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Introduction to Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
1. What did Tsai Lun invent?_______________ 2. Who invented the alphabet?______________


3. What was the device used to communicate during the early years in Tanah Melayu? ________ 4. Telephone, television and radio are tools used for conveying _________. 5. The first internet was called ____________. 6. Communication is an act of transmitting ___________. 7. Information and Communication Technology can be shortened as _________. 8. A __________ is also a form of information. 9. In 1454, the first printing began with the creation of a printing ________. 10. Nowadays, people would prefer to communicate using the Internet and ________.

NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

STATEMENT The headman of the village is the one who will announce any news using the ‘beduk’. Beduk was used only for the announcement of deaths. ICT stands for Institute of Communication Technology. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the technology that people use to improve their life. Information may come in various forms such as articles, charts, commentaries, quotes and recommendations. Computers are the only modern communication technology. Communication is the application of scientific knowledge. We need to learn about ICT if we do not want to be left behind. There was no communication at all during the ancient periods. Information and Communication Technology comprises three major elements which are computer, Internet and networking. 1. 1500 BC, The Phoenicians developed the _____ writing. A. laptop B. Internet C. telephone D. Cuneiform



2. What is the fact about information? A. Information can only be obtained from reading. B. Information may come in various forms such as articles and charts. C. Knowledge cannot be acquired through experience or investigation. D. Messages received through signs and symbols are not considered as information.

ICT WORKSHEET, FORM 4 asuhimi2008

3. Communication is ______ of transmitting messages. A. an act B. a function C. a situation D. a domination 4. A ____________ is a communication without technology. A. leaflet B. drama C. magazine D. newspaper 5. In _____ we can predict the stock exchange market based on the information that we have. A. sport B. lifestyle C. business D. entertainment 6. is also a process whereby information is exchanged between individuals using symbols,signs or verbal interactions. The above statement refers to: A. computers B. advertising C. photography D. communication 7. Scientists can predict the formation of a tsunami using the latest _____ and give warnings to avoid catastrophic disasters in the affected countries. A. knowledge B. geography C. anthropology D. technology 8. An aeroplane is built using the application of _________ knowledge. A. art B. graphic C. scientific D. investigation 9. Thus the invention of cellular phones, television and other electronic devices are important in enhancing _________as a whole. A. games B. animation C. multimedia D. communication 10. Internet was known as _________. A. Killer Net B. Multi Net C. Jaring Net D. ARPANET

ICT WORKSHEET, FORM 4 asuhimi2008

Evolution of Computers


1.____was known as the first computation tool. A. Mark 1 B. Abacus C. Weaving Loom D. Apple Macintosh 2. In 1976, Steve Jobs built the first ________ computer. A. IBM B. Dell C. Microsoft D. Apple Macintosh 3. The microprocessor was invented during the __________ computer era. A. first generation B. third generation C. fourth generation D. second generation 4. Silicone chips were manufactured in ______ at the Silicone Valley. A. 1823 B. 1988 C. 1961 D. 1974 5. The latest invention in the new era of computers is: A.IBM B.Weaving Loom C. Apple Macintosh D. Robotic Computers

6. Which is false? A. 1941 Mark 1 B. 200AD Abacus C. 1876 Pascaline D. 1620 Napier’s Bone 7. __________ is a fourth generation computer scientist. A. Steve Jobs B. John Bardeen C. William Mauch D. Blaise Pascal 8. Rechner was invented by_______. A. John Napier B. Charles Babbage C. Joseph Marie Jacquard D. Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz 9. Charles Babbage invented the __________. A. Abacus B. Napier’s Bone C. Weaving Loom D. Mechanical Calculator Machine 10. In ________, Eckert and Mauchly built the UNIVAC which could calculate at the rate of 10,000 additions per second. A. 1895 B. 1961 C. 1944 D. 1939

ICT WORKSHEET, FORM 4 asuhimi2008

11. A scientist named ____________ invented a calculating machine called the Pascaline in1653. A. John Napier B. Michael Dell C. Blaise Pascal D. Charles Babbage 12. PDA stands for ________________. A. primary digital assistant B. processor digital addon C. personal digital assistant D. protocol disk administrator 13. _____________ was one of the first generation computer scientists. A. Bill Gates B. Steve Jobs C. John Napier D. Presper Eckert NO 1

14. The first computer that was delivered to the client was ___________. A. Mark 1 B. IBM 360 C. UNIVAC D. CDC2600 15. _______________ was invented to provide memory. A. The vacuum tube B. The punched card C. The magnetic tape D. The magnetic core 16. Charles Babbage invented the Mechanical Calculator Machine in ________. A. 1673 B. 1801 C. 1823 D. 1941 TRUE FALSE


The most powerful personal computers are known as supercomputers. Abacus was first used in Egypt. There are 8 generations in the development of computers. UNIVAC stands for Universal Automatic Computer. The magnetic tape was introduced in 1959. Magnetic cores were first used in the first generation computers. Silicone chips were widely used during the third generation.

2 3 4 5 6 7

Rearrange the inventions below according to their correct sequence of inventions.

