By Chiedu Ifeozo

Even if I lived a million years, cried a million tear’s, faced a million fears. You'd be the one thing I never change, and I won’t need a million hours, or a million dollars, to show you how much you mean, now and forever, and even if I wrote a million lines, paid a million fines, annoyed you a million times, I would always apologize, just to see you smile a million times more, and we'll take a million photos, so we'll never forget, the good and the bad, it'll always make us a million times stronger. so if we fall a million times, we'll grow a million times more, and we'll create a million memories, to last us for all those centuries, and I'll never forget, the million ways your light shines, even in a sky with a million stars, I'll always cherish yours, and the beauty of our simple lives is just one of a million reasons why you'll always be... The one.

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