Package dyeing

Loose fibre dyeing machine

Hussong type hank dyeing machine

Horizontal package dyeing machine

Horizontal tubular package dyeing machine

Korean package dyeing machine

Liquor flow

HT package dyeing machine


Package dyeing plant

Yarn dyeing machines

Loose stock dyeing process diagram

Winch/Beck dyeing machine

Jet dyeing machine

Jet dyeing machine

Overflow dyeing machine

Beam dyeing machine

Jigger dyeing machine

Pad (Foulards) dyeing

Pad-batch process (Semi continuous)

Pad-Steam process (continuous)

Cabinet Hank dyeing machine

HTHP Cabinet Hank dyeing machine

Roller hank dyeing machine

Hussong type Roller hank dyeing

Cabinet hank dyeing machine

Cabinet hank dyeing machine

Sampling device Top loading cabinet hank dyeing machine

Spray dyeing

Air Jet Dyeing Machine

Air jet dyeing machine is designed on the basis of aerodynamics principles. High-speed air jet is pumped into the nozzle; dyeing liquor is pumped into the nozzle from another pipeline. The vaporous particle of air jet and dyeing liquor mixture will realize a homogenous dyeing effect. Compared with the traditional dyeing machine, the air jet dyeing machines are outstanding in that water is used as the carrier of the dyestuff and the fabric driving force is air jet. It thus can reach a super lower liquor ratio. This is a revolutionary improvement in terms of saving heating time, saving energy and reducing the contamination discharge. Another outstanding factor to be noted is that there will be no crease marks on the fabrics because the fabric can open and move freely after entering into the nozzle. )HDWXUHV Super-low and stable liquor ratio. High repeatability. Homogenous dyeing effect. Crease marks free, Spraying ringing, Highly automated, Better cost-effectiveness Machine details
1.Machine body made of anti-corrosive S.S. 2.Fabric-lifting system driven by inverter. 3.S.S. centrifugal pump driven by inverter. 4.Fabric jam release device. 5.Plaiter inside the fabric accumulator. 6.Internal auto-spraying cleaning system 7.Effective tubular heater 8.Plate-turning level indicator 9.Level sensor controls main body water level 10.Automatic heating in dyestuff tank. 11.Curve feeding system (pressure sensor plus proportional valve) 12.Control panel equipped with Barco Sedomat controller from Germany. 13.S.S. working platform 14.Fabric unloading wheel with plaiter. Capacity : 100KG---2000KG

Garment Dyeing Machine

Garment dyeing machine. Features Wide application This machine can be widely used for the pre and after treatment and dyeing of woolen sweater, clothes, acrylic fiber clothing, silk clothing, gloves, socks and other ready fabrics. Equipped with stepless speed regulator, the plate speed can be adjusted according to requirement of different fabrics. Dyeing cycle is shortened while dyeing effect is guaranteed. Operator friendly Stepless speed regulator is adopted to adjust the revisable paddle speed as required by different fabrics, so that the fabric could swirl in side. Switch the moving direction of the fabric so that the dyeing or bleaching effect is homogenous. Inverter control is also available for speed setting, the revisable swirling motion is thus automatic and labor force, human errors are reduced. Large capacity Dyeing capacity is ranging from 10 to 1,000 lbs. Stable structure Machine body is all made of excellent S.S, which is stable and durable. Technical data Appearance: The machine is a large oval horizontally stands on foundation. Capacity: 10²1,000lbs Max. working temperature:98 Heating type: direct steam heating and indirect steam heating. Steam pressure: 5-7kg/cm2 Speed: 8²32 RPM Standard structure Main body made of excellent S.S. Paddle made of excellent S.S. Transmission device Heating and cooling pipeline. Water inlet and drainage system Electric control system Options Auto control system by computer Feeding tank, feeding system with feeding pump. Stirring device Water level indicator Inverter

HT Hank Dyeing Machine

AGJ series high temperature hank dyeing machines are mainly used to dye high temperature hanks, such as terylene-cotton, terylene, terylene-wool, acrylic fiber, cotton fiber, artificial silk, mercerized cotton, nylon, and blended yarns etc. Structure Features Main body made of excellent anti-corrosive S.S. Innovative pump, strong anti-corrosive property, strong spraying capacity even under high temperature. Internal direct, indirect heating device. Water flow can be regulated during dyeing process. Dam-type spraying tube can spray liquor, turn-over and move yarns. This designing can avoid twisting, knotting problems and minimize dyeing waste. Parameters in controller are programmable to meet different dyeing requirement. Unique outlook, cover lid open, close and tighten automatically. Hank size flexible with a max. length of 950mm. Reliable electric protection system and mechanical safety interlock device. Basic structure Auto open and close cover and interlock safety device. Single inlet and drainage system. Heating and cooling system can be operated freely. Durable yarn-hanging rod and brackets. Flow-regulating system. Main pump controlled by inverter Options Automated controlling system. Auto feeding system. Main technical system Max. working pressure:2.8bar Max. working temperature:135 Heating rate: 3-5 /min (25--130 , 7bar dry steam) Cooling rate: 2.5-4 /min (130²80 ; 3 bar, 20 cooling water).

