Choose the best answer: 1. I am not making much money ….. a) b) c) d) these days so far this year presently lately

2. At the moment she is going out with Keith and they …. very happy together. a) b) c) d) are seeming should seem seem are likely to seem

3. I ….what you… He ….he should get a second chance. a) b) c) d) 'm seeing, mean, is thinking see, are meaning, thinks see, mean, thinking see, mean, thinks

4. You ….me! I'm afraid I … with you. a) b) c) d) astonish, am agreeing are astonishing, disagree astonish, disagree are astonishing, 'm disagreeing

5. I hope this trip ….. too expensive for us. a) b) c) d) is not going to be is not to be won't be should not be

6. By the end of the week we ….. where to go. a) b) c) d) have decided must have decided will decide will have decided

a) b) c) d) were shouting would shout used to shout did shout 10. the play has already started the play already started. as nice on the terrace as my sister … but we were definitely enjoying the evening. a) b) c) d) the play will already started. didn't see saw.. Last night my neighbours …. expected was not. a) b) c) d) had not been.them a) b) c) d) weren't.. I haven't seen any work yet.7. always loved weren't.. It …. had always loved had not been. Maybe by the time we get to the theatre. had always loved 11. the play will already have started. money from the till all this time! a) b) c) d) stole has stolen has been stealing was stealing . but we …. didn't see saw....him yesterday evening. I can't believe it! Smith …. haven't seen saw. was expecting 13. hadn't seen 12. have always loved aren't. They ……really our cousins. had expected hadn't need.him for ages. for hours and I couldn't get to sleep. I suppose I …some day. I …. 8. I …. expected was not.. a) b) c) d) had seen. a) b) c) d) am going to shall am seeing 'll have 9.

.………the latest? She's leaving her husband and going to live in Italy. but nothing has being decided yet. No one knew that Paul …… in the investigation since the very beginning. but nothing has been decided yet. I suppose the car is delivered by now. . A lot of meetings have been held. A lot of meetings have held. but nothing is being decided yet. On the news this morning: The two banks ……plans to merge next year. I suppose the car has delivered by now. a) b) c) d) I suppose the car was delivered by now. a) b) c) d) will be involved had been involved has involved can be involved 19. a) b) c) d) announced have announced are announcing have been announcing 16.. Presupun că maşina a fost livrată până acum. a) b) c) d) has asked have been asking did ask would ask 15. Luckily by the time we got there the painting …… a) b) c) d) hadn't been sold wasn't sold hasn't been sold wasn't going to be sold 18. They have held a lot of meetings. but nothing was decided yet. It's incredible! Julia …. but they have decided nothing yet. I suppose the car will have been delivered by now. a) b) c) d) A lot of meetings have been held. 20.14. A lot of meetings have been held. a) b) c) d) Did you hear Did you know Have you heard Do you know 17. for a pay-rise three times this year.

could you ask her to call me? a) b) c) d) If only Unless Should Would 24. Suppose I …… you half the money I owe you. a) b) c) d) hadn't watched shouldn't watch didn't watch don't watch 26. a) b) c) d) Unless If But for If only to come along with me. weren't asking Had he understood.the problem.. a) b) c) d) it would be it might be it was 0 23. If …… necessary. wouldn't have asked Should he understand. I thought perhaps you…. a) b) c) d) should could might ought to . take a taxi. television while I'm reading. we would have been in trouble. ………. he ……those stupid questions. needn't have asked 25. a) b) c) d) If he understands.21. …… you see Anna. …… your help. wouldn't ask If he had understood. Would that satisfy you? a) b) c) d) pay would pay had paid paid 27. I'd rather you …….

but I'm glad you didn't do it after all. was going to might know.. a) b) c) d) What If That Which . a) b) c) d) has to have left must have left may have left had to have left 33. You …… shouldn't have spent so much on my present! a) b) c) d) easily clearly needlessly surely 31. she …. You …… him. a) b) c) d) shall be taken must be taken should be taken will be taken about him all night. a) b) c) d) should have known. It is essential that immediate action…. There is only one explanation. I hate is rainy weather in my vacation. would might have known. She's been such a bore lately. She ………her keys in the car. will could have known.. I …….28. On no account …… ever to be interrupted when I'm in a meeting.. …. a) b) c) d) I am am I I should I must 34. a) b) c) d) could hurt could have hurt should hurt shouldn’t have hurt 30. would 32.