ICT WORKSHEET, FORM 4 asuhimi2008

III. and IV D. II and III C. weaken learning II. and III B. A bank clerk transfers money into your account. A researcher 3. workstation B. can strengthen cognitive development A. III. ____________ uses computers to experiment new graphic designs with possible interiors. embedded computer D. A. mainframe computer 2. 24 hours service II. II. A. This transaction is stored in the _____________. An architect D. II. II. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 . can be used as an effective teaching aids IV. I. Customers benefit from Electronic Banking in terms of: I. II. Teachers benefit from the use of computers in schools because computers… I. supercomputer C. and IV LESSON 4 5 SCORE ICT WORKSHEET. Electronic Cash Deposits IV. Electronic Fund Transfer III. II. III. I. An artist B. I. can enhance interactive learning III. and IV 4.LESSON 3 Usage of ICT in Daily Life SCORE 1. III. I and III B. and IV C. I. A scientist C. Electronic Loan Application A. and IV D. I.

FORM 4 asuhimi2008 .Computerised and NonComputerised Systems 1. B. C. Finishing our home work. Buying a bus ticket at a main station. Going to school. 6 ICT WORKSHEET. Which of the following activities depend on computer technology? A.

A personal computer is not an example of a computer system. students being taught by using computers B. A. 2 3 4 5 LESSON 5 7 SCORE ICT WORKSHEET. 10. The non-computerised system has helped us to communicate globally in seconds E-commerce can only be done with the existence of computerized system. drawing. The computerised system has developed very disciplined students. sketching C. ________________ plays an important role in the economic scene. The ________________ machine provides 24 hours banking facilities. A personal _______________ can be considered as a computer system. monitoring. Education can be improved by _________. buying. students surfing the Net to gather more information more than what was given in the textbook 5. A set of computer components on the motherboard. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 .D. being teacher centred and students are spoon fed C. Productivity IV. empowering 4. selling B. III. They are: I. it becomes an organised and established procedure. II. 9. What is a computer system? A. A system is an arrangement of elements that when it is put together. and servicing products that are done electronically. 8. and III D. It includes distribution. A set of customised software used for accounting. discussing D. having a small number of students in a classroom so that the students can pay attention D. Production was slow because everything was done manually and totally dependent on _______________ labour. __________. Ecommerce plays an important role in the economic scene. Time II. 3. D. and IV 6. I. Profit III. Withdraw money from the ATM machine. C. neglecting. A set of hardware and software which processes data in a meaningful way. B. STATEMENT TRUE FALSE NO 1 The speed in performing certain task is the most outstanding difference between computerised and noncomputerised system. I. __________. I and IV C. 2. Job opportunity A. Several aspects have been considered as the advantages of the computerised system. A. Among the disadvantages of ________________ system are longer production time and less profit. I and III B. 7.

A. Through the Internet. TRUE B. news and information through the Internet. TRUE B. FALSE 9. ICT brings positive changes to the society’s lifestyle. communication with anyone and anywhere in the world is possible. People can share and exchange opinion. A. There is only one way of communication through ICT technology and that is via Yahoo! Messenger. TRUE B. TRUE B. FALSE 7. Using computers frequently and for long hours is not harmful. It takes ages for someone to receive information through the internet. A. TRUE B. FALSE 5. We can only find limited sources of information on the internet. Using ICT technologies can create a paperless office environment. A.Computerised and NonComputerised Systems 1. The computer system does not monitor and filter the information which goes through the Internet. The usage of ICT technologies such as to create pornographic websites can have a negative impact on the society. TRUE B. Nowadays. A. A. A. TRUE B. TRUE B. FALSE TRUE FALSE STATEMENT The Internet allows a wide variety of audiences to have access to a large amount of data at an inexpensive rate. Normally the “computer error” is caused by the machine itself. The Internet is the best way to communicate with the people around the world. TRUE B. the interaction among societies is unlimited. TRUE B. Garbage in Garbage out (GIGO) means "Good input produces good output. FALSE 4. FALSE 3. With the internet. more people tend to choose real time conversations rather than communicate through online chats. FALSE NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 6. people from around the world can get news and information instantly. A. Through the Internet. FALSE 10. FALSE 8." 8 ICT WORKSHEET. FALSE 2. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 . The cost of using the internet is more expensive compared to other modes of communication. A. A.

What is one of the negative physical impacts of using ICT technology? A. Asthma C. online chat C. A. III. Heart disease 4. All the above 3. email C. I. communication through ________ increases. Which of the following are the impacts of ICT on the society? I. All the above 6. The Internet is where we can get lots of information at a __________ cost. Using computers frequently and for long hours is harmful to health.1. fax B. People can receive information faster by using ICT technology. Globalisation A. expensive D. any communication can be made without ____________. Information travels borderless through the Internet. A. The Internet is ____________ than the other modes of communication such as telephone. Reliability III. Kidney failure D. mailing or courier service. II and IV B. I. moderate 5. I and III B. IV. cost effective 2. lower B. II and IV C. A. III and IV D. and III D. With ICT technologies. II. II. Today the younger generation prefers to sit in front of computers than socialise with others. unreliable C. II. instant messages 9 ICT WORKSHEET. As more and more people become web informed. II and IV C. email B. Which of the following statements is related to the Impact of ICT on the society? I. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 . walkie-talkie 7. Stress B. higher C. medium D. A. Sharing II. Expensive IV. telephone D. slower B. A. writing materials D.

