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Google Business Solutions 100 Success Secrets

There has never been a Google Business Solutions Guide like this. 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of Google Business Solutions. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that have never before been offered in print. This book is also not about Google Business Solutions’ best practice and standards details. Instead, it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with Google Business Solutions.

...............................16 Importance of Google Geospatial Solutions to Improve Productivity ....................22 Google’s Open Social Provides New Opportunities for Social Networking.........18 Enhance Electronic Security through Google Postini Services.....................15 Google Docs Makes Word Processing More Collaborative............31 The Benefits of Using Google Enterprise Search Solutions ...........................................................................39 Blog Stat Maintenance with Google Analytics .............................................................................................................................................42 .....................13 Better Web Business with Google Business Solutions...........................41 Google Checkout: For a Better Web Shopping Experience............26 Improving Website Performance through Google Analytics..............35 Google Site Search Can Improve the Performance of Websites............38 Improve Your Web Revenue with Google AdSense.............30 Top Tweaks to Improve Your Google Calendar ..................28 Google Base: Supporting Your Items on the Web....20 Tips to Using Google Talk to Improve IM Experience....Table of Contents Why Google AdWords Spells Success for Sites................24 Two Gmail Tricks to Improve Your Email Account .......................................12 The Pros and Cons of Using Google Apps.........36 A First Look at Google Webmaster Central ......33 Be Found Quickly With Google Maps Business Listings....40 Get Ahead in Research with Google Book Search .......

..................................................................... 45 Steps to Using Google Spreadsheets .. 65 Google AdWords Success Stories: How Marketers and Customers Get Connected .... 43 How to Maximize the Potential of Google Pages........................................................................................... 62 Advertiser Education: Negative Keywords Increase Your ROI................................... 60 Website Submission: An Important Part of Search engine Optimization ....... 57 Pay Per Click Advertising: The Most Targeted and Economical Way to Advertise........How to Insert Google Gadgets on Your Website ............................ 47 Better Search Results Thanks To Google Website Optimizer................................................................................................................................................................ 59 Bring in More Business through Google Search Engine Optimization ............................................................................................................ 67 ......... 51 Google AdWords: The Google Pay Per Click Offering ............................... 52 Search Engine Marketing: Essential for Success in E-Commerce ................... 54 Google Maps Made Possible by the Google Satellite. 49 Add Website to Increase Website Visibility ............................................ 50 Google Analytics: A Free Google Stats Tool That Helps.................... 56 Efficient Internet Advertising: Bring More Visitors and Sales to Your Site ................................................................. 53 A Free Webmaster Tool Can Be As Beneficial As Paid Webmaster Tools........................ 63 Advertiser Education: What is Return on Investment?......................................................................

........................77 Google Tools Make You Gain Virtual Power ........................................................................92 Visualize..........................81 Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Advertise Your Business on Google...........................................71 Advertiser Education: Conversion Tracking & Bid Management ......................................94 .........................................................75 Google Earth: Your Cyber-Friendly Map..................85 Why We Need to Hire a Google Adwords Consultant......................73 Demographic Bidding on Google's Content Network .....................................................86 The Helpful Benefits of Google Analytics Tutorial....................................83 Top Grossing Tips on How to Effectively Earn Revenue from Your Website ........................87 Learning the ABCs of Google Earth Pro................................88 How to Efficiently Increase Visitor Satisfaction and Loyalty with Google.................................................................................69 Introduction to Google's Content Network ........................................................................................................................................The Google In-Game Advertising Benefits for Online Marketers ...............................................................................................................................89 Top 2 Reasons Why We Leverage on Google’s Developer Tools ........................90 Reduce Google Chat and E-mail Technical Support Costs by Enhancing Self-Service Online ..............................79 Optimizing for Success on Google's Content Network.............. Analyze and Share: The Distinct Characteristics of Google Map Earth..................................................................................................................

...... 105 The Best Way to Appear on Google Maps for Free.. 106 A Close Encounter with Google Adwords API ................ 95 The Unrevealed Tips to Top Google AdSense..... 116 Showcase the Most Relevant Products and Earn the Best Results .................................................................................................................................................................. 99 What is Hot and New with Google Sketchup Pro 6......................................................................................................................................................Analyze Website Traffic through Google Web Analytics ................................................... 110 Making the Right Decision about Google Earth Enterprise..................................................................................................................................... 118 Google Analytics Help: An Online Tutorial............. 100 Getting a Surefire Increase in Website Conversion Rates .................. 117 Learn More about Google AdWords in Adwords Learning Center............................................................ 103 Effectively Sell Online via the Google Products and Services...................... 114 Hot and Sizzling Tips to Increase Website Conversions and Sales .... 96 The Knowledge that Google Adwords Learning Centre Bridges to Us .............................................. 97 Are the Google Apps for Your Domain All Set to Meet the Expected Outcome? ................................... 119 .. 108 What are the Expected Skills from a Google Adwords Professional? ............................... 112 Hot Tips to Improve Your Site’s Visibility ............ 102 The Flexibility of Google to Post All Kinds of Content ..... 115 The Google Site: A Better Way to Promote your Books ...........

.................................143 Google Analytics in 60 Seconds: Placement Targeting Advertising Instructions ...121 Ways to Effectively Manage Pay Per Click Bid ......129 Catherine Seda Released a Book about Search Engine Advertising ...........153 .....................139 The New Features of Google Analytics ..................149 Increase Time Spent on your Site: Arousing the Curiosity..........................151 Why Add Site Search to Your Website? ......................135 A Closer Look at the Google Enterprise Solutions.............................137 Google AdWords Learning Resources: Learn What is Has to Offer ..........................133 Learn to Track and Create Higher Conversion Rates with Google Analytics................................................145 Increase Visitor Satisfaction: Sticking to the Basics.......................120 Google Word: Allowing People to Write Directly Online ...................................131 Google AdSense Learning Resources: Learn and Earn with Google AdSense .......................................................................128 Updated Ways on How to Improve Search Engine Ranking......Google Projects and Its Wonders.141 Decrease Visitor Bounce Rate: Impressing Profit.....................................................127 Implementing Google Website Registration.............125 Google Forums Reveal Google Secrets ............................................................................................................................123 The New Adwords Management Tool: AdWords Dominator ...................................................................................................................................147 Eliminate Guesswork from Site Designs: An Expert Help .................................................

........................................................................ 166 Information about Google Search Company ...... 165 The Future of Google OpenSocial........................................................ 158 Google Site Search: Learning Its Benefits ..... 160 How to Build Effective Websites?...... 168 Different Ways to Post Content on Blogger .......... 156 Information about Google Checkout Sandbox .......................... 154 Goggle Apps Premier Edition is meant for Enterprises ............... 162 Running a Google AdWords Campaign................ 163 Issues on Google Book Search ................ 170 ...............................The Communicate and Collaborate Process under Google ............................................................................


11 .

paying just more money will definitely not be a guarantee that your advertisement gets to be displayed on top. you are well on your way to bigger revenues. These advertisers usually pay you around one dollar every time you get a click on the competitive keywords. But of course. One easy way to visualize this is through the equation wherein twenty clicks on the first ad (at one dollar per click) is greater than two clicks on a second ad (being that the second ad has a rate of two dollars per click). ranked as the leader when it comes to the different search engines as well as the advertisements they placed. . Using Google will mean having more preferences to the ads that have been clicked the most compared to the ads with the highest payments.12 Why Google AdWords Spells Success for Sites One of the best mediums for advertising on the Internet nowadays is Google AdWords. When it is like that. So make sure that the Google AdWords that you have are very well written. creatively constructed and highly attractive for it to be clicked on. it certainly becomes the engine which gives you a higher chance of having your ad clicked by the advertisers. you can surmise that the first ad is a lot more successful than the second ad and thus you will have given Google more profit coming from the one dollar ad that you have. this simply means that the importance of the kinds of advertisements that are placed here are very effective indeed and that people really are lured in clicking it. And so. Here.

it is best to know the pros and cons of using Google Apps. . But before you take the switch. using Google Apps could be very uncomfortable if you’re too concerned about privacy. Because your data will be stored on third party servers. Google Apps are good alternatives to the commonly used desktop office suite. it can provide you with cheap office solutions. It consists of different office tools such as word processors and spreadsheets. Plus. This means you can do your work anywhere as long as there is Internet connection. This opens up opportunities for telecommuting and establishing remote work places. Priced at $50 annually per user. you might feel uncomfortable about its security. Google however has the most secure and reliable data centers. For its downside. These office tools are normally utilized on desktops.13 The Pros and Cons of Using Google Apps The Google Apps collection is a web based software suite. you don’t have to install software on your computer. you get the advantage of 24/7 support services which could also lower your IT maintenance cost. and web page creator. calendar and contact management. But with Google Apps. For its good side. Everything would be accessible through web interface. the Google Apps collection is several hundred times cheaper than popular office suites. email. Another best feature of Google Apps suite is it centralized storage set-up.

.14 Another big disadvantage is if you can’t access the Internet. The software resides in cyberspace. then your work could be disrupted. So if you’re outside of your office and have no means to establish Internet connection. Google Apps are purely web based. then you will not be able to work.

AdSense. as well as a very powerful search engine which can help you find information in an instant. Here. With this. Of course. This is a good way for them to advertise their business on Google as well as their wide network of partner sites.15 Better Web Business with Google Business Solutions Different kinds of businesses can definitely benefit from Google business solutions. they can truly benefit from AdWords. is the popular Google business solution that helps you earn a lot of revenues coming from the relevant ads which you have on your website. Another Google business solution is that which is called Analytics. you can find out how Google gets to crawl and as well as index the different kinds of websites. you are provided with twenty five gigabytes of storage. following closely is the reliable Google business solution called Webmaster Central. You can also set any type of budget that you want and then only pay every time people get to click on the ads. boost productivity and thereby creating bigger sales and revenues. you can make your email a lot more efficient using custom Gmail accounts with Google Apps. on the other hand. Also. Google business solutions clearly offers a lot of great tools that expand the network. For those who are in the small website business avenue. . as well as how you as a business owner can be able to improve their web experience. you will be able to learn where all your visitors originate from and how exactly they get to interact with your website. Here. For the small and medium sized website business owner.

16 Google Docs Makes Word Processing More Collaborative Google Docs is a web based word processing application. if you have a readymade document created in Word. There are two ways to start working on Google Docs. Through the search function of Google Talk. You can also create a shortcut key to create a new document to speed up the process of document creation. It is a major part of Google’s collection of office tools. Just use its search function to quickly find what you need. It is also easier to find a document on Google Docs. To start using Google Docs. you can skip browsing . This is very useful in order to save time whenever you want to access your work area. Your work will be saved not on your local computer but on Google’s data centers. If you frequently use Google Docs. you can create and configure short cut keys to launch the service. You can also share this with peers and collaborate with them in making the necessary revisions. First. Google Docs however can be used to quickly share documents. You will be able to collaborate with peers in creating or revising a document without using email attachments. you can simply upload this file to your Google Docs work area. Use it just like any other word processing application. you need to have a Google account. You will use this account to access your work space. you can share it with your colleagues and start group revisions. Once uploaded. Another way is to directly create a document on Google Docs.

. This function streamlines your work which could improve productivity.17 through different folders and files.

If you’re trying to clinch a deal with property developers. Mapping and geographic data are important so that your customers can visualize your business. customers will find it easier to transact with your company because they will be able to quickly locate your place of business. Google’s geospatial solutions can be fully integrated into your public and commercial websites. It can also be used to accurately present a property layout. Through geospatial solutions.18 Importance of Google Geospatial Solutions to Improve Productivity The Google Geospatial Solutions provide several geographic data and mapping services to be included on your websites. the Google geospatial services also allow you to organize geographic data and categorize them for easy identification. Visitors of your websites can simply access the interactive maps so they can easily find your offices. providing them with accurate sketches of the proposed location would be very convincing. if you’re doing a presentation on property locations for your clients. Here are some of the most important functions of Google Geospatial Solutions. . First. You can use geospatial services to improve website and business process performance. Second. So. This is very important for e-commerce sites that maintain physical stores. then the Google geospatial service can provide tools to visualize the property data you’re discussing. The geospatial solutions of Google also help your website visitors to locate your business.

you can easily deploy them to answer a service call from customers. Using the Geospatial Solutions of Google can improve not just the performance of websites. . The geo solutions can also improve business processes in order to increase productivity. By annotating the locations of your employees.19 Geospatial solutions also allow you to manage remote and field workers.

Google can also host archived messages on their data centers for 10 years. communications and data servers. The service will be able to stop spam and virus messages. email security and encryption. The Google Postini services include web security. Hijacking your messages therefore would be impossible so you can confidently transfer data over the Internet.20 Enhance Electronic Security through Google Postini Services Google offers enterprise class web security services which are being powered by Postini security solutions. Google also provides ready support for the security products. You can easily retrieve archived communications whenever you want. All you have to do is sign up for the service and the security features will be implemented. These services can bulletproof your web and communication servers from malicious Internet attacks. Google acquired Postini in 2007 so it can get a share of the enterprise web security market. You can get complete email and web security for $45 for every single user per year. Getting Google’s security services is affordable. The Google Postini security services also support content filtering for incoming mail messages. It can also provide content security for all your outgoing communications by encrypting the messages. This service is important so your . and enterprise email archiving. The Google Postini service can be deployed on company sites. anti spam and filtering technologies. The email archiving functions will also enable your company to follow official regulations.

. These services could protect your company from numerous web security risks. Getting the Google Postini services will enhance the security features of your web and mail servers.21 company can comply with regulations about electronic data archiving and retrieval.

simply connect your Google Talk to any Jabber server. or MSN. Just use this to start chatting with your friends. There are three ways how you can use Google Talk. The drawback of Google Talk is you cannot connect with friends using IM services of different networks. When you access Gmail. Use it just like any IM client to chat or make an Internet call. a GTalk chat tool will be available for you. It is a lightweight application so it would not exert too much pressure on your local computer. ICQ. You can chat and call your friends through your browser. You don’t have to download the Google Talk application. you can also download a standalone Google Talk client and install it on your computer.22 Tips to Using Google Talk to Improve IM Experience Google Talk is the instant messaging client of Google. Lastly. Google Talk can be accessed and used using your web browser. However. Jabber is an open source IM service that provides client and server applications. You can get client apps from Google or from third party developers. First. like all Google applications. Second. you can simply use a web based Gmail client. . you can instantly use Talk service via your Gmail account. you can easily hack Google Talk to connect it with other IM services such as Yahoo. To make the hack. There are lots of Jabber server applications which you can use for your local network or via the Internet. However.

You can now use Google Talk to communicate with friends on other networks. .23 Once you connect Gtalk to Jabber you can now select another IM service from Jabber to transport Talk to another service.

The Google help center provides a detailed technical manual on how to use Open Social on your site. It follows the open source standards so the codes of the widgets will work on any platform. then more people can easily access your website. It can simply be deployed as a simple widget consisting of HTML codes. you can create a small application that contains content on your website.24 Google’s Open Social Provides New Opportunities for Social Networking Google’s Open Social can be used to build widgets that can communicate with multiple social networks. This is optional because the mini application you can create will still work even if not hosted. Through Google’s Open Social. Your friends and networks on the social site can access this mini application to go to your website or to get updates from you. Google’s Open Social makes it possible for you to create a reliable marketing tool for your product. If your widget is being shared by lots of web users. The mini application can serve like a widget commonly used on networking sites or blogs. The Open Social mini application can be hosted on your servers if you like. They can also share this application with their own networks. You can find step by step tutorials on how to develop an Open Social code to create a mini application. This will spare your servers from heavy bandwidth demands if your Open . You can share this application on any social networking site that uses Open Social codes.

