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aie ey Sound Ideas For Business 00 “ Branson's Series 8300 Ultrasonic Generator offers a range of production cleaning requirements. Used on a simple cleaning tank or with immersible integrated cleaning system, the Series 8300 will deliver precise cleaning quickly, consistently, and cost effectively. features to meet any tansducers in an KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS + Line / load regulation compensates for liquid level and temperature changes as well as line voltage and load variations, Changes are held to less than 3% for very consistent cleaning, + True variable power control makes the cavitational intensity (not duty eyele) infinitely and linearly variable from 20% to 100% which allows matching the power to your application requirements, + Sweep frequeney minimizes standing waves and improves ultrasonic activity distribution, The sweep operates at a rate of 80 Hz per second across a bandwidth of 1400 Hz. Bulletin $-1043 ULTRASONIC CLEANING GENERATOR SERIES 8300 Auto tuning maintains optimum. operating Trequeney around your application. ‘The automatically and — dynamically adjusts to your regardless of s in the operating environment. generator conditions cha + Input / output (1/0) int ‘emote on / off control of the generator. This is ideal for systems applications or where the generator may be inaccessible. ce option permits + Safety features to protect the nclude _over-temperature circuit, and short cireuit ights indicate a problem. generator open Panel mounted fault ADDITIONAL STANDARD FEATURES + Inditect cabinet cooling - sensitive components are isolated from potentially dirty cooling air + 19inch, 3 DIN rack mount cabinet. ‘+ Status indicators on safety and fault alarms. + CSA certified and meets FCC regulations. + Two-year warranty period, SPECIFICATIONS. Element configurations: 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 Input Voltage: 120V(12 ele only), 208V to 230V. Avg. output power: 40 watts per element Output frequency: 25 or 40 kHz Regulatory Approvals: FCC and CSA 17.5"W, 16.8"D, 5.5"H ts 30 Ibs. (13.6kg) Dimensions: We ‘SIVIAILYH SAY wera Ay RA 801S-Z22-998 BRANSON ULTRASONIC CLEANING TANKS Branson ultrasonic tanks provide versatile ways to meet localized cleaning needs in a variety of industrial settings. Type 316L bright annealed nless steel construction permits use of a wide range of cleaning chemistries, offered as an option in severe applications. Hard chrome is The four standard sizes range from 5 to 38 gallon capacities. This selection is supplemented by our fabricating capability for custom sizes. All tanks thermostatically controlled can include optional heat to improve eleaning, HEATED TANK SPECIFICATIONS. TRANSDUCER ELEMENTS Branson offers efficient piezoelectric transducers on its tanks. These composite PZT units offer. excellent energy conversion, stable performance under all operating conditions, and are guaranteed for the life of the system (excluding cavitation erosion). Transducers are offered in two frequencies: 25 kHz and 40 kHz. Generally 25 kHz is preferred for large, massive parts and 40 kHz for smaller, more intricate parts or components with complex geometry ADDITIONAL FEATURES + Stainless steel fill and drain connections + Optional stainless steel cavers and a selection of baskets with varying mesh sizes POWER SUPPLY SELECTION h Branson cleaning tank must be served by a separate power supply operating at the same frequeney (25 or 40 kHz) and rated for the same number of transducer clements. See data on the reverse side of this brochure. Model 1012-12, Model 1216-18 Model 1620-24 Model 2024-36 Working Dimensions WOW I2LX 10D ZW 1G'L 12D 16'Wx 20°Lx 16D 20°Wx 24"L x 20"D Overall Dimensions* 14'Wx16'LX 16H” 16"W20°L XK 18"H_ 20°W x 24°L x 22"H 24Wx 28"L x26"H Heater Power 1000 Watts 2000 Watts 3000 Watts 3000 Watts: Power Requirements 120/1p/8.5A, 230V/1p/8.7A 230v/1pi13A. 230¥/1p/13A * includes 7/8" horizontal mounting flange on all four sides = = BRANSON ULTRASONICS CORPORATION 441 Eagle Road, Danbury, CT 06813+ Branzon Southeast Asia Hong Kong Branson United Kingdom London, Eneland \Branson Ultrasonics Corporation BRANSON Branson Europe Dietzenbach Steinberg, Geimary Branson Canada Mariam, Ontario 1» (202) 795-0400 » FAX (208) 798-0820 Branson Japan “Tokyo, Japan Branson de Mexico Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Printed in USA, 1297 ‘SIVIAILYH SAY Wer Ay Ram 801S-Z22-998