Copying an original VCD for own use. IV. III. Using computer knowledge to contribute to human life. II and IV D. D. SCORE 5. IV. II and IV C. Increasing the company’s expense. B. Improvement in term of staff personal skills. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 . II. 4. III and IV 2. 10 ICT WORKSHEET. II. III. Question 5 is based on the diagram below. II and III B. I. Copying software without permission. Creating an unhealthy relationship between employer and worker. What is ethics? I. A custom that guides human behaviour. Making copies of an original VCD for friends. Decreasing company’s expense. I. C. A regulation that must be obeyed by the public.LESSON 6 Computer Ethics 1. D. A. Using the computer to create useful computer codes. Which of the following statements shows against the code of conduct in computing? A. Accessing the computer without authorisation. Which of the following statements shows an example of good ethics? A. A knowledge about what is good and what is bad. A. Copying information from the Internet with the permission from the owner. Using the original computer software from legal vendors. III and IV D. II. II and III C. I. I and II B. C. III and IV 3. A study about moral principles. B. Which of the following statements shows the impact of using a company’s computer without authorisation? I.

FORM 4 asuhimi2008 .11 ICT WORKSHEET.

Using the school equipment for students’ personal use. Universal. Which of the followings is the purpose of code of ethics? A. 9. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 . B. 12 ICT WORKSHEET. Doing an English assignment in the computer lab during Science period. Depends on country and state where the crime is committed. software theft B. X may be _______________. A. human communication 7. Drawing a guideline for people relationship.B. B. can be applied anywhere all over the world. unauthorised use C. Prohibiting people from doing the right thing. Which of the following statements shows the result of practising computer ethics? A. who uses computer to do good things. C. Motivating professional to steal others’ ideas. When we talk about ethics. human education C. we are concerned about __________. D. Using knowledge to harm the society. D. authorised access D. LESSON 7 The Differences between Ethics and Law ETHICS LAW SCORE • • • • • • • Main objective is to produce ethical computer users. Contributing to society with his or her knowledge. human personality D. D. As a guideline to computer users. A. Which of the following statements shows a good code of ethics in schools? A. Using own hand phone to call a friend during lunch break. Sending an email during school time to friends. As a rule to control computer users. Good relationship between human beings. C. To prevent computer users from doing any action that is referred to as computer misuse. C. information accuracy 6. Encouraging people to be cruel to others. Judged by judicial standards. Producing a wealthy professional with personal profit. 8. human privacy B. X is one of the issues in computer ethics.

Law breaking 2. A. ID and credit card numbers to make a transaction via internet. Workers. Use other’s name. 4. Law breaking 13 ICT WORKSHEET. Unethical B. who have access to government databases. Unethical B. Law breaking 3. Unethical B. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 . Unethical B. A. Use the school computer to send personal emails. Law breaking 5. A. A. A. Ripping an audio CD to mp3 files and selling it to third party. Unethical B. Law breaking 1.• Judged by moral standards. Allow friends to copy software and install it in their personal computer. Breaking into the school’s server change exam results A. sell the data to any organisation that wants it. Unethical B. Law breaking 6.

3. D. Which of the followings fall under the category of unethical behaviour? A. Moral philosophy D. Electrical Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) 1986. Ethics B. Employees do not have to consider the social impact of programs and systems that they designed. Which is true about computer law? A. B. STATEMENT A student uses a computer at school to play online games. As a guideline to computer users. C. CANSPAM Act 2003. Which is the correct example of the Malaysian Cyber Law? A. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 . B. Employees may interfere with others’ computer work. Someone downloads sources from the Internet and acknowledges the references in his assignment. A. D.NO 1 2 3 4 5 STATEMENT In the Malaysian Crime Act 1997. ETHICAL UNETHICAL SCORE 14 ICT WORKSHEET. TRUE FALSE 1. there are no penalties and other punishments for those who break the law. Punishment for those who break the law. Sending a computer virus via email. Which of the statements below is true about the Codes of Conduct? A. 2. __________ is a guideline for computer users. To prevent users from computer misuse. It is universal so it can be applied all over the world. We must respect ownership by not stealing other people’s work without permission. 5. C. An employee copies a company software onto his computer at home installed it and used it for personal use. To protect hackers. Downloading and using mp3 audio file. Cyber law C. Altering website content. A clerk uses the company‘s printer to print recipes. B. Computer may not be used to bear false witness. Moral philosophy is the study of a general nature of morals and of a specific moral choice to be made by a person. C. Computer Crime Act 1997. Human Right Act 1974. C. Computer Ethics NO 1 2 3 4 5 4. B. Using materials from websites as a resource for assignment without giving credit to the original author is considered unethical. Installing pirated software into your computer. We need to expand our definition of property in the laws of computing in order to protect other things that we cannot physically hold. Respecting ownership is the principle governing the affairs of a community and is enforced by a political authority. D. D.