.25 Social mini application becomes very popular among many users.


Two Gmail Tricks to Improve Your Email Account
Gmail is Google’s free email service. It can provide you with more than 7 GB of space and this grows every day. You can also use Gmail as a forwarding mail service or create a POP3 account so you can use a third party desktop email application. Gmail has everything you need for an email service. But there are tricks which you can do to maximize Gmail and make it easier to use. First, if you have slow computer or slow Internet connection, you can switch Gmail from standard view to basic HTML view. At the bottom of your Gmail interface, you can see two links there that say: standard and basic HTML. Just click the basic HTML and Gmail will be converted to a simple web page that loads faster. Some utilities will not be visible however if you switch to HTML view. If you want to use functions such as chat, contact list, and interactive label list, you can simply revert to standard view. Second, if you’re primarily using a desktop email client such as Outlook to access Gmail, then it would be best to automatically archive downloaded messages. This will clean-up your Gmail inbox and you can avoid manually archiving hundreds of messages that you’ve already read. To do this, go to the settings page of Gmail then click the Forwarding/POP/IMAP tab. In the POP download category, you will find a question there asking: “when messages are accessed


with POP”. Choose the option archive Gmail’s copy from the dropdown menu. Save your settings and you’re done.


Improving Website Performance through Google Analytics
If you want an all in one package to monitor your website performance, Google Analytics could be your best tool. Google Analytics is a free service but you can get comprehensive website analysis from it. It can also support multiple websites analysis. You need to create a Google account to access the Analytics services. Once you log-in to Google Analytics, get the Meta code for your website. Paste this code on any page that you want to be analyzed by Google. If you have multiple websites, you must use different codes for them. There is a drop down menu on Google Analytics page where you can list or add websites. Once the Meta code is active on your site, Google will be able to crawl your site and generate performance report for you. You can see this report on the main page of your Google Analytics account. Different graphs and data will be presented to you. You can easily see which of your pages are performing well. You can also see which web page on your site converts visitors into actual buyers. To study the report, you can download a complete copy of it in excel file. By studying the Google Analytics report, you and your webmasters can make adjustments to your websites to improve performance.

29 Google Analytics is a powerful and comprehensive web analysis tool. . If you’re maintaining a commercial website. you should use this service to get actual on-site activities and performance. Google Analytics will enable you to devise strategies to improve your websites.

Here. you can affect your results in Google Base in a highly positive way – including the other areas of Google. it can also be automatically posted in higher places of Google search engines like Froogle and Google Maps. This is highly important for you to understand as a business owner because you need to make sure of the quality of your data. The items that you end up submitting to Google Base are also now part of the Base directory. the attributes are also described as words or phrases that really help in describing the different qualities as well as characteristics that may be said of your items. too. The Google Base has a data feel which allows you to be more particular about the own attributes. When data is good. . The labels. In Google Base. among others.30 Google Base: Supporting Your Items on the Web A place where you can efficiently submit all your different kinds of online and offline content is called Google base. These means you can add more information about the different items that you have. the different items that you submit may also include the different labels and attributes that help in describing what it is that you want to upload so that other people will not have a hard time looking for your content. are also keywords or phrases which may act as tag words that classify or describe each item that you have. Depending on the kind of relevance your item has. Each given attribute allows you to enter multiple values which you then separate with commas. on the other hand.

You can set the weather report through the settings page. you can integrate weather reports on your Calendar. If you want your Calendar to display weekly events and schedules. If you don’t want to forget a scheduled event. an umbrella. Just specify your specific location and set the weather report to be added to your Calendar. If you already have a Google account. or other rainy gears to your schedules. simply set up an alert that will be sent to your email. First. or POP . Here are some of the most important functions and tweaks that you can do with Google Calendar.31 Top Tweaks to Improve Your Google Calendar Google Calendar is fast becoming the favorite online organizer of many Internet users. Your friends will receive a link to your Google Calendar so they can have access to it. You can now determine if you will have to bring a coat. you can change the standard default view of Google Calendar to one that suits your needs. This is very useful if you don’t want to be stuck with the 30 day calendar view of Google. creating a Calendar could be your best option in organizing your activities. mobile phone. simply go to the settings page of Google Calendar and configure it the way you like. You can easily share your Goggle Calendar to colleagues by clicking the share button. Second. Another important utility you can use is the share function.

Every time an event is forthcoming. the Google Calendar will send a reminder so you will not forget your schedules.32 mail. .

For medium sized businesses. There are two main types of enterprise level Google search solutions. For big organizations with large databases. . The service utilizes software and hardware deployments to improve corporate search performance. It can be used to mine up to 300. It also supports cross-database search so you will be able to get data and documents from different databases using any type of database software. if you buy a Google Enterprise Search appliance. Lotus.33 The Benefits of Using Google Enterprise Search Solutions Have you experienced searching for documents on your company’s Intranet and failing to find what you need? The Google Enterprise Search Solutions could be the answer to your troubles. and many others. The maximum document count that can be mined using Search Appliance is 30 million. there is the Google mini search appliance. there is the Google Search Appliance. Office files. The Google Enterprise Search service is a comprehensive solution to increase the business intelligence of enterprises. your company will be able to use Google’s search technology for faster and more intelligent search results.000 data and files from local servers and Internet. HTML. This will enable your company to find data and files from almost unlimited sources. It can also search for hundreds of different file types such as PDF. You will also get a hardware that can mine up to 30 million documents from your local servers and on public Internet servers. For example.

Your organization therefore can improve productivity which will have a direct impact on company profitability. your company will be able to reduce the time searching for important documents needed by your business.34 By using Google Enterprise Search Solutions. .

then it would be very helpful for your customers to locate it using a location map. you can simply follow a few procedures in getting your store in a business listing.35 Be Found Quickly With Google Maps Business Listings Do you have a website which operates to promote a shop. The good news is that this can be done quite easily thanks to the wonder that is Google Maps with business listings. go to the Add New Business tab that is found under the Locations tab. you have to click on the Add/Edit function for business owners. As soon as you are logged in. Creating separate listings for each of your businesses (assuming that you have more than one. This is a very easy and free way for you to put your business on the map – so to speak! Once you go to the Google Maps list. You need to add the full postal address because Google will need it for your activation PIN. of course) is also a good idea. Then. you will be directed to the Local Business Center. where you should log in using your Google Account. or maybe a business place to sell your goods? If such is the case. . They will be twice as likely to visit your store if they can see right away where your location is and get the exact directions to it. Carefully enter the name of your business as well as its address. First. Simply follow the rest of the easier directions and you are well on your way to a better location of business with more clients knowing where you can be found.

36 Google Site Search Can Improve the Performance of Websites Site Search is the new search solution of Google for business organizations. you will be able to configure Google Site Search to show more recent pages or documents on the top results. it has fully customizable search functions. The Google Site Search service replaced the Custom Search Business Edition services. In fact. Site Search is hosted and powered by Google and uses the algorithms of its public search engine. For example. and does not require Google branding. You will be able to create an on-site search engine with your company logo on it. Having a Goggle Site Search widget on your website could improve site performance. Site visitors would be able to easily find individual pages. product pages. and services of your websites. This means more control of search results so you can direct your visitors to pages you want them to visit. You can also configure the search engine to show biased result. webmasters and website owners have reported a decrease on their bounce rate after they installed Google Site Search on their websites. This means visitors will stay longer at your site which is also an indication of improving user engagement. Google Site Search however is not ad supported. You can also include other external websites outside of Google to show on your search engine. .

This means more cash flow and more income opportunities for commercial websites.37 As a result of using Google Site Search. online businesses also reported an increase on their conversion rates especially for their e-commerce pages. .

You may also use it to view the different URLs that others may have had problems in crawling and why it is so.38 A First Look at Google Webmaster Central If there is anything that a budding web enthusiast or entrepreneur needs. . The latter is actually quite important. This is very helpful when it comes to diagnosing problems as well as letting you share the different information with other people as an attempt to improve the visibility of the site. The Robots. because it is the key in coming up with a secure and high quality spot on the Web. The first thing that you need to know when it comes to improving the visibility of your site on Google is all about robots and indexes. As such. the Crawl info mean letting others have access to your website and check if the Googlebot visited it and what exact time. On Google Webmaster Central.txt file is a way to validate the troubles that exist on the file and lets you test out the different changes that may occur from the server itself. Learning how the Google robots crawl and get to index your site is vital to success. it becomes easily fixable and lets you index away without any more worries or constraints. With Google Webmaster Central. it is Google Webmaster Central. you now have a way to show the Google view of your site. This is simply an impressive suite which features a wide host of webmaster tools that can provide you with an easy and free way of making your website very much Google-friendly.

You find the most profitable kind of AdSense keyword. Of course. A closer inspection of one tip for AdSense success is of course quite necessary for you to be able to see how easy it is to execute. you would like to know the best formats for such and if there are some missing information in the account settings of your AdSense then you may want to attend to those right away.which is the direction to take if you want to generate income out of it. it is simply like convincing your readers to click on your links that are within the block of Google AdSense . he can either go to another site within the site or click on an ad by Google AdSense that is said to be high laying. When a visitor is about to leave. What you can do here is to simply go ahead and apply the Google AdSense Program where you get to post up the smaller ads on some of the article pages.39 Improve Your Web Revenue with Google AdSense If you have not noticed the many Google AdSense ads on so many websites. You should truly invest in Google AdSense because it makes your site very popular. Add to that a setup of an ad campaign on the smaller types of pay per click systems and you will surely be reaping in the big bucks. you are not as keen an observer as most. When you make the AdSense banner present. . all you need to do is to build your own AdSense site that revolves around those keywords.

then Google Analytics is for you. After you have created accounts for both. If you really are serious in your efforts to build a highly profitable blog. You will then be given an HTML code which you will need to append to your blog page as a way of making sure that Google can track all of your visitors. As soon as you enter the URL or the website address of your own blog. then you will find Google Analytics to be very much useful in tracking your visitors. You should copy this code by pressing right click and highlight the entire code. Of course.40 Blog Stat Maintenance with Google Analytics Would you like to know exactly how many people view your blog on a daily basis? Are you curious to find out where these people are from so you may improve your efforts at marketing to reach out to them in a better manner? If so. then you can click Finish. This is an ingenious way that has been developed in order to let you in on the basic stats: how people found out about your and Google Analytics. Google Analytics is indeed a great and efficient way to maintain the stats on your blog! . then you need to log on to Analytics and then go to the Add Website Profile settings. where these people originate and exactly how long they stayed and viewed your pages. Copy this code and then paste it on your blog. the first thing you need to do is to have an account with two places: Blogger.

Using Google Book Search has proven to be a very handy way for many academicians and students alike. This is because this function allows them to actually browse the book itself instead of purchasing it. Google Book Search is like having a copy of the actual book itself – right on your screen! You may scroll up and down to read the actual pages from the scanned book and even find the proper citations should you need it for referencing. This is also to encourage people to actually go out and buy the book itself. you can also use Google for this. you are probably counting your blessings that such a tool is available to you on the Internet.41 Get Ahead in Research with Google Book Search When you search for a particular thing. but Google Book Search offers so much more than just the title and the price of the book and where you can buy it. Of course. Some books are incomplete and have a few pages missing. there are always book stores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. the challenge lies in getting the exact details that you want at the moment – which may be a bit difficult because of the sheer amount of information in the Internet. However. . When it comes to books. Google Book Search. is not a free online library of any kind of academic or reference research. But for those who find the information they need from the pages that are allowed to be viewed on Google Book Search. Google is a very well known and quite effective way of looking for the major links of any person or any phrase. you may want to try the Internet because it might be there. of course.

Here. Google Checkout caters to these three and so much more for your easy shopping convenience wherever you may be in the world.42 Google Checkout: For a Better Web Shopping Experience If you have been yearning to sell some of your digital products all the while using the payment processor called Google Checkout. This usually means that each digital product that has been purchased will need manual approval to be loaded. This is certainly better than simply coming up with a payment scheme in an antiquated manner. Some of this includes the absence of a mechanism which works to integrate the shopping carts in an automatic manner. you can select different merchant service providers that also take in different kinds of currencies. The top three most popular currencies are the Euro. An instant online method of paying is a good way for Google Checkout to encourage business growth. However. It is a robust payment processor which makes purchasing very easy for your customers and record keeping a breeze for you. . the good news is that some solutions have been provided in order for you to come up with an easier time in downloading and delivering goods to your customers and clients. This merchant service is very efficient and scalable. US Dollar and the British Pound – thankfully. the store keeper. you have probably witnessed a few tricky drawbacks. One thing that customers have been clamoring for would be the no chargeback policy of Google Checkout – but the good thing about this is that a solution is well on its way.

. Copy this code and use your website editor to edit your web page. This will not affect the basic function of your gadget. These gadgets are free to use and you can also easily remove them on your websites. Your gadget is now ready to use. Simply select the gadget and drag the resize tool to get the size you want. If you want to add Google Gadgets to your websites. Just set the iGoogle as your browser home page and select any gadget listed on it. then you have to select a specific gadget you want. You can simply drag and drop the gadgets to arrange them according to your needs. There are hundreds of Google Gadgets you can use. you need to click the Add to Webpage button. If you’re using a WYSIWYG editor for creating web page.43 How to Insert Google Gadgets on Your Website Google Gadgets can enhance the look and feel of your websites. After selecting a gadget. you can resize the inserted Google Gadget from the standard view of your editor. You can add these gadgets to your websites or blogs to provide more tools and functionalities for your visitors. You can see a detailed list of gadgets on the iGoogle page. You will get an HTML code for your chosen Google gadget. Paste your HTML code to any part of your site and upload the edited page to your hosting server. These Google gadgets can also be used on your iGoogle home page.

44 Your visitors will surely enjoy their stay on your websites if you place excellent Google Gadgets on your pages. .

The Google Pages service is essentially a website building tool. Just sign-in using your Google account and you can proceed to the Pages interface. New users on the other hand are directed by Google to its new roll out: the Google Site service. You can customize your page header and simply type the text in your content box. Google Pages offer simple web building tools. If you want more functionality.45 How to Maximize the Potential of Google Pages Google Pages or Page Creator is a discontinued service of Google. Your web page will be hosted by Google on a sub-domain. then it is best to develop it into a full website. You will be able to create a web page either from templates or from a scratch blank document. The giant search company is not accepting any new sign-up for its Pages service. It is a good application to easily create your own personal site or business . you can select widgets or tools to be included in your page. Existing Google Pages users however can still continue to use the service. It has a drag and drop interface so you can easily create page elements for your web page. You can select a template for your page by choosing it from a drop down menu. the service would be ideal if you don’t know how to code HTML. Because Google Pages have What-You-See-Is-What-YouGet (WSIWYG) text editor and tools. If you have an existing Google Pages account.

. The service and hosting of your site is free.46 landing page. so you can create as many web pages that you may need.

