Classification Of services

To develop ways of analyzing services that can highlight the characteristics shared by seemingly different services and at the same time, help understand the implications for marketing management.

speciality-ATM. painting home Consumer goods/ Industrial goods.Purchasing goodsa computer for personal use . shopping. Difficult legal case DurabilityDurability. a usevisit to a dentist.ClassificationClassification-Terms    Convenience.Frequency of use-Lunch. specialityPackage holidays. hair cut.

the activity is directed? 3. What is the nature of service activity?  Customer involvement in production process  Evaluation of service process 2. At whom/what.Categorizing Service process 1. Is the activity Tangible or Intangible?  .

People bodyProcessing  Tangible action to goods.Possession Processing goods Intangible Action at peoples· mind.What do you mean by process?  Tangible action to people·s body.Mental mindStimuli Process  Intangible Action at Intangible assetsassetsInformation Process .

Understanding the nature of service Act What is the nature of activity? Who/What is the direct recipient of the service? People Tangible Services directed at peoples· body Passenger transportation Health care Possessions Services directed at Possession Laundry Lawn care Repairs and maintenance Services directed at intangible assets Banking Legal services Intangible Services directed at peoples· mind Advertising Radio .

Process and output in terms of what happens to customers ² identify what benefits are created To identify some of the non.People Processing  Peoples· cooperation Spending costs. taking effort. non-    .

Possession Processing  Customer·s involvement is limited  The output in such cases should be a satisfactory solution to a stated problem or some physical enhancement of the item .

customer·s timeDifferent from people processing Use of modern technology    .Mental Stimuli Process  Power to shape attitude and influence behavior Investment of time.

books Insurance policy Face to face or technology .Information Process      Technology Person Use of reports. letters.

formal/ discrete customers- . equipment. experiencefacilities Customization and Judgment in service delivery Relationship with customers.Additional Classification      Method of service delivery. arms deliverylength Nature of demand for the service relating to supplysupplyfluctuations Attributes of service experience.Customer.people. provider.

Issues related to SSM        Customer Involvement People as part of the product Identifying service benefit Design of the service factory Alternative channels for service delivery Use of information technology Balancing supply and demand .

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