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TLO Dutch Uruzgan 2010 Report

TLO Dutch Uruzgan 2010 Report

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Published by Natalie Sambhi
The Liaison Office report of the Dutch contribution to ISAF 2006 to 2010 in Uruzgan. Includes assessments of Australian and US troops.
The Liaison Office report of the Dutch contribution to ISAF 2006 to 2010 in Uruzgan. Includes assessments of Australian and US troops.

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Published by: Natalie Sambhi on Mar 09, 2011
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Taliban and marginalized tribal leaders, tribal/community divisions over power
and leadership create an environment that induces parties to the conflict to with-
draw support for the government or actively engage with the insurgency. These
include a Popalzai-Nurzai blood feud in Deh Rawud which flared up in 2007, Tokhi
Barakzai leadership rivalries in Chora and Tirin Kot and long standing Pashtun-
Hazara tensions. The latter deserves attention due to recent violence.
Tense relations between Pashtuns and Hazara go back to the blocking of Pashtun
Kuchi (mainly Kakar) pastureland in Daykundi by Hazara in 1979. Even though
Hazara and Pashtuns seemed to have reached a modus vivendi over the past
years, there has been a deterioration of their relationship.
InKhasUruzganrecently ten Hazara and one Pashtun were beheaded by insur-
gents, allegedly following house searches by Special Forces in Khas Uruzgan.
While some claim it was a random act by the Taliban against Hazara, others say
it was in retaliation for on-going harassment of Pashtuns during house searches.
The Hazara-Pashtun relations in Gizab are also uneasy. This was sparked by the
fact that Hazara were not invited for recent government positions even though
ara to bring at least the Hazara areas of Gizab back to Daykundi province. Hazara
commander Etimadi even went all the way to Kabul to complain and may have
in the future be reunited with Daykundi. This has created outrage among the
Pashtuns, especially Matiullah Khan who noted that he risked the lives of his men
to retake Gizab from the Taliban, hence would not accept it were Gizab to be re-
turned to Daykundi.
IndistrictswherenoHazaralivetheuseofHazaramilitiashaveimpacted onHaz-
surgents. The families of the two arrested Pashtuns alerted the Taliban who
showed up in force and ambushed and killed the 15 Hazara in the Menara area.
In retaliation 15 Pashtun elders were killed in Kejran district of Daykundi.



The Dutch engagement in Uruzgan: 2006-2010

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