American University of Beirut Hamra Bliss Str. Phone:01/350000 VAT NO 123329-601 Hawraa A.

Osman ID#:200900014 Address:AUB - Box:0390 Beirut Lebanon Phone:+97 1264491 Previous Balance: Amount Due: LL10,383,720.00 Payment Balance LL0.00 LL0.00 LL0.00 LL216,000.00 LL135,720.00 LL10,032,000.00

Detail Code HIPF INFE T311

Description Health Insurance Plan A.U.B. Net Computing Tuition Nutrition UG

Charge LL216,000.00 LL135,720.00 LL10,032,000.00 LL10,383,720.00

Charges: Credits and Payments:

LL0.00 Amout Due: Future Balance:
Validation Code: 4 0 0 Issued On: 17/01/2011


Certified Checks should be issued according to the following format: "Name of the bank" , AUB account Accepted payments by Certified checks at the following banks BANKMED, HSBC, BLOM Bank, SGBL, ARAB Bank, BANK AUDI - Audi Saradar Group (All branches) Payment of fees for CURRENT STUDENTS for Spring 2010/11: January 18,2010 till February 8, 2011 Inclusive. Payment of fees during LATE period: February 10, 2011 till February 18, 2011 inclusive. For Wire Transfers directly to HSBC accounts (Include ID and Name) US$ acc 003-013687-100 IBAN LB73000700000000003013687100 LBP acc 003-013687-003 IBAN LB 73000700000000003013687003 Swift Code: BBMELBBX

University Fees are V.A.T 10% EXEMPTED .

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