Google provided a chat function so you can interact with your team. Once your colleagues are online. you can now start team collaboration in making revisions to the document. Google will send a link to them to access the spreadsheet file. Once you’re done. The chat utility can speed up the effort because you can discuss in real time any important change that should be made on the document. To enhance this collaboration process. you can save the spreadsheet to your computer by locating the command “Download as XLS” on the . If you have an open spreadsheet document on your work area. Anyone on your team can make changes and these changes will be tracked automatically. and manipulate data on Excel or any other spreadsheet program.47 Steps to Using Google Spreadsheets Google Spreadsheets is part of Google’s collections of office applications found on Google Docs. Once you invited your peers. The integration is seamless so you can edit your file immediately and share it with your team. then you will find Google Spreadsheet very easy to use. All the basic tools that can be found on any spreadsheet programs are also available on Google Spreadsheets. They need to log-in to their Google Docs account to view the spreadsheet. edit. Real time collaboration is possible when using Google Spreadsheets. In fact. simply click the share button to invite your peers to view the document. you can upload a spreadsheet file from your computer to Google Spreadsheets. If you know how to create.

You can also print the file immediately without losing the layout of the spreadsheet. .48 File menu.

you will have an opportunity to be ranked higher than most. Such a website is making its own claim that it is part of the top results pages of the successful search engine company called Google.49 Better Search Results Thanks To Google Website Optimizer If you happen to come across a page on the web that has the label SEO or Search Engine Optimization) Made Easy. May website owners have placed their trust in this – it is time you place your trust in as well. A tool such as Google Website Optimizer helps you in connecting with most of the search engines as well as your customers. This assesses if your own website can be made much more profitable. . So you should follow their lead and do the same thing as well. This is what they call the Google Website Optimizer. and get to tap the potential of Google for producing the best types of results ever. but also lets you put your products through a free test module to see how it can fare. then you might do a double take. Google Website Optimizer is a great way for you to have a support plan that can grow and has a fee. It does so by letting you see the different combinations of data that seems to be most appealing to all your consumers. With the help of certain types of algorithms that help put into place new site pages. A lot of people have placed their trust in Google website Optimizer since it is actually the one and only gold standard when it comes to SEO.

Why should websites be added to search engines and directories? Again. By adding the website. People are able to see the link to the site more often. for example. Search engines will do its work in qualifying the sites relevant enough for each category. By adding the website. this is an effective way of promoting a website. . its chances are significantly improved. its chances of being more visible on search results are increased. Adding the website on search engines and directories does not automatically get it shown on result pages though. More people will see and know the site exists— and more people are likely to visit the site. Adding the website to search engine and to directory listings is the first step towards a good and solid search engine optimization strategy. does not promise that that all added sites will be displayed nor does it make commitments as to when a newly added site will get exposure. So while it is not all when it comes to search engine optimization it is a vital component. While it does not guarantee result inclusion.50 Add Website to Increase Website Visibility Adding the website is quite a useful step in making a website more popular. The website will surely be included in the search for websites to be indexed. It is therefore also important for the site content to be relevant and updated always. Google. So this makes adding the website easy for any webmaster or website owner. it is given a jumpstart for search engine optimization. Search engine and directories accept website submissions for free.

visitors will be enticed to stay and browse around the site more. As what the name suggests. Google Analytics allows webmasters to see a detailed picture of how keywords and ad campaigns are performing. webmasters can better make the websites visible and profitable. Google Analytics even provides webmasters and website owners stats about the visitors who go to the site and immediately leave.51 Google Analytics: A Free Google Stats Tool That Helps Google stats are presented as Google Analytics. They are also aided by this tool to make sure that landing pages are entertaining and informative enough to make visitors stay on the site longer. Through the stats provided by Google Analytics. Alternatively. it is all about the statistics on website traffic. This is important in making sure that the website is well placed. This way. More site visitors will even be enticed to buy the products or the services offered there. webmasters can be better at their jobs. these ads could be fine-tuned to make them effective in bringing in traffic too. With all the details and all the information provided by Google Analytics. . They are assisted by Google Analytics in bringing in ample traffic to websites. So if the site’s landing pages are inefficient they would know and they would be able to make adjustments. The reports that the tool provides is detailed enough to enable webmasters to look into every small thing that affects site traffic. This is yet another free Google tool available for all webmasters and website owners. Less money would also be wasted on ads that are ineffective.


Google AdWords: The Google Pay Per Click Offering
Driving more traffic to the site is one very primary aim of all website owners. They have to get the most traffic in order to be profitable. But websites need the help of search engines to show the public that their site exists and to show them what it has to offer. One of the easiest and quickest ways to drive traffic to the site is by availing a service called pay per click or also known as AdWords for Google. By subscribing to this Google business service, the ads for the website will appear in relevant searches. Links to the site will also be shown in sites related to the theme of the website. The advantage of getting this service is that ads are displayed to targeted audience. People will see the links when they are searching for the site category. People will also see them in sites which are about or at least related to the same things the site is offering. So the interest is definitely there. This is indeed a good investment in terms of site marketing. As an advertiser, the website owner only pays for the times when the visitors clicks on the links and visit the site. There is no wasted money here. What is billed is the exact number of new visitors the service drives to the site only. While it provides more links and exposure for the site, what is actually paid is the number of clicks visitors make on the ads.


Search Engine Marketing: Essential for Success in E-Commerce
Search engine marketing encompasses all efforts geared towards increasing website visibility. This includes search engine optimization and paid advertising among others. What the website basically aims is to have their websites included in the results of the searches made by the public. What is even also important is the position it takes on the result page. The higher the website is displayed on the result page, the more beneficial it is for the website. By investing a certain amount for search engine marketing, the website gains more exposure on the Internet. The website in effect pays the search engine to display links of the website such as what happens in pay per click programs like Google AdWords. When the particular relevant keyword is searched, the website is displayed on top of the search results along with the other advertised websites. This means that people would be checking out the website before they click on the others on the bottom. Again, more traffic will be driven to the website. This gives the site an opportunity to gain more customers. This, of course, does not warrant automatic sales for the website. It would take an effective landing page and a good product to convert traffic to sales. Still, search engine marketing is that important. It is there to establish the presence of the site and its offerings to the public. Without search engine marketing, a website will have a very hard time to make sales and to make profit. A serious website owner must therefore allot a budget for search engine marketing if he wants to succeed.


A Free Webmaster Tool Can Be As Beneficial As Paid Webmaster Tools
In doing search engine optimization, it is important that the website owner or the webmaster knows how the system works. For example, if the site’s search engine optimization efforts are targeted for Google, he should know how to best market the site to Google. In other words, one should know the criteria that Google follows in indexing the sites to include in search results. This is very important so that one can optimize the website effectively. He can customize the website so it will satisfy each criterion. Fortunately, Google webmaster tools are available for free for such purpose. This suite of webmaster tools gives information about the website. Any problem relating to the indexing of the website is indicated. Also indicated is the number of pages the index contains. There is also a list of all pages that links to the website. With these data available to the webmaster, he can analyze which ads and banners are effective in bringing traffic. Any problem can be corrected to increase site traffic too. Another webmaster tool that Google offers is the keyword suggestion tool. This will help the webmaster to use the keywords that will bring more exposure and more traffic to the site. By using the more popular keywords, the site will appear more in search results. Again, these tools are provided by Google for free. So, webmasters can take advantage of them and be more efficient in bringing in more traffic with lower costs. They will be able to

And they will be able build more successful and profitable sites as well. .55 build more Google-friendly websites.

Google Maps is. he can easily do so using just one account. can simply list his business to Google Maps. anyone can use this tool in Internet advertising. Even businesses and professionals who do not have websites can avail of such service. And then what will happen is people in the locality searching for the products and services that the business offers will be shown the way to the store or establishment. And even if an individual has a couple of businesses to advertise. A map will be provided and the store address will be displayed as well. . This is another way of making a business visible on the Internet. And since the Internet is widely used in making searches for just about anything. Google Maps benefit businesses by bringing them closer and bringing them to the attention of potential customers in their localities who are making the searches. What’s good about this service is that any size of business can benefit from it. They are not only able to display their addresses but their office and store hours as well. Businesses can even include printable discount coupons and promos. this service is quite helpful for every business and professional availing it. A businessman. Even individual professionals and practitioners can advertise their practices through Google Maps.56 Google Maps Made Possible by the Google Satellite Google is so rich in providing business services and tools to all Internet users and businessmen. for example. Since it’s a free service to display the business details. powered by the Google satellite which enables it to provide the maps to various store and establishment addresses. of course.

The site itself should be . images also help make potential customers visit the site. And it’s effective since people who view and make searches through the classifieds are more or less looking to buy something. Of course. The website and links to it also become visible to its potential customers. It is therefore important to drive as much traffic to the site.57 Efficient Internet Advertising: Bring More Visitors and Sales to Your Site Internet advertising is a very important part of marketing a website. Through Internet advertising. Subscribing to Google AdWords. The exposure that such Internet advertising tool provides is very powerful since people who get to see them already have an interest on the category. traffic is very important. Where permitted. for example. When a website is there to sell something. No one would buy the products and the services it sells if there is no one visiting the site. the existence of the website is announced. Paid Internet advertising will ensure the site more exposure on relevant sites. gives the website visibility through ads displayed on top of every search result page. the more traffic will the website have. The words should be descriptive and informative enough to attract visitors to the site. It is also important that the links are shown higher on every search results. The way that ads are sent out is also important. The more the links are displayed. it is not only the Internet advertising tools that are important. Search engines like Google have this service. Internet advertising through classifieds is also one effective way to do it.

With all the ingredients put together. .58 informative. entertaining and enticing as well. Internet advertising will actually become effective in helping the site bring in more sales.

every website needs as much visitors. After all. the website is given an exposure to the people who are likely to be interested on its products and services. Without visitors. pay per click advertising is actually economical. Since people use Google much to make searches more people are likely to come across the ad and visit the site. So. one must use the best site to advertise with. So. Many prefer to do it with Google through Google AdWords. What’s even good about it is that website owners only pay for the number of clicks made on the ads. Ads are displayed on top of search result pages. More visitors mean more chances of making a sale. . And ads are shown on websites related to what the site is offering. the visibility given to the site is not wasted. Pay per click advertising has been effective in bringing in more traffic to websites. if good traffic is supplemented with good landing pages and good products.59 Pay Per Click Advertising: The Most Targeted and Economical Way to Advertise Pay per click advertising is one of the most common forms of online advertising. In order to capitalize on this technique. So. By displaying the ads this way. traffic will be converted to sales. That is why the success of a pay per click advertising campaign can at times make or break the business. The website will be making more sales and it will be profitable. using this form of online advertising is really worth it for most website owners. This form of advertising is targeted to people who are already interested on the products and service the site is offering. no one will buy the products and services on the site. On the other hand.

Most businesses target their search engine optimization on popular search engines such as Google. But why would people want to do search engine optimization? Most online businesses value the benefits that search engine optimization bring. This means aiming for the site to be at the top of search engine search results. more people are likely going to see their sites. Again. It looks at how many times the search keywords are repeated in a specific page. . It will therefore be shown on top even if the home page is less relevant. of course. This means that the most relevant page is shown on top of search results. With more people able to browse their sites they would have better chances of getting better sales.60 Bring in More Business through Google Search Engine Optimization What is search engine optimization? It’s basically about making one’s website more accessible to the public. people are most likely to visit their sites. This is. only logical since most people use Google for making their searches. It’s possible that one page of the site is the most relevant to the search. it is therefore important that the keywords being optimized are used repeatedly in that particular page. In search engine optimization. Keyword density is important to Google. When their sites are shown at the top. So how does a site rank well with Google? Google ranks pages.

. The website should have as many back links. By availing AdWords for example. Quality should not be sacrificed though. Using Google services could also help in search engine optimization. Relevance.61 Links to the website is also very important. The site will also be shown in search results. link quality and anchor text are also being considered by Google. the site will get exposure in many other relevant sites.

. But what’s difficult is passing their criteria for the site to be included in search results pages. It provides a way for customers to find the website when they use the search engine to do searches.62 Website Submission: An Important Part of Search engine Optimization Website submission is done in order to drive more traffic to the site. By this token it is actually a part of search engine optimization. It is also a way of creating intrinsic back links for website search engine optimization. this does not warrant automatic inclusion to search results. If the right search engine marketing mix is planned and implemented. While some argue that the importance of website submission has diminished it is an important part of search engine optimization. Much more time and effort must then be focused in other search engine optimization tools as well. This also assures the website owner that the website is categorized in the right category. And it’s usually free to submit websites to the search engines. the website will surely drive more traffic. By submitting the URL of the website. the website is somehow introduced to the search engine. website submission is very beneficial to the site when successful. It also takes time before a website will be included in search results. But again. It’s easy to submit a website to search engines and to directories. The website will be successful and it will be more profitable. site traffic will be converted to sales. So website submission has its purpose in search engine optimization. However. If this is coupled with a good landing page.

This event will in turn increase your return on investment. you might end up getting audiences who are not interested in the . if one keyword will be searched. However. you have to learn how to manipulate them. What does it mean when you include negative keywords in your campaigns? This means negative keywords will not be included in the search results. if the keyword is interchanged. if your chosen negative keyword is ‘free download’. More so. This is good because it filters the unwanted results from any queries made. you have to determine negative keywords as well. your ad can possibly be included in the search results.63 Advertiser Education: Negative Keywords Increase Your ROI In coming up with a successful list of keywords. For instance. There are tools like Keyword Tool and Search Query Performance that you can take advantage of so you can come with your list of possible negative keywords. your ads will still show. On the contrary. However. The process of including negative keywords only involves adding of negative sign prior the negative keyword. Negative Keywords Manipulation To make your negative keywords effective. It also lessens your cost per click. if you don’t use negative keywords. then your ads will not be shown on the search queries that users will make. The list of negative keywords will not just benefit your campaign ads but will lead you to lower costs of advertising and assurance that your website will be targeted. don’t over manipulate or misuse your negative keywords because it may result to a very limited number of audiences.

. That’s why before you add any negative keyword in your account you have to make sure that they are significant at all.64 product you are offering. Uninterested audience can lower your quality score when it comes to keyword measurement.

online marketing done in Google drives profit and enhanced return on investments. This is why the search marketing and advertising industry highly trusts Google in increasing their return on investments and in gathering potential customers for their business. is the most widely used search engine. Unlike any other forms of media used in marketing. Google AdWords is proven to be efficient in drawing large number of potential customers. you divide the answer from your overall ad costs. Then. But the simplest conversation calculation could be through getting the revenue of your sales. Since ROI is highly significant in any online marketing. After that. you have to execute the following: -make every ad and campaign you create visible to the landing page of your website to get more clicks from your targeted market . Part of advertiser education is to get full knowledge of what return on investment is and what can it do in making your business profitable. Your return on investment identifies the value of your earnings derived from the costs of your ads and campaigns.65 Advertiser Education: What is Return on Investment? Google. the revenue of your sales will deduct the costs of your advertising. based on statistics conducted in US alone. There are conversion formulas and calculations in identifying your ROI. For starters. you have to learn how to improve it. Thus. return on investment means the ratio of the advertising costs relative to revenue that is generated after conversion of sales and leads are done.

66 -make sure that your website is navigable and is userfriendly to let your visitors stick around your site -keyword selection and keyword placement should be relevant so that your keywords will be easily found on search engines -be sure that you regularly monitor your ROI once you acquire an increased of ROI with the use of Google conversion tracking and your account statistics Once everything is done and put on their right places. . then you wouldn’t be surprised that you were able to increase your ROI and bring a great number of customers to your business.