Tom said. 'I will be playing tennis when you arrive. The manager said he was studying English a lot at the moment. The manager said he has been studying English a lot at the time. Don't forget to bring me the book.' a) b) c) d) Tom said he was playing tennis when I arrived. The manager said. Tom said he would be playing tennis when I arrived. …………………children buy cigarettes. 40. She asked me how old my son …… a) b) c) d) is were will be was 39. “I'm studying English a lot at the moment. The manager said he was studying English a lot at that moment. you? a) b) c) d) will would do are .35. Tom said he would play tennis when I arrive. …. are you? a) b) c) d) the 0 very the one 36. a) b) c) d) Under no circumstances can In no circumstance may In no conditions could Under no case should 37. I …… you that you weren't allowed to walk in this area. Surely you are not ……. Jane Fonda. a) b) c) d) said told requested proposed 38. Tom said he had been playing tennis when I arrived.” a) b) c) d) The manager said he is studying English a lot at the moment. 41.

We watched all the cars …. You never say what you're thinking. a) b) c) d) bringing to be bringing to bring to have brought 48. a) b) c) d) taking to take having taken to have taken . You'll be leaving for Venice soon. we? a) b) c) d) will do are shall 43... It isn't necessary … skis as they are included in the package.………. …… you? a) b) c) d) don't do haven't are 44. Let's have a party. Jude is said …… the most outstanding player in the team. a) b) c) d) to being being to be would be 46.? a) b) c) d) aren't you won't you don't you shall you 45.. the finishing line.42. a) b) c) d) to cross cross to be crossing having been crossed 47. Jackie reminded me…my medicine. …….

The new play didn't come …… expectation. a) b) c) d) On By In At 52. There is no real solution to terrorism ….. a) b) c) d) on at in of 53. I can't understand why he is always …… dispute with his wife. a) b) c) d) out off up down 55. I found out that the tickets were sold out. a) b) c) d) to up against up to about 54. I'll……their cat while they are away on holiday. a) b) c) d) be looking into be looking at be looking after be looking over . Deanna broke …… and wept when she heard the bad news..49. …… the time I got there. Sean Connery was awarded a knighthood in recognition …. a) b) c) d) for in at to 50... his work and charity. the foreseeable future. a) b) c) d) to of for at 51.

56. we can always put him……. His remarks were so rude they were frankly …… a) b) c) d) imprintable inprintable disprintable unprintable 58. Alex earns very little as a classical pianist.of the problem. a) b) c) d) up at up in on at in at 57. a) compared with b) whereas c) in spite of d) since 61. The country longs to be free of colonial…. his brother's pop musicals have made millions. If necessary..the Grand Hotel for the night. Only now did he understand the full …. …. a) b) c) d) complexion completion complexity complicity 60. We could not take off because the …… was rather icy.. The …… of better living conditions in Europe has long been a desire for most of the countries. a) necessity b) congregation c) association d) concomitance 62. a) b) c) d) dominance domination dominion domain . a) b) c) d) runway runaway runabout run-down 59.

The king enjoyed a long …. She's a sociable girl with lots of friends.. and was …. sequenced realm. We lived ……the next village.. succeeded living. They feel very lonely.63. a) b) c) d) somewhere nowhere anywhere everywhere 67. a) b) c) d) Even so Furthermore To some extent In the first place 66.about leaving him a) b) c) d) pretty badly pretty bad rather badly badly enough 69. a) b) c) d) far from far away off from farther of 68. No-one can find Helen or her son …. tracked 64.. a) b) c) d) nightfall nightshift midnight nightmare 65. I woke up screaming after having a terrible. a) b) c) d) each other one another themselves them . a) b) c) d) kingship. She felt ………... They talk to …… a lot. …… she can get lonely. followed reign.. like anyone his daughter Elizabeth.

