December Torah Talk

December Torah Talk Genesis 28:10 – 47:27 This month’s portions begin with the saga of Jacob, his vow to G-d, his

romance with Rachel, his marriages to Leah and Rachel, the birth of his sons, his flight from his fatherin-law, his strange all-night wrestling match with G-d, and his return to Canaan. Then we hear of the Dinah incident, the return to Bethel and the subsequent death of Rachel in childbirth. Then comes the death of Isaac and a genealogy of Esau’s descendants. We are told of Joseph’s dreams and how his brothers sold him into slavery. The matter of Judah and Tamar is inserted here. The Joseph narrative resumes with the roller-coaster changes in his fortunes culminating in his becoming Pharoah’s right hand man. He is reunited with his family and they come to live in the land of Goshen.

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