The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat _______________________________________________________________________ _ The Secret Test: How To Predict If She Will Eventually

Cheat On You (even if she doesn’t realize it) The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat Date of Report: February 23, 2007 Subject: The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat Hi my name is CR James (creator of I’m going to get straight to the point like I promised – just do me a favor and take these 4 cheating-lover characteristics seriously, because no one is talking about them (no one)… They will apply to your current, past and future female partner. (Again I’m going to be brief.) These 4 Reasons reveal whether a woman is likely to cheat --- even if she doesn’t realize it --even if she is good-natured with no intention of ever cheating. Because as you know, many women cheat and they end up regretting it. So something is happening. In order words, she loves her current man, but something strange happens. Here are The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat (which determines whether a woman will eventually cheat on you - even if she doesn’t plan to cheat) As you know 45% – 65% of women cheat. But strangely: 100% of women have strong beliefs about why they hate cheaters. If you go on a date with 10,000 women, 10,000 of them will (at some point) give you a rant about how they hate cheaters or the act of cheating. (yet, you already know that 45% – 65% of women cheat) © 2007 CR James – All Rights Reserved. Page 1

The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat _______________________________________________________________________ _ Let’s get to the point: (Get out a piece of paper and pencil) Cheating Lover Characteristic #1: She has very little will power – I know this may seem obvious, but many women are good natured - but in certain situations - she just doesn’t have the mental strength. In other words, it’s just like a fat woman who wants to lose weight. She doesn’t want to over-eat, it’s just difficult for her to suppress her urges. Basically if there is an urge, she’ll act on it – regardless of what her conscious intentions are. And this will vary depending on her Level of Will Power. [Be as honest as humanly possible] On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being very strong-willed; 1 being absolutely no will power) write down her Will Power Level. Does she stick to her goals? Does she struggle with goals? Does she rarely do what she says she is going to do? Does she have any addictive behaviors? Does she procrastinate? [scroll down to the next characteristic] © 2007 CR James – All Rights Reserved. Page 2

The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat _______________________________________________________________________ _ Cheating Lover Characteristic #2: She can be easily persuaded be others (gullible / naive) – At first glance, it may seem like this characteristic is the same as the first one, but it’s not. The first one has to do with a lack of self-control, and this one deals with how easily her perception of things can be changed by others. For example I know a woman who gets up at 5:00 AM in the morning and jogs for 5 miles – even on days when she’s just not up to it. And if she walked into the local convenient store to get some water she could glide past the chocolate donut case with no problem (even though her bodily urges are screaming at her to take a bite). BUT – if the store owner told her that those were magic donuts that would make her run faster and lose an instant 5 pounds, she’d believe him in a heartbeat! Do you see the difference? I want you to think about her Level of “Gullible-ness”. [Be as honest as humanly possible]  On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being hard-to-persuade; 1 being extremely gullible) write down her Persuad-able Level. Is she easy to play tricks on? Has she ever believed something completely dumb (as a prank)? Is she clueless to guy’s intentions with her? [scroll down to the next characteristic] © 2007 CR James – All Rights Reserved. Page 3

The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat _______________________________________________________________________ _ Cheating Lover Characteristic #3: She doesn’t respect or value you – As you can imagine, a woman who respects you (and considers you to be her world) could easily be seduced by another man if her will power is low and/or if she is easily persuaded by others. On the other hand, if she is strong-willed and hard-to-persuade, but she doesn’t respect /value you, then another guy can seduce her with zero effort. And when I say “she doesn’t respect or value you” I’m referring to that subtle disrespectful attitude that surfaces from time to time. Most guys ignore it or make excuses for it. You should realize that respect and love are closely related, but they are 2 different things. Unlike the first 2 characteristics, respect is something that can fluctuate tremendously. One moment, you are her hero, a few days later you are a loser. That’s why you want to pay attention to the Respect Level and the Fluctuation Level. I remember (embarrassingly) trying to have sex with this girl for 7 months. I didn’t care that she had a boyfriend. LOL. But unfortunately Mr. Perfect Boyfriend had an impressive “force field” on her. But then one day -- out of nowhere -- she calls me up: Me: Hello Her: What are doing tonight? Me: Nothing Her: Do you want to come over tonight? Me: Whooooa (laughing at her boldness). I’m not sure if your boyfriend would think that’s a good idea. (assuming that they weren’t together)(and trying to let her know what my intentions were for coming over) Her: Screw him! What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him! Needless to say I cashed it. But when I tried a week later I was stone cold rejected. And wouldn’t you know it – in no time, that guy messed up my chances by becoming Mr. Perfect Boyfriend again! There was nothing I could say to persuade her. The point is respect is something that fluctuates. Let’s define what I mean by respect, to make it clear. That last thing I want is for to avoid having any conflict in your relationship in hopes that you never anger her. © 2007 CR James – All Rights Reserved. Page 4