a) b) c) d) that who which of which 72. bought . a) b) c) d) finded find founded found 74. I'd like to see the old house. a) b) c) d) for youself on yourself yourself to yourself 73. I ……. He …… his followers that they could all be members of the new party. a way to fight the virus. you can go and buy ….a book on it a week ago. ………she told me about when we last met. have bought had choosed. …… people like the sea. a) b) c) d) Them Every Any Some 71. a) b) c) d) tought taught teached teaching 76... a) b) c) d) chosen.. had bought have chosen. others prefer the mountains.a car. She took two quick steps forward and …… him across the deal with this difficult topic as I ……. bought have chosen.70. So far researchers have not …. Here's the money. a) b) c) d) stroked stroke struck striked 75.

In spite I worked hard. a) b) c) d) remembering remembered did remember having remembered 81.77. …… was almost closing time. nearly all the wedding dresses had been sold. a) b) c) d) Whatever Whoever Whenever Who's 80. I didn't pass the exams. Despite of working hard. a) b) c) d) 0 that which it 78. Smith said he has never met a …… before. I failed my exams. a) b) c) d) Despite I worked hard. I failed my exams. …… arrives first can turn on the heating. By 6. I didn't get wet. nu mi-am luat examenele. I failed my exams. Several tourists …… rooms had been broken into complained to the manager. He can sometimes get as drunk as a …… a) b) c) d) bat horse goblin Lord . …… to take my umbrella. Although I worked hard. a) b) c) d) Birmingham man Birmingham's man man in Birmingham Birmingham man's 83.30. Cu toate că am muncit mult. 82. a) b) c) d) whose who's which that 79.

Earth. . 90. a) b) c) d) The. Îi plăcea să citească biografii ale altor criminali. …Pacific Ocean is….84. a) b) c) d) shook my head nodded scowled chuckled 89. 0 85. the. 0. There was widespread public support for the women's rights. the 0.popular sport worldwide. …. There was support for widespread rights of the women. a) b) c) d) He enjoyed reading other murderer’s biographies. the The. the. The head of the party said he …… the behaviour of the was fast becoming …. He enjoyed reading the other murderer’s biographies. the The. He enjoyed reading other biographies of murderers. 0 0. 0 The.largest body of water on…. the. I …… discreetly to show the lady I agreed with her opinions. a) b) c) d) offended reproached stressed deplored 87. a 86. a) b) c) d) There was the public's widespread support for the rights of the women. a) b) c) d) extended expanded enlarged augmented 88. The old railway line has been …… as far as the new airport. He enjoyed reading biographies of other murderers. Drepturile femeilor se bucurau de un larg sprijin popular. a) b) c) d) 0. a 0. There was widespread public support for women's rights.

on the floor. a pessimistic economic forecast a pessimistic economical forecast an optimist economy forecast 96. I think her behaviour is getting out of …… a) b) c) d) head sight hand mind .. a) b) c) d) likelihood use wonder matter 93. The railway workers are on strike. They found her lying ……….. They fell deeper and deeper into the …… and then went bankrupt. a) b) c) d) red blue yellow black 92. a) b) c) d) overturn oversight overview overlook 95. The government has issued ………… a) b) c) d) an optimistic economical forecast. Fiona exaggerates.91. and the bus drivers have come out in …… a) b) c) d) response sympathy charge comparison 97. The seminar aims to provide an ….on new media publishing. a) b) c) d) consciousless conscienceless unconscious inconscient 94. At the moment there is no …… of the Prime Minister resigning.

98. comes 100. have been seeing. haven't seen. has he been doing is. has come had worked.came has worked.lately? a) b) c) d) is. work for us. did he do was. a) b) c) d) worked. saw. has he been doing is been. has he done .came worked. The gunners couldn't fire at the fortress because it was out …… a) b) c) d) of breath of control of order of range cousin Willie. It ….a long time since I ….What …. Jack …for Smith and Brothers before he ….

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