. Afterwards. All of this is given by Google free of charge. Such procedures are the start of success stories from businesses and marketers who employ Google AdWords in their advertising method. This technology enables you to match your ads to the webpages found in Google’s Content Network that are related to your business. you get the interest of your audiences just by getting the necessary keyword. your ads will appear on Google. This being said. Google AdWords has the power to connect you with your potential customers. You will have a good story and tale to tell once you successfully learn the technology of Google’s contextual targeting technology. With Google AdWords you can create. design and optimize your ads and campaigns. This way. product. The execution of your advertising methods need not be as perfect as they supposed to be. you let your audience learn more about your business because you have drawn them to your site or webpage. Then your ads start to attract your targeted audiences who are using one of the keywords you have chosen. you can measure and optimize the performance results of your ads and campaigns that will result in an increased return on investment. More so. You can get keyword ideas from Google AdWords itself that are related to your business.67 Google AdWords Success Stories: How Marketers and Customers Get Connected What better results can Google AdWords acquire and provide? There are a lot of success stories that can serve as evidences of how Google Adwords can be so effective and efficient at the same time. and services that you want to advertise.

. you will only learn that at one point of their lives all they needed to do was to put their trust in what Google AdWords can do.68 As you read successful stories of entrepreneurs who resorted to Google AdWords capabilities.

These audiences are looking for entertainment and Google in-game advertising provides the entertainment they want. Google in-game advertising has been proven effective because it can attract a great deal of audiences who are called casual gamers. Such benefits that marketers will enjoy include: 1. in-game advertising also permits branding familiarity among the players and this branding can result in considerable increased number of customers . This way. This in turn generates over one billion minutes of play time for one month. extended scope for your video ads wherein ads appear in between every game. Based on records gathered by Playfish. Because of this. there is an average of 35 minutes spent by every user per day in a single game alone.69 The Google In-Game Advertising Benefits for Online Marketers The leading social games publishers are all flocking in Google’s in-game advertising. Internet users can play with their social and real life friends whenever they want to get connected. Casual gamers are connected in various websites like social networking sites. after the game or at the start of the game 2. What are some of the benefits that marketers can enjoy when they employ Google in-game advertising? There are a lot of benefits. Some even use social networks like MySpace and Facebook to publish their platforms. marketers take advantage of Google ingame advertising to get benefited as well.

70 3. They are the perfect target for your in-game advertising because they could probably be a member of any social networking websites that allow information sharing So. . and interest. it is no longer a big surprise to know that there are many online marketers who resort to Google in-game advertising because of its wide scope and indispensable strategy for advertising. demography. background. in-game advertising is also an effective opportunity to attract customer sponsorships because you can go directly to the publishing partners who might want to do business with you via integrations 4. a new generation of social gamer is booming in the market comprised of Internet users of different ages.

With over 20 languages in over 100 countries. blogs. The sites that belong in the network are being displayed to meet AdWords ads. This means. It is designed for contextual advertising both in virtual world and in the real world. if . Google Content Network has potentially gathered 75 per cent of Internet users in the world. This process will reach their targeted audiences. The probability of reaching out for potential audiences and customers are high enough to get a considerable control over your advertising impact and results. Whatever website will Google acquire it still belongs to the same body or network. and enable them to maintain the loyalty of their customers. hundreds of thousands of ads and campaigns are published in content networks to market and advertise whatever product and service a business produced. and it still functions based on the objectives set by the head. news pages and other sites that chose to partner with Google. Google Content Network can be associated with an octopus and the websites that comprise the whole network can be associated with the octopus’ tentacles. The Google Content Network is supported by first-rate websites. if you are into advertising and marketing. Every day. This is because such sites can do advertising and marketing. And so. you can take advantage of Google’s proven targeting display of website and webpages.71 Introduction to Google's Content Network Google technology is powered by thousands of high quality websites under what is called Google Content Network. Google’s Content Network is already considered the largest network. another product of Google. consumers. These ads are published in the form of content materials.

. This is because everything is powered by Google’s extensive web search and linguistic processing technology. you can immediately reach out to three users from four Internet users in the whole world.72 you choose to advertise with the use of Google Content Network along with Google Search Network.

Obtaining bid management is connected in predicting the possible performance of . bid management can also improve the value of your keyword search. When conversion rates are optimized. and other possible leads. What does bid management stand for? On the other hand. registration. The conversion happens by the time an Internet user clicks on your ad.73 Advertiser Education: Conversion Tracking & Bid Management As an advertiser and marketer you have to be fully informed in what conversion tracking and bid management can do in increasing your ROI and in making your business successful. The click will be converted based on user’s behavior that is considered significant—which can be through purchase. Through the assistance of conversion optimizer. This will also be helpful in identifying keyword matches that are relevant to your ads. bidding management generates substantial performance. you will learn whether your ads are effective or not. There are Google tools made available to conduct such conversion. What does conversion tracking mean? Conversion tracking is widely employed in online advertising. This way you can properly address any concerns and challenges that may create conflicts in making your advertising campaigns more effective and cost-efficient. Once the conversion takes place. used in bidding management. page view. your website can get higher conversion rate from the search inquiry of a particular keyword.

This way. . you will determine whether you need to increase your bids to generate more ROI or not. In this process.74 your ads. To maintain good performance. especially if there are intense competitions going on outside the scope of your website. But this prediction can vary. you should know the keyword costs so you can compare the costs with the revenue that will be coming in your business. This way you can bid strategically and you can further maximize your return on investment. you can use conversion tracking tool for your campaign ads.

gender or combination of specific criteria. YouTube. increase the frequency of appearance of your ads to a particular demographic classification. MySpace. you can monitor the visibility of your campaigns. If you will acquire demographic performance reports you will know which among the ads and campaigns you created are giving the best results and gaining great attractions from the Internet users or your targeted audience. They can be refined by their age. There are even suggested demographic reports that can be used. Through demographic report you can perform optimization for your demographic bidding campaigns. Facebook and many more). Such reports are based on conversion rates of demographic segments. location. you can employ systematic and scientific method of refining your target audiences. Friendster. This way you can manipulate the results of your return on investments or you can also meet the ROI goals you set prior the generation of the campaign ads. With demographic bidding. or you can also restrict the appearance of your ads based on your required preference. background. Some of Google Content Network sites that offer demographic information of audiences are social networking sites (e. With the help of Google’s Content Network. This is why there are many marketers who acquire demographic bidding services because such sites will help them gain additional control over their ads and campaigns’ performances. especially in Google Content Network.g.75 Demographic Bidding on Google's Content Network There are numerous sites that offer demographic bidding. This .

76 means if you generate increased bidding you make will make your ad appearance more visible. you can make specialization of your demographic campaign via creative and enhanced formats to target specific group of audience. Additionally. . then you can opt to hide your ads even if they increase your ad traffic. And if your target audience that doesn’t provide you with significant ROI.

French. IE6. you can add Google Earth in your browser’s plugin (Firefox. it had instantly stirred the public’s interest. . and Spanish. To enjoy such service developed by Google. Vista. Google Earth is available in English. Google Earth between 2006 and 2007 has drawn an increase in media coverage. and anything related to virtual globes. exploration of maps can be done with freedom because everything is explained in your language of choice. terrain. iPhone. 3D buildings. German. and Mac operating system. or IE7). So if you are into geographical content exploration you can take advantage of Google Earth’s wide ranging features. you can download the software on your personal computer. If you cannot install it. Linux. Google Earth was formerly called Earth Viewer. Inc. Hence. Japanese. Dutch. it has now introduced the Google Earth—a virtual global program. An in-depth exploration of any place on Earth can be executed via satellite imagery. Swahili. Google Earth’s Impact When Google Earth was released in mid of 2006. This shows how the public immediately become more interested in geospatial technologies and applications.77 Google Earth: Your Cyber-Friendly Map With Google’s expanding global business solutions. Italian. maps. Traditional Chinese. the Keyhole. Windows XP. and most interestingly you can also extend your exploration to galaxies. It works in computers with Windows 2000. Portuguese. It was created and programmed by one of Google’s business solutions.

78 However. Some claim that Google Earth has initiated invasion of national privacy that can pose some threats to the overall security of a country or region. Some critics also say that Google Earth can also act as an instrument for future terrorism actions and damage of rights to privacy. there are some criticisms and issues of national security and privacy concerns raised because of using Google Earth. . This if not handled with proper administration will cause abuse of usage.

This includes Google Website Optimizer. requests and requirements. Google Mars. The web browsing and development tools allow you to create websites the easiest way possible.79 Google Tools Make You Gain Virtual Power It is a fact that Google has it all. Google Alerts and Applications. . Google Picasa. Google SketchUp. Google Docs. You can acquire highly important resources like maps and geospatial content. Google Desktop and Notebook among others. Google Sky. Google Babelplex. The maps and travel tools are the tools you need if you want to explore places on the surface of the earth and of the sky and galaxies. each concerns made for Google search will be properly addressed. Such tools under this category are: Ride Finder. and other useful and advantageous functions with just a click away. The miscellaneous Google tools enable you to maximize your time enjoying diverse things with Google Pack. Here are some of the Google categories that can cater users’ desires. Cooking with Google. 2. and many more. 1. and Google Gears among others. The third party tools consist of Googlematic. With thousands of Google tools made available for users’ convenience. iGoogle. Virtual-worlds platform and tools have been developed by Google to meet every specific need of the users. Every category comes with specific example of Google tools as well. The fundamental tools include Google Reader. 5. These tools are used for basic computing tasks. Google Earth. 3. Goofresh and Simply Google tools that can be used for further web exploration. and Google Transit among others. Google App Engine. 4. Google Gadgets. With tools powered by Google. you can search for particular information.

Google tools are indeed wide-ranging.80 6. The custom search tools enable you to narrow your search results to make researching as efficient as possible. Google is continuously increasing the number of Google tools that are being developed to address more and more specific user needs. Google Friend Connect is the way to go. The social networking and communication tools give you the access to keep in touch with everybody you wish to communicate with. . 7. At present.

You are benefited when you employ optimization in your ads because this process is not just cost-efficient— it lowers the price you have to pay when an Internet user clicks on your ads. This can be done by using the appropriate language to be used and locations to be targeted. The Seven Pointers to Remember in Targeting Successful Optimization 1. You have to identify the advertising objectives that will define the overall impact of your campaigns. Without optimization. . To maintain your high position on the search result page. you can take advantage of optimization tips and strategies so you can increase the success rate of your campaigns and ads.81 Optimizing for Success on Google's Content Network Optimization is essential in getting high rate success on Google’s Content Network. 3. Organization of your account should be maintained at all times to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness of each ad created. even if creating and editing procedures of keywords are done. there wouldn’t be any improvement in the performance of ads and campaigns of AdWords. Optimization is comprised of proven techniques in enhancing the quality of your keywords and everything about your ads and campaigns. 2. Direct to the point targeted advertisement campaigns should be created properly.

Regularly track and monitor the performance of your account. including the keyword replacement should be set. acquire more customers. 7. evaluations. Duplicated keywords should be avoided as well. 6.82 4. . Systematic selection of relevant keywords. Once you stick to the pointers set to achieve successful optimization as you use Google Content Network. and modifications to empower the results of your ads. Do campaign testing. you will obtain more clicks. Optimization of your website for conversion should be done with the use of conversion optimizer tool. and most especially increase your ROI. increase your website traffic. 5.

Almost everything on the Internet is all about Google. With Google AdSense you no longer need to spend huge amount of money just so you can make your advertising plans work. It is cheap and inexpensive. The strength of your website is contained within how well your keywords have been implemented. advertising your business with Google AdSense is possible in just a matter of a few clicks. c. We are all very well aware at how powerful Google is on the online arena. then you should not be thinking twice about how well Google can do this for you. It is easy to earn. All is plain and simple. Apparently. the presence of many competitors in the Internet makes other people think and doubt the capacity of the Google AdSense as the right avenue to advertise their own business. It is not complex and difficult. b. No extra steps to take. Unlike with the other advertising platforms. However. so there is no reason to doubt the capacity of Google and its advertising arms like AdSense to make your business well known on the Internet. they may think the otherwise when they realize the following reasons why they need to advertise their business on Google: a. all you need to worry about earning a lot on your business is to have a powerful website content. With Google AdSense.83 Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Advertise Your Business on Google If you are thinking about excellent platform and effective ways to market your business. All you need to do is to have your website registered with Google AdSense and make things happen for your business. no hidden charges to worry. .

When all these things are done.84 how dense these keywords are positioned on your site. then you can be assured of a better and performing business website. and how frequent you make an update on it. .

Make sure that you website gets the highest page rank. b. c. If there is one way that can help you make appealing to the advertising companies. the more money that can get into your pocket. you are opening the possibility of earning more chances of obtaining visibility on the Internet. . The following tips below can help you generate the money that you want from your site: a. not many people are able to realize that. it is your page rank. The higher your page ranks. Open your website for any potential advertisement. With more advertisers that get into your website. This is the common perception of many. opening your website to more advertisers can generate more probabilities of earning more money. The advertisements that you are able to solicit from advertisers can be the main source of your income. you are giving your website the chance to get more traffic. is equivalent to more money. that website is expected to generate money for the developer. When you are able to acquire that great visibility. When you link your website to another website. you have to make a positive projection about how this website can potentially earn money for you. the more you become appealing and trusted by the advertisers. and in effect. When you build a website. Therefore. however. Have your site linked to another website. It is a common fact that every website that is built whether it is made and designed for business or for persona use.85 Top Grossing Tips on How to Effectively Earn Revenue from Your Website When you built your website. you are entertaining the idea that somehow you will need to earn something from your website.

The consultant can offer your business other well tested marketing tools in as far as Google Adwords is concerned. Specifically. The consultant can dramatically lower down your marketing expense. The right strategy that the consultant can do on your marketing campaign can potentially create a more inventive and genuine ways to attract potential customers for your business. we need to hire a Google Adwords consultant because we would like to make sure that all else in our advertising campaign is effectively maximized. Using the consultant’s abilities and skills in the usage of marketing campaign tools. This can help you create a perfect avenue to attack your competitor’s marketing campaigns better. . The consultant can work on monitoring how well your marketing campaign is competing with the rest of the competitors. The work of the Google Adwords consultant is not limited to determining the best advertising campaign materials that you can use with your site. b. c. This in effect will create an impact on your business sales.86 Why We Need to Hire a Google Adwords Consultant In the business sector. your business can take advantage of this. it always matters when you have a person to consult to in times of critical decisions to be made. The consultant can greatly contribute in producing the best decisions to make on how you can place the site on its best foot forward because he is considered to know what works best based on his wide experience and knowledge. Below are some of the reasons why there is a need to hire a consultant: a.

your core knowledge in learning Google Analytics is lifted from learning the behavior of the search engine. You will be able to learn how to cross reference all your campaign materials using the return of investment monitoring mechanism. you will be able to have a clearer view which sites are most attractive to the people who visit your site.87 The Helpful Benefits of Google Analytics Tutorial In general. b. You will be equipped with skills on choosing the best search terms that can be referred based on the search engine’s diagnosis. With the Google Analytics tutorial. . Since. You will be able to learn which sites are very popular on your site. This is primarily achieved by learning what sort of website addresses is best to be referred. You will be able to learn how to determine the fundamental sources of site traffic and essentially allow you to earn great revenue on your site. This is specifically done by knowing how much is spend on different advertising media used such as paid engine search as against other forms of marketing forms. you have an advantage of knowing which search terms are usually encountered by the search engine. you will be adept in the following skills: a. Although acquiring Google analytics tool and perception is a little tedious and strenuous at a certain point. c. the benefits are just very enormous after. d. having knowledge in Google Analytics is very helpful to any website owner because this tool will permit you to have good analysis on where the traffic is. With the use of the Google analytics.