The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat _______________________________________________________________________ _ Some guys actually do this. It’s a very bad idea. In fact, it will ironically lead to a loss of respect. Although a lack of respect can have anger built in, it’s not the same thing. Here’s some examples Bob breaks Sue’s favorite music CD. She is angry – but she has not loss respect for him. Sue catches Bob sending extremely flirtatious emails to another woman. She is angry – and she has loss respect for him. You get the point. Anger is something that wears off. She may not want to talk to you at the moment, but she’s not going to act out of character. On the other hand, a loss of respect is something you can feel because she does what she wants without any regard to your opinion. And she talks down to you as you are worthless. HUGE DIFFERENCE! If there is prolonged disrespect then you need to beware! If she frequently loses respect for you, then you need to beware! [Be as honest as humanly possible] On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being very-respectful-to-youatall-times; 1 being extremely disrespectful for the most part) write down her Respect Level. Does she act as if she is better than you? Does she do what she wants – knowing that you disapprove of it? Does she lash out and say things that hurt your feelings? [scroll down to the next characteristic] © 2007 CR James – All Rights Reserved. Page 5

The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat _______________________________________________________________________ _ Cheating Lover Characteristic #4: Her attitude and belief about cheating – Some women will cheat regardless. She could exhibit self control. She could be extremely intelligent (or hard to persuade), but there is belief somewhere inside her brain (that she isn’t sharing with you) that drives her philosophy about cheating or being faithful. I hope this makes sense. And obviously you’ll have to go on your gut feeling that she can’t be totally trusted, because if she has a belief that gives her permission to cheat, she’s not going to reveal this to you. One day I had a female co-worker that came to work with a sad look on her face. Me: What’s wrong “Lisa”? Her: I just met the guy of my dreams. He’s perfect! Me: Isn’t that consider good news? Her: Yeah I know. But I’m afraid he’s going to catch me cheating. Me: I got an idea. How about you don’t cheat on him? Her: I can’t be faithful. As she continued it became obvious that her beliefs drives her cheating. I initially thought she it was strictly a will power issue. It wasn’t. A will power issue is when there is unconscious and conscious disagreement. For example: [His words] Jim says he is going to stop eating 5 donuts every morning. (Conscious Desire: “I want to lose weight”) [His actions] The next day Jim ends up eating 5 donuts. (Unconscious Desire: “I want to eat tasty donuts”) The Unconscious and Conscious desires are not the same, thus creating a disagreement. There was no disagreement with “Lisa”. She told me she was going to cheat [her words]. And she ended up cheating. [her actions] And since there is no disagreement, this is not a will power issue. As a found out she had a belief that gave her permission to cheat. © 2007 CR James – All Rights Reserved. Page 6

The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat _______________________________________________________________________ _ She said “all men are dogs”. She believed that men will eventually cheat on her, so you might as well cheat on him first. Even though it is not true that all men cheat, it doesn’t change the fact that she believed this. There are many irrational beliefs that a person can have. Do not think that you can ask her to tell you if she is going to cheat, because if Lisa’s new boyfriend asked her is she is going to be faithful, she is going to say “of course”. Not only that, she will follow it up with a cliché rant about how cheating is wrong blah blah blah… You have to be realistic. It’s not like she is going to say: [after you ask her how was her day] Her: “Oh my day was great. My boss was being a jerk, but the day went by fast. The new guy Kevin was banging me silly during lunch time and made me have three intense quivering orgasms until my eyes got as wide as door knobs. Oh yeah - the company is talking about downsizing. How was your day honey? When I’m doing relationship consulting, I am amazed at how many guys who openly ask their female partner if she is cheating. The fact that she is lying and covering up the evidence (because that’s what a cheating woman does) – so that it seems as though she is faithful – means that she wants the guy to believe she is faithful… So please do not ever ask a woman if she is cheating? This characteristic is about her beliefs. © 2007 CR James – All Rights Reserved. Page 7

The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat _______________________________________________________________________ _ So because a woman will not reveal her secret belief that gives her permission to cheat on you – even though she knows you are a great catch, you need to go on 2 things to determine her Trust Level 1. something weird she said before that makes you not trust her completely 2. a gut feeling that tells you that she can’t be trusted [Be as honest as humanly possible]  On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being very-trustworthy; 1 being extremely hard to trust for some reason) write down her Respect Level. Does she have friends that cheat? Does she have “weird” logic – when it comes to certain things? Has she cheating on past lovers? Does she have many ways of looking at things that doesn’t make sense? [scroll down to the 5th characteristic: the deadly characteristic] © 2007 CR James – All Rights Reserved. Page 8

