime filled pit Of miserable inhumane existence They spend their lives in spreading hatred Disguised as pseudo-loving bigots Fooling themselves into believing Heaven will be the place they will go Truly though they are ugly and twisted And like every single soul in this world Will stand at their final judgment naked To the eye of Beholder And they will be found wanting…
© DMKey 3 March 2011

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