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Fred Engness Questionnaire

Fred Engness Questionnaire

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Published by: The Florida Times-Union on Mar 08, 2011
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Fred Engness

1. In recent years, the mayor and City Council have used a mix of revenue increases and cuts in expenses to balance the city budget. Do you agree? If not, what would you do differently? I don't completely agree, I would try to balance with cuts only and not revenue increases. I believe that since the average citizen who is struggling to pay their bills only has the option of cuts and can not just get new revenue increases whenever they want neither should the city. 2. Do you support the Jacksonville Journey? Explain your answer. I support the idea of doing something about the crime problem in Jacksonville but I believe the journey has lacked as much effectiveness as was originally touted and that it should be looked at and revamped. 3. What endorsements have you received? None as of yet, although I have not sought any union support as I believe since the city council negotiates the union contracts on behalf of the taxpayers of Duval County, it is a conflict of interest to have their endorsement. 4. How much civic activity do you perform outside work? Involved in 4 separate civic organizations right now and usually that many at all times. 5. How do you intend to comply with Florida’s public records and government in the sunshine laws? If you saw an elected official breaking the sunshine law, what would you do? I intend to fully comply to the letter of the law and I would report an violations I see by any member. 6. What can you do to help support the clean-up of the St. Johns River? Stay involved and update on possible ways to continue and enhance river clean-up and vote accordingly. 7. How can you become engaged in the city’s high murder, infant mortality and suicide rates? By staying involved with local law enforcement on what is being done to combat these issues and local non profits to assist them in any way I can. 8. Has consolidation been a good or bad deal for Jacksonville?

Please explain your answer. There are many ways that consolidation has been good for Jacksonville and our status nationally, however some parts of town have ended up suffering and more should be done to bring these areas up to par with the rest of Jacksonville. What is the role of a council member? As mini-mayor? Or as legislator? I believe the district councilmen have a role as both, they legislate what is best for the city while keeping close contact with their district and looking out for their district as much as they can. AtLarge councilmen are a little different in that they have no districts and can focus more on being legislators for all of Jacksonville.

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