Intellectual Property Law 5. copyright D. This statement means that the book is subject to the ___________law. Work created by inventors. A.Design C. word. business models. design C. Intellectual Property C. Trademark Law E. A. __________. writings.LESSON 8 Intellectual Property Rights 1. A. ________is a legal term describing the rights given to the creators for their literary and artistic work. Patent B. name. patent B. Intellectual Property C. This allows the consumers to recognise the products they most prefer. Trademark Law E. design C. Copyright 10. A. A. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 SCORE . name. copyright D. Exclusive rights of authors and artists to duplicate. A. Copyright D. name. authors and artists. trademark 12. Protection of a company’s logos and brand names. __________ distinguishes one product from another. copyright D. All books have “All rights reserved” clearly printed. trademark 15 ICT WORKSHEET. __________ or device. design B. Intellectual Property Right B. Trademark D. A. literary creations. Intellectual Property Right B. word. Intellectual Property Law 3. A. Rights to which creators are entitled for their inventions. Intellectual Property C. and sell their material. unique names. Copyright Act D. Intellectual Property C. Isolate C. ___________ can protect brand identity from being used by others. computer program code. Intellectual Property Law 2. Trademark Law E. industrial processors. Trademark Law E. protecting any tangible form of expression. Intellectual Property Right B. Intellectual Property Right B. Intellectual Property Law 4. Trademark can be any _____________. Trademark D. Copyright C. trademark 11. patent C. Copyright Act D. patent B. Patent B. Intellectual Property Right B. symbol D. A. Trademark 7. A. word. A. or any combination of these items. Patent B. A. copyright 8. Copyright Act D. inventions. Intellectual Property C. patent B. and works of art. publish. Intellectual Property Law 6. Intellectual Property 9. The shape of a handicraft and a composition of batik pattern can be protected under the _______right. Any product of human intellect that is unique and unobvious with some value in the market place. name. Laws that covers ideas. word. Trademark Law E. design C. Creative writings such as lyrics and song compositions can be protected under the _____________law. Copyright Act D. Copyright Act D.

FORM 4 asuhimi2008 .Usage Privacy in Computer LESSON 9 16 ICT WORKSHEET.

we have right to disclose our personal details 1. Utilities software D. When we talk about privacy in computing. This question is based on the following diagram: X is best described as A. ________ is unsolicited email messages. The above statements refer to: A. __________ are used to identify users by web casting. I and II B. ecommerce and other web applications. Reading personal details about the first noble prize winner in the public web page. Cheese cake recipe II. ecommerce and other web applications. Used to identify users by web casting. • Controls information about any individual revealed over the Internet. we have the right to hide in secret place D. Spouse’s personal details III. Which of the followings is to be protected from the third parties? I. sneaking like a ________ or as a result of installing new programs. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 . II and IV D. Spyware communicates information it collects to third party outsiders while you are________. Privacy law C. 2. A. cookies C. This question is based on the following statements: • Controls available information. ___________can enter__________. Combines data in the merchant’s database which can be sold to Internet advertising firms. Which is the best description for Spyware? A. C. B. II and IV 5. Some web sites use cookies to_________. Albert Einstein’s date of birth IV.Its files contain __________and are saved in the computer ___________. Dental records of regular patients A. we know that __________. Il and III C. II. track how regularly you visit a site and as potential targets for advertisers. 3. D. Refers to a program that collects user’s information without user’s knowledge. we have the right to protect our property B. electronic profile 17 ICT WORKSHEET. Spyware refers to a ________ that collect users’ information without the users’ knowledge. spyware D. 2. Spyware B. we have the right to use our belongings C.1. spam B. Spyware /Spam /hard disk /Cookies /online /user information /store passwords /virus /program /computers 3. Internet privacy 4. advertisements or newsgroup postings sent to many recipients at once.

The accuracy is excellent and the cost involved for this verification method is fair.LESSON 10 Authentications SCORE NO 1 2 3 4 STATEMENT TRUE 5 Retinal Scanning involves using a low-intensity light source and an optical coupler and can read the patterns at a great level of accuracy. Facial Recognition scanner is currently used in verification only systems with a good deal of success. Hand Scanning involves the measurement and analysis of the shape of one’s hand. SCORE FALSE 18 ICT WORKSHEET. Authentication is a process where users verify that they are who they say they are A fingerprint is an imprint made by the pattern of the skin on the pad of a human finger. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 .

Ticket B. 19 ICT WORKSHEET. User name C. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 . Passport B. B. identity card and ticket B. Use a passport to pass through the security check. C. The employee is swiping his card to enter the office. identity card. Security token 3. Logging-in to a website that requires a password. credit card and security token D. security token. A policeman is checking a man’s driving license. Withdraw money using the bank card. credit card. Processed objects refer to something the user has such as _____________________. Which of the following is an example of validation process using the user identification method? A. B. Use the identity card to see a doctor. passport and identity card 4. Which of the following is an example of user identification that is normally used for verification method? A. Identity card D. ticket. D. passport and credit card C. Someone is logged on into the system. C. Credit card D. Which of the following is an example of a validation process using the processed object method? A. D. Identity card 2. Credit card C. The guard is looking at the car registration number. 5. A.LESSON 11 Verifications 1. Which of the followings is an example of processed object that is normally used for verification method? A.

Which of these is CORRECT? A. peace B. verbal B. 2. Bad reputation of people. among people of different religious. social and cultural beliefs. A. 6. Photo that shows a bride in a church. Slander is a legal term that means false and …………. Avoid surfing through adult websites. criminal C. film and music do not contain controversial content.. ridiculous 5. Controversial content is information that causes…………. D. Child pornography is legal in Malaysia. dispute 4. 3. statement about someone or some organisation. B. B. malicious D. Trust among people. harmony SCORE SCORE Which of these is NOT an impact of slander towards society? A. Painting that shows full frontal nudity of a woman. Higher moral behaviour. Books. C. C. Photo that shows a boy playing football. D. 1. Which of these is considered GOOD practice? A. D. 20 ICT WORKSHEET. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 . A. Pornography is easily accessible in book format in Malaysia. Pornography is easily accessible on the Internet C. Which of these is an example of pornography? A.LESSON 12 Controversial Content C. Closer relationship. Statue of a girl and boy holding hands. B. Play violent video games for hours. B.

