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Material Specification

Nett Height 30mm

Nett Coverage 765mm

Female Male

Base Metal Strength (G550) Minimum.Yield stress 550 Mpa

Base Metal Thickness 0.42mm
Standard coating (AZ150) Aluminium / Zinc min.Coating mass 150g/m2
Paint finishes Confirms to the requirement of AS 2728
Total Coating Thickness (TCT) 0.47mm
Tolerance  Length ± 0 ~ 15mm
 Coverwidth ± 4mm

Physical Data :
Finishes Aluminium /Zinc Colour  PACKING : In strapped bundles of 1 tonne approx
Order Length
Per unit area kg/m2 4.28 4.35 Sheets are roll-formed and custom-cut to a maximum
length of 12M . Length above 12M can be roll formed if
Per unit Length kg/m2 3.26 3.32 special transportation and access can be arranged for
Coverage m2 / tonne 232 229

 Recommended support spacings (mm) 

Roof Walls
Single Span End Span Internal Span Single End Span Internal
Span Span
1200 1000 1600 1600 1600 2100

 Note : Allow 150mm for overhang and should not used for foot traffic.
The metal sheet is designed to allow quick and efficient installation.
The roof slopes require a turn up at the top of the sheet and also a turn
down at the end of the sheet .

Sheets are laid across the purlin, side lapped by laying the shorter side
of the rib over the anticapillary rib.

Recommanded Fasteners : No.12-14 x 50mm Hex head Self drilling

and drilling screw with seal or bonded washer.

General Information
YSL HOLDINGS PTE LTD When walking on the GS Multi-Rib, always walk on the pans.
No.51,Lorong 23 Geylang Singapore 388378
Installation procedures involving self-drilling screw drills, etc, will leave
Tel : 67435511, Fax : 67460113
deposits of swarf and metal particles. These particles including blind
URL : Email :
rivets,nails and screws should be swept and washed from the roof at the
end of each day.