As per people in various industries.

´Ethics is not definable, is not implementable, because it is not conscious; it involves not only our thinking, but also our feeling.µ feeling.µ

.According to a Proprietor Who empowers his employees Does not believe in concentration of power Avoids extreme measures to achieve profits and performances Avoids Negative Publicity Looks forward to a healthy competetion.

One who is impartial Power of Judgment. One who keeps the larger benefit at hand Doesn·t allow personal relationships to influence his decisions Sets an example by emphasizing on values and morals.. .According to a school teacher.

.According to a Sales Manager Looks at the larger picture Emphasizes on the means and not the ends Strength of character to stand by his decisions. Retains accountability of his actions.

.In such times a true ethical boss would not compromise on the moral values.Conclusion : What does Ethical boss means to you A ethical boss will be one who at all times maintains the moral values and does not compromise on the same. Ethical boss is also a person who does not have separate standards of ethics in personal and professional life. The true test of this would be in times of extreme pressures where there would be options in front of him to compromise on the ethics .

.What does being ethical mean to YOU Having an objective point of view Being transparent Clear communication towards colleagues and stakeholders Leads by a positive example.

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