To avoid other users from accessing your computer. To avoid computer from being corrupted. 21 ICT WORKSHEET. speed up the access to the Internet. Forward pictures of nude girls to your friends. I. Use filtering software IV. porn. increase growth in Malaysia. All at the above. C. B. I and II B. B. Spread rumours about other people anonymously LESSON 13 The Process of Internet Filtering NO 1 2 STATEMENT Only the minors need protection from corrupted websites. Websites are not to be expected to rate their content through several dimensions including sexual explicitness. control the access to the Internet. 2. It is our responsibility to ensure that the teenagers are protected from the controversial contents by filtering access to the Internet. The filtering software is used to ________________ A. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 . D. To avoid from gaining new information. 3. Install antivirus II. which characterise the material in websites that is judged unacceptable for viewing. Why is it important to limit the access to websites? A. filter viruses. II and IV C. violent language and violent graphics. Another strategy of controlling access to controversial contents is to compile a list of English keywords. TRUE SCORE FALSE 3 4 5 D. III and IV D.g. Referred to by URLs III. Below are the examples on how to control the access to controversial content: I. Rate the content of websites A. nudity.C. To avoid nonsuitable websites (e. 1. D. II. slander) from being accessed. C. The simplest approach to determine among different strategies for limiting access to websites and newsgroup is by compiling a list of URLs and newsgroups that are to be blocked.

5. Surf the Internet more often. All Controversial contents are in English. How does the list of English keywords control the access to controversial contents? A. How can we block access to a specific website? A. People implement passwords on their computers for security and safety. LESSON 14 Cyber Law SCORE SCORE 1. All of the above. C. B. TRUE B.D. D. 4. English is an international language. C. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 . FALSE 22 ICT WORKSHEET. A. Websites would be expected to rate their content along several dimensions. The computer understands English. B. Do not access misleading material on the Internet. The list can characterize unacceptable material in websites.

Transmitting data or messages illegally over computers is one of the common computer crimes existing on the Internet. Telemedicine Act 1997 3. A. Digital Signature Act 1997 B. FALSE 23 ICT WORKSHEET. Telemedicine Act 1997 5. A.2. Which of the following is not in the Malaysia’s Cyber Laws? A. A. A. A. Computer Crime Act 1997 C. Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 8. legal status of offline transaction B. Digital Signature Act 1997 B. Computer Crime Act 1997 C. FALSE 6. Digital Signature Act 1997 B. Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 7. FORM 4 asuhimi2008 . Which Act gives the government control at a certain level over the cyberspace to reduce cyber crime activities? A. This Act provides the environment for the future development and delivery of healthcare in Malaysia. TRUE B. Name one of the issues related to security on the WWW. The _________ is needed to secure electronic communications especially on the Internet. Computer Crime Act 1995 C. TRUE B. intellectual property rights in printed media 4. Computer Crime Act 1997 C. Telemedicine Act 1997 B. privacy and confidentiality of online information C. The Electronic Government Bill is drafted to enforce electronic dealings between the government and the public.

III and IV 2. intercepting or tampering with transmitted data. Legal status of online transaction. Computer Crime Act 1997. I. and technology industry C. III. D. III and IV D. II. What are the main concerns about the Internet industry? I. I. Which of the followings are cyber laws in Malaysia? I. Telemedicine Act 1997. A.NO 1 2 STATEMENT The Digital Signature Act 1997 secures electronic communications especially on the Internet. Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. A. IV. The Computer Crimes Act 1997 ________________________________________. II. II and III B. Intellectual property rights and government data. the network is reliable. Privacy and confidentiality of information. ensures high level of consumer confidence in the information. I. Digital Signature Act 1997. illegal transmission of data or messages over the computers. Telemedicine Act 1997 ensures that no one is eavesdropping. communication. The Telemedicine Act 1986 ensures that only qualified medical practitioners can practise telemedicine and that their patients’ rights and interests are protected. IV. II. III. II and III B. ensures that information is secured. II. A. secures electronic communications especially on the Internet B. gives protection against the misuse of computers such as the unauthorized use of programs. Which Act does the statement refer to? A. Integrity and security of information. This act is to ensure high level of consumer confidence in the information and communication technology industry. III and IV D. and the service is affordable all over Malaysia D. III. Computer Crime Act 1992. The Digital Signature Act 1997 gives protection against the misuse of computers such as the unauthorised use of programs and illegal transmissions of data or messages over the computers. I. TRUE FALSE 3 4 1. C. Telemedicine Act 1997. hacking and cracking of computer systems and networks 4. SCORE . II. I. Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. II and IV C. I. and IV 3. B. I. Digital Signature Act 1997. II and IV C.

Fraud. Which of the followings are the examples of computer crimes? A. theft. and computer attack. theft. and chatting. B. a violation of the rights secured by a copyright B. the unauthorised use of another person’s property with intention to deny the owner his rightful possession of that property or its use . the use of computer with intention to get advantage over or causing loss to other people mainly on monetary basis D. and computer attack. any criminal activities that are related to the use of computers C. Fraud. theft. 2. A computer crime is defined as ___________________. and computer attack. A. C. Fraud. chatting. D. theft. auction.LESSON 15 Computer Crimes 1. Fraud.

