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Medication Suffixes

Medication Suffixes

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Published by: le chix on Mar 09, 2011
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Medication Suffixes (-olol) beta 1 blockers (adrenergic) (-cillin, -micin) antibiotics (-vastatin) antihyperlipidemia, antihypercholesterolimia (-tidine) anti-ulcerant

, H2 receptor antagonist; preventive treatment, no signs of ulcers (-pine) Ca-channel blocker, anti-HPN; affects the blood vessel of heart (-rin) anticoagulant, anti-HPN; affects the blood vessels of the heart (-dol) non-opioid analgesic (-done) opioid analgesics (-sone) corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory (-nitrate) anti-anginal, vasodilator (-nol) antigout (-mine) anti-histamine (-sartan) ACE II antagonist, affects the kidney (-kinase) anti-thrombolitic, thrombolitic agent (-pril) ACE I inhibitors, affects the kidney (-mide) loop diuretics (-lactone) potassium-sparing diuretics

-lam) anti-anxiety. for DOB (-pium) beta 2 adrenergic. beta 2 adrenergic. with evidence of ulcers scars (-mol) bronchodilators. magnesium. major tranquilizers (caine) local anesthetics (-ide) oral hypoglycemics (-nium) neuromuscular blocking agent (-vir) antivirals . for DOB. hydroxide) antacids (-zepam.(-prazole) proton-pump inhibitors. relaxes bronchi (-aluminum.

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