The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat _______________________________________________________________________ _ Cheating Lover Characteristic #5: She isn’t confident This is the deadly characteristic because a loss of confidence can: Diminish Her will power (characteristic #1) Make her more suggestible (characteristic #2) Make her undeservedly treat you with little respect (characteristic #3) Change her beliefs about things in a bad way (characteristic #4) Make sure you take the time to realize how it can affect all 4 characteristics. It’s really that simple. There’s nothing else to say about it – other than, make sure you are a Guy Who Is Perceptive Enough to identify the signs that she has a loss of confidence. Some guys have very poor perceptive skills. The woman shows bright & screaming signs that she has little confidence and the guy doesn’t even see it. He is just whistling as if everything is fine. These are the guys who are “shocked” the most when they discover she is cheating. They either can’t make good human observations – or they ignore the obvious signs as if that is an effective strategy for reversing the problem before it gets to the Danger Level. [Be as honest as humanly possible] On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being very-confident; 1 being “depressed”) write down her Respect Level. Does she complain about everything (a sign that she isn’t happy)? Does she appear less motivated? [Add up your score: Scroll down to see your results] © 2007 CR James – All Rights Reserved. Page 9

The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat _______________________________________________________________________ _ Step 1: Take your total and multiply it by 2. So if your total was a 40, your score is 80. 90 – 100: Congratulations! You have a great woman with a super 18-inch thick force field around her. You don’t have anything to worry about. Only a moron wouldn’t realize that he has zero chance with her. You can brag to your buddies about your score. 80 – 89: You also have a great woman with a pretty good 6 inch thick force field around her. It would take a guy with tons of sexual value to even get her attention. 70 – 79: You have a good catch and you have what it takes to have a great relationship. She’s a keeper as long as your sexual value doesn’t start to decrease. 60 – 69: Although you are dealing with a woman that could make a great long term partner, women in this group tend to have moments of boredom and moodiness. A guy with high-sexual-value, patience, focus and “skill” could easily exploit her vulnerabilities - and she wouldn’t see it coming. The good news is the more you increase your sexual value, the thicker you make the force field. 50 – 59: There’s actually hope for some guys in this group. But I would recommend making improvements very fast. There’s a thin force field at this level, but it only blocks out guys who don’t really matter. She’s probably been in touch with a past lover within a month. Make improvements fast. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 40 – 49: It’s risky. And at this level you’ve definitely had doubts. It would take some extra work on your part combined with the right woman. But the average Joe Blow (or co-worker) could easily get her into the “happy giggles”. She’s vulnerable and she probably knows it. There’s no force field at this stage. 30 – 39: It’s very risky. If you get her to really respect you – along with doing a lot of other things then it’s possible. But at this level, you are not allowed to get upset when the “signs” start to show up. If an ex-lover wants her for an evening, he’ll get it with ease. Not only is there no force field, she’s probably actively looking for a sex partner or a new lover. Your best bet is to run or start immediately doing things to increase your score lightening fast. 01 – 29: Run very fast! This is the danger zone. You probably have some strong evidence already. Get out of the relationship fast (that’s just my advice) Don’t say I didn’t warn you. © 2007 CR James – All Rights Reserved. Page 10

The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat _______________________________________________________________________ _ How To Increase Your Score The score is just a means of determining what I believe needs to be done. In no way is it a guaranteed “prediction model”. You should already know this. However, it’s not a Just For Entertainment Fun Quiz. In fact, you should be able to realize how each characteristic leads to an obvious exploit. This is the kind of stuff that happens in real life (every single day) – that’s why I alerted you with this free report. I want you to be armed with information that most guys do not have. Now let’s talk about ways you can increase your score. Here’s the good news: If you look at the 5 characteristics, you’ll see that there are two key leverage points. And that is Her Respect For You (Characteristic # 3) and Her Confidence (Characteristic # 5) These are things that you can change very fast – if you are serious. You must start with Her Respect For You because the higher her respect level, the easier it becomes to influence Her Confidence. And the higher her confidence (along with respect) the less the other characteristics become vulnerabilities. This is how you increase the force field. Focus all of your energy on increasing your sexual value. Value = Her Seeing You As A Quality Guy Sexual Value = Her Seeing You As A Quality Guy + Seeing You In A Sexually Bonding Way… A Sexual Bond = A Connection © 2007 CR James – All Rights Reserved. Page 11

The 4 Reasons Why Good Girls Cheat _______________________________________________________________________ _ Therefore… [Getting Respect] Sexual Value = Value + Connection To increase the thickness of the force field, you need to increase your sexual value. Women respect guys with sexual value. Increasing your sexual value is he quickest and easiest ways to get back the respect in a relationship. I hope that helps. Take Care Warmly Instructor CR James Author of Super Sex Power: Magnetism The first and only course designed to increase your sexual value P.S. I hope you found this report to be valuable. If you know anyone who could benefit from this information, you have my permission to pass it along. (They’ll thank you for it) © 2007 CR James – All Rights Reserved. Page 12