promoting products on the Internet for more profit C. and copyright D. use of the power of electromagnetic energy to overload computer circuitry D. A. piracy. He advertised his lap top online with a statement ‘Brand new lap top for sale’. Computer fraud can be in the forms of _______________. Ah Meng wants to sell his lap top. the use of computer with intention to get advantage over or causing loss to other people mainly on monetary basis D. selling and auctioning old products online B. committing computer fraud D. and copyright B. and programme fraud 10. Copyright infringement can be in the forms of _______________. using computer to gain profit C. disruption of the computer facility or its transmission lines B. He is _______________________. Ramu is copying an article from the Internet. email hoaxes. He has used it for two months. use of a malicious code to maintain the computer security practices of computer user 9. use of a malicious code to exploit the computer security practices of computer user 8. use of a malicious code to exploit the computer security practices of a computer user 7. use of a malicious code to exploit a weakness in software C.3. email hoaxes. committing a blue collar crime B. a violation of the rights secured by a copyright B. use of a malicious code to exploit a weakness in software B. use the power of electromagnetic energy to overload computer circuitry D. denying the owner’s rightful possession of the article 5. disruption of the computer facility or its transmission lines C. use of a malicious code to exploit a weakness in software B. A. any criminal activities that are related to the use of computers C. violating the rights secured by a copyright D. A. the unauthorised use of another person’s property with intention to deny the owner his rightful possession of that property or its use 6. modifying information on the Internet 4. Ramu forgot to mention the author’s name in his assignment. A. investment scheme. A. reproducing articles and recommendation for free D. Computer physical attack refers to the _______________. email hoaxes. However. and investment scheme C. Computer theft is defined as ____________________. A. piracy. taking advantage of the Internet facilities C. The author has stated that anyone can use his article but must acknowledge him as the original author. Computer electronic attack refers to the _______________. Computer network attack refers to the _______________. A. Ramu is _____________________. programme fraud. violating consumer rights B. use of the power of electromagnetic energy to overload computer circuitry D. disruption of the computer facility or its transmission lines C. email hoaxes. LESSON 16 Computer Security SCORE . reproduction of copyright materials and illegally downloading music online. A.

4 5 C. B. A. A detector that helps in breaking the system. firewall B. Computer security can be defined as: A. You need to _____ your computer settings to be more secure. excess D. padlock C. The process that allows unauthorised users to access any part of your computer system. This is because there are some software applications that allow other users to ______your computer. Smart cards and biometrics devices are examples of security items used to secure a computer network. Network security refers to security measures to ____________. hack B. three 5. identify. Computer security can stop unauthorised users from accessing any part of your computer system. 3. PClocks And keyboardlocks. PClocks and keyboardlocks. C. A process of preventing and detecting unauthorised use of the computer. four D. protect the network system D. A. secure. key lock D. change. Hardware commonly used for computer security is firewall. serial number LESSON 17 Introduction to Security Threats SCORE . protect the hardware security NO 1 2 3 STATEMENT TRUE FALSE Computer security refers to protecting computer systems only.1. An example of network security is ____________. Hardware security refers to security measures using hardware. disturb C. save. protect the network security B. A. two C. Security measures using the hardware including hardware-type firewall. one B. D. protect the software and data security 2. There are _____ types of computer security measures we can choose from to secure our computer. access 4. A.

2 3 4 1.NO 1 STATEMENT TRUE FALSE Computer threats can come in many ways either from human or natural disasters such as fire. A hacker learns the details of computer systems and writes a program A time bomb is a logic bomb that is triggered by time or date. virus . A. flood. earthquakes. the _________ could then copy itself into that particular system and perform its functions. storms and tornados. The worm spreads copies of itself as a standalone program. Once the infected file is opened or executed.

Hacking C. Time bomb 6. Malicious code 3. A. hacker C. perhaps with special privileges. Time bomb D. Available memory is more than expected. Time bomb C. Screen displays unusual message or image. I and II B. II and III D. Backdoor D. Worm B. Malicious code 5. Trojan horse D. Time bomb C. Trapdoor C. direct call. __________ is a type of malicious code that goes off in a specified condition. Trapdoor B. Trojan horse D. _________ refers to unauthorised access to computer systems. Trapdoor B. II and IV LESSON 18 Security Measures SCORE . IV. worm and Trojan horse include: I. It is a program that spreads copies of itself through a network. III. Worm B. A. Malicious code 4. A. A. System properties do not change.B. _________ is a feature in a program by which someone can access the program other than by the obvious. malicious code 2. I and IV C. Trojan horse D. II. A. Symptoms of virus. Files become corrupted.

Data backup C. Proxy gateway is one of the types of Data Backup program.NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 STATEMENT A spyware application program is sometimes called tracking software or a spybot. A. Screen bases on connection rules. Simplest. antivirus C. D. Proxy Gateway and Guard are types of Firewall. Most ________ programs also protects against worms and Trojan horses. firewall B. the public key cryptography was used to get around the key management problems. Antivirus is a process that filters all traffic between a protected or “inside” network and a less trustworthy or “outside” network. In the 1980. the practice of using to conceal text. Virus signature and inoculate a program file are the techniques that are used to identify a virus. . Auditing difficult. B. Anti Spyware D. antispyware D. Which of the following statements is not true about Screening Router? A. Sees full text of communication. Cryptography 2. Screening Routers. C. _________ means hidden writing. A. data backup 3. Spyware blaster is an example of firewall applications. Proxy gateway is the simplest and in some situations the most effective firewall. Individual User Self Awareness refers to threat that often comes in beautiful offers and packages. Antivirus B. TRUE FALSE 1.

