Hallow Mr Sachin Kumar (061358), Hallow Mr Sachin Grover (061356), Hallow Mr Sandeep Kaur, My name is BOUZINA Hocine, (hocine373@yahoo

I am an Algerian, Master Student, working (since 2 years); about the DFIG (690V; 1.5MW; Inertia=50Kg.m-2) base wind farm integration into a distribution network (a chain of wind conversion), to study its influence on such radial network configuration as a DG. I am in the final part of my report, concerning the implementation of a Backward-Forward Sweep load flow algorithm into time domain simulation of my DFIG Simulink model. I read many of IEEE articles on the B-F methods, but no one treated the dynamic case. Until I found recently your submitted Project, (Implementation and evaluation, of a distribution load flow algorithm, for networks with distributed generation), on internet website. It was amazing to read such structured work, so and I tried using it to develop an m.code with my static load flow algorithm, but I could run neither it nor yours. I know that is so asked, but I’ll be very thankful (especially if you know that you are my last chance (I’ve overstepped the allotted time)), if you would like answering these questions: 1234How are ‘incidence_matrix-11.dat’ & all the others “.dat” files structured? Your ‘create_structer’ function is not given (I know that is your own work, but?). Are time_intervals simple values or vectors? Is you Simulink model independent, or related to the m.file?

You will find attached my m.file BF method and my report (in French), for more understanding the problem (if you got time to?). If you could send me you work to refer and work on it, you will be a big help for me (am I rude?). Alternatively, if you know a person working on the same problem, please, refer it. Finally, I inform you that I am looking forward to your answer, impatiently.

Tanks a lot