And lastly. However. no matter how much great fame this Internet feature has attained. Unlike the other free Google Earth like Google Earth Plus. you can expect a rather faster performance with a very simple process to undertake in using its movie maker feature. not a lot of people cared about knowing the fundamentals and basics of it. However.88 Learning the ABCs of Google Earth Pro Google Earth Pro is probably one of the famous search maps that have landed the Internet so far. about 70% of them will only know a thing or two about its features. exporting captured images in high quality to a document or a website is capable of being done without too much complications. when you ask Google Earth Pro users about what features are they using in Google Earth. the good thing about these 3 versions is that they are all containing the same type of imagery databases. . This goes to say then that the level of image resolution and details and the satellite imagery’s age are similar and one. the Google Earth Pro has added features on it that are not visible on them. With Google Earth Pro. Getting your site plans imported is done in just a matter of click and having them shared to your associates has never been a problem. Above all. In fact. and your Geospatial Information System can maximize its potential using the Google Earth Pro’s data importer feature. The Google Earth Pro gives people the capability to search locations in a very easy way and at most of the times in a lot faster manner. the Google Earth Pro is providing both e-mail and chat technical support usually open in the Pacific Standard Time.

him to not visit your website the next time. it is a lot easier said than done when we would like to produce a satisfied visitor. make sure that you give the right amount of content. It is more likely that he or she will remember your website if a good freebie was handed to him or her. As claimed. This gives him a bad experience about your site. However. trying these basic steps will somehow help: a. When a visitor gets into the site. It is the fundamental reason of every visitor to find something worthwhile on the website. When a visitor is being forced to leave any personal information. The objective of producing highly satisfied visitors is to turn these into regular customers. . Do not waste the time of visitor by giving him or her nonsense and irrelevant content as this usually pulls away loyal customer. Give some freebies.89 How to Efficiently Increase Visitor Satisfaction and Loyalty with Google It is the desire of every website owner to make their visitors become satisfied with the contents that they come across on your website. no matter how difficult this can be. A website visitor always enjoys the feeling of being appreciated by all the freebies that he or she receives from you. thus forcing. Do not force visitors to leave any personal information like e-mail address as part of your e-mail marketing plan. Much more that it becomes difficult when we are able to put a claim that we have earned the loyalty of this satisfied customer. b. This marketing strategy has been long running and keeping this principle has made a lot of online businesses survive very long in the online industry. he usually remembers that incident on that site. c.

b. Below are the reasons that you may find interesting on leveraging in developer’s tools: a.90 Top 2 Reasons Why We Leverage on Google’s Developer Tools The Google has made use of different tools and instruments in developing the applications and features that are present on every product and service that it offers. The open source code is the next genre of software development. users must take advantage in leveraging on knowing the ins and outs of developer tools specifically the Google’s Developer Tools. These developer tools should be properly leveraged in order to ensure that whatever happens with the feature or the software itself. There are times that you may not be able to understand why certain things happen when they are least expected to happen. This gives you the ability to further control how the feature primarily behaves . For this reason. With the use of the Gadget editor. Leveraging on Google’s developer tools allows you to understand the fundamental things that you need in order to debug and troubleshoot any issues that may arise with your Google product. modify. The coming of a better technology prompted many developers to adapt into the open source programs. Leveraging on Google’s developer tools allows you to host through the Editor of the Google Gadgets section. you can substantially create. you have the power as the user to fix and resolve the rising issues. and edit every important section of the program. Some of these applications have been developed using some of the more powerful scripting languages such as Ajax and Perl.

91 and reacts under specific circumstance. . This ability is considered to be getting deeper into the Google code which is a fundamental control over the Google product.

self-help tools to facilitate diagnosing the issue. One of the foreseen and immediate means to combat this high cost in maintaining and facilitating the technical support services is by making its clients self-sufficient in knowledge via its online knowledge based support. This is an- . The cost that allowed for this support service to happen is no joke. and toolkits to help facilitate the troubleshooting steps.92 Reduce Google Chat and E-mail Technical Support Costs by Enhancing Self-Service Online Every website that provides technical assistance at one point thinks about how they can make their clients/customers become self-sufficient in terms of knowledge and skills. it can reach up to a million dollars at a conservative. with just the operational cost of this. The self service online is proven to make the clients self reliant in looking for the best resolutions for their concerns and issues. This is one of the major agenda that technical support services have been thinking about – how they can eliminate the use of live technical support and make their clients self-reliant. These self-service online comprises of knowledge base information. In fact. With this self-service online help that many websites have developed. One of the clear reasons why chat and e-mail technical support services is being perceived to be eliminated is due to the operating cost that this service is causing the support provider. there is now an effective means and methods to drastically reduce the operating costs in sustaining a chat and email technical support service provided to clients.

93 other breakthrough that majority of technical assistance providers are going to deliberately love about and enjoy. .

And with the updated version of the Google Earth Pro. The Google Earth and Google Earth Pro apart from its feature to explain the captured image. With the embedded capability of Google Earth pro to perform calculations a lot faster. b. is also able to make a visual representation of this image either in a 2D or 3D imaging. The visualize feature of Google Earth Pro is capable of incorporating the Geospatial Information System data in various file forms such as . it can also transfer and export the image to more than a thousand different locations either by physical address or geospatial axis based on a spreadsheet. And as the industry is putting more emphasis on the utility of these features. Analyze and Share: The Distinct Characteristics of Google Map Earth The Google Mapping Services specifically the Google Earth and Google Earth Pro are the mapping services of Google that are bounded by these three distinct characteristics: a. . Google is prompted to develop far better in its new and latest mapping service. Share. With its ability to visualize. c. you can be capable of getting additional instruments used for measuring the location axis either in square foot or mile. Analyze.94 Visualize. analysis is made a lot easier and lesser complicated. Good analysis on the coordinates begins with effective analysis on the image that was captured. These three distinct characteristics that are manifested on Google Earth Pro make it possible for anyone to come up with the most powerful and highly scaled presentation or documentation. The sharing capability of Google Earth Pro allows you to have a view on any visual representations on Google’s original file form.

the more it becomes easier for any other tool to identify where the traffic can be best achieved. And with the visitor navigation that is capable of being able to identify the area where it needs improvement. This analytic tool helps any website owner understand how every visitor sees the whole website giving real time updates about how each visitor discriminates the website and its content. Above all. The web analytics tool of Google helps any website owner understand who its expected viewers and visitors are. The traffic that your website is generating can be best interpreted by the tool that is capable of making an aggressive evaluation and assessment on the return of investment of every marketing tool that you use. Above all.95 Analyze Website Traffic through Google Web Analytics Google Web Analytics is a tool designed for anyone who owns a website. there is an easy way that one can use to identify the various sources of web traffic (either from the direct traffic brought to us by direct visitors and site referral and links). . the analytic tool from Google lets any website owner understand which marketing plans are working the best for them and the website. It is an instrument that will help any website contain the best elements that any website can have ranging from good selection of keywords to having the right density of keywords. With the use of the Google Web Analytics tool. the Google Web Analytics will help you understand how your website is capable of achieving this amount f traffic.

Google has a set of knowledge base online that you can use to make sure you are doing the right things on your page. You can have a better choice if you know what your choices are going to be. these tips and techniques happen to remain a secret to them. However. when the page is empty and void.96 The Unrevealed Tips to Top Google AdSense Google AdSense is one of the top money making sites there is in the Internet. . A lot of people are engaging into doing Google AdSense because of the easy money that it is able to bring into someone else’s pocket. Never put any advertisement on a page that is empty. then you can ask by all means the Google support team. Well. asking is never wrong. not all people who engage in Google AdSense have what it takes to succeed. the successful ones happen to have discovered the secrets towards attaining the top. As for the others. Always take note of your keywords and how dense they are on your page. Always explore your choices by asking. b. all the advertisements that may crawl into it will most likely be not relevant because Google will not have a way to determine what sort of ads are best to be placed on an empty page when it begins analyzing it. It is with keywords that Google sees your relevance and presence. Logically. If you are not sure about what you are doing. a. Keywords are such a big deal in ranking and earning money via AdSense. Thus. the thing is. it is very important that you are fully aware about how well distributed your keywords are and how dense they are on your page. right? Remember. assuming is! c.

The Google Adwords Learning Center is a Google website where combination of various knowledge and learning are stored and deposited. trademarks and copyrights policies. The Learning Center of Google Adwords offers the multimedia-base and text-based lessons that fit all types of audience. the learner will be able to acquire knowledge about the basics of Adwords included on which are the features and the benefits that can be derived out of using it. The Google Adwords Learning Center is a free training that one can acquire in order to have sharper knowledge about Adwords and its different functionalities. It also includes all the policies that make up the whole Adwords important of which are the link policies. Just like any other knowledge base. . Google Adwords as one of the major marketing avenues that most Internet marketers are using is offering on its site a knowledge base that can help people obtain and acquire knowledge. the Google Adwords Learning Center is also providing a way to assess how much the learner has achieved and learned. With the knowledge base of the Google Adwords Learning Center.97 The Knowledge that Google Adwords Learning Centre Bridges to Us The industry of business and marketing is such a highly competitive industry and as such learning and acquiring knowledge is very much needed and at times required. Google Adwords and Advertising Professionals. or anyone who fall interest to learn just anything about Adwords. and the editorial and image advertisement policies. This Google Adwords Learning Center was designed to cater all types of Google users – Google Adwords Advertiser. An online exam is being provided by the knowledge base.

98 .

preferred domain names. this is all possible because of the Google Apps or Google Applications for your domain. the migration from the software based e-mail programs such as Outlook is simply done by drag and drop method – very simple and easy to do. setting up the Google Apps for your domain is very easy to do and it is very hassle free. Lastly. you can have mobile support from the Gmail Mobile application making it easier for you to access your mailbox in any place you want. The Google Apps Domain lets you own all of these features without having the need to sacrifice your identity. with the new Google Apps for your domain. What is good about Google Apps for your domain is that all these features are hosted and powered by Google which means that there is no need for you for any additional hardware to buy and attach or any software that you need to download and install and essentially maintain. In as far as the mail service is concerned.99 Are the Google Apps for Your Domain All Set to Meet the Expected Outcome? Have you ever wondered how you are able to exchange email messages with your friends and relatives using Google? Or have you been wondering about how you are able to get online and chat with all the people on the Google and exchange concepts in an interactive manner? Well. and even synchronized calendar activities all in your chosen. In addition to that. . Google Apps are applications that allow you to communicate and channel all your communications for free from e-mail to instant messaging.

texts.0 is that it is capable of exporting your 3D designs into a real and CAD like format apart from the other acceptable design formats.0 has embedded palettes that allow a user to sketch and draw in 2D and 3D forms. the newly designed Google Sketchup Pro 6.100 What is Hot and New with Google Sketchup Pro 6 Google is committed towards making great technological innovations. Above all this new and exciting added feature in the Sketchup . it is now possible to put together in one mainstream. The new Sketchup Pro 6. create and produce accurately and dimensionally designed presentations similar to a computer aided drafter design.0.0 has integrated all the needed tools that allow any user to create and deliver a specific design using one software only. It also permits to position your designs utilizing the real coordinates and able to share these using another feature known as the 3D warehouse. artwork and even personalized. Adding more to that.0 mixes the high end 2D and the 3D tools in order to manipulate. With the new Google SketchUp 6. What is more exciting about Google Sketchup Pro 6. with the new and exciting Google Sketchup Pro 6. Essentially. Everything about Google Sketchup Pro version 6. creative inventions and unequalled excellence.0 you can also export your 2D vector designs into a more realistic design format and create a forceful dynamically paged documents and designs. any 3 dimensional (3D) models with 2 dimensional elements such as photos. handwritten notes in order to produce interactive results. The Google Sketchup Pro 6.0 is all about advancements.

0. . what is essential is that it now provides technical assistance via e-mail support.101 Pro 6.

This is the rate (in percentage format) that represents an attempt to visit the site and purchased a product and service to your site. you need to make sure that you directly give your potential client the information that they need. However. This way you are building a lifelong trust with your client. The flexible your payment methods are the better it would be to your clients. c.102 Getting a Surefire Increase in Website Conversion Rates Conversion rate is a very important aspect that a lot of website owners are very concerned about. direct. It is best that you have these pieces of information ready. Discuss the policies that you have. Policies are often misunderstood and overlooked aspect of selling. . Below are some them: a. Be clear. and honest with what you are selling on your website. People on the Internet can easily sense honesty and sincerity. This gives you the chance to prove your honesty and sincerity in dealing with clients. The conversion rate in a very simple discussion is the figure that represents the potential clients that may opt to buy your product. People who are buying from the merchant usually ask for flexible payment methods and terms. you can cite the pros and cons of the product that you are selling. there are surefire tips that can help augment the number of potential buyers that you may have on your site. Getting this done is probably one of the challenges that website owners are facing. b. Most potential clients may not care about these policies but it is your duty as a seller to keep the clients informed about this. Give your clients various forms of payment methods. As a website owner who tries to make an upsell. If it is necessary.

or Google News. This is made possible because of the varied products and services that it can offer to its users. More exciting to this is that Google comes in different languages mainly French. Russian. Google Maps. as it tries to unleash its Google Video.103 The Flexibility of Google to Post All Kinds of Content Google as an advertising platform is capable of accepting numerous kinds of contents that you can post to it – from emailing ads to IM brigade. and social networks. Google Mobile. If you want to obtain help in posting sorts using the chat. and dominantly English. The marketing campaigns that can be posted on almost every product that Google offers are relatively free. the charge is usually minimal by nature. Google is indeed very powerful in allowing all types of posts. Filipino. browsing through the web using any of the Google products such as Google Chrome. Google Groups and Orkut for the others. you can extend help in shopping. there are more and more things that Google has to offer. Although there are some Google products that are requiring a specific amount before you can make any post. e-mail. Spanish. Now. you can get by a little help by using these Google products: Gmail for the e-mail. With Google. people will now have more capability to make . As the new century starts to unfold. to map servicing. There are also advertising services that Google offers such as the AdSense and the Adwords – these are some of the more popular advertising sites used by Internet marketers.

104 campaign postings not only through texts and letters but apparently in videos. .

In fact. the Google chat. you are not only limited towards using a single service. When you use Google as your main platform to sell your products online. Google is one of them. through the years. The Google website. was able to establish its own set of followers and patrons. And being able to hit the right website where you can sell your product is ultimately your bonus. These people are the loyal visitors and users of the site. Google is trusted. these are some of the notable services and products in the Internet that a lot of people use in their online business. The online as the avenue to make business is considered one of the best places where you can earn great amount of income. Google products and services such as the Google mail. When you sell products online.105 Effectively Sell Online via the Google Products and Services The Internet is such an effective way to sell any product or service that you want. selling your products online via these Google products shall never be a wrong option in any way. the reasons below can help you understand why these Google products are amazingly suggested: a. you need a marketing website that is trusted and has credibility that is not tainted. Specifically. With such a great number of followers. Google has numerous products and services that you can use. the Google AdSense and Adwords are few of the products that one can use in order to sell your products online. Google has a distinct set of followers. b. Any account that you have with Google is tied up with majority of the other services being offered by it. . c.