Data Backup is ___________________ A. Organisation Self Awareness. A. I. Individual User Self Awareness. II. and IV C. 2. II and III C. Data backup D. B. I and IV B.4. and IV 3. Firewalls B. III. keeps “bad” things outside a protected environment III. All of the above LESSON 19 Relationship between Security Threats and Security Measures SCORE 1. II. a computer virus found on storage media. III. Cryptography 5. identifies and removing any computer viruses found on storage media. and III B. Individual Self Awareness. IV. II. Which of the following are the features of Human Aspects? I. Organisational User Self Awareness. C. Antivirus C. I. used to store files.” This statement refers to: A. and IV D. a copy of information that helps in losing a file. II. implements a security policy II. a program of file duplication. I. III. III and IV D. I. An antivirus program protects a computer against viruses by __________ . II. Firewall: I. might permit limited access from in or outside the network parameters or from certain users or for certain activities IV. D. “Quarantine is a separate area of the hard disk that holds the infected file until the infection can be removed. in the computer memory or incoming email files A.

People run the antivirus program to detect viruses. __________ keeps the “bad” things outside a protected environment and implements a security policy. A. machine failure. We do not have to identify people who attempt to access the computer. 1. reading the operating system and modifies it. An __________ program can be used to overcome malicious attack. Human errors. SCORE TRUE FALSE 1. 3. Super document D. Super soda B. identifying and removing any computer viruses found on storage media. fire. in the computer memory or incoming email files. D. B. ________ is able to damage a program and infects the way the computer works. LESSON 20 Security Procedures NO 1 2 3 4 5 STATEMENT Tupperware and softwire are used to detect any illegal access to the system. Sudo stands for _______.A. 2. Superuser do C. installing a new virus through the data received. communicating and passing the information to the outsider. . ____________ is a process of hiding information by changing the actual information into different representation. flood and lightning are examples of viruses. C. Systemic disease 2. Patch is the name of a UNIX utility that applies a script generated by the different program to a set of files.

2. libwrap C. For which of the following do we depend on computer technology? A. A libwrap 3. 5 Computers are capable of processing data and automatically update all the information which includes inventory. What does a computer programmer design to help you accomplish a specific task called? A. Keeping our car system running properly D. apply for permits and pay parking tickets. Robotic . Courseware D. D. ________ refers to the use of computers to assist healthcare professionals in different locations to conduct live conference using the computer. and accounting records. read online newspaper. A desktop. A sudo B. 4. A virus C. D. C. Making our travel plan faster and easier C. A. A. All of the above 3. An operating system. register online for IPTA/IPTS application. content D. such as books and music. B. software 4. An application. TRUE FALSE Computer applications can help people in many ways but with limited sources. Tcpwrappers LESSON 21 Computer Applications in the Society SCORE 1. Checking our bank balance sheet B. NO 1 2 3 4 STATEMENT Distance learning (DL) or online learning is the delivery of education at one location while the learning takes place at other location. People go to government websites for the following purposes. Tcpwrappers are also called ________. A system D. B. Tripwire B. library. People can access government websites to view their tax files. EXCEPT to _________ A. A document. Software C.A. payroll. B. _________ can determine if the system files have changed. People can listen to music online but they cannot copy them. A. production. check for MyKad status C. check information on taxes.

email B. Home users use _________ to communicate with others. Mobile users D. Inventory. In publishing. Large business users 5. C. TRUE B. By using the CAM system. presentation graphic D. calendar program 11. special software is used to assist graphic designers to develop __________. A. computers process data and automatically update: A. A. Power users have ecommerce websites that allow customers and vendors to conduct business transactions online. SOHO users . A. D. Computer ethics is a system of moral standards or values used as a guideline for computer users. users who work on a computer while being away from the main office or school. Reference software includes __________. TRUE B. A. FALSE SCORE 6. Power users D. database C. C. Power users C. __________ B. SOHO users are ____________. Large business users C. B. All of the above LESSON 22 Computer Users 1. Home users C. family members or home users spend time on the computer. Home user D.B. SOHO users B. photographs D. Power users 8. mainframe C. reference software and educational software the most? A. power users connect one printer to many employees to share. Mobile user C. games B. Large business users 3. Mobile users D. Professionals can be categorized as _____ A. Which type of computer users uses entertainment software. A. Mobile users C. video conference D. Power users use large network computers. A. To save cost. Large business users 10. Mobile users D. SOHO users 9. employees or customers who use computers in large business offices or companies D. Telemedicine C. medical dictionaries 4. texts B. SOHO users B. A. Home users B. SOHO users B. ___________ are self-employed A. Production. Neural network D. 2. a group who works in a small company or work as an individual and stationed from their own home. Power user 12. All of the above. A. Accounting. B. FALSE 7. __________ work on computer while being away from the offices or schools. Which computer user provides kiosks in public locations? A. Home users D. Computer-aided manufacturing 5. graphics C. SOHO users C. encyclopedia or road atlas. _________ can transfer information between their mobile devices to another computer. SOHO users B. 6. A.