Jet Dyeing machine

Features :

‡Capacity : 200-250 Kg. (Single Tube) , Liquor Ratio - 1:1 (Wet Fabrics) ‡Dye - 30 To 450 Grms./Mtr. Sq. Fabrics (Polyester, Polyester blends, Woven & Knitted) High Temp.- Up to 140 Deg C. , Fabric Speed - 300 Mtrs./Min.

Super Jet Dyeing Machine
Exclusive Features :

‡CAPACITY : 300 - 400 Kg. (Single Tube) ‡LIQUOR RATIO - 1:1 (Wet Fabric) ‡Dye - 30 To 450 Grms./Mtr. Sq. Fabrics (Polyester, Polyester blends, Woven & Knitted Fabrics) ‡HIGH TEMP. - UP TO 140.° C. ‡FABRIC SPEED - 300 Mtrs./ Min. ‡LOOP LENGTH - UP TO 3000 MTRS. IN POLYESTER FABRIC Fully Automatics :

‡PLC base automation with graphical display and PID control ‡Moderate and auto control liquor ratio. ‡Digital level controlling system for accurate control dozing.

Jet Dyeing Machine, Dimensions

Multi Nozzle Soft flow Jet Dyeing Machine, Dimensions

Ultra low liquor ratio ± 1;1 (Wet Fabric): A Number of very soft-flow nozzles No pilling effect , Dye 30 to 500 g./mt. sq. fabrics (Woven & knitted fabrics) Work as a Jet Dyeing machine for polyester, cotton blend fabrics Counter flow as well as reverse flow, Lower ETP Load High temperature up to 140 6;C. Capacity ± 10 Kg. To 300 kg Work as a Soft Flow machine for Woven & Knitted Cotton Fabrics.

Atmospheric Soft flow Dyeing Machine (Fabric, piece dyeing)

Removable full basket. Totally tangle free operation with help of angular design nozzle & fully floatable square pipe. Dye 30 to 500g./mtr. Sq. Fabrics (Polyester, Cotton, Woven & Knitted fabrics). Excellent & even Dyeing with low tension & perfect rinsing system. Capacity available 100kg. To 800 kg. Stirrer mechanism. Low tension volumetric soft nozzles. Fully dismantle design. Vessel made by SS 316L. Low temp. - Up to 90° C. (Max.)

HTHP Soft Flow Dyeing Machine

Exclusive Features
Lowest liquor ratio. Reduce colour & chemicals. Reduce steam consumption. Reduce electricity. Tangle free operation. Online washing system. Inner flow dyeing system. No rope marks, no pilling effect, no hairiness.

Standard Features
Dye 30 to 450 g./mt.sq. Fabric (cotton woven, cotton knit and its blends). Cup type very soft flow nozzle with low pressure higher flow design. Online filter design for easy cleanup even during the process with extra replaceable filter mesh. Specially design vessel cleaning system by SS spraying nozzles. Fabric drive reel with A.C. Motor & Frequency controller. S.S. Control Panel with rotary switch, Emergency stop, Fabric speed indicator, Hotter & moderate operation panel. PTFE Teflon sheet in basket. Vessel made from AISI SS 316 L. Capacity - 10kg. to 2000kg.< Maximum working temp. 140° C. Maximum working pressure 4 kg./cm².

Jigger dyeing machine

The JigMaster is loaded with functionality and features Optimal, constant fabric tension and speed due to frequency controlled electric drives. Integrated, self-cleaning filter station without maintenance intervals. Fast and tensionless unloading with frequency controlled debatching device. Frequency controlled batching rolls with digital speed indication. Two stainless steel circulation pumps with mechanical seal. Extra wide windows for free sight onto the fabric flow. Entire fabric width illuminated for the supervision of the process. Two bath execution of the vat for reduction of the rinse water. Three convex guide rollers for improved fabric guidance in the dye bath. Balanced expanders for crease-free winding. Fast heating gradients with high capacity heat exchanger. Pre-fabricated connection piping system. Fully automatic add tank with mixing and dosing function. Dosing pump. Advantages Frictionless fabric transport due to innovative drive technology. Ceramic bearings on all guide rollers allow a smooth fabric transport. Accurate measuring of the batch length (shrinkage and extension). Precise approach to sampling point. Reduction of passages due to innovative construction of the jigger. Enormous savings in energy costs such as water, steam and electricity. Reduced quantity of chemicals due to improved mixing and dosing function. Maintenance-free drive system. Variable, adjustable pendulum times.

HTHP Auto Jig dyeing machine

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