This is being widely used because it offers more worldwide-viewing capabilities. this is one of the more prominently being used by both the potential clients and the online business owners. In addition. and Mac OS. Some of the mapping features that are being offered for free by Google Maps are street mapping. Google Mars. There are also countries from the Asia Pacific that has larger visibility on the Geospatial Information Systems. One of the widely used platforms being used by Google maps is the Google Earth. the best way to make your campaign advertisements appear on it is to focus your presence in countries which are directly covered by some of the major Geospatial Information Systems particularly in the European parts of Ireland and United Kingdom. If you are using the Google Earth.106 The Best Way to Appear on Google Maps for Free Google Map is a web service mapping application that is available for free. and Google Moon to name a few. and with the use of the high quality and resolution that imaging systems are using. a standalone application program compatible to work with MS Windows. This technology is being powered and provided by Google which is responsible in powering up numerous mapping services on the Internet including the Google Ride Finder. and location planning for many countries all over the globe. route planning for cars and bicycles for pedestrians. Linux. it is best . Many people and business people see this as a better opportunity for them to get marketed and noticed by their potential clients.

107 suggested that you make an appearance on sites that are visibly captured by these imaging systems. .

not too many people even know that APIs are part of the Google Adwords. advertising groups. Well. Adwords API allows you to build and deal with advertising campaigns. and list any advertising campaign. This web service allows any user to make. SOAP is a compatible protocol with Adwords that makes use of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The Adwords API makes use of the SOAP technology or the Simple Object Access Protocol as its central technology for its messaging feature. In fact. this is one of the things that generally of Google users have in common. b. This web service allows any user to make any advertising group. The Campaign Service. edit. list an advertising group. The Adwords API is a composition of various web service and these services have been integrated in a uniformed and collected manner in order to achieve greater efficiency. . and even keywords in a very effective and efficient way. you can effectively produce suggested better keywords for your page that can essentially produce greater traffic for your website. Below are some of the web services included with Adwords API: a. This gives the user the capability to control any advertising action made. and associate any advertising group with any other campaign.108 A Close Encounter with Google Adwords API Not a lot of people understand why APIs are very important to Google Adwords. I guess. With the use of the Adwords APIs. modify. The Ad Group Service.

.109 Apart from that. it also allows any user to take action on those associated advertising groups.

d.110 What are the Expected Skills from a Google Adwords Professional? The soaring high demand for Google Adwords consultants prompted Google to launch its maiden program known as the Google Adwords for Professionals in 2004. advertising schedule. This program will help potential consultants help increase the number of Google Adwords potential clients with their Adwords campaigns. and potential targets to network the campaign material. the following rigid tasks are asked to be performed: a. c. A consultant who undergoes in the Google Adwords Professional training is required to make and produce an advertising campaign copy in order to promote and market the website of the client in the Google Adwords. A consultant who undergoes in the Google Adwords Professional training is required to analyze and evaluate the central keywords presents on the client’s website to determine its substance and content. A consultant who undergoes in the Google Adwords Professional training is required to come up with a predetermined and pre-assessed budget appropriation for the Adwords marketing campaign. b. e. A consultant who undergoes in the Google Adwords Professional training is required to perform overall evaluation and analysis on the client’s website along with how the Internet industry sees it impact the business industry. A consultant who undergoes in the Google Adwords Professional training is required to come up with a predetermined and pre-assessed appropriation for the maximum . As part of the professional jobs that these consultants do.

f. . A consultant who undergoes in the Google Adwords Professional training is required to make the necessary followthroughs and monitoring of the advertising campaign.111 CPC or cost per click and the landing page for the specific keywords.

then it is most appropriate to have the Google Earth Enterprise. the Google Earth Enterprise and its ability to capture image can help a person or an organization to facilitate faster decision making. universities. The Google Earth Enterprise allows its users to capture this image in either 2D or 3D format. company leaders are taken aback about making the Google Earth Enterprise part of the organizational system. and collaborate information to make people well informed. companies. • When you are in search of a more secure and tightly guarded system or mechanism that you want to positioned behind any firewall systems.112 Making the Right Decision about Google Earth Enterprise The Google Earth Enterprise is an Internet tool that provides help to people such as organizations. hospitals. . when do we know if Google Earth Enterprise fits right to an organization? Below are some of the considerations to take that can help you decide whether or not you are making the right decision about Google Earth Enterprise: • When your organization possesses big amount of geospatial information then the use of the Google Earth Enterprise is intelligently needed. Essentially. Seemingly. There have been a lot of questions raised about putting Google Earth Enterprise a place in any organization. share information. and even government institutions in terms of capturing imageries of any geospatial information type. So. even when it is a common fact that Google Earth Enterprise can really make things a lot easier for the organization.

113 • When your organization has a Geospatial I.S area. then having the Google Earth Enterprise can help you achieve the right amount of information that you want. .


Hot Tips to Improve Your Site’s Visibility
The Internet is such a big and dynamic source of updated information. These pieces of information are used to make people informed, make an upsell, advertise a product or service, or basically shouting out somebody’s opinions and concepts. But whatever the reasons are, the common thing about it is that every website desires to be able to generate traffic on their website as an indication of the site’s visibility. Any website needs to have visible presence on the Internet. However, this may be the general sentiment of most website owners but they do not know how they can do it. Below are some of the ways on how you can improve the visibility of your website: a. Keyword density. Make sure that your website is densely written with keywords. These keywords are basically what search engines are looking for in every website. The keywords that are positioned on your website should have relevance and significance as equated on your web content. Make sure, too, that they are densely distributed meaning a specific number of keywords are reached to make them visible and relevant. b. Content. Every visitor who makes an attempt to visit any site is attracted by what he is able to see and read on the website. This means that the initial thing that a website needs to make it visibly appealing to the readers is that it should have meaty and bold contents – contents that are appealing to the interest of the majority. c. Links. Make sure that you are able to build links on your website. The more links that are embedded on your site, the better it shall look to appeal to the search engine.


Hot and Sizzling Tips to Increase Website Conversions and Sales
There are so many websites on the Internet that are generating more traffic but failed to increase their conversion rates and apparently not being able to sustain the sales quota that it desires. This is the common problem that a lot of website owners are having dilemma to resolve. However, as the Internet grows rapidly, more and more companies are being established in the hope of trying to help these websites achieve higher conversion rates and substantially sustain their sales growth. When you are aspiring for a greater visibility on your website, you also need to aspire to achieve higher conversion rate in order to sustain the sales growth. In order to achieve that, the following sizzling tips are being suggested: a. Progressive maintenance on the website. Websites and their contents lose their touch at a certain point because visitors are often seeing new things from time to time. It is a must that every website owner initiates progressive maintenance on their website. This means that contents that are not driving good traffic should at once be deleted and contents that are seemingly attracting more visitors should be enhanced. b. Re-design the website once in a while. The graphical aspect of your website needs to be re-evaluated, re-assessed, and re-designed at a certain point. This allows the website to have a new, fresh look in the eye of the visitor. Although it is very strenuous to sustain your conversion rate and your growth sales all at once, having it done is never impossible.


The Google Site: A Better Way to Promote your Books
If you are involved in producing and manufacturing books either being reproduced online or offline, you will need to find a better way on how you can market and make it visible to the buying public. You will need to find a site which can help you drive more visibility and make a mass appeal. More often, the Google website is considered as the main avenue of marketing and advertising a product such as a book. But, why advertise and market the book using the Google site? What are the potential benefits that you can obtain out of using the Google site as your main avenue to advertise your book? a. Google is known to have a credibility that is outstanding. Many people who use the Internet trust Google. With the established credibility that was earned all thru out these years, truly, Google is one of the pillars in advertising and marketing. b. Google is offering free marketing services. The AdSense and Adwords products are some of Google’s main marketing arms. These marketing platforms are fundamentally free of any charge delivered to us by Google. If you are thinking about advertising your product outside these two marketing arms of Google, then you must be really out of your mind. c. Google is one of the best search engines. Being a search engine, it is given the privilege to work on analyzing every website that it encounters on the Internet. Google is giving its members the privilege to know what sort of best things that needs to be included on a marketing campaign in order to rank well and high.

Putting the right category creates a sense of balance in determining the relevance of the products on the perspective of your potential clients. Dry run your category. . concentrate on modifying only the things that did not make the initial showcase a success. You can interchange your categories to come up with a new set of relevance on your products. It is best to remember that products whether they are little or expensive. how are you going to make the arrangement in order to have an effective showcase? Below are a few tips that you can use: a. When all the categories are finished and done. When you are faced with a great dilemma on how you need to make a good showcase of your products. Categorize. When the category did not seem to work based on the baseline that you have set. If things are not working based on the category then you have to think of another way to showcase your products. So. c.117 Showcase the Most Relevant Products and Earn the Best Results When you are thinking about how you are going to make an impressive showcasing of your products on your website via the Internet. need to be arranged based on the relevance before they are showcased to the consuming public. you will need to make a good organization of your thoughts in order to come up with the best showcasing. b. you need to make sure that you know how to categorize them. Showcase the category to the consuming public and have it run for about a week. then it is high time to make the necessary modifications. The organization of the products on your website indeed makes a great deal to a lot of viewers. but this time. you can make a dry run on this. Modify the category.

it will be a lot better if an individual who are studying this will also take up all of the quizzes since this will help him to fully understand the concept. Some people might say that the concept of PPC is simple enough. and creatives. When finding any AdWords learning center. Some of these trainings also give their trainees the choice to pick the lessons that they want to learn. links. Google AdWords pertains to the management tool of pay per click (PPC). it would still be best to follow the lessons catalog. ad groups and many more. the concept of PPC will already appear too confusing to some people—especially to the ones who are new to this. the sole thing that is needed by an individual to invest is his time. creatives.118 Learn More about Google AdWords in Adwords Learning Center For those analysts. Of course. These trainings are open to any individuals who are interested to learn more about Google AdWords. marketers or even casual people who are interested to know both the basic and advance information about Google AdWords can check out for the available Google AdWords learning center on the Internet. Apparently. There are quite a few online trainings that are offered on the Internet. Many of these are provided by the Google itself. However. And these aim to sharpen the trainees’ knowledge when it comes to AdWords. including costs. Individuals are suggested to take those learning materials that are offered through text or multimedia. when one will consider the entire factors around the setting up of different campaigns and ad groups. Any of the two are offered for free. But of course. . which allows users to set up their own keywords.

he may scroll down and insert in the URL as to which home page he wants to set up the tracker to.D. one can already proceed to the website of Analytics engine and sign up his website for Google Analytics. one can access the information he wants about his website. Step 3: The Dashboard of Google Analytics Google Analytics dashboard is actually the Google home page. After this. This is why informed decisions are really vital to ensure success rather than confusion. After this. creating a Google Analytics account is too simple.119 Google Analytics Help: An Online Tutorial Decisions play a major role in operating a business. To those who are still unaware on how to use this tool. Once a person has already signed up into the system website. Basically. Step 2: Setting up of Tracking Code for Google Analytics A person can install a tracking code into his website by simply clicking on the link of Add Website Profile. in Gmail email. One would only need to have an I. One of these tools is Google analytics engine. . In this page. especially when it talks about one’s own website. he will be automatically directed to the file of website profiles. Google analytics help are provided below to uncover the actual potential of Google: Step 1: Create an Account for Google Analytics The software of Google Analytics is provided by Google for free. And this is why information tool is really essential. The same concept is applicable for the Internet as well as websites. This tool is easy to use and this provides web statistics for free.

he was able to say that based on his personal experience to use this product. And from that he was able to conclude that even those who only have basic computer knowledge is capable to make a good looking web page through the use of this tool. . his wife did not encounter any troubles while using the feature. his wife is not an expert in handling computer according to Erickson. Erickson said that he also introduced this feature to his friends. which he discovered on this project. Apart from his wife. Erickson also mentioned that he was actually not expecting something so exciting from the Google page maker. Take note. And like what he expected.120 Google Projects and Its Wonders Staff writer of aka Blud James Erickson wrote a blog that describes the wonders of Google projects. Google has exceeded his expectations. he said. he is expecting people who will also be using this to find nothing else because of the simple web interface it provides. Urchin. And his experience was outstanding. Google page maker and analytics. He also said that the most interesting feature. he was able to appreciate the marvel of Google projects when he was chosen to participate in the projects for Google “beta” such as company based e-mail. According to him. She is simply knowledgeable on its basics such as the Microsoft office—just that. is the capability it provides to log in to Google chat through the use of his own domain name. Because of this. he said that he suggested his wife to use the same thing. But to his surprise. Erickson said that he has been recently playing with Google Analytics as well as with the developments over its forerunner. In fact.

Good thing. adding tables. individuals can possibly make documents from a scrap online. changing fonts. to those people who do not want to spend a good amount of money in buying Office software. and many more. it is claimed that the online Office Program provided by Microsoft is already left behind this time because people are expecting to see Word. there is now a far better alternative—to utilize an online office program. he is required to purchase some costly software to be loaded to his computer. So. Google Docs contains Google Word Processor.121 Google Word: Allowing People to Write Directly Online Individuals who are acquainted in the technological world—the computer namely—is given with two choices: to keep on using Google Word Processor otherwise called as Google Docs or shift to Microsoft Office online. It is given that when an individual wants to use any type of office program. Through the use of the Google version. The entire basics are presented here—from making a list of bullets. PowerPoint. Good thing. Microsoft still have an unfading advancement—their ever in demand Office software. and Excel online in 2009 beta format. The two online office programs that are considered to be the most ideal to use are Google Docs and Microsoft Office online. But the best thing about Google Docs is it is made available to the public for free. This choice however is not very ideal because it wastes some valuable resources. On the other hand. they may simply prefer to use the free Google Docs online office program and .

122 allow the Google Word to help them complete their writing stuffs. .

it is recommended to look at the present data for a month and then. it will be easier for people to identify the next action to make on improving the overall performance of their accounts. which they want to attain. individuals may identify the ways to develop the landing page call into action. said that pay per click bid management always involves the management of the performance of keywords in every engine independently. According to Nelson. a writer of Practical e-commerce. • For the keywords with zero clicks. If this is the problem. sort out the data according to three criteria: cost per click. number of clicks. it has to be assured that the land page will reflect the message of the ad. By simply knowing the impact of the keywords. The first section pertains to those keywords that gained clicks but was not able to convert. The second section refers to the keywords that were not able to gain click. this simply means that the ad does not look too attractive to draw the attention of the searcher. They may also adjust bids to shift position if the cost of the keyword is too expensive. And the third section pertains to the group of keywords that have produced conversions.123 Ways to Effectively Manage Pay Per Click Bid Pamela Nelson. individuals may . individuals may perform a comparison between the optimal costs per conversion with the cost per conversion. and cost per conversion. • For the keywords with clicks but have low conversions. The following discussions explain how it works: • For the converted keywords. Here.

124 rewrite the ad with different versions—versions that make an impact when it is read. .