accuracy B. graphics. II.B. Power users need computers with an extremely fast processor. I. I. presentation software A. science and astrology C. FALSE 15. A. education. General encyclopedia are useful for general information such as _________. A. accuracy. accuracy. A. II. A. TRUE B. biased evidence D. TRUE B. FALSE 17. TRUE B. reputation and biased evidence D. large business users 13. I. and IV D. FALSE TRUE FALSE STATEMENT All selected materials need to be evaluated from four aspects which are relevance. The term ‘discuss’ means the student has to examine in detail and present arguments for and against the topic. word processing software NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 A. reliability.FALSE SCORE LESSON 23 How to Conduct a Study SCORE 1. III. Mobile users require the capabilities of a workstation or other kind of powerful computers. Currency of information is related to the __________of the information. Presents the author’s idea. art and culture B. Presents the author’s own study. A. SOHO has hundreds or thousands of employees or customers. education and philosophy D. 14. The term ‘explain’ means the student has to tell how things work or came to be the way they are. reputation and up-to-date B. reputation and credentials C. III. and III C. Large business users use ____ in their work. I and II B. All of the above. Familiarity with the topic allows us to spend more time developing a topic rather than using more time learning about the topic. home users C. TRUE B. IV. Presents the bias evidence of information. new development 4. finance software IV. reputation C. power users D. audio and video. accuracy. Specialized encyclopaedias are useful for just one area of information. The term ‘compare’ means the student has to provide a clear and concise meaning of the topic. up-to-date and biased evidence 3. A. Presents the new ideas of information. such as philosophy. accuracy. Mobile users often work with multimedia combining texts. perspective and currency. Credibility of any resources must be evaluated based on its ___________. educational software III. II. art or science. names of people and bibliography 2. 16. Which of the following are TRUE about the perspective of information? I. .

I. III and IV D. II. II and IV C. Often the views of individuals or groups. Often the view from experts in a subject area. A. II and III B. I. Based on what seems to be true. II. I. II. I. I. Presents analysis of facts from all sides of the issue. IV. II and III B. Which of the following are grouped under the subjective information? I. Reflects personal views or judgment. I.A. I. III and IV D. II. I. III. II. Based on facts which can be verified. III and IV 5. Which of the following are grouped under objective information? I. II and IV C. III and IV 6. II and IV C. III. III and IV D. IV. Presents results of original study. Based on what seems to be true. II and III B. A. I. III and IV .

A. Styles B. References D. _________ quotes are used whenever a direct quote is more than three lines long. accurate 3. Direct C. A. Content B. short C. Conclusion D. A. Summary C. A. Quotation C. Proper D.LESSON 24 NO 1 2 3 4 STATEMENT A study paper should have an introduction. ___________ should contain judgment or decision that has been reached based on what has been stated in the introduction and content. ____________ used for presentation should be clearly mentioned. Objective C. Conclusion 4. figures 6. tones B. Conclusion 5. Block B. styles C. Repetition is regarded as padding. The ___________ and presentation of assignments are essential. Expectation . simple D. Introduction should provide a clear statement on why the study was undertaken. A. content and conclusion. The final paragraph in each section should tie the contents of the section together with a __________ conclusion. quotes D. A. Aim B. Simple 2. Reference D. ____________ consists of facts or arguments to support the question or statement in the introduction. Tables are useful in order to support the problem discussed in the content. long B. SCORE TRUE FALSE Presenting Result 1.

Delegate task to those _________ to do the job. 9. The team leader should always give __________ instructions to team members on what to do. Delegation is the ability to __________to others with the authority. 3. When delegating tasks. Task delegation normally occurs during the _____ stage of a project. Team members should explain the __________ of their abilities or resources if they cannot deliver a specific task. NO 1 STATEMENT TRUE FALSE Task delegation can help you finish large projects in a shorter time by sharing the workload with others. be sure to set clear task_________.LESSON 25 Delegation of Work SCORE 1. _________ team members to perform tasks if needed. __________ can be achieved by dividing them into smaller tasks. The team leader should __________ task progress constantly. 5. Task delegation emphasises on team work. Putting similar information together and deciding what information is valuable is a process in the __________ stage. 4. Task delegation promotes _________ because others may have a better way of doing things. Discussing the information collected and combining them to form the answer is done during the __________stage of the research cycle. 7. 12. responsibility and accountability to finish the tasks. Task delegation is part of a good project planning. 2. Task delegation is normally done during the reporting stage of the study cycle. 6. 10. 8. 2 3 4 . 11.

and IV . III. and III B. IV. and III B. Final presentation IV. and IV C. II. II. What is the purpose of a team journal? A. and IV D. II. I. To keep track of the project’s progress. Initial framework III. II. C. D. Initial project proposal. To keep track of presentation flow. III. I. I. A. Initial project plan. 2. I. A good presentation will need pictures. B. SCORE TRUE FALSE 1. I. III. The last slide of presentation must list all the citations and related sources. Team journal II. I. Short summary. and IV D. I. III. A “source citation” card can help you track the progress of your project. III. and IV C. To keep track of team members. II. What should be in the team journal? I. Page numbers. and IV D. I. graphs. and IV C. and IV 4. I. II. III. I. What can you find on the citation card? I. I. and III B. II. II. III. I.LESSON 26 Topics for Study NO 1 2 3 4 STATEMENT The team’s initial framework is where the team should do some basic study on the topic and decide what should be in the presentation. Book name. II. I. To keep track of all information gathered. and IV 3. Name of the article. mind maps or any other form of visual presentation. Study project introduction page. II. II. Minutes of team meetings IV. The portfolio contains _____________. Minutes of team meetings A. A. III.

I. The tips for presentation include _____ I. II. I. III. III. use slide transition II. practise in advance IV. I. II. and IV C. II. I. I. and IV D. II. I. prepare notes on cue cards A. and IV D. and IV . II. and IV C. III. and III B. and IV 6. speak clearly II.5. A presentation should ____________ I. I. use less graphics III. and III B. has at least 15 slides III. use at least 5 graphics A. use a noisy animation IV. I. III. II.

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