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NN44400-610 01.09 Administration Server-Administration

NN44400-610 01.09 Administration Server-Administration

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Published by Evan Hatchell
Nortel Contact Center Administration Server Administration 7.0
Nortel Contact Center Administration Server Administration 7.0

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Published by: Evan Hatchell on Mar 08, 2011
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This chapter provides background information for Language support. If you
want to use English across all platforms, you can ignore this chapter.

Contact Center Manager Administration supports the following languages:
•Traditional Chinese
•Simplified Chinese

Attention: To install and configure the software for the Contact Center
Manager Administration server in languages other than English, you must
ensure that the server is free of all English operating system components.
Otherwise, you encounter functionality problems in this server.

You can install a language pack to access translated Historical Reporting
templates, Online Help, and various other files that are required to work in the
language you choose.


•Language levels (page214)
•Language family compatibility (page215)
•Co-resident servers compatibility (page216)

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