Good thing. Set the bids. This tool flawlessly incorporates with Google to provide all the critical data of an individual as well as campaign management and metrics into one without meeting too many complications. Shift and modify the ads. Matt Levenhagen of Campaign Blast stated that those advertisers who were able to work with the interface of Google AdWords are surely aware how cumbersome and time consuming it is to process all of the critical data using this. this was alleviated by AdWords Dominator. More significantly this also helps people to manage keywords. Set up new AdWords and campaign. Indeed. one can easily perform everything on his desktop—making AdWords fun again to its users.125 The New Adwords Management Tool: AdWords Dominator The AdWords Dominator is viewed as the first all-in-one tool for AdWords management throughout the world. Levenhagen said that through the use of AdWords Dominator. And analyze on tables and graphs the changes in the ads. the availability of AdWords Dominator has provided people with complete control over the entire functionality of AdWords directly from the desktop. Specifically. which is affected by performance. the following are some of the functions of AdWords Dominator to its users: • Provides limitless account functionality • Supplies single screen interface for trouble-free access to the entire campaigns . which is especially designed for Pay Per Click advertisers.

126 • Manages and controls the entire aspects of AdGroups and Campaigns • Provides list import and management of keywords It is because of these functions why Levenhagen suggested all the marketers out there to take the advantage brought by the functionality of AdWords Dominator. Marketers who are going to use this tool is claimed to generate more money. .

it has to be taken note that the best options for Google search require more than just simple keywords. However. • Extended Googling Google provides a head start to its users to help them focus on their searches. one of the current Google forums on the Internet presents the secrets when searching through the use of Google. Google is certainly a potent tool that can both ease and improve the Internet exploration of its users. . one of the ways it presents is the use of Google groups. Intitle. people are used to use one to two keywords only whenever they are performing their search. Sure. link. this strategy makes a quick search. Now. Normally. and the use of a site.127 Google Forums Reveal Google Secrets Everyone is aware that Google presently provides the finest overall-purpose search engine on the World Wide Web. • Google as Swiss Army Users should be aware that Google offers a lot of services to help its users accomplish their tasks easily and speedily. Google provides online calculator that allows users to perform math as well as conversions. To provide further explanation. many among the people nowadays failed to seize it to its best advantage. However. although. Users may use the following tricks of syntax search: Intext. this is not too precise. Like for instance. There is also a Google service wherein users may check if they have spelled a word correctly. the following were collated to present some of the lesser-known options when searching in Google: • Tricks of Syntax Search The use of special syntax is one way of saying to Google to limit the searches to particular characteristics or elements of Web pages.

” The report said that the service offered by Google will only require $10 fee each year and will only handle website addresses that end in four suffixes as what was already mentioned. the configuration will not limit the websites to take advantage of other services offered by the rivals of Google such as Microsoft. which is The Mountain View. presents its recent service in a partnership with eNom and GoDaddy. instant messaging. The truth is there are 250 and above suffixes in the master directories of the Internet. e-mail.” “. and Microsoft. So anytime now. which includes Google Apps for the domains. which is to register website addresses in a step intended in promoting more usage of the leader’s free software products for online search.” and “ those websites that have their domains registered through Google will be set up to function automatically with numbers of the company products. Individuals out there are actually encouraged to join here since Google constantly add and update latest sites to their index. the Associated Press made a report that discussed about Google website registration. they will be able to share their place on the Internet with Google.128 Implementing Google Website Registration Way back in 2006. These two are among the many administrators that assist websites to formally register their names with domains such as “. This is the very first time Google has joined into the Domain business. The company. Now. Google Page Creator. Time Warner’s AOL. The report said Google will adhere to the services given by the crowded field. Through .com. and calendaring. people can already add their URL to Google.” “.

Google ranks the pages depending to the numbers of links that are pointing to these pages. The Title Tag The title of the page is being valued by Google. because this is greatly valued by Google in determining the level of rank they may give. it is essential for one to get the most possible links to point back to his page. the title should be placed in between the HTML tags in the heading section of the web page. Simply. Meaning. 4. this will be placed by Google in a higher rank. Therefore. This is why numbers of articles are being written about this topic. The following are the updated information on how to improve page ranking on Google: 1. So. several of these articles are written almost similarly— tackling the same thing. Pages Should Magnify Keyword Density Google is giving so much importance to the keyword density of a page. 3. many individuals are valuing the guidelines and tips on how to improve search engine ranking on Google. Links Loaded with Keywords . Unfortunately. which are being published in newsletter or on the Internet. if one page has numbers of links that point back to it. This one although is purposely written to provide an updated information about the effective ways to improve one’s search engine ranking on Google.129 Updated Ways on How to Improve Search Engine Ranking Today. It will be a lot better if this topic will be closely studied by visiting the sites that provide detailed instructions. Target Those Inbound Links Remember this. 2.

.130 Links that point to a page should contain helpful keywords. there is a great probability for a page to achieve higher ranking. This way.

First. he should first have a dazzling graphics and a big name to effectively achieve it. which is entitled “Search Engine Advertising: Buying Your Way to the Top to Increase Sales. Seda describes as to how can someone turn his ad copy that is performing poorly to achieve its desired target. the question is how can it be done? Simply. She also discuss in her book the proper way to evaluate and correct low visitor into buyer conversions. Certainly. advance marketers can also find a help on the guide- . But the book of Internet strategist and marketer Catherine Seda. people are normally drawn to the belief that before an entrepreneur can lure his clients to his websites. Secondly.131 Catherine Seda Released a Book about Search Engine Advertising These days. once a website took a high place on the search engine. numbers of visitors are sure to come as well. According to her. an entrepreneur can draw more visitors to his page by using this strategy. she focused in outlining the strategies involved in selecting the precise keyword positions. The features of this book are claimed by many to complement the needs of those who are just beginning in Internet marketing. Meanwhile.” eliminates this wrong belief and replaces it with a more practical and truthful one saying that “what really matters is a high up placement in search engine of a website to draw great numbers of visitor into a website”. Seda took an effort to clearly discuss into her book the ways on how to magnify a website into a search engine. Now. The information included inside is expected to serve as a great help for them to apply web strategy immediately.

132 lines provided by the author in analyzing and improving their recent results. .

Google AdSense Learning Resources provide information as to how you would like your AdSense be on your website. Google pays publishers on pay per click and pay per impression advertising.133 Google AdSense Learning Resources: Learn and Earn with Google AdSense While AdWords advertisers pay Google on pay per click advertising. AdSense for search on the other hand. provides website publishers to add a search box on their site. As a guide to website publishers and those who look forward on learning Google AdSense. Google AdSense allows website publishers earn revenue from their web content pages as Google’s place ads on their website. Ads can take the form of text ads. Google AdSense is free. link units or themed units. AdSenses publishers generate their earnings from the ad clicks made by user on the search results page. video ads. It can either or both AdSense for content pages and AdSense for search. Website publishers generate earnings when appropriate ads are added on your website. image ads. Google provides help information about Google AdSense. Google AdSense Learning Resources also provides information on how to customize ads appearance on your website. . Google AdSense provides options for website publishers to choose the kind of ads to add on their websites. Google welcomes website publishers to apply online provided that program policies are complied with. which will allow visitors to search and lead searchers to search result pages. AdSense for content pages shows the ads within the content of the page as reader’s scrolls down the page.

The payment system and how much a website publisher earns will depend on the how much advertisers bid on the publisher’s website. . Website publishers normally receive a portion of what advertisers pay.134 The style of your AdSense search box or search results page can also be customized.

Google provides learning guides for website owners on the application of Google Analytics and is available free. It also draws information as to which advertising copy pulled the most responses. It also provides informa- . The following are topics that Google Analytics Learning Resource or Help Center provides: 1. Glossary of Terms. Google Analytics is a tool that helps website owners in finding out which keywords attract most desirable prospects. domains and directories. Google Analytics has a Help Center that serves as the learning resource for Google Analytics users. and what landing pages and content generated money.Includes guides on how to track information downloaded to the website. Both parties would find Google Analytics helpful in finding out how advertiser’s and website publisher’s are performing in terms of website traffic. track e-commerce revenue transaction. How to Start Google Analytics. you are able to improve your website information either by writing better ads to strengthen your marketing strategy of creating higher conversion rates. Troubleshooting Installation and Tracking Code Installation.Includes information guide on Google Analytics. basics knowledge about Google Analytics. 2. In this way.135 Learn to Track and Create Higher Conversion Rates with Google Analytics As AdWords is an expense to advertisers. AdSense is an income to website publishers. Tracking Central. Google Analytics allows you to learn more about viewers of your website and how they explored your website.

Includes goals and funnels. AdWords. 4. access reports. ad campaigns and track troubleshooting. tagging links and filters. . Account Administration. Online campaigns and traditional media campaigns. reports on troubleshooting and data control report. managing profiles.It includes discussion on user permissions and other account issues. 3.136 tion on the basics of tracking. types of reports. 5.Includes the basics in reporting. Common Tasks.Provides guide on how to link Analytics to AdWords. Reports Central. 6.

2. you are able to access the up to the minute enterprise information. such as CRM. It provides users with secure access information from phone book listings to graphs of inventory levels and sales trends. ERP and business intelligence systems. Google Enterprise Solutions provide employees with the simplest. . Able to view all sides of an issue with relevant information from multiple systems as presented in a unified user provides quick search engine to Internet users for free it also has paid search engines for enterprise. Benefits of the Google OneBox for Enterprise 1. fastest and safest way to search information including intranets. file servers. Informed decisions are made faster as information from enterprise systems are easily and access on real time with the use of a single search box.137 A Closer Look at the Google Enterprise Solutions While Google. corporate desktops and business applications like CRM and business intelligence. document and content management systems. based on a user's search query. With Google Search Appliance or Google Mini search box. Google OneBox for Enterprise delivers relevant. Google has designed Google Enterprise Solutions to help companies search and access information from all corners of the business enterprise. real-time information from enterprise sources. A new feature of the Google enterprise solutions is the Google OneBox for Enterprise.

It is therefore providing secure access on control capabilities of the respective enterprise systems. which are allowed to be viewed. . which are relevant to the search query. View only OneBox results. 4. Focus on the subject being searched.138 3. Only appropriate information is viewed. It provides access only to contents.

Advertisers can set a daily budget of spending to pay Google for AdWords. Google AdWords Learning Resources guides you on how to create ads and choose keywords related to your business. Google website provides learning resources to help AdWords advertisers. Right keywords will lead Google searchers on looking to make a purchase or do business with your company by clicking click your ad and learn more about your offer.139 Google AdWords Learning Resources: Learn What is Has to Offer On the right hand side of a Google Website Search Results under Sponsored links box are ads known as AdWords. Google AdWords Learning Resources provides advertisers guides on how to set your ads based on local and regional target- . It offers free training online both on multimedia and text lessons depending on the type of learning style learners prefer. AdWords is Google’s main source of revenue. Google Advertising Professional or those who are interested in learning about AdWords. Advertisers are guided on how to target the right user with the right content. Advertisers display their ads on Google and pays Google only when people click their ads. It offers pay per click advertising and site targeted advertising both on text and banner ads. With Google you only pay when your ad is click and not when your ad is displayed on Search Results. Google AdWords Learning Resources helps advertisers provide keyword traffic and cost estimates. In this manner advertisers are informed on how to choose right keywords and maximizing your budget.

140 ing. There is no point of paying Google for ads wherein people will find your product or service beyond reach. . city. or region. These means advertisers should set their ads that they will appear only to people searching in a particular state.

The new enterprise version provides a more powerful analysis in generating detailed statistics about website visitors. “Non-Paid Traffic”. Features of the New Enterprise Google Analytics 1. Create reports that you would present information that way you would want to see. This feature also allows the application of segments to compare current or past data performance on a side by side report. Users select metrics for the x-axis. The use of metrics allows users to compare and expose data relationship. for example tracking the number of visitors in California. The program has predefined custom segments such as “All visits”. tracking starts immediately. 2. There is no need to dig through reports. 4. Custom Dashboards.141 The New Features of Google Analytics Google Analytics is a free service that allows website owners to measure the success of their web sites. You may also create a new custom segment such as isolating visitors by region. “Returning Visitors”. 3. Custom Reports. “Paid Traffic”. which isolate and analyze specific parts of your traffic. This feature allows users to create. Google today has introduced a new enterprise version of Google Analytics. bubble size. 5. . Motion Charts feature plot data in five dimensions. With the Google Analytics tracking code pasted into each of your website pages. save and edit custom reports. Put information on custom dashboards and email to others. and bubble color and view how these metrics interact over time. Faster Implementation. “New Visits”. “Direct Traffic” and “ Visits with Conversions”. Advanced Segmentation features. y-axis.

AdWords Integration. This allows users to see how visitors explored the site. 7. which of those keywords are appropriate for your business. Internal Site Search. Buy keywords on AdWords and use Analytics.142 6. . Allows users to identify visitor’s locations and set geographic markets. GeoTargeting. 8.

they bounce away. . This makes having websites seem good to have.143 Decrease Visitor Bounce Rate: Impressing Profit The reason why employers seek to employ the use of websites to sell their products or services is simply caused by profit. it cannot be denied that having a website printed along with the company card is good for the eyes of any beholder. As much as the colorfulness of the website is concerned. the only difference is the profit to be derived from it. or much like a TV commercial. When people browsing the Internet are looking for specific items to buy. And as follow up to this. With having a website or not. it is just colors. to a harried person. giving them bits and pieces of the products will not humor them. They might not even see the humor at all. posted on easily seen areas of the website. In this. and in this scenario is the flaw. They tend to think of it in terms of a nuisance. or if the website is used incorrectly. the website developers must: • Expect the questions to be asked by the visitors. In websites. and be ready with the answers. the expense. they don’t necessarily linger and because of this. as they’ve already exited. the people must always see first: • What they want. Of course.

It’s always best to remember that no matter how flashy the website may be. This is what the visitors are thinking. decreasing the bounce rate is something that must be answered first. there are still other websites out there that’ll offer the same product. so try to sell and not impress. but there will definitely be a decrease in the bounce rate.144 The result would most probably be less colorful. And while appearances do matter. .

It involves more than that. seeing advertisements for golf balls on a construction site’s website. and whose words are just posted on the website advertisements. This is common knowledge. advertisements for golf balls are put with websites for golf. The trick here is to find out where the website advertisements really belong. Placement targeting is also good for: . unless they want to. having the right words to say. Imagine. which is used by Google’s Adwords and Analytics. as people don’t intentionally put things where they don’t belong. so there is limited customer-seller relationship.145 Google Analytics in 60 Seconds: Placement Targeting Advertising Instructions The main thing is website advertisements is that they are convenient to use. So by use of placement targeting. This makes advertising harder as the customers should be able to trust the words of someone they’ve never seen. but are highly difficult to understand. this is not just the case of ‘You post it. Of course. what else is needed? • Put it in the proper place. I buy it…’ scenario. Besides. Imagine what it must be like to have products or services posted online to be sold. and because of this involves better advertising methods like placement targeting than the ones used by the conventional selling process. The hard part in selling products online is that there is nearly no haggling and speaking involved. or the right type of catchy designs.

And it’s just a minute. along with instructions on its use. so it’s so short it won’t eat up any person’s time. This will make the person understand placement targeting better.146 • Picking the right spot. There are many places to put the advertisement. . and placement targeting sees to it entirely with the assurance that it will be put on the best place. So start to search for ‘Google Analytics in 60 Seconds: Placement Targeting’.

