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Installing Jumpstart Servers and clients

1.0 Before You start

2.0 Preparing for Jumpstart server
2.1 Setting up an Install server
2.2 Setting up boot server
2.3 Setting up configuration Files
2.4 Making Rules
2.5 Verifying Rules
2.6 Creating Profiles
2.7 sysidcfg file
2.8 Adding a host entry
2.9 Adding a client
3.0 Starting the client installation
4.0 Begin and Finish scripts
5.0 Trouble Shooting

1.0 Before you start

2.0 Preparing for a jumpstart server

#mkdir /export/install

#vi /etc/dfs/dfstab

2.1 Setting up an Install server

#cd /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_2.7/Tools

#./setup_install_server /export/install
2.2 Setting up a boot server

# ./setup_install_server -b /export/install sun4u

2.3 Setting up configuration files

#cp –r /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_2.7/Misc/* /jumpstart

2.4 Making Rules

#vi /jumpstart/rules


domainname text system's domain name

disksize text range system's disk size
disk device name text disk size (MBytes range)
hostname text system's host name
installed text text system's installed ver. of Solaris
disk device name (text)
OS release text
karch text system's kernel architecture
memsize range system's memory size (MBytes range)
model text' system's model number
network text system's IP address
totaldisk range system's total disk size (MBytes range)

2.5 Verifying rules


2.6 Creating Profiles

#vi any_machine

nstall_type initial_install
system_type server
partitioning explicit
filesys c0t0d0s0 500 /
filesys c0t0d0s1 1000 swap
filesys c0t0d0s3 1000 /usr
filesys c0t0d0s4 1000 /var
filesys c0t0d0s5 1000 /opt
cluster SUNWCall add

2.7 Sysidcfg file

# vi sysidcfg

2.8 Add a host entry

#vi /etc/ethers

2.9 Adding a Client

#cd /export/install/Solaris_2.7/Tools
#./add_install_client -e 8:00:50:44:88:12 -s

3.0 Starting The client Installation

ok>boot net - install

4.0 Begin & Finish Scripts

5.0 Trouble Shooting

Error : unknown client "client host name"

File just loaded does not appear to be executable .

Warning : getfile:RPC failed : error 5 (RPC timed out)

No network boot server .Unable to install the system.

Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet …