Science Cafe

Cal Poly
the public, open to everybody and that’s one of the reasons it was started in the library; to have something that was a little more open to anybody who was interested in science or those topics.” Improbable Vehicles, a three-speaker series, kicked off as the first Science Café event. At first, only library faculty helped run the events, but now Perrine is in charge of the program. Past lecture topics have included underwater archaeology, the ethics of human enhancement, genealogy utilizing the tree of life, among others. cience Café, a speaker series at Cal Poly, “We want to have conversations about has covered multidisciplinary topics since science, but that take the cross-disciplinary 2009. It was started with the redesign of social sciences, political ramifications, ethical the second floor of the library. considerations and it’s a conversation, it’s not The international movement Café Scia lecture, it’s supposed to be interactive,” Perentifique, influenced the start of Science rine said. Café at Cal Poly. Cafe Scientifique is usually held in cafes, bars, according to the Café Scientifique website. Anyone is welcome to explore Upcoming Events the latest ideas in science and technology at an event. •April 15th/16th, (TBD - Open House At Cal Poly, the reasons for starting Weekend) Science Café were similar, but also had difCreating a Robotic Exoskeleton ferent goals. Alumni Russ Angold (BRAE ‘00, “It was started to facilitate more Berkeley Bionics) conversation and open dialogue across colleges,” Science Café coordinator Cynthia •May 4th, 3:30 p.m. Perrine said. “We often get caught up in our Harm Reduction: Managing illicit own disciplines and forget that there’s a lot drug use in SLO County and beyond of other perspectives to consider. Dr. Candace Winstead (Cal Poly) “It was meant to promote building a community between students, faculty and staff,” Perrine said. “So it’s open to