. in creating a website this could be a problem. Of course. In doing this. buttons as well as colors. A pissed-off visitor is as likely to buy from an offending website as an elephant is to sprout wings and fly. The website’s products may be World’s best. There are two basic must-have’s in websites that should sell: • It must present the whole product in as short as a few sentences • And that the visitor/buyer must see it in good light. but if it is poorly presented it will not be bought at all. and while there will instances that this is an advantage. the design should match up with the products and to what visitors want to see. In sticking to the basics. the website should not really confuse the visitor with its features. In failing to do any of these. and they usually move off to other websites. there’s also the website design to figure out. Remember.147 Increase Visitor Satisfaction: Sticking to the Basics The most problematic of all things is that people vary. the formula should always be towards profit and not a portrait. So what can the website owner do? Stick to the Basics In creating the website. profit is not created. words that go for long ways off irritate the visitors. The main idea behind websites that sell is to make them really sell.

So by sticking to the basics. Failing to choose the proper color effects increases the likelihood of visitors bouncing off for other websites. the website’s owner is guided by the product. and not by the appearance of a good portrait.148 Colors should not be hard for the eyes. which he wants to sell. .

’ Site design does not only involve the picking of colors. Some even fail miserably at it. It saves more money than having to waste money on self-made designs for websites that may not even work at all. or what features to put and where. In this case. in which case its designs and function would more likely be towards it. it may be as hard as answering a common question of children. The problem in this scenario lies on the fact that not all persons are capable of making a decent enough website. Aside from being the inthing with businesses. They can hire experts to do it for them. the main goal is to sell. And for a website that is profit-oriented. It also involves the process of choosing where the buttons go.149 Eliminate Guesswork from Site Designs: An Expert Help The main feature that makes websites separately superior from other forms of advertising is that it is able reach out to other people faster and more efficiently. ‘Why is the sky blue. Presentation is everything. and if these were the cases. as well as what messages to say and how. and with expert help the creation of a website’s design would no longer make the owner suffer sleepless nights. then it can also be seen as they can’t even design a website properly. And there are also added benefits to this like having experienced people enhance the website on proper times . it is now profit-wise to have one. Picking colors is not as easy as coloring things from a coloring book.

150 and provide a design that fits advertising. this expert help can be dispensed with if the owner knows his way around websites. Of course. . and should be treated as an expense made for profit. selling and presentation parameters.

through advertising. In the case of websites. the more people who linger longer create bigger profit. So how can a person make visitors linger? Start Advertising Always remember that a known website name. Owners of websites could get involved with people’s online groups. Marketing the Website Itself on Other Forums In this. as not all who linger buys. there can be all sorts of forums. Just remember to be respectful and avoid being pushy as they might view the website in bad light and not visit it at all or stay for short periods . is more likely to make visitors linger than an unknown website. and on the whole.151 Increase Time Spent on your Site: Arousing the Curiosity The commonly held thinking on an increase and decrease is that the former is good. or in using the Internet. though using this could be very expensive. introduce his website and its products when the right situation is present. especially with the use of Google’s Adwords. while the latter is bad. but as a whole. It could be by word-of-mouth. increasing the visitors’ time on the website is definitely good. to say that it is profitable is half-hearted. Of course. may it be Internet or not. That’s pretty simple today. through blogs or other websites that offer shout-outs or bulletin posts.

in a way. the visitors linger through the use of arousing their curiosity about the website. . And all in all. that will increase their curiosity and make them visit it. it is all just about spreading the word out to other people. In this way. stay longer. and hopefully.152 of time.

Some readers might want to know more information without going out of the website. it means that they already have something specific in their mind on what they are searching for. there is a drawback in using Google search service. However. Second. . This is what adding site search to the website can do. He can use a CGI across his website or he can have JavaScript in individual pages. All he has to do is sign up with a search service like Google Custom Search Engine. This will allow the users not only to search in the website but also to create collections to search within. when shoppers use the search tool in the website. A website owner has different options for a search engine. Remotely hosted search CGIs are considered to be the easiest way to add site search to website. There is also no assurance that the newest pages shall be added to the search database as soon as possible. the website owner can also invite his community to contribute sites to the search engine. Moreover. he can only list pages that are live on Internet. The users will find this more interesting since a website owner can even give specific sites in the search results. One drawback is that a website owner is limited to the features that the search company offers. Second. It encourages them to stay more in the website.153 Why Add Site Search to Your Website? A website owner who has a successfully running website might want to add one important feature. Why add a site search? Having a site search will provide more interactivity with the readers.

9% uptime ad technical support. since these are all hosted by Google. This tool is said to be a reliable online communication and collaboration solution offering a 10 GB webmail storage and 24 hours and 7 days technical support. IM and voice calls. which shall be useful especially for enterprises. which aid individuals in the communication and collaboration process. an individual can also access Google Talk. Some of the included applications includes the following: First. IM capabilities are also .154 The Communicate and Collaborate Process under Google Goggle has recently made announcements on the release of its new premier edition under Google Apps. What is promising about this edition? The Google Apps Premier edition is said to be posing a big challenge against Microsoft Office Suite. Google Talk. This new release shall be combining Gmail. The main reason is that it is an affordable option from existing office communication and collaboration tools. There is also a 99. Further. There is also minimal set-up and maintenance. which allows file-sharing. Second. Gmail can now offer 10 GB instead of the 2 GB offered before. there is no need to install or download a hardware or software. Another benefit is that individuals can store documents online and be able to collaborate with his other colleagues in different locations. Google Calendar. The application can now be run in mobile phones and can be accessed from other non-Goggle mail accounts.

Google Page Creator and others. .155 built in the Gmail app and can be utilized without the Gtalk client. There are a lot of Google Apps that an individual can access such as Google Calendar.

single sign-on. The latter would enable data migration. This new edition is composed of basic suite online desktop applications that cost 50 dollars annually for each user. Under the new Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Moreover. Application-level control features would also allow administrators to set limits on the documents shared inside and outside an enterprise. This is the reason why Google Apps Premier Edition was created.156 Goggle Apps Premier Edition is meant for Enterprises Google initially offered free applications for small and midsize enterprises. and mail gateway connectivity. Google Apps Premier Edition is supporting the apps with a 99. revisions and edits can also be kept track. Gmail. Secondly. Enterprises shall also have 10GB of storage per user and application programming interfaces. which offers collaboration and management features. enterprises can allow its many employees to work on the same document simultaneously. It added Google Docs and Spreadsheets. is meant to target enterprises of all sizes including large companies. However. What are the new features? Google steadily wants to transform from just a search engine pioneer to an Internet advertising and business application master. Google Talk and Start Page applications. the Google Apps Premier Edition. user provisioning. .9 percent uptime service-level agreement. application level controls to Goggle Calendar. which would enable the enterprise to customize their e-mail service.

word processing and email service rolled in one application. then Google Apps Premier Edition is a good and practical choice. spreadsheets. If an enterprise would like to have basic business applications.157 The new features under the Google Apps Premier edition is believed to be the basic factor in attracting enterprises. .

To understand the concept more. To avoid confusing the buyers. He must remember to create a separate buyer and merchant sandbox account because he cannot purchase items from himself. The only requirement is to be able to give a valid email address as a username. a website owner must know the difference between the Google Checkout sandbox and production environments. there is no need to enter real credit card numbers. Therefore. To be able to sign up for sandbox. . Meanwhile. 2. social security numbers. The sign-up process for sandbox is the same as the signup for production environment. How to Sign Up for Sandbox 1.158 Information about Google Checkout Sandbox A website owner who are selling some services and products are probably familiar with Google Checkout sandbox. it is better to not show the sandbox in his Google Checkout. the production environment would allow the capture of funds from buyers when they have placed orders. the website owner must first create a sandbox buyer account and a sandbox merchant account at Google. The main difference is that sandbox is a test system. The production environment can only be used when the testing of the Google Checkout sandbox has been completed. or other information. This is just one of the order processing systems provided under Google Checkout. Google checkout sandbox is only a testing environment to see whether a website owner’s integration is not affecting real transactions.

159 3. . it doesn’t mean that he has automatically created an account for the production environment. When a website owner has created an account for the sandbox environment.

In addition. it only costs 100 dollars annually for up to 5K pages and 500 dollars for 50K pages. Top results biasing means that there are some sections of the site that can appear at the top of the search results. In short. This happens because of link popularity and other off site relevancy measurements.160 Google Site Search: Learning Its Benefits Google Site Search is a service under Google that offers quality search to websites together with a flexible cloud computing. Google site search is also a good indicator that websites are showing in Google’s global search. Using Google site search can also help website owners to figure out how well they trust different pages on a site or a subset of sites. many website owners prefer it. It can also be customized in a way that search results interface are integrated with the overall look and feel of the website. It allows website owners to implement search functionality which is considered useful and familiar with website visitors. if a website is easier to . Benefits of Google Site Search Since Google Site Search is easy to customize and implement. It offers an extensive and comprehensive search results on any website because it crawls and indexes more content. Google Site Search Features The Google site search has enhanced index coverage. It has date biasing and top results biasing. Date biasing means that website owners can influence search results by the age of their documents. Second.


find, then it is also easier for the website owner and the others to cite the archived content.


How to Build Effective Websites?
Every website owner whether selling a product or not wants his website to be effective. Building a website is easy but the question lies on whether it shall reach the target audience as effectively. Learn the Tips 1. The first consideration is to be able to build a website based on the evaluation of the website audience. Knowing what they want would help the website owner to customize his content to fit their interests, needs and expectations. Building a website means that he will be competing with so many websites offering the same products and information. 2. A website owner must also remember that even if he has a great product to sell, the design of the web spells a big difference on its success. He must make sure that the created website shall look professional 3. Once a website owner has created a professional looking website, the next step would be how his website can be found by the target audience. Search engines such as Google can do this work. Google will make sure that the website shall appear among the top search results. It uses a secret automated software algorithm to rank websites. One of the ways to increase traffic to websites is to determine the keywords that the customers will surely use. Another way is link popularity wherein Google shall rank the website based on the linked sites there. Making sure that the target audience shall find the website is not the last step in building an effective website. Website owners must also make sure that the contents shall be interesting enough for people to stay and browse.


Running a Google AdWords Campaign
An individual who wants to sell his products and services fast could benefit from Google Adwords campaign. It is said that an individual can set it up so easily in a few minutes and get good money in a few days. What is Google AdWords campaign? It refers to small pay per click ads that can be seen on the right side of Google search results. It offers highly targeted text and image ads based on what words people will be using to search for the product. Running a Google Adwords Campaign Tips First, an individual must establish his goals and targets. Would he want to have 100 sales in a month? Having some targets will aid in creating a basis for the campaign whether to position the product or just recapture sales. Second, individuals must have a list of keywords, which can be learned from SEO books. It is also better to create a campaign using brand names to be able to create some familiarity with Adwords platform. Third, individuals must also strategize to be able to save money from his Google Adwords campaign. He must be aware that he doesn’t have to appear in the top three results. Being on the first page is enough. Fourth, using Google Adwords campaign is good because an individual gets his targeted audience. It is better to have a few targeted audiences than have thousands of untargeted audiences

164 because the former has bigger possibilities of buying than the former. .

not all the pages of the book can be viewed in Google Book Search. which gives them a competitive advantage. Google and other parties came out as winners. However. Through the use of access limitations and some security measures. which gives an interface showing some pages from the searched book. Why is that? Google was able to acquire the digital rights of the books. The authors and publishers also are winners because they have an initial settlement and at the same time some revenue from out of prints works.165 Issues on Google Book Search Google Book Search is a tool from Google that gives text of books that Google scans and eventually stores in its digital database. Google was able to limit the number of viewed pages and also prevents people from printing and copying some of the text. These revenues would never have been earned through the usual means. Other search engines don’t have access to this. which is said to be small. Current Issues on Google Book Search Presently. It started in 2004 as Google Print. . A user searching for books may use Google Book Search. It also contains some advertisements and links from the publisher of the website and the sellers of the book. It is also said that with the settling of these claims. Google shall be paying 125 million dollars to settle claims. compared with its available 14 Billion cash. which means more content to monetize. Google was able to reach an agreement with various authors and publishers in their various lawsuits against Google book search.

The main benefits of Google OpenSocial is that it can be used by developers using their existing front end code and pattern it after OpenSocial. Google OpenSocial. . There are no rules on whether advertising is accepted or if a developer can get inside without application. there are applications that have full functionality on profile with regards to specific rules of every host. Another criticism was that it was easily cracked for as short as 20 minutes. It is the hosts that make the policies while the APIs offers maximum flexibility. however. The creation therefore of applications is easier with Google OpenSocial. Facebook limits its functionality to the canvas page and therefore has limited features. This was released in the year 2007 and all applications that implemented OpenSocial APIS is interoperable with any social network system that supports them. is silent when it comes to rules and policies of the hosts. it experienced several problems in terms of vulnerabilities in security. What are the benefits? OpenSocial does not have its own mark-up language: Developers use normal Javascript and html. Secondly. It also has a limited number of gadgets. It also did not work so well at the start when it can only be run on Orkut. which is owned by Google.166 The Future of Google OpenSocial Google OpenSocial refers to a set of common application programming interfaces that application developers may utilize to be able to create applications that work on any social networks or hosts that wants to participate. When Google OpenSocial was implemented.

167 The future of Google OpenSocial is quite bright because there is no need to learn another mark-up language for every social network platform and also its flexibility in terms of rules and policies. .

168 Information about Google Search Company Google is a search company based in the United States. Google has also earned from the following: 1.4 Billion dollars in revenues visà-vis a measly 112 Million dollars in licensing. social networking.6 market share. The Google office is located in Mountain View. California and has approximately 20 thousand employees as of September 2008. It has become very effective with its DoubleClick technology and Google Analytics. It earns revenues through advertising. video sharing and others. it was reported that Google earned 10. Google is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. which is related to Internet searches. In 2006. Software – Google is also a popular search engine service and is considered to be the most used search engine with a 53. both of which are PhD students at Stanford University. In addition to these. They made a hypothesis that a search engine would be able to make analysis on the relationships between sites and eventually give better ranking results in accordance with the number of times it was searched. History of Google Search Company Google initially started as a research project for Larry Page and was later joined by Sergey Brin. Google Products and Services There are various products and services that Google has created for the public and enterprises. Google has indexed billions of web pages using keywords and operators. 2. . Advertising – It is claimed that 99% of Google’s current revenue is derived from advertising programs.

169 Later. which specifically offers a spam-filtering technology and the ability to use Google technology to search emails. There are other products and services that have been quite popular and effective. The future holds a lot of possibilities in terms of what Google might be thinking of doing next. Google also launched its own email service called Gmail. .

Your post will be published automatically by Blogger. For business blogs however. they can opt for premium services or host their Blogger blogs in a third party hosting company.170 Different Ways to Post Content on Blogger Blogger is the blogging platform and community of Google. You can get free or paid blog hosting services from Blogger. Once you have an account. . You can find this address on you dashboard under the posting utilities. Just check if this service is supported by your carrier. You can also use email services to post to your Blogger blog. Your Blogger account can be integrated on any desktop based content management system. You need to get the Blogger address where you can send the email post. For recreational bloggers. getting a free Blogger account would be enough. Just configure your CMS application to include your blog on its list of web logs. Type the content on your email and send it to the blogger post address. You need to have a Google account if you want to try the services of Blogger. simply log-in to blogger and use the blog creation wizard to start blogging. You can also post blog entries on Blogger using your mobile phone. You can now write your blog entry on your desktop and publish it through the file transfer utility of your CMS application or blog client. The subject field in your email will be the post title.

You can use this Google service to answer your personal or business blogging needs